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sarnoldwhat's the tag to add to a bug to make sure it shows up on the phone radar?03:34
sarnoldI added 'r106' because the bug exists in that image but somehow I doubt that's sufficient03:34
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satorisdednick: do you know what's the correct QML incantation to QDBusActionGroup to get the value of an indicator action (basically the value of Describe in org.gtk.Actions)?07:57
dednicksatoris: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/view/head:/qml/Components/VolumeControl.qml#L2907:58
satorisdednick: that calls the "activate" method, I need Describe and its return value is kind of funky.07:59
dednicksatoris: by "value" do you mean the action state?07:59
satorisYes. Specifically, the state of "wifi.enable" in the network indicator.08:00
satorisD-feet gives the return value of (True, '', [True]).08:00
dednicksatoris: well I don't know how, specifically, the wifi state is stored, but the state can be retrieved by action("actionName").state08:01
dednicksatoris: the QDBusActionGroup::action returns a QStateAction object, which has a state property08:02
satorisOk, trying.08:03
satorisHmmm, trying to access the state property returns undefined...08:05
dednicksatoris: what about action("wifi.enable").valid ?08:06
satorisUndefined as well.08:08
dednicksatoris: can you pastbin the code you're using?08:08
dednickas far as i remember, it should never be undefined.08:08
satorisGot it working now but it returns false even though d-feet says it is true.08:11
satorisSpecifically, valid is false but state is undefined.08:12
satorisIf you want to test it on the desktop, you need to run "start indicator-network" first.08:15
dednicksatoris: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7735590/08:20
dednicksatoris: need to call start.08:20
satorisTrying ...08:21
satorisYes! Now it works. Thanks.08:22
mptJohnLea, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#phone-reset08:28
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy I Forgot Day! :-D08:32
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mptJohnLea, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#phone-reset09:02
seb128mpt, do you understand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1162034 ?09:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1162034 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "No way to correct date and time" [High,Fix released]09:03
satorisdednick: more troubles. If I use actionGroup.ActionObject.state in a text: attribute with ternary operator it works but "visible: actionGroup.actionObject.state" produces an Unable to assign [undefined] to bool. I'm assuming this has something to do with the start() thing.09:03
seb128mpt, oh, ignore that, it was an old bug and Laney just closed it09:03
mptYay for closing old bug reports09:03
Laneympt: Cimi: That's a general GTK behaviour AIUI09:06
pete-woodsdbarth_: hi, I'm told you might be able to help me with adding a new "application" to our google developer account09:06
Laneyup/down arrow keys have the same behaviour09:06
ubot5Gnome bug 407242 in Widget: GtkRange "Unexpected behavior of GtkScale widgets controled by keyboard" [Normal,Unconfirmed]09:06
pete-woodsI was originally going to add the youtube permission to the main google provider, but mardy told me the best thing to do would be to have someone register a new application on our account, with different keys09:07
Laneywrong channel09:07
dednicksatoris: "visible: actionGroup.actionObject.valid ? actionGroup.actionObject.state : false"09:09
dbarth_pete-woods: you need IS for that, but i can accompany the process if that helps09:10
satorisdednick: yes, thanks.09:10
pete-woodsdbarth_: okay thanks, that makes sense, is there someone in particular to speak to?09:10
dbarth_pete-woods: let me check my logs09:12
pete-woodsdbarth_: thanks!09:12
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matv1how weird is this. the w does not appear when I type it in the terminal app09:23
matv1just the w09:23
matv1seeing is believing09:23
matv1does that make sense to anyone09:23
matv1it does however appear when the next character is typed09:24
popeymatv1: change font size, see if it still happens09:32
matv1i will update the manual :)09:33
matv1popey can you explain?09:34
popeymatv1: did that fix it?09:35
matv1yes it did, sory09:35
matv1i was being a cynic09:35
matv1popey it looks like any fontsize under 18 hides the w09:37
popeymatv1: could you file a bug pls? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/+bugs09:37
popeyoh there already is one09:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1214126 in Ubuntu Terminal App "Text disappears when typing certain characters" [Medium,Confirmed]09:38
matv1oh okay so its there already09:38
dufluWhy does the N4 turn itself on?09:42
dufluIt keeps doing so without my knowledge and uses up its battery before I notice :S09:43
ogra_duflu, how do you mean ?09:43
dufluogra_: I mean it's either off or dead (no battery left). I can't turn it on at all. Then once it's fully charged it's also booted09:44
