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cjwatsonpopey: Looks like those packages you were asking about were auto-synced last night.08:03
popeysuper, thanks cjwatson08:08
jibelCould someone approve update-manager 1: in precise-proposed?09:00
shadeslayerhmmm, how's the libav transition going?10:39
jibelcjwatson, ^ would you have time to review/approve update-manager in precise today? we need it for testing hwe eol notifications.10:41
cjwatsonjibel: doing11:21
jibelcjwatson, thank you11:48
ChrisTownsendcjwatson: Hi!  You are the SRU vanguard today, correct?13:02
ChrisTownsendcjwatson: If you saw my previous ping, no need to respond.13:36
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.html  new toy14:25
cjwatson(also priority, architecture)14:25
cjwatsonalso the next build of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html should have a graph14:26
cjwatsonif anyone knows how to make YUI's numeric axes work more sensibly, let me know14:28
utlemminginfintiy, cjwatson: are either of you around?22:27
utlemminginfinity, cjwatson: due to bug #1336855 and the recent Grub SRU for 12.04 anyone running an HVM instance on AWS will lose their instance on reboot.22:28
ubot93bug 1336855 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "[SRU] non-interactive grub updates for 12.04 break on AWS" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133685522:28
infinityutlemming: fun.22:45
utlemminginfinity: yup...and if there is a grub update for 14.04, they'll get burned too22:46
utlemminginfinity: do you have any guidance how to dig out of this hole?22:46
utlemminginfinity: I am leary to put the logic into cloud-init since cloud-init doesn't have a grub dependency22:47
infinityutlemming: Erm, but the bug is in cloud-init?22:52
utlemminginfinity: right. So what happens is one first boot cloud-init sets a debconf selection for grub-pc "install_devices". Since it doesn't know to look at /dev/xvda and /dev/xvda, grub tries to install to /dev/sda (which is what the images originally had).22:53
infinityutlemming: Isn't it as simple as making that 1-line change to cc_grub_dpkg.py?22:53
utlemminginfinity: nope. Because that module only runs once.22:54
utlemminginfinity: and then there is the race condition of a user who updates grub and then cloud-init22:54
infinityutlemming: Then the bug log seems to lie.22:54
utlemminginfinity: adding a better, clarifying comment22:55
utlemminginfinity: clarified the bug23:01
infinityutlemming: I'm confused how you got in this state in the first place.  Wouldn't have the first run of cloud-init created a broken grub config straight up and this has been wrong since day 1?23:03
utlemminginfinity: the cloud image build process installs grub by hand, since we can't build the images in AWS.23:04
infinityutlemming: That doesn't really answer my question. :)23:04
infinityutlemming: Any kernel or grub upgrade would have broken this, so what introduced the bug, and how long has it been broken?23:05
utlemminginfinity: that part I am unsure of. But AWS just reported it. It has been broken since day one. Not having looked, I would guess that grub changed something such that the bits installed on disk don't work with the stuff in /boot/grub.23:06
infinityutlemming: So, if we really wanted to make this smooth, we could SRU cloud-init with the 1-line fix, and have it conditionally re-run 'cloud-init-cfg grub-dpkg' in its postinst on upgrade from known-broken versions, *and* re-upload a grub SRU with Breaks: cloud-init (<< new_version), forcing cloud-init to upgrade before grub.23:10
infinityutlemming: I'm not sure having this leak into the grub packaging is really worth the hassle, but if you always want upgrades to work, I'm not sure there's a cleaner way.23:11
utlemminginfinity: I _did_ start to go down that path, but had an issue with the fact that 'cloud-init-cfg grub-dpkg' runs debconf-set-selection, which runs into a debconf lock23:11
infinityutlemming: Oh, I guess you could re-run grub-install on cloud-init postinst in the same condition that you run cloud-init-cfg grub-dpkg23:12
infinityutlemming: There should only be a lock if you're running it in a part of your postinst that happens to be debconfy?23:12
utlemminginfinity: the cloud-init postinst is debconf'd, yes23:13
infinityutlemming: Sure, but not the WHOLE postinst. :)23:13
infinityutlemming: If nothing else, there's some convenient imaginary whitespace before or after the bits that are.23:13
utlemminginfinity: lol, okay, I'll look at doing that23:13

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