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Soelenhello everyone! Quick question, how can I add apps in the application finder?02:43
holsteinSoelen: they should just be there, when you install.. what app in particular?02:45
Soelenholstein: well I am forced to download and use directly from blender.com since the offical blender rep doesn't include CUDA rendering, thus I need to "install" blender into the system with my own hands02:46
holsteinSoelen: sure. so, make whatever custom shortcuts you like to whatever you choose02:46
Soelenwell I don't know how02:47
holsteinthough, i would simply put one on the desktop.. and keep it simple02:47
Soelenholstein: I want when I doubleclick on a file the blender application should open02:48
Soelennot just to add it to the menu02:48
Soelenholstein: but maybe the article which you gave me does include this, please give me time to read02:49
holsteinSoelen: you can set that up, but, its actually not trivial..02:50
Soelenholstein: and by that you mean complicated?02:51
brasileirohi everyone... is it possible to configure xfce4-mailwatch-plugin to check only my Priority Inbox at Gmail and not everything (like don't show new e-mails if they are at Promotions, for example)?02:53
holsteinSoelen: its not something that i would personally deal with02:59
noahthedominatorHow can i get a icon for my connections(wifi, wired etc) on my top panel???03:24
xanguanoahthedominator: is your network manager icon missing¿ http://www.webupd8.org/2014/06/lubuntu-1404-missing-network-manager.html03:27
noahthedominatorYeah its missing. I tried the link and it says its not installed.03:31
bryanhello I need help. i have xubuntu and when I move a windows it lags I dont know whats wrong04:22
holsteinbryan: well, im fairly certain its GPU  related.. have you tried the vesa driver to isolate that?04:23
bryanim sorry I got lost on all the chat04:23
holsteinbryan: are you up to date with upgrades?04:24
bryanyeah I upgraded it04:24
bryanshould I reboot?04:24
holsteinbryan: if you recieved a kernel update, you'll have to reboot into that newer kernel, and a "Fix" could be there04:25
bryanI didnt see if i got a new kernel. Ill be back then hah04:25
bryanthe choppiness is still there :/04:29
bryanits only  whenever i  move the windows04:29
holsteinbryan: you can try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1270209 and see if a vesa driver addresses the issue04:31
bryanwhat do i do with the code?04:33
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia04:33
holsteinbryan: what i do is, create the file and put it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ..then, i can remove that from a live CD and get right back where i am04:34
holsteinbryan: dont get caught up in this step.. this is *not* a fix.. this is just to help isolate the driver and test..04:34
holsteinbryan: you'd do just as well to disable compositing and test..04:34
bryanoh ok04:34
bryanim trying to move it but it wont let me04:39
holsteinbryan: move what?04:40
anabwi am so new and overwhelmed how to get to a regular browser page04:40
bryanthe xorg.config file to /etc/x1104:41
bryantheres not xorg.config file on /etc/x11 so i created one04:41
holsteinbryan: correct.. you'll need to make it04:42
bryanI tried to move it from my desktop to /etc/x11 but it wont let me04:42
holsteinbryan: /etc/X1104:43
holsteinand you cant.. you need sudo permission04:43
holsteinyou can open a terminal, and run "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and copy paste.. or, sudo mv04:43
hoijuimy netbooks touchpad is stuck in "scroll mode" (meaning, normal usage scrolls, instead of moving the mouse pointer)06:04
hoijuii must have accidentially pressed some keyboard shortcut ... any ideas how to undo it?06:05
hoijuiis there somethign like a "mouse reset"?06:05
hoijuigot it06:11
hoijuirmmod psmouse && modprobe psmouse06:11
hoijuideactivates and reactivates the touchpad(-drivers), which did the trick06:12
xubuntu500hello guys! where i can find driver for sis mirage 3 graphic?09:53
bazhangxserver-xorg-video-sis <--- it's not a very well supported card09:54
xubuntu500@bazhang what should i do sir? my display resolutions is only 640x48009:57
Juli3n Hello is that you speak French ?11:07
knome!fr | Juli3n11:07
ubottuJuli3n: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:07
xubuntu812my installer keeps crashing any tips?13:11
