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zartooshhi on ubuntu 14.04 the network interface is named em1 and p1p6, how could I change this back to eth0 and 1. I have tried may different way as suggested by googling on this matter with no success.00:50
Patrickdkuninstall that damned biosdevname package00:57
Patrickdkupdate your initrd files00:57
zartooshPatrickdk, it did not work, here is what I did:  apt-get purge biosdevname; update-initramfs -u; reboot     ??01:07
zartooshI can not ssh to the system,01:07
Patrickdkwell, if the interfaces changed back to eth0/eth1 instead of em1/p1p6, oviously networking wouldn't work01:08
Patrickdktill you updated it atleast01:08
zartooshyes, it did changed to the eth0/eth1. but I have to run dhclient manually to get Ip address on eth0.01:09
Patrickdkthat says the issue is fixed01:09
Patrickdkdid you expect dhclient to run automatically?01:10
zartooshon next reboot i have to do the same thing again manually, I am hoping this be done once.01:10
Patrickdkthat isn't so, you have to configure that yourself01:10
Patrickdkwell, configure it to do so01:10
zartooshso then there are some configuration also needed to be changed?01:10
Patrickdksure, /etc/network/interfaces01:11
zartooshokay great thanks I go changes those now and see how it goes.01:11
zartooshthat didn't do it, there should be some other configuration file needed to be modified?01:15
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xpistosHey all I am having some troubel when I try to use apt-get anything i do tells me E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution), but when I do  it tells me the disk is full although I have plenty of space04:06
xpistosAny Ideas?04:06
cfhowlettxpistos spring cleaning04:07
xpistoscfhowlett: I am all for that but not sure what to do04:07
cfhowlettxpistos sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get purge04:07
xpistoscfhowlett: what does that remove?04:07
xpistosunused stuff?04:07
cfhowlettxpistos  after that, run df -h04:07
cfhowlettxpistos your downloaded packages are retained in the apt/cache      - a major memory hog if you never empty it.  these commands do that04:08
xpistoscool. thanks04:08
xpistoscfhowlett: E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.04:10
cfhowlettxpistos but no longer full disk?04:10
xpistosmy home has 6 gb free04:11
geniiI wonder how much /boot has04:11
cfhowlettxpistos holy!!!  that's pretty tiny ...04:11
xpistoscfhowlett: home has a small seperate drive. I have a /data drive with files on it04:12
cfhowlettxpistos ahhh.  nice.04:12
xpistoscfhowlett: I usually partition with a 300mb /boot, 20gb /, 20 gb /home and the rest is data04:13
cfhowlettxpistos for comparison: my hdd has 211G for /home and my ubuntustudio uses only 9.8G04:13
xpistoscfhowlett: and swap too of course04:13
xpistoscfhowlett: this is an old server and I am just trying to squeeze another few months out of it before I erase everything and put dsl or puppy on it or somethig04:14
xpistoscfhowlett: I am running disk analysis to be sure04:15
cfhowlettxpistos sounds about right.  I'm not the one to advise on server issues, but I do recall that server logs can easily grow exponentially ...04:15
xpistosthat might be it04:15
xpistoscfhowlett: it thinks /usr is full04:17
cfhowlettxpistos yeah, that don't sound right.  ask over in #ubuntu         Don't want to give you bad intel...04:18
xpistoscfhowlett: Will do. thanks for giving it a go mate!04:19
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tohuwIs there a compelling reason to use a 64-bit kernel for a lighweight (1-2 GB RAM) web server?04:38
qman__Software compatibility and platform unification04:48
cfhowletttohuw compelling?  no.  more that if your system is 64 bit capable, there's little reason to run anything else.04:49
tohuwyeah. makes sense. this post was helpful: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/38369/running-64-bit-linux-with-750-mb-of-ram-worth-it04:52
cfhowletttohuw perhaps ask in ##linux for additional input04:54
tohuwI feel comfortable enough with the input I’ve received where I’ve asked and looked thus far. :) It’s not life or death to begin with.04:55
