hatchhuwshimi thanks for keeping the landing requests going on that branch to get it landed :)02:46
huwshimihatch: np :)02:48
hatchso you're all set for the rest of the day? 02:49
huwshimihatch: Yep!02:52
hatchhuwshimi https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1620669801/synek-any-beer-ever-made-fresh-on-your-counter02:52
huwshimiLooks great02:57
rick_h__hatch: looks like CI's been happy since mayko's change?03:00
hatchrick_h__ negative, http://ci.jujugui.org:8080/job/juju-gui-merge/462/ this one failed03:00
hatchsorry that failed with the noritfications test03:01
hatchso yes03:01
rick_h__hatch: yea, more nervous about the failure to run tests :)03:01
rick_h__notifications diaf03:01
rick_h__and all that03:01
huwshimirick_h__: Mine have been failing all day :)03:01
hatchare you ok with me adding a .skip to that test?03:01
rick_h__hatch: actually that's a damn good point03:01
rick_h__hatch: I am, we've got a card to fix those tests and ack that we won't get to it until post machine view03:01
rick_h__hatch: we all know the damn thing is erronous so +1 on .skip 03:02
rick_h__hatch: but please find the bug/card and XXX it in code03:02
hatchcool, I'll do that right now once I confirm the failures03:02
rick_h__hatch: rgr03:02
hatchhttps://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/418 and now we wait to see if the tests pass :)03:10
hatchmy adapter to hook my xbox controller up to my laptop arrived, works like a charm....03:11
rick_h__hah, very cool03:12
hatchnow the gaming master race can use a controller :)03:12
hatch(he says from an underpowered laptop)03:12
hatchoh rick_h__  have you used your document camera yet?03:13
rick_h__hatch: yea a few times03:13
hatchI'm thinking of getting one myself and there are so many options03:13
rick_h__I only used it on a call once03:13
hatchany insight?03:13
rick_h__oh wtf, this is cool. I have this one but wired http://www.amazon.com/Ipevo-iZiggi-HD-Wireless-Document-CDVW-01IP/dp/B00GUELRK2/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1404357237&sr=8-10&keywords=document+camera+ipevo03:14
rick_h__didn't know they had a wireless one03:14
rick_h__comes with some osx software that works out nice03:15
rick_h__linux is a bit more hit/miss03:15
hatchbahahaha https://plus.google.com/118445028821328031751/posts/HrqeHHBNkRp03:15
hatchare there any tips you have about like quality, functionality, etc03:16
rick_h__so the quality is pretty good03:16
rick_h__it's not as nice as a scanner or as easy to use as a scanner 03:17
rick_h__but scanners only work for full document sheets well03:17
rick_h__I've used it to lay out receipts for work next to each other, and send in one jpg of them all 03:17
rick_h__and you can't use a scanner as a video camera03:17
rick_h__so to record/etc03:17
rick_h__I've not used it a ton, but the few times I've used it, seems to work out. It's a bit hard to get it setup to snapshot a full page doc03:17
rick_h__but had to do that once with something that had to be signed 03:18
rick_h__and saved me a trip to a fax machine03:18
hatchand the resolution is ok?03:18
rick_h__yea, seems to be. It's a webcam basically03:19
rick_h__hatch: yea, saw that. Will have to try that out when it ships03:19
rick_h__I use trello for my GSoC stuff on bookie03:19
hatchcool thanks03:19
hatchahh yeah03:19
rick_h__hatch: I mean I'm not sure if I didn't get as a gift if I'd spend my $$ on it though03:19
hatchreviews for the watches are all over the place, some say the samsung has better screen, others say the LG does heh03:19
rick_h__hatch: it's not connected sitting on a desk behind me and only connected as needed03:19
rick_h__hatch: yea, but everyone agrees the lg has better battery life03:20
hatchthis is true03:20
hatchdefinitely important03:20
rick_h__hatch: and I'll take that, plus the screen issue is that the LG screen isn't as rich, but it works better outdoors03:20
rick_h__so samsung has prettier, but sometimes useless screen03:20
rick_h__lg isn't as pretty, but more usuable at all times03:20
hatchI'm pretty much against samsung anyways 03:20
rick_h__then there's that :)03:21
hatchso it's really a non-contest haha03:21