knometry being a bit more exac13:11
xubuntu812i am trying to install xubuntu 14 and as soon as it starts copying files i get the errno 513:12
xubuntu812however it runs fine on live13:12
knomehave you checked the ISO integrity?13:13
xubuntu812yes and re-downloaded several times13:14
knomehow did you check the integrity?13:14
xubuntu812md5 check13:14
xubuntu812i would like to assume that the integrity is not the issue13:15
xubuntu812how do i get the no migration assistant command to work13:17
xubuntu812i have tried this and it did not recognize it13:17
xubuntu812does anyone know of any installation issues i am having difficulty13:21
knome!patience | xubuntu81213:21
ubottuxubuntu812: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:21
xubuntu812what i have found is that "ubiquity --no-migration-assitant" is a workaruond13:23
xubuntu812however this command does not seem to be valid13:23
knomemake sure you type the command with "assistant" not "assitant"13:23
xubuntu812i get "ubiquity: error: no such option: --no-migration-assistant"13:24
knomethen there is no such option13:25
knomethe tutorials probably cover older versions13:25
xubuntu812is there a way to check integrity from terminal?13:25
* Hedgework peeks in13:38
Hedgeworkxubuntu812: sure... md5sum the iso13:39
Hedgeworkxubuntu812: Can you give more info about your environment (i.e. what hardware you are installing on) and the error?13:40
Guido1Hello, i need to recover my data. During the conection of the external driv,e with wiindows 8.1 computer i got an error message and now windows 8.1 doesn recognice it, windows xp can see it, but not open the files any more. how / with which program can i recover it, prefeurable with the folder structure?16:40
cfhowlettGuido1 obvious question: can xubuntusee it?16:40
Guido1cfhowlett: it can use the folders, but not the files16:41
cfhowlettGuido1 try via the terminal16:42
Guido1cfhowlett: you mean with cd etc.? by the way. if i conect the drive it kes quite long until it is conected and shows the folders16:45
cfhowlettGuido1 that makes me nervous.  NO connection is better than a delayed connection.  Suggests a possible hardware issue, but I don't have enough expertise to advise.  Ask over in #ubuntu or in ##linux16:46
Guido1cfhowlett: just asked in ubuntu as well.16:47
Guido1cfhowlett: but i didn got more information over there17:15
cfhowlettGuido1 ask ##linux?17:17
HedgeworkGuido1: I've done recoveries off of questionable disks, but I'm at work so I can't do a walk-through right now.  If you'd like, I can try to help tonight before bed.17:20
Guido1Hedgework: jea, maybe that would be nice. maybe tomorrow night is also possible? (tomorrow i have an exam). are you doing it with linux, xp or windows 8.1? ()that are the systems available to me, prefeuring xp and xubuntu17:22
HedgeworkGuido1: I usually use sysrescuecd or plug the drive into my funtoo install, but I can check whether the utilities I use are on the xubuntu livecd if that's all you've got.17:23
HedgeworkAs for tomorrow...I'm not yet sure if I'm hanging out at home or traveling for the holiday, but if I'm around I can help.17:24
Guido1at linux: no answer at all ...17:27
Guido1Hedgework: than letś see how late it will be today17:28
elfyGuido1: it might take longer than 10 minutes for someone to see it who can reply17:28
GridCubeGuido1, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step17:28
HedgeworkGuido1: I suspect my SO will want my attention when I get home, but I should free up around 8 or 9 pm my time (for as long as I can stay awake)...that's about 6.5 hours from now.17:29
Guido1Hedgework: oh, itś now 19.30 at my place17:30
Hedgeworkit's still 13:30 here :)17:30
Guido1GridCube: okkee, i have test disk17:30
Hedgeworkanyway...good luck, and feel free to ping my non-work nick (HedgeMage) in a few hours if you still need help17:31
Guido1Hedgework: thanks17:32
GridCubeGuido1, do read a whole lot before doing stuff to sensible data17:32
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Guido1GridCube: sure17:34
Guido1GridCube: whats the difference between test disk and fotoRec?17:37
GridCubephotorec just recovers some types of files17:37
Guido1test disk shows:   CHS 60801 255 63 - sector size=512 (by the listed partitions)17:45
Guido1testdisks shows the partition two times, exactly the same17:57
Guido1and says invalide fat boot sector17:57
