jedijflazypower: waht's time LOL - np - whenever10:50
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys?, hamsters and everything else11:59
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MutantTu1keywaltman: like i was saying, i am still trying to finish this project, but basicalyl it keeps getting delayed because of hardware issues15:58
MutantTu1keythe cluster we are using 'URCF' is still new so the sysadmin is struggling still to get it stable and working correctly, as i just discovered my job i submitted friday has failed to complete because the head node went down15:58
MutantTu1keystuff like that.15:58
MutantTu1keythen gail's raid went ka-poop15:59
waltmanMutantTu1key: At some point you've got to move on and let it be someone else's problem16:36
MutantTu1keyyeah that's true16:42
MutantTu1keyyou're definitely right16:42
MutantTu1keyonce the actual research project i am doing is done, i am out16:43
MutantTu1keythe raid thing i gave up no16:43
MutantTu1keybut the other thing is, cricket has about a years worth of work that wasn't properly backed up, and so she's kind of screwed if we can't get anything back16:43
waltmanok, you can recover cricket's work before you leave that lab :)17:35
MutantTu1keythat i am trying to do18:09

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