ogra_duflu, do you mean not properly going to deep sleep ?09:44
dufluI mean from fully off (hold power button). That might be deep sleep?09:44
ogra_the power button event is intercepted ... it triggers a reboot09:44
ogra_iirc you can "sudo halt" to shut it down completely09:45
matv1popey it was an old one so i did give it a +109:45
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dufluogra_: OK, I'll pay more attention in future. Though this time it was completely drained/off and still decided to boot itself after charging09:46
ogra_(there is a bug open somewhere for a shutdown dialog that should pop up instead of just rebooting on long press)09:46
popeyogra_: i can shut my n4 down09:46
popeyjust hold button, it doesnt reboot09:46
popeyi do it all the time.09:46
ogra_popey, oh, if you hold it for very long, yeah09:46
popeya few seconds, yeah09:46
popeythen press again to boot09:46
ogra_3 sec means reboot ... 10 sec is a HW poweroff iirc09:46
dufluI wonder where all the electrons go :)09:46
ogra_duflu, wlan and modem have binary blobs ... both hold a wakelock open and both are uncontrollable for us :(09:47
popeyjust held for 3 seconds and it powered off09:47
ogra_popey, hmm09:47
ogra_i thought it should reboot09:47
ogra_but right, same here09:48
dufluogra_: Aha. So the power goes into a little bit of radio plus heat I guess09:48
dufluIt's usually drained when I grab it off the shelf09:48
ogra_duflu, well, it keeps parts of the system active too ...09:48
popeyogra_: is it possible to switch channel from proposed to devel?09:48
popeyi dont mind reflashing but dont want to lose data09:48
ogra_with the recent images the battery lasts over a day for me now though09:48
ogra_which isnt much worse than android09:49
dufluThen again I'm on my 3rd battery now. And LG warranty tells me to complain to Google if it happens again09:49
dufluI'm not sure Google care much about the N4 now09:49
popeythey never did09:49
ogra_popey, system-image-cli -b0 --channel foo/bar/boop09:49
popeygoogle are terrible at customer support for "their" hardware09:49
popeyogra_: oh, ta, will that wipe it?09:49
ogra_it should just do a fresh system-image install ... not touch user data09:50
popeylets see ☻09:50
popeygoing to take my main phone back to devel now we're promoting images again ☻09:50
ogra_duflu, do you never charge it with a proper wall charger ?09:50
dufluogra_: Regularly, now. It's the only way I can bring it back to life09:51
ogra_USB ports only deliver 500mA ... they will never properly charge it if you use it for stuff like building09:51
ogra_(that will drain more than you can charge)09:51
dufluYeah I know09:51
meaninghey guys...regarding the ubuntu tv project09:51
meaningis there a dedicated channel for this project ?09:51
dufluI don't build on it. X-compiling on an i7 is somewhat faster09:51
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popeymeaning: ubuntu support for TV has been shelved for the moment.09:54
meaningwhy ? is the project on hold ?09:55
meaningpossibily discontinued or something ?09:55
davmor2meaning: it means phone a tablet are a higher priority right now.  It will get there just latter than expected initially09:58
ogra_ricmm, so here is something i noticed ... when i start a new webapp it often behaves like if i rotated or have shaken the phone even though i held it steadily upright without moving, looks a bit like the initial value the app gets from the sensor is wrong10:21
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ogra_(or queued or something like that )10:22
davmor2ogra_: I noticed that too, I'm wondering if that is what is going on with things like the terminal app too, ie most of the time it rotates back correct before you see it and every now and then it just doesn't :)10:24
ogra_davmor2, right10:25
ogra_it behaves like if you bounced it hard against the side10:25
ricmmogra_: so apps always start with "Undefined"10:31
ricmmbut that has always been like that10:32
ricmmmaybe thats whats throwing you off? technically it shouldnt10:32
ogra_dunno, i only see how it behaves10:32
ogra_and it does only happen rarely10:32
ogra_probably some combo of several conditions10:33
ogra_or a queue that didnt get flushed when the app starts10:34
ogra_seems it happens more often when i left the device lying, picked it up and start a new app10:34
ricmmogra_: impossible, apps only start listening to events when they get started10:39
ricmmcant listen before starting10:39
ricmmanyways I can look at it10:39
ricmmbut not this week10:39
ogra_yeah, no hurry10:40
mptJohnLea, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#sim-pin10:55
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Elleopopey: reviewed those file manager branches11:40
* popey hugs Elleo 11:42
popeythank you11:42
Elleono problem :)11:44
rickspencer3ricmm,  just updated, the less sensitive rotation is very nice, thanks11:48
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satorisLaney: could you re-review the hotspot MR? Thanks.11:55
Laneysatoris: will do after lunch11:56
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mandelElleo, I strongly believe I found the issue and fixed it, I'm testing it with the test app and if everything is ok I'll ping yo to take it for a spin12:11