rick_h__+1 to anti samsung03:21
hatchI forgot how crazy java was03:22
hatchlike what the h e double hockeystick 03:23
rick_h__yea, I really want to do mobile dev work sometimes, but then I see java or obj C and run back away03:23
hatchyeah I wanted to dabble with this watch but wow...03:23
hatchSwift is pretty nice though03:24
hatchnot that that's going to help 03:24
rick_h__tell luca we want to do a gui watch app :P03:24
hatchhaha - I don't think it allows any styling03:24
hatchit COULD receive notifications though03:24
hatchscale up/down etc03:25
hatchcould be pretty cool actually03:25
rick_h__ask ant if his mobile charm details is watch mobile03:25
hatch"Ok Google, scale up my wordpress service to 5 units"03:25
hatchI wonder if some of our really smart people on the phone team could flash ubuntu touch onto the watch03:28
hatchitty bitty icons03:28
huwshimihatch: OK, now I'm confused. Are you planning to completely replace the UI that exists for the current scaleup or are you just adding some bits and modifying what we have?03:29
hatchhuwshimi I was going to replace the whole thing - because it now needs to be sharable between the ghost and service inspectors03:29
hatchsome of the back end code can be sharable I think but the front end stuff is all new03:30
huwshimihatch: Ah great, makes thing easier for me then :)03:30
hatchegggggcellent 03:30
hatchhuwshimi_ ok I'm heading off - so even if you don't get as much done as you'd like by your EOD put it into a landable state so I can land it in the morning and keep going :)03:49
huwshimi_hatch: Yep, no problems. Thanks03:53
hatchnp, thanks, and have a good night03:53
=== urulama-away is now known as urulama
rogpeppeurulama, huwshimi: mornin'06:21
huwshimirogpeppe: Morning06:22
urulamahuwshimi: wow, australia ... and i thought i was alone :)06:26
huwshimiurulama: Hey! Welcome!06:26
urulamahuwshimi: tnx06:26
urulamahuwshimi: good to be here ;)06:27
huwshimiurulama: Is this your first week?06:27
urulamahuwshimi: yes, started on Monday. experienced information overload the first three days, now i plan to play with juju for few days 06:28
huwshimiurulama: Yeah, it's all a bit crazy to begin with. It's great that you have a chance to play with it all to start off.06:30
huwshimibrb, changing locations06:31
urulamahuwshimi: rick prepared set of "missions" to get to know the dev cycle and also how juju works, which also made you create different public cloud accounts which will be used anyway ... it's meant for newcomers ... looks nice06:34
rogpeppeurulama: cool. i'd like to see the "missions".06:55
frankbanhi rogpeppe, how is it going?08:57
rogpeppefrankban: yo08:57
rogpeppefrankban: not bad, thanks08:58
rogpeppefrankban: how was your greek island?08:58
frankbanrogpeppe: it was beautiful, the sea, nice small towns, good food08:59
rogpeppefrankban: nice09:00
frankbanurulama: morning, and welcome!09:00
rogpeppefrankban: you up for pairing on finishing up the apiv4 spec?09:01
frankbanrogpeppe: sounds good, I'll be ready right after a coffee. 09:02
urulamafrankban: morning09:02
urulamafrankban: and tnx :)09:02
rogpeppefrankban: cool. i'll grab breakfast09:03
=== urulama is now known as urulama-away
frankbanrogpeppe: I am in https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daily-standup?authuser=1 no rush09:17
rick_h__welcome back frankban 11:53
frankbanrick_h__: thanks!11:53
frankbanrick_h__: are you out today?11:54
rick_h__greek island? Sounds awesome. 11:54
frankbanrick_h__: yeah, crete11:54
rick_h__frankban: yea, heading up north for family camping over the holiday weekend11:54
rick_h__frankban: rogpeppe and hatch can help fill you in on things for the couple of days. I'll be back on tues11:55
frankbanrick_h__: cool, so no call in 5, right? I am pairing with Roger on the v4 specs, have a great long weekend11:55
rick_h__frankban: lots of docs/specs to catch up on and I'm sure your emails are backed up a bit11:55
rick_h__frankban: yep, no call. 11:55
rogpepperick_h__: have a good one11:55
rick_h__thanks rogpeppe 11:55
rick_h__urulama-away: meet frankban, frankban meet urulama-away, and jrwren is the other new hire. rogpeppe make sure to do the intro on the standup please. 11:56