HedgeworkGuido1: Do you have a spare disk that's at least the size of the corrupt one?18:03
HedgeworkGuido1: If so, I *highly* recommend making an image and working on the image rather than risking further data loss by screwing around with a dodgy disk.18:04
Guido1Hedgework: just making a 800 GB partition free18:04
HedgeworkGuido1: that works, as long as it's on a different physical drive :)18:05
Guido1right now i let testdisk show me what it finds, but not do any changes18:05
Guido1Hedgework: yes, itś on a different drive - a 1 TB drive18:05
HedgeworkGuido1: EVERY time you move the head on a failing disk -- whether to read or write -- you bring catastrophic failure closer.  Stop messing around with it even reading it.  Image it to the other disk, then work on the image.18:06
Guido1Hedgework: the problem drive is a 500 Gb drive. i have quite some faith if test disk shows the correct partition table - right now it can read the fat boor sector it says18:06
HedgeworkI don't know what you see and haven't gone through it with tools or seen useful output, so I assume the most conservative path.  Use your best judgement, of course.18:07
Guido1Hedgework: should not be - expect a program error as i got the drive begin this year (from a recovery service)18:07
HedgeworkGuido1: A recovery service?  As in it's a reconditioned drive?18:08
Guido1Hedgework: no, they put the data on a new drive18:08
HedgeworkAhh.  We clearly have very different data handling preferences.18:09
Guido1bevore i had i quite fast fat 32 300 gb usb 2.0 drive and got a fat 32 500 gb with USB 3.0 back which was slower18:10
Guido1Hedgework: i had to send in the old drive - physical damage ...18:10
HedgeworkGuido1: Here's what I do, just for comparison.  Keep in mind that I am responsible for some OSS projects and work in infosec, so I probably have more serious data integrity and secrecy needs than the average joe user...18:12
Hedgework1) The only SSDs I'll buy are Intel, and I only store system stuff that doesn't change too much on them to minimize writes.  For example, / and /boot are on my SSD in tyro (my personal desktop), but /var, /home, and swap are on a HDD.18:13
Hedgework2) The only HDDs I'll buy are Seagate.  Seagate has a slightly lower MTBF than competitors like Western Digital, but unlike WD and friends, Seagates throw lots of noisy errors for weeks or months before they fail, so I'm not caught by surprise and can double-check that I have complete back-ups then EOL the drive.18:14
Hedgework3) All disks are encrypted, usually via dmcrypt with LUKS headers, except for my /boot partition.18:15
Hedgework4) /boot for highly sensitive systems is kept on removable media on my person18:15
Hedgework4) Backups are taken regularly (I use rsnapshot with a custom wrapper script) and stored on encrypted volumes.18:16
Hedgeworkerr 5 ^^^18:16
Hedgework6) If a disk starts throwing errors indicative of a filesystem failure, I image it, shred, and test.  If the hardware checks out, I create a new partition table and appropriate filesystems then copy the contents back from the image.18:18
Hedgework7) If a disk shows indications of an impending hardware failure, I image it (even if it's already backed up...better safe than sorry) and physically destroy it.  Then I restore what I need to a new disk from the image, check for integrity where needed, and grab back-ups of anything that was corrupted.18:19
Guido1Hedgework: i only have HDDs, i think. if i buy, i also go for seagate. i have good experiences with it. i would be glad to have enough money to have enough disks for backups ...18:20
Hedgework8) If I get handed a device to recover by someone else, I make an image and work on the image unless I absolutely can't.  Better safe than sorry.18:21
Hedgework9) I do my own data recovery...I don't want strangers in my data.18:21
HedgeworkGuido1: I already had this system in place back when I was a single mom raising my kid on $700/mo with no child support, government aid, etc.  You can afford it if you're willing to do some extra leg work to make up for funding shortfalls.18:22
Guido1Hedgework: okee, testdisk just showed the following information during the analysis "Read error at 12/28/17 (lba=194560)". What does it mean?18:23
HedgeworkGuido1: I don't use testdisk, but I would suspect that the number with the slashes is platter/cylinder/sector location...lba is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_block_addressing18:24