mandelElleo, and after seeing the bug I feel like an idiot :-/12:11
Elleomandel: okay, great :)12:11
ricmmrickspencer3: np!12:14
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mandelElleo, fixes pushed, you can test it at your convenience, I'll go to have lunch with a feeling of success :)12:28
la_juyispopey, hey! have you already filed a bug for the capslock issue in image 108?12:29
popey"the caps lock issue"?12:30
Elleomandel: great, thanks12:30
popeyla_juyis: (take that as a 'no') :D12:31
davmor2popey: la_juyis means where caps and lowercase seem to get reverse so you have to constantly hit shift to get lowercase12:31
la_juyisdavmor2, thanks for that :)12:31
davmor2popey: I know you said you'd seen it12:32
popeyi have, but only once12:33
popeynot been able to reproduce it since12:33
popeyit happened for me in the twitter or gmail web auth page12:33
popeyon the password field, making it mega annoying ☻12:33
la_juyispopey, it just happened to me trying to login in fitbit12:34
popeyah, so there's a common thing!12:34
popeyweb login things12:34
la_juyisluckily for me in the email field, so at least i could see what was going on12:34
popeyi don't have a bug, but if you file one, i'll confirm12:34
davmor2la_juyis: it's possibly on the password too though :)12:34
la_juyispopey, ok, after lucnh :)12:34
ogra_davmor2, popey, hmm, seen the last mail from sam bull ?12:39
ogra_seems i can reproduce that here12:39
ogra_(no shutdown at all when holding the power button)12:39
davmor2ogra_: nope12:39
davmor2ogra_: 7seconds12:40
* popey updates to #10912:40
ogra_i think thats the HW poweroff12:40
ogra_it should be 3 seconds to trigger a proper "halt" command12:40
ogra_Saviq, did unity change in that regard or is that the indicator that cares for it ?12:41
davmor2ogra_: 5 seconds I thought let me have a play12:41
Saviqogra_, there was a landing last week around this yes12:41
davmor2ogra_: not getting any email currently thanks to Mircosoft screwing over no-ip12:42
Saviqogra_, which moved the power button handling from power to unity-system-compositor12:42
ogra_Saviq, well, i'm just wondering if this is new wanted behavior or a bug :)12:42
davmor2ogra_: just waiting for the global dns system to play catch up12:42
Saviqogra_, bug, of course, there should be a dialog (being worked on), but in lieu of that it should halt12:45
Saviqogra_, assign to AlbertA please12:45
ogra_against u-s-c then i guess ?12:45
ogra_or is that unitys job12:45
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sergiusensogra what argument does the boolean:false stand for?12:54
* sergiusens feels lazy to checkout the code12:54
dobeywhere are the docs for oxide?12:54
ogra_sergiusens, boolean: enable/disable12:54
ogra_sergiusens, corresponding to true/false12:54
sergiusensogra_: btw; what bzoltan wants is for this to work from qtcreator; and given that adb won't be enabled (or if disabled); there is no way to remotely enable it12:54
sergiusenswhich is fine and most vendors operate this way12:55
ogra_thats why i didnt answer to bzoltan's mail but to your initial announcement ;)12:55
bzoltanogra_: sergiusens: A simple UI switch to turn the development mode on will be perfect for the SDK and for the developers.12:57
ogra_sergiusens, it is either PropertyGet which returns boolean:false/true to tell you wether the service is enabled ... or PropertySet boolean:true/false to switch the service on/off12:57
ogra_sergiusens, possible options are mtp,adb,ptp and rndis12:57
ogra_bzoltan, right, thats what we will have12:58
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ogra_bzoltan, sergiusens https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice#developer-mode12:58
sergiusensbzoltan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AboutThisDevice#developer-mode12:58
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Mo3yyyi followed this guide: http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/11410-romdroid-razrany-kernel-ubuntu-touch-preview-0301-alpha-update-2/13:00
Mo3yyyi installed everything and when i go to reboot it saids that there is no OS are you sure you want to reboot13:00
bzoltanogra_: sergiusens: thanks13:01
bzoltanogra_: sergiusens: thanks13:01
Mo3yyyi reboot and nothing happens for 45mins13:01
Mo3yyyany idea?13:01
ogra_Mo3yyy, best to talk to the person who did the port i guess ... but that seems very very old to me13:03
ogra_if it uses quantal it might look shiny but will be completely non-functional13:03
ogra_for most bits at least13:03
Mo3yyyi tried saucy13:04
Mo3yyyand nothing happened at all13:04
Mo3yyydownloading quantal now13:04
Mo3yyysee if i can get it to boot with that13:04
Mo3yyywas wondering if i was missing a step maybe?13:04
ogra_well, ask the porter about it13:04
* ogra_ has no idea how to install on a razr ... and i doubt most people here have13:04
Mo3yyyoh no worries thanks for your help tho :)13:05
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Ask82882Does this page , cover the Nexus 7 : 2013 aswell ?  soz if I've asked before..13:30
