Ben64i'd suggest reinstalling xubuntu, from an actual cd or dvd00:00
Jordan_Ujay_: I understand that, but that doesn't make #ubuntu an appropriate place to vent. This channel is for support, and having it cluttered with other discussion hinders that (and prevents people from specifically wanting to look back at all of your many messages to see what has and hasn't already been tried, because there's so much extraneous reading needed).00:00
jay_i don't have a live CD sorry Ben00:00
jay_I understand Jordan_U00:00
mulkitsOk. So I am using wireless now on my PC via my Android phone which connects to the house wifi.00:00
mulkitsI plugged the phone in and engaged the "tethering" function00:01
jay_I can reinstall Xubuntu. I know my md5 matched and is good00:01
mulkitsAnd it worked without any other configuration00:01
jay_does it matter that I didn't have it plugged into ethernet while installing?00:01
Ben64jay_: i'd really recommend getting a blank cd/dvd and installing that way. you seem to have a lot of problems with usb install00:01
mulkitsThat shouldn't matter00:01
eeeejay_: follow what Jordan_U suggested... the integrity check00:01
jay_eeee: do you mean the md5? i already checked that00:02
jay_I don't know how to check a USB stick for stability though00:02
Jordan_Ujay_: You haven't checked your flash drive though.00:02
eeeeno, it's a check on the usb/cd itself with the iso installed in it00:02
jay_how is this done?00:03
Jordan_Ujay_: You do that by selecting the integrity check option that is (hopefully) in the LiveUSB's boot menu.00:03
user1_I cannot see any wifi network connectivity options. I am only able to connect by wired ones. the wireless option is grayed up. What can be the reason?00:03
jay_ohhh that thing. i've done that before but will load it on and do it again00:03
irssihello, I am looking for experience feedback on installing ubuntu on Western Digital hard drives with the advanced format. Problem or not?00:04
eeeejay_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck00:04
eeeejay_: i think you have to press a key while it boots to access the menu00:04
jay_ok. you know i have Xubuntu right?00:05
eeeei think ubuntu boots straight into the "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu" window if you dont press anything00:05
jay_that's for regular ubuntu. is that going to be different?00:05
eeeeyeah i know, it should be the same though00:05
jay_okies cool00:05
jay_ok i'm loading on the USB again with Unetbootin00:06
jay_then, i'll go and check it on the other pc. the integrity check00:07
jay_then, i'll likely come back and complain somemore (but only if there's a problem and i need help  :)00:07
jay_i wish i could be like, Linux rocks! everything just worked for me!00:08
jay_maybe soon eh?00:08
Jordan_Ujay_: Be sure that you're running the check on the machine you plan to install to.00:08
jay_i will Jordan_U00:08
user1_I cannot see any wifi network connectivity options. I am only able to connect by wired ones. the wireless option is grayed up. What can be the reason?   $ lspci -nn | grep 0280           08:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter [168c:0036] (rev 01)00:09
jay_Unetbootin said it might not have finished correctly. i'm going to try LiLi USB Creator instead00:11
Jordan_Ujay_: What was the exact error message? This may be related to the problems you've been having.00:12
jay_i dunno now cause i closed it. i'm trying it with LiLi USB Creator. it says this version isn't in it's library but will try to install with similar parameters00:13
wooteruser1_: i'd try install a driver http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210306200:13
user1_isnt there a package that has all the drivers?00:14
jay_Jordan_U: it says "This Linux is not on the compatibility list. However, LinuxLive USB Creator will try to use same install parameters as for Xubuntu 14.04 "Trustu Tahr" (Xfce)"00:15
PurpleHazejay_ you having problems with secure boot?00:16
jay_is there a different program for creating a bootable usb that is really good for linux?00:16
jay_not that i know of PurpleHaze00:16
eeeePurpleHaze: not what is going on here, he can't install any packages after a fresh install.00:16
jay_I've already tried Pendrive, Unetbootin and LiLi USB Creator00:16
Glorfindeluse rufus if you are on windows jay_00:17
GlorfindelI've never had a problem00:17
SunstreamI could not close Firefox i had to do ctrl+alt+prtsc and the code to reboot00:17
jay_they all are kinda stupid programs in the way that, they don't use the parameters from the ISO, they use the ones in their internal list00:17
jay_oh i tried Yumi too zero00:18
jay_I just forgot about it00:18
jay_yumi worked for some older distro's but not for newer ones00:18
ajfI’m trying to mount a VirtualBox Guest Additions dir00:18
eeeeSunstream: the desktop crashed or just firefox?00:18
Jordan_Ujay_: What is the md5sum of your iso?00:18
ajfWhen I mount it, it’s root-owned00:18
jay_already checked it Jordan00:18
ajfWhat do I do so my user can use it?00:18
Jordan_Ujay_: I want to know what it is to be sure what image you're using.00:19
PurpleHazejay_ sou you cant install anything? Have you tried clearing the apt cache?00:19
eeeeajf: run the installer with sudo00:19
eeeeit needs sudo anyway to install i think00:19
ajfthat’s not what I need help with00:20
jay_that's fro winmd5free00:20
jay_PurpleHaze: I'm a newb. i don't know anything about the terminal commands00:20
ajfeeee: I’m mounting something. It’s mounted as root:root, I want it mounted as my user00:20
Jordan_Ujay_: What is the file named? (I'm trying to figure out why these tools don't recognise it as being Xubuntu 14.04).00:21
PurpleHazejay_ sorry Ive come in mid support , whats the problem you have?00:21
jay_I have an understanding of how booting works, how computers work, and about the general concepts of linux (like the package management that gets verified before going into the repositories), but terminal commands are gibberish to me00:21
jay_file name is xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd6400:22
eeeeajf: run chown <user> <folder> to change the permissions00:22
jay_problem is my wifi doesn't work and the cause is apparently, that I can't install anything at all00:22
jay_like synaptic for example00:23
Jordan_Ujay_: That's the correct name too, so I don't know why the tools aren't recognising it.00:23
PurpleHazejay_ during the install?00:23
jay_I dunno Jordan_U lol i seem to have problems here than no one else has ever had before00:23
eeeeajf: nevermind00:23
jay_try it yourself maybe Jordan_U?00:24
jay_i don't think it's just my pc? i've downloaded Unetbootin and LiLI USB Creator in different ocassions00:24
ajfI’m mounting something. It gets mounted as root. How do I mount it as my user?00:24
ajfMounting with “mount”, that is00:25
jay_i'm pretty sure the software isn't up to date with current version even though it says it is00:25
PurpleHazejay_ so your trying to get isolinux to boot from a usb ?00:26
jay_If there is another way to make a USB bootable i'd be happy to explore it.00:26
eeeeajf: you can edit the fstab00:26
ajfeeee: That the only way? Anyway, it doesn’t matter now00:26
PurpleHazejay_ isolinus/syslinux00:26
jay_When one guy helped me, he told me the problem is that the syslinux and isolinux the installer use aren't from the ISO image. he said they're from a database that the software has. it could be outdated and that could be why it doesn't recognize the newer versions of distro's00:27
jay_I'm trying to get a ISO to boot from a USB00:27
PurpleHazejay_ what you using (unetbootin?) what iso you using?00:27
Jordan_Ujay_: Are you still waiting for one of these tools to finish?00:27
jay_file name is xubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64 (ISO)00:28
jay_nope i'm not waiting on anything00:28
jay_just advice hehe00:28
Jordan_Ujay_: Did one of the tools finish?00:28
guest0292Just wondering if ubuntu amd-64 bit packages are compiled to take full advantage of the registers on a 64bit cpu.  I'm using AMD E-300 APU (64 bit) with Lubuntu 13.06 amd-64 and to be honest it's really slow and freezes up when firefox, inkscape, pinta and pcmanfm running together.00:28
jay_Unetbootin or LiLi. i have both downloaded PurpleHaze00:28
PurpleHazejay_ are you using the first or second option for iso?00:29
jay_Should I try the 32 bit version? even tho that might slow things down at times?00:29
Jordan_Ujay_: Did one of the tools finish?00:29
user1_wooter,  and that is a compaq driver. not dell00:29
jay_I'm using the ISO option. not pulling a new download each time cause that'd be a waste of data Pumpkin-_ RaMcHiP00:29
jay_Jordan_U:  no. I canceled it. which one do you want me to use?00:30
PurpleHazejay_ if you use the first option it tries to download, if you select the second option you can use a local iso00:30
ajfCan you cd into a symlink without having bash follow it?00:30
ajfI want .. to act as if it’s in the place the symlink’s in00:30
jay_I usually use the second option cause i get the ISO from the website of the distro00:30
wooteruser1_: same atheros chipset00:31
Jordan_Ujay_: Follow these instructions: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows00:31
PurpleHazejay_ and its freezing or erroring?00:31
user1_isnt there a package that has all the drivers?00:31
user1_wooter, ^00:31
PurpleHazejay_ or just the boot dont work?00:31
wooternot sure mate00:31
jay_LiLi USB Creator is fine. it just uses similar parameters for the installation. Unetbootin sometimes* gives errors but not always00:32
PurpleHazejay_ so you can create the usb iso without error?00:33
PurpleHazejay_ usually unetbootin struggles with isos that havwe been created to boot using syslinux00:34
jay_most times PurpleHaze  there are no errors. I'm doing the pendrive thing Jordan_U00:34
jay_how are you suppose to know is an ISO uses syslinux to boot? remember, i am very NEW lol00:35
PurpleHazejay_ Ive created a custom livecd based on Gentoo once I made it boot using syslinux iso style unetbootin created the isos ok but they wouldnt boot00:35
Jordan_Ujay_: Once you've done the integrity check we'll know we have a solid starting point, until then there are too many possible problems, so please keep your focus on accomplishing that for now.00:35
jay_ok cool00:36
jay_it's 50% done jordan00:36
PurpleHazejay_ you would need to mount the iso and list the files before could advise more00:36
PurpleHazejay_ its usually /syslinux and its syslinux.cfg you want00:37
jay_i would love to keep working on this sometime soon guys. i'll check the file for integrity on the other pc that it's going to be installed onto. I have to leave soon though. i'm going to watch the fireworks for Canada Day downtown00:37
jay_pendrive completed without errors00:38
jay_so far so good00:38
jay_have a good night guys. i'll probably be back tomorrow00:38
Jordan_Ujay_: If the integrity check passes, try installing while connected to the internet via ethernet (if you can).00:39
ajfSay I make a hard link to a directory00:39
jay_ok thanks Jordan_U00:39
ajfHow do I remove that hard link without destroying the dir’s contents?00:39
PurpleHazeso he could boot?00:40
DaveyGHi all.00:40
PurpleHazehi dave00:40
DaveyGhi PurpleHaze, hows it going.00:40
=== Eric^^ is now known as eeee
PurpleHazeDaveG: its going Linux00:41
DaveyGThat i would guess would be something your interested in!00:42
DaveyGive just found sshfs00:42
Ben64ajf: hard link not allowed for directory00:42
=== scotty is now known as Guest3856
PurpleHazeLinux keeps setting milestones with file systems or FS over network00:44
DaveyGAnyone setup ?this "short-stroke" on there hdd00:45
PurpleHazehmm is that php short code?00:46
DaveyGLinux always sets challenges for us lovers to keep us interested.00:46
DaveyGWell thats how it treats me anyway.00:47
DaveyGme PurpleHaze? php?00:47
PurpleHazeIts the perfect OS it lets the hacker do what they want , its also easy to use for noobs (unstable releases may be different)00:48
PurpleHazeI remember first using Linux it was .configure; make; make install and good luck removing it, no yum install or aptitude install never mind software center00:49
DaveyGIt was my interest in hacking that got me into linux in the begining.00:49
PurpleHazeDaveyG yeah so many blue screens and registry hacking gets kindas boring00:50
DaveyGBuilding from source for me is always a mine field. miss one dependant and everything falls apart.00:50
DaveyGWifi sec was what got my interest in the first place PurpleHaze00:51
PurpleHazepackage managers do it all now very well, RHEL/Fedora suck badly for desktop packages00:51
quemmy printer is no longer installable in ubuntu 14.04.00:51
DaveyGIm sure with enough effort you can get it working again quem00:52
PurpleHazequem if your printer doesent work wil be because its not compiled in the kernel, is it a new or old printer?00:53
DaveyGOr get a pi and run a print server.00:54
PurpleHazeI remeber the days when drivers werent handled byh the kernel that was dependency hell00:54
quemit's a Samsung ML-1610W. Ubuntu finds it alright, but stalls during the installation of its driver (splix)00:54
quemused it with many previous versions of Ubuntu without any trouble.00:55
PurpleHazeis it a propreitary driver?00:55
quemno, it's free software.00:55
irssihello, I am looking for experience feedback on installing ubuntu on Western Digital hard drives with the advanced format. Problem or not?00:58
DaveyGdoes the printer have wifi or cat5 connections quem00:58
quemi've always used it through wifi.00:58
PurpleHazequem you say you install drivers Ive not done that in any distro for years, you sure its not the propritary driver menu?00:58
quemit has cat5 too.00:58
DaveyGHave a look at this, http://www.bartbania.com/linux-2/cups-raspberry-printer/00:58
DaveyGif you have a pi laying around it might help00:58
quemPurpleHaze: yeah, quite sure. it clearly states that the driver is free software when it asks.00:58
jcstarkenHave a question about drm video in 14.04 firefox what channel do I need thank you00:59
Jordan_Uirssi: Does it present a 512 logical sector size or 4KiB? (Note, I am *not* asking about the physical sector size)00:59
DaveyGwhats your issue jcstarken00:59
PhelonGreets.  I am trying to use subversion on my Ubuntu Server but when I am unable to commit.  I am how ever able to check out.  I have added my user to the subversion group and the subversion group does have read/write in the folder permissions.   Could anyone point me to where I might be going wrong?00:59
jcstarkenDaveyG: I have installed pepper flash and hal and deleted the Nativecache dir and I still can not get amazon prime video to work01:00
quemPurpleHaze: ubuntu downloads the driver from the splix website, and i get the impression they don't support 14.04 yet..01:01
DaveyGIve never tried getting prime to work.01:01
jcstarkenDaveyG: I had it working in 12.04 but then went to mint 17 for awhile got board and prefer ubuntu so install 14.04 and can not get it for the life of me01:01
PurpleHazequem if its downloading from the source thats a good chance01:01
jcstarkenDaveyG: Hulu youtube all work just not amazon01:03
jcstarkenDaveyG: and I know it will because most of the repos for mint 17 are the trusty ones01:03
PurpleHazeGentoo FTW01:04
DaveyGYou in the US jcstarken01:04
jcstarkenDaveyG: yes01:04
DaveyGi wonder if amazon prime is trying to use silverlight rather than flash or html501:05
jcstarkenDaveyG: I have no idea I had it working in mint 17 with out that so I do not think so01:06
apeoidahoy.  I just downloaded the 64-bit ubuntu 14.04 off ubuntu.com and the file says ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso     why does it say AMD?01:06
apeoidI did not select the mac version01:07
DaveyGAs a short term fix you could consider running virtualbox in linux01:07
jcstarkenDaveyG: ok thank you01:07
quemapeoid: amd64 is the same as x64 or x86_64.01:08
Geoapeoid: AMD doesn't mean mac01:08
apeoidwhen I click the drop down menu "choose your flavor" it says 64-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit Mac (AMD64) so you understand my concern01:09
quemapeoid: intel's first 64 bit processors were not backwards compatible with x86 and weren't very successful. amd's 64 bit standard was, so intel adopted it too01:09
apeoidah ok... thank you I wanted to check that before I burned iso01:09
quemunless you have a mac or decade old pc, the amd64 iso is what you want.01:10
quemthe 32-bit one will run too though, but presumably slower.01:11
ZerodeamonI have a 25yr old pc01:12
apeoidI have a 10 year old one that sounds like a vacuum cleaner01:12
apeoidand I have to put it on its side for it to boot01:12
apeoidor, if it's already on its side, I have to stand it back up01:12
Zerodeamonum a vaccume cleaner sound usually means you have a powerloop01:12
apeoidjust cooling fans01:13
Zerodeamona power loop on the fan01:13
apeoidit's not all the time full blast01:14
Zerodeamonmy suggest = check your P4 connectors01:15
apeoidany idea why I can't boot to a usb hard drive?01:16
ianorlinapeoid does it show up in bios or uefi01:17
apeoidI installed a xubuntu distribution off live DVD with the other hard drives disconnected01:17
apeoidshows up in uefi01:17
apeoidsays insert media or hangs on the splash01:17
ianorlinoh uefi did you create a /boot partition01:17
apeoidyes I selected the drive to make a boot01:18
apeoidI did that with the other drives connected, then I disconnected the drives and tried again01:18
apeoidthat's why I'm trying a different fork now01:19
jcstarkenDaveyG: I GOT IT!!!01:22
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irssihello, I am looking for experience feedback on installing ubuntu on Western Digital hard drives with the advanced format. Problem or not?01:26
RadzellHey everytime I press my mousepad the pp switcher for unity pops up.01:27
RadzellThe alt-tab one how do I remove that option01:27
RadzellHow do I diable alt-tab switch for the touchpad. I think it comes upwhen I trple tap01:28
Jordan_Uirssi: I'm still waiting for you to answer my question.01:31
unclescratchietrying to play on pogo, says I need to update Adobe Flash,  system is up to date. What could be the problem please!01:33
unclescratchieoh I am using Chomium too01:34
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irssiJordan_U: sorry, I did not see your answer. Yes, it is the transition from 512 to 4092b01:52
irssiZerodeamon: why ?01:54
apeoidwhen I try to boot ubuntu on a hard drive connected on USB 3.0, it just hangs at the UEFI splash screen01:56
apeoidno fun01:56
=== cschneid_ is now known as cschneid
irssiapeoid: watch your settings bios / UEFI01:57
irssiand perhaps the secure boot01:58
apeoidI futzed with all of it and tried and tried01:58
irssithis crap ...01:58
apeoidI'm going to see if the asus mobo has some issues01:59
Jordan_Uirssi: Ubuntu should handle 4KiB logical sectors, but it's likely that your boot firmware will not support booting from it. That said, it's also unlikely that your drive actually exposes a logical sector size of 4K.01:59
irssiSo I have to change my motherboard?02:00
Jordan_Uirssi: What makes you think that your drive exposes 4KiB logical sectors?02:01
Jordan_Uirssi: Just knowing that it's "Advanced format" doesn't tell you if it presents 4KiB sectors logically to the host, and most "Advanced Format" drives don't.02:03
irssiJordan_U: it is marked on the hard disk documentation for sale02:05
Jordan_Uirssi: What is?02:05
irssiI want to change the hard drive and I hesitate if I can use a disk that uses the advanced format because I understand that there were problems with Linux.02:06
tpw_rulesirssi: i've never had a problem with such drives in ubuntu. i have an encrypted raid with mdadm and luks made out of four of them, plus a fifth for the boot drive02:07
tpw_ruleshow it works is the drive has 4KiB sectors inside of it, but it still says 512B to the host02:07
irssitpw_rules: good news, what ubuntu version ?02:07
tpw_ruleslike 9.04 through 14.04 it hasn't broken02:08
Jordan_Uirssi: Nowhere on that page do I see it stated that the drive presents 4KiB sectors to the host, only that it uses "Advanced Format".02:09
Jordan_Uirssi: The WD Blue does *not* present 4KiB sectors to the host, it presents 512 byte logical sectos even though it has 4KiB physical sectors.02:12
irssithe installation seems to be a problem02:12
irssiah okay, for the system does not change. This is simply for internal HDD02:13
tpw_rulesokay now that i've upgraded to 14.04, i can't vpn anymore02:13
tpw_rulesvnc rather02:13
Jordan_Uirssi: Correct. For best performance you still want to have partitions aligned to MiB boundaries, but Ubuntu has been doing that by default for many years (longer than Windows has IIRC).02:14
apeoidoooooooh I see.  the dvd drive booted in legacy bios mode02:14
irssiThank you for this information and for your patience! Jordan_U and tpw_rules02:15
apeoidhow should I format a drive for ubuntu 64 bit linux02:16
apeoidor should I present a simple volume ntfs02:16
Jordan_Uapeoid: I would recommend just letting Ubuntu's installer handle partitioning for you.02:16
tpw_rulesapeoid: you will need to go into your bios to switch legacy emulation off if that's your concern02:16
DaveyGdual boot apeoid or just linux?02:16
apeoidwell I have a new 3 gig barracuda and external enclosure with usb 3.002:17
apeoidso I would hopefully like to install ubuntu on that drive and leave windows alone completely02:17
DaveyGJordan_U has a good point there.02:17
apeoidso I want to have a bootable usb external hard drive02:17
DaveyGAs far as i know you will have too change the windows mbr on the main hard drive what ever you do02:18
DaveyGOh i see.02:18
rambo123456Hi Ubuntuers.  I'm getting the following error when loading emacs02:20
rambo123456Error while loading 50dictionaries-common: Symbol's value as variable is void: debian-aspell-only-dictionary-alist02:20
DaveyGIve always had issues doing that.  You can use a usb boot key to load linux and mount the portable drive as a storage drive. if you look into linux uid i think you should be able to tell the boot key to always load that hard drive under the same mount path.02:20
rambo123456Im using ubuntu 14.04.  Any ubuntu emacs user worked about this?02:21
DaveyGWhat you trying to install rambo12345602:21
holsteinrambo123456: try loading as a different user..02:22
DaveyGI had simular issues with 14 does 12 work?02:22
vladfi1I can't seem to uninstall wine02:29
vladfi1apt-cache policy says Installed: (none)02:30
vladfi1but wine is still in /usr/bin/wine02:30
joseluis64I have aproblem with KDE dolphin, I can't figure out how to run executables... when I click on executable files it pops out "open with" dialog02:30
xangua!appdb | joseluis6402:31
ubottujoseluis64: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:31
holsteinvladfi1: you can type "wine" in a terminal, and you'll see something run..02:32
DogBallFishYOU UNBANNED ME  YAY!!!!02:32
vladfi1I see the wine help02:32
DogBallFishThank you.02:32
joseluis64I'm not talking about wine02:32
DogBallFishIs it possible to download and install ubuntu using terminal I know you can do it with xubuntu but can you?02:33
krustyklimberhi... I am trying to restore my sound.... using this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting I've determined it's only this user profile that's affected.... how do I restore the default setting, thanks02:33
joseluis64not everybody talks about wine, please consider that.02:33
vladfi1the problem is that apt seems to think that wine is not installed02:33
DogBallFishsudo apt-get ubuntu-?02:33
vladfi1yet there is a wine in my /usr/bin02:34
vladfi1I suppose I could just remove it02:34
xanguaDogBallFish: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dektop02:34
DogBallFishThank you.02:34
DaveyGor try purge command to remove wine and start fresh?02:34
vladfi1I have tried purge02:34
vladfi1apt-get purge wine02:34
joseluis64how may run an exceutable from KDE dolphin?02:35
DogBallFishvladfil: try: sudo apt-get install wine02:35
DogBallFishRe do it02:35
joseluis64xangua i'm not talking about wine.02:35
vladfi1before I do that, I want to make sure there is no existing winer02:35
vladfi1otherwise I will have two versions02:35
joseluis64I only wnat to run unetbootin, but I does not run it just pops out a window "open with"02:36
DogBallFishvladfil: it will update it02:36
vladfi1well it currently thinks it is not there02:36
vladfi1before I removed wine02:36
vladfi1I was in the odd state of wine --version saying 1.7.17 and apt-cache policy saying 1.7.2002:36
DogBallFishvladfil: what version or distro of ubuntu are you running?02:36
holsteinvladfi1: if you manually installed wine, the package manager wont "see" it..02:37
DogBallFishI am on Ubuntu Studio 14.04 so I might not be able to help sorry02:37
vladfi1I just did an apt-get autoremove02:37
vladfi1and apparently wine1.7 got removed02:38
holsteinvladfi1: ? whats the question? that *is* what that command is intended to do..02:38
vladfi1apt-get remove wine wasn't working02:38
vladfi1but apt-get autoremove apparently did02:38
vladfi1ok now wine is gone02:38
=== def_anoch is now known as [AFK]def_anoch
DogBallFishHow do I set SeLinux to Disabled?02:39
DogBallFishwould it be02:40
DogBallFishSudo apt-get remove SeLinux?02:40
ubottuSELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor02:41
DogBallFish 02:42
DaveyGhey DogBallFish02:43
DogBallFishOh hi02:43
holsteinDogBallFish: ubuntustuduio ships the lowlatency kernel, but you can run the generic if you want/need02:43
DogBallFishI have a question02:43
DaveyGwould you like me to ask you for your question?02:43
DaveyGpress 1 for yes 2 for no. lol02:43
holsteinDogBallFish: you can also make your own kernel with or without se linux or whatever you please02:43
DogBallFishNvm I was getting an error but there was a bypass02:44
holsteinDogBallFish: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor02:44
DaveyGAh its seems there is more chance that you could help me than me helping you!02:45
DogBallFishholstein: I ran the sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop does that only change the desktop or can I change it into full ubuntu?02:45
holsteinDogBallFish: you mean, "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" ?02:45
krustyklimberhi... I am trying to restore my sound.... using this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting I've determined it's only this user profile that's affected.... how do I restore the default setting, thanks02:46
holsteinDogBallFish: as i stated before, you have a different kernel, and many other tweaks..02:46
DogBallFishHang on I gotta reboot for the new desktop02:46
DaveyGnewbie question, what command do people use mostly to search for a file from cli?02:47
holsteinDaveyG: http://www.howtoforge.com/finding-files-on-the-command-line02:48
Hilikusif i plug my samsung galaxy S3 i can see my phone on nautilus and browse it but if i try to copy something to it it says touch: cannot touch ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp:host=%5Busb%3A002%2C008%5D/Phone/Sounds/asa’: Operation not supported02:48
Hilikusi would expect such an old phone to work without a problem02:48
Hilikusam i missing something?02:48
DaveyGthanks holstein02:48
DaveyGdoes the find command need refreshing or does it search everything new?02:49
DaveyGsometimes i dont get the results i thought i would get.02:50
holsteinHilikus: is the device functional in any supported operatating systems? can you read data without issue?02:50
Hilikuslet me try in windows02:50
g146m026find . |grep 'foo'02:51
DogBallFishWhats better, ubuntu, xubuntu or lubuntu?02:52
DaveyGDoes find use the dbupdate something or will it find any file even if its new.02:52
=== DogBallFish is now known as Holstein_
Holstein_Holstein: :302:52
g146m026Linuxmint :P02:53
Holstein_Does linuxmint support multiple desktops?02:53
somsip!mint | Holstein_02:53
ubottuHolstein_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:53
g146m026linuxmint is ubuntu based02:53
DaveyGive tried ubuntu and xubuntu before. unbuntu seems to be the most supported out there is that helps at all Holstein_02:53
krustyklimberhi... sorry to keep asking, but  I am trying to restore my sound.... using this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting I've determined it's only this user profile that's affected.... how do I restore the default setting, thanks02:53
Holstein_krustyklimber: You may have to reflash your ubuntu distro.02:54
DaveyGMint is not an easy to get started distro. Although i do love it.02:54
krustyklimberthe whole thing, from the CD?02:55
Jordan_UHolstein_: Please change your nick to avoid confusion and extra highlights of Holstein.02:55
Holstein_Jordan_u: :302:55
=== Holstein_ is now known as jordan_o
g146m026DaveyG: I like Mint because we can use Gnome 2 (Mate) but all my server is Ubuntu02:55
=== jordan_o is now known as Jordan_UU
Jordan_Ujordan_o: This is a support channel, please stop the games.02:55
Jordan_UUJordan_u: Ok02:56
hpuser4466Know if Gimp 2.8.4 in ubuntu 13.04 has GPU rendering enabled?   I notice GEGL operations in the tools menu.  Can tell if hardware acceleration is enabled though.02:56
=== Jordan_UU is now known as Shmerby
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:57
=== Shmerby is now known as ubotttu
Hilikusholstein: yes, it windows i can write to the phone without problem. i confirmed in a win7 VM02:57
Jordan_Uubotttu: Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss your ban.02:57
DaveyGg146m026 i like mint because its so quick and simple. But my linux knowledge is just not there yet to be able to use it as my main linux distro.02:57
krustyklimbercan you explain the process of a reflash, I'm more of a GUI type user.... not computer savvy02:58
holsteinHilikus: good.. that means the device is likely completely functioning properly02:58
holsteinHilikus: i would try mounting from the command line, and mv or cp there as well.. see if you can get an error message that is helpful02:58
Hilikuswhat dev though02:59
Hilikusit is not an UMS02:59
Hilikusbut mtp02:59
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DaveyGkrustyklimber, did your sound work at somestage using that distro that your using now?02:59
holsteinHilikus: id just poke around til i see it03:00
holsteinHilikus: if all you want to do is move files, consider something like airdroid or an ssh/ftp server option.. you dont need wires for the transfer03:00
krustyklimberyes it worked, up until today, when I tried to get my mic working... I did something, I cant figure out03:00
akurilinDoes anybody know what happens to slock when you ssh into a machine with it running?03:01
akurilinIs it pretty safe to say that the screen won't magically turn on?03:01
holsteinakurilin: the machines i ssh into, running ssh servers, are headless.. so, they have no screens to turn on, and they are not logged in like that locally03:03
holsteinakurilin: i would set up a test with whatever screen locker you are using, and see what happens.. ssh shouldnt do anything to the x session like that..03:04
krustyklimberusing Pulse Audio I somehow changed settings, I have since removed Pulse, hoping to restore default settings, unsucessfully03:04
kriskropdakurilin: if you have a desktop running x on DISPLAY=0, then from ssh you could type 'DISPLAY=:0 slock' to lock the screen03:04
kriskropdakurilin: however if you simply run slock from an ssh that is not in a display environment (you can check with 'echo $DISPLAY') then it will probably give you an error about missing X03:05
DaveyGi feel your pain krustyklimber, ive had that before and never resolved the issue without wiping and starting again03:05
kriskropdakurilin: addittionally, there is 'vlock' which will lock your shell, if you need something like that03:05
kriskropdadditionally, I can't spell :P03:06
krustyklimberok thanks Davey.... now I gotta figeure out where that dang Ubuntu CD is :P03:06
xanguakrustyklimber: ubuntu no longer fits in a CD03:06
Shmerbyxangua: What?03:07
DaveyGI here that to krustyklimber, you got a android phone?03:07
kriskropdxangua: it hasn't for awhile ...03:07
holsteinkrustyklimber: i like using pavucontrol ..try installing pulse and pavucontrol, get a file playing, and look at the routing in pavucontrol.. see that you have everything "up" in alsamixer (carefully) and that you have a device in "aplay -l"03:07
DaveyGthe network install disk for ubuntu does if you cant find a dvd around.03:07
ShmerbyWhats the most stable version a ubuntu?03:07
kriskropdxangua: if you simply must install from a CD and not a usb, get the ubuntu server edition - you can skip out of the server options during install and opt to download and install the graphical desktop stuff from apt-get03:07
akurilinholstein, kriskropd great info, thanks guys.03:07
krustyklimberway over my head holstein, sorry03:08
holsteinShmerby: they are *all* ubuntu..03:08
kriskropdxangua: however, I haven't used ubuntu with intended grpahics in years, so i'm nto the person to ask about that - it used to be 'sudo apt-get ubuntu-desktop' i think, but like i said ... years ago03:08
xanguaShmerby: latest stable release is 14.0403:08
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes03:08
DaveyGShmerby, i would go for 12 my self.03:08
ShmerbyDaveyG: Why is that?03:08
DaveyGhi rickmacomber03:09
kingbeowolfanyone tested the x-swat ppa with an r9 290?03:09
krustyklimberlol pavu... pulse audio... man I am dumb :)03:09
holsteinDaveyG: when you say "go for 12?", you mean, 12.04?03:09
DaveyGi have found there are small problems that i cant solve in 14 that 12 doesnt have Shmerby03:09
DaveyGyes 12.0403:10
ShmerbyDaveyG: I will try that on e.03:10
DaveyGhi andrew203:10
xanguakingbeowolf: ppa's are not officialy supported, also that ppa tells you don't expect any stability on daily use03:10
holsteinDaveyG: likely due to specific hardware support..03:10
krustyklimberok I will try re=installing pulse audio.... it used to fix my mic, which stops working everytime I restart03:10
ShmerbyHow do you do the red name thing, or is that only for admins?03:10
DaveyGalthough im not anything more than a old newvie to linux.03:10
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should. Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability.03:11
ShmerbyOwned, Holstein.03:11
DaveyGyes holstein, def hardware spec choice. I use older hardware with linux and have had issues with 14.03:11
kingbeowolfxangua, "This PPA is for stable upstream releases of X.org components."03:11
ShmerbyEven Ubottu says no.03:11
Jordan_UShmerby: Any message containing your nick will be highlighted by your IRC client.03:11
holsteini use 12.04 where its appropriate, and 14.04 where its appropriate.. im stating, that the differences are likely specific to hardware03:12
andrew2Wish app grid worked on 12.0403:12
kingbeowolfapp grid is closed source03:12
DaveyGim sure, listen to holstein, he has a much better understanding of linux than i do.03:13
kingbeowolfuse Muon Discover03:13
Shmerby If I have Ok Low end working hardware with 4gb of ram and 500GB Hard drive, which Ubuntu will be better?03:13
DaveyGi would go for 14 from what holstein is saying.03:13
kriskropdShmerby: any of them - what kind of CPU and GPU?03:13
andrew2App grid is closed ? It uses open libs.03:13
DaveyGif you have hardware issues then go back to 12.0403:14
Shmerby I had someone build this PC for me while back never used so I don't know.03:14
kriskropdShmerby: xubuntu and lubuntu use XFCE and LXDE which are some of the lightest weight desktop environments you can get03:14
DaveyGI would think you could use the live boot cd to test if the hardware works with your setup.03:14
krustyklimberpulse audio shows music playing in my rythm box, but I can't hear it03:14
andrew2I want to run it.03:15
holsteinDaveyG: im not trying to imply that.. and im sure you'r opinion is *quite* valid.. im just saying, be cautious of blanketly stating 14.04 has some issues that cant be solved.. when, for a new user, 14.04 may be a "better" choice... we really dont know, and i think it would be best for the user to try both and use what is best for them03:15
ShmerbyGonna make CD's for both Ubuntu 14 and 1203:15
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:15
kingbeowolfApp grid is closed and they even have a warning whne you install it03:15
kingbeowolfuse Muon Discover03:15
andrew2Oh no03:15
kingbeowolfit is awesome03:15
kingbeowolfit is quit and built with QML03:15
DaveyGi agree with that holstein, that makes perfect sense.03:15
andrew2OK ty03:16
andrew2I had that install in pure Ubuntu.03:16
andrew2Why would app grid be closed source ?03:16
kingbeowolfandrew2, i dont know03:17
andrew2All I know us that its better then Ubuntu app store.03:17
kingbeowolfandrew2, bro look at Muon Discover03:17
holsteinandrew2: "better" is a matter of opinion.. though, you should use what works "Best" for you03:17
ianorlinyes apt-get works best for some people03:17
andrew2Is there an app grid channel ?03:17
ShmerbyWhich version should I get for Ubuntu 14? 64 bit or 32 or amd64 I have 4g in RAM03:17
