Unit193OK I have to say it somewhere, bzr sucks monkey balls.01:43
Unit193And least when I get annoyed at git, I can google or something, but with bzr the docs (and --help) of that exact command don't work right. :D03:17
Unit193(Though someone needs to tell git that --help != man git)03:17
jrgiffordthafreak: i guess...?16:05
jrgiffordi've been doing a number of different *other* things16:06
jrgiffordbut we have a few different meetups planned over the next few months16:06
jrgiffordassuming we can actually come up with dates16:06
belkinsaHey, stupid question, did they test your Tornado Sirens in your area ten minutes ago?16:09
jrgiffordbelkinsa: not that i heard16:11
jrgiffordi've been inside though16:11
belkinsaDeep inside?16:11

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