MooDoomorning all06:10
DJonesAre you able to update the dns for freedns.afraid.org using ddclient or other software/script, from what I can see, ddclient stopped supporting freedns08:06
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:07
MooDooDJones: popey should be able to answer that for you...I'm still using no-ip, just created a ddns.net host instead.08:09
popeyDJones: I update using my dd-wrt router08:10
DJonesMooDoo: I think popey said his router does the update08:10
MooDoohmmm wonder if I can update mine now....08:10
diploDJones, it needs to be the newest version08:11
diploBug in previous versions ( not sure if fixed on 14.04 )08:11
MooDoooo my router supports it now, is it worth changing my router software to this?08:11
DJonesI've got a sky router so thats a no go08:16
popeyi used to do it on my server... lemme see what i used08:16
MooDooDJones: asus router here, might try it see what it's like.08:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:26
MooDoomorning bigcalm08:26
DJonesAccording to MS it was a "technical error" that took all the no-ip users down, but they've fully restored things as of 6am Pacific time http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2352891/microsoft-kills-off-no-ip-accounts-in-anti-cybercrime-crusade?utm_source=twitterfeed...... Erm, no they haven't08:28
* awilkins has an ISP router but just runs it in passthrough mode and uses his old Buffalo router08:28
awilkinsRunning OpenWRT08:29
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy I Forgot Day! :-D08:32
dwatkinsawilkins: I have the Tomato firmware on an old Linksys which I use as a DHCP server and wifi repeater08:32
bigcalmJamesTait: sorry, what day is it?08:33
foobarrydo chromecast work with most routers/wifi?08:33
awilkinsdwatkins, Sometimes I'm tempted to go back using the ISP router... it has a newer radio and possibly better antennae than my old one08:33
foobarryseems to be a suppored routers list on the web, bit scary08:33
dwatkinsawilkins: I've switched ISPs so much I have two spare08:33
JamesTaitfoobarry, I forgot. :-/08:34
awilkinsdwatkins, And maybe just keep using the Buffalo for it's utility08:34
dwatkinsToday is World UFO Day.08:34
awilkinsdwatkins, Being able to SSH to your router from outside your home network is super useful08:34
JamesTaitdwatkins, there is that as well. :)08:34
dwatkinsawilkins: absolutely, yes - I call it "poor-man's vpn"08:34
JamesTaitdwatkins, but I forgot about it. :-P08:34
awilkinsdwatkins,   http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/ssh-tunneling-poor-techies-vpn08:35
dwatkinsawilkins: neat, I tend to just manually forward ports08:35
awilkinsdwatkins, I usually just use the -D flag and make a SOCKS proxy08:35
dwatkinsI have a proxy that's accessible from work's IP address (but not publically, so Freenode don't ban me ;) )08:36
dwatkinsrunning ESXi on a machine at home means I have three sets of -L port forwarding going on at the moment08:36
MooDoodwatkins: I had esxi until I realised the cpu doesn't support VT :(08:37
MooDooyup, I suppose I could install a xeon processor, but CBA lol08:41
foobarryi throw stuff away with better specs ;)08:42
MooDoofoobarry: throw it in my direction ;)08:42
foobarrygot about 30cm08:43
dwatkinsMooDoo: how can I check (via ssh to the ESXi server)? Is it in the "cat /proc/cpuinfo" output [or not, as the case may be]?08:44
dwatkinsI don't have an ESXi license, but work has a site license for VMWare Workstation, and that has a web interface, so I'll use that, since this is mostly for teaching myself and testing of stuff.08:45
MooDoodwatkins: are you installing 64bit servers on a 64bit host.08:45
dwatkinsMooDoo: yes08:45
dwatkinsLinux xubuntu-vm 3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 10 19:11:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:46
MooDoodwatkins: then you should be ok, I have a 64bit install, but it will only let me install 32bit hosts as I've got no vt tech08:46
dwatkinsaha gotcha, just a shame they're now enforcing the 60-day trial08:47
dwatkinsthey weren't at v5.1, I gather.08:47
MooDoodwatkins: if you license it which for esxi is free you remove the 60 limit08:47
MooDoodwatkins: Intel CPUs require EM64T and VT support in the chip and in the BIOS to run 64-bit virtual machines. This article helps you ensure your processor is VT-capable, and it also instructs you on how to enable this feature.08:48
dwatkinsMooDoo: I don't understand what you mean about the 60 limit, sorry08:48
dwatkinsoh, if I buy a license, yes08:48
MooDoodwatkins: is it's normal free esxi, then you can license it for free which removes the 60 day triel08:49
dwatkinsoh awesome, so I don't have to reinstall?08:49
dwatkinscan I still use vSphere, though?08:49
MooDoodwatkins: yup as far as I'm aware, take a look at this - https://communities.vmware.com/thread/42618708:51
