pizalahuellahola alguien habla español?01:31
pizalahuellaquisiera saber si ubuntu studio tiene un cargador de arranque tipo grub4dos para agregar otros os ?01:33
pizalahuellaes que tambien uso puppy studio 401:34
ubuntu-studioso i could use some partitioning advise: i have a P4 w/ 1.2 GB DDR1, 160GB IDE, 120 GB IDE and 120 GB IDE. this system will be used as as audio production workstation. i was thinking use 1 of the 120's for "/", the 160 for /home but i dont know what's best to do with the third 120 GB04:41
holsteini have a tracking drive.. other than that, i dont really do anything special04:44
ubuntu-studioi guess it'll hold the swap and ill just link to it in the user's home folder04:47
ubuntu-studiothat sounds efficient enough04:47
holsteindepends on what media you are making04:47
holsteinwhen im tracking, i want *only* tracking happening on that drive04:48
holsteini also dont want encryption on that system either04:50
holsteini dont want any overhead, especially if im trying to squeeze it out of a P404:50
ubuntu-studioIDE drives in master/slave config. just trying to come up with a partitioning plan that is most efficient.04:51
holsteinsure.. im just suggesting, if you want to track audio, the most efficient would be just having one dedicated to that04:52
ubuntu-studioand i expect the /home partition to get more usage than "/" so i should put the swap on the same drive as "/"?04:54
holsteini dont do anything special there.. i just dont do encryption04:55
ubuntu-studiobut thats just a guess. i've never really watched the disk I/O04:55
ubuntu-studiothanks holstein04:56
holsteinubuntu-studio: sure.. oh!.. also, #opensourcemusicians04:56
holsteindjbuby: uyes05:05
holsteindjbuby: caps not necessary. just ask05:05
djbubyno ingles speak español05:06
ubottudjbuby: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:06
djbubynoob en ubuntu05:07
ianx1879finally kicked win7 to the curb and installed kubuntu after another fun bit of snafu22:04
ianx1879now working on getting Saffire Pro 14 configuration fully automated22:05
ianx1879is it better latency/feature-wise to bridge ALSA or PulseAudio ?22:06
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