popeyAsk82882: no, thats the old "desktop on the nexus 7 2012" project13:31
Ask82882oh, Hi popey .. hope all is well .. I'll have a rumidge for the new page .. Brilliant reddit gold image on G+ a while back :) .. don't worry I'm just another bloke you don't know . Thanks.13:35
Ask82882Curious as to why  the N7-2013 is not 'quite' mentioned on this page , https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-nexus7/+related-projects    , but nevermind.13:37
Elleomandel: no more segfaults :)13:43
Elleomandel: with the logger you need to register it as a QML type to make it available to QML (in backend.cpp, BackendPlugin::registerTypes)13:44
Ask82882popey, Just while I have a second to ask .. Do you know of anyone whose tried any of the "humblebundle games" crossover on the "ubuntu-touch-devices" as, say a wordpress project ?  Also, unrelated: saw this recently, bit.ly/1pK3SjQ [much fairy-cakes were had, watching it. :]13:45
Elleomandel: also from a declarative perspective it might be nicer if the log level and file path could be set as properties on the Logger (so you could just do Logger { level: Logger.Debug; path: "/some/path/debug.log"; }13:46
Ask82882gotta go soon .. but nice to say hello. sorry If I'm t-wasteing.13:46
sil2100boiko: hello!13:46
boikosil2100: hi :)13:47
Ask82882"sil" ? is that Ack ?13:47
sil2100boiko: so... could you maybe work on the dialer-app and messaging-app test failures we have been seeing recently? The counter reached the limit and therefore those are now promotion blockers (no pressure!) ;)13:48
sil2100boiko: I remember you mentioning that you have an idea on how to fix those already13:48
sil2100Ask82882: ACK like in acknowledged ? ;)13:48
boikosil2100: well, only after we get emergency dialing and MMS landed, but yes.13:49
Ask82882no as in aquarious. o launchpad. My-confusion-Not yours.13:49
sil2100boiko: is there a silo for that? Could you maybe add this fix to that landing?13:49
boikosil2100: in fact for dialer one of the branches being merged together with emergency mode is fixing some tests flakiness, maybe that will help13:49
boikosil2100: nope, we still have to work more on the fixes, and the deadline for feature landings is too close13:50
sil2100boiko: since yeah, as I said, this is now a promotion blocker sadly, so it's a bit troublesome ;)13:51
boikosil2100: still, not higher priority than feature landing ;)13:51
sil2100boiko: weeeelll... depends where one is standing, as for our team image promotions are top priority ;p13:52
boikosil2100: indeed, but I'm just asking for a bit more time, besides, this started happening because of changes to other components, the tests were passing before13:53
Elleomandel: do you think you could get that UDM branch landed by tomorrow? (doesn't have to be the logging one, just expose-property would be enough for now)13:54
sergiusenssil2100: if what boiko says is true; it's on the people who made the changes to fix the tests13:54
boikosergiusens: I'm not saying I won't fix the tests, it is just that right now it is not the highest priority on my list :)13:55
popeyAsk82882: i dont know what you mean by humble bundle games crossover... sorry13:56
sil2100sergiusens, boiko: yeah... so, this approach would 'seem' the correct way, but sadly it's not that easy13:57
sergiusenssil2100: then it shouldn't be a problem to wait; I mean; this just punishes the people that always take the appropriate measures to land stuff13:58
SteinzHello, there is a data (approximate) that will be released Ubuntu Touch?13:58
sil2100sergiusens: right, we should maybe tweak the process somehow, but from experience I know that when something big lands and somehow causes regressions in other components, it's really hard to ask the component owner to take responsibility here, while we have to keep velocity14:00
sil2100Especially that they do not know the codebase of the affected component14:00
AlbertAogra_: in regards to the HW power button... if you hold for 5s it will do a clean shutdown, more than that it will just be the HW/kernel reboot14:00
ogra_AlbertA, thats the point, it does not anymore14:01
sil2100The truth is that if tests for component X started suddenly failing, the owner of X should take action, and maybe poke the upstream owner of Y that caused the regression14:01
Ask82882popey, Ok just that old compatibility chestnut question, but no worries, I shall bug out now & check logs when I get better. byes.14:04
* Ask82882 leaves.14:04
AlbertAogra_: umm just tried fresh image #108, it did it there14:05
AlbertAogra_: on mako...any specific device?14:05
ogra_image 106 (the last promoted one)14:06
AlbertAogra_: note that if you have USB plugged in, I suppose the bootloader likes to restart after going to the charge screen...14:06
ogra_and i'm definitely not the only one seeing this14:06
ogra_(see the mailing list)14:06
ogra_AlbertA, pressing the button is a no-op ... until i reach the 10sec for the HW reboot14:07
ogra_it seems to not be noticed at all14:07
AlbertAogra_: ok I'll check 10614:07
ogra_AlbertA, could also be a difference between OTA vs fresh flashing ...14:09