andrew2Omg really.03:17
andrew2Better means the best03:18
holsteinShmerby: in that case, i would use 6403:18
ShmerbyAndrew2: #appgird03:18
kingbeowolfandrew2, http://jontheechidna.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/muon-suite-1-4-alpha-released/03:18
kingbeowolfthat is open source andrew203:18
kriskropdShmerby: you need to know if your CPU is 32 bit or 64 bit - if you have 4GB of ram, it likely means it is 64 bit03:18
krustyklimberis there a way to restore to the setting I had running yesterday?03:18
holsteinkrustyklimber: if you saved them..03:19
krustyklimberyeah... not smart enough to have figure out how back=up worked.... not much of a proactive user03:19
hpuser4466How do I tell if gimp has gpu hardware rendering enabled?03:20
ShmerbyWhy Ubuntu is awesome, *ONLY FOR MAC OSX OR  WINDOWS* Opens terminal 1 minute later running that app.03:20
holsteinkrustyklimber: you may consider a fresh install the "easy way".. since that may take about 10 minutes or less..03:20
Shmerbyhpuser4466L Try look at your BIOS setting it might say.03:20
andrew2There's others distro besides ubuntu03:20
andrew2I use a respin03:20
holsteinandrew2: this is the specific ubuntu support channel, though, friend..03:21
krustyklimberholstein.... lol nothing takes me ten minutes on a computer.... I couldn't even figure out how to burn this version onto a cd, and had to buy it03:21
holsteinkrustyklimber: its too big for a CD..03:21
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:22
Shmerbyholstein: Not mine. Mine holds 4 gb this download is close to 1gb.03:22
holsteinand you can add what you want/need ^ over the network.. or a lubuntu iso should fit on a CD03:22
krustyklimberI know it is now too big for a cd.... that's why, if I can't plug in a cd and have it magically put Ubuntu on my computer I am probably screwed03:22
holsteinShmerby: i was stating, for 4gb's of memory, i would use 64bit, if 64bit is supported by the CPU03:22
andrew2Its not magic03:23
krustyklimberandrew, to me it might as well be magic03:23
holsteinandrew2: you cant "compress" the iso onto a CD like that.. they are as tight as possiblel03:23
=== xragnar_ is now known as xragnar
Jordan_Uandrew2: The Ubuntu DVD images are already compressed.03:23
ianorlinthat is why it takes more space on install then it does on dvd03:24
andrew2I know that much.03:24
ShmerbyWhat is "Dummy write" I am about to burn ubuntu 14 on to a CD03:24
krustyklimberam I using incorrect terminology.... cd, when I should say DVD?03:24
hpuser4466i definitely have accelerated GPU (ATI HD Radeon) and glxinfo says "direct rendering: Yes"  but can;t tell if gimp is GPU enabled.03:24
holsteinShmerby: 14.04... that would be a "test write"... AFAIK03:24
andrew2Maybe zip it down , then unzip on computer a VM it.03:25
xanguaShmerby: ubuntu doesn't fit on a CD, use a DVD or a usb stick03:25
andrew2Think of doing that.03:25
holsteinandrew2: it wont fit on a CD.. please use the #ubuntu-offtopic for chat03:25
andrew2Load it in a VM I said no CD needed.03:26
krustyklimberI can get it onto a USB stick.... just never figured out how to get it back off.... I guess I'm not smart enough to be helped, thanks for trying, one and all03:26
andrew2Actually no zip needed. I said that wrong.03:27
holsteinkrustyklimber: you can dd copy the iso's to dvd, or use something like unetbootin03:27
andrew2Live boot.03:27
holsteinandrew2: there is no way to make the iso work on a cd for a normal installation.. thanks though03:27
krustyklimbergreek to me holstein03:27
andrew2What a weirdo03:27
holstein!install | krustyklimber03:27
ubottukrustyklimber: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:27
andrew2Iggy bin for him03:27
krustyklimberI don't even know what dd means03:27
holsteinkrustyklimber: you should be able to read about a few of those options there ^^03:27
holsteinkrustyklimber: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ is about unet.. though, i think there may be easier suggestions as the wiki page above03:28
krustyklimberlol reading and comprehending are likely to have a gap in there.... but I'll try, thanks again everyone03:28
andrew2Any one use xfce ?03:29
andrew2Found a channel for it.03:30
midoany body there ?03:31
kingbeowolfandrew2, did you check out muon discover?03:31
kingbeowolfandrew2, it looks almost exactly like App grid except it is open source.03:31
midoguys guys , ihave aproblem please any body help ?03:32
dotDebmido just ask03:32
midoican't make boot from win7 cd on ubuntu03:32
midoiwas on win8.1 i just can't handle with linux and ican't go back to windows03:33
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest1102
dotDebmido you don't have the original windows disk that came with your pc?03:34
midono this cd not original but it was working when iwas on windows03:34
andrew2Omg this hopless03:35
andrew2Bios settings03:35
midoBios settings have no problem i checked it 5 times before now03:36
andrew2Make CD ROM boot before hard disk03:36
andrew2In boot meno03:36
midoi did it before03:37
andrew2So yes bios03:37
midoi also tried from usb and nothing03:37
midoit keeps telling me boot from cd/dvd ...03:37
andrew2You set CD Rom before HDD ?03:37
midothen it go into ubuntu03:37
andrew2Do ever get in Ubuntu logo ?03:38
midoit show ubuntu logo after this word (boot from cd/dvd)03:39
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
andrew2Then let it do that.03:40
midoafter logo it's going to ubuntu system that ihave installed before03:40
midomy problem here iwant to install windows system and ican't03:41
midomaybe ubuntu changed files on bios or boot info iam not sure03:41
andrew2You need to state the issue better03:42
andrew2Windows will just write over Ubuntu install.03:42
andrew2No it doesn't change biod03:42
bryanI have a bit of lag on whenever i move a windows and I dont know what it is please help..03:43
andrew2Unity ?03:43
=== lukemorrison is now known as Guest28804
utfans05bryan: what is your systems's load?03:43
midowhen i was in windows system icould make boot from cd03:43
midonow iam on ubuntu and ican't03:43
andrew2Unity is bit heavy for some computers03:43
andrew2From bios.03:44
bryanwhat do  you mean? sorry just started using linux.03:44
bryanI have xubuntu03:44
andrew2That's spreate from the Ubuntu install bios is micro chip03:44
midoyes iam begginer on ubuntu03:45
utfans05bryan: open up a terminal and type uptime.03:45
utfans05what does the load adverage say03:45
andrew2The contains very basic code03:45
andrew2For test the hard ware at start up03:45
bryan0.49, 1.05, 1.1103:45
kriskropdutfans05: that might not be very telling, since uptime is going to treat each core as 1.00 and we don't know how many cores he has ...03:46
midoandrew2 : so what can ido now ??03:46
andrew2You need to put CD ROM at the top of boot list.03:46
andrew2I've told you03:46
utfans05krisd: but It's a start... bryan now in that terminal run top and see what's eating up your processor and ram. that's gonna tell you what's causing your lag.03:46
andrew2Its unity03:47
midoidid it before , believe me it didn't work with me03:47
bryanwhat am i looking at?03:47
utfans05He's runnign xfce. xbuntu.03:47
ianorlinwell there is nproc03:47
andrew2I'm done mido03:47
kingbeowolfi want to remove Unity03:47
kingbeowolfhow should i do that?03:48
utfans05top shows you all of your running processes. you need to see what's usign up all of your resources.03:48
kingbeowolfsudo apt-get remove unity or sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop?03:48
andrew2Install another desktop environment first03:48
midoandrew2 : ok np iwill try again03:48
kingbeowolfandrew2, i have KDE already03:48
Jordan_U!nounity | kingbeowolf03:48
ubottukingbeowolf: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:48
sydneykingbeowolf:you need to have another DE installed first.03:48
andrew2He still needs another desktop03:48
kingbeowolfsydney, i have KDE03:49
bryanthey keep moving lol03:49
andrew2Oh KDE that awful for me.03:49
sydneykingbeowolf: Why do you want to remove unity?03:49
sydneykingbeowolf: it should not get in the way...03:49
kingbeowolfsydney, i just prefer KDE03:50
utfans05bryan: what's the top 3-4 those are going to be your highest usage processes.03:50
sydneykingbeowolf:Is unity getting in the way?03:50
kingbeowolfI just don't want multiple things running at the same time03:51
bryanI only have isntalled google chrome and docky at the moment03:51
kingbeowolfsydney, for some reason when you install the KDE desktop it doesn't just run KDE it runs some other desktop application as well03:51
kriskropdbryan:  google chrome is a known memory hog - do windows lag only when you have applications running or does it occur from boot up?03:52
sydneykingbeowolf: Ok,what is the programs name?03:52
kingbeowolfsydney, i don't know but if you install kubuntu-desktop and then restart your system it will revert to what ever your Unity desktop was and then it will reboot03:52
bryanits choppiness and I just installed google chrome and i have 4 gb ram03:53
kingbeowolfsydney, it basically flashes the Unity desktop before rebooting03:53
sydneykingbeowolf: so,are you in kde,or in unity?03:53
kingbeowolfsydney, im in KDE03:54
kriskropdbryan: it could be anything from: gpu driver issues, Xorg issues, compositing issues, cpu load - if you close google chrome, do the windows still render choppy?03:54
sydneykingbeowolf: So,I am having trouble understanding.What is your problem exactly? What version of ubuntu you running?03:55
kingbeowolfsydney, i have told you my problem03:56
kriskropdbryan: can you install htop for me? it's a fancier version of 'top' with color highlights and individual load bars for each cpu core in your machine - to install htop. go back to that terminal you ran before, close 'top' with ctrl+c then type 'sudo apt-get install htop' - it will ask for admin password and ask you if you are sure you want to install - when it is done,, simply load htop03:56
holsteinbryan: i would look at my GPU driver, if i have nvidia or AMD, and there is a proprietary one i could try..03:56
kingbeowolfsydney, when i restart it flashes the Unity desktop before closing down03:56
kingbeowolfsydney, but i am in KDE03:57
kingbeowolfsydney, this is 14.0403:57
sydneykingbeowolf: And might i ask what version of ubuntu you are running?03:57
sydneykingbeowolf: oops!!03:57
sydneykingbeowolf: weird...03:57
holsteinkingbeowolf: you mean, the greeter?03:57
bryanok ill do that03:58
kriskropdbryan: if this turns out to not be a cpu load issue, I would say it is a bug in Xorg - if this does turn out to be a cpu load issue, then either you need to find a way to make your CPU work less by getting the GPU driver setup right or, if no gpu in machine, getting a dedicated gpu for the machine03:59
kingbeowolfholstein, no not what is it called lightdm?03:59
kingbeowolfholstein, it doesn't flash lightdm03:59
kingbeowolfit flashes the actual Unity desktop03:59
kingbeowolfmy Unity wallpaper is different then my KDE wallpaper03:59
kingbeowolfI see all my desktop icons and then the Unity wallpaper04:00
kriskropdbryan: when you run htop, at the top you will see CPU and MEM and such, do you see only one bar for CPU? or are there multiple?04:00
bryanit has a gpu04:00
andrew2U have an idea in that lag issue04:00
holsteinkingbeowolf: whats the problem, though? i mean, you used to have that, correct? are you thinking its running in the background?04:00
andrew2Try seeing about installing the 2D version if unity .04:00
kingbeowolfholstein, yeah i think it is running in the background04:00
holsteinkingbeowolf: confirm if it is or not..04:01
kriskropdbryan: if there is only one CPU bar, it might be safe to assume (from your previous load average paste) that it is in fact a cpu load issue04:01
kingbeowolfholstein, i already uninstalled it now04:01
bryanit shows 1 2 3 4 and then mem and swp no cpu04:01
kingbeowolfholstein, but it still shouldn't do that right?04:01
kriskropdbryan: okay, then that weeds out cpu load, it doesn't weed out gpu driver failure or xorg though04:01
kriskropdbryan: bryan 1, 2, 3 and 4 means you have a quad core cpu04:02
holsteinkingbeowolf: i dont think its showing that becuase its running in the background.. i used to see some really odd things at shutdown with a via chip.. none of which were running on the hardware at that time04:02
kriskropdbryan: that load average you saw before with uptime can go as high as 4.0004:02
bryancan I raise it04:02
kingbeowolfholstein, well to me it seems like a bug but i guess i will reboot and see if it still happens04:03
kriskropdbryan: it will rise base don how hard the computer is working (lower is better) 1.00 of your maximum  4.00 means you are only using approximatley one quarter of your cpu's processing ability on average04:03
bryanthen its not that right?04:04
AdzzHi all, I have a weird networking issues on one of my Ubuntu machines, my machine can connect to my network either by me giving it a manual IP or receiving one from my router and it can resolve domains, however when i try to ping an address or visit a web page, it cannot connect. I receive "Destination Host Unreachable"04:04
kriskropdbryan: it means your cpu is not struggling to try to do something it shouldn't be doing :) it's part of the troubleshooting process to rule out potential issues04:04
kriskropdbryan: unfortunately, it gets harder to trouble shoot from here, let's start with GPU drivers - do you know which gpu you have installed and do you know which driver you have installed?04:05
bryanI dont04:06
Adzzanyone have any ideas?04:07
bryani have the box of the laptop04:07
bryanit says intel hd graphics 300004:08
holsteinbryan: intel is usually well supported.. are you up to date with upgrades?04:08
kriskropdbryan: we can find out which card you have from terminal, type 'sudo lshw -class display' it should indicate which gpu you ahve04:08
kriskropdbryan: holstein is right, install usually works out of the box without driver issues04:09
* kriskropd is groggy and prone to typing mistakes04:10
bryanholstein: what upgrades are you refering to?04:10
bryanKrisropt just put the command line. now what do i do?04:10
holsteinbryan: ubuntu upgrades... open a terminal and use the command "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and reboot if you get a kernel update, and test04:11
kriskropdAdzz: you said you can get an IP from your router via DHCP, does this mean you can ping your router (lets say 'ping') but can't ping google? ('ping')04:11
kriskropdAdzz: if so, that sounds like connection failure on your router04:11
Adzzkriskropd: That is correct, but from my other computers/phones i can access the internet fine, im connected to the same router now, talking to you...04:12
holsteinor DNS... i manuallly added DNS routes to my server for that in one case..04:12
kriskropdbryan: well, lshw should tell you which card you have, I expect on a line indicating 'product:' it will say intell graphics 3000 or something04:12
holsteini assumed it was related to my router, as kriskropd is suggesting, Adzz .. try manuallly using openDNS or google DNS04:12
kriskropdholstein: the only issue witht hat solution is DNS isn't needed to ping
holsteinkriskropd: true..04:13
holsteinAdzz: you cant ping ?04:13
kriskropdAdzz: that is absolutely strange, were you messing with the firewall by chance? Iptables or anything like that?04:13
Adzzholstein: and also, if it was a DNS fault, why can i still resolve google.com to
holsteinAdzz: can it?04:14
Adzzkriskropd: nope nothing... the only thing that has change is more computer connected to the router, but they are disconnected now... I've removed my manual address settings and rebooted, I'll see if that changes anything...04:14
Adzzholstein: it can :/04:14
Fallthat awkward moment when you start typing git commands into irc04:15
kriskropdbryan: if you can confirm that lshw indicates intel graphics, then there isn't much more assistance I can give you - you might need to ask in #xorg or #xfce maybe04:15
markolo25_i have a question04:15
markolo25_i have a tar.gz and when uncompressed it's size is smaller than the tar.gz file04:16
markolo25_is this possible?04:16
kriskropdbryan: #xubuntu might be a good palce too - they would be more familiar of the combination of software you are using for your desktop environment04:16
holsteinbryan: you can try using a vesa driver as well, to isolate the driver in the GPU http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127020904:16
usr13_markolo25_: What is it?04:16
Jordan_Umarkolo25_: Yes, though rare.04:16
kriskropdholstein: you can, in fact, ping
markolo25_to know the size i use du -h for the extracted and ls-l for the tar.gz04:17
holsteinmarkolo25_: i would ask the creator for a sum, but, it depends on what the goal is...04:17
Adzzkriskropd: It seems that its now fixed, after i put it back on to a DHCP address... Odd, since it was always on a manual address up to now04:17
usr13_markolo25_: Uusally, a tar file is an archive, (multiple files).04:17
kriskropdholstein: because, if so, then this sounds liek an issue with your browser (assumign you are using one to indicate if network is available or not)04:17
bryanit doesnt show anything saying intel graphics04:17
markolo25_what i did was i have the tar.gz inside of an ext304:17
holsteinkriskropd: not me, though..04:17
markolo25_and extracted it to ntfs partition04:17
kriskropdholstein: sorry >_< my bad04:18
markolo25_is there a way to make ls -l human readable04:18
holsteinkriskropd: no worries..04:18
kriskropdAdzz: because, if so, then this sounds liek an issue with your browser (assumign you are using one to indicate if network is available or not)04:18
usr13_markolo25_: The reported file size may differ on other file systems.04:18
holstein!cookie | kriskropd04:18
ubottukriskropd: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:18
markolo25_so the size is in the same format as du -h04:18
markolo25_oh ok thank you usr13_04:18
markolo25_it's probably just the difference in file systems04:18
Adzzkriskropd: I wasn't able to ping prior to now, all i was able to do was resolve domains and ping my router (
bryanhow do ask on another #04:19
usr13_markolo25_: But some files don't really compress.  Graphics are sometimes not compressable.04:19
kriskropdbryan: you can join another channel by simply typing '/join xubuntu'04:19
kriskropdhowever, could you also paste what you see as output from 'sudo lshw -class display' ?04:20
bryanjust found it04:20
markolo25_thank you04:20
usr13_kriskropd:  /join #xubuntu04:20
holsteinandrew2: please dont use names and terms like that.. and only use this channel for support Q&A.. thanks04:20
markolo25_is it possible to make du -h only display the folders size and not every sub directory04:20
xpistosHey, I am having some issues with dpkg and need some assitance. I try to run sudo apt-get clean, autoremove and purge but it is telling me it can't becase E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.04:21
usr13_markolo25_: yes04:21
xpistosIf it matters it also tells me that there is no disk space, but there is plenty04:21
markolo25_it turns out they are the same size04:22
usr13_df xpistos df -i04:22
kriskropdxpistos: what happens if you run 'sudo apt-get -f'04:22
markolo25_the tar.gz is 524G and the extracted is 527G04:22
markolo25_should be good :D04:22
markolo25_i guess i should've just tared it without compression04:22
xpistoskriskropd: sudo apt-get what?04:23
usr13_markolo25_: If it is only one file, there would be no reason to tar it.04:23
kriskropdxpistos: sorry 'sudo apt-get install -f'04:23
markolo25_it's not just one file04:23
markolo25_it's one of my storage drives for family photos04:23
markolo25_ i guess you're right pictures don't compress >_>04:23
kriskropdxpistos: don't include any specific packages, just let apt-get try to clean up and get waht it needs04:23
xpistoskriskropd: tells me there is a disk full error, but I am sure it isn't04:23
xpistosapt-get clean comes back fine04:24
usr13_markolo25_: So they are .jpg images, right?04:24
geniixpistos: Have you run a fsck recently?04:24
xpistosapt-get autoremove gives me the same -f issue04:24
kriskropdxpistos: and if you type 'df -h' how much space do you see available04:24
xpistosgenii: no04:24
bjrohanhi there. I am trying to run an upstart script, however the log says that it can not access the jar file, what am I doing incorrectly here is the script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734754/04:24
bjrohanscratch that wrong post04:25
xpistoskriskropd: root has 2.6 gb avail04:25
usr13_markolo25_: Image files that are in .jpg format are already compressed, (that is the advantage of the .jpg format).04:25
Adzzbjrohan: In the upstart script, you are not giving the correct location to the jar file, where is it located?04:25
bulldog666bodhilinux kicks ass04:26
bulldog666so fast04:26
markolo25_yea i figured, compressed files cannot be compressed again so next time i'll just tar them if the drive they're on now starts dying04:26
xpistosgenii: not really sure how to run fsck04:26
bulldog666best ubuntu desktop enviro04:26
ubottubulldog666: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:26
kriskropdxpistos: you might have a dependency bug somewhere, I had this with php 5.2 a while back04:26
bjrohanAdzz: Yep, :-(04:26
markolo25_is ubottu a bot04:26
holsteinbulldog666: bodhi is actually not ubuntu.. should have its own support channel...04:26
Adzzbjrohan: Where is the jar file located?04:26
usr13_markolo25_: JPEG is " is a commonly used method of lossy compression for digital images, particularly for those images produced by digital photography."  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jpeg04:26
kriskropdxpistos: can you paste the entire output ot apt-get? it should indicate somewhere what packages specifically are causing the problem04:27
xpistoskriskropd: it does keep saying there are unmet deps04:27
bulldog666isn't it just a desktop enviro for ubuntu04:27
bulldog666it seems just like ubuntu04:27
holsteinbulldog666: no04:27
xpistoskriskropd: sure one sec let me get pastebin04:27
bulldog666can you please explain?04:27
cfhowlettbulldog666 it's not supported here.  sorry.  see the bodhilinux folk for support.04:27
bulldog666im not looking for desktop support buddy04:28
markolo25_this is the first time i've heard of bodhilinux04:28
holsteinbulldog666: sure.. ubuntu is ubuntu.. anyone can take ubuntu and make something different, such as bodhi.. thus, not being ubuntu anymore04:28
kriskropdbulldog666: bodhilinux is just another distro04:28
kriskropdbulldog666: it's all linux with a bunch of open source software piled on top04:28
bulldog666ithought that was whats debian was for04:28
geniixpistos: Usually, boot to the recovery by selecting it from grub menu. Select drop to root prompt.Then run it on the suspected partitions. Like if /usr is mounted to /dev/sdb2  then run like: fsck /dev/sdb2   ...when done checking partitions you can issue exit and get back to recovery menu to reboot or continue normally, etc04:28
kriskropdbulldog666: what software you include = your distro04:28
holstein!flavors | bulldog66604:28
ubottubulldog666: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:28
holsteinbulldog666: but, bodhi is not an official flavor.. bodhi is its own thing.. just like ubuntu is "based" on debian, but is not debian anymore04:29
markolo25_that desktop manager looks awful bulldog66604:29
bulldog666is there a irc client for ubuntu terminal?04:29
bjrohanAdzz: I realized that is the problem. I am having problems with the script, I last played with it early in the am, and lost track of a later revision04:29
xpistossorry guys. son came in with a speeding ticket.04:30
kriskropdbulldog666: there is no ubuntu terminal - by default I think it uses gnome-terminal or something04:30
markolo25_xpistos: how much :(04:30
Adzzbjrohan: That's fine, its easy to fix, you just gotta let me know the path to the jar file you want to run, and I'll edit the upstart script for you to fix it04:30
holsteinbulldog666: irssi... weechat..04:30
kriskropdbulldog666: sorry, i misunderstood04:30
kriskropdbulldog666: yes, there are irc clients for terminal, such as irssi or weechat04:30
bjrohanAdzz: I have it edited and rebooting, will let you know how it goes in a few :-)04:30
bulldog666i meant to say ubuntu server04:30
bulldog666thanks thou04:30
andrew2Not great though04:31
rtnbHey, I'm trying to do a find and replace on a bunch of html files' links to make them https but it doesnt seem to be working, whats wrong with my command? http://pastie.org/934554004:31
holsteinandrew2: for the terminal.. xchat is GUI04:31
kriskropdbulldog666: if you are using terminal frequently, you ought to look into either 'screen' or 'tmux' (I prefer the latteR)04:32
bulldog666ill check those out04:32
bjrohanAdzz: Well, I am trying to start a bukkit server (minecraft) it starts, but now the server throws error messages 10x / second for some reason, the last line keeps repeating: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734787/04:33
kriskropdbulldog666: if you don't know what either are, I would start with 'tmux;04:33
GorrothOn the livecd, is there any sort of gui tool we can use to resize crypto partitions?  I've tried using a guide I found on ubuntu's site, but I couldn't get pvresize to work, because it was complaining that the blocks were already allocated.04:33
GorrothI was hoping that whatever I did wrong, maybe a gui tool would do correctly.04:34
ubuntu-studioi have used gparted04:34
kriskropdbulldog666: [gnu] screen is a bit aged and ony can compete with tmux with a lot of familiarity adn configuration04:34
andrew2Xchat is great04:34
Gorrothgparted isn't for crypt partitions though04:34
bjrohanAdzz: here is the updated script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734792/04:34
kriskropdonly* and* - maybe I should go soon04:34
rtnbHey, I'm trying to do a find and replace on a bunch of html files' links to make them https but it doesnt seem to be working, whats wrong with my command? http://pastie.org/9345540 (using sed)04:34
Adzzbjrohan: and what error are you getting?04:35
ubuntu-studioGorroth,  i dont know. i just used it to resize an encrypted partition on 14.04 32bit yesterday. it asked for the encryption key then it let me work with the disk04:35
holsteinandrew2: xchat is *not* commandline, friend.. thats the current question04:35
Gorrothubuntu-studio: Oh really?04:35
Gorrothubuntu-studio: Maybe I should try that then.  I didn't think it worked at all with crypto services.04:35
andrew2Yeah it can be04:35
kriskropdrtnb: really you should ask in #sed, however all you need to do is   sed 's/http:/https:/g'04:36
rtnbdidnt know there were channels for every command :-P04:36
rtnbbut thank you ill try that04:36
kriskropdrtnb: there aren't, but #bash #awk and #sed are very educational channels to hang around in :)04:36
bjrohanThat last line keeps repeating over and over and over: [21:31:25] [Server thread/INFO]: Unknown command. Type "help" for help.04:36
bjrohanI am not sure what is sending it that command04:37
xpistos14 miles an hour04:37
andrew2Link is for xchat04:37
andrew2...cmds via terminal04:38
ubuntu-studioso i could use some partitioning advise: i have a P4 w/ 1.2 GB DDR1, 160GB IDE, 120 GB IDE and 120 GB IDE. this system will be used as as audio production workstation. i was thinking use 1 of the 120's for "/", the 160 for /home but i dont know what's best to do with the third 120 GB04:38
Gorrothubuntu-studio: I think you should check your LUKS partition.  I don't think gparted did what you think it did.  http://gparted.org/features.php --search for luks04:38
holsteinandrew2: sure.. the question is for a command line irc client.. and xchat is not one04:38
=== bulldog666 is now known as batchfile
andrew2It can be04:38
andrew2Check the link04:38
Gorrothyour lvm and luks are probably in an inconsistent state04:38
rtnbkriskropd: actually I can't use that because that would modify all my external links too which I dont necessarily want to do04:39
ubuntu-studioGorroth,  it's possible. after resizing the drive i ended up just deleting all the partitions and starting over04:39
kriskropdrtnb: I didn't understand that from original question (plus I'm a bit tired, sorry if It was my mistake)04:39
andrew2Peep game04:39
holsteinandrew2: i did.. and its not.. that is, as stated, and read, inputting text from shell/terminal to xchat.. not a CLI chat client04:39
GorrothThat's... completely the opposite of what I want.04:39
andrew2Don't put04:39
andrew2Don't player hate04:40
ubuntu-studiobut it asked for the encryption key and took 45 minutes doing something04:40
rtnbkriskropd: yea im just trying to change this specific link to https.  from what i understood if I used pipes i don't need to escape the slashes, but idk first time doin it04:40
kriskropdrtnb: you can still do it tho , just include more unique address data and escape the forward slasshes  so '/' becomes '\\/'04:40
andrew2Let's you chat from a terminal04:40
GorrothBut then you ended up wiping out partitions04:40
andrew2And send the cmds to xchat04:40
holsteinandrew2: sure. but that is not the question.. the question was for a CLI chat client..04:40
ubuntu-studiob4 i did that, gparted rescaned the drive and at least had the appearance that it worked04:40
rtnbkriskropd: why 2 backslashes?  I thought just one escapes it?04:40
andrew2Damn right hater04:41
andrew2Doing back flips on ya moms grave son.04:41
kriskropdrtnb: sorry, you are right, you only need one04:41
holsteinandrew2: feel free and chat in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel..04:41
kriskropdguys I'm really tired I need to go = have fun04:42
andrew2Eat this vapor04:42
xpistoskriskropd: okay. sorry for the delay: http://pastebin.com/CUZYkmy404:42
xpistosthat is the out of the apt-get04:42
makudesuim new here04:43
andrew2I'm a baby04:43
ubuntu-studiocan we help you? this is the ubuntu support channel. for general ubuntu chat check out #ubuntu-offtopic04:44
andrew2Red bar homes04:44
makudesuim juxt wandering if u guys cud tell me some c programming boards here04:44
cfhowlettandrew2 ask your ubuntu questions - or go play elsewhere04:44
andrew2Play in traffic04:45
xpistosandrew2: dude, so of us actually need help04:45
ubottumakudesu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:45
holsteinmakudesu: try a programming channel04:45
makudesuholstein can u tell me one04:46
Bashing-omxpistos: Still "./usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.32-62/include/linux/netfilter/nf_conntrack_h323_asn1.h'): No space left on device"//Again need to know what partition is full,, again show -> df -h , df -i <- to start.04:46
andrew2Dude stoner dude man open source is like cosmic and stuff.04:46
Gorrothubuntu-studio: Yeah, but I don't think it worked for you, from what you've said.  You shouldn't say it worked fo ryou if it didn't.04:46
bjrohanAdzz: you still there and able to help? I tried something else with the script same thing, but I run the same thing after boot, and everything is fine04:47
andrew2Whoa Linux like is some next level stuff man04:47
holsteinmakudesu:  ##c ##programming04:47
Adzzbjrohan: I'm still here. So is it working, or?04:47
andrew2 Hash tag weed smoke04:47
andrew2This room is groovy04:48
makudesuthanks holstein04:48
xpistosBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/N6YkutVF04:48
bjrohanAdzz: It is not. Here is a scipt in my home folder /home/bukkitserver/craftbukkit  :http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734834/04:48
Bashing-omxpistos: ,, looking at your N6YkutVF .04:49
andrew2Weed linux04:49
bjrohanAdzz:  If I run this script after boot, it works just fine, the server starts, no error messages04:49
holstein!ot | andrew204:49
ubottuandrew2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:49
andrew2He's a not dude04:49
ubuntu-studioi have no reason to believe it did not work, it asked for the encryption key, it performed the operations and returned a success instead of a fail04:49
andrew2Love the man04:49
Adzzbjrohan: ok, and where is "craftbukkit-1.7.9-R0.2.jar" located? In /home/bukkitserver/craftbukkit also?04:49
sanyttHello, sorry if this is a stupid question but does anyone else who uses nethogs spot random connections from 'root' to strange destinations that start with ellipses, and are followed by IP addresses, in my case addresses from mountain view, CA04:50
andrew2Fight the ops brother04:50
xanguaandrew2: please stop04:50
Adzzbjrohan: I've just gotta reboot my PC, be back in a sec04:50
bjrohanAdzz: when I run this upstart script I get that error message when starting the server: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734841/04:50
bjrohanAdzz: yes04:50
cfhowlettxangua don't feed trolls.  tyvm04:50
xanguahe seemed nice at first04:50
Bashing-omxpistos: Did you notice the problem > "/dev/sda2             580496  579800     696  100% /" out of inodes, and can not create any additional files. // All you can do is start deleting files .. as many small ones as possible .. remove old kernels and do general clean up.04:51
cfhowlettxangua by the 3 post, he made his intent clear.  moving on ...04:51
andrew2Dude stop being part of the big government man your a damn bummer man04:51
shmerbyWell holstein, if ubuntu 14 wasn't so laggy I wouldn't have gone back to UStuido04:51
shmerbyUbuntu studio04:52
andrew2Dude my intent is like ri smoke more frigging weed dog04:52
holsteinshmerby: 14.0404:52
xpistosBashing-om: the two outputs are showing different percentages04:52
bryanI replied holstein04:52
shmerbyholstein: Same version, super lag.04:52
holsteinshmerby: its not "laggy" here, though, im sure you have a hardware specific circumstance.04:52
andrew2Purple haze Linux would str8 up rock04:52
andrew2Your mom lags04:52
shmerbyholstein: I tried RAM Method USB and DVD04:53
cfhowlettholstein about the end of the rope, yes?04:53
Adzzbjrohan: Ok, back04:53
holsteinshmerby: sure.. but, thats not addressing hardware support, which was likely the issue04:53
andrew2Dude apple computer was built on like acid and the music of the doors man04:53
bjrohanAdzz: yes the jar file is in that saem dir as the bash script04:53
andrew2Yeah have seen me on TV dawg ?04:54
shmerbyholstein: true I got high end memory but when you get to the motherboard and CPU its gets bad but GPU is top of line.04:54
GorrothMy CPU is an AMD FX 6350, and I like it a lot.04:54
bjrohanAdzz:  When I call that same script in my upstart script the server starts and throws that error 10x/ second, here is my upstart script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734841/04:54
andrew2I was on the seventies show tripping ballz yo04:54
holsteinshmerby: "top of the line" doesnt matter.. it only matters if it provides linux support or not04:54
GorrothI forget what the mobo is right now, but it's a really nice one for the price.04:54
Adzzbjrohan: Ok, could you send me the pastebin again which had your bash code in it, for the craftbukkit.sh04:54
andrew2My CPU rocks man.04:54
midodo you know guys that windows 9 will come on april 2015 :D04:55
Gorroth"top of the line" does matter, but it should still support linux04:55
xpistosBashing-om: I am not sure why it shows 100% on one and 70% on the other04:55
shmerbyandrew2: how are  not banned?04:55
GorrothI woudln't want crap hardware that supports linux; I went through that a decade ago in my college years.04:55
andrew2Windoze suxor get Linux freeeeedom04:55
cfhowlettmido #ubuntu-offtopic04:55
midoubuntu is complicated04:55
bjrohanAdzz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734834/04:56
andrew2Cause I'm awesome and bring you joyful expression of humor04:56
cfhowlettmido ask your ubuntu support question04:56
andrew2Ubuntu is easy04:56
bjrohanAdzz: again running that bash, the server starts perfectly04:56
GorrothPersonally, I'm not a fan of that bash script.04:56
shmerbyMido: If you want superuser control over the internet and PC take linux (red pill) If you want no control just download and use then use windows. (blue pill)04:56
Bashing-omxpistos: the output of df -i shows 'inode' usage. each file created gets it's own inode - at 100% usage there are no inodes left to creat any additional files.04:56
andrew2Ubuntu makes there own guides in case a Tard can't figure it out.04:56
Adzzbjrohan: try this for your upstart http://paste.ubuntu.com/7734868/04:57
GorrothHere's the reason: it uses readlink, which is different on OS X, Solaris, etc.  I would rather that script be in python so you get platform abstraction.04:57
cfhowlett!ops | andrew204:57
ubottuandrew2: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy04:57
xpistosBashing-om: Let me check on what I can get rid of04:57
pdo_fn14mido: I will ban everything to using it again. Open source is like puzzle.04:57
Bashing-omxpistos: creat/create04:57
xpistosBashing-om: what is that?04:58
geniiandrew2: Don't use derogatory terms like "Tard" or you will be removed04:58
andrew2Bashing in skulls04:58
midopdo_fn14 : problem in ubuntu that have lots of order and no Games like on windows and ps404:58