=== urulama-away is now known as urulama
urulamarick_h__: we met in the morning :D11:56
rick_h__oh, coolio then11:57
urulamarick_h__: italy is close :D11:57
rick_h__you morning people :P11:57
urulamarick_h__: what about the call tomorrow at 5pm? 11:57
rick_h__urulama: I don't see a call on my calendar for 5pm tomorrow?11:57
* frankban lunches11:58
rick_h__urulama: unless tha'ts the friday standup?11:58
rick_h__urulama: in that case hatch will run the stand ups while I'm out11:58
rick_h__urulama: hopefully with better bandwidth11:58
urulamarick_h__: yes, the standups :D11:58
rick_h__yea, hatch knows the drill. Just try to keep them short/sweet :)11:58
* urulama back to the process of killing dying charms11:59
bachi frankban.  welcome back.  hope you had a good break.12:04
rogpeppefrankban: hangout?12:59
frankbanrogpeppe: sure13:02
frankbanbac: thanks, I had a great time, how is it going?13:02
bacfrankban: good.13:03
hatchmorning all13:34
hatchwb frankban 13:34
bacurulama: with LXC 0 is actually the host machine.  it cannot be host to other services.  frankban may be able to provide a more coherent answer.13:37
jrwrenurulama: i just did the same thing :)13:38
urulamajrwren: ;) let's see where the limit's are 13:40
frankbanurulama: quickstart co-locates the GUI on machine 0 only if 1) it's not a local env and 2) machine 0 is trusty or precise. I see a card to avoid co-location also on azure13:45
urulamafrankban: what happens with local env? isn't it only with "machine 0" on local env?  so how does 1) hold?13:51
jrwrenis juju-local really an empty package which installs dependencies?13:55
bacurulama: i don't understand your question.  if it is a local env then it does not colocate the gui.13:55
bacjrwren: yes.  not uncommon.13:56
urulamabac: right, my bad.13:59
urulamajrwren: based on questions about Safari ... did you try the "brew install juju --dev"? 14:07
jrwrenurulama: yes, that is exactly what I was running.14:08
jrwrenurulama: unfortunately its only 1.19.3, and building trunk is apparently non-trivial14:09
jrwrenurulama: so I stopped using juju osx for a bit, while I get more familiar14:09
=== alexpilotti_ is now known as alexpilotti
jrwrenThis may be a good time to ask, https://launchpad.net/juju-core/trunk/1.19.3/+download/juju-core_1.19.3.tar.gz  is a tarball which includes dependencies.  Is there such a tarball for 1.19.4 ?14:10
hatchjrwren building juju is trivial on Ubuntu :)14:18
hatchjrwren https://launchpad.net/juju-core/trunk/1.19.414:19
hatchon there14:19
jrwrenlets make it trivial other places too :p14:21
urulamawell, brew was a nice start tbh14:22
jrwrenindeed. brew is great.14:23
jrwrennot as great as ubuntu.14:23
hatchjrwren urulama I'm guessing both of you guys are running on osx?14:25
urulamahatch: no, just one of the machines at home14:26
hatchahh - I have to run it as the host os atm - the drivers just aren't quite there yet for this mbp14:27
urulamahatch: parallels?14:27
jrwrenjust a bit of OSX, yes.14:27
urulamahatch: do you use parallels for running ubuntu?14:28
hatchI HAVE Parallels but it's garbage for anything other than Windows, I'm using virtual box/vagrant, but others have had good luck with fusion 14:28
urulamahatch: why? you just need to change xorg config file and it works as a charm with 14.04 (pun intended :D)14:28
hatchurulama if I'm paying $100 for software I don't want to have to spend more hours making it work :)14:29
urulamahatch: naaaa, it's only $100 the first year, it's $50 every next year for every upgrade :D :D :D14:30
hatchhaha ok good point14:30
hatchtbh the thing which really irritated me with them was their lack of support14:30
jrwreni thought it was $80/$40 :p14:30
hatchit amounted to "have you tried turning it off and on again" :P14:30
hatchurulama what version of parallels are you running? 14:31
urulamahatch: 914:32
hatchI think I'm on 8, which might be the problem....14:32
hatchnothing above 12.04 will run on it without display issues 14:32
urulamahatch: oh, yes, if you want to run 14.0414:32