MooDooyou just have to get the license from vmware, and use the vpshere client to install the licese.....IIRC!  i would research first08:52
MooDoowhen you register the free version, you loose some functionality, but it's not much08:52
dwatkinsawesomesauce, thanks MooDoo :)08:54
MooDooyou're welcome :D08:54
dwatkinsreinstalling the host with xubuntu and putting vmware workstation on it probably wouldn't be gigantically different from the way ESXi works, but it would take a while.08:54
JamesTait"I started installing updates and it was taking ages and didn't seem to be doing anything, so I just switched it off."  That could turn out badly. :(09:03
awilkinsImagine it's worse on Windows, TBH09:04
awilkinsBut even so, not good09:04
NET||abusefinding a really weird issue with ubuntu packaged chromium-browser, if i highlight and drag any content on a webpage, the tab freezes up09:08
NET||abuseand on a lot of websites, drop downs are a disaster09:09
foobarrytypical. just about to upgade software package and a new version is released yesterday. need to test again09:29
MyrttiThe following packages have been kept back: update-notifier update-notifier-common09:30
dogmatic69bigcalm:  what 'stats'?10:00
bigcalmdogmatic69: as in comparing performance against other servers10:01
bigcalmdogmatic69: more recent than 201110:01
dogmatic69bigcalm:  probably becuse its not mainstream10:01
foobarryanyone on ipv6 give me a dns host to use for lookups pls?10:02
dogmatic69bigcalm:  its heaps faster than apache, not used any others.10:02
dogmatic69been using cherokee for about 3 or 4 years now10:03
bigcalmdogmatic69: okay, ta10:03
foobarryis the following command legit  dig -6 www.bbc.co.uk @
dogmatic69bigcalm:  and the web admin is awesome...10:03
foobarrydig -6 www.bbc.co.uk @2001:4860:4860::888810:05
bigcalmThe web admin did look nice10:06
bigcalmBut I'm much more of a config file person10:06
dogmatic69bigcalm:  not when you see a cherokee config file ...10:07
dogmatic69vserver!5!rule!10!directory!/!allow_from =,::110:07
dogmatic69bigcalm:  if you go for cherokee, compile from github10:11
dogmatic69repos in apt-get are old10:11
bigcalmAlways the case10:12
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Jimmy_ProtossHi all11:02
Laneymy old school is in special measures11:07
Laneythe report is a bit incoherent though11:11
foobarrydirecthex: hello. does mono do multi-threaded?11:38
popeyyay! got my webcam script all automated. takes a picture every minute, makes a video which is 1 min = 1 hour, and automatically uploads the previous hour to youtube11:39
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBiy7CK32tQ is 11am-12pm today ☻11:39
foobarryprivate vid11:40
* awilkins wants to do a suite of things that watch his every move and something that digests this into the appropriate projects for time accounting purposes11:44
bigcalmNice work11:44
awilkinsLike Zeitgeist on steroids, for multiple platforms and aggregating across multiple machines11:45
ndfawilkins: I'm actually interested to see how it turns out =)11:47
ndfI have a similar idea but web-based, for group productivity and management/comms11:48
davmor2popey: does your house create that one cloud?11:49
popey*parp* maybe11:49
ndf...did you just fart?11:49
ndfas onomatapoeas go, that one sure reads like a fart11:50
awilkinsndf, The problem with any solution that requires my active participation to record my time is i) it's a distraction and ii) therefore I don't do it11:50
ndfawilkins: ah the recursive hell of trying to organise your organisation; my personal hell too lol11:51
ndfI have stickynotes all over my desktop11:51
ndf(well, not physical ones)11:51
ndfbut I have about 5 ToDo lists11:52
awilkinsndf : FreeMind. Lots of FreeMind.11:52
ndfis this a scheduling tool?11:52
awilkinsndf, Mind mapper11:52
awilkinsKeep meaning to do things like integrate it into our ticket system with scripting, etc, etc, etc11:53
ndfI need to turn all these tasks into a scheduled plan11:53
awilkinsBut of course, actual work, hahahahah11:53
ndfhaha yea11:53
awilkinsTurning tasks into a plan sounds like a job for TaskJuggler11:53
ndfhm I'll take a look =)11:53
davmor2awilkins: TaskJuggler sounds like a sidekick of the Joker in a batman episode11:54
awilkinsThere's Org-Mode of course11:55
awilkinsI don't think I could cope with the mental load of learning Org-Mode AND coping with crippling RSI at the same time11:55
ndfooh org-mode looks interesting12:03
ndflol do you mean repetetive strain injury from those emacs ctrlkeys?12:05
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directhexfoobarry, yes, if the programmer of the app in question uses threads12:29
awilkinsfoobarry, http://www.mono-project.com/ThreadsBeginnersGuide12:47