xanguamido: do you have a support question¿04:59
andrew2Wanker mega ultra04:59
geniiandrew2: Also, this is a support channel. If you just want to yack, there's #ubuntu-offtopic04:59
cfhowlettmido are you serious?  steam has HUNDREDS of games04:59
cfhowlett!steam | mido04:59
ubottumido: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.04:59
geniioldvirus: That goes for you also.04:59
midoxangua : yes, can i using 3d unity on linux ?04:59
holsteinmido: if your hardware supports linux you can05:00
midoyou mean games like thief , assassin creed ?05:00
cfhowlett!steam | lido05:00
ubottulido: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.05:00
dcopehey all, is there a way to rm a bunch of directories matching a pattern?05:00
holsteinmido: anyone or any company can release what they like for linux.. as them for a version05:00
dcopeie remove all directories starting with a "9"05:00
midook my problem there iam not familiar with linux and ifeel like iam living on home not mine05:01
andrew2Remove mido05:01
Bashing-omxpistos: typo correction on my part 'create' // you are looking at device sda, which is the '/' directory in this case // might be possible to remove kernels and headers ( maybe, as installing kernels is what showed up the situation) .. I am hesitant to offer ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' untill the package manager is stable.05:01
oldvirussteam and the cloud05:01
midoireaaly want to know more about linux but ifound it complicated05:01
holsteinmido: sure.. it takes time.. what are you familiar with? windows?05:01
ubottumido: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:01
andrew2I'm steam mad I don't like the cloud05:01
=== shmerby is now known as andrew2is_a_bull
xpistosI tried autoremove and it prompted me to -f too05:01
=== andrew2is_a_bull is now known as andrew2isabully
holsteinmido: think about how long you used windows "as-is" without installing much, or a game.. and how many years you have invested in using it.. using linux is different and will require a similar investment of time05:02
andrew2Got some cash mido ?05:02
xpistosI also tried to get rid of the old kernals sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-3 ... no luck05:02
andrew2isabullyandrew2: why you mean?05:02
midoandrew2 : why ?05:03
andrew2Buy Ubuntu for dummies not being mean05:03
holsteinmido: please ignore andrew205:03
bjrohanAdzz: it ran it as root :-(05:03
andrew2isabullyholstein: how do you mute peeps?05:03
Bashing-omxpistos: understandable .. ummmm.. we can try to remove kernels and headers and see what results .. show us -> dpkg -l | grep linux- <- . maybe "dpkg -P" can deal with it.05:03
midoholstein : its not you who tell me ignore who O.o05:04
holstein!freenode | andrew2isabully05:04
ubottuandrew2isabully: freenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines05:04
holsteinmido: it was not a command.. but a request.. i even used "please"..05:04
bjrohanAdzz: okay not as root, the java PID is run as bukkitserver. But when it loaded it failed, and put the log (tha normally goes in /bukkitserver/craftbukkit/log) in /log05:04
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:04
midoholstein : ooh ok my fault05:05
xpistosBashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7734900/05:06
xpistosThat was alot of kernels05:06
xpistosI thought I cleaned those out05:06
Bashing-omxpistos: looking at your /7734900/.05:07
midoholstein : why your name is colored with yellow ??05:07
Adzzbjrohan: Is that a big issue? We can redirect the output of stderr and stdout manually but I'm just wondering if it could cause any other issues...05:07
midoholstein : are you admin there or somthing ?05:07
andrew2isabullymido:  Because we are awesome.05:07
holsteinmido: im not sure how you have your irc client configured05:07
jak2000cant create wp-content/uploads/2014/07 folder, the "ls -l" show me these results: drwxr-xr-x 2 jak ftp 4096 Jun 22 17:40 uploads   wich is wrong?05:07
midoirc ??? what do you mean05:08
andrew2isabully!guidelines l mido05:08
ubottuandrew2isabully: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:08
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holsteinmido: whatever irc chat client you have can be configured, likely, to display names in colors..05:08
andrew2isabully!guide mido05:09
midook iam downloading it05:10
andrew2isabullyHey guys05:10
Bashing-omxpistos: Not as many kernels as I had expected. post back to the channel -> uname -r <- so we know what kernel you are booting with, MUST not remove that one !.05:10
bjrohanAdzz: I suppose not, I had just figured that meant things weren't running right, but I do suppose they are. How do I redirect those 2?05:10
cfhowlettandrew2isabully ask your ubuntu question05:10
xpistosBashing-om: 2.6.32-57-generic-pae05:10
xpistosBashing-om: I tried to get rid of 2.6.32-32 no luck same dependancy stuff05:11
Bashing-omxpistos: k, hang onn while I craft up the command to remove the kernels. brb.05:11
Adzzbjrohan: at the end of the exec line put " &> /path/to/log/file"05:12
xpistosBashing-om: Sometimes I type to quick05:12
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bjrohanAdzz: And then lastly, I want it to run in a detached screen with name server: screen -dmS server _______05:12
bjrohanokay will do05:12
Adzzbjrohan: im not sure about that, sorry05:12
xpistosBashing-om: I was using sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-2.6.32-3205:12
midowhat's the most common system on america ??05:13
cfhowlettmido windows05:13
cfhowlettmido ask your UBUNTU support questions05:13
midoi just want to chat nothing more05:14
ubottumido: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:14
Bashing-omxpistos: With no head room // apt-get may not have been able to work - that command normally shoould have worked .. will try the lower level 'dpkg' // work'n on it .05:14
xpistosBashing-om: I appreciate it05:15
Shmerbycfhowlett: are you on a QWERT keyboard?05:15
cfhowlettShmerby ?  standard american style laptop keyboard ...05:15
Shmerbycfhowlett: where is that straight line thing?05:16
* xpistos is getting annoyed with Sherby or Andrew2 or who ever she is05:16
cfhowlettShmerby above Enter05:16
mido "/topic"05:16
Shmerby!op | xpistos05:16
ubottuxpistos: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy05:16
Shmerby!guidelines | xpistos05:17
ubottuxpistos: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:17
Ben64Shmerby, xpistos: relax05:17
xpistosBen64: Sorry. I am just dealing with a real issue. Won05:17
ShmerbyBen64: hes is blaming for nothing.05:17
xpistosBen64: What happen again05:17
xpistosBen64: Won't happen again05:17
Shmerbyxpistos: what did I do?05:17
geniiShmerby: Please don't abuse the !ops or you'll have to go.05:17
ShmerbyBut I only did it twice.05:18
ShmerbyThen stopped.05:18
makudexuhey guys how can i ype a bash command while using irc05:18
geniiShmerby: Someone being annoyed with you is not an emergency.05:18
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:19
ShmerbyThat solved my question thanks ubottu.05:19
Ben64makudexu: depends on your client, but sometimes you can do /exec <command>05:20
makudexui dont have gui now please tell how how05:20
q0where can i ask a terminal related questio05:20
midohow can i change the channel to other channel speaking arabic ??05:20
makudexuoh thanks it works05:20
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية05:20
geniiq0: If it's a scripting questin, probably #bash05:20
geniicfhowlett: Those channels are empty05:21
makudexubg % 2419305:21
geniimido: Unfortunately, the Arabic channels have no helpers in them.05:21
q0no, just how to set the cursor focus05:21
Bashing-omxpistos: 1st of three -> sudo dpkg -P linux-image-2.6.32-{33,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56}-generic-pae <- let's see how that runs.05:21
geniiq0: Then here is fine :)05:22
xpistosHey. Just as a public apology, I thought  shmerby was the guy spamming before Andrew2. Sorry dude.05:22
q0so how do i set cursor focus :)05:22
xpistosBashing-om: Looks promising so far05:23
midocan the system linux can be attacked by hackers like in windows ?05:24
Bashing-omxpistos: next is the headers // both types // workin on the command.05:24
midoso linux have no mistakes at all !!! amazing05:25
geniimido: There are attacks, yes, but not in the way Windows machines are usually attacked, like with viruses.05:25
q0god made it so05:25
xpistosBashing-om: It is just chuggin right along05:25
midogenii : so what can i do to protect my self ?05:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:25
geniimido: Unless you are running a linux server, you probably don't need to worry about it.05:25
geniimido: To protect against attacks, use only packages that come from offical repositories when possible.05:26
xpistosBashing-om: it also looks like there was some Vbox stuff affecting the kernals as well05:26
Channel_ServiceWhats the code for removing05:27
bjrohanAdzz: The screen side of the script worked, however the logging didn't therefore it didn't start the server correctly. I rebooted, and will post the error message here. when it reboots05:27
geniiChannel_Service: rm05:27
Channel_Servicesudo apt-get remove?05:27
geniiChannel_Service: For a package, yes05:27
Bashing-om2nd of 3 -> sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-2.6.32-{32,33,34,35,38,39,40,41,42,44,45,46,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56}-generic-pae <- //know nothing about vbox.//05:28
midowhats is this problem (This program must be run as root (uid = 0) )05:29
geniiChannel_Service: Try: /away05:29
bjrohanAdzz:  you here?05:29
geniimido: What are you trying to do?05:30
midoKVPM (iam trieng to open this program)05:30
geniimido: That's for KDE. If you are using KDE/Kubuntu, run it with kdesudo05:31
geniimido: Like kdesudo kvpm05:31
xpistosBashing-om: it went a while and then ended here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7734973/05:31
midosorry idon't understand ... its my second day on ubuntu so!05:32
=== badon_ is now known as badon
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:33
midogenii : ok thanks05:33
geniimido: Do you know what you are using for your desktop? Regular Ubuntu uses Unity, but you can install different ones like KDE if you installed kubuntu-desktop or XFCE if you installed xubuntu-desktop, etc05:34
geniimido: Different desktop interfaces have different ways of interaction.05:34
midohow can i know which desktop iam using05:36
Bashing-omxpistos: Chance are we are looking good.. let's se what the statis is now with a new -> df -i <-.05:36
vychuneim having trouble writing files to /var/www. Neither the admin or I can write to it. We've even done the 777 dumba** permissions and still cannot write. Any idea why?05:36
diverdudeHi, when installing ubuntu from scratch it is born with a user that has /home/username. This user belongs to a group called username. Is this group a sudo group? And also, is this default user also a member of other groups?05:36
geniimido: If you google "unity screenshot" and then "kde screenshot" you can probably see the difference05:38
vychunediverdude, it is not a sudo group05:38
geniimido: Also, if you issue: apt-cache policy kubuntu-desktop  it will tell you if it's installed05:38
diverdudevychune, ok...so its just the user which is a sudo and then member of that default group with the same name as the username .... and thats it right?05:38
vychunediverdude, righto05:39
xpistosit still shows it as 100%05:39
xpistosI was able to run apt-get update ok05:39
midoiwant to change to kde desktop .. it looks familiar with me . how please ?05:39
jak2000how to solve this problem: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu120405:40
geniimido: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install lightdm-kde-greeter05:40
Bashing-omxpistos: Not good ! // -> dpkg -l grep ;inux-image <- see if the images have been removed.05:41
diverdudevychune, thx05:41
Bashing-omlinux-image** / tired, not doing to well myself .05:41
bjrohanI have an upstart script that sets runs as an unprivileged user. When the script stops I want to remove the upstart log (as the script starts a server, and generates a big upstart log file), which I need to be root for. how do I go about doing this?05:41
geniimido: Then after your next restart, you can choose from the login which desktop you want. I have in the command there to change the login to the default Kubuntu one as well05:42
vychunejak2000, sounds like your hostname is wrong05:42
midogenii : E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:42
midoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?05:42
geniimido: Your machine is probably running updates right now.05:43
xpistosBashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7735010/05:43
vychunemido, check if another install is running, bruh05:43
midogenii : ah yes you are right05:43
jak2000vychune: sudo vim /etc/hostname    change the name right?05:43
vychunejak2000, i believe so05:44
geniijak2000: Or just use the hostname command05:44
jak2000chenged the name , bbut command: hostname continue say: ubuntu1204  why05:44
Bashing-omxpistos: look'n at your /7735010.05:44
=== EasyScript_42 is now known as David_LoKo
jak2000jak@ubuntu1204:/var/www/altasierraorg.com/wp/wp-content$ sudo hostname jakServer  say me: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu1204 why?05:45
vychunegenii, jak2000 dns?05:46
Bashing-omxpistos: Now run ammended ->  sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-2.6.32-{32,33,34,35,38,39,40,41,42,44,45,46,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,}-generic-pae // will have to fix the kernel image (56) directly.05:46
geniijak2000: You also need to change the name in the /etc/hosts05:46
hoijuimy touchpad is stuck in "scroll mode" somehow (using it scrolls, instead of moving the mouse pointer)05:47
Bashing-omxpistos: looks like we removed the kernwl you were booting on // remember I did ask what kernel you were booting.05:48
hoijuii dont know if it is some application, or the OS05:48
hoijuihow to make it move the mouse pointer again?05:48
xpistosit was 56 I thought05:48
vychuneim having trouble writing files to /var/www. Neither the admin or I can write to it. We've even done the 777 dumba** permissions and still cannot write. Any idea why?05:48
jak2000genii done.05:48
xpistosBashing-om: Is there anything I can do to put it back?05:48
geniixpistos: Are you able to boot at all?05:49
xpistosI have not rebooted since so not sure?05:49
Bashing-omxpistos: we will put it back here directly .. that last completes, and one other sequence and we try and rebuild.05:49
xpistosit is done05:50
geniixpistos: Then just do: sudo apt-get install linux-image-$(uname -r)05:50
jak2000genni i try upload a file on my wordpress installation, when try say me these error: Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/07. Is its parent directory writable by the server?  i try:  jak@ubuntu1204:/var/www/altasierraorg.com/wp/wp-content$ sudo chmod 757 uploads/ -R      but continue the error.. any advice?05:50
geniixpistos: And your currently running kernel will be reinstalled05:50
Bashing-omxpistos: ->  sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-2.6.32-{32,33,34,35,38,39,40,41,42,44,45,46,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55, // may have already been removed, not sure .. but cheap insurance to run and see.05:51
xpistosBashing-om: Do I run that or should I do the install command genii rec'd05:52
Bashing-omxpistos: correction:  sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-2.6.32-{32,33,34,35,38,39,40,41,42,44,45,46,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,} <- .05:52
geniixpistos: If it's headers, just use same command I gave but substitute -image- for -headers-05:53
geniivice-versa rather05:53
Bashing-omxpistos: Yeah, soon as this last completes, that one and we need to get the header files straightened up too.05:54
xpistosdpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove linux-headers-2.6.32- which isn't installed.05:54
xpistosBashing-om: but it looks like everything else ran fine05:55
Bashing-omxpistos: wait 2 // whileI check .. brb.05:58
xpistosBashing-om: to be clear, I didn't run genii's command yet though05:59
vychuneubnoobtu, cool username05:59
Bashing-omxpistos: No problem .. let's try this first -> sudo apt-get install linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic < - .05:59
ubnoobtuhey all, Is there any way to hide all the bars in all the windows. Hi btw.05:59
ubnoobtuvychune: thank you, im noobish05:59
vychunechange your theme? ubnoobtu06:02
ubnoobtuwhich would be the best theme to avoid all bars, Even bars on windows, Can they auto hide?06:02
xanguaubnoobtu: what kind of bars are you refering to06:06
xpistosBashing-om: ok that is done06:08
ubnoobtuSay if Im playing a game, I'd like to remove the bar up above it, and the title bar for the game, so that even in window mode, its like in fullscreen. To allow me to bring up docs, videos or anything in the forefront,06:08
ubnoobtuI'd like to have it so that they auto hide or require a hotkey to be pressed to reveal them06:08
Bashing-omxpistos: Great, let's see where we stand -> sudo dpkg -l | grep linux- , df -i <- .06:09
bjrohanIn an upstart script, how do I return permission back to root after an unprivileged user?06:09
xpistosBashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7735157/06:11
xpistosBashing-om: And uname -r gives me 2.6.32-57-generic-pae06:11
Bashing-omxpistos: Look'n at your /7735157/ ... maybe the problem was no -57 headers file installed ( // ) // I be back after seeing the new status. and we do final cleanup.06:14
xpistosBashing-om: Ok06:15
xpistosBashing-om: Holding Steady06:15
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=== david-loko is now known as David_LoKo
anton02how do you install intel 32bit opengl compatibility libraries?06:19
anton02most likely your 32-bit OpenGL drivers haven't been installed correctly (using GL renderer "Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile ", version "1.4 (3.0 Mesa 10.1.3)").06:19
Bashing-omxpistos: still no -57 headers, but let's house clean, see if we can update/upgrade then to correct the issue (??) -> sudo apt-get autoclean , sudo apt-get autoremove , sudo apt-get clean , sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade , sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , apt-get -f install <- .06:21
jerrtany idea where I can ask about an ssh issue? key pair works on ubuntu, doesn't work when copied over to win box. so not exactly an ubuntu thing...06:23
anton02how do you install intel 32bit opengl compatibility libraries?06:23
anton02most likely your 32-bit OpenGL drivers haven't been installed correctly (using GL renderer "Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile ", version "1.4 (3.0 Mesa 10.1.3)").06:23
xpistosBashing-om: still going strong on upgrade06:26
anton02how do you install intel 32bit opengl compatibility libraries?06:27
hateball!patience | anton0206:27
ubottuanton02: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:27
hateballanton02: Do you get this message starting some application?06:28
Bashing-omxpistos: Looking good then ! .. may still have to resort to  genii's command and give the package manager a helping hand, we will see.06:28
anton02i will install this and see if it fixes libegl1-mesa-drivers-dbg06:29
xpistosBashing-om: running dist-upgrade06:30
anddamI have a 12.04LTS with "Notify me of a new Ubuntu version" set to LTS, why isn't it suggesting there's 14.04LTS out?06:30
hateballanton02: A googling suggests libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 but that should already be installed if you're using Intel iirc06:30
hateballanddam: It won't until 14.04.106:30
anddamhateball: how so? isn't 14.04 a version as well?06:30
anddamjust asking06:30
hateballanddam: It's apparently how it is, I don't remember the logic behind it. There are ways of forcing an upgrade tho06:31
anddamhateball: I found this laptop not used for like a year and now I'm updating it, I checked the website and saw 14.04LTS06:31
xpistosBashing-om: that is done and no on to apt-get -f install06:31
anddamhateball: sure, I can remove the LTS only setting06:31
xpistosBashing-om: that looks good06:33
Bashing-omxpistos: so far so good, what now does 'dpkg' see for problems ( if any) -> sudo dpkg -C <-.06:33
anddamoh it actually suggests me 12.1006:33
anddamshould I go through each release while upgrading?06:33
hateballanddam: Yes, that's how it goes. But you can "do-release-upgrade -d", it should put you on 14.04 and not 14.1006:33
xpistosBashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7735229/06:34
hateballanddam: ... or wait for the patched 14.04, aka 14.04.1 :)06:34
anton02hateball: the package i mentioned fixed mah problem, having said that im using mint 17. so maybe it's not auto installed like in ubunut06:34
Bashing-omanddam: The upgrade to 14.04 will not be available 'til the 1st point release 14.04.1 July 27th.06:34
m000gleIs there a command to reset the window scaling to 1.  The scaling was increased and the Appearance window is too large for the screen, making it impossible to change via the GUI.06:37
Bashing-omxpistos: looks like we do not now need to be concerned with the -57 headers file, huh .. -> dpkg -C <- (??) .06:38
xpistosdpkg -C just returned a line06:38
xpistosno data06:38
xpistosBashing-om: should I try and reboot it?06:39
Bashing-omxpistos: All fine good and dany .. reboot and let's see the result ..06:39
xpistoscross you toes!06:39
Bashing-omxpistos: Faith !06:41
moussahey gogoat welcome back bro....thanks for the help06:41
xpistosBashing-om: Smoke 'em if you Got 'em!06:41
xpistosBashing-om: I am ssh in the box once again06:42
moussai managed to restore all my files thanks to you....06:42
moussawhat *.sh do?06:43
kaitanyamoussa: a sh/bash script06:43
kaitanyamoussa: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/06:44
kaitanyamoussa: u can start with this one for example http://blog.twistedcode.org/2008/03/customizing-your-bash-prompt.html06:46
moussaoh ok thanks06:46
moussatoo hard for me06:46
Bashing-omxpistos: We do good work // At a later time, will have to once more remove images and headers // for now, finer than a frog's hair !06:46
moussarunning on fumes here06:46
winsoffTiananmen Square?06:46
gogoat10^2custom colors06:46
xpistosBashing-om: Thank you sir. You are a gentlemen and a scholar!06:47
KODLtiananmen square06:47
Bashing-omxpistos: :-) .. I had good teachers !06:48
KODLtiananmen square06:48
gogoat10^2sudo apt-get install ping-pong06:50
moussanot found....06:51
gogoat10^2use aptitude search 'ping-pong'06:51
gogoat10^2sudo apt-get install aptitude06:51
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
gogoat10^2... then :)... aptitude install ping-pong06:52
moussasudo apt-cache search ping|grep pong?06:52
gogoat10^2grep -i ping_pong06:52
moussasudo updatedb06:53
moussasudo grep i ping_pong06:53
moussasudo grep -i ping_pong06:54
gogoat10^2.. and then apt-get install ping-pong ppm repositorys06:54
moussawhy am i installing ping-pong?06:54
gogoat10^2.. 30 sec.. 3106:54
gogoat10^2cause no one knows how to install traceroute06:55
midohi guys , ican't install graphic driver !!! any help06:55
gogoat10^2close enough06:55
moussamido> what kind of graphic card you have?06:57
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midomousa : ati radeon hd 4350 series07:03
midomoussa : ati radeon hd 4350 series07:03
midoi downloaded (linux-amd-catalyst-14.6-beta-v1.0-may23.zip) but idon't know the next step07:04
Ben64!ati | mido07:05
ubottumido: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:05
Bashing-ommido: AMD has dropped support for the 2X/3X/4X series of cards. After 12.04.1 release there are no proprietary drivers available.07:10
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leeyaais there an easy way to make apt install packages and configuration files at a custom directory ?07:11
leeyaawithout rebuilding from source package07:11
bazhangleeyaa, why would you possibly need that07:12
leeyaabazhang: i have a custom build software that i am going to upgrade its dependancies and packages to use default versions coming with ubuntu 14.04 LTS. currently everything is at /usr/local07:12
leeyaamy question is is it possible to change that07:13
bazhangwhat custom software is this leeyaa07:13
A_PickleSo I'm trying to set up a LAMP stack on my Ubuntu Server, and I'm having trouble with MySQL.07:13
leeyaabazhang: what do you mean ? it is custom build, like build and designed 10y ago07:14
A_PickleIt wants the password for the root user, but... Ubuntu doesn't ask me to set a password for the root user.07:14
A_PickleI never set it.07:14
bazhangit's sudo07:14
leeyaaatm we are using ubuntu 6 and we are upgrading to ubuntu 14.04 LTS07:14
A_Picklesudo is the default root password on ubuntu?07:14
leeyaaso is it possible to set custom paths ?07:14
bazhanguse sudo, dont set a root07:15
A_PickleYeah, I get that, but MySQL is asking me for the root password nonetheless.07:15
A_PickleI'm supposed to be able to push enter if there is no root password (which there isn't, because I'm not using root)07:15
leeyaaA_Pickle: mysql has its own password and you can easily reset it if needed07:15
A_PickleOkay, maybe I should back up.07:15
A_PickleI'm trying to set up an OwnCloud server.07:16
wrdis it possible to mount an ext3 file system image as a user and writing files with uid 0 (root) (I want to avoid fakeroot usage)07:16
A_PickleI've installed apache, and I'd moved on to installing and configuring mysql07:16
hateballA_Pickle: mysql has its own users, the db root is different from your system root07:16
k1lA_Pickle: "ubuntu 6" is ubuntu 6.06? that is end-of-life since 201107:17
A_PickleI'm using Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS07:17
bazhangk1l, its leeyaa07:17
leeyaak1l: im the one using ubuntu 6.06, and im going to upgrade stacks to 14.04 LTS07:17
leeyaawell, rebuild them from scratch07:18
k1lA_Pickle: oh sorry, was mixing nicknames :/07:18
leeyaabut i need to know how to set custom paths for packages07:18
ikonialeeyaa: how did you set the paths in the packages you built the first time ?07:18
leeyaaikonia: build them manually, no debs07:18
ikonialeeyaa: so wht are you trying to do now ?07:18
k1lleeyaa: honestly: make a backup of stuff you still need  and make a clean install of 14.04. that is way faster and easier07:18
leeyaaand thats what we want to avoid now07:18
ikonialeeyaa: exactly what do you want to do ? make .deb's ?07:19
leeyaaikonia: no, use default ubuntu packages instead of our custom build ones. i cant replace all but i need to replace stuff like apache, memcached etc07:19
ikonialeeyaa: so what's stopping you ?07:19
ikoniasorry this is quite hard to understand what you actually want ?07:19
leeyaaikonia: all the software is located at /usr/local including some dependancies and libraries. i need to know if it is possible to change apt paths07:20
ikonialeeyaa: no07:20
leeyaaikonia: no at all ?07:20
ikonialeeyaa: the packages you install have the paths the files they use as part of the package07:20
leeyaaikonia: what if i rebuild it from source deb package ?07:21
ikonialeeyaa: then they will not be the ubuntu packages, they will be your custom packages07:21
leeyaaikonia: i see07:21
leeyaaso not possible to customise paths, darn07:21
ikoniaI don't know why you need custom paths, sorry, I don't understand why you need custom paths07:22
leeyaaikonia: because whatever software we are using is looking at /usr/local/whatever07:22
ikonialeeyaa: change it then07:22
leeyaanot possible, too long to explain07:22
ikonialeeyaa: there are certainly much bigger things to be aware of such as the differences between (for example) apache 1 in 6.06 or apache 2 in 14.0407:23
ikoniathat can have a significant impact on your application07:23
leeyaaikonia: its apache 2.1, some are upgraded some time ago07:23
ikonialeeyaa: again so 2.1, 2.2, 2.4 - differences07:23
leeyaayeah ik07:24
leeyaai guess it will be fun07:24
A_PickleMySQL is trying to use root@localhost07:24
leeyaaA_Pickle: try #mysql07:24
ikoniaA_Pickle: mysql does not use root@localhost it's a database07:24
ikoniaA_Pickle: a client uses user@host, and the user/host part is what you provide07:25
k1lA_Pickle: use the database passwords you selected when starting the database07:25
A_PickleSo I ran07:26
A_Picklesudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation07:26
A_PickleIt said07:26
A_PickleIn order to log into MySQL to secure it, we'll need the current07:26
A_Picklepassword for the root user.  If you've just installed MySQL, and07:26
A_Pickleyou haven't set the root password yet, the password will be blank,07:26
A_Pickleso you should just press enter here.07:26
A_PickleSo you guys are positive that this is MySQL referring to the MySQL user called "root," and not the system user called root?07:27
ikoniaA_Pickle: it is the mysql root user07:27
ikoniaA_Pickle: and there can be many root accounts on mysql07:27
k1lA_Pickle: you installed mysql with the ubuntu package from ubuntu?07:28
=== dk_ is now known as Guest11200
A_PickleI'm... I'm not sure if I did.07:38
A_PickleI installed mysql07:38
A_Picklesudo apt-get install mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql07:38
A_PickleWith that command.07:38
A_PickleI'm following a tutorial, for 12.04 LTS.  I figured it would be applicable, and that I could learn by getting my hands dirty.07:39
A_PickleIt never prompted me to set a password for the MySQL user "root" during install.07:39
A_PickleMan, I need more monitors.07:40
=== jibran is now known as jibran|afk
A_PickleSo, "sudo" and "#mysql" do not work as mysql passwords.07:44
A_PickleWhen using the "mysql -u -p" bit07:44
hateballThe user is most likely root, and the install *should* have prompted you to create one07:45
hateballa password, that is07:45
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:45
hateballAgain, totally separate from mysql root/users07:45
hateballA_Pickle: If no password has been set, try "mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD"07:46
hateballreplacing newpassword with something better, obviously07:46
A_PickleI tried dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.507:46
A_PickleAnd that gave me an option to change the password.07:46
A_PickleIs dpkg-reconfigure sort of the command line equivalent of doing a reinstall, or a "change" from the Windows Add/Remove Programs list?07:47
A_PickleSuccess, my friends.07:48
A_PickleI thank you for your assistance in moving an Ubuntu n00b a few steps forward.07:48
A_PickleIRC is the best.07:48
A_PickleSo, onto the next step of my OwnCloud installation.07:50
A_PickleIf you were installing PHP, what would you do?07:50
A_PickleWhat command would you use?07:50
leeyaayou need a web server that is capable of serving php07:51
A_PickleWait, what does that mean?07:51
arlekinhi there, shame on me i know but i found someting like &> in my old bash script and know im wondering what was it for ? i guess it is something like "redirect both stdout and stderr to.."07:51
arlekin*now im wondering07:51
ikoniaA_Pickle: you appear to be running before walking07:52
A_PickleI set up an OwnCloud server on a Windows machine in the past.07:53
ikoniaright, you're not doing that now though07:53
A_PickleHaha, right you are.07:53
A_PickleI mean, I just... I know what I want to do on this thing, and I'm... excited to get it up and running.07:53
A_PickleAre there any good tutorials that you'd recommend I try before jumping into that?07:54
leeyaathere you go07:54
f3lix1I'm trying to reboot an EC2 instance from ssh, but it never completes. I have to use the web interface to forcefully reboot it. This last attempt, I still have an ssh connection open to the instance, but it's not accepting new connections, so apparently, it does start the shutdown process, it just never completes. Anyone have any idea on how to debug this?07:54
A_PickleWell, thank you leeyaa.07:55
A_PickleI guess... part of me is content typing commands from tutorials on the web07:55
ikoniathats the last thing you should do07:55
A_Pickle...but I kind of want to know, at least with some rudimentary understanding, what those commands are doing.07:55
ikoniaunless you fully understand the commands07:56
A_PickleI don't.07:56
A_PickleAnd I realize I probably won't understand, comprehensively, what they do without...07:56
A_Pickle...growing the beard, so to speak.07:56
ikoniaerrr no07:56
ikoniajust read about what they do07:56
ikoniaor read a basic introduction to ubuntu07:56
A_PickleNonetheless, I'm reasonably comfortable on the (admittedly, much simpler) Windows command line.07:56
A_PickleI've checked that out.07:57
A_PickleAnd, I do try to read before I come over here and present you kind people with my problems.07:57
ikoniathat doesn't appear to be the case07:57
f3lix1I'm also not seeing rc.local being run, think there's a correlation here07:59
hateballA_Pickle: read the manpage for the commands before using them08:00
leeyaaf3lix1: check your acpi drivers, i had similar problem with vmware vms08:00
leeyaathey were not shutting down completely08:00
monsunehello :) i'm having this totally crazy issue... on my box time is standing still... to be exact it goes from 12.00 CET to 12.01 CET and then it jumps back to 12.00 CET... ntpdate seems to help for just a minute or so and it is back to 12.00 CET again... how do i nail down this crap? and why would it happen at all?08:01
f3lix1this is on ec2, though. And these instances used to do so previously. They've received some updates, and also I'm doing my own init.d scripts, so I think either thing is the culprit. Just not sure how to debug it…08:01
f3lix1*do so: reboot08:01
ikoniamonsune: failing hardware clock is a common cause08:01
ikoniamonsune: run ntp08:01
monsuneikonia failing hw clock you say...08:02
ikoniaor just a hardware clock that's out of sync08:02
monsuneit started happening out of the blue08:02
monsuneit was all fine last night when i left it08:02
ikonianot sure how that changes anything I said08:02
monsunebut why would it reset every minute?08:03
ikoniabecause it's out of sync and fighting with your system time08:03
monsuneliterally 60 seconds08:03
ikoniaor because it's failing08:03
ikoniaor beacuase you have some sort of automated job setting the clock08:03
monsunei checked crontab and there is nothing in there08:03
f3lix1Okay, figured it out. It's my init.d scripts that're blocking.08:05
midoineed help there with kubuntu desktop08:07
midoguys ican't change my desktop to kubuntu desktop08:08
midoi setyp kde but logo only that changed08:08
midoops trigger08:09
mido!ops trigger08:09
midoso! no one will help me there08:10
Ben64what are you trying to accomplish08:11
ikoniamonsune: ?08:11
ikoniamonsune: oops, sorry08:11
ikoniamido: ?08:11
midoi have setup kde desktop but only logo that changed to kubuntu and desktop still the same08:11
Ben64how did you setup kde desktop08:12
midoyes idid08:12
midothe prove that logo changed to kubuntu when restart08:12
Ben64mido: no... how did you do it08:12
ikoniamido: ok, so there is no need to call the channel operators for that issue08:13
hateballmido: You need to choose your session when you log in08:13
midonothing to choose between08:13
midoikonia : ihave setup kde but icannot change the desktop08:14
Ben64mido: Which command or method did you do in order to install the KDE desktop?08:14
loostroHow to fix apparmor="DENIED" error? http://askubuntu.com/questions/490690/how-to-fix-apparmor-denied-for-telepathy-mission-control-5-under-ubuntu-14-0408:14
midosudo apt-get install kde-desktop08:14
Ben64mido: that is not a package08:15
midobut you guys who gave me this order before08:15
hateballIt's kubuntu-desktop, so08:16
leeyaais setting mac address in interfaces config syntax changed in 14.04 LTS ?08:16
midoplease ineed the true order of package08:17
midoafter idid this order logo have changed to kubuntu but it never make me choose between kde or unity desktop08:17
Ben64mido: you choose it where you log in. there should be a gear or some other icon and you choose which desktop you want08:18
midoBen64 : it never show08:18
Ben64mido: then install kubuntu-desktop08:18
midothat what idid before -_-08:19
midosudo apt-get install kde-desktop08:19
k1lmido: you can choose on the login screen08:19
jumanjihi guys I can't understand why daemon won't start my shell script but when I run it in command line, it runs.08:19
jumanjiI used the script from here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13718821/run-python-script-as-daemon-at-boot-time-ubuntu08:19
jumanjithe daemon service will start, but status shows that it's not running.08:19
Ben64mido: it still isn't kde-desktop, it is kubuntu-desktop08:20
midobeleive me guys there no icon or anything to choose between08:20
k1lmido: btw, there is no package: kde-desktop. it should be kubuntu-desktop08:20
midou guys make me made08:21
midoso you say kde not kubuntu then you say no package kde its kubuntu08:22