urulamahatch: even 9 has display issues with 14.04, so if you don't want to change that xorg conf file, don't bother ugrading14:33
jrwren8 on 10.9 is terrible. They really don't support the old version on the newer OSX. They shouldn't claim to. They are wrong to claim ot.14:33
hatchI have Ubuntu running on metal on this thing....it just needs a few driver/kernel updates so hopefully those will come soon14:34
arosalesstokachu: hello14:38
arosalesrick_h__: re bug 131710914:38
_mup_Bug #1317109: unable to override login password <add-user-story> <cloud-installer> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-gui:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1317109>14:38
arosaleswhat is the recommended way to pass the admin password to the web login for juju-gui. I thought it was a charm config, but thought I would ping here.14:39
jrwreni'll put ubuntu on this mac... eventually :)14:40
hatcharosales hey he is gone until Tuesday14:41
hatcharosales is this so you can log in automatically like quickstart does?14:42
jrwrenurulama: if you like, here is patch for brew juju formula for --devel to be 1.19.4 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7742234/14:42
urulamajrwren: tnx14:42
arosaleshatch: correct14:43
hatcharosales ok it does it by generating a single use login token 14:44
hatchmight I ask what the end goal is and I can hopefully provide a solution? 14:44
stokachuhatch, with our openstack installer we have the abilty to set a common password for several services14:45
stokachumost openstack credentials including horizon dashboard14:45
stokachuwe offer juju-gui for a visual on th eopenstack installaion but we are unable to set that password to the one defined in our installer14:45
hatchright, hmm ok14:46
arosalesto have the cloud-installer lauch the gui in a similar fashion as quickstart. stokachu may have some addtional input.14:47
stokachudoes quickstart update the jenv file to a new password after deployment?14:47
stokachui think it reads admin-password14:47
hatchso each subsequent loading of the GUI requires the password, the token is single use only....is that ok with you guys or do you want to default the password all the time?14:47
hatchstokachu no the login token is entirely separate14:48
stokachupreferably a default password that wouldnt change14:48
stokachuah ok14:48
hatchbut one that's not the admin-secret?14:48
stokachuhatch, as long as i could deploy juju-gui with a 'ui-pass' or something so that someone could login that way14:48
hatchlike, you want to say 'GUI here is your password, log in with this one all the time' 14:48
hatchok atm that's not possible 14:49
hatchyour best bet is to create a bug report in the gui project so that rick can get it into the queue 14:49
stokachuyea it was set to wont fix :(14:49
hatchoh really.....interesting14:50
hatchhave a link?14:50
hatchjujugui call in 10 kanban now14:50
_mup_Bug #1317109: unable to override login password <add-user-story> <cloud-installer> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-gui:Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1317109>14:50
stokachuim not sure what juju-core will do to help this14:50
frankbanhatch: so, the password charm option does not work?14:50
stokachufrankban, i tried that and it doesn't seem to14:51
hatchstokachu well the GUI needs the 'real' admin-secret to send to core to log in14:51
frankbanstokachu: so, that seems to be a charm bug, separated to the one you linked. If the charm exposes an option like that, and warns about the risks, that should definitely work14:52
frankbanstokachu: trying the charm locally14:53
arosaleshatch: if stokachu is setting up their environments.yaml he should know or set the admin password and pass that value via the 'password' config option, correct?14:53
stokachufrankban, that password could be for the credentials to the websocket on juju?14:53
hatcharosales correct14:53
hatcharosales but it seems that that option isn't working14:54
frankbanstokachu: the GUI uses the same password14:54
hatchwe'll know shortly14:54
hatchnow that frankban is on it :)14:54
* arosales agrees with frankban, if that doesn't work its a valid bug14:55
