Unit193bluesabre: So, need anything for the meta?00:01
bluesabreoh right00:01
bluesabremain upload rights00:01
Unit193Hah. ;P00:01
Unit193But, you know how to refresh it?00:01
bluesabreI believe xubuntu-meta is updated by a script00:01
bluesabregotta have upload rights, I believe it has to be micahg or another sponsor00:02
bluesabrenot sure I'd be able to even with xubuntu package set00:02
bluesabreI can try in a few minutes and confirm00:02
Unit193So you'd need debootstrap and devscripts, as well as germinate.  Then, basically, ./update00:03
Unit193This would be the first utopic refresh, so you'd have to switch it to utopic first.00:04
bluesabreworking on it now00:10
bluesabreUnit193: https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/ubuntu/utopic/xubuntu-meta/add-inxi/+merge/22524300:28
ochosibluesabre: thanks a bunch bluesabre 00:50
ochosibtw, i hope that your application will pass easily with the nice testimonies you got00:50
ochosiright, about two weeks then00:54
Unit193Then we'll have to think of ways to get many different packages under the Xubuntu packageset, so I can get bluesabre to upload. \o/00:54
ochosiin fact i'm happy if there aren't too many00:54
ochosiat least as long as we only have *one* uploader00:55
* ochosi glimpses at Unit193 00:55
ochosihumm, i guess i also have to set a relatively sane time for the meeting next week00:56
ochosisomehow i don't feel that there was a huge consensus among the last few meetings00:56
Unit193ochosi: Nah, I don't do a ton of packaging in Ubuntu.00:56
ochosii'm more relaxed next week, so i could actually be flexible for a change00:56
Unit193Much on the agenda?00:57
ochosinot really, i guess00:57
bluesabreI'm pretty inflexible for work, and I slept through the last meeting00:57
ochosibluesabre: hrm, i just remembered, we should try to get lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings into the repos00:57
bluesabreyeah, maybe I can do that myself in two weeks 00:58
ochosiand on another note, you need to weigh in a little more on andrew's emails ;)00:58
ochosiok, adding it to trello...00:58
bluesabreyou've been handling that pretty darn well ;)00:58
bluesabreand he's been a master of the code00:58
ochosiyeah, so far everything has been solid00:59
ochosii mean personally i don't mind if we take a step back and let him handle the project00:59
ochosiotoh he doesn't seem too eager to just take over00:59
ochosiat least not on his own00:59
bluesabrewe'll keep the xubuntu direction in it01:00
ochosiyeah, he adds a ton of customizability01:00
ochosimuch more than i'd ever be willing to01:01
ochosiafter all, it's just a login-window...01:01
ochosiUnit193: can you quickly set up the trello-calendar to google-calendar sync?01:03
ochosiUnit193: pasting you the ical link as PM01:07
Unit193...I so hate you bzr.01:21
bluesabrewhat are bzr'ing now?01:43
Unit193Well I was, but then I gave up and censored myself: https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/ubuntu-seeds/xubuntu.utopic01:47
Unit193http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unit193/ubuntu-seeds/xubuntu.utopic/revision/964 is a better link.01:48
bluesabreah, playing cleanup01:50
Unit193Not quite.01:52
Unit193bluesabre: You may have seen me remark about asciidoc before?  I noticed a while ago with few changes, you could have output like https://sigma.unit193.net/xubuntu.utopic/core-d.html01:54
Unit193Still not sure if it's a good idea.01:55
bluesabrenice and clean01:58
bluesabrevery tempting to look into that01:59
Unit193That's actually a2x output, if you want the links at the top.02:00
bluesabreI see02:03
NoskcajUnit193, where am i making the top two changes?02:11
NoskcajI see the systemd one, but it's not really an issue02:11
Unit193Didn't say it was, but dropping light-locker -l is.02:12
NoskcajI'm not though02:12
NoskcajI just pushed the branch without patches applied i assume02:12
Noskcajwhich i have been told to do by dholbach02:13
Unit193xubutrello: card 77 add member bluesabre02:31
xubutrelloAdded "Sean Davis" to card "add inxi to seed then xubuntu-meta upload".02:31
Unit193Well since you're doing at least half.02:32
bluesabreI'll take it ;)02:33
Unit193I suppose we should add you to parole's too.02:33
Unit193xubutrello: card 73 add member bluesabre02:33
xubutrelloSean Davis is already assigned to card "Parole 0.6.2/0.7".02:34
Unit193Hah. :D02:34