Ben64mido: we've never said the package is kde-desktop, that was all you08:22
k1lmido: you are mixing kde desktop with the ubuntu package which is called: "kubuntu-desktop"08:22
jumanji        start-stop-daemon --background --name $DEAMON_NAME --start --user $DAEMONUSER --exec $DAEMON --verbose im running it like this08:22
hateballIf the Kubuntu splash appears, somehow you've managed to install it...08:22
giorgiodinapolihey gus i installed ubuntu 12.04 LTs with LVM. now i want to create a snapshot of my /root partition that i can later revert after my installation trials... how can i do this08:22
streulmahello does Ubuntu perform well on a Macbook Pro 13 inch latest? With only 4GB ram?08:23
midook now ineed kde package what is the true order to type ?08:23
hateballmido: If you can't change session using GUI you can edit ~/.dmrc to use Session=kde-plasma08:23
llutzmido: if you really tried to install kde-desktop, you would have got "E: Unable to locate package kde-desktop"08:23
streulmaor should I need 8GB ?08:23
Ben64streulma: 4GB is fine08:23
hateballstreulma: What do you intend to do, other than start the OS?08:23
k1lmido: "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"08:23
streulmahateball, running legal Windows VM with legal Sibelius 508:24
monsuneassuming that my hw clock is running perfectly fine on host how do i find out what is causing system date to reset every minute to 12.00 CET?08:24
jumanjiI can run start.sh fine but doing start-stop-daemon --background --name flaskserver --start --user root --exec /root/start.sh --verbose does not work. why?08:24
yourmomare you feeling better now ikonia?08:28
=== yourmom is now known as Guest902
jumanjihello? can someone help me?08:28
=== David_LoKo is now known as Guest16980
f3lix1jumanji: depends on a lot of things, e.g. which environment variables are set for user root. how does it "not work"?08:31
jumanjithe script is never launched08:31
jumanjiby the daemon08:31
f3lix1haven't used —user myself, I usually do —chuid root:root08:33
f3lix1actually, I don't use it for root, as I've only used it with init.d scripts where it's already root, but you get the idea ;)08:33
ki7mtI dont what the script is supposed to to, but /root is an odd place to put a daemon to begin with.08:33
ki7mts/to do/to to/08:35
makarahi. Any idea how I can get a tree listing of my network share?08:35
makaraI can connect with smbclient. I would like to use `tree` program. It has some handy switches.08:35
=== Kartagis is now known as anybody
ki7mtmakara, have you tried it? I dont use Samba allot, but use tree allot, I dont recall any issues with nework drives and such.08:36
jumanjisudo start-stop-daemon --background --name flaskserver --start --chuid root:root --exec /root/worker/start.sh --verbose08:37
jumanjidoesn't work08:37
=== berend is now known as Guest35890
jumanjiim doing this shit again...staying up late trying to fix one last bug08:39
jumanjias I won't have my peace until it is fixed08:39
ki7mtjumanji, I dont know did you set the exec bit on the file ? chmod +x  ?  start-stop-daemon  .. that seems odd, why not just start ?08:39
jumanjiki7mt: well the script realy does this, /usr/bin/python /root/worker/server.py08:39
jumanjichmod 755'd all the scripts08:40
jumanjithis is driving me nuts08:41
jumanjithese old soviet afghan war songs keep me going08:41
ki7mtjumanji, is this something you wrote or are you following some how-to somewhere?08:41
ki7mtand what is server.py ?08:42
lolekHi guys08:42
jumanjiki7mt: server.py is just a flask server08:42
jumanjiki7mt: i used the first answer from here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13718821/run-python-script-as-daemon-at-boot-time-ubuntu08:42
jumanjii had a daemon setup that starts when the server boots08:42
lolekI'm using ubuntu 14.04 and compiz is using over 20% of cpu which makes system unusable, is there known bug about this or, do I need to just  change some settings?08:42
jumanjiit was working fine but sometime ago it stopped working08:42
=== sasha- is now known as Sasha
ki7mtjumanji, well the how-to says the script should be in /etc/init.d  .. which I agree with, why are you adding it to /root/worker/.. .. ..08:45
=== Perzeus_ is now known as path
=== path is now known as path1974
jumanjithe script is in there08:46
jumanjiit tries to run the shell script at /root/worker08:46
jumanjiit worked before when I didn't pu t the shell script at /etc/init.d08:46
jumanjibut the daemon script is there08:46
ki7mtjumanji, start-stop-daemon is wrong, should like the how to says: sudo service myserver start08:47
ki7mtshould be like .. .. .08:48
jumanjiyes i did that and it doesn't run the script08:49
jumanjiholy fuck i think im going to shoot myself08:49
ki7mtjumanji, no need for all the harsh language08:49
jumanjii bet its something super stupid i overlooked08:49
ki7mtjumanji, I'd start at the top, and take your time, do each step and check it, the how-too looks good to me.,08:50
jumanjiokay i removed the --background and it says this08:50
jumanjistart-stop-daemon: unable to start /root/worker/start.sh (Exec format error)08:50
ki7mtI do work with Python allot, but I've not used Flask, so I'm not up on how it's to be used really.08:51
=== tcpman is now known as Guest82183
MasterOfDisasterjumanji: got the shebang in it? exec flag?08:51
ki7mtjumanji, Yes, that is wrong, I said that, you want sudo start  .. .. . not start-stop-daemon that's is wrong08:52
jumanjiMasterOfDisaster: good question08:52
jumanji!/bin/sh echo hi script='/root/worker/server.py' /usr/bin/python $script &08:52
ubottujumanji: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:52
jumanjiare. you. kidding me08:53
jumanjiI didn't have #!, I had ! only08:53
MasterOfDisasterjumanji: pastebin the complete script, please.08:53
jumanjiomg I feel so stupid08:53
ki7mtjumanji, Yup, that's one issue08:54
ki7mtjumanji, just curiou, why /bin/sh and no /usr/bin/env bash ?08:55
ki7mtcurious  .. .08:55
YatharthROCKWhile installing system-wide obviously, obviouly you have to be root for pip; but even when in a virtualenv? That doesn't seem right.08:56
jumanjiMasterOfDisaster: http://pastiebin.com/53b3c9556650d08:57
jumanjistart.sh !/bin/sh script='/root/worker/server.py' /usr/bin/python $script &08:58
jumanjiit keeps removing the # from my start.sh08:58
jumanjiki7mt: i don't know08:58
jumanjiki7mt: my understanding is limited in this area08:58
jumanjiwhen i run daemon, it removes the # from the first line of start.sh08:59
jumanjii have to sleep on this09:00
jumanjii can't figure itout09:00
yellabs-r2hi there , from the bash, is there a way to start totem in a specific dimension, like for example 600x800 ?09:06
ki7mtjumanji, just fyi, reading other Flasks  server installs, the one you posted is nothing like what I'm finding for Ubuntu, maybe I've not searched it properly or something.09:06
=== abdul is now known as Guest5970
jumanjiki7mt: the problem is caused by start-stop-daemon removing the # from the script its trying to execute09:07
jumanjiI don't know why it's doing this09:07
jumanjibut this is preventing it from being able to run the script09:07
ki7mtjumanji, Ok, well at least you know the issue then.09:08
jumanjiki7mt: yeah but this is even more puzzling and i can't find any answer09:08
jackthepipperOkay guys, please help me. How can I set vim as default text editor? It should open when I double click text files. I've already created a vim desktop link so that I can choose vim from the context menu. Unfortunately there isn't a "Set as default" option.09:10
jumanjistart-stop-daemon removes the # from the shebang #!/usr/bin in the script it tries to run. how to prevent this?09:10
ki7mtjackthepipper, sudo update-alternatives –config editor  and select vim09:11
usermhello everyone09:13
usermi have a question09:13
suoreAny know ffmpeg?09:13
jackthepipperki7mt, thx. But this way I can only set the default text editor within the terminal. It has no impact on the desktop.09:13
bcvery!ask | suore09:13
ubottusuore: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:13
bcveryuserm, ^^09:14
yellabs-r2hi there , from the bash, is there a way to start totem in a specific dimension, like for example 600x800 ?09:14
ki7mtjackthepipper, check in /usr/share/applications/defaults.list and maybe change it from Gedit to vim there then.09:15
jackthepipperki7mt, is there no more userfriendly way?09:15
usermW: Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/dists/pwnsauce/microverse/i18n/Translation-en_US.bz2  Could not resolve 'archive.offensive-security.com'09:15
suoreffmpeg -i yt.mkv -vcodec libvpx-vp9 -acodec libvorbis -strict experimental output.webm   i got :  Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?): Invalid argument,    Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (h264 -> libvpx-vp9)09:15
suorewhat is bad?09:15
svetlanathat entire line09:16
JoeDreddHi. I’ve setup my first 14.04 server (usually 12.04) LAMP stack. Very basic WP site hosted on Digital Ocean. My problem is that the machine seems to either lock up or possibly hibernate at random times. Everything stops. No SSH/web/MySQL or even PING. It's as if the machine is turned off. Occasionally it'll start working after 30/40 mins by itself, a couple of times I got it to respond by waking up a prompt on the virtual console (after 6 hours down09:16
JoeDreddlast night), a couple of other times I had to hard reset. Everytime I look through /var/logs and see nothing suspect.09:16
JoeDreddIt's monitored by New Relic and that shows resources are well inline with availability. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks.09:16
ki7mtyellabs-r2, man totem ahs rezise options like 50% 100% and 200% but I didn't see anything for specific X,Y dimensions.09:16
svetlanait is freaking unreadable09:16
usermbcvery: ^^09:16
ki7mtyellabs-r2, You may have to run it, the resize it manually.09:16
bazhangtry #ffmpeg suore09:16
Andromedai kind've figured this would be the place to ask this; can anyone tell me anything about a possible Windows Phone conversion to ubuntu or any other OS for that matter? i ask because i know about the ubuntu mobile OS but last I checked it was only in beta and only had support for 2 or 3 different phones.09:17
somsip!touch | Andromeda (short answer, there isn't one)09:17
ubottuAndromeda (short answer, there isn't one): Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:17
Andromedaok ty09:18
ki7mtjackthepipper, well you can always right click the file, select properties, and use open with, but Im not sure where else that data is stored for editors.09:18
ki7mtjackthepipper, couls also look in: ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list  .. then make sure it's: [Default Applications] text/plain=gvim.desktop09:19
jackthepipperGot it! A guy in the german channel had the answer: right click on text file, switch to tab on the right side - there you go.09:23
jackthepipperki7mt, see above.09:23
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pds_pxeqq: researchin kickstarting, postscripting is this pure commands or is this bash scripting09:32
=== jibran|afk is now known as jibran
=== llida is now known as sveta
RuNnNyI got some shell scripts that I want to run at boot, What's the best way to do this in Ubuntu?09:36
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
MrChrisDruifRuNnNy; Startup Applications?09:36
RuNnNyMrChrisDruif: It's a server09:36
svetaor cron09:36
MrChrisDruifOr that.09:37
llutzRuNnNy: /etc/rc.local09:37
svetaew, that is just so hard to maintain09:38
RuNnNyllutz: Thanks09:38
ki7mtrc.local is a pain, upstart much easier to support09:39
ki7mtand I though, rc.local only runs when you log in to an account, not at boot right?09:40
JoeDreddAny idea why dmesg is full of : Request for unknown module key 'Magrathea: Glacier signing key: 69b0d0a79b85d90621706e8d06604d730b359fc0' err -1109:40
llutzki7mt: wrong, it runs at the end of bootprocess09:40
svetano, both?09:40
llutz"This script is executed at the end of each multiuser runlevel."09:41
llutzsince *buntu uses upstart (only rl2) its just run at end of bootproc09:42
svetawhat is executed before it then?09:42
* sveta thought mysql was in rc.local, but it starts before I log in09:42
llutzsveta: because boot ends before you log in09:42
ki7mtyeah. just need to amke sure you edit the /etc/init.d/rc.local though09:42
ki7mt.. make ..09:43
ki7mtI would still go with an upstart job09:43
svetatoo conusing -- /etc/init.d/rc.local and I think there also is /etc/rc.*09:44
svetaconfusing, even09:44
llutzki7mt: your choice, i didn't say rc.local is the only/best way09:44
IceBot3000I'd use systemd to configure it09:44
ki7mtAgreed, not saying rc.local is bad or anything, other that /etc/rc.local probably wont run at boot, but the /etc/init.d/rc.local should I would think.09:45
arcskyI have just one eth0 inteface (WAN) atm on my linux machine. but i want a logical LAN address. can i create any or so?09:45
llutzsveta: /etc/init.d/rc.local is the just sysV-init script running /etc/rc.local (handled by upstart now)09:45
llutzki7mt: ^^09:45
ki7mtIceBot3000, It's gogint o eb a whole before systemd is robust enough to match upstart on Ubuntu. Other distros may be ok at this point.09:46
lolekhello, any idea why compiz is taking over 50% cpu on ubuntu 14.04 ? (intel ironlake cpu Core i7)09:46
ki7mtwow it's going to be a while .. .. there that's better09:46
lolekof course, laptop is unusable because of that :(09:46
IceBot3000ki7mt: True, I guess there may be issues in the migration09:47
ki7mtllutz, so whay you saying /etc/init.d/ec.local is actually /etc/rc.local ?09:47
=== karakedi is now known as Guest58927
nathanbzHi, is there a way to test Automatic updates sending an email without any updates ?09:47
=== Guest58927 is now known as karakedi
ki7mtIceBot3000, Well, seeing how the migration has yet to be formally released, yeah, I'd say there are a few issues to iron out :)09:48
llutzki7mt: i didn't09:48
ki7mtllutz, Ok, well I dont really need to understand it much futher, as I dont use.09:48
makarawho wants to help me split a page of a page into two pages using command line tools / scripts only!?09:50
IceBot3000ki7mt: I thought Mark finally swallowed his pride and announced systemd migration? Just hope he can do the same with wayland over mir09:50
pds_pxeqq: researchin kickstarting, postscripting is this pure commands or is this bash scripting09:50
ki7mtIceBot3000, I read a blog post from him on it, sayign systmd and Python3 were taking center stage, so think the reached common ground with Debian, but it's not ready for prime time I dont believe.09:51
ki7mtmakara, use Awk or Perl, it's pretty easy then.09:52
=== meccooll2 is now known as meccooll
ki7mtmakara, Here's a quick one, breaks at line 100 and inserting ===== as the break"  awk '{ print } NR % 100 { next } { print "=====" } ' FILE-NAME09:55
ki7mtsri break every 100 lines, and inserts '=====' as the break09:55
ubilli8please can anyone help me with this http://laravel.io/bin/n5oaq09:56
nathanbzdoes anyone know what a automatic upgrade email looks like09:57
nathanbzlooking at my mail log says an email has been sent, but i can't find it09:58
ki7mtubilli8, First, you dont own the folder, the web-sver does, like: chgrp -R www-data /var/www chmod -R g+rwX /var/www09:58
ki7mtubilli8, The easiest way is to link it, not copy: sudo ln -s ~/my-folder /var/www/myfolder09:59
IceBot3000ubilli8: Learn about Unix file permissions, and chgrp/chmod/chown09:59
ki7mtubilli8, The point your browsaer toL http://ip-address/myfolder/10:00
IceBot3000ki7mt: You need to configure Apache/whatever to allow links then, by default they're not followed10:00
ki7mtIceBot3000, news to me, when did that change ? that's how my 14.04 Ubuntu mirror is setup10:01
IceBot3000ki7mt: Maybe Ubuntu's default config is more permissive, every other Linux Distribution I've used doesn't allow symlinks until you alter the Apache config10:02
ubilli8ki7mt how do i do that...???10:03
ki7mtIceBot3000, Well, I didn't do anything actually, installaed LAMP, linked the folder, run my deb-mirror.sh script. Come to think of it, have a load of docs that I work on linked as well.10:04
ubilli8@ki7mt  please i should put at the /var/www10:04
ki7mtIceBot3000, This is *not* a virtual host conf though, that may be different.10:05
=== marco is now known as Guest62161
nathanbzanyone can help with unattended-upgrades ?10:06
iceburnthi, could you tell me an application that used for show lyric except osd-lyric?10:06
=== svip_ is now known as svip
makaraki7mt: i meant a pdf10:08
makaraki7mt: http://www.bloomberg.com/enterprise/content/uploads/sites/2/2013/09/EDM_Whitepaper.pdf10:08
llutz_!info pdfsam  | makara10:08
ubottumakara: pdfsam (source: pdfsam): PDF Split and Merge. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-2 (trusty), package size 684 kB, installed size 809 kB10:08
makarapdfsam splits pages from the pdf as a file. It doesn't handle splitting the actual page10:09
ki7mtmakara, yeah, what llutz_ said ^^10:09
llutz_makara: then you need like dftotext to process the pdf-page10:09
makarai've made some progress sofar10:09
iceburnthi, could you tell me an application that used for show lyric except osd-lyric?10:10
ki7mtmakara, use it to crate a file, then split the pile, like pipe it to other tools10:10
ki7mt.. sri split the file not pile :-)10:10
nathanbzis sendmail a mailx ?10:11
=== rehash_ is now known as z0ran
makarachanged the script to use mm not pt. Then I removed the first and last pages with pdftk. Then I ran `./split.sh EDM.pdf 180 1`10:11
makarabut why 180? The file is 432x279mm. It should be 216 not 180?10:12
ki7mtnathanbz, Bit more than I normally use, but you may find this usefull: http://superuser.com/questions/137461/does-mailx-send-mail-using-an-smtp-relay-or-does-it-directly-connect-to-the-targ10:12
makaraand why can't it just detect the size and automatically split it half way down10:13
iceburnthi, could you tell me an application that used for show lyric except osd-lyric?10:13
santhoshhowto downgradethe kernel version10:14
makaraiceburnt: ther are some add-ons to rhythm-box that do a great job at that10:14
ki7mtsanthosh, Yes, use the Synaptic Package manager, search linux-image, and install the one you want, then at boot, select that kernel.10:15
nathanbzsudo unattended-upgrade -d --dry-run <- doesn't seem to send emails :(10:16
iceburntcould you tell me what are that makara?10:16
=== arno is now known as Guest27317
ubilli8@ ki7mt   i have done what you said but this is the error i am getting http://laravel.io/bin/ln84K10:18
ki7mtmakara, Not being funny, but, pdf's are not made to be manipulated, that's the intended purpose, if it was a text file, then things are much easier, but pdf's are generated to prevent allot of that type of activity and make them portable.10:19
ki7mtubilli8, what command did you use and what command cause the permission error?10:21
ki7mtubilli8, And is this a Ubuntu server?10:22
ubilli8@ki7mt  i used this comand10:28
nathanbzunattended-upgrade says it uses mailx, does anyone know how I can test it sending an email ?10:29
llutz_nathanbz: did you install mailx? does mailx itself work ( echo test|mailx -s testmail foo@bar.org)?10:30
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
ki7mtnathanbz, You mat need to configuer your email address etc in etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades .. More info here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates10:32
=== anybody is now known as Kartagis
ki7mtubilli8, I dont know what all you done but this is wrong ~/var/www/laravel4  ..10:34
=== luigi is now known as Guest81873
Abhijitwhich library installs tputs/10:36
Abhijitin ubuntu.10:36
loostroHow to fix apparmor="DENIED" error? http://askubuntu.com/questions/490690/how-to-fix-apparmor-denied-for-telepathy-mission-control-5-under-ubuntu-14-0410:36
RuNnNyFuck, I get this at boot "Stopping Read Required Files In Advanced"10:36
bazhangno cursing please RuNnNy10:37
RuNnNyIt's my server :/10:37
IceBot3000loostro: apparmor is barely maintained, I suggest switching to selinux10:37
ki7mtubilli8, It should be something like:  sudo ln -s /var/www/laravel4 ~/laravel410:37
Abhijityeah. becaues its backdoored by nsa.10:37
bazhangtry #ubuntu-server perhaps RuNnNy10:37
loostroIceBot3000, I did not install apparmor myself, it was either shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 or installed as a dependency10:38
bazhangAbhijit, thats not right. keep it on topic here10:38
loostroIceBot3000, I don't even know what apparmor does10:38
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor10:38
RuNnNyjoin #ubuntu-server10:38
bazhangtry /join10:38
loostroit sais there it's installed by default since Ubuntu 8.04 ...10:39
loostroIceBot3000, is there any reference about switching to selinux? Are there any caveats I should know about before doing this? I mean, I guess it's there by default for a reason.. I wouldn't like to break something10:41
IceBot3000loostro: It would be a significant undertaking, but worth it if security is a high-priority10:41
IceBot3000apparmor is fairly primitive in the security protection it provides compared to selinux10:42
ki7mtSelinux is hardcore security, most folks dont need that level of security, in fact that average user probably would not know how to leverage the capability anyway.10:45
IceBot3000I disagree, everyone needs a secure system10:47
IceBot3000It's provided by default on Fedora Linux for example10:47
ki7mtOk, do you think the average user can write just "one rule" that works ?10:47
IceBot3000No, but the software developers should write the rules initially, not the user10:48
ki7mtIceBot3000, Exactly, and if a user pops in here asking what is Apparmor or Selinux, odds are, they are not not going to be able to to write the required rules to leverage Selinux kernel enhancements.10:50
hateballsounds pretty !ot10:51
IceBot3000That just implies they're lazy, not uncapable10:51
ki7mthateball, Agree, it's way OT, sri.10:51
IceBot3000hateball: !ot?10:52
ki7mtOff Topic10:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:52
svetlanaIceBot3000++ :)10:52
svetlanathat is some nice judgment :)10:52
ubilli8am back ...10:55
DJJeffGLib-CRITICAL **: Source ID was not found when attempting to remove it10:57
DJJeffthis crap is filling up my terminals10:57
DJJeffplease for the love of jesus christ make it stop10:57
DJJeffthis bug is more than 4 years old10:58
DJJeffand reported lots10:58
ki7mtDJJeff, Need a bit more info, liek what are you doing in the termainl, maybe a patebin of the activity would be helpful10:58
DJJeffthis bug is not application related because I can test it with many apps10:58
DJJeffbless, gparted, wireshark.... they all spew this error in the terminal10:59
ki7mtDJJeff, You mean this error: Gtk-WARNING **: GtkScrolledWindow 0x1ace880 is mapped but visible child GtkScrollbar 0x1bb6b60 is not mapped11:00
DJJeffthat error is not related11:00
monotokoI need a chinese language pack11:00
monotokoeven Windows comes with one11:00
ki7mtDJJeff, do you have the bug number ?11:01
DJJeffwould an strace help find the cause of this bug?11:02
monotokodo I want these? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=language-pack-zh11:02
ki7mtDJJeff, I dont know, you said it was 4yrs old, I thought you may know of the bug off hand.11:02
DJJeffa google search shows this bug is in more than one application11:03
hateballmonotoko: Is it for the DE, or a specific application?11:03
DJJeffso its not a bug thats just one application but is many11:03
SomeAngelhello is this an ubuntu help channel?11:03
ki7mtDJJeff, well shouting at the bugs in Launchpad may get a better response then here, as very few here (there are dev here though) actually fix bugs.11:04
bcverySomeAngel, yes11:04
hateballmonotoko: language-pack-zh-hans-base is most likely what you want11:04
SomeAngeli am having trouble getting the onscreen keyboard to come up when i am using my touch screen its ubuntu 1411:05
IceBot3000Bugs in Launchpad are typically ignored too once a Distribution is released. There are just too many11:05
ki7mtIceBot3000, what would you suggest then ?11:06
IceBot3000ki7mt: Fix the problem yourself, or use a distribution with commercial support11:06
DJJeffIceBot3000, it was me that was having the issue11:07
ki7mtIceBot3000, so become a developer, and fix the bugs, but dont bother confirming them on Launchad?11:08
DJJeffa fix would be to not launch apps via CLI I guess11:08
IceBot3000ki7mt: Fix the bugs, and then provide a patch once completed. Ubuntu isn't a consumer grade OS, people should expect to get their hands dirty11:09
hateballWhy do you not take this to OT?11:09
IceBot3000hateball: Please stop suggesting support issues are sent to OT. Thanks.11:10
ki7mtIceBot3000, I am developer, and fix and patch lots of packages. But I dont the root casue of DJJeff issue or i would ahve suggested somethign already.11:11
hateballIceBot3000: Rants about Launchpad or "consumer grade OS" are hardly helpful11:12
IceBot3000hateball: Please take this to OT. Thanks.11:12
svetlanait is such a static conversation i am watching here :-(11:13
=== Abhijit_ is now known as Abhijit
loostroIceBot3000, hateball I'm not lazy, and the fact that I asked what is Apparmor/Selinux does not mean I'm incapable of learning them and writing custom working rules for them.11:16
nick07Im trying to add my mative 1280x1024 setting to the Nvidia xserver, but I dont know how,anyone?11:17
hateballnick07: Are you using nouveau driver or nvidia binary?11:17
nick07how can i see?11:18
Paddy_NIUpon switching my computer on today I am greeted with a horrible theme (windows 2000 era) and jagged fonts.  Menu bars are now back below the window title bar too11:18
loostroIt's just, I'm learning linux, this is my second year useing it. I'm proud that after my last total-system-crash I was able to restore my system purely from console.11:18
Paddy_NIloostro, that is always a great sense of achievement :-)11:19
nick07nvidia 304, yes binairy driver11:19
loostro(it did not start becouse i had /var/log on root (/) partition and some php circular reference filled up my disc :P)11:19
nick07I just enabled the 304 driver and rebooted11:19
hateballnick07: Then you should have nvidia-settings installed, so launch that11:20
loostroand I'm even more proud after that I replaced 12.04 with 14.04 this time moveing /var to a seperate partition (as well as home and some others) :P11:20
nick07yes, but every weird resolution is in the list, except, ofcourse, my native 1280x102411:20
loostroit's just.. I've never before had problems of Apparmor, I wasnt even aware of it's existance, or the whole apparmor vs selinux discussion11:21
loostroso, to summarize, you can't expect every fresh user go reading and studiying deeply the system architecture and libraries before actually running the system11:22
loostromost of us "learn as we go"11:22
ki7mtloostro, most folks aren't aware of it (apparmor), as it normal works in the background doing it's thing. Only time it comes up and people are made aware, is when it fails for some reason.11:22
nick07so any idea how to get the 1280x1024 in the nvidia setting?11:22
loostrobut thanks for pointing that out, I'll read about it, and consider switching to selinux :)11:23
hateballnick07: It should be possible to force manual settings in there... but I'm not near a machine with nvidia drivers right now so I can't check where11:23
histonick07: which drivers are you using?11:23
nick07nvidia 30411:23
histonick07: does xrandr show 1280x1024 as an option?11:24
nick07before withou the nvidia driver I used xrandr to adjust my resolution to 1280x1024, with no problem11:24
RuNnNynick07: I don't think xrandr cares, just do "xrandr <monitor> 1280x1024"11:25
nick07no, xrandr doesnt work anymore11:25
histoRuNnNy: it cares if the modeline isn't defined11:25
v__so many11:25
histonick07: What do you mean it doesn't work?11:25
Abhijit16:38 <DJJeff> a fix would be to not launch apps via CLI I guess11:25
Abhijitsorry. emacs noob error.11:25
RuNnNyhisto: lol, misunderstood11:26
ki7mtnick07, Im on the 331 driver, with 3x9800GT's (older cards), using 1280x1024 .. just checked it, no issues to speak o. I can't recall when I last used the 304 driver.11:26
nick07I just installed the nvidia driver, I needed the driver so some software needs it. Just 10 minutes ago xrandr method worked, after the nvidia driver, it doesnt11:26
histonick07: Does 'xrandr'  show 1280xwhatever as a resolution availible?11:27
nick07no it is not showing up in the xrandr list now11:27
pds_pxeqq: researchin kickstarting, postscripting is this pure commands or is this bash scripting11:28
histonick07: you'd probably have to add a new modeline11:28
histo!modeline | nick0711:29
ubottunick07: A Modeline is a config line in the X server configuration file that gives info about a connected display and how to drive it at a specified display resolution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFree86_Modeline for more details. Here are 2 links to generate modelines which fit your monitor: http://bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/ and http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl11:29
hateballhisto, nick07: iirc you can do that from within nvidia-settings11:29
hateballI just don't have access to such a machine currently to confirm11:29
nick07ok, but I have a .sh file with the correct modelines, and that doesnt work11:30
histonick07: follow the instructions from ubottu for calculating the modeline, then you can xrandr --newmode "1280x1024" ........11:31
=== root is now known as Guest64133
histonick07: add it to xrandr and switch to it then.11:32
=== Guest64133 is now known as jow
nick07I did that already, before the driver, see my rules : xrandr --newmode "myMode"  109.00  1280 1368 1496 1712  1024 1027 1034 1063 -hsync +vsync xrandr --addmode VGA-1 myMode xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode myMode11:33
nick07with the nvidia driver, this doesnt work11:33
histonick07: pastebin the output of the script that is run11:34
nick07it is saying:Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)11:37
nick07A different name is solving the issue for 1 sec11:37
nick07if I give it another name then "1280x1024_60.00" like "myResolution" it gives no error,but after reboot "myResolution"is refused with the same error11:39
jules_Does anybody know how to listen to voice messages on Skype for LInux? I can send them ok but cant listen to the ones sent to me11:40
histonick07: pastebin the output of xrandr11:41
QuinticHello, i have a question. I want to create a user that cannot change anything outside his home dir, but can still use shell and so on. How do i do that? (google was no help)11:41
IceBot3000Quintic: Setup a jail11:42
Quintichow do i setup a jail?11:42
hateballQuintic: A regular user can by default only change things in his homedirectory tho11:42
hateballor hers, as it may be11:42
nick07it is all about the VGA-011:43
ki7mtQuintic, Ok, what have you tried that is *not* doing what you think it should?11:43
jules_Can anyone help me please?11:43
QuinticSo the user can still login with SSH but not touch anything in system or read files that are outside his folder?11:43
hateballQuintic: They can read, by default11:44
hateballSo if you need more control, use a jail as suggested11:44
ki7mtQuintic, That's different, looking at folders, and editing files are two differetn things, to prevent that, you put them in a chroot, or jail-shell11:44
Quinticki7mt, so how do i setup such a jail?11:45
=== db is now known as Guest97761
ki7mtQuintic, There's many ways, here's one from my bookmarks: http://www.googlehemsida.se/c/Ubuntu_-_Jail_user_to_folder11:47
Quinticoh, gdammit i could have used google. Sorry11:47
Quinticthanks though11:48
ki7mtQuintic, You should probably sped some time reading up on chroot and jail-shells befor implemeting any of the methods foudn online.11:48
ki7mt.. spend some time ..11:48
histonick07: checking now, sorry was distracted11:48
Quinticalright, thanks for the help ki7mt :)11:48
histonick07: xrandr --addmode VGA-0 myMode && xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode myMode11:50
ki7mtQuintic, Here's another one, bit more clear: http://olivier.sessink.nl/jailkit/howtos_chroot_shell.html11:50
Quinticyeah, just found that on google was already reading it. Seems good :)11:50
nick07X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)11:51
histonick07: it looks like the modes are added under DVI-D-0 instead of VGA-011:52
nick07ah ok11:52
histobut I don't think you add htem to a device11:53
histoYou typically define the mode then choose it.11:53
nick07I think i (we :D) need to solve it later, I need to go to work :(11:53
histo!xrandr | nick07 bookmark this11:53
ubottunick07 bookmark this: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1211:53
pds_pxe!kickstart | pds_pxe11:55
ubottupds_pxe, please see my private message11:55
santhoshhow to install kernel 3.5 in ubuntu11:57
ciastekUbuntu 14.04 cloud images for Vagrant - How to disable IPv6? I've tried with sysctl, but it doesn't work: https://gist.github.com/ciastek/b9d64d31bf473b2aaf7711:57
histosanthosh: Are you still on an unsupported version of ubuntu?11:58
santhoshdisable ipv611:58
santhoshiam using ubuntu 12.0411:59
santhoshkernel 3.5 is not support fot ubuntu 12.0411:59
histo!info linux-image-generic precise12:00
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB12:00
histosanthosh: Why do you want kernel 3.5?12:00
santhoshmy wine application only support on kernel 3.512:00
ciasteksanthosh: i've disabled ipv6, but system still tires to use it - https://gist.github.com/ciastek/b9d64d31bf473b2aaf7712:01
histo!info linux-image-generic trusty12:01
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB12:01
histosanthosh: you could upgrade to 14.0412:01
santhosh<ciastek> did u restart the system12:02
=== gnu is now known as Guest36877
ciasteksanthosh: yes, i've edited /etc/sysctl.conf and restarted the system12:02
santhosh<histo> in ubuntu 14.04 kernel version is also different comapre to 10.0412:02
histosanthosh: yes it's 3.1312:03
santhoshmy ltsp server running on kernel 3.5 if anysytem problem all applications close12:04
histosanthosh: what application are you running in wine?12:04
ciasteksanthosh: thx12:04
santhoshmy company application like stedmans12:05
histosanthosh: is it a private application or does it have a name?12:05
santhoshit is private application12:05
histosanthosh: how do you know it only works with kernel 3.5?12:06
santhoshi have ltsp dhcp server kernel 3.5 all wine applications working perfect but i bulidanotherdhcp with kernel 3.8 butit is getting problem12:07
histosanthosh: what sort of problem?12:07
histosanthosh: and have you tried on trusty 14.04?12:08
santhoshit is getting struct when open an application12:08
santhosh14.04 it is having many bugs12:08
santhoshmainly domain login issuses12:08
histosanthosh: domain login issues within your app?  or within samba?12:10
santhoshinstall domain login pakgslikelikewise-open itisnot installing12:11
=== dk_ is now known as Guest28990
histosanthosh: what error are you getting?12:12
histo!details | santhosh12:12
ubottusanthosh: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:12
santhoshiam instakllingubuntu 12.04 in that kernel version is 3.11  it is niot workingmuy local application  but they working on kernel 3.512:14
histosanthosh: look for a ppa for with that kernel or build it from source12:15
=== renato_ is now known as Guest82807
santhoshyes iam trying iam not sure it is working or not12:17
histo!kernel | santhosh12:18
ubottusanthosh: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)12:18
f3lix1When sudo su into a root shell, neither .profile, nor .pam_environment seem to be used, why is that?12:19
hateballf3lix1: Because you're not supposed to sudo su12:19
hateballf3lix1: if you *must* have a root shell, use "sudo -i"12:19
f3lix1That does it! Thank you :) Why does .bashrc get read on sudo su, though? -H or not -H12:20
santhoshiam direcrly install .debfile it isworking or not i don't know12:20
Ben64santhosh: ...what?12:21
eeeeBen64: he wants to install a .deb package manually12:21
santhoshiam  download.deb file for kernel directly install it is workijng or not12:21
Mathisendpkg -i ?12:21
histosanthosh: What is your native language?12:22
Ben64santhosh: can you take a little bit more time typing and fully explain what you want to accomplish?12:22
santhosh <cfhowlett>not telegu it is telugu12:22
hateballProbably more like !in, but I'm not sure how similar it is12:23
cfhowletthateball multiple indian dialects and languages I think12:24
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India12:24
hateballcfhowlett: Yes, hence uncertainty :)12:24
santhoshwe are chating in india12:25
histoissue explain he must (yoda voice)12:26
LopeI'm trying to set a custom TTL on a ping, but it doesn't work. ping -t 100 foo.com12:28
histoLope: can you explain "doesn't work"?12:29
Lopehisto: it doesn't set the ttl12:29