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foobarrywe've been having problems on centos/SL with mono and queue scheduler but unsure if scheduler or mono related13:12
foobarrynot using multiple threads etc13:13
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bigcalmI'm glad I do my own dynamic dns with my domain registrar joker.com15:29
Myrttiyeah we have a static ip and own (sub)domain pointed home15:31
dwatkinsI didn't even realise I'd get a DNS name with my ISP (PlusNet), but I do.15:47
bigcalmdwatkins: did you pay the fiver for a static IP address?15:49
dwatkinsbigcalm: yeah15:50
dwatkinsI have DNS via a friend's domain, although I don't need it anymore.15:50
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foobarrychromecast \o/19:13
foobarryhad to enable "n" wifi to get it working though19:13
popeythey're fun19:13
popeywatch it go dark on it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSBi1mww5Bc19:14
MartijnVdSN wifi is better than B/G so why didn't you enable it before?19:14
foobarrymy intel chip in the laptop has poor n support19:14
foobarryi was being lazy by changing the router instead of the OS19:15
bigcalmpopey: vid is private19:15
bigcalmIs it not something you can set automatically?19:16
popeyi set it private automatically19:16
popeybecause I upload them every hour19:16
popeydont want to spam the channel19:16
popeyI setup a separate channel for these videos but the youtube-upload script can't specify channel19:16
popeybut what I might do is set my default channel to it, and see if that works19:17
foobarrynext thing should be a chromecast remote control :P19:23
foobarryi've lost my control of the programme im watching19:26
foobarryiplayer no longer showing the programme that's playing :S19:28
Myrttiit happens at times19:29
Myrttijust whip up the chromecast control app up again and it usually picks it up19:29
Myrttior pressing the chromecast button on the whatever app you're already playing on the chromecast19:29
foobarry:( fail19:30
foobarryoh well19:30
mappsquite like this murder in the first series19:52
diddledanthis is pretty awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oVfIFrpslI19:53
diddledanhello btw19:53
SuperEngineerHurumph! http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/07/irs-policy-that-targeted-tea-party-groups-also-aimed-at-open-source-projects/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+arstechnica%2Findex+%28Ars+Technica+-+All+content%2919:53
davmor2\o/ I has email again after waiting most of the day for dns to play catch up with the new no-ip host I had to create /me shakes his fist at Microsoft19:53
diddledanspeaking of chromecasts - is it coincidence that you're talking about them just as I arrive home with two for my own tvs?19:53
bigcalmI just commited some code to the wrong branch. Thankfully I haven't pushed to origin. How do I get the changes I've made into the correct branch?19:58
bigcalmgit reset --soft HEAD^20:00
diddledanbigcalm: personally, and because I don't know of a proper way (this might be the proper way) I'd switch to the correct branch, cherry pick the commit across and then switch to the wrong branch and revert the original commit20:00
bigcalmLooking at google, it's something I've searched for before :D20:00
diddledanthat looks better than my way20:01
diddledanmy way might cause issues if you were to later merge the two branches20:01
diddledanVCS is still a bit of a black art to me20:02
diddledanI'm forever learning20:02
diddledan(good thing!)20:02
foobarrydirecthex: i bought 2 today too20:04
foobarrysorry diddledan20:04
diddledanfoobarry: over here! :-p20:04
foobarrytab fail20:04
Seekeranyone here any good at woodwork?20:48
mappsnot me:D20:53
MartijnVdSmaybe daubers_20:54
diddledanI'm good at making a mess, does that count?21:03
diddledanholy torpedos, 24!21:33
* diddledan just finished watching tonight's episode21:33
mappsit aired monday21:35
mappsbut yea good ep21:35
diddledannot on sky it didn't :-p21:35
mappsyouve seen every other season of 24?21:35
diddledanI need to catch up on those21:36
mappsi heard rumous of a spinoff with Kate ..but i dunno21:36
mapps24 without jack sounds lame to me21:36
diddledandoes anyone understand synergy's configuration for mismatched-size monitors?22:04
diddledanI can't get it to work right22:04
diddledanthe top is now correct but the bottom is wrong22:04
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diddledanif it helps, this is what I have so far: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739044/22:10
diddledanthe two monitors are about the same height for the bottom-edge and are side-by-side with the left-hand monitor going up to about 85% of the height of the right-hand monitor22:11
ali1234it's probably a bug22:22
ali1234synergy is full of them22:22

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