ogra_(this is my daily phone, i upgrade it since 6 months or so ... havent flashed since)14:10
sil2100brendand: do you think you could also take a look at the dialer and messaging autopilot failures?14:11
sil2100brendand: it seems boiko has a busy time working on the emergency bits still14:11
AskUbuntu_TouchScreen Stopped Working After Installation - Lenovo g400s Touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/49082514:11
brendandsil2100, messaging hasn't failed since 10514:11
brendandsil2100, i raised a bug for dialer. i see that boiko has a branch that might fix it, which i'm trying now14:12
brendandsil2100, how do you mean look at them? look to fix?14:13
sil2100brendand: maybe taking a look at the dialer one and seeing if a fix would be much work (or if the branch fixes it)14:16
brendandsil2100, yeah i'll check if the branch fixes it for sure, then take it from there14:17
sil2100brendand: thank you! You're a promotion saver ;)14:17
AlbertAogra_: umm, fresh image #106 I don't see the issue there either. By OTA do you mean apt-get dist-upgrade?14:27
AlbertAogra_: or some other mechanism/14:27
mterryboiko, I got your PM, but I accidentally added you to my ignore list.  let me figure out how to get you off that  :)14:29
boikomterry: I know you don't want to talk to me, no need for excuses :P14:30
boikomterry: :)14:30
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ogra_AlbertA, apt isnt supported at all :) i mean the default imafge upgrade mechanism14:37
AlbertAogra_: so how can I replicate the OTA process? Go to the previous promoted image? and then update?14:39
ogra_yeah, something like that ... pick an image before the change landed14:39
Elleomandel: think I've figured out what's wrong with the headers; the problem is when you try doing a second download, it tries to set the headers on the old m_download object; presumably if the m_download is no longer valid then m_dirty should be set and the headers set on m_headers like it does if the headers are set before the m_download has been created14:42
Elleomandel: http://mikeasoft.com/~mike/udm-debug.log <-- here's the log from a session like that14:42
mandelElleo, ah, great! so the logs have been useful and we have a bug, will fix that!14:43
Elleomandel: thanks :)14:43
Elleomandel: did you see my previous comments about the logging branch? I had to make a quick modification to make the logger accessible14:43
mandelElleo, yes, adding properties instead of the init, which makes sense, should I remove the init method?14:44
mandelElleo, we can fix the header branch and then land the logger after since the low level logger seems to work as expected in the cpp client lib14:45
Elleomandel: great, I'd guess it makes sense to remove the init, most QML elements wouldn't have something like that, especially if it can be all done declaratively14:46
Elleomandel: excellent, landing the header branch with that fix should mean everything's ready to go as soon as we get an oxide release :)14:46
mandelElleo, correct, and if you call it more than once you simply will see "Init called twice" which we can let people know, hey you created to loggers!14:46
Elleoit's a big relief to finally have a handle on those headers :)14:48
Elleothe logging branch was a massive help for that14:48
mandelElleo, yes, a lot of work, but I wanted to add the logging which I think will make our lives better :)14:48
Elleosince I was able to see pretty much instantly what was going on14:48
mandelElleo, yes, great team work! Now is a matter of getting that fixed :)14:49
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la_juyispopey, which project should  I file under?14:55
mandelElleo, to understand the problem, we do Downlod {header:foo}  download.download(url); download.download(url) and we fail in the second one, right?15:04
Elleomandel: that'd probably fail too, the exact case I'm looking at we set the headers again as well though before the second download15:05
mandelElleo, ok, the issue is that m_download should be cleaned on completed/canceled15:06
Elleomandel: yeah15:06
mandelElleo, and I have a very strong feeling that we should disconnect from the signals too15:07
mandelElleo, just to be sure15:07
mandelElleo, is kind of ugly that we are connecting twice to the same signals.. gatox why is that? why not setting the state of the object and then emit the signal?15:09
cwaynejdstrand: ping15:09
mdeslaurcwayne: jdstrand is on vacation this week, is there something me or tyhicks can help you with?15:10
cwaynemdeslaur: tyhicks: was wondering if there's a writable dir we can use for cache stuff from the ubuntu-scope-network template, although from elsewhere i'm hearing it should be .local/share/package-name15:10
gatoxmandel, if it is connecting twice to the same signal, it's a bug... not any real reason15:11
mandelgatox, you do the following, connect to a signal to emit an signal, connect to the same signal to set an internal state15:11
mdeslaurcwayne: let me pull up the profile and take a look, one sec15:11
mandelgatox, we could do, set internal method and emit signal in the same connection, right?15:11
gatoxmandel, ah... that shouldn't be a bug15:12
