DalekSecSamB: Oh, and yes, I did get the answer in there.00:32
SamBI wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about if this channel wasn't so dead ...00:33
DalekSecFWIW, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/1078211 it looked like.00:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1078211 in Bazaar "lp-propose $BRANCH always prefers the parent branch" [Low,Confirmed]00:34
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camakoIs anyone using changelog_merge? It's supposed to be for GNU-format ChangeLog files. Can it be used for debian/changelog as well?11:10
jelmercamako: no, there is a separate merge hook for debian/changelog11:11
jelmerwhich is a part of the bzr-builddeb plugin11:11
camakojelmer, o cool... I'll check it out11:11
camakojelmer, specific issue I'm trying to solve is changelog merge conflicts due to developer commits editing the file at/around the same place...11:54
camakojelmer, I'm not sure if this plugin helps11:54
camakoI don't want to change how we manage packages.. just need help with merging...11:55
jelmercamako: that is what the hoek does12:08
jelmercamako: the plugin contains various tools (including this hoek) for managing Debian packages in bzr12:09
jelmerGrr, Dutch autocorrect12:09
jelmerI meant hook rather than hoek, obviously12:10
camakojelmer, the documentation goes into talking abt complex package mgtmt discussion, so it wasn't obvious to me how I could use it to merge...12:11
jelmercamako: I think the hook is enabled by default if you have the package and Debian devscripts installed12:13
camakojelmer, specifically I have a branch with a one-line changelog addition, while the trunk (let's say) has another one-line commit that got ahead causing a merge-conflict... how would one use this hook to merge cleanly? If you know of any examples of this, it'd greatly help12:14
jelmercamako: the hook should take care of that automatically while you merge12:15
camakojelmer, sounds like exactly what I need... I'll dig more12:18
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