jak2000cant create wp-content/uploads/2014/07 folder, the "ls -l" show me these results: drwxr-xr-x 2 jak ftp 4096 Jun 22 17:40 uploads   wich is wrong?05:07
Braden`I just recently did an apt-get upgrade, and now whenever I try to do mysqldump, I get mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'START TRANSACTION /*!40100 WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT */': Unknown command (1047).  Does anyone know how to solve that?05:17
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jak2000how to fix this error: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu120405:42
vychuneim having trouble writing files to /var/www. Neither the admin or I can write to it. We've even done the 777 dumba** permissions and still cannot write. Any idea why?05:52
* genii slides vychune a coffee05:56
vychunewater will be fine05:57
geniivychune: I'd normally take it on but it's very late here and don't want to mess up permissions, etc05:57
vychunegenii:  :(05:58
vychunewe've been messing it up all night05:58
geniivychune: If you don't have it sorted later today, you could try next time I'm online, which is usually 10am-5pm weekdays EDT05:59
vychuneok then06:00
vychunethanks for all you do, i see you help so much already06:01
vychuneand isnt it like 2 on the east coast? lol genii06:01
geniiHeh, yes, 2am here now.06:02
geniiUp late due to Canada Day fireworks in the neighbourhood06:02
vychunethat sucks06:03
jak2000genii any advice?06:03
geniijak2000: No more advice tonight, unfortunately.06:04
geniiBed soon.06:04
vychuneget earplugs, bed sooner lol06:05
ciastekHow to disable IPv6? I've tried with sysctl, but it doesn't work: https://gist.github.com/ciastek/b9d64d31bf473b2aaf7709:06
peetaur2ciastek: do you have an ipv6 address in some routing or dns config somewhere?09:21
ciastekpeetaur2: not sure where to look for that info. `ip route` and `cat /etc/resolv.conf` shows no IPv6 addresses09:26
peetaur2that's the right place to look then.09:26
peetaur2(unless nsswitch.conf or some other thing has overridden them)09:27
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RuNnNyI get this at boot "Stopping Read Required Files In Advanced"10:38
RuNnNyThis is most likely due to some of the services I'm starting10:39
RuNnNymy web server gets initiated, but I can't ssh into the machine, it's stuck somewhere in boot10:39
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zulhallyn_:  libvirt 1.2.6 is out12:19
hallyn_zul: yeah?12:23
gnuoyjamespage, fwiw I've only found 4 packages in the openstack requirements.txt  which cannot currently be satisfied by the versions in utopic (python-msgpack, python-pecan, python-paramiko and python-neutronclient)12:45
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jamespagegnuoy, good12:57
jamespagezul: gnuoy has been busy :-) ^^12:58
zuljamespage:  good...i like to keep him busy :P12:58
gnuoyjamespage, zul, I'm champing at the bit to resolve these 4, what's the next step ?13:16
jamespagegnuoy, update them13:17
zulgnuoy: what jamespage said13:17
jamespagegnuoy, what's the version difference like?13:17
gnuoyjamespage, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736717/13:17
jamespagegnuoy, I'd check 'rmadison XX' for each of those first13:18
jamespagegnuoy, you need to determine whether a) its already in utopic but held up in -proposed due to build or test failures b) not in utopic, but can be synced from Debian which does have the right version13:19
gnuoyohh, python-pecan is fixed in utopic-proposed13:19
jamespagec) neither of the above and needs a upgrade in Ubuntu13:19
jamespagegnuoy, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html13:20
jamespagetells you why its still in proposed13:20
gnuoyjamespage, thanks for the tips13:20
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GrueMasterCan anyone help, I have a server running 14.04 (upgraded from 12.04), and now one of the Windows 7 VMs in qemu-kvm won't restart.  It complains that "numad is not available on this host", and the libvirt config keeps adding a numatune section.  Other VMs are fine.16:11
cfhowlettGrueMaster might query in #ubuntu-server16:13
GrueMasterErm, this is #ubuntu-server16:14
cfhowlettGrueMaster D'OH!   right.  too many tabs.  sorry.16:14