tyhicksI think what cwayne was told is correct, but we'll need to double check15:12
mandelgatox, so what do we gain by doing that?15:12
gatoxmandel, yes... we can do that... although in the way it is, shouldn't cause any problem15:12
mandelgatox, with the current default connection, true, but make me write more code when disconnecting the signals ;)15:13
gatoxmandel, the result is the same.... is just a way to separate things15:13
mdeslaurcwayne: you should be able to store stuff in @{HOME}/.local/share/unity-scopes/leaf-net/@{APP_PKGNAME}/15:14
gatoxmandel, you can do whatever you want later in the method, and the other signals will keep linked, no matter the changes you do in the method... but, i'm not against of putting everything together... i like it more in the other way, just that15:14
gatoxi think is better15:14
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cwaynemdeslaur: so should that dir exist when a click pkg'd scope is installed?15:19
cwayneor would we need to create it?15:20
mdeslauryou need to create the app's subdir in leaf-net15:20
cwayneit looks like .local/share/unity-scopes/leaf-net doesn't exist on my phone15:20
mdeslaurhrm, not quite sure what is supposed to create that15:21
mdeslaurdefinitely not the scope itself, it probably should be created by the master scope (or whatever that is called)15:21
pittisergiusens: hm, after 'echo format data > /cache/recovery/ubuntu_commands' and adb reboot recovery I land in the interactive recovery menu15:25
pittisergiusens: so I suppose factory-reset does something else still? (I don't immediately see what in images.go, it also just seems to write "format data\n")15:25
sergiusenspitti: it's ubuntu_command15:26
sergiusenspitti: not ubuntu_comands15:26
pittisergiusens: thanks; so it was just a typo in that mail15:26
cwaynemdeslaur: so who should i bug about fixing that to make sure that dir exists before the scope is installed?15:27
pittisergiusens: works fine now, thanks!15:29
pittisergiusens: now I can programmatically wipe and get rid of the wizard (touch ~/.config/ubuntu-system-settings/wizard-has-run); do you know if there's an equivalent thing for getting rid of the "edge intro"? I didn't see a flag file for that15:30
sergiusenspitti: that's lost in phablet-config15:30
mdeslaurcwayne: good question, there's a bug open: bug 132742615:30
ubot5bug 1327426 in unity-scopes-api (Ubuntu) "scopes runner should set various confinement variables" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132742615:30
sergiusenspitti: phablet-config edges-intro --disable15:30
pittisergiusens: thanks15:31
mdeslaurcwayne: michi I would guess15:31
robotfuelsergiusens: where can I find the numtium code?15:33
sergiusensrobotfuel: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/nuntium/trunk/+activereviews15:34
robotfuelsergiusens: thanks :D15:34
sergiusensrobotfuel: there's an encode_decode_tests branch there15:34
pittivila, fginther: in CI airline: is it reasonable to have a recent (i. e. devel series) phablet-tools installed (from a PPA possibly), or should the phone setup scripts be self-contained and only use adb and commands on the phone?15:42
sergiusenspitti: they use the utopic stuff; it's a bin copy into the ppa I mentioned (all the ci tools come from there)15:43
sergiusenswell most15:43
pittiok, that's good; then we don't need to replicate the logic15:43
pittisergiusens: I really don't like installing it locally, as it pulls in lots of click stuff, pybootchartgui, ubuntu-app-launch and what not, so it's a rather heavy dep; but perhaps that can be trimmed15:44
pittiI usually just run them from bzr15:45
sergiusenspitti: I have a split packaging branch somewhere pending review from rsalveti; it probably needs updating these days (which I can look into again)15:46
fgintherpitti, the host running connected to the adb devices will need to run an LTS, it'll probably be trusty when we get that far. As long as we can backport phablet-tools it shouldn't be an issue (we're going to have to backport phablet-tools already)15:47
pittifginther: thanks for confirming15:48
pittifginther: so avoiding ubuntu-devices-do is easy enough (it's a trivial replacement), but the phablet-config bits are much more involved15:48
AlbertAogra_: I did an OTA from image 91 to 109, I still don't see the issue...so not sure what's going on... is there more context to the issue?15:50
ogra_AlbertA, not really, i only noticed it today when someone reported ot on the ML15:56
AlbertAogra_: which ML is it?15:58
ogra_AlbertA, the ubuntu-phone one15:58
AlbertAogra_: oh I see they are expecting 2s...16:00
ogra_AlbertA, it was 3sec16:00
AlbertAogra_: yeah at some point unity will show a shutdown dialog...and the 5s hold time is there only for backup16:01
AlbertAogra_: i mean show a shutdown dialog if held for 2s16:01
ogra_AlbertA, ok, so thats a wanted behavior then ?16:03
AlbertAogra_: right, for now at least I suppose...the 5s could also be changed for now until the shutdown dialog is ready16:07
ogra_it doesnt shut down after 5 here either though16:07
ogra_i have to hold until the hw reset kicks in16:07
AlbertAogra_: in #106?16:08