Guido1Hedgework: right now i have to calculate with a year compleatly without money and before i just had about 400€18:24
Guido1Hedgework: so itś an physical error?18:24
HedgeworkMeh, maybe maybe not...a location doesn't tell us why there's a read error.18:25
HedgeworkThat's not actually a helpful error message.18:25
Guido1Hedgework: makes it difficult to fix ...18:25
HedgeworkMeh, I can guide you to better tools.18:25
Guido1would be nice18:26
HedgeworkCan you download an iso (about 400MB) and either burn it to a CD or write it to a USB stick?18:28
Guido1yes, i can18:28
HedgeworkGuido1: Get this... http://www.sysresccd.org/Download18:29
HedgeworkIt has the toolkit I'm more familiar with.18:29
Guido1before i test disk showed that the one ppartition is listed twoo times in the partition table and that there was an error reading the fat 32 boot sector18:29
Hedgeworkthat doesn't tell us WHY though18:30
Guido1Hedgework: but maybe it lets hope that fixing the partition table solves the problem, but the read error later on ...18:34
HedgeworkGuido1: May I pm, by the way, while we're at this?18:34
HedgeworkThe thing is that if you run the tool to fix the partition table and the problem is in fact a head going bad you may destroy the disk.18:34
HedgeworkProper diagnostics are your friend: know what you are dealing with so you can make wise choices on how to deal with it.18:35
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SnuggyfooDoes anyone know what Ubuntu/Xubuntu uses to configure the display for an ATI video card if there is no xorg.conf?18:50
baizonSnuggyfoo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/4662/where-is-the-x-org-config-file-how-do-i-configure-x-there18:57
baizonSnuggyfoo: also http://askubuntu.com/questions/26290/50-synaptics-conf-options-not-working/27017#2701718:57
vaiolinHello, using a old Sony Vaio VGN-FJ270, installed Skype fine, but builtin webcam shows no video, how can I get it working?21:31
xubuntu516Question: does vim come preinstalled in Xubuntu? It seems to run with the "vi" command, yet when I do "sudo apt-get install vim", it doesn't seem to be installed.21:52
Unit193It comes with vim-tiny, which doesn't have syntax highlighting and all the fun jazz.21:53
xubuntu516Unit193: ohh, hmm, thanks, just removed vim-tiny and installed vim. Thanks.21:58
Unit193Don't even need to remove tiny.21:58
xubuntu516Unit193: If you have both installed, which would it default to then?21:59
xubuntu516Considering that vim-tiny was starting with vi22:00
Unit193/usr/bin/vi -> /etc/alternatives/vi -> /usr/bin/vim.basic (which is vim)22:00
xubuntu516THat's a little confusing, but it's alright, important thing is I got it installed. :)22:03
xubuntu265may I ask a question ?23:04
slickymaster!ask | xubuntu26523:06
ubottuxubuntu265: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:06
xubuntu265sorry first time here23:06
xubuntu265I have been trying to install xubuntu onto my computer several times now with out success I downloaded the iso burnt it to a usb and dvd following the instructions to the letter booting ect i see a load screen for xubuntu then i get this message "(initramfs) unable to find a medium with a live file system23:08
xubuntu265am I doing some thing wrong ?23:09
xubuntu265I've used ubuntu on a note book was so far superior to windows23:09
xubuntu265now i want xubuntu on my pc( sick of the garbage with windows 723:10
xubuntu265can any one help ? please ?23:10
knomexubuntu265, patience please, everybody is a volunteer here23:11
xubuntu146Two quick questions. What exactly does selecting filetype under mousepad do? Is it just for syntax highlighting? Second, will there be any new updates for mousepad? I think I remember reading that it's been abandoned.23:14
knomexubuntu265, 1) syntax highlighting 2) it's not completely abandoned; what do you need updates for?23:18
xubuntu146knome: No, just wondering if it'll be included and kept up to date in future XFCE releases, or whether it'll be replaced. I read somewhere that it may be replaced with leafpad, I beleive. Yet leafpad has less features and is more primitive.23:29
knomeit was replaced by leafpad in earlier xubuntu versions but is now back.23:29
xubuntu146knome: Ohh ok, thanks.23:29

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