cyfordLope,   i think it sets the max ttl..  if the ping ttl is lower  that would be displayed12:31
histoLope: yeah ^^^12:31
Lopehow can the ttl be lower, if I set it to 100, then surely it will be 100?12:32
LopeTime to Live is not "Response time" surely?12:32
eeeeif it's lower than 100 that will be displayed12:32
cyfordttl = time to live...12:32
eeeee@e:~$ ping -t 1 google.com12:33
eeeePING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.12:33
eeeeFrom icmp_seq=1 Time to live exceeded12:33
santhosh<eeee> do u have download permission are is there any proxies12:34
santhoshor ipconflict12:34
cyfordkind of like hops..  you set a max hop it and ping will die if it is reach...  but it will display exact hops if it is lower Lope12:34
eeeesanthosh: no it's ok im just showing something12:35
LopeHowcome when I set the TTL for the ping to >255 it says out of range? when it's possible to have a ping higher than 255?12:35
cyfordbecause the actuall ttl was lower12:35
santhoshfor what it is an error12:36
cyfordand you told ping to display if greater than 25512:36
cyfordttl depends on the path tcp takes,  not what you set...12:37
Lopethat makes no sense. I've done ping -t 255 foo.com and it's showing all of them with ttl 5812:37
santhosh<cyford> can u explain briefly i cant;t understand12:37
Lopecyford: it's displaying all the responses with ttl 58, and none greater than 255 as you've said.12:38
eeeeLope: man ping12:39
eeeethere's a section on TTL12:39
cyford ping -t 255 foo.com  - tells ping to max ttl at 255...       in most cases unless your target is using satelite transmisstion that ttl will never be reached12:40
cyfordbut ping is set for max 255  which means all lower ttl is still relivent12:40
eeeetry antarctica.com12:40
cyford>255  = lower not relevant12:40
bjrohanIn an upstart script, how do I return permission back to root after an unprivileged user?12:41
priuonhi there. is it possible to globally change default file permission modes for new files? it seems to be 664 in general.12:46
bjrohanAfter posting my last question, I think I need to reword it. I start a job in upstart that runs a minecraft server, which, is constantly generating a log. The minecraft server itself will generate the same log (once the initial line is read to start it). What would be the best way to keep this/var/log/upstart log from getting HUGE and remaining there (as it appends at each startup)12:48
bjrohankeeping in mind that erasing it at a script start would still allow it to get HUGE if I don't shut the computer off for, weeks or months12:48
peyamHi guys12:49
peyamhow do I fix this error: Cause:12:49
peyamSupplied javaHome is not a valid folder. You supplied: /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd6412:49
Lopeif I ping my ISP with an interval of 0.2 seconds (as a temporary test) would they get upset and ban me or something?12:50
Picipriuon: if you want to change it globally, you'd need to modify the umask parameter in /etc/login.defs  also take a look at the pam_umask manpage.12:50
leeyaanow that rpcbind has replaced portmap how to enable nfs shares in hosts.allow if my policy is using default hosts.deny for all ? before i was doing portmap lockd statd mountd: do i just replace portmap with rpcbind ?12:51
priuonPici: thanks,.12:52
=== rolf is now known as Guest78839
AnAntHello, I have a question about power settings: what does "inactive" mean ? does it mean that no processes are running ? or does it mean that that there is no input from user ?13:06
Glorfindelhow do I unlock partitions in gparted?13:11
k1lGlorfindel: dont fiddle with your partitions when the system you run is running on them. start a live disk/stick for that13:11
cfhowlettGlorfindel THIS^^^^13:12
murlidharhow to change the window border theme ?13:12
Glorfindelalright, thanks13:12
murlidhari tried changing from unity-tweak-tool but the whole gtk theme is changing along with the window theme :|13:12
Chaos_Zerogedit freezes on saving a file (saving the first time / save as, already existing files are ok). Nothing logged in the console window at all13:15
Chaos_Zerocan I turn on verbose mode?13:15
geektech713i cant get wine to download13:15
geektech713or play or linux either13:16
geektech713trying to be partner with Ubuntu13:16
geektech713they denied me13:16
geektech713i have 2 I.T firms13:16
cfhowlettgeektech713 this is not the place for that discussion.13:16
geektech713well i had issues with wine and play on linux lol13:17
geektech713i have windows 7 pro/ubuntu on my workstation13:17
murlidharhow to change the window border theme ?13:17
murlidhari tried changing from unity-tweak-tool but the whole gtk theme is changing along with the window theme :|13:17
bcvery!details | geektech713, what do you mean by 'issues'13:19
ubottugeektech713, what do you mean by 'issues': Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:19
AisjfiasI'm on ubuntu 14.04 with an amd graphics card (HD 6950) using the open source drivers, and I'm experiencing horrible tearing. How can i fix this?13:22
lnxslckAisjfias, install 3d driver13:24
Aisjfiaslnxslck: What do you mean? I'm using the default open source drivers13:24
=== luckybunny is now known as lbaway
lnxslckAisjfias, i mean there are other drivers out there like the proprietary ones13:25
murlidharhow to change the window border theme ?13:26
murlidhari tried changing from unity-tweak-tool but the whole gtk theme is changing along with the window theme :|13:26
Aisjfiaslnxslck: Yea but I was thinking that maybe the tearing is fixable without having to install the proprietary drivers13:27
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
lnxslckAisjfias, ok. i'm a nvidia guy, so i can't help you13:27
Aisjfiaslnxslck: I see, maybe someone else can help me then13:28
=== lbaway is now known as luckybunny
user44removed the kernel sources. can i now do rm -rf  /usr/src/linux-3.0.101-0.31 without running in trouble? it takes much space.13:32
Ben64user44: 3.0? what version of ubuntu?13:33
user44Ben64: its a suse machine. only ask here, because on #suse nobody answers. does that matter?13:33
Ben64user44: this channel is for ubuntu support only, sorry13:34
user44Ben64: ok, sorry13:34
plepzzYo, is it somehow possible to create bootable windows USB installer, from the terminal?13:37
murlidharhow to change the window border theme ?13:37
murlidhari tried changing from unity-tweak-tool but the whole gtk theme is changing along with the window theme :|13:37
cfhowlettplepzz of course.  all the gui tools are merely the pretty face of the underlying CLI commands13:38
plepzzI've tried the `dd` method, but it does not seem to work for me :/13:38
plepzzOkey, so do you know what commands I have to use?13:38
gotchaquick question, in ubuntu 14.04 apache2, where does "AllowOverride All" go to? shouldnt it be in 000-default.conf ??13:38
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:39
somsipgotcha: yes13:39
CyrusDoes anyone know offhand if Ubuntu 12.04 supports GPT boot?13:39
cfhowlettplepzz http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=195807313:40
=== Guest1102 is now known as NaStYdoG
gotchasomsip, so i can add it anywhere in this file? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7736826/ ??13:40
plepzzThanks cfhowlett, I'll have a look at the links :)13:40
philinuxCyrus;~ http://askubuntu.com/questions/225439/create-a-gpt-on-a-new-volume-during-installation13:42
somsipgotcha: http://askubuntu.com/questions/429869/is-this-a-correct-way-to-enable-htaccess-in-apache-2-4-7-on-ubuntu-12-0413:43
gotchasomsip, thanks, let me read that13:46
amitprakash /allchan chanopt confmode on13:49
amitprakashI am unable to boot ubuntu live usb in csm boot mode13:50
amitprakashHow can I resolve this issue?13:50
amitprakash /set irc_conf_mode on13:50
leeeHey all - I was wondering how support was on Macbook Airs (specifically model 4,2). I've been looking up documention, but can't tell old docs from updated ones. If the plan is to just nuke and install, shouldn't I just be able to run a live cd?13:52
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:53
holsteinleee: nothing aobut linux or ubuntu is preventing apple from supporting linux on the device13:53
leeemeaning I shouldn't have to install, refit, do it?13:53
holsteinleee: i chose to.. then, i donated the hardware...13:53
leeesorry I'm tired, meant do I*?13:53
holsteinintel is typically well, or better supported, but, if it doesnt say "we support linux" on the tin, i dont waste much time trying to force it these days.. i just try and purchase with linux support in mind13:54
leeeweird, I don't see any information on 4,2 on !mac13:55
amitprakash /set irc_conf_mode 113:56
john-mcaleelyleee, it's about a macbook pro, but heres a blog I wrote about installing with and without refit http://mcaleely.com/jh/ToT/2013/07/04/ubuntu-13-04-macbookpro-10-2/13:56
leeethanks john-mcaleely13:56
john-mcaleelyleee, short version: I'd try it with refit first13:56
Piciamitprakash: IRC commands need to start with a /, no space before them13:56
amitprakashPici, doing so13:57
amitprakashthe ubuntu gnome chat is weird13:57
john-mcaleelyleee, yw13:57
leeeoh wait13:57
amitprakashI am unable to boot ubuntu live usb in csm boot mode, while I can boot the live USB on UEFI mode with secure boot disabled. However I'd like to boot in CSM/legacy mode to avoid gpt partitions. How can I do so?13:57
leeerefid and refind is simply required for dualboot, which I don't plan on doing.13:57
holsteinleee: i found, as i stated, that even though, just as you, i didnt want dual boot, i chose to, and preferred refit13:58
eeeej #ubbbbb13:58
ExcaliburXI need some donation, can someone help?13:58
holstein!ot | ExcaliburX13:58
ubottuExcaliburX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:58
amitprakashAnyone? :(13:59
holstein!uefi | amitprakash14:00
ubottuamitprakash: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:00
amitprakashholstein, I know what UEFI is, I want to avoid it all together14:00
holsteinamitprakash: you may need to make compromises on hardware that doesnt particularly easily support customisation14:00
holsteinamitprakash: to avoid it, you would have needed to do that before purchase.. now, you'll need to engage it specifically14:01
amitprakashholstein, specifically, the live usb boots in UEFI, refuses to do so when its disabled14:01
holsteinamitprakash: the live CD is doing what it needs to do to work on your hardware14:01
amitprakashThis is the case with the live usb only.. other things work fine14:01
amitprakashholstein, right.. but fails to do so when UEFI is disabled and I am trying to boot in legacy mode?14:02
scri66leanyone know how to save your "connect to server" connections in Nautilus?14:02
holsteinamitprakash: i would ask the manufacturer of the hardware. though, i would expact difficultly if the machine is specifically designed to work like that14:02
amitprakashholstein, this specifically, http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347270285.jpg .. notice how the live USB is UEFI mode only14:05
amitprakashHow do I get it to support legacy boot14:05
Yakisoba-Hi! Can u help: How to make the computer with Ubuntu and its resources visible on the network? Samba installed but there is no effect14:06
compdocYakisoba-, by resources, you mean file sharing?14:07
philinuxYakisoba-;~ have u set up a shared folder14:07
holsteinamitprakash: thats the bios14:07
cfhowlett!samba | Yakisoba-14:07
ubottuYakisoba-: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html14:07
holsteinamitprakash: ask the manufacturer how to disable, and boot the live CD as you like..14:07
compdocsamba is great and wonderful, but you have to manually edit /etc/samba/smb.conf14:07
amitprakashholstein, right.. specifying CSM mode in bios however renders the USB boot unbootable14:07
Yakisoba-yes. i set up. i opened Home folder in settings... but there is no effect14:08
amitprakashholstein, Basically, I can boot form the live usb in either UEFI mode or not at all14:08
amitprakashin CSM mode, all i get is a blinking cursor14:08
philinuxYakisoba-;~ you mean folder properties14:08
holsteinamitprakash: ok.. test the stick.. you can easily just try it on other hardware, and make sure its functioning properly.. if it doesnt work, there is little ubuntu or linux can do on a software level to facilitate functioning14:08
Yakisoba-it seems to me, i'm do something wrong in smb.conf. Where i can download DEFAULT smb.conf?14:08
holsteinamitprakash: you should be able to disable secure booting if the device supports.. ask the creators14:09
amitprakashholstein, tried it.. works fine on any non UEFI supported system, but for any UEFI supported bios, refuses to boot when bios is asked to boot to legacy/CSM14:09
holsteinamitprakash: sure.. its just that, what is actually going on is, as designed, the hardware is not booting the USB stick.. its not that the stick is doing something, or linux or ubuntu is doing something to prevent booting14:10
Yakisoba-yes. i open home folder in properties, My Ubuntu PC not visible in other PC. it cannot be ping...14:10
amitprakashholstein, oh14:10
amitprakashholstein, so the h/w is designed to disallow booting form USB in legacy mode? my gentoo usb stick works fine fwiw14:10
holsteinamitprakash: legacy mode should allow booting the usb.. but its not, and you say the stick is good..14:11
philinuxYakisoba-;~ is this 2 ubuntu machines?14:12
holsteinamitprakash: so, the stick is fully funcitonal.. you are asking the hardware to bypass its blocking "Features".. so, whats not working?14:12
amitprakashholstein, theres an additional option of treating usb drives like a) HDD b)FDD14:12
amitprakashmaybe that would change things14:12
holsteinamitprakash: i would try *all* options..14:12
Yakisoba-philinux: 1st PC with windows, 2nd - with Ubuntu (i use PC with Ubuntu right now) so my 2nd PC cannot be ping...14:13
amitprakashholstein, thanks a lot!14:13
holsteinYakisoba-: try pulling down firewalls temporarily behind a router firewall..14:13
amitprakashYakisoba-, ip of windows and ubuntu systems?14:13
amitprakashYakisoba-, ensure they are on the same subnet, that windows is able to ping other systems [ ICMP should not be blocked ]14:14
holsteinsee that they both can ping the gateway..14:14
mohamadfhi guys14:14
Yakisoba-windows ip   Ubuntu is
amitprakashYakisoba-, different subnets14:14
holsteinYakisoba-: not the same subnet..14:14
amitprakashYakisoba-, whats the netmask ?14:15
Yakisoba-mask is
Yakisoba-so, it is possible make my PC  showb=n on the LAN?14:18
kriskropdYakisoba-: that netmask only allows for the fourth position on ipv4 to be anywhere between 1-254 (0 and 255 are reserved and implied) if you change your netmask to you will allow the same freedom to the third position on ipv314:19
=== Guest82807 is now known as renato__
Yakisoba-wait. Can you explain me again: if i change netmask, my problems is gone?14:20
kriskropdYakisoba-: however, your netmask much match the gateway/rouer for LAN in order to actually have two machines on such very different subnets like that14:20
kriskropdYakisoba-: what is the ip and netmask on your router?14:20
=== __NiC is now known as _NiC
holsteinYakisoba-: i say, you may consider just leaving everything to automatic defaults.. let the router deal with distributing ip addresses14:21
Yakisoba-ip of router is  netmask... i dunno how to know it,14:22
kriskropdYakisoba-: does your router include a DHCP service? if so (and preferably) follow holstein's advice and tell the client machines to acquire ip automatically/via dhcp14:22
kriskropdYakisoba-: your ubuntu machine will not work unless you change the ip to 192.168.2.x (x can be any number not already used) and we can probably assume the netmask is (it usually is)14:23
kriskropdYakisoba-: to clarify, if your router has DHCP, use that, if not, change ubuntu machine to 192.168.2.x14:24
Yakisoba-my router is Huawei HG8245 sorry i'm newbie in Network theme....14:25
holsteinYakisoba-: then, dont do customization, and static IP's like that.. nothing is "broken".. youa re configuring the machines *not* to be able to communicate with each other14:26
Yakisoba-Oh. i thought I just need somewhere in the Ubuntu to register the new address and it will work?14:28
holsteinYakisoba-: no.. you'll need the machine to be on the same subnet. right not, they are not, and are specifically configured *not* to be able to access each other.. did someone else configure them? is one a "work" machine?14:28
holsteinYakisoba-: there are easy ways, with most routers, to setup a "guest" wifi network.. if you are on that with the ubuntu machine, that can be the simplest explantation for what you are seeing14:30
Yakisoba-ok i understand this. So, you want to say that the router gave the wrong address my Ubuntu PC - that why nothing work?14:32
kriskropdYakisoba-: the router didn't make that mistake14:32
holsteinYakisoba-: i didnt say that.. the router is doint what its designed to do. nothing is "broken"14:32
holsteinYakisoba-: do you indeed have a guest wifi? and is the ubuntu machine on it?14:33
cfhowlettYakisoba- your router can be re-set to "defaults" ... you might want to research that option.14:33
=== karstensrage is now known as Guest64596
Yakisoba-sorry me for my "questions". I just wanted to make everything work perfectly. I had no idea how complicated everything...14:34
=== Guest64596 is now known as karstensrage
Yakisoba-guest wifi? yes it has 2nd wifi network Opened. Point called "wirelessNet"14:35
holsteinYakisoba-: this is a support channel where your questions are welcome.. do you have a guest wifi connection?14:35
rcw2how can i show the last 5 packages i installed14:35
holsteinYakisoba-: if you are connecting on a wifi setup that is designed to isolate, that can be isolating the machines, by design14:36
=== K4k_ is now known as K4k
Yakisoba-i understand. i try to connect Opened network then14:37
kriskropdrcw2: i only know of 'dpkg -l' which lists all packages installed, but I'm not sure there is any chronological order available14:38
JediMasterrcw2: if you haven't done an apt-get clean the packages may still be in the apt cache dir14:39
rcw2JediMaster, where's that dir14:39
sandstromIt seems like `/etc/init.d/ipsec` is missing after installing the `strongswan` package on Ubuntu 14.04. Is this expected?14:42
=== Solution-X|AFK is now known as Solution-X
ribasushiI have a system, which on-login says: Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-30-generic x86_64)14:46
ribasushiyet /etc/debian_version says 'jessie/sid'14:47
ribasushiis this normal?14:47
compdocribasushi, thats what mine says14:48
geniiribasushi: Yes, normal14:49
compdocsince its not debian, it might not mean what you think14:49
kriskropdrcw2: you can also try looking at the logs in /var/log/apt/history*14:50
kriskropdrcw2: they include: start-date, commandline given, packages installed, pacakges removed, and end-date14:50
kriskropdribasushi: use 'lsb_release -a' to identify your system14:51
tp__Hi can i ask a question about comand here?14:56
Picitp__: sure, the worst we might say is that there is a better channel to ask about it in.14:56
=== charles_ is now known as Guest28301
tp__I know how to start firefox at startup. but now i want to start it 1 min after start. so commad in start up Application is "firefox" what shgould i put after it -- ?14:58
Picitp__: sleep 60 && firefox14:59
tp__Do i have to do a script and call that?14:59
Picitp__: you might14:59
eeeerhythm player just suddenly started playing a song now while i was lying on the bed15:00
eeeeit's been paused for an hour or so15:01
eeeeis this a concern?15:01
geniieeee: Only if it's playing make-out music15:01
SchrodingersScateeee: you may have a bad case of poltergeist15:01
tp__so "sleep 60 && firefox" it is?15:01
Flolila#ubuntu  i need your help15:02
ubottuFlolila: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:02
Flolilabefore i changed to linux i used to have a somewhat silent pc15:03
nisstyreFlolila: sounds like a problem with the cpu frequency scaling15:03
Flolilanow there is at least on fan that is speeding up and then shortly slows down again15:03
nisstyreor fan control15:03
nisstyreor both15:03
nisstyreor it could just be a coincidence and you need a new fan15:04
Flolilayes i got an error about sensor module(s?) on bootup15:04
cfhowlettFlolila bingo!15:04
ubilli8please can you help with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24534518/creating-a-virtual-host15:04
Flolilado you know how i can fix this?15:05
nisstyreFlolila: try googling for information about fan control problems15:05
nisstyreI have never had any problems so I don't know what steps you might do to troubleshoot it15:06
Flolilayes i tried this but the informations didnt help me15:06
Flolilaor maybe i did something wrong15:06
nisstyreFlolila: did you read this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4273715:06
nisstyreI admit that is pretty involved for someone new to Linux15:06
Flolilaunreliable cpu thermal sensor15:07
nisstyreFlolila: if that's the case then that's bad15:07
Flolilauh oh15:07
nisstyreyou could just run the fan constantly15:07
nisstyrethat would wear it out quicker too though15:08
Flolilanisstyre any suggestion? best would be something graphical15:09
Flolilathis console stuff seems too hard15:09
nisstyreFlolila: it isn't that hard, just simpler15:09
nisstyreI don't know of any GUI program though, sorry, try searching the software centre15:09
Flolilanisstyre thanks for your help, i wish there would be a program that could tell me which services i could switch off because i dont need them etc15:15
nisstyreFlolila: I agree a program like that would be useful15:15
nisstyreI believe you can see which services are active somehow, not sure if a gui program exists to do that15:15
Flolilathere are so many processes running that i have no idea what they are what they do and wether i need them or not15:16
nisstyrebut it would be cool if it could pop up with information about each one and so on15:16
skulltowerDoes ubuntu have a dark theme? Or is it dark by default?15:17
nisstyreFlolila: if you type 'pgrep -lf someprogram' at your terminal without the ' characters it will show you the command used to start that program15:17
nisstyreand the process id as well15:17
nisstyre(that's just a number)15:17
eeeenisstyre: system monitor > processes (gui to check . no info though)15:17
nisstyreeeee: ah right, I've been ignoring the default gnome stuff in ubuntu for so long15:18
=== babinlonston is now known as blackyboy
blackyboyHi how to remove one of the account from irc15:23
ubilli8please can you help with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24534518/creating-a-virtual-host15:23
blackyboyNickServ- babinlonston@live.com has too many accounts registered15:23
eeeeblackyboy: /nickserv drop <nickname> <password>15:23
blackyboyI want to use this nick for here after what i want to do15:23
Piciblackyboy: please ask in #freenode15:23
eeeeblackyboy: this is ubuntu support not freenode15:24
cfhowlettblackyboy <eeee> blackyboy: /nickserv drop <nickname> <password>15:24
ubottueeee: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!15:24
eeeeyeah i know it is offtopic.. it's 1 line though15:25
cfhowletteeee cookies are a reward for outstanding contribution.15:26
eeeecfhowlett: i thought you were being sarcastic15:27
=== fought_away is now known as fought
Yakisoba-hi again.15:33
broelsanyone running lxde that could point me to a link real quickly?15:36
blackyboybroels:yes im15:37
underpressureHello! When I type "douglas hofstadter" in the application search thingy, i get a result from wikipedia. that means everything i type there is transmitted through the internet. how can i get rid of that?15:37
bcvery!lxde | broels15:37
ubottubroels: LXDE ( http://lxde.org/ ) is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment used by !Lubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ». See http://lubuntu.net/ for more information, and join #lubuntu for support.15:37
eeeeunderpressure: system settings > security & privacy > search15:38
broelsin lxde's applet for time, in settings there's a link to a utility that makes sense of the format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%15:38
broelswhat's that link? I think its lxde at least15:38
underpressureeeee: thanks15:38
Yakisoba-kriskropd: hi. can i ask again my question about visible Ubuntu PC in network. so. I opened Router settings: DHCP Server Configuration and i see Enable primary DHCP server, adress LAN Host IP Address: (my Ubuntu in this subnet) AND Secondary Address Pool ...should i disable Primary and it will work?15:39
broelsthe digital clock rather15:42
saucy_squidooHi. Is 12.04 still getting updates?15:42
Picisaucy_squidoo: It is still getting security updates.  It is supported until 2017.15:42
Yakisoba-or everyone, can advice me? My Ubuntu PC in network has wrong subnet. in Router settings DHCP i see Primary IPs (my router in this) and secondary adress Pool (subnet that i wish join 192.168.2.x) so i need disable Primary to make Ubuntu visible? (1nd PC has 192,168.2.2 ip)15:44
=== no_mu is now known as Nothing_Much
RugI feel really stupid asking this question.  I have 200+ user accounts I need to delete from a server.  Can I just delete them from /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow or do I have to run the 'deluser' command?15:44
underpressureWhere is the config file for the launcher on the left of ubuntu 14?15:44
underpressureFor example, when I add an application there, where can I edit the command that is used to start it?15:45
ActionParsnipunderpressure: there is no Ubuntu 14, there is Ubuntu 14.0415:46
ActionParsnipunderpressure: the 14th release of Ubuntu is Natty, which is EOL15:46
underpressureActionParsnip: yeah, i have 14.0415:48
geniiRug: For manually, it's more work to delete all the users from /etc/passwd /etc/shadow and /etc/group and then remove all their home directories manually as well, when deluser can make all those modifications for you.15:48
kriskropdYakisoba-: idk what the difference between primary and secondary address pools are (ive never heard of that) however, why not just have all your machines on the same network in the first place?15:49
Ruggenii: ok thanks15:49
kriskropdRug: if you have a list of all the users who need to be deleted, you could run something like 'for i in $(cat list_of_users_to_remove.txt);do sudo deluser "$i";done'15:49
geniiRug: Might want to call it with --remove-home as well15:50
=== Mike is now known as Guest69355
underpressureAnybody? Is there a config file for the launcher of unity?15:51
heftig-zwhen forking ubuntu packages, what should the version number look like?15:51
Rugkriskropd: yes thanks that's a good idea15:52
ActionParsnipunderpressure: you set the options in the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications15:52
heftig-ze.g. starting with 1.2.4-1~ubuntu115:52
ActionParsnipunderpressure: if you make an alias in ~/.bashrc then it will be used in the command on the icon. You may want to make your own and have a quicklist inside it (useful)15:52
paranoidsapache2 SSL mpm-worker mod_fcgid Resource deadlock avoided15:53
paranoidsI'm having troubles similar to this bugreport15:53
paranoidsI'm using Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 Server15:53
paranoidsafter a while even under non heavy server load you'll get [php-cgi] <defunct> zombies which will never die until apache server restart15:53
paranoidscan anybody confirm this?15:53
ubottuissues.apache.org bug 53999 in mod_fcgid "Deadlock between procmgr_send_spawn_cmd()/proctable_lock() in mod_fcgid and listener_thread() in worker_mpm" [Normal,New]15:53
mettjushi all! can anybody please tell me what's the cleanest way to add postgresql to startup items?15:53
mettjusi tried update-rc.d postgresql defaults but is says System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/postgresql already exist.15:54
underpressureActionParsnip: you mean there is a file called ".desktop" in /usr/share/applications/ ? i dont have it.15:54
heftig-zmettjus: ls -l /etc/rc?.d/S??postgresql    shows things?15:55
mettjusand it's true, in /etc/init.d there's a postgresql executable file15:55
mettjusuh.. checkin15:55
trijntjeunderpressure:  ls /usr/share/applications | grep unity15:56
underpressureActionParsnip: ah, you probably mean the *.desktop files...15:56
mettjusheftig-z: it lists 4 links in rc2 to 5 to the postgresql executable in /etc/init.d15:56
mettjusso i guess it should be running…15:57
heftig-zmettjus: then it's enabled15:57
underpressuretrijntje: im looking for the terminal application, that i added there. strangely, there is debian-xterm.desktop and debian-uxterm.desktop in that dir.15:57
mettjusbut it's not running15:57
heftig-zchecks its logs15:57
mettjusservice postgres status says down and pg_lsclusters says down15:58
jay__hello people15:59
mettjuslast log is from 4 hours ago, since when i started figuring out how to add it to startup15:59
Guest34509hi, Im having troubles with Kubuntu 14.04 installation and UEFI MODE.... I used boot repair but nothing....16:00
jay__yesterday, i was having some issues and a few people were trying to helping me. i just finished putting my linux distro on a USB stick (via Unetbootin). I did an integrity check on the new pc before trying to install it. and it said there were two files with errors. what can i do about it?16:00
heftig-zergh, polari can't deal with big rooms; sorry, leaving16:00
Guest34509someone could help me please???16:01
trijntjeGuest34509: you have to be specific if you want help: what exactly went wrong during the installation, what exactly did you do with boot repair, and what went wrong etc16:02
Guest34509Ive used >>> [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "EFI boot on HDD" || echo "Legacy boot on HDD"  AND [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "Installed in EFI mode" || echo "Installed in Legacy mode" both show me uefi mode16:02
Guest34509the error is that when I turn on my laptop it just show me the Kubuntu Splash then a black screen16:03
jay__can anyone help me with this?16:03
jay__yesterday, i was having some issues and a few people were trying to helping me. i just finished putting my linux distro on a USB stick (via Unetbootin). I did an integrity check on the new pc before trying to install it. and it said there were two files with errors. what can i do about it?16:03
bjrohanIs it possible to have upstart NOT generate a log for a script?16:04
jay__i guess no one is going to help me?16:05
bcvery!patience | jay__16:05
ubottujay__: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:05
jay__right away? it's been 5 minutes16:06
jay__no 5 seconds bcvery16:06
bcveryjay__, that's not a long time16:06
jay__yes it is. i have a life16:06
jay__i assume you do to16:06
Guest34509Im using just linux in my entire hdd, so I created 1 efi partition of 250mb, 1 / partition of 27000mb, 4096 swap partition and the rest for my home partition16:07
cfhowlettjay__ for INSTANT answers, purchase paid support from canonical.16:07
jay__it doesn't need to be instant. just respond in a reasonable amount of time16:07
jay__5 minutes to say yes or no is way to long16:07
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:08
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:08
jay__am i going to get help or not?16:08
jay__simple question. yes or no answer16:08
jay__i have two files with errors after i do an integrity check on my USB stick before trying to install16:09
jay__I'm a newb to linux and don't know anything16:09
cfhowlettjay__ errors = make a new USB16:09
kmysthey anybody ever see an issue where ubuntu will report time being in UTC after booting following a power failure?16:09
jay__cfhowlett: is there a better way to make a USB stick bootable? i've tried Unetbootin, pendrive, and LiLi USB Creator16:10
geniijay__: It means that most likely either the original file you made the stick from is corrupt, or else the usb stick has some bad area where those two files are sitting. You should check the original file against it's md5sum and make sure it matches16:10
cfhowlettjay__ did you verify the ISO you downloaded?16:10
jay__yes. i did a check sum. it matched16:10
kmysti.e. before logging in the clock reports UTC, but when logged in ntp updates to the correct time? and yes the BIOS is set to local time not UTC16:10
geniijay__: If the md5sum matches, then it's most likely physically the usb stick you used.16:11
cfhowlettjay this ^^^16:11
jay__How could I find out if the USB stick has bad sectors? is there a program for that?16:11
jay__Or, just check it's overall health in general to make sure it is working properly16:13
Guest34509jay__: just try using other usb, If you dont have you could use a cd or dvd.... If you want to verify your .iso works correctly, mount it on a virtual machine16:13
jay__the iso is mountable on daemon. and the check sum matches properly16:14
jay__it must be the USB stick then?16:14
Guest34509jay__: perfect, just try to use another one!!16:15
jay__I don't have a CD or DVD atm.the other USB sticks I have are too small and have my girlfriends files on them16:15
geniijay__: The problem with checking for bad sectors there is that this assumes a filesystem to be used ojnto which the bad sectors can be marked as not to use. But when iso file is made onto the usb, it is normally done in a way of copying an entire pre-existing filesystem over.16:15
geniifood, afk16:15
anggoroHello everyone ... I'm a beginner in Linux / Ubuntu. I want to ask a question. Is it okey?16:16
anggoro<anggoro> Assuming it's alright, here my problem. I can not install my Epson L300 printer to Ubuntu Studio 14.0416:16
anggoro<anggoro> I try from Setting > Printer > Add .... then I choose Epson L30016:16
jay__so even if some sectors are bad, after a format the sectos might be showing as good again to the new file system genii ?16:16
jay__so what's the way to ensure you have parts of your USB stick that aren't working properly genni?16:17
Guest69355what is the most secure internet browser16:17
cfhowlettGuest69355 secure from what?16:18
amitprakashHow do I disable automount for systemd?16:18
Guest69355like wont share my data16:18
Guest69355with anyone16:18
jhutchinsanggoro: What happens?16:18
tpw_rulesthis is going to sound extremely silly but i somehow accidentally changed my desktop environment? system rebooted unexpectedly and now the background is blue triangles and squares and everything is weird16:18
Guest69355and wont be a hole into my system16:18
jhutchinsGuest69355: lynx16:18
cfhowlettGuest69355 text based browser because they're so unpopular16:18
ubottuSome of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.16:19
kriskropdGuest69355: you can disable javascript and clear cache/cookies/history etc16:19
jay__i would think the least used browsers are likely to be the safest Guest16:19
kriskropdGuest69355: though security is more a matter of caution and common sense than technology16:19
Guest69355ok i want this for an old guy who is not tech savy16:19
anggoroI can not install my printer (Epson L300)16:19
cfhowlettGuest69355 on FF and chromium, it's possible to set incongnito as the default launch mode16:20
tpw_rulesyeah, the bootup logo is just the gnome foot now. what did i do16:20
Guest69355so like a browser that defults on not sharing data16:20
kriskropdGuest69355: I like elinks , but links2 is good too because it has a g option to enable image viewing - there is also w3m which supports image viewing with some tinkering16:20
jhutchinsanggoro: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?16:20
jay__Guest69355 use the most user friendly then. likely chrome with incognito because it's super simple. not a lot of options to mess things up with16:21
apeoidhi.  I can't seem to get my PC to boot to ubuntu on USB hard drive16:21
jay__Does anyone know how I can find out if my USB stick is working properly?16:21
Guest69355will incongnito mode track your history and stuff16:21
kriskropdGuest69355: no it wont16:21
Guest69355thanks all16:21
apeoidI'm about to go buy a sata cable, this is bullshit16:21
Guest69355you guys rock16:21
apeoidI hate computers16:22
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
kriskropdGuest69355: if he gives his bank password to a phishing website, though, that isn't the web browsers fault - make sure you educate him on safe practices16:22
jay__i love / hate computer too :)16:22
cfhowlettapeoid  no profanity needed or permitted here.  thank you16:22
apeoidmmmm yes16:22
eeeehey jay__ whats up, did you do the integrity check?16:22
jay__finally some help!16:22
apeoidgotcha, cfhowlett16:22
jay__eeee: thank god for you16:22
jay__bless your heart (if you're into that lol)16:23
jay__i did and i got two file errors16:23
apeoideven when computers work I'm feeling bad16:23
jay__two files had erroes*16:23
apeoidall I want to do is make enough money to live in the woods for the rest of my life16:23
bcveryapeoid, do you have an ubuntu support question?  If not, feel free to vent/rant in #ubuntu-offtopic16:23