davmor2AlbertA: it's about 7secsonds16:09
ogra_it shot down now ... lets see if i can easily reproduce it even after another reboot16:09
AlbertAogra_: what does apt-cache policy unity-system-compositor say?16:09
ogra_uh, no idea, no cable around16:09
mterrypitti, ok the signal for unlocking the screen comes from unity-greeter-session-broadcast, which isn't installed by default.  So I'm not sure how useful that is for you after all16:09
ogra_AlbertA, it should be 0.0.4+14.10.20140625-0ubuntu116:10
ogra_(from the archive ... this is my production phone, not writable etc)16:11
pittimterry: ah, thanks for checking16:12
pittimterry: so this one remains a nuisance, I figured out everything else16:12
* pitti waves goodbye, time for Taekwondo16:12
AlbertAogra_: does the screen turn off after inactivity? 45s dim, 60s off?16:12
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
ogra_gimme a minute :)16:12
AlbertAogra_: just want to see if there's some issue with the timers firing16:13
ogra_dimmed properly after 4516:14
ogra_and now it shot off16:14
groot_hello, I've been trying to boot ubuntu in my phone but it keeps restarting. I looked at last_kmsg but don't know how to solve this.16:31
groot_here is the last_kmsg log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7737561/16:31
groot_any help would be appreciated.16:31
la_juyisdavmor2, do you know which project I hsould file under?16:36
la_juyisfor the keyboard thing16:36
mhall119pmcgowan: any objection to me making https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install redirect to http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/ ?16:36
ogra_[   33.966857] mmci-pl18x sdi1: MMC request expiry, sumping registers16:37
ogra_[   33.981384] kernel BUG at /home/groot/Development/source/ubuntu_touch/kernel/sony/u8500/drivers/mmc/host/mmci.c:1392!16:37
ogra_[   33.992218] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000000016:37
davmor2la_juyis: ubuntu-keyboard16:37
ogra_groot ^^^ fix your kernel16:37
pmcgowanmhall119, nope16:37
la_juyisdavmor2, tnx16:37
groot_ogra_, thanks for the reply. I noticed that, but don't know how to solve it. It worked fine in android.16:39
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
groot_ogra_, can you give me any possible solution? I'm not good at debugging kernel.16:45
groot_This is the kernel I'm using https://github.com/AndroidOpenSourceXperia/android_kernel_sony_u850016:45
groot_is there any patch required for ubuntu touch ?16:46
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
mandelmhall119, AFAIK there should be a doc package for the download manager with the qml docs17:01
mandelalso, hello17:01
la_juyispopey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/133686217:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1336862 in ubuntu-keyboard "keyboard toggles capslock in middle of word in webapps" [Undecided,New]17:02
la_juyisand of course after the screen went off the keyboard disappeared completely17:03
popeyla_juyis: confirmed, thanks17:08
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alesageam I alone in not getting the OSK for WiFi login?  I'm on 109 devel-proposed, wonder if there's a workaround17:12
mhall119mandel: what's the name of the package?17:12
charlesCimi, ping17:21
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
charlesCimi, it looks like you've been doing a lot of the reviews for dednick's MPs in ubuntu-settings-components, could you do a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/ubuntu-settings-components/transfer-menu/+merge/224672 ?17:22
josharensonAnyone having trouble getting ssh to work on today's build?17:27
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
Cimicharles, ok, tomorrow17:50
charlesCimi, thanks :)18:38
taiebotawe: I saw that you changed the summary of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/urfkill/+bug/1321627 does that mean we know what triggers the bug?19:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1321627 in urfkill (Ubuntu) "Wrong WWAN value in saved-states if ofono 'Online' toggle fails" [Critical,Triaged]19:13
taiebotI am ready to get some log info if you want.19:13
K1773Rwill the nexus 5 be officially supported in the near future, or should i stick to a nexus 4?19:23
beunoK1773R, I suggest you stick with N419:24
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dobeyanyone seen http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7738360/ when cross-compiling with sbuild before?19:37
mandelmhall119, let me check, one sec19:58
mandelmhall119, libubuntu-download-manager-client-doc19:59
mhall119heh, long enough?20:00
mhall119mandel: any reason the .index file is gzipped?20:02
mandelmhall119, are you looking in the qml folder?20:02
mhall119in usr/share/doc/ubuntu-download-manager/qml/html/20:02
mandelmhall119, and no idea, I'm just using doxygen for cpp and qdoc for qml20:02
mandelmhall119, Elleo gave me a hand with that20:02
mhall119mandel: no big deal, I unzipped it20:06
mhall119http:// should be updated20:06
mandelmhall119, awesome, so I have some questions about the docs, if I release a 0.2, what happens?20:07