stokachufrankban, i set the 'password' config option in my test, is that the one youre using?14:56
frankbanstokachu: yes, I am trying it now and check if it works with "juju set"14:57
hatchthanks frankban 14:57
hatchjujugui call in 214:58
arosalesstokachu: and frankban and to confirm the value for the password string is the admin password found for the given environment in ~/.juju/environment.yaml, correct?14:58
hatchjrwren call 15:00
jrwreni must be hitting wrong url15:00
jrwrenhttp://tinyurl.com/jujugui ?15:00
jrwrenyup, wrong url15:00
hatchin your calendar there should be a link15:01
kadams54Sneaky, isn't it?15:01
hatchkadams54 I'll pull down your branch but I'm assuming we can 'just deal' with the blue dot for now :)15:10
hatchfrankban how goes the password field test?15:10
kadams54hatch: I also have an e-mail out to Spencer to see if I can get the service block with a blue border asset.15:11
bachey rogpeppe, what's the difference between 'map[string] []Id' and 'map[string] Meta' ?15:11
hatcharosales yes the password is the admin-secret in the environments.yaml15:11
frankbanstokachu: using "juju set juju-gui password=..." worked here: the GUI automatically logs me in15:11
hatch^ arosales 15:11
bacrogpeppe: and don't say Id vs Meta :)15:11
kadams54hatch: Even though it's not *technically* in scope for this ticket, it seems like having both the blue border and the indicator dot should go together.15:11
hatchkadams54 cool, isn't it an svg, so you can just edit the file? Or is it too complex? I've never actually looked into it15:11
stokachufrankban, so you set the password, went to the web ui, typed admin/password and it worked?15:12
rogpeppebac: in JSON, one looks like {"foo": ["id1", "id2"]}; the other looks like {"foo": {"name": "a name", etc}}15:12
kadams54I talked with Makyo about it last night and he said we'd need a new asset. But I didn't think about modifying the existing SVG directly… I'll take a look.15:12
hatchstokachu no setting the password to the admin-secret will auto log it in15:12
rogpeppebac: oops, not quite15:12
hatchthat won't let you set a 'custom' password15:12
bacrogpeppe: so the second is a not a list?15:12
frankbanstokachu: no, I set the password to the real juju one, and then the GUI does not even show the log in form, it just shows you the canvas15:12
rogpeppebac: the second holds a single item for each entry in the map15:13
rogpeppebac: the first holds a list of items for each entry15:13
stokachui see15:13
bacrogpeppe: so for expand ids, you want to return a list of expanded ids per requested id or just a one-to-one mapping?15:13
rogpeppebac: the first one will actually look like: {"foo": [{"id": "precise/wordpress-23", "revision": 23, "series": "precise"}, ...}15:14
rogpeppebac: given the name of the path, what do you think? :-)15:14
rogpeppebac: (the former)15:14
bacrogpeppe: that's why i'm asking15:14
rogpeppebac: perhaps you could suggest a better way of wording the explanation. i *thought* it was unambiguous, but evidently not15:15
bacrogpeppe: can we do a hangout?15:15
rogpeppebac: join us in the standup15:15
frankbanstokachu: basically the charm generates a config file for the GUI (you can see it going directly to https://<GUI URL>/juju-ui/assets/config.js . By default, the password is null there, with juju set you can re-generate the config to include the password (and that means setting the password like that is very insecure)15:15
stokachujuju set juju-gui password=.. the preferred way?15:16
frankbanstokachu: but that's an option if you really really want to do that. The other (better) possibility is to generate a timed one-shot password as done by quickstart15:17
stokachufrankban, the one time password is generated each time the webui is accessed?15:18
frankbanstokachu: or just use quickstart to open the GUI15:18
stokachudoes it prompt people to use the login form?15:18
frankbanstokachu: the one time password can be generated by making an ws API call to the GUI server, the response of which includes a uuid that can in turn be used as a quiry string when accessing the GUI15:19
