jpentlandHi, I tired placing a new .conf file in /etc/init but it seems that it isn't being recognised as a service, what could be the reason for this?09:32
jodhjpentland: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#init-checkconf09:52
zlinon ubuntu 12.04 is there a way to make upstart interpret an init script as a native upstart job, rather than as a shell script?14:00
bjrohanHi. I an trying to run a script to start a minecraft server in screen. It appears to me that screen is not starting before I call it in upstart. How may I make sure screen is started before it is needed in my script? Currently I have start on (screen and runlevel [2345]) which doesn't appear to work20:57
cschneidI have a status of: `spark-master stop/killed, process 18321` -- how do I really kill it? that process doesn't exist21:59
bjrohancan anyone help me get a n upstart script to be able to run screen before I run the script? I am having issues getting this to happen23:19

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