bluesabreI'll fix the greeter in the morning for utopic02:34
Unit193Right, the ido thing?02:34
Unit193Yeah... Real excited...02:34
Unit193bluesabre: Did you have a prole roadmap too?02:36
bluesabre(reload now)02:37
Unit193xubutrello: card 73 add comment 0.7.0 roadmap: https://wiki.xfce.org/design/parole-ui02:40
xubutrelloThere's no list called <card 73 add comment 0.7.0 roadmap: https://wiki.xfce.org/design/parole-ui> on the board, Unit193. Sorry.02:40
Unit193xubutrello: card 73 comment 0.7.0 roadmap: https://wiki.xfce.org/design/parole-ui02:40
xubutrelloAdded "0.7.0 roadmap: https://wiki.xfce.org/design/parole-ui" comment to "Parole 0.6.2/0.7" card.02:40
Unit193I'm sooo lazy, but it's helpful to me later.02:41
bluesabrewill probably release 0.7 dev release this weekend02:43
Unit193I see no ncurses interface on the roadmap?02:44
bluesabrealways accepting patches ;)02:45
bluesabreheading to bed, g'night folks02:57
bluesabreUnit193, ochosi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm-gtk-greeter/+bug/133672710:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1336727 in lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu) "ido build-depends removed from utopic package" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:39
knomeochosi, you know what would be cool?16:05
knomeochosi, if the xfdesktop configuration window would able to show all images from subdirectories (incl.) symlinks from the selected directory16:06
knomebluesabre, ^16:06
ochosiknome: yeah, it could also be annoying and slow, loading too many images (depending on what you want)16:25
ochosiyou could just symlink all the images you want in a single folder and use that in xfdesktop16:26
ochosiseems easy enough16:26
knomewell, kind of, but i also have a complaint about that16:33
knomewhat if i want my own wallpaper collection plus the xubuntu defaults + community wallpapers?16:33
knomethat's quite a lot of symlinking16:33
knometheoretically a bunch more every release16:33
mhall119pleia2: knome: would Xubuntu use a mid-cycle UOS for planning session, or skip it and wait until the next start-of-cycle UOS in November?16:48
mhall119I'm trying ot guage how useful the mid-cycle ones are for flavors16:48
elfymhall119: the new project lead is ochosi - but I'm sure knome will have an opinion :D16:50
mhall119that's really an open question to anyone involved in Xubuntu development16:50
pleia2we haven't been participating in the online summits (timezone issues, not enough people wanting to do archived mic+video)16:50
elfypleia2: thanks - saves me typing :)16:50
mhall119pleia2: timezone or weekday, or both?16:51
pleia2IRC-based meetings that we control work better for us16:51
pleia2mhall119: timezone16:51
ochosihi mhall119 16:51
mhall119hi ochosi 16:51
mhall119ochosi: congrats on being th new project lead16:51
ochosiyeah, the issues pleia2 mentioned are indeed a problem16:52
knomere: the question, from my experience/in my opinion, mid-cycle ones aren't really useful for us; the ones at the beginning before feature definition freezes are the most useful16:52
knome(without taking the tz/privacy issues into account)16:52
knomeUDS's were nicely scheduled, the online ones not so much16:53
knomeand tbh, i can't see how anybody benefits from an online schedule after the feature freeze in terms of planning or anything like that16:54
knomemhall119, ^ hope that is helpful, and feel free to ask further questions16:55
ochosithe other thing is that our teamm is small and there's not so much interaction with other ubuntu teams16:55
ochosithanks mhall119 16:55
ochosi(sorry, my connection laaags a bit atm)16:55
knomeeven so, the communication would be the most beneficial if it could happen at the very beginning of the cycle16:55
mhall119knome: thanks, we'll start planning the November UOS very early, hopefully that will help more people16:56
knometo know what other teams are planning that might affect us or vice versa16:56
knomemhall119, that sounds like a good time to have it16:56
ochosimm, i agree, timewise november sounds good16:59
ochosiwe'll see, we can discuss partaking in the next UOS again17:00
knomecan see nice streams during mowember too :P17:00
ochosithe last one was announced on short notice a bit17:00
knomeochosi, you're a sherlock ;)17:00
ochosiwell, just saying17:02

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