mandelmhall119, I'll ofcourse update the docs, do I ping you?20:08
mhall119mandel: yeah, I'll download the new package and run the script against it20:10
dobeymhall119: are there docs for oxide up anywhere, btw?20:10
mhall119eventually I'll have a cron setup somewhere that will just check for new versions of packages in the development release and auto-publish them20:10
mandelmhall119, ok, superb20:11
mhall119dobey: not ready to publish yet, but osomon gave me some initial docs to test importing:
dobeymandel: what does E0702 16:12:41.141255 31826 downloads_db.cpp:285]  NOT NULL constraint failed: SingleDownload.appId Unable to fetch row20:15
dobeymandel: what does that mean?20:15
mandeldobey, means that the appid setting of the download was null when either it should be "unconfined" or the appid20:16
mandeldobey, how did that happen?20:16
mandeldobey, do you have an example20:16
dobeymandel: it's happening when trying to install a purchased app in my lxc20:17
dobeyit seems to download the .click though20:17
mandeldobey, is apparmor in that lxc?20:17
mandeldobey, yes, is related to the internal db which is used for reboot (not enabled yet)20:17
mandeldobey, it is not a critical bug20:18
dobeymandel: apparmor doesn't do nested profiles yet, so it's "there" but it doesn't exactly work if that's what you mean20:18
mandeldobey, ok, well you express what I meant but better20:19
mandeldobey, that might be the reason20:19
dobeymandel: i'm just trying to determine if the failure to install i'm seeing is an issue with the installation program, or with u-d-m itself20:19
mandeldobey, that msg is not the issue, but if you are getting an error with pkcon you should see th stderr and stdout in the logs of udm20:20
dobeyhmm, i am not seeing any pkcon stdout there20:20
mandeldobey, can you send me the logs (paste.ubuntu or the like) and I'll take a quick look20:23
mandeldobey, or even better, a tar :)20:23
dobeymandel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7738577/20:25
mandeldobey, according to Error 0 executing /usr/local/lib/unity-scope-click/install-helperwith args/home/dobey/.local/share/ubuntu-download-manager/Downloads/com (2).ubuntu.developer.matiasb-testing.qr-code_0.3.1_all.click com.ubuntu.developer.matiasb-testing.qr-codeStdout: Stderr:20:29
mandeldobey, it execute ok, but... what version of udm do you have??20:29
mandeldobey, the name of the file is wrong, there was a bug I fixed and the  (2) should be after the .matiasb-testing.qr-code_0.3.1_all, like this .matiasb-testing.qr-code_0.3.1_all (2).click20:30
dobeymandel: whatever is in utopic20:30
mandeldobey, can you please do a dpkg -s to check it out20:30
dobeymandel: i do see that u-d-m really needs to add more space characters in its log message formatting :)20:33
mandeldobey, yes, I had them, I was told in a review to remove them, and will this happened20:33
mandeldobey, add a bug and will be fixed asap (please :) )20:33
mandeldobey, can you remove the files in /home/dobey/.local/share/ubuntu-download-manager/Downloads20:34
dobeyi did once already today :)20:34
mandeldobey, ok, can I see the logs for when you do not have a file already present?20:34
dobeyone minute, need to start a reflash for a device20:35
mandeldobey, we had a bug when installing the app due to the space in blala (2).foo20:35
dobeyyes i remember that bug20:35
dobeymandel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7738631/ after i rm -rf .local/share/ubuntu-download-manager .cache/ubuntu-download-manager20:38
mandeldobey, it is interesting that we get a QFile::RemoveError (that horrible Error 9) when removing20:40
mandeldobey, I wonder why..20:40
dobeymandel: oh i see why it's failing20:40
mandeldobey, do you? sweet, share the info :)20:40
dobey/usr/local/lib/unity-scope-click/install-helper doesn't exist20:40
dobeymandel: sorry. i should have caught that :)20:42
mandeldobey, I should raise an error for that!!!! bug for manuel right now!!!20:43
mandeldobey, I should not do a Error 0 it should be a file not found or something20:43
dobeyok, so now it's definitely failing because pkcon install-local fails in the lxc20:45
dobeyoh and i bet pkcon install-local is failing because apparmor20:46
mandeldobey, we do relay A LOT in apparmor working20:47
mandeldobey, can you add your logs and a comment to a bug for udm, it is not acceptable that I do not raise the error20:47
dobeyto an existing bug? or you want me to file a new bug?20:48
mandeldobey, new one please :)20:49
mandeldobey, like, logs, mention that the executable was not present and say that I'm an idiot in a polite way :)20:49
dobeymandel: i know you too well. polite isn't language you understand. ;)20:50
mandeldobey, well, you know hehe20:51
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touchTrustyTest0howto install thunderbird?23:45
touchTrustyTest0no email client expect for gmail and outlook?23:45
sarnoldtouchTrustyTest0: iirc, 'trojita' is the email client that seems furthest along for the touch interface23:48
touchTrustyTest0sweet i'll look it up23:48
touchTrustyTest0how about caldav sync?23:48
touchTrustyTest0for calendar23:48

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