jay__people here are suggesting it's my USB stick eeee but I don't know how to test it to make sure it's a healthy stick16:24
jay__can i don't have another one that i can use16:24
apeoidI came here talking about my issue.  I was here yesterday talking about my issue.  I'm working on presenting it in case we can work through it here.16:24
cfhowlettjay__ "two files had zeroes" = you did NOT md5sum hashcheck the ISO or the USB as was repeatedly suggested.16:24
kriskropdapeoid: what is your issue?16:24
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:24
jay__cfhowlett: you're saying i'm lying? cause if you are fuck you16:25
jay__i check it with winmd5free16:25
apeoidinstall any linux to usb hard disk, try to boot, it hangs at the mobo splash.16:25
cfhowlettjay__ drop the attitude and drop the profanity.16:25
IdleOnejay__: please watch the language and attitude16:25
jay__i know the iso is healthy and fine16:25
Guest34509I have problems with my Kubuntu 14.04 installation and UEFI MODE....  I have linux in my entire hdd, I created efi partition of 250mb, / of 27000mb, swap of 4096mb and /home the rest.... I installed in EFI mode but when I restarted my laptop it didnt respond, so I used BOOT REPAIR and all process were succesfull, I restarted it again and just show me kubuntu splah then a black screen..... Someone knows about it please16:25
jay__maybe i wouldn't have an attitude if people would believe me. i'm not going to ly to you when i'm asking for help16:26
eeeejay__: why dont you download virtualbox in ubuntu (get the .deb file from the website) and test whatever iso you want16:26
jay__what purpose would that do me?16:26
jay__i've tested the iso, and many other iso's i've downloaded. they all match perfectly eeee16:26
jay__it's likely the USB stick like it's been suggested to me. i just need a way to test it16:27
fwaokdaanyone know what command i could run in terminal to see what version of freetds-dev i have installed?16:27
cfhowlettfwaokda apt-cache policy freetds-dev16:28
apeoidI've got ubuntu installed with UEFI partition on a 3tb barracuda which is connected via an external enclosure, usb 3.0.  after the install (this time) the computer actually booted on the hard drive.16:28
fwaokdasweet thanks very mucho!16:28
jay__i can't download virtualbox btw. I don't have ubuntu on there anymore eeee.16:28
kriskropdjay__: virtualbox works on every platfo16:29
kriskropdjay__: if you think the usb is bad, you need another one that works to confirm it16:29
jay__I am ready to do a fresh install. i just need to test the USB stick. if people just don't know how to do that. please tell me and i'll ask elsewhere16:29
jay__there is a test for everything in computers. is there not a USB test?16:29
Guest34509jay__: what capacity your usb is??16:30
eeeejay__: http://www.pendriveapps.com/test-for-fake-usb-flash-drives-h2testw/16:30
eeeeit checks for faulty usb drives16:30
mentocIs it possible to prioritize traffic based on which port is used?16:30
jay__16 gigs16:30
jay__sweeeet thanks eeee16:30
mentocI'm guessing something like: iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 53 -j QOS --set-level foobar16:30
mentocah, I think I found it16:31
igor_HI! What better,ubuntu 13.10 or 14.04? Please tell me features of 14.04^)16:32
anggoroI tried to install my EPson Printer (L300)16:33
anggoroI go to System > Printer16:33
anggoroThen I choose add16:33
anggorothen I plug my printer16:33
anggoroEpson L300 appear, so I choose this L300, click forward16:33
anggorothen it search for driver16:33
anggoroThen I was told by the system that there is downloadable driver16:33
anggoroI click accept the term16:33
anggoroI click forward16:33
anggoroThen it say install the driver16:33
anggoroI was asked for password16:33
anggoroenter the password16:33
anggoroit installs the driver16:33
anggoroBut then .... nothing progress16:33
anggoroI tried restarting my laptop16:33
anggoroand start all over again16:33
anggorobut it will end the same way as before16:33
Guest34509jay__: when you use unetbootin I thik you could assing a free space at the begining of the usb... so try assinging 10gb, if the bad sector is there youll be able to use it in this way16:33
anggoroSorry .... the question is so simple ... but I really don't know.16:33
anggoroFor 20 years, I used Windows... so I am really a beginner in Ubuntu / Linux16:33
Guest34509jay__: it's just an idea, Ive never tried it before16:34
Yakisoba-kriskropd: hi again. now, My Ubuntu and 2nd PC in one subnet! Ubuntu is and 2nd PC is ) in Ubuntu, in Network places, now i see other PCbut i can't browse its folders16:34
kriskropdYakisoba-: so your networking is fixed, now ou have a new issue?16:35
Yakisoba-kriskropd yes! I see other PC in Ubuntu BUT i can't browse his folders.16:35
fridaynextif i'm running a cronjob that needs to hit a url, does the url need to be in quotes?16:35
jay__hmm how do you asses space in windows ?16:35
jay__i can only test 12 megabytes of data out of 14.9 gigs? that's weird16:36
eeeeYakisoba-: i think you need to share a folder16:36
kriskropdYakisoba-: that is very vague - are the files in windows shared? i only know about accessing samba file server from windows, not vice-a-versa16:36
=== cassio is now known as Guest90313
Yakisoba-kriskropd Thank you! You adviced me join 2 PC in one subnet ) cool!16:36
Yakisoba-wait. i write now...16:36
jay__i have a question. when i format my USB stick in windows. what does allocation unit size mean?16:37
ChemicalBI can't get utf-8 to show correctly in nano over ssh. locale set, putty utf-8 set. any ideas?16:37
jay__it's defaulted to 8192 bytes. is this ok?16:37
anggoroIs there anyone who has any idea what I should do to solve my problem?16:37
kriskropdChemicalB: your ssh client, or the terminal it is running in rather, might not have proper encoding set up for utf-816:38
Guest34509jay__: with UNETBOTIN... below where you put the .iso16:38
Yakisoba-when i try to connect Windows share manually (Menu- connect to windows share), it asks me samba user password, But i cant remember this16:38
Guest34509jay__: below you where the .iso16:38
kriskropdChemicalB: sorry, you said putty was set to utf-8? then maybe it's server side afterall - are you running inside tmux or screen?16:39
Guido1Hello, i need to recover my data. During the conection of the external driv,e with wiindows 8.1 computer i got an error message and now windows 8.1 doesn recognice it, windows xp can see it, but not open the files any more. how / with which program can i recover it, prefeurable with the folder structure?16:39
ChemicalBfor instance, a © (c) symbol comes out as a circle with question mark in it16:40
Yakisoba-to all: Can you give me default SMB conf file? it seems to me, i do something bad in my file16:40
jay__Guest34509: do you mean space before the partition for the iso? like the bootloader size?16:40
kriskropdChemicalB: I'm not sure then, if your ssh client (putty) is set correctly and you aren't running through a filter (like tmux or screen) I don't know why utf-8 wouldn't work properly16:41
Guest34509Guido1: use a linux distribution to make a backup, then format your external drive with NTFS and put your files into again16:41
jay__eeee: Test for Fake USB Flash Drives is running16:41
ChemicalBhmmm. maybe a reboot after the character set change is needed?16:42
Guest34509jay__: yes, i think the name in Unetbootin is persistence space or something like that!!16:42
eeeejay__: cool16:42
jay__ya i think they call it that but i didn't know what it meant. so persistence space is reserved for GRUB for example?16:43
Guido1Guest34509:  I get an errror (input / output error) if i try to open or coppy a file16:43
jay__I"m just trying to understand the whole process16:43
jay__it says it'll take 38 minutes eeee16:43
jay__it'll be a while lol16:43
eeeejay__: persistence allows you to save stuff between reboots in a live cd16:44
apeoidI'm thinking about going out and buying another sata cable so I can just skip this USB external nonsense.  HOWEVER.  It did boot once to the ubuntu installation on the external hard drive, right after install.  it has a UEFI partition.  However, when I boot, it just hangs on the mobo splash if I have the hard drive turned on.16:44
Guest34509Guido1: in a linux distribution???16:44
jay__oh. so is persistence a linux swap area on the hdd?16:44
apeoidI have changed the bios settings according to ubuntu help docs and tried many times.  I've disconnected the other drives in the computer so I just have dvd, usb hard drive.  that's how I install.16:45
Yakisoba-anyone help?16:45
Guido1Guest34509: yes,, i got the eerror with linux16:46
jay__should i format without persistence then (aka Allocation unit size in windows) since i'm not using a live cd?16:46
bjrohanIs it possible to have upstart NOT generate a log for a script?16:46
apeoidI have to get on the MUNI and go clear downtown to get a sata cable because San Francisco is weird... please help me avoid going out doors16:46
Yakisoba-I have 2 PC in local network. One subnet. I see Windows-machine from Ubuntu but I can't access to PC from Ubuntu16:46
eeeejay__:  persistence isnt the allocation unit size in windows, it's what you set in unetbootin or lili16:47
jay__ok. well what is allocation unit size in windows for?16:47
Guest34509Guido1: that's so weird, because usually that problem is with permissions16:48
Guest34509Guido1: I have an external drive as well and that problems happened to me too!!16:49
apeoidI'll have to take a shower, get dressed, go out into meatspace with nothing but a gingerbread android phone... it'll take hours to get a sata cable.16:49
arun_GRUB timeout=0 even when explicitly et to non-zero value16:49
arun_any ideas anyone16:49
jay__eeee: if this ends up being a hardware issue with my USB stick i'll be Sooooo much happier. I've had nothing but problems with linux and if it's all because of my stupid USB stick, it'll give me a renewed outlook on linux. i'll give it a fair second chance :)16:50
Guido1Guest34509: so maybe windows 8.1 did something strange with the rights. It takes about 5 or 10 minutes until i can see the first layer of the folder structure16:50
apeoidit's not linux.  it's computers in general.  small bit procedural programmed elaborate calculators.16:52
apeoidjust wait until the singularity next year.  we'll all leave our bodies and inhabit the physics of the universe itself.16:52
ubottuapeoid: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:52
apeoidbut until then, my issue = new computer, dvd drive and usb hard drive only, install works fine and hard drive shows uefi partition.  reboot hangs at mobo splash.  I've changed the bios settings.  after installing ubuntu, it rebooted and the hard drive booted.  any additional restarts, it hangs at mobo splash.16:54
jay__jesus cfhowlett you're like the police in here16:54
apeoidit's early in the day jay16:54
trismbjrohan: add: console none I belive16:55
cfhowlettarun_ you edited your grub, but did you SAVE the changes to grub?16:55
apeoidshould the boot install be on sda or sda1?16:55
geniiapeoid: sda16:56
jay__i don't know what's happening with you're situation apeoid. but from what i understand, the bootload comes before any partitions16:56
jay__so sda is the drive, and you want it at the begining of the drive16:57
jay__so you want sda. sda1 will be a partition. that's where the OS is16:57
apeoidok good16:57
jay__bootloader* i meant16:57
bjrohantrism: thank you!16:57
Guido1any tips how i can get the data back with the folder structure?16:59
Guest34509genii: I have on sd1 an EFI partition but on sda2 /boot/efi... I used boot repair and it put that itself.... is it correct?? IM still having problems with my boot process!!16:59
jay__i dunno much about that Guest34509. maybe someone else can help you. I did however download parted magic from kickasstorrents and ran it from RAM. it has a program that will reinstall or fixed GRUB if that's what your bootloader is17:01
jay__I installed parted magic to a USB stick via LiLi USB Creator. (just verifying)17:02
Guest34509jay__: thanks I'll  try17:02
histo!uefi | Guest3450917:03
ubottuGuest34509: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:03
apeoidgood luck17:03
apeoidI've been through that page twice17:03
ms7Hello, when setting up the default fail2ban configs, what is the proper way of ensuring I can connect from multiple IPs if I don't know what they will be (traveling often). This is for a VPS install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.17:04
histoms7: fail2ban ban's after 3 failed login attempts by default.17:04
histoms7: if You want pm me your ip and I'll try and get banned17:04
=== revagomes__ is now known as revagomes
ms7Aha, I thought that was the case… so then it's just a matter of setting my home ip for being ignored, then changing the retry count and times.17:05
histoms7: why would you ignore your IP?  don't you have the password and or key?17:06
apeoidI'm going to try the hard drive on sata.  I'll let you all know the results.17:06
ms7I do17:06
histoms7: then you shouldn't get banned17:06
histoms7: what services are you trying to have it monitor17:07
ms7from Digital Ocean guides: "Including your address will guarantee that you do not accidentally ban yourself from your own server."17:07
ms7better safe than sorry?17:07
ms7nothing yet, I'm learning as I go about this.17:07
eeeehey jay__ i had to go for a bit, did the usb test finish yet17:08
jay__eeee: it still has 15 minutes left17:08
eeeeoh ok17:08
modernbobanyone know of something better than ark17:08
histoms7: add an ignoreip = your.ip.address.here    in your jail.conf17:09
histoinfo ark17:09
cfhowlett!info ark17:09
ubottuark (source: ark): archive utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.1 (trusty), package size 329 kB, installed size 1154 kB17:09
histomodernbob: what are you trying to do?17:09
modernbobrar or zip a directory...17:09
modernbobark is super slow17:10
=== lacroix is now known as Guest35778
ms7histo: Would that be the public IP?17:10
X-SetiHello, I have an odd question and I know this isn't the place.. I am looking for open source coders who might have some free time to help a community. I really want to be pointed in the right direction.17:10
cfhowlettX-Seti ##linux would be a good place to ask17:10
=== Guest35778 is now known as lacroixx
histoms7: yes17:11
ms7histo: thank you, much appreciated17:11
X-Setichrhowlett. thanks m8. I do not often come here so that chat room is a start.17:11
cfhowlettX-Seti happy2help17:11
histomodernbob: zip  works rather well or tar cxvf foo.tgz /some/directory17:11
histosorry tar czvf17:12
jay__eeee: there is exactly 1 megabyter that can't be tested on the USB stick. there was a message that came up saying that might be normal if formatted by windows(which it was) does this sound right?17:13
ikoniaVaticanCameos: ?17:13
VaticanCameosikonia: It's a glorious troll.17:13
modernbobcfhowlett: tar might be an option. Although I really wanted something gui but ark doesn't seem to want to do a directory just a single file17:13
ikoniaVaticanCameos: what is ?17:13
eeeeyeah i think so, it is at the beginning of the usb,17:14
VaticanCameoscheck out the PR.17:14
cfhowlettmodernbob sorry, but I don't have anywhere near enough knowledge to advise on ark.17:14
ikoniaVaticanCameos: please don't post that sort of thing here17:14
lacroixxhi im new to the ubuntu community and ubuntu in general. i have an older computer that doesnt have a built in networking card so i use a wireless usb adapter (on windows in the past) and it worked fine. now when i installed ubuntu 12.04 lts 64 bit it wont take that usb network adapter.... i looked and have been googling for a while now and i did LS17:14
lacroixxUSB and got this: ID 1668:1200 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. [hex] 802AIN Wireless N Network Adapter [Atheros AR9170+AR9101]17:14
ikoniaVaticanCameos: just ubuntu support here please.17:14
VaticanCameoslol okay17:14
ikoniaVaticanCameos: thanks17:14
histomodernbob: use the compression tools in nautilus17:15
jay__ok cool eeee  thanks17:15
histomodernbob: there are plenty of options, zip, gzip, 7z, rar etc...17:15
eeeejay__: sorry man17:16
arun_anybody here faced grub timeout issues17:16
histolacroixx: pretty sure that card should work out of the box.17:16
modernbobhisto: thanks17:16
arun_I cannot get to have Grub to have a timeout17:16
arun_it just boots17:16
jay__eeee: 7 minutes left. i'm excited for the results17:16
lacroixxits a usb17:16
arun_even after editing the /etc/default/grub file and doing a update-grub17:16
lacroixxnetwork adapater from Qwest17:17
eeeejay__: oh ok i thought it stopped running!17:17
jay__nah it's still going :)17:17
jay__sorry for the miscommunication17:17
histolacroixx: ahh looks like you need firmware possibly17:17
lacroixxhisto: how would i go about doing that?17:18
lacroixxID 1668:1200 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. [hex] 802AIN Wireless N Network Adapter [Atheros AR9170+AR9101]17:18
histolacroixx: sudo dmesg -c   unplug the device then plug it in..  Then pastebin the output of dmesg17:18
histolacroixx: nvm card should be working out of the box.17:19
=== db is now known as Guest87713
histolacroixx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsTP-Link17:19
jay__omg i just realized something. that just the writing phase! it'll be a while till it can verify as well17:19
jay__i'm guessing an hour? can i message you later with the results?17:20
lacroixxlemme keep trying17:20
lacroixxhold on17:20
lacroixxill be back17:20
jay__I'm going to watch some mythbuster and kill some time. ttyl y'all17:20
WigglesMcMuffinHey guys, can anyone in here change an immutable page on the ubuntu wiki, I found a rather minor error and I didn't know where to suggest changes17:21
apeoidboots on sata.  I had to enter the "bios" and select the drive to boot from, although it's the only one installed.17:22
apeoidso just boot order change17:22
=== one is now known as Guest17475
eeeeWigglesMcMuffin: maybe try #ubuntu-dev17:23
WigglesMcMuffineeee: Thanks. Will do17:24
WigglesMcMuffin... or not17:24
eeeethe channel is empty17:24
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:24
mettjusi am not being able to add postgres to startup items. can anyone plz help?17:25
histomettjus: sudo enable postgres17:26
mettjushisto: gives me -bash: enable: postgres: not a shell builtin17:29
mettjushisto: i'm on precise and installed postgres via apt-get install postgresql-9.317:30
histomettjus: sudo status postgres17:30
mettjushisto: gives Unknown job: postgres i can check status via service postgresql status17:31
benediktI have a laptop with nvidia optimus, and I'm using bumblebee. If I suspend it and resume, I am prompted for my password. After i enter the password I just get a blank screen. Usually it works once, then I get this beaviour.17:31
histomettjus: is it running?17:31
mettjushisto: nope17:32
=== newbie is now known as Guest49050
mettjushisto: i tried sudo update-rc.d postgresql defaults but it says System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/postgresql already exist.17:34
histomettjus: sudo update-rc.d postgres defaults && sudo /etc/init.d/postgres start17:34
histomettjus: sorry been on systemd for a long time forgot what ubuntu was doing.17:35
Guest49050I have a 512GB usb disk.  I have succeeded in putting things on it.  Now, I can neither recover the things on the usb disk nor paste items from my desktop computer onto the disk.It talks of splicing error or I/O error.  How do I get around it?17:35
histoGuest49050: do you have another backup of the data?17:35
ikoniaGuest49050: sounds like the devie is dead, or the usb port has hung17:35
Guest49050histo: I don't think so.  I had recovered the stuff from my cell phone, but ....17:36
star_proneif I have generated a public ssh key and I have used it to get access to a git repository, can I use that public key on a new laptop or do I have to generate a new one?17:36
mettjushisto: nope didn't work17:36
ikoniastar_prone: you can use that public key as much as you want17:37
mettjushisto: just restarted vm and postgresql is down17:37
Guest49050ikonia: I hope it is just the usb port rather than the disk17:37
histomettjus: did you do the update-rc.d command ?17:39
wlrrrunning ubuntu 14.04 trusty tahr and wanting to install virtualbox on it. The website provides an x86 .deb file for 14.04. Is it really that easy? dpkg -i debfile.deb?17:39
mettjushisto: update-rc.d postgresql defaults17:39
cowbaconwlrr: should be17:39
ikoniawlrr: use the version in the ubuntu repos17:39
cowbaconwlrr: or you can apt-get install it, but the website version is usually newer17:39
ikonianewer is not better17:40
mettjushisto: but it says System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/postgresql already exist.17:40
star_proneikonia: thank you!17:40
wlrrcowbacon: Ah. So do I play it better if I just go through the repos? Google shows PPA's but these are older version of ubuntu.17:40
histomettjus: sudo /etc/init.d/postgres status?17:41
mettjushisto: and indeed the file /etc/init.d/postgresql exists17:41
mettjushisto: down17:41
ikoniawlrr: just use the version in the stable ubuntu repos17:41
histomettjus: sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql start17:41
pikeIs it possible to clone only 2 of 3 displays together with 14.04 ? If so, how ?17:42
mettjushisto: that started postgres17:42
wlrrikonia: ok. wow I didn't know i just had to sudo apt-get install virtualbox. right on.17:42
histo!xrandr | pike17:42
ubottupike: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1217:42
mettjushisto: now it's online17:42
mettjushisto: but as soon as i reboot it will be down17:42
pikehisto, I will read, but it is possible ? only mention I've seen of clone is all or none17:43
histomettjus: check that the scripts are in the proper runlevels17:43
mettjushisto: dont know where they should be17:44
mettjushisto: i got postgresql in rc2 to rc517:45
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Heliarc57Is it possible to install ubuntu via pbx?17:51
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
frogblue'lo I try to change the sudo editor with sudo select-editor but it keeps reverting to nano. any special trick to do under 14.04, pls?17:53
=== Paradisee_ is now known as Paradisee
=== tcpman is now known as Guest34419
frogblueforget it... sudo update-alternatives --config editor17:54
Paddy_NIAfter a recent update the fonts in "Firefox" and "Thunderbird" look rather poor. Would anyone have any ideas about how I would rectify this?17:54
apeoidI'm on ubuntu now thanks18:00
apeoidpretty cool os18:00
apeoidthanks for like, making it18:00
moisescomo instalo netflix, quien me ayuda18:03
genii!es | moises18:04
ubottumoises: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:04
neutrinohow do i merge two folders with cp ?18:07
neutrinocp -r does it ?18:07
neutrinosuppose i have a folder usr in home directory18:07
neutrinoand want to merge its contents (inlcluding subfoldrs)18:08
__Eggs__Neutrino, cp -ru , the u updates files that are newer18:08
MagicSpudhey developers which ubuntu should I install here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15853560/xc_cube.pdf18:10
andrew2The official one18:10
neutrino__Eggs__: does this happen recursively ? like the usr/sbin merges with /usr/sbin ?18:11
neutrinoalso what if /usr/sbin is a simlink18:11
PiciMagicSpud: That link doesn't say anything about the specs of the computer.18:12
__Eggs__Neutrino, Yeah the -r would do that.18:12
__Eggs__Neutrino, symlink wouldn't work as it would say something about a non empty target, that's if you wanted to symlink the folder and not the individual files18:13
MagicSpudPici: chipset UX661-T Aopen Xcube 2Gb ram18:15
OerHeksMagicSpud, how about the cpu and gpu ?18:16
MagicSpudOerHeks no idea but old18:17
MagicSpudOerHeks it only had 500 Mb ram recently upgraded to two ddr 333 1Gb modules18:18
mzhikHey all18:19
mzhikI an architecture question18:19
OerHeksMagicSpud, try Xubuntu, you can test it in live mode first18:19
mzhikwhy aren't ubuntu (and most other linux distros) aren't sandboxing apps like mobile os?18:20
MagicSpudOerHeks the owner of the computer succeed installing once ubuntu 12.04 but when trying to upgrade the system complained18:20
MagicSpudxubuntu then18:20
mzhikIsn't it better security?18:21
MagicSpudOerHeks would you point me the download link?18:21
MagicSpudOerHeks its 32 bits18:21
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels18:21
MagicSpudOerHeks Xubuntu 14.04?18:22
OerHeksMagicSpud, sure, it is the latest version18:22
MagicSpudOerHeks no 64 bits?18:23
MagicSpudOerHeks okay I think I got it: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/14.04/release/18:24
apeoidchrome failed to install on ubuntu 14.04 lts18:28
eeeeapeoid: error msg?18:28
apeoidshould that happen?18:28
apeoidoh.  I retried and it worked.  n/m18:29
gaspyrhi, i have an issue with a driver18:29
gaspyrwhere can i download this :18:29
gaspyrthere is just description of the driver, without a download section18:30
histogaspyr: it's been included in the kernel since 2.6.1818:31
gaspyrbear with my noob question18:32
gaspyrso how do i get my usb wifi key to work then ?18:32
apeoidyaaay I'm installing things!@  thanks for building a free OS18:33
histogaspyr: it should work out of the box if that is your chipset.18:33
apeoidI'll use it to build a sparse distributed memory based supercomputer that will bring better AI to video games!18:33
histogaspyr: what does lsusb say?18:33
geniigaspyr: Does lsmod | grep zd1211rw       ...show any result?18:33
gaspyrit didnt work18:33
gaspyryea lsmod ... sows this18:34
gaspyrzd1211rw               57580  018:34
gaspyrmac80211              546051  2 b43,zd1211rw18:34
gaspyrcfg80211              409394  3 b43,mac80211,zd1211rw18:34
histogaspyr: okay what happens when you try to connect to a network?18:34
histogaspyr: lspci | grep Network18:34
DammitJimwhy does one see tutorials where they say to put your dns-nameserver in /etc/network/interfaces18:34
DammitJimand others in /etc/resolv.conf?18:34
gaspyrit's actually disabled by hardware switch18:35
gaspyrthats what it says18:35
geniigaspyr: So the adapter is already recognized and the proper driver is loaded.18:35
gaspyrjust wondering, do i have to activate the wifi for it to run ?18:36
andrew2Run what ?18:36
histoDammitJim: the new way is in /etc/network/interfaces because resolv.conf now gets overwritten by resolvconf package18:37
gaspyrthe wifi usb key18:37
histogaspyr: sudo rfkill unblock all18:37
histogaspyr: what says it's disabled?18:38
andrew2Leave Jim out of it !18:38
geniigaspyr: Please pastebin result of: rfkill list18:38
=== jibran is now known as jibran|afk
gaspyr0: phy0: Wireless LAN18:38
gaspyrSoft blocked: no18:38
gaspyrHard blocked: yes18:38
gaspyr1: phy1: Wireless LAN18:38
gaspyrSoft blocked: no18:38
gaspyrHard blocked: no18:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:38
gaspyrsry geni18:39
andrew2Pasrebin suxor18:39
geniigaspyr: Please try now: rfkill unblock 018:39
andrew2Uno dos18:39
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andrew2Loves men18:40
=== s3ri0us is now known as s3ri0us|away
bazhang!ot | andrew218:40
noah_Is there something you need help with, andrew2?18:40
ubottuandrew2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:40
andrew2No comment18:40
gaspyrdone genii18:40
DammitJimgotta stay current!. thanks histo18:41
andrew2Big egos are play here18:41
DammitJimdoes one NEED to put broadcast and network?18:41
andrew2No need to attack me18:41
andrew2G w m18:41
noah_andrew2: We're not, we just want to know if theres anything you need help with bud.18:42
Zerodeamonnot normally DammitJim18:42
andrew2Aereo shut down18:42
andrew2See that ?18:42
andrew2I think its bull.18:42
histogaspyr: Why are you using the usb wireless instead of the broadcom wireless onboard?18:42
gaspyrbecause the wifi signal is weak18:43
gaspyrthe guy who repaired my pc, cut by mistake the little cable of wifi18:43
andrew2Greedy cable TV shut it down18:43
noah_andrew2: I hate that it happened, and theres tons of people that would love to talk about it in #ubuntu-offtopic18:43
andrew2Its stupid its like big cable found loop holes.18:44
bazhangthats not on topic here andrew218:44
andrew2And won that way18:44
gaspyrhisto, just wondering, a noob question, so do i have to turn wifi switch on to use the usb wifi key, right ?18:44
histogaspyr: no18:44
andrew2Yeah the used boot leg Ubuntu to do it.18:44
histogaspyr: the usb wifi key should be working.  You need to turn the switch on to use the builtin wireless18:45
gaspyractually the usb wifi key still not working18:45
gaspyrit's weird18:45
andrew2Its pretty much gonna flip to be a lawsuit against Ubuntu now.18:45
DammitJimthis might not be an ubuntu question, but I am setting up LAMP and for some reason my /var/www/info.php file can't be accessed with my browser18:46
histo!details | gaspyr18:46
ubottugaspyr: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:46
DammitJimI know apache2 is running 'cause I can see the page when I put in the IP address18:46
eeeeDammitJim: try F518:46
noah_DammitJim: Have you checked the permissions of that file?18:47
DammitJimit needs execute?18:47
bjrohanI need help using screen in an upstart script. currently when I do the log for the script says: Cannot make directory '/var/run/screen': Permission denied18:47
DammitJimit's -rw-r--r--18:47
apeoidso, I should press ctrl-alt-t to do stuff?  what about that terminal window I see people using18:47
eeeeDammitJim: did you try F5?18:47
DammitJimyes eeee18:47
noah_DammitJim: As long as you have access to read it should be fine. Try eeee's idea.18:47
DammitJimI did F518:47
DammitJimbut the file has never loaded18:47
gaspyrok ubottu18:48
DammitJimusing this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu18:48
DammitJimI've done this before on Debian18:48
DammitJimnot sure why it's not jiving on 14.0418:48
histoDammitJim: did you install php ?18:48
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gaspyrhisto, can i private message you ?18:49
DammitJiminteresting... the error.log says: script '/var/www/html/info.php' not found or unable to stat18:49
=== dfgas is now known as dfgas_off
bjrohanOdd part is that yesterday the script ran just fine as it was, not for some reason it looks like screen isn't loaded first. Does that happen? Is there a stanza I can use to make sure screen is available first?18:49
geniigaspyr: Apologies on lag, my work is requiring me often here right now.  ... now, if you issue again: rfkill list    ...dows it show both adapters now enabled?18:49
DammitJimgot it18:49
DammitJiminfo.php was in the wrong place18:49
histoDammitJim: dpkg -l | grep php518:49
DammitJimthanks guys18:49
noah_Ah, there we go. Good luck mate.18:50
=== ares_ is now known as Snuggyfoo
DammitJimstupid human mistakes like these are what my biggest flaws are18:50
histogenii: his internel is hard blocked, he has the switch off.18:50
gaspyrit still shows the same out geni18:50
gaspyralso apologies genii, histo for disturbing you, really !18:50
bpromptDammitJim:   there are no backport fixes for that in the repositories =)18:50
geniihisto: Ah, right ( had to doublecheck the paste again)18:51
histogaspyr: What do you mean by the usb adapter "isn't working"  how are you trying to configure it?18:51
gaspyrhmm hold on i will try a thing , activate the switch then see18:51
eeeeDammitJim: it's not your fault, in the guide it is written sudo nano /var/www/info.php ;)18:51
eeeeand these things happen all the time anyways18:51
gaspyrnothing , i just inserted it18:51
eeeehey jay__18:52
DammitJimdid something change from version to version?18:52
jay__my USB stick passed with no errors18:52
DammitJimI should notify the guy that wrote it18:52
eeeeok jay__18:52
histogaspyr: you have to configure it18:52
eeeei found something online: go to the software center and change your mirror to mainserver18:52
histogaspyr: how are you trying to join a network?18:52
jay__any other ideas eeee ?18:52
eeeejay: http://askubuntu.com/questions/487405/unable-to-install-most-major-packages-unmet-dependencies-and-cannot-be-fixed18:53
catalaseok, there are two users: user x and user y. i am user x, i also own the server. however, user y owns some files in my home directory, and i need to access them, but i recieve permission denied. how can i make it so that permissions are recursively applied to that directory so that i can access all subdirectories as they are created18:53
jay__if it's not the stick and it's not the iso, could it be the Unetbootin or LiLi USB Creator that are causing problems?18:53
amitprakashUbuntu live cd/usb is broken18:53
amitprakashFails to boot on my UEFI system when booted in non UEFI/CSM mode18:54
agu1000Hello. I changed my /home to use another partition, and it all worked fine for like 5 reboots. Now I installed updates, and after rebooting, my /home is back to the old one and I can't find the other partition I use for home under "Devices" in the files explorer. What should I do?18:54
histogaspyr: you can't just plug it in and have it automagically join a network. it won't know which one to join. You have to configure it with network manager applet.18:55
eeeejay__: run in the terminal software-properties-gtk and change the server and press ok18:55
eeeejay__: ah, you have to reinstall ubuntu though18:55
jay__ok what do i need to do eeee ? reinstall ubuntu and type what?18:56
raspberrypifani wish ubuntu still gave away free cds, when i was a freshmen i order liek 20 of them18:56
historaspberrypifan: people still use CDs?18:57
raspberrypifanwell if they sent it out on flash drives18:57
catalasehisto, yes18:57
raspberrypifanbut ppl in Ecuador still use typewriters18:57
=== s3ri0us|away is now known as s3ri0us
agu1000I want my fucking BLU RAY now!18:57
eeeejay__: did you change the server location when you had ubuntu installed? or did you notice what server was selected?18:58
jay__eeee:  i read that article. i don't know how to change my repository serves18:58
* bprompt beams at agu1000 with a blue light18:58
* Zerodeamon gives agu1000 the big blu ray of cock18:58
jay__i'm too much oh a newb sorry18:58
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest11971
Zerodeamonwhat was that for?18:59
IdleOneZerodeamon: for excessive bad language18:59
Zerodeamonlol excessive?18:59
gaspyrthank you genii and histo, it now works :)18:59
agu1000excessive? sorry for saying one apparently banned word18:59
IdleOneI suggest you both read the guidelines ubottu linked you two which are also linked in the channel topic.19:00
bpromptjay__:    what are you trying to do anyway?  if I can stick my beak19:00
Zerodeamonhey Idle0ne can you hel me out with a problem?19:01
agu1000I still want my freaking blu ray :'(19:01
apeoidhrm how do I execute get-pip.py in terminal correctly?  says permission denied OSError19:01
histoapeoid: pything get-pip.py19:02
catalasei have two user accounts, how can i make it so that i can access my other user account from my primary user account19:02
histoapeoid: python get-pip.py19:02
apeoidI did that19:02
agu1000Hello. I changed my /home to use another partition, and it all worked fine for like 5 reboots. Now I installed updates, and after rebooting, my /home is back to the old one and I can't find the other partition I use for home under "Devices" in the files explorer. What should I do?19:02
histogaspyr: what did you do?19:02
ikoniaagu1000: an update will not change your fstab configuration19:02
histocatalase: you mean access your other users files?19:03
gaspyrit worked histo19:03
ikoniaagu1000: correct your fstab19:03
gaspyrjust restarted my pc :)19:03
catalasehisto, yeah19:03
agu1000ikonia: my fstab is still the same, and it used to work fine19:03
histocatalase: you cold add yourself to their group or vice versa19:03
gaspyrthank you a lot histo and genii :)19:03
catalasehisto, how do i do that19:03
ikoniaagu1000: your system will only mount what you tell it to19:03
ikoniaagu1000: you tell it what to mount in fstab19:04
ikoniaagu1000: what does fstab say to mount for home19:04
agu1000ikonia: UUID=4774387b-2bf3-4eba-9624-9deffcc3ae1d   /home    ext4          defaults       0       219:04
histocatalase: what is the output of groups19:04
agu1000ikonia: and that is the correct UUID19:04
ikoniaagu1000: is that the old or the new partition19:04
apeoidthis is the error message on get-pip.py http://bpaste.net/show/429103/19:04
agu1000ikonia: the new one! so it should be fine19:04
ikoniaagu1000: what does the output of mount show19:05
catalasecatalase adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare19:05
catalasei guess i need to add them to my group then19:05
catalaseerr, or the other way around19:05
histosudo usermod -a -G otherusername catalase19:05
agu1000ikonia: mount: can't find show in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab19:05
ki7mtapeoid, You probably need: sudo python get-pip.py as it's installing to the system first.19:05
histooh then the other way arround the first one after the -G is the group then username19:05