fridaynextif i'm running a cronjob that needs to hit a url, does the url need to be in quotes?16:35
RoyKfridaynext: some cronjobs can be hard to quote up IMHO - make a shell script - test it - cron it16:38
lordievaderGood evening.16:53
* patdk-wk perfers params to always be in quotes17:02
patdk-wkit makes things more predictable17:02
frogblue'lo, test    ALL = /usr/sbin/service apache2 restart allows my test user to restart apachae2, is there a one liner in sudoers to allow me all operations on apache2?18:07
frogblueI mean to allow my test user18:08
sarnoldfrogblue: try this:  test    ALL = /usr/sbin/service apache2 *18:10
frogbluebah gonna write 4 lines and that'll do18:11
tonyyarussoHi, we'd like to have SpamAssassin listen on a Unix socket rather than TCP, but I don't see any indication of a "normal" location for that socket.  My first thought was to have it in a subdirectory, eg. /var/run/spamassassin/spamd.sock, but since the /var/run/spamassassin directory doesn't exist after a reboot currently, I'd need to either a) edit the init script to create the directory first, and remember to do that if any ...18:13
tonyyarusso... future package upgrades overwrite my change, or b) put it in /var/run, ignoreing the FHS recommendation that if an application has more than one file it should use a subdirectory.  Thoughts?18:13
sarnoldfrogblue: d'oh. yeah, a handful of lines is nice and easy.18:14
frogbluearf :)18:14
frogblueam in the sudoers man5 but with no luck so far18:18
sarnoldfrogblue: no kidding. that's a rough manpage.18:19
frogbluehmmm, in fact     test    ALL = /usr/sbin/service apache2 allows the user to restart but not reload18:25
frogblueeventhough estart is not mentionned18:26
sarnoldfrogblue: tbh i'm always skeptical of extra arguments with sudo; I'd rather write a stupid little C helper if I wanted to allow executing one specific program with specific arguments but not other arguments..18:29
frogblueright but has to be knowledgeable in C, which is not my case :) nor in any kind of languages in fact18:29
frogbluesarnold, that was a bad syntax from me...  right syntax  test ALL=(ALL) /usr/sbin/service apache2 re*18:50
frogbluehad spaces before/after =18:50
sarnoldfrogblue: ARGH. I hate sudo. :)18:52
sarnoldfrogblue: thanks for reporting back :)18:52
frogbluebut i don't get what the second ALL is for. working as well without it18:54
histofrogblue: what second all?18:57
frogbluetest ALL=(ALL)18:57
frogblueafter =18:57
histoany host18:58
frogbluethat's the first18:58
histoas any user18:58
histosorry i'm tired18:58
frogbluecan't understand "is the user(s) to allow the user to run commands as "18:59
histofrogblue: what?19:00
GrueMasterReposting as I have had no response.  Can anyone help, I have a server running 14.04 (upgraded from 12.04), and now one of the Windows 7 VMs in qemu-kvm won't restart. It complains that "numad is not available on this host", and the libvirt config keeps adding a numatune section. Other VMs are fine.19:00
frogbluehisto a sentence i found in a web page explaining sudo19:00
histofrogblue: yeah Let's them run as any user19:00
frogblueoh well. have this command working now, not going to blow my neurons19:01
frogbluehisto, still don't get19:01
histoit's tricky. if you man sudoers and scroll down quite a bit for some of the examples it will make sense19:01
sarnoldhallyn_,zul, any ideas with GrueMaster's qemu-kvm issue? ^^19:02
zulGrueMaster:  nope19:03
zulsarnold:  i mean nope19:03
sarnoldzul: thanks :)19:03
frogbluehisto, ok. had trouble understanding running as another user. understand now sudo -u anotheruser19:03
frogblueguess am a bit tired as well :)19:04
frogbluethx for the help19:04
hallyn_sarnold: GrueMaster: might just try 14.10 to see if that fixes it;19:04
hallyn_GrueMaster: you mean that you 'virsh edit domain', remove the numatune section, save and quit, and the numatune section gets re-added?19:06
hallyn_GrueMaster: if so, please go ahead and open a bug, and append your domain .xml.  will have to try to reproduce, as it certainly doesn't do that for me19:06
