ThatGraemeGuymorning all06:09
nuvolario/ oh hi06:11
Theblazehenhi guys06:34
Theblazehenanyone else hit with no power?06:34
Theblazehenhey Kilos 06:39
Kiloshi Theblazehen 06:41
Kiloshit ThatGraemeGuy inetpro and others too06:41
Kiloshi JabberwockyA19 07:20
inetprogood mornings07:26
inetprooh and hi Kilos07:26
Kiloshowdy inetpro 07:27
ThatGraemeGuyow why you hit me?!07:27
Kilosim not even there07:27
ThatGraemeGuy<Kilos> hit ThatGraemeGuy inetpro and others too07:27
Kiloslol hi man note s/hiy/hi07:28
Kiloswbb sheep time07:28
charlgood morning07:36
charlMaaz: coffee on07:36
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:36
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!07:40
Kiloshi charl 07:42
charlMaaz: thanks07:42
Maazcharl: Okay :-)07:42
charlhi Kilos 07:42
charlok i'm asking an operator on freenode to nickserv drop this nickname now07:43
charl09:37 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Registered : Aug 29 12:38:26 2012 (1 year, 43 weeks, 5 days, 18:58:59 ago)07:43
charlthen i can register it07:43
Kilosyou mean someone else had it07:44
charlsome *sshole that registered it and never even used it07:44
charl09:37 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Last seen  : Aug 29 13:02:30 2012 (1 year, 43 weeks, 5 days, 18:34:55 ago)07:44
Kilosya do that07:44
Kiloslike when i started within a week my name was stolen and registered07:45
JabberwockyA19morning everyone o/07:45
charlhi JabberwockyA19 07:45
Kilosthats when i swopped to kilos and registered07:45
charlhi Vince-0 07:47
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:47
Vince-0haai mense07:48
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charli has it :)08:25
Kilosgood no more dragging tail08:28
charli get no more tail now ?08:29
charloh well i had enough tail already08:29
Kiloshaha only if you disconnect and reconnect quickly08:31
charlnah i take it slow08:37
mazalHi everyone12:15
ThatGraemeGuy'lo mazal12:16
mazalIs it possible , with Ubuntu to create a LVM of two drives after install , and the two drives is not part of the OS12:16
Kiloshi mazal 12:16
ThatGraemeGuyi think so, but you need to describe in more detail12:18
ThatGraemeGuypaste output of 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sd?' to http://slexy.org/12:19
ThatGraemeGuyand also 'mount12:19
ThatGraemeGuyand also 'mount', 'pvs' & 'lvs'12:19
mazalHere is my scenario , currently my Ubuntu runs on an external HDD. 14.0412:19
mazalBackups runs to another external12:19
mazalHowever , my data ( that get's backed up ) has become too much for the 2TB backup drive.12:20
mazalNow I am thinking of putting in 2x2TB internals and make one volume of them12:20
mazalBut without re-installing my OS or installing my OS on the internals12:21
mazalThis possible ?12:21
ThatGraemeGuyso they will just be storage, not hosting any O/S filesystems?12:21
mazalCorrect. OS must stay on external as I use it at home and at work. OS must stay mobile12:21
ThatGraemeGuyyeah you can do that12:21
mazalI know zero of LVM so don't even know where to start12:22
ThatGraemeGuybut you realise in that scenario, if 1 disk fails, your entire LVM is irrecoverable12:22
mazalI just know LVM can make 1 big volume of multiple drives12:22
ThatGraemeGuyi assume you're ok with that since its for backup space12:22
mazalYeah that part bothers me a bit , maybe I must just keep two drives seperate and seperate the backups between them12:22
mazal2 Seperate shares and just manage what goes where12:23
ThatGraemeGuyor get a third disk and make a RAID5 volume12:23
mazalI know even less of RAID lol12:24
ThatGraemeGuybut yeah, without RAID, LVM just adds space together, and if a part of it dies the whole volume dies12:24
mazalDon't one need expensive raid cards for that ?12:24
ThatGraemeGuynope, linux software raid is perfectly feasible on modern hardware12:24
mazalDoes RAID 5 add space together ?12:25
ThatGraemeGuyRAID5 requires at least 3 disks12:25
ThatGraemeGuybut you only get the usable space of 212:25
ThatGraemeGuywhat happens is that every piece of data written is written in such a way that 1 missing piece can be re-constructed from the 2 non-missing pieces12:26
ThatGraemeGuy(assuming a 3-disk array)12:26
ThatGraemeGuyso in a RAID5 array with 3 disks, 1 entire disk can be lost and the data can still be read12:26
mazalSo 3x TB disks gives 4tb usable space ?12:27
mazal3x 2TB12:27
ThatGraemeGuyfor RAID5, your usable capacity is (n-1) x size of disk12:27
ThatGraemeGuywhere n is the number of disks12:27
ThatGraemeGuyfor RAID6 you can lose 2 whole disks so your usable capacity is (n-2) x size of disk12:28
mazalI will think a bit what the best option will be12:28
mazalAll the data will be backups , not live data12:28
ThatGraemeGuyso a RAID6 with 5x 2TB disks gives you 3x 2TB of capacity, and up to 2 disks can fail completely and your data is still accessible12:28
ThatGraemeGuyif it were me and its for backup only I'd just go with RAID0 or LVM12:29
ThatGraemeGuyactually if it were me i'd make it way more complicated probably ;-)12:29
mazalWhat's RAID0 ?12:30
ThatGraemeGuyi'd probably split each disk and have a RAID1 for crazy important data and a RAID0 for other stuff12:30
ThatGraemeGuyRAID0 is a "stripe", where your data is split and each disk gets a piece12:30
ThatGraemeGuyso if you lose a disk you lose all the pieces on that disk and the data as a whole is also toast12:31
ThatGraemeGuysimilar to LVM, except LVM is more flexible as you can add any old size to an LVM but RAID0 pieces must be of equal size12:31
mazalSo RAID0 will give 4TB as 1 volume , but everything gone if 1 drive fails ?12:31
mazalIn a 2x 2TB setup12:32
mazalSo RAID0 is same as LVM basically  ?12:32
ThatGraemeGuyalmost, the members of a RAID0 must be the same size, but you can add any old bit of disk to LVM12:34
ThatGraemeGuybut in terms of "lost 1 piece, lose the whole pie", yes the same12:34
mazalOk thanx Greame , will go think about all the options and decide what would be best12:34
ThatGraemeGuygood luck :-)12:35
mazalBye everyone12:55
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Kilossorry, swopping modems15:31
Kilosgrrrr i forgot the e220 times out17:37
Kilosohi my superfly 17:37
Kiloshows you and the family17:38
Kilosoi oi oi17:56
superflyMaaz: Tell Kilos Hi, we're all fine. How are you?18:21
Maazsuperfly: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode18:21
Kilosah superfly sorry . i got something wrong here with modems disconnecting all the time18:27
Kilosapart from cold im good too ty18:27
superflyno problem18:27
superflyI'm not here all the time18:27
Kilosya i n oticed18:28
Kilostook my new dlink to xp for a while and since them it seems to timeout like the e220 does18:28
charlwb Kilos 18:37
charlhi superfly 18:37
Kilosty charl 18:37
Kilosrunning mtr to see if timeouts will stop18:38
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:49
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=== SubOracle is now known as SubOracle[away]

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