ikoniaagu1000: pelase pastebin the output of "mount"19:05
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
jay__eeee: i checked integrity and there were 0 errors this time :)19:06
agu1000ikonia: http://pastebin.com/jZvbv2B119:06
eeeenice :)19:07
hamiltontIs there a way to say that an entry in /etc/apt/sources.list is for 64 bit only?19:07
histoagu1000: probably pastebin  sudo blkid also19:07
jay__so it should install with no problems. i might just have to change the server so i can download programs eeee19:07
catalasehisto how do i undo one of those changes19:07
hamiltontI'm getting a ton of 404s for i386 not being found19:07
jay__how would i go about changing the server? and why wouldn't it give me a good server by default?19:07
ikoniaagu1000: ok, so home is not in there, if you do "sudo mount -a" what do you get ?19:07
histocatalase: what do you mean?19:07
agu1000ikonia: histo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7738251/19:07
eeeeit should have the server for your country by default i think, unless it was having temporary problems or something19:08
catalasehisto, i need to UNappend19:08
agu1000ikonia: no output19:08
ikoniaagu1000: is /home mounted now ?19:08
apeoidki7mt, thank you that was it.  I didn't know how to do that yet. :x19:08
catalasehisto, i need to remove one of my users from the group19:08
eeee(i mean maybe the server was having problems that day)19:08
histocatalase: type groups as the user  to get a list then; sudo usermod -G specify,all,the,groups,besides,the,one,to,remove  username19:08
jay__oh ok. well i'm installing without the internet (ethernet) could that have something to do with it? maybe the distro is set by default to an old server when you install without the ethernet plugged in?19:09
agu1000ikonia: home is always mounted but it's the wrong one. it's not the new partition19:09
ki7mtapeoid, ok, glad it worked, but just FYI, PIP is also in the UBuntu repos, both python-pip and python3-pip19:09
ikoniaagu1000: home is not mounted19:09
agu1000ikonia: right.19:09
ikoniaagu1000: your output of "mount" shows it's not mounted19:09
histoikonia: it was showing /dev/sda1 as /home19:09
agu1000yeah, sorry. the partition is not mounted as home19:09
agu1000it's using a different directory for home instead19:10
ikoniaok, now I understand19:10
ikoniasda1 has the same uuid19:10
ikoniaas what's in fstab19:10
histoikonia: plus his luks stuff also19:10
ikoniaso it's mounting the correct partition19:10
agu1000ikonia: same UUID as what else?19:10
agu1000ikonia: oh, yes.19:11
agu1000because i want to mount sda1 as /home19:11
ikonia[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~[6~so it has mounted the correct partition that you told it to19:11
ikoniaagu1000: so it has mounted the correct device that you told it to in /etc/fstab19:11
ikoniait's behaving correctly19:11
eeeejay__: i dont know, i dont think so it should use the main server, ill brb i have to park the car19:12
agu1000ikonia: oh i see. then why are my files not in home, and why is the sda1 volume not showing up in "Devices" like sda2 is?19:12
ikoniaagu1000: I don't know what you mean by devices, so I can't answer that19:12
ZerodeamonI seem to be having a problem with this install, the top menu bar is missing...19:12
DammitJimZerodeamon, why are you telling me that on PVT?19:13
ikoniaagu1000: why the files aren't there - I don't know, I don't know what you did to your system19:13
agu1000ikonia: in ubuntu, i open "Files" and then i can see "Devices", which is pretty much /media/19:13
ikoniaagu1000: thats normally external devices19:14
histoWhy is ubottu so jacked up now?19:14
ikonia /home is a system device19:14
ikoniahisto: looks ok ?19:14
histoHe still show's factoids on search that are non existent19:14
ikoniahisto: pm me an example please and I'll take a look19:14
ikoniaI've not noticed so don't know19:14
histoikonia: /msg ubottu search someterm  you will get all kinds of factoids that are long gone.19:14
agu1000ikonia: yes. i have 2 disks in this pc. sda and sdb. sdb4 has ubuntu i believe. sda1 should have /home. I can find sda2 under Devices, but not sda1. Before the update, i could see both.19:15
agu1000now i can't see sda1 under Devices and my /home doesn't have the directories i used to have19:15
ikoniaagu1000: sda2 is ntfs so external to your system19:15
agu1000ikonia: yes. sda1 is ext4 and I could still see it under Devices before the update19:15
ikoniaagu1000: I don't know about that,19:16
ikoniaI don't know what you've done to your system19:16
shlant1anybody familiar with ssl handshake failures on 14.04?19:16
ikoniaI suspect you don't have a clear picture of what's there19:16
agu1000under /media/lucas i can only see data, which is sda2. no sda119:16
ikoniaeg: "where is my data"19:16
agu1000ikonia: my data was in /home in sda1.19:16
ikoniaagu1000: /media will not have sad219:16
ikoniasorry sda119:16
agu1000now sda1 is not there, so my home is probably using another directory i guess19:16
ikoniaas it's your home partition19:16
agu1000unless my data got removed19:16
ikoniayou don't see sda1 in /media - as it's mounted in /home19:17
histoIf you mount on top of a directory all files that were there are now inaccessible19:17
raspberrypifani am trying to access my ubuntu vm from my mac host but it wont give me access. if i did ssh localhost i get connection denied. the vm ppl told me ot come here19:18
agu1000ikonia: ok, i'll try unmounting sda1 as home, so i can see it under /media, and then i'll see if it has my files, right?19:18
ikoniaagu1000: it won't just appear under /media19:18
ikoniaagu1000: why do you want it under /media - it's your home directory ?19:18
agu1000ikonia: why not. yes it's my home but i wanna see if my current /home is REALLY sda1 or not really19:18
agu1000cause sda1 has other files in it19:19
ikoniaagu1000: just unmount /home - then look into /home19:19
ikoniaforget /media - that is nothing to do with /home19:19
agu1000ok. how do i unmount?19:19
ikoniaumount /hoome19:19
agu1000umount: /home: device is busy.19:19
xeno_I'm unable to make gpg --gen-key work.19:20
agu1000ikonia: umount: /home: device is busy.19:20
histoagu1000: get out of that directory first19:20
ikoniayour desktop will also be locking it19:21
agu1000still busy19:21
opus__hey guys I installed a i386 package19:21
xeno_I am using these instructions:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto19:21
opus__now my system wants to install only i386 packages!19:21
ikoniaagu1000: remove / comment the line from fstab and reboot19:21
opus__any idea? i'm running 14.0419:21
agu1000ikonia: ok19:21
xeno_No matter how many times in how many ways I try it, it ends up asking over and over and over for more text and never stops doing so.19:21
xeno_I asked on the gpg group and got no response.19:22
histoxeno_: what is asking you for text?19:23
=== gnu is now known as Guest84770
tozen> opus_ :uname -a ??19:25
histoopus__: which i386 package and how did you install it?19:26
agu1000_ikonia: i can now only login as Guest.19:26
agu1000_because i umounted /home19:26
agu1000_how do i login as root?19:28
agu1000_i can't19:28
opus__I installed  sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32stdc++619:28
opus__my system is x86_64: Linux laptop 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 23:30:00 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:28
opus__Now everything is i38619:29
opus__(all new packages)19:29
Zerodeamonhow do i fix the top menu?19:29
jay__is there anyway to see messages direct to you while you were away from IRC?19:29
noah_jay__: Ctrl+F search for your name?19:30
agu1000hello. i can't login as my user. only as Guest. so i can't do much19:30
tharkunjay__: /j #your_irc_client_here don't expect everyone to know every client19:30
agu1000ikonia: any ideas?19:30
histoagu1000: single user mode19:30
agu1000histo: what? how's that19:30
histoagu1000: mount your different file systems and figure out what you want where.19:31
jay__by client what do you mean ?19:31
agu1000histo: i can't because i'm only Guest.19:31
Guest62339I have two MP4 files that I can't watch How do Idiagnose the problem and how do I get it to work?19:31
jay__the program i'm using for irc?19:31
histoagu1000: from the grub menu recovery mode or whatever hipsters are calling it these days19:31
tharkunjay__: The program you are using19:31
jay__oh ok thanks19:31
agu1000histo: you think that will give me root?19:31
histoagu1000: yes19:31
agu1000ok i'll try. grub doesn't show a menu though. how would i access it?19:32
jay__ohh are you saying i should go to a channel for CIRC and ask there tharkun ?19:32
tharkunjay__: Yes :)19:32
histoagu1000: hold shift or keep pressing it19:32
jay__ok thanks lol19:32
agu1000brb then19:32
jay__is there an IRC channel for everything?19:33
xeno_histo:  yes it asks for text.19:34
histoxeno_: what is it?19:34
xeno_I got it to finish once when I ignored it, I wonder if that is my problem.  I just need to ignore it.19:34
histoagu1000: hold down right shift19:34
noah_jay__: Probably. :) Everyone loves to talk about everything. An Ubuntu related note though.. If your IRC client supports logs: You can use sid or grep to find your name.19:35
histoxeno_: you're just babbling19:35
histo!alis | jay__19:35
ubottujay__: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*19:35
jay__thanks noah, but i don't know what grep and sid are lol i'm pretty new to linux19:35
xeno_Sorry.  Maybe I just need to be patient.  I'm using 2048 size.  Does it typically take many many minutes to generate the keys?19:36
xeno_And yes it is asking for more text again now.19:36
histoxeno_: What command are you running that it's asking your for more text?19:37
xeno_gpg --gen-key19:37
jay__i have a general question for you guys19:38
xeno_And this time, when it finished, a bunch of the text I provided in response to the apparent prompt gets scrolled out to the unwanting shell after the program finishes.19:38
jay__I will be using Linux as my main operating system. I use a computer for surfing the web, watching youtube and downloading torrents. Is there any NEED for me to learn the command terminal?19:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest36512
tharkunjay__: yes19:39
jay__tharkun: why?19:39
tharkun< jay__> I will be using Linux as my main operating system. <-- Some stuff is only fixed through cli19:39
noah_jay__: As much as a GUI is nice, the Terminal is an extremely powerful and important part to Linux distrobutions.19:39
jay__even if i just watch video and surf reddit for example. i still need to know the terminal?19:40
tharkunjay__: The most powerfull program you will ever meet is the Terminal. If everything else fails the terminal will still be there.19:40
noah_You don't have to know absolutely everything, I mean, Google is here and all: But it's nice to be familiar.19:40
jay__why would i run into problems if all i do is use the web browser and dl torrents?19:40
tharkunjay__: No need to panic. But eventually you will learn it. Bits at a time19:41
jhutchinsjay__: It can be a lot of fun to have the control the console gives you.19:41
noah_and the Terminal is fun! It's a lot more fun than it looks, I promise. Have you ever wanted to LISTEN to your hard-drive?19:41
jay__i will learn if i have to. it just seems overwhelming to learn the terminal. i don't know where to even start19:41
tharkunjay__: Because the most powerfull bittorrent that exists runs on a terminal19:41
histojay__: for instance, you could download all your torrents in terminal, or create a script to pull your youtube videos with youtube-dl etc...19:41
jhutchinsjay__: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO.html http://www.linuxcommand.org/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/05/20/terminal1.html http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/~kevin/unix-tutorial/toc.html19:41
eeeejay__: did it work?19:42
histojay__: http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_learning_the_shell.php19:42
ki7mtjay__, We use this to teach beginners things about the terminal: http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php19:42
tharkunjay__: There is an old book that guides you very gently across learning what the terminal can do. It was even on the debian repos ;P19:42
jay__this is what i mean. so many links. so much info19:42
jay__what is important that i need?19:42
noah_jay__: Just pick one. It's not complicated. Just take us on it. ;)19:42
histojay__: start small19:42
tharkunjay__: Don't panic, you don't need all those links mostly you've got enough man pages in your system allready installed that can blow your mind away ;P19:43
histojay__: it's something you can do in your spare time and you will thank us in the long run.19:43
BobHoppiapt-get -help19:43
ki7mtTLDP is a great resource as is Mike Wiki and all,  but they aren't really geared toward those new to the terminal or Linux in general.19:43
[conrad]Hello everyone. We're looking to migrate away from LTSP to full desktops, and it seems I may not know the proper term to search for, but the initial issue I'm running into is looking for a way to keep the machines on the network "centrally and remotely managed". Meaning, I can choose when to do updates, and I won't need to run around to all the machines to do this. Also, the ability to install the same package to all the machines at once19:44
[conrad]. Landscape looks what I may want, but for $100+/machine it's not cost effective. Plus there are a lot of features Landscape provides that we wouldn't need. I've seen results that indicate puppet, foreman, and spacewalk is the alternative, but it seems those are more for managing servers, not desktops. Does anyone have any other suggestions?19:44
jay__ok. do i don't need to read a book on linux?19:44
jhutchinsThe DOS-Win doc is pretty out dated, nobody on MS systems uses the command line any more.19:44
noah_(Just for reference) man (as tharkun said) is short for manual. If you ever have any problems knowing what a command does or anything like that: Simply put in your terminal - "man *command*"19:44
jay__so i don't*19:44
histojay__: no but it will help. I would try things out test the waters, and read up on the command line when you get the opportunity.19:45
jay__does terminal have a "start" point. like, can i see all commands possible and just type "man *command" one by one?19:45
jhutchinsThere's also apropos which will tell you if there is anything like the term you specify in the man pages.  apropos dhcp f'rinstance.19:45
histojay__: the link I sent you http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_learning_the_shell.php  seems pretty new user to me.19:45
ki7mtjay__, Not true, I just finished a cross platform build on a project that used Batch scripts to build the entire project, Python, MinGW, and FFTW19:45
noah_Sure! Just type "help"19:45
histojay__: yeah man intro19:45
noah_Or ^19:45
eeeejay__: you can use tab completion, like type the first letter and press tab a couple times19:46
eeeejay__: i take it ubuntu is running ? :D19:46
jay__i'll check out learning the shell19:46
jay__ubuntu is updating downstairs19:46
jay__i gotta go check on it eeee19:46
jhutchinsjay__: http://www.cryptonomicon.com/beginning.html19:46
jay__histo:  can i just type intro in the terminal?19:47
histojay__: type       man intro19:47
histojay__: although that link I gave you is more new user friendly than man pages19:48
ki7mthisto, that's a good resource, and it's well written.19:49
barzHi guys, Anyone here that know about  x86f-input-wacom 0.25 and Ubuntu 12.04?19:49
jay__jhutchins: what was i supposed to learn from that?19:49
jay__i read it but...19:49
histojay__: http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_learning_the_shell.php19:49
jhutchinsjay__: Just for fun.19:50
ki7mtJust start from the beginning, and follow along in a terminal.19:50
jay__i have learning the shell book marked for later19:50
jay__oh ok jhesketh_19:50
barzoh well I want to conserve my xorg, because ati drivers, I don't know the xorg-xserver-input-wacom-trusty-lts will help or ruin everything19:51
histobarz: what do you mean by conserve?19:51
jay__Xubuntu is oddly designed. my mouse went away because a screen saver came on while i was downloading updates. luckily the enter button worked19:52
barzwell, my old computer needs to run ati private drivers19:52
jay__it has such odd imperfections.19:52
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BobHoppidid dumbassjim stop by?19:53
* BobHoppi apolagizes, wrong channel19:54
jhutchinsjay__: Actually, this is more relevant, an annotated version from 2004 that addresses some changes since 1999: http://garote.bdmonkeys.net/commandline/index.html19:54
noah_jay__: One of the great uses of the terminal is switching what desktop enviroment you use. So if you don't like the one that came with Xubuntu, you're free to change it. :) Along of course with your screensaver and how it behaves.19:55
barzand there is a package called xorg-xserver-trustylts19:55
barzI don't know if it modifies the xorg-xserver 1.11.319:56
DammitJimI think something has changed with 14.04 where when one installs apache2, it sets up the path for the site to be /var/www/html instead of /var/www19:56
barzI have not tried19:56
BobHoppino DammitJim its still /var/www19:56
DammitJimweird how my config was different19:57
DammitJimfrom a fresh install19:57
barzI want to make work my wacom intuos pro, and run my legacy ati drivers19:57
barzmy legacy ati drivers work fine now19:57
jay__I'd like to try other desktop environments for funzies19:58
jay__I"ll take a read through that in a bit jhutchins19:58
barzI was trying to compile xf86-input-wacom-0.25 with this instructions http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=11030419:58
BobHoppibut apache questions are more of a #apache query am I wrong?19:58
barzbut patch is not runing, it freezes on terminal19:59
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PiciDammitJim: yes, it is now /var/www/html20:00
jay__ok im' going to mess around on my newly installed Xubuntu ttyl20:00
=== eeee is now known as Eric^^
apeoidin apt-get what does apt stand for20:02
Piciapeoid: Advanced Package Tool20:02
apeoidright on20:02
apeoidit's nice20:03
bjrohanCan anyone help we get screen to work on an upstart script?20:04
zyansorry for the interuption, but whats the off-topic channel name?20:07
histobjrohan: why are you running screen with upstart?20:07
zyan#Ubuntu off-topic I thought it was. but theres a space there.20:07
Picizyan: #ubuntu-offtopic20:07
zyanoh thank you20:07
apeoidhi.  I just installed ubuntu and I'm installing software.  using the ubuntugis repository got me qgis 2.0.1 and I'd rather have 2.4.  what do?20:07
Segnale007a quick question here20:08
Segnale007could anyone tell me what cinnamon software rendering mode is ?20:08
histo!info qgis20:08
ubottuqgis (source: qgis): Geographic Information System (GIS). In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.1-2build2 (trusty), package size 3857 kB, installed size 14129 kB20:08
histoapeoid: look for a ppa that has your versoin or build from source20:08
sezendoes anybody know a better gui interface than gvim for vim?20:09
gooberfoobIs anyone available to help me ?20:09
sezeni d like to20:09
sezenjust ask your question20:09
gooberfoobWell, I have 2 issues. I just installed Debian.20:10
apeoidok, your second issue?20:10
gooberfoobWhen installing I got a mirror archive error20:10
barzhaha I returned form debian20:10
gooberfoobI installed debian without a archive mirror, so what should I do ?20:11
kostkon!debian | gooberfoob20:11
ubottugooberfoob: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!20:11
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:11
kostkongooberfoob, this is an ubutnu support channel.20:11
Segnale007 anyone knows what cinnamon software rendering mode is ?20:12
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geirhasezen: gvim can be one of three different guis for vim ...20:15
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:15
sezengeirha, what are the others?20:15
geirhasezen: to name the others, I'd need to know which you're currently using :p20:16
sezeni m using gvim for educational purpose20:16
geirhaseanh: apt-cache rdepends vim-gui-common20:16
geirhaseanh, sezen: oops, mixup ^20:17
mettjusis it possible to automatically confirm ufw enable? something like the -y option20:18
jack-$ aptitude why libssl0.9.8:i38620:18
jack-i   google-earth-stable Hängt ab von ia32-libs20:18
jack-why the heck...20:18
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:18
leonzeIs this place pooing?20:19
leonzeNo one is on20:19
ovrflw0xhey leonze20:20
ovrflw0xyo dawg wat cookin' in da hut leonze20:20
leonzechillin. doin some homework20:20
leonzeso, do people here not say anything?20:21
BobHoppieewww leonze dont remind me i got to do that today too...20:21
ovrflw0xdunno man20:21
leonzei've never really IRC'd20:21
tntIs there any reasy that doing an apt-get update of a package keeps erasing the /etc/xxx dir that's part of that package ? In the package it's a directory, but I locally replaced it with a symlink to a config dir on another partition and after an update, the symlink is erased and replaced by an empty directory ...20:22
leonzeBobHoppi DOIT DOIT DOIT20:22
OerHeks!ot | leonze ovrflw0x20:22
ubottuleonze ovrflw0x: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:22
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:22
leonzewhoops! sorry20:22
ovrflw0xOerHeks, ^^20:22
PaulePanterHi. How do I find the bug report in Launchpad after I run `ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr….crash`?20:22
hexacodeanyone know any virtual usb solution for ubuntu? i want to write a program that pretends to be a keyboard or a mouse20:22
BobHoppileonze -_- this is the ubuntu support chan you might be looking for offtopic20:22
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MagicSpudhow to find out which applications run as root?20:23
leonzeactually, I can no longer connect my HDMI port working on my laptop20:23
PiciMagicSpud: In what context?  The ones currently running as root?20:23
bjrohanhisto: sorry for the delay. My upstart script starts a minecraft server, that once running takes commands, would like it to run in screen so that I can access it.20:23
leonzeI pulled it out while it was on......... prolly bad idea........... and it won't even recognize my external monitor20:24
MagicSpudPici its a client application and I dont remember the installation process...I am fearing now it was installed as root and therefore it has root privileges20:24
MagicSpudPici over the system20:24
bprompthexacode:    what do you mean by "virtual usb solution"?20:24
BobHoppisounds like a vm thing20:25
BobHoppilike esx20:25
PaulePanterMagicSpud: ps -U root -u root u20:25
Loshkibjrohan: off the top of my head, can you just start it via screen from rc.local instead of via upstart?20:25
PaulePanterMagicSpud: Straight from the examples in `man ps`!20:26
mettjusis it possible to automatically confirm ufw enable? something like the -y option?20:26
PaulePanterMagicSpud: ps aux and look at the first column.20:26
bjrohanLoshki: would starting it on rc.local give me access to the running server?20:26
Loshkimettjus: ufw status doesn't do it?20:26
mettjusLoshki: ufw status shows the current status20:27
bjrohanLoshki: Duh, yes it would. why not use upstart?20:27
mettjusi need to enable it without manual confirmation20:27
sleepeehello everybody.  does anybody own an intel 7260 wifi card and experience drops in connection??20:27
Loshkibjrohan: I'm thinking that if you start it inside screen e.g. screen minecraft <args> then you can use screen re-attach later20:28
=== Guest16980 is now known as David_LoKo
bjrohanLoshki: yep, but why not in upstart vs rc.local? Wouldn't it be cleaner in upstart vs anything else I may need to put in rc.local in the future?20:29
Loshkimettjus: odd, mine doesn't ask for confirmation. Are you running it under sudo?20:30
Loshkibjrohan: you can put it where you like, but if you put it in the upstart script, you risk it being overwritten if you update/reinstall minecraft, and you have to edit the upstart script, which is gnarly20:31
mettjusLoshki: yes sudo20:31
bjrohanLoshki: Gotcha20:31
mettjusLoshki: mine says Command may disrupt existing ssh connections. Proceed with operation (y|n)?20:32
Loshkimettjus: ah, so does mine. One moment please...20:32
mettjusLoshki: i solved by ufw --force enable20:32
Loshkimettjus: exactly what I was looking for!20:32
mettjusbut its not in man…20:33
mettjusi mean couldnt find documentation about it20:33
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:34
=== Starduster_ is now known as Starduster
bjrohanLoshki: When I put it in rc.local, where would any error log be?20:34
Loshkisleepee: first hit on google talks about 7260 wifi card drops: https://communities.intel.com/thread/47983. Dunno if it helps...20:35
MagicSpudPaulePanter: that command...does it show all root applications?20:36
Loshkibjrohan: probably best to invoke it something like:- screen <cmd> <args> >> /tmp/error.log 2>&120:36
PaulePanterMagicSpud: Run `man ps`20:37
kmysti've got a weird problem: my bios is set to local time, ntp udates the time/date correctly, but if the system ever goes down (like power loss) when i boot back up the login screen is in UTC time....anybody ever notice this?20:37
MagicSpudPaulPanter okay thanks20:37
PaulePanterMagicSpud: Quote: To see every process running as root (real & effective ID) in user format:20:38
LoshkiMagicSpud: but yes, afaik, it shows every process. See also ps axf which I find useful20:38
bjrohanLoshki: does rc.local allow for respawn?20:39
Loshkimettjus: actually, my ufw man page mentions ufw --force enable explicitly for exactly this problem.20:40
obsceneHow to rice20:40
Loshkibjrohan: I don't think so. Does minecraft need respawning?20:40
bjrohanNot typically20:41
Loshkibjrohan: if it does, you can call a shell script from rc.local which loops, restarting minecraft if it dies. Not pretty though...20:42
MagicSpudwhat kworkers are?20:42
MagicSpudroot      4432  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S    22:32   0:00 [kworker/u:0]20:42
ovrflw0xi've got gnome 3.12.2 - when i maximize/unmaximize window, the min/max/close buttons of window gets "blacked out" i have to move my mouse cursor on it to see those buttons again. How to fix this? I've Radeon HD5650 discrete card20:43
LoshkiMagicSpud: kernel worker threads. http://askubuntu.com/questions/33640/kworker-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-hogging-so-much-cpu20:44
LoshkiBoy I'm on a roll today...20:44
kmystnobody's seen a weird time problem?20:44
Loshkikmyst: no, more keywords please...20:45
agu1000Hello. I updated ubuntu and now my /home (which i mounted to another volume) is now different (doesn't have the files I put there). what can I do?20:45
kmystLoshki: bios set to local time, ntp updates correctly, system goes down from power failure, upon boot the login screen and also if you drop to a virtual console date/time reports as UTC but local timezone.  login in and ntp updates and all is well20:46
=== newbie is now known as Guest92043
squid22@agu1000 all I can say is "uffffff" what did you do?20:46
kmystLoshki: i.e. that's whacked20:46
agu1000squid22: i just clicked on "Yes" in the update prompt for ubuntu20:47
agu1000and then rebooted, squid2220:47
squid22that shouldn't had deleted or removed any files in your home dir20:47
geniiagu1000: Was the volume /home was mounted to a filesystem compatible with linux permissions?20:48
squid22@agu1000 You can try the following using root. (simply type sudo su -  and enter your user password)20:48
agu1000genii: ext420:48
agu1000genii: yes, i think so. what do you mean?20:48
geniiagu1000: Yes, ext4 is fine.20:49
squid22@agu1000 then try this "find / -type f -iname "<enter name of a file you had here>"20:49
Ihads3xwithHolstHey Holstein baby20:49
Ihads3xwithHolstWanna have some fun?20:49
squid22fuck off20:49
Guest92043I need to convert a video that I can't watch ... any counsels?  It says it's in MP420:49
kmystLoshki: oh and for what it's worth after said power failure bios still has the correct date/time so for some unknown reason ubuntu decides to switch to UTC.20:50
agu1000squid22: doesn't find anything20:50
Loshkikmyst: ok, that's weird & I'm out of my depth. Keep asking, maybe someone else knows...20:51
squid22can you tell me the name of a file partially?20:51
squid22I want to make the command more specific..20:51
Guest92043squid22: You talking to me?20:51
agu1000squid22: catkin_ws is a directory i had at /home/catkin_ws20:51
agu1000oops, /home/lucas/catkin_ws20:51
agu1000(my home)20:51
agentx0rHi folks. I'm trying to install the updates that the Software Updater presented to me, but I'm getting the following error, could someone kindly help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7738692/20:52
agu1000so it was ~/catkin_ws20:52
kmystLoshki: hehehe it's a very strange issue but I can reproduce it repeatedly, just started happening like within the last few weeks....nobody seems to have an idea :)20:52
squid22try this: "find / -type d -iname "catkin*"20:52
squid22make sure catkin* is in quotes ""20:52
agu1000squid22: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7738701/20:52
agu1000squid22: it only finds other files, not in home.20:53
agu1000squid22: my /home is mounted to another partition. i think it might not be mounting correctly. how can i read the directories in sda1?20:53
squid22hmmmm I see...20:53
Loshkikmyst: yeah, wish I knew more about these things. Can you change the bios battery (grasps at straw)...20:53
squid22@agu1000 no catkin stuff under home20:53
=== MrFishBallMuf is now known as HadS3xwithPICI
agu1000my /home is sda1. but i think it's not really working, squid22. How can I see sda1 as a directory?20:54
HadS3xwithPICIHey baby20:54
HadS3xwithPICIWanna have fun?20:54
agu1000HadS3xwithPICI: hi baby20:54
=== HadS3xwithPICI is now known as HadS3xwithAGU
HadS3xwithAGUagu1000: When you get off work boi?20:54
squid22dude don't fall for that shit...that's how you get your box pwned20:54
agu1000squid22: LOL20:55
squid22try: sudo mount | column -t20:55
squid22it should tell you where is mounted20:55
kmystLoshki: thought of that but battery seems good since no settings are lost but since it's a laptop i'm not even going to attempt that..something in ubuntu (at least my install) is borked causing that problem20:55
agu1000squid22: anyway. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7738712/20:55
agu1000squid22: it says it's on /home. but i doubt it cause it doesn't have the files it used to have20:56
mettjusanybody can help me add postgresql to ubuntu startup services?20:56
squid22yea..I see /home mounted in sad120:56
agu1000squid22: i see /home/lost+found ... what is that?20:57
Loshkikmyst: Dunno where to refer you, but I think this class of bug is best dealt with in forums rather than irc...20:57
squid22@agu1000: lost+found is the directory in which fsck (filesystem check) will put files it restores from orphaned blocks. This can happen when something corrupts filesystem meta-blocks (also called i-nodes) in which the references of the blocks are stored which contain the data of a file.20:58
agu1000squid22: maybe my files went there? idk. why does a system update cause all this?20:58
Loshkiagu1000: system updates are difficult, everyone's system is slightly different, no way to test them all...20:59
kmystLoshki: aye probably so, just banking on somebody else having that problem20:59
Loshkikmyst: it's kind of a specialist area, that close to boot time...21:00
agu1000Loshki: it deletes my /home files? i even have them in a different partition to avoid loss :P21:00
ki7mtsquid22, he also had /home on a separate partition to begin with, then remounted with when asking / discussing this earlier with ikonia21:00
kmystLoshki: yup21:00
squid22@agu1000 I have been using Linux distros (Debian Based) including Ubuntu for a very long time and i have never seen that problem21:01
squid22@agu1000 Did you read what @Ki7mt said? Is that true?21:01
agu1000squid22: ok, i'll try booting a liveCD and reading sda1 to see if it has my files.21:01
Loshkiagu1000: of course it's not *supposed* to delete your /home files. But accidents happen. The smart money does full backups, especially just before an upgrade21:02
agu1000yeah i see21:02
ronin2if I write a command with space before the actual line, is it possible to track those commands (those are not put in the command history)21:02
Loshkiagu1000: yes, boot the live cd, then we can poke around and see what's where. Do you know about pastebin?21:02
Loshkironin2: I just tried, and they go in *my* history, space or not...21:03
squid22@ronin2 by doing that they won't show on the "history" command log but if you have a keylogger that's another story ;)21:03
LoshkiEr, I don't do anything special, they're just there:   524   ls21:05
squid22try double spaces21:05
squid22@Loshki I just tried it and it worked for me21:05
Loshkisquid22: nope. I'm running bash version 4.2.25(1). You?21:06
LoshkiAh, it's configurable (of course). See HISTCONTROL/ignorespace in the man page...21:07
agu1000so in my liveCD i can access sda1, but I cannot unencrypt my home folder inside of it. How can I do that?21:08
squid22true...there you go21:09
ronin2Loshki: do you have HISTCONTROL=ignoredups:ignorespace in .bashrc21:09
agu1000squid22: what could i do to read my "lucas" encrypted directory in sda1 from a LiveCD?21:09
LaibschThere's an annoying thing since trusty.  Whereas in previous releases a click on the scroll-bar resulted in one page scroll up or down nowadays it jumps to the relative position where you click (clicking in the top 10% will bring you to the top 10% of the document).  How to go back to the old behaviour, please?21:10
squid22@agu1000: Try that https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory21:11
Loshkironin2: no, I don't, which presumably explains why I see them in my history file, and others don't. Mystery solved, I hope...21:11
squid22it shows you how to recover stuff from encrypted file syste,21:11
Loshki3rd time's a charm...21:12
ki7mtThat was not brought up previously either, if it was I missed it (env /home that is ).21:12
squid22I wan to share one of my favorite sites with all of you: www.commandlinefu.com21:13
ki7mts/env home/encrypted /home/g21:13
squid22I am sure some of you will thank me later.21:13
ki7mtI get hits on it now and again, always seems usefull.21:15
Loshkiwhat is "lucas" encryption, when I google it I get guys named lucas talking about their disks...21:15
agu1000sudo: encryptfs-recover-private: command not found21:15
squid22@agu1000 you have to apt-get install it21:15
Loshkiagu1000: install it, just like on a regular system...21:15
squid22@agu1000 sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils21:16
agu1000Loshki: squid22: ecryptfs-utils is already the newest version.21:17
ki7mtLoshki, its LUCas actually, it's an encryption sequence for cryptology.21:17
squid22@agu1000 You have to start where it says: Recovering Your Data Manually21:17
squid22@agu1000 scroll down21:18
=== agu1000 is now known as lucas--
lucas--squid22: ok.21:18
LoshkiIt's ecrypt, not eNcrypt, btw...21:19
Loshkiki7mt: thanks21:19
lucas--squid22: mount: unknown filesystem type 'encryptfs'21:20
squid22@Lucas did you do tried with the "-t"21:21
squid22that specifies the type21:21
lucas--I did.21:21
LoshkiHmm. Missing some encrypted file libraries?21:22
lucas--squid22: i got mount: unknown filesystem type 'encryptfs'21:22
Loshkilucas--: because, for the 2nd time, there is no N. And why did you change your nick in the middle of being helped?21:23
lucas--Loshki: oh LOL21:24
LoshkiApparently I'm the only one irritated by all this...21:24
lucas--Loshki: hahah21:24
Loshkilucas--: laugh while you can, boy. You don't have your filesystem back yet...21:25
lucas--squid22: hmm, i'm getting this: WARNING: Based on the contents of [/root/.ecryptfs/sig-cache.txt], it looks like you have never mounted with this key  before. This could mean that you have typed your  passphrase wrong.21:26
Loshkilucas--: you are *sure* about your passphrase, right?21:27
squid22I was going to ask that too21:27
lucas--Loshki: no. I only set up a password for my user. no more than that.21:27
lucas--i never "backed up" my passphrase21:27
=== brad__ is now known as sencha
lucas--This is why windows works better. Lack of "security" is the most important feature to have.21:28
vaiolinHello, using a old Sony Vaio VGN-FJ270, installed Skype fine, but builtin webcam shows no video, how can I get it working?21:28
squid22@Lucas lol go ahead and re-install Windows 7/821:28
lucas--I thought encryption was done in a reasonable way :P21:29
squid22@Lucas I'm sure you would love it :D21:29
lucas--squid22: i have it in dual boot. i'll just disable home encryption cause it's useless21:29
ki7mtlucas--, it's only useless if you dont know how to use it.21:29