toyotapieMy boss just made me setup an OpenVPN tunnel between a Ubuntu server and a Windows 2000 Server. I think my boss is trying to remind me how appreciative I should be that we can run Ubuntu at work.19:12
jrwrenwindows 2000? as in, 14 years old?19:13
hallyn_windows 2000, as in newer than xp19:17
* hallyn_ is an optimist19:17
jrwren2000 was before XP.19:18
RoyKtoyotapie: hehe - win server 2k12r2 just came out, perhaps time for an update? ;)19:25
RoyKjrwren: win2k arrived just before windows ME19:26
RoyKjrwren: but then, win2k was based on the winnt platform, which arrived in winxp, so not that ugly as winme19:27
toyotapieTrue, but it's still really old in IT time.19:28
RoyKjrwren: that is, the winnt platform arrived with OS/2, microsoft stole it and named it winnt 3.1 etc etc etc19:28
geniiIBM and MS had a split in 92-93 and the courts decided both could use the same kernel to build on. So IBM's became OS/2 and Microsoft's became the NT core.19:30
geniiThey evolved from there.19:30
jrwrenRoyK: i lived all that. I remember :)19:34
RoyKjrwren: ;)19:34
toyotapieTo be fair, the Windows 2000 server does what the customer wants it to do.19:50
toyotapiemainstream support for windows 2000 only ended 9 years ago19:51
RoyKtohuw: you'd be better off with an ubuntu 8.04 than with win2k20:24
tohuwRoyK: ?20:25
tohuwoh, wrong highlight20:25
RoyKtoyotapie apparently left20:26
`Fibzi dont know the mysql password for this machine. i have tried purging mysql and tried using tasksel to remove and re-install the lamp stack but when i re-install, it never asks for a mysql root password. how can i rebuild the stack from scratch without re-installing ubuntu?20:28
RoyK`Fibz: just start mysqld with --skip-grant-tables20:32
genii`Fibz: Basic process: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MysqlPasswordReset   although perhaps use service mysqld stop instead of the old init.d way shown there20:32
RoyK`Fibz: or perhaps jfgfi ;)20:34
`Fibzif you dont have anything nice to say, perhapse keep it to yourself20:37
RoyK`Fibz: I did give you a good advice20:39
GrueMasterhallyn_: Sorry for not getting back, work laptop crashed - couldn't connect to my irc server (Quassel).20:40
GrueMasterI found out the reason the virsh edits were not sticking was another user was also trying to change the system settings.  He has been slapped for his efforts.20:40
GrueMasterBut still, what is the numad daemon and where is it in the repo?  Google had one reference to Fedora (shudder).20:41
GrueMasterAnd I can't really do much with 14.10 other than testing, as this is a production environment.  I've fought hard to get everything on Ubuntu LTS (12.04/14.04) for the last 2 years.  Was a mixed bag of OpenSuse, Fedora, FreeNAS, etc.20:43
hallyn_GrueMaster: so long as removing it by hand sticks, you're ok.  how it got in there, my guess woudl be virt-manager?  Did you use vir-tmanager under precise to create the domain?21:01
GrueMasterYes originally.21:02
GrueMasterIt worked fine until we tried to bump it to 4 vcpus.21:02
hallyn_yeah, i still think this is worth looking into, but i'm not sure where to start.  Could you create a new vm under vir-tmanager and see if it adds the stanza again?  Then file a bug21:03
* hallyn_ out, but bbl21:03
adam_ghallyn_, do you know if libvirt recreates required sub-directories in its state path /var/lib/libvirt/  if they get removed?21:37
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hallyn_adam_g: i think so...  i've never had to re-create them myself when i've messed things up22:08
sarnoldhello memoryleak_; note that in huge channels it's not too common for people to expect replies to 'hi', since that'd be a few hundred responses...22:12
sarnoldnothing else would ever be discsussed :)22:12
memoryleak_right :)22:12
memoryleak_sorry for off-topic, but how can I find a channel operator?22:14
sarnoldmemoryleak_: the #ubuntu-ops channel has some22:20
sarnoldmemoryleak_: in general, /msg chanserv access list #channelname  ought to show you22:20
memoryleak_sarnold: Thanks, that's very helpful!22:22
jrwrenuvt-kvm list shows a VM, but virsh with system or session doesn't list it23:19
jrwren*doh* and immediately after asking, I remember virsh doesn't list inactive by default23:19

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