codephobichi, anybody tried using Compass (sass) to watch a folder shared over samba, on ubuntu 14.04?21:29
squid22I have dual boot also...with Windows 721:29
lucas--ki7mt: i know how to use it, but it's still very annoying to use21:30
codephobicI'm having a permissions problem with a ruby file (sass/util.rb), giving me a "operation not permitted" EPERM error, when I try "Compass watch htdocs"21:30
ki7mtlucas--, have read this thread for the past two hours+, you may want to get a refresher on CLI and Basic enc usage then.21:31
Loshkicodephobic: see also #ruby21:31
lucas--squid22: does this mean the update removed my encryption keys?21:31
codephobicLoshki, thanks will ask there too - just figured given the layers involved, this place might be my best shot21:32
squid22perhaps d(0_o)b21:32
ki7mtlucas--, Previously, you did not mention that your orig /home was encrypted, nor was it on a seperate partition, then you remounted yet said nothing of encryption then either.21:32
lucas--ki7mt: i did say it was on a separate partition. i didn't think encryption was important, nor did i remember i activated it.21:33
lucas--But it seems encryption doesn't even let me see what files are inside?21:33
squid22@agu1000 That's encryption doing its job!21:34
ki7mtlucas--, yes you told ikonia it was open a separate partition but not squid22 who was trying to help you now. While they may seem minor to you, they are major components inf the recovery effort, if it's even possible at this point.21:34
lucas--ki7mt: yes, i didn't notice of encryption. i thought squid22 read when i said it was another partition.21:35
lucas--Ok, i'm going to reboot now and try from inside my ubuntu again.21:35
Loshkiagu1000 has better communication skills lucas-- ...21:36
lucas--Loshki: LOL21:36
ki7mtAt this point, it's unknown where the original /home partition even is.21:36
lucas--ki7mt: it is in sda121:37
ki7mtOr I should say "was"21:37
lucas--ki7mt: yes. it should be in sda1 unless the system update moved/deleted it21:38
lucas--ki7mt: any idea where my passphrase might be saved?21:38
ki7mtLOL yeah, in your thoughts somewhere maybe, unless you wrote it down, which is not wise.21:39
=== psjr is now known as Xa8Reiy1
lucas--ki7mt: i didn't even see it. isn't it supposed to be the same as my user password? i never made one21:40
squid22hi @Lucas I am afraid that doesn't get saved anywhere. The reason why is because otherwise it would be a security threat. Hence what what would be the purpose of encryption?21:41
ki7mtlucas--, Even is there was a file that had your enc PW, it's encrypted too, and you can't access it as you dont know what the PW is, kinda of a Pandora's box wouldn't you say ?21:41
lucas--squid22: can't i get encryption only using my ACTUAL user password instead???21:41
lucas--ki7mt: yeah, that's why i think that encryption system is annoying :)21:42
squid22@lucas Do you mean that your password is the same as the passphrase?21:42
=== Xa8Reiy1 is now known as psjr
ki7mtlucas--, really shouldn't blame the system for doing it's job properly.21:42
lucas--squid22: i mean that it should be so i can actually access my data in the future21:42
Loshkilucas--: I think you should keep your nose out of other people's encrypted data...21:43
lucas--ki7mt: how else are you supposed to decrypt the data?21:43
lucas--how does ubuntu know the passphrase if the file where it's saved is encrypted anyway??21:43
squid22@lucas I think Linux, specially Ubuntu does a very good job with encryption. Are you trying to access somebody else's data here?21:44
lucas--when I login, how does ubuntu decrypt my folder if I didn't input the passphrase?21:44
lucas--no. it's my home folder21:44
lucas--that i can't access even though i know my user's password21:44
ki7mtlucas--, With a pass-phrase or passkey, neither of which you seems to have or have access too.21:45
lumpsIf I've setup my "ip=" boot params for my network device, is there any reason why "fetch=" doesn't reach out to my webserver?21:45
Loshkilucas--: A user's password and their passphrase are two different things, and should be kept different (and apart).21:45
lucas--ki7mt: how does ubuntu access the data then?21:45
squid22@lucas the way is simple. I think Ubuntu uses symmetrical encryption basically uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt the data. If you happen to forget or lose that key, recovery of the data is extremely hard21:45
lucas--ki7mt: if ubuntu has that passkey, then i should be able to find it, right?21:45
|PuNKCaT|can someone help me find and uninstall a package which has utterly borked my machine please?21:45
lucas--squid22: that means ubuntu is storing the key somewhere?21:46
Loshkilucas--: no, it's hashed, which means that though you can recognise it when you see it, you can't retrieve it...21:46
GerardauTaquethello lads21:46
ki7mtlucas--, No, it's not the systems fault you can't remember it, it's doing it's job, keep you out without the proper credentials.21:46
wheatthin|PuNKCaT|, Umm was it a ppa?21:46
lucas--Loshki: but ubuntu can, right? otherwise it wouldn't be able to read the data21:46
Loshkilucas--: or we'd all be at it, decrypting other people's data21:46
lucas--ki7mt: yes but I am the actual user that encrypted it, and i did not tell ubuntu to forget the passphrase21:47
|PuNKCaT|I don't know the name fully, was a java 7 with iced tea, I'm hoping if someone can tell me how to search I can kill it - it's destroyed firefox, pakagemanager etc21:47
ki7mtlucas--, Sorry, but nobody here is going to help you hack an encrypted system, that's not what this channel is for.21:47
lucas--Loshki: so how did ubuntu let me in before without me knowing the passphrase?21:47
wheatthinlucas, it's not ubuntu's fault you couldn't remember it lol21:47
lucas--wheatthin: remember what? ubuntu never showed me any passphrase21:47
lucas--i didn't even input any passphrase21:48
ianorlinI recommend a safe deposit box to put hard disk encyption key21:48
Loshkilucas--: I have no idea. Maybe agu1000 did it...21:48
wheatthinit shouldn't show you any..21:48
lucas--Loshki: haha21:48
wheatthinyou have to enter it21:48
lucas--wheatthin: it never asked for a passphrase21:48
wheatthinwhen you go to encrypt it during install, it does.21:48
lucas--unless i input my password (user password)21:48
squid22@lucas I have a question for you! If you lose your keys to your car, Should your car be able to remember it or get you an spare one if you don't?21:48
lucas--oh then i input my user password21:48
lucas--cause i never input a different one21:48
lucas--squid22: how could i access my car if i never had the key?21:49
wheatthinlucas--, remote unlock/start :P21:49
lucas--squid22: it's like a car letting you in without any key and suddently telling you: now you need a key.21:49
ianorlinhow would whole disk encryption work without a key?21:49
lucas--squid22: i don't get why ubuntu was letting me write/read data without asking for my passphrase every time then?21:50
Loshkilucas--: so your password and you passphrase just happen to be identical. Not a great idea, but ok. Does it work?21:50
lucas--Loshki: i guess they were identical then. i thought the passphrase was like a hash. it's not?21:50
lucas--i thought passphrase = the hashed keys ubuntu told me to save and I didn't want to21:50
Loshkilucas--: it's not clear to me you've done enough reading to use the terminology correctly. Doesn21:51
lucas--yes. i haven't. i'm a user of ubuntu.21:51
LoshkiDoesn't matter. Either you know the passphrase or you don't. If you don't, it;s virtually impossible to break...21:51
lucas--Loshki: then i guess my passphrase is my user's password (which i do know)21:52
squid22@lucas I have been doing reading and it looks like Ubuntu will give you three options: 1) log in automatically 2)require a password to log in 3)require a password to log in and decrypt your home directory21:52
wheatthinyup, and if that's so, then you might wanna re-think about installing, and writing down the passphrase21:52
Loshkilucas--: there's one very easy way to find out...21:52
lucas--squid22: i think i had 321:52
jordan4ibanezhalp. Docky crashes when I open quassel21:52
lucas--Loshki: what's that.21:52
Ben64or not do encryption, i see so many people come in here unable to access their data21:53
squid22@lucas I think he is going to say re-install21:53
Loshkilucas--: see if the disk decrypts using the passphrase...21:53
apeoidI just re-installed and it was GREAT21:53
lucas--Ben64: that's because encryption by default sucks... they should do it differently21:53
|PuNKCaT|I tried apt list installed and got nothing21:53
Ben64lucas--: how does it suck?21:53
squid22lol...here we go again21:53
lucas--Loshki: idk if i'm getting an error because of the passphrase or because of something else21:53
Loshki"encryption by default" shouldn't happen at all, IMNSHO21:54
lucas--Ben64: because it locks you out even if you're the legitimate owner21:54
ki7mtCan you say, Round -- 3 :-)21:54
Ben64lucas--: if you don't know the passphrase, that make sense21:54
lucas--Ben64: it'd be so easy to just let you in with the right user password.21:54
Loshkilucas--: and the exact text of the error is...21:54
apeoidI installed linux at least 12 times to get where I'm at today.21:54
|PuNKCaT|will dpkg --get-selections work?21:54
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: work for...?21:55
squid22@lucas you are dealing with a computer, it doesn't know if you are the legitimate owner unless you prove it to her with the encryption key21:55
bekks|PuNKCaT|: just test it? :)21:55
|PuNKCaT|I installed a java thing with iced tea, it's crashed firefox, package manager etc, I don't know the full file name, i'm trying to find and uninstall via terminal21:55
aaa801im trying to setup a dns forwarder with bind9, ive setup the forward in named.conf.options and restarted bind9, but im getting query refused when i attempt a lookup on my local pc21:55
|PuNKCaT|and I don't want to destroy anything further by typing in something stupid21:56
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: "dpkg -l | grep java" see if you find it, although theres no way it crashed firefox and other stuff21:56
presidentИз России с любовью21:56
squid22@lucas I think I might had found your solution: http://askubuntu.com/questions/238047/how-do-i-mount-an-encrypted-home-directory-on-another-ubuntu-machine21:56
squid22@president kak dela moi drugg21:57
|PuNKCaT|trust me, it's stuffed it somehow21:57
presidentsquid22: А что на Русском не пишешь?21:57
k1l_!ru | president21:57
ubottupresident: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:57
lucas--Loshki: squid22: Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory21:58
|PuNKCaT|because that's /all/ I've done, and I can't find or remove it, I can't get to a webpage to d/l the trusty tahr and do a clean install, I am kinda at the point I'm gonan give up and install windows21:58
squid22enough to defend myself @president21:58
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: so what are you running now21:59
|PuNKCaT|trust tahr21:59
Ben64why would you need to download it again?21:59
|PuNKCaT|was /trying/ to fix a sound issue21:59
bekks|PuNKCaT|: The official download page is www.ubuntu.com21:59
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: by installing java?21:59
presidentsquid22: А тут переводчика нету?22:00
|PuNKCaT|because it was d/led over the internet, to do a clean install I'd need to burn it to a cd or something wouldn't I?22:00
|PuNKCaT|bekks firefox won't run22:00
presidentsquid22: Одни иностранцы22:00
Loshkilucas--: that isn't a passphrase problem. One of your argument is wrong. Did you ever decide where your encrypted home was?22:00
bekks|PuNKCaT|: you can use any other browser too22:00
|PuNKCaT|package manager won't run22:00
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Define "wont run".22:00
|PuNKCaT|I don't have any other browser installed22:00
|PuNKCaT|it crashes22:00
squid22@president: Нет, нет переводчика настоящее22:01
lucas--Loshki: yes, i know where it is. it's in sda1, as i told you22:01
|PuNKCaT|won't even strt up, just get a crash message22:01
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: run "firefox" from the terminal22:01
bekks|PuNKCaT|: And _which_ message do you get?22:01
squid22@lucas You are using a live CD right?22:01
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
Loshkilucas--: we seem to be going round in circles. I need a break, ok?22:01
lucas--squid22: yes i am22:01
|PuNKCaT|sorry this thing has crashed send a whatsit to the ubuntu thing,22:01
lucas--Loshki: sure. my home is in sda1. that's it. it's not more complex22:01
presidentsquid22: Мы тут вдвоём Русские?22:01
squid22Number 7 or Section 722:01
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Which is worthless being in this IRC channel.22:02
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: open a terminal. type "firefox", report back here what's going on22:02
squid22it should work22:02
presidentsquid22: Нехера не понимаю что не слово то загадка22:02
Ben64president, squid22: #ubuntu-ru22:02
|PuNKCaT|(process:6777): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed Bus error (core dumped)22:02
squid22@president: нет, я кубинец просто мало знают русский22:02
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Is that the full output or just one line amongst other?22:03
|PuNKCaT|thats full ourput22:03
squid22@Ben64, sorry22:03
bekks|PuNKCaT|: So does "sudo apt-get update" kind of "work"?22:03
presidentsquid22: Тут можно создать свою группу или комнату?22:04
squid22lucas whats the status?22:04
|PuNKCaT|yes that worked22:04
|PuNKCaT|it didn't update anything though22:04
bekks|PuNKCaT|: It updates the package lists.22:05
bekks|PuNKCaT|: You can now run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" which should continue without errors.22:05
squid22@president: Я не уверен, что я могу создать собственную группу. Они хотят, чтобы изгнать вас из чата, потому что они хотят, чтобы вы говорят на английском языке22:05
|PuNKCaT|yes, 0 installed 0 upgraded22:06
Ben64|PuNKCaT|: what is the output of "ls -la ~ | grep -v $USER"22:06
squid22if you have dependencies issues try "apt-get -f install"22:06
bekks|PuNKCaT|: So what did you install using iced tea?22:06
lucas--squid22: even after i access the data, i'd need to re-mount it properly on my ubuntu. why did ubuntu forget the passphrase or something? i don't get it22:06
|PuNKCaT|total 26422:06
|PuNKCaT|drwxr-xr-x  5 root root  4096 Jun 26 19:23 ..22:07
tgm4883installed 14.04 on a macbook pro 5,1, boots to garbled screen ( I think hanging during plymouth ), thoughts?22:07
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Thats not an answer to my question actually :)22:07
|PuNKCaT|I installed iced tea, and a java 7 package22:07
squid22@president sposiba22:07
bekks|PuNKCaT|: _Which_ package?22:07
|PuNKCaT|I don't know the name of it22:07
aaa801blarg, freking bind922:07
bekks|PuNKCaT|: What did you expect that package to do then?22:08
squid22president asked me to tell you guys that he send you guys a kiss from Russia22:08
|PuNKCaT|I was told I needed to install Java so a friend could remote access my machine and fix my sound card problems - trusted friend who does this as a job, but after reboot, nothing works22:09
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Which doesnt answer my question, either :)22:09
|PuNKCaT|the package was java7 and iced tea was the web side part of it22:09
|PuNKCaT|was a package which installed it rather than figuring out sun22:10
bekkssquid22: stop that nonsense please22:10
|PuNKCaT|too late squid :/22:10
squid22JAVA SUCKS!22:10
OerHeks|PuNKCaT|, aftger install any java, see the java docs howto select the java you want22:10
|PuNKCaT|indutably, I was intending to uninstall as soon as the issue was fixed22:10
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.22:10
|PuNKCaT|I can't view webpages, firefox is borked22:11
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Then start "firefox -P" and create a new profile22:11
Viking667Is there an easy way to upgrade a system from x86 (i386) to x86_64 in-place?22:12
bekksViking667: No.22:12
Ben64Viking667: impossible22:12
Viking667okay, why?22:13
bekksViking667: Because it is far more complex than just reinstalling x86_6422:13
Viking667... go ahead...22:13
|PuNKCaT|that didn't work either22:13
=== brucew is now known as taiji
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Define "didnt work".22:14
bekksViking667: Thats the main reason.22:14
tgm4883on one had, I like people that want to know why something works/doesn't work. On the other hand....22:14
|PuNKCaT|I don't know, because the terminal shrunk up so I couldn't get to the error output, but it came up with the same crash report can't run send a report dialouge22:14
Viking667didn't see the reason, just a statement that "it's far more complex"22:14
bekks|PuNKCaT|: "...when doing what?"22:14
|PuNKCaT|trying to firefox -P22:15
OerHeksViking667, you canb try upgrading all packages by hand, as there is no tool to do this, it takes 48 hours or more :P22:15
bekksViking667: Complexity can be considered a reason when asking "is there an easy way?"22:15
|PuNKCaT|seriously, is there some way to just clean install?22:15
Viking667bekks: my apologies. I forgot that.22:15
|PuNKCaT|because this has been a total nightmare22:15
tgm4883Viking667: you've got to replace every arch-dependent package that exists on the system, then replace any symlinks or other references to the locations of the items. Or you could install a fresh 64-bit version and keep your home dir22:15
Viking667tgm4883: mrm. I'm on 14.04 now.22:16
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Sure, you need an ISO and you need to burn it onto a dvd or create an usb stick with it.22:16
Viking667And I'm most certainly having gnome-shell issues.22:16
tgm4883Viking667: so? How does that exclude you from reinstalling to a 64-bit system22:16
|PuNKCaT|I don't think my machine will boot from a usb22:16
Viking667It doesn't.22:17
tgm4883Viking667: unless you are going to a 64-bit system because you think that is the reason gnome shell isn't working....22:17
Viking667I was looking for an in-place upgrade, but it seems that you're saying it's more trouble than its worth.22:17
Viking667bah. I've got to go.22:17
bekks|PuNKCaT|: do you have a 32 or 64bit system?22:17
|PuNKCaT|it's a really old (like 5-6yrs) macghine22:17
|PuNKCaT|and the onboard sound has been an issue from day one22:18
|PuNKCaT|but when I got the machine it already had 12.4 installed, and this is an upgrade over a cloned copy of that, so i'm wondering if despite fixes being run etc, if it's just needing a clean slate22:19
bekks|PuNKCaT|: you can run "wget http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/utopic-desktop-i386.iso" to d/l the ISO and "sudo apt-get install brasero" to install brasero, a cd burning application.22:19
|PuNKCaT|don't have any writable cds22:19
|PuNKCaT|and don't think the dvd drive even works22:20
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Then you need to get one.22:20
|PuNKCaT|that wget is the trusty tahr?22:21
aaa801anyone know what this changed to /etc/bind/named.conf:14: unknown option 'allow-recursion'22:21
|PuNKCaT|because I could try d/ling it to a usb and then seeing if I can get someone else to burn it for me22:21
buzuliWhich file does DASH source when run in non-login mode?22:22
bekks|PuNKCaT|: Sorry, it was the wrong ISO. USe this one: "wget http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/trusty/daily-live/20140702/trusty-desktop-i386.iso"22:22
buzuliI cannot get my Tomcat service to source the appropriate configuration22:23
Viking667huh? It's morning here.22:25
Viking667... of the next day.22:25
BetanasLOL well damn how's the future looking22:26
|PuNKCaT|thank you22:26
Viking667seems to be fine, though cold here.22:26
Betanasthat sucks22:26
Viking667about 35 F or 2 C22:26
|PuNKCaT|you in nz too viking?22:26
daftykinsyou're all very welcome to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic but please keep it support only in here, as per topic!22:27
LaibschThere's an annoying thing since trusty.  Whereas in previous releases a click on the scroll-bar resulted in one page scroll up or down nowadays it jumps to the relative position where you click (clicking in the top 10% will bring you to the top 10% of the document).  How to go back to the old behaviour, please?22:28
lucas--Hello. after updating ubuntu and rebooting, my files in my encrypted folder are no longer there. Any idea where to find them?22:28
=== [AFK]def_anoch is now known as def_anoch
Laibschlucas--: ecryptfs-mount-private22:29
lucas--Laibsch: i did that. the /tmp/ecryptfs.5K1S6l25 also does NOT have my data.22:30
Laibschwhat did you do to update?22:30
Laibschare you sure the data is still there?  df22:30
lucas--I clicked on "OK" when the ubuntu update prompt asked me to update and reboot22:30
lucas--it's the automatic updates thing22:30
lucas--Laibsch: i have no idea. my desktop background is here, and the "template" home directories are here too. the ones i put there are not.22:31
Laibschis this an encrypted home folder or another folder?22:31
lucas--Laibsch: also, my chrome history was deleted too22:31
lucas--Laibsch: my home, which was encrypted, yes22:31
tonytis it possible to give xchat a black back ground with white text?22:31
ki7mtlucas--, dont forget to tell them about the partitions, and re-mountiung /home this time around.22:32
kriskropdwindwo 3022:32
lucas--So my /home is mounted from sda1. that's it. my home is also encrypted. when i run sudo ecryptfs-recover-private, and i go into the tmp directory that gives me, I ALSO DON'T SEE my files.22:33
Laibschlucas--: pastebin the output of "df -h"22:34
ki7mtlucas--, You should clarify that, you do not see the original files that was in /home, but you can no longer find the original /home nor the files22:34
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739131/22:35
lucas--ki7mt: what do you mean i can't find the /home? it's here. I just can't find the files i put in it.22:35
Laibschlucas--: your home is only 1.2G22:36
lucas--Laibsch: it seems like /home/lucas/.Private has the same data as sda1, which suggests sda1 is actually mounted into /home just fine. and my files must be in .Private. however, i don't see them22:36
Laibschis that to be expected?22:36
ki7mtWell I think it'as kind of rude to not tell the whole story when some of the best folks in this channel have tried to help you.22:36
lucas--Laibsch: yes, i think so. it's only those files22:36
lucas--ki7mt: i think this was the whole story. i wanna keep it concise so it's easier to read and understand.22:37
bjrohanWhere do I put a startup script for a local user?22:37
ki7mtlucas--, not from where Im sitting, been here all afternoon reading the same thing.22:39
lucas--ki7mt: what am i missing in the story then? i might not realize22:39
jay__how do i try out a new desktop environment properly?22:40
daftykinsinstall it22:40
jay__ok. after installing it, how do you get to it?22:40
ki7mtlucas--, You shoudl went through this with squid22 and Loshi .. do you not remember that or maybe you dont remember the same series of quesiton with iknonia22:40
wheatthinjay__, through the login menu22:40
ki7mt.. should remember .. you went . .. ..22:40
wheatthinselect the lil gear like thingy in the lightdm and select the desktop environment22:41
lucas--ki7mt: yes i did. but now i realized it's about permissions, not about mount points, right?22:41
Laibschlucas--: pastebin the output of "mount"22:42
ki7mtlucas--, permissions, mount points, remounted mount points, forgotten passphrases,22:42
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739153/22:43
lucas--ki7mt: there are no forgotten passphrases. i was confused. and i did say that i mounted /home in sda1. should i also say that I did it AFTER installing ubuntu? (thus i had to remount)22:44
ki7mtlucas--, Im dont with this one.22:45
ki7mtwhhops, done with.22:45
jay__wheatthin,  i tried that once, and it told me it couldn't find the desktop environment22:45
jay__it was name cairo i believe22:45
lucas--ki7mt: sure. good luck. thanks (:22:45
k1l_jay__: there is no cairo desktop. do you mean the cairo dock?22:46
lucas--Laibsch: it seems to me that my files are in .Private, but after ecryptfs-recover-private, the tmp folder doesn't show them. it seems like the tmp folder given to me by ecryptfs-recover-private, also has the .Private dir inside of it, with my encrypted files yet again encrypted.22:47
jay__yes dock sorry22:47
k1l_well, start it22:47
jay__i thought it was a desktop environment22:48
jay__hmmm it was in the list from the log in screen though k1l_22:48
wheatthinwas it the userlist you were seeing?22:49
jay__no. the userlist was me and a guest account22:49
=== dfgas is now known as dfgas_off
jay__this was the gear looking icon22:49
k1l_are you sure it was cairo?22:49
jay__i'm on xubuntu. i don't know if that helps22:49
jay__yes i'm sure22:50
wheatthinjay__, can you login using the default session?22:50
jay__pretty sure at least lol could always be wrong of course22:50
lucas--ls says my home has 4.1 MB inside, but df -h says it has 1.2GB. where is my data???22:51
jay__i think i am the default? i set it to auto login during the install22:51
wheatthinthen open the terminal and type   cairo-dock &22:51
jay__oh, i reinstalled Xubuntuwheatthin22:51
jay__it's not on here anymore22:51
Laibschlucas--: "for dir in /home/lucas/home/lucas/.Private /tmp/ecryptfs.5K1S6l25 ;do echo $dir;ls -l $dir|head -n5;done" <- pastebin22:51
k1l_jay__: ok, so what is your actual issue?22:51
jay__while trying to uninstall it, i messed things up so bad my screen was black cause i did it through the package manager and i don't know what i'm doing22:52
jay__so that's why i asked the PROPER way to use a desktop environment so i don't do that again22:52
=== bluebitx is now known as Guest31194
jay__issues is, how do i use a DE properly22:52
lucas--Laibsch: ls: cannot access /home/lucas/home/lucas/.Private: No such file or directory /tmp/ecryptfs.5K1S6l2522:52
k1l_cairo-dock (know known as glx dock) is not a desktop enviroment.22:52
lucas--Laibsch: did you mean /home/lucas/.Private ?22:52
jay__oh. do i can't use cario dock22:53
jay__so i can't use cario dock?22:53
Laibschlucas--: "for dir in /home/lucas /home/lucas/.Private /tmp/ecryptfs.5K1S6l25 ;do echo $dir;ls -l $dir|head -n5;done" <- pastebin22:53
k1l_jay__: desktop enviroments are gnome, xfce, lxde, unity, kde,...22:53
Laibschmissing space22:53
jay__i thought there were tones of DE's?22:53
jay__i have tried all of those yet though22:53
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739202/22:54
jay__haven't* jesus i can't type22:54
k1l_jay__: cairo dock is  just a launcher. its a 3rd party launcher for gnome for example22:54
lucas--Laibsch: i had a directory called catkin_ws and others right in /home/lucas. now they're not there.22:54
jay__oh. so it probably didn't work cause i don't have gnome installed  huh?22:54
larrypgjay__, you might be thinking of themes such as how the desktop looks not a de22:54
jay__yes. i want to see the different fun ways you can display a desktop22:55
Laibschlucas--: "for dir in /home/lucas /home/lucas/.Private/ /tmp/ecryptfs.5K1S6l25 ;do echo $dir;ls -l $dir|head -n5;done" <- pastebin22:55
k1l_!desktops | jay__22:56
ubottujay__: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors22:56
Laibschlucas--: missing / and please include the output for the dir in /tmp22:56
jay__ok k1l_  so what is it that i want? not a DE?22:56
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739208/22:56
lucas--Laibsch: what do u mean missing / ?22:56
jay__that dock thing was neat. what is that considered? how do i get more neat stuff to try like that22:57
k1l_jay__: i dont know what you want. you told you had cairo dock installed some time ago that broke a lot. and i dont know what you want now22:57
lucas--Laibsch: ls /tmp/ -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739212/22:57
jay__i want to try things like cario dock22:57
jay__but i don't know what they're called22:57
larrypgjay__, not postive but xfce-look.org has themes for xubuntu22:57
k1l_jay__: well, then go onto the internet and search for deksopt pics and find one you like and see what the are running there22:58
jay__http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Conky+Blue+Rain?content=165874&PHPSESSID=02024256280df57a8d8028c623f42dca I like this!22:59
jay__what are these called? de's? dock's? themes?22:59
lucas--Laibsch: (there are two ecryptfs dirs in tmp because i decrypted twice)22:59
k1l_its xubuntu as de. but its includes conky for the other stuff23:00
k1l_!conky | jay__ read this23:00
jay__i don't see anything k1l_23:00
Laibschlucas--: have a look through "shopt -s dotglob;du -sx ~|sort -n;shopt -u dotglob" and see if you can pastebin that23:01
jay__k1l_, is conky a theme?23:01
jay__what is it?23:02
Laibschlucas--: do you know the name of a missing file?23:02
larrypgjay__, be aware that a full conky setup can be rather difficult and time consuming23:02
k1l_its a program to display stuff on your desktop23:02
jay__ok i like that idea23:02
jay__i want a program on my desktop to tell me stuff23:02
k1l_you see the weather and  the other infos in that screenshot? that is conky23:02
k1l_jay__: then go and get to know conky23:02
jay__what about the dock at the bottom k1l_23:02
jay__i want that thing too23:02
jay__i'll read the link you sent me after supper23:03
k1l_jay__: yes, they removed the old xubuntu dock in 14.0423:03
k1l_jay__: then see this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/8865/what-docks-are-available?rq=123:04
jay__oh ok. thanks guys!23:04
larrypgjay__, you can also add another panel (dock) to the bottom if you want to23:04
lucas--Laibsch: one missing directory is "catkin_ws" which was in /home/lucas/catkin_ws23:04
lucas--Laibsch: the .Private dir seems to be 1.2GB big. how come there are no big files when i decrypt that?23:05
Laibschlucas--: I gave you the last command so that we can find that out23:05
Laibschlucas--: "find ~ -name catkin\*"23:05
lucas--oh ok23:05
lucas--Laibsch: du: cannot read directory ‘/home/lucas/.cache/dconf’: Permission denied23:07
RuNnNyWhere do I put config files that I want to affect all users on a machine?23:07
RuNnNyfor vim, zsh, tmux etc...23:07
lucas--Laibsch: find returned nothing.23:07
RuNnNyLike somekind of global dotfiles23:07
=== revagomes_ is now known as revagomes
Laibschlucas--: what users owns ~/.cache/dconf ? and what are the permissions?23:08
lucas--Laibsch: drw------ root root23:09
=== luckybunny is now known as shariabunny
Laibsch"sudo chown -R ~/.cache/dconf"23:10
Laibschlucas--: log in and out and see if that gets you anywhere23:10
Laibschshould be interesting to see the output of the command I gave you23:10
lucas--Laibsch: chown: missing operand after ‘/home/lucas/.cache/dconf’23:10
Laibschlucas--: have a look through "shopt -s dotglob;sudo du -sx ~|sort -n;shopt -u dotglob" and see if you can pastebin that23:10
=== def_anoch is now known as [AFK]def_anoch
Laibsch"sudo chown lucas -R ~/.cache/dconf"23:11
Laibschor even23:11
Laibsch"sudo chown lucas.luas -R ~/.cache/dconf"23:11
Laibsch"sudo chown lucas.lucas -R ~/.cache/dconf"23:11
lucas--Laibsch: it just outputs: 158268/home/lucas23:11
Laibschoh, right23:11
lucas--Laibsch: that last one worked.23:11
Laibschlucas--: have a look through "shopt -s dotglob;sudo du -sx ~/*|sort -n;shopt -u dotglob" and see if you can pastebin that23:11
lucas--shoudl i log out now?23:12
Laibschthat should be better ;-)23:12
=== shariabunny is now known as luckybunny
lucas--Laibsch: http://pastebin.com/CQR1k3WG23:13
Laibschlucas--: "sudo find ~ -user root"23:13
lucas--Laibsch: it seems like .Private has different size there than in df23:14
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739267/23:14
mgodzillahello.  ubuntu 14.04 install on a dell precision 360 tower.  dual boot w/ win 7.  ubuntu install seemed to go okay.  when trying to reboot after install, client hangs.23:14
lucas--Laibsch: df keeps giving: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739268/23:15
mgodzillawhen booting back into ubuntu, i get pass the login prompt, but the screen turns black.23:15
bjrohancan anyone help me get a n upstart script to be able to run screen before I run the script? I am having issues getting this to happen23:17
Laibschlucas--: the unencrypted data amounts to a little over 100 MB.  From that it looks like you lost the data.23:18
lucas--Laibsch: but .Private seems to be 1.2GB...23:18
Laibschlet's have a look at that now23:18
Laibschlucas--: have a look through "shopt -s dotglob;sudo du -sx ~/.Private/*|sort -n;shopt -u dotglob" and see if you can pastebin that23:19
lucas--Laibsch: http://pastebin.com/iX33g9Wi23:20
Laibschthat's also only about 100 MB23:20
Laibsch150 maybe23:21
lucas--Laibsch: then why does df say otherwise?23:21
Laibschno idea23:21
Laibschyou might recover the data with undelete23:21
=== skinkitten is now known as joblessNbroke
Laibschthe 1.2G might also be the amount reserved for root23:22
lucas--Laibsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7739297/23:22
Laibschfilesystem level23:22
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
lucas--Laibsch: /home/lucas/.Private            289G  1.2G23:22
lucas--Laibsch: the data seems to be there according to df -h23:23
Laibschnot necessarily23:23
lucas--Laibsch: would the 1.2G be garbage?23:24
Laibschlucas--: just a wild guess, but read the manpage and look for the -m switch23:26
Laibschthat might explain it23:26
lucas--Laibsch: the switch for what command?23:26
Laibsch"Specify the percentage of the filesystem blocks reserved for the super-user."23:26
Laibschman mke2fs23:27
Laibschsounds low in your case, less than 1%23:27
Laibschin any case, the data does not seem to be there23:27
Laibsche2undel might be able to undelete it if it was deleted23:28
lucas--Laibsch: i'm using only 1% of the space i have, yes. it's a new system23:28
Laibschbut it might make things worse23:28
lucas--just a few days23:28
Laibschit looks pretty bad23:28
lucas--what should I do? the data seems to be there... :/23:28
Laibschonce again: no23:28
Laibschit's NOT there23:28
lucas--why are they saying it's there then?23:28
Laibschfrom what I can see here23:28
lucas--it's like "deleted files" data?23:28
LaibschI gave you two possible explanations above23:29
Laibschor wild guesses23:29
lucas--so the update did rm ~ ?23:29
Laibschno, you seem to have a number of issues with your system23:29
Laibschincluding the permissions problems23:30
Laibschremember that ki7mt reminded you about those?23:30
LaibschThere's an annoying thing since trusty.  Whereas in previous releases a click on the scroll-bar resulted in one page scroll up or down nowadays it jumps to the relative position where you click (clicking in the top 10% will bring you to the top 10% of the document).  How to go back to the old behaviour, please?23:31
larrypglucas--, I know that 1000 people lived in my house because someone told me so...everything else says that only 10 people live there...I know that what everyone else is telling me is wong because the one said that it is true23:32
lucas--larrypg: the question is why would they lie?23:33
lucas--their lie is consistent with the data i had there.23:33
lucas--Laibsch: i didn't have any permissions issues. ki7mt didn't say that at all. it was something else23:34
LaibschOK, you seem to have issues with reality23:34
Laibsch(07:42:27) ki7mt: lucas--, permissions, mount points, remounted mount points, forgotten passphrases,23:35
Laibschfor you to remember23:35
lucas--Laibsch: yes that's something else.23:35
Laibschand you pastebin'd a couple of files with incorrect permissions23:35
Laibschyes, of course23:35
lucas--Laibsch: maybe the update change the permissions. i have no idea.23:35
Laibschand I need to do something else now, too23:35
Laibschbest of luck23:35
lucas--Laibsch: anyway, when running testdisk, i can find the files in the disk! they might be "deleted" files.23:36
lumpsDoes ubunt netboot require any kernel params beyond "boot=live ip=:::::: and fetch=http:///...../fs.squashfs"?23:36
Laibschlike I said, e2undel might recover your files23:36
Laibschno idea23:36
lumpsever heard any talk about it in here?23:36
lucas--Laibsch: thanks :)23:38
Laibschif testdisk already displays your files then why not recover them?23:38
* Laibsch hasn't used that program23:38
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jay__hey guys. is it normal that my pc was frozen when i came back after about an hour? it was just sitting there with the web browser open. is this a regular thing in linux?23:56
wrongplacehow do I kill an app via terminal? gui is unresponsive23:56
jay__i would assume not but you know. thought i'd ask23:56
jay__by frozen i mean i couldn't do a single thing. not even move the mouse. i had to hard reset it23:57

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