frankbanstokachu: if you refresh the GUI, you should be still logged in. If you log out or use another browser, you must generate another one time password15:20
frankbanstokachu: quickstart does that and works well with already bootstrapped environments15:20
stokachuok thanks15:21
frankbanstokachu: here is an example of how to create the auth token: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-quickstart/trunk/view/head:/quickstart/juju.py#L6015:22
frankbanstokachu: and it can be used like this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-quickstart/trunk/view/head:/quickstart/manage.py#L55615:22
stokachufrankban, ok cool 15:22
kadams54hatch: was able to modify the existing SVG. Pushed the updated code to my branch. Now that I see the border + indicator in action, it's pretty noticeable and IMO should be behind the flag.15:29
hatchkadams54 ok I'll wait for review then15:30
frankbanbac: could you join the hangout again?15:34
kadams54hatch: all changes pushed; review away.15:35
arosalesstokachu: also if you are setting up the environment. Suggest you set the ~/.juju/environments.yaml admin password to something like 4testingPlzchange, and then when you deploy the juju-gui deploy the charm with your customer config. Thus you don't have to do a config-set post deploy.15:35
bacfrankban: sure15:35
stokachuarosales, yea for simplicity sake we'll probably do that15:36
arosalesstokachu: cool15:43
hatchw00t I think CI is fixed.....we'll see....we'll see15:57
hatchkadams54 ermahgerd that's blue15:59
hatchis there a mockup I can compare to?15:59
kadams54hatch: http://cl.ly/image/2n3f3S31281916:04
hatchkadams54 ahh ok so we will need new assets then16:05
kadams54hatch: eh?16:05
hatchthe border is much thinner and gradiented 16:05
hatchgradient'd 16:06
hatchhas a gradient16:06
hatchyeah that one16:06
hatchand the little handles are grey still16:06
kadams54hatch: I don't think we need any more assets for this card.16:07
hatchnot this card, send an email and create a follow-up pending the new asset16:07
hatchsee PR16:07
hatchbtw - taking a screenshot on a retina then downscaling it makes images HUGE!!!!!!16:08
kadams54Yes, well… talk to our designers. I don't have a retina!16:08
kadams54The service blocks have looked slightly different (thinner border, gradient, slightly different shape) on the mocks for some time now.16:09
kadams54It also seems like I've seen several variations in different mocks. I just assumed that that was because they were still playing around with different designs.16:15
hatchoh that's possible16:16
jrwrenwhoa, i just noticed that jujugui charm uses pip to install things from pypi, have you noticed many cases where pypi fails?16:17
hatchjrwren the charm has everything self contained16:17
hatchit must work without an internet connection16:17
jrwrenah, so its pip installing from the charm?  cool.16:17
frankbanjrwren: yes, it does not use PyPI. however, it needs to apt install some packages from the ubuntu repositories16:19
jrwrensaw that. python-pip being one of them16:24
jcsacketthatch__: what part of my work is blocking you? state code, or something else?16:34
hatch__jcsackett the inspector dispatcher and internal inspector dispatching 16:36
hatch__when the user clicks the relation link I need to open the inspector and switch to the relation tab16:36
=== hatch__ is now known as hatch
hatchjcsackett but it's ok I have more than enough other stuff to do16:38
hatchit's not blocking me, just the card :)16:38
jcsacketthatch: ok.16:40
jrwrenwhy does the mongodb for localdb use so much space?16:42
hatchjrwren hmm I haven't noticed16:43
hatchhow much are you seeing?16:43
jrwren1G on one host, 6G on another.16:43
hatchdefinitely worth asking in #juju I've never seen that before16:44
hatchsince the internet has been down I've found that I burn about 1GB/day of data during work18:06
hatchwould likely be 2GB but I've cut out my youtube/streaming habit  :)18:07
hatchadd netflix into there, probably burn through 4GB/day easily18:07
jcsackettjujugui: 1st of several reviews, please https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/42218:11
hatchheh on it18:11
jcsacketthatch: just noticed i didn't lint it.18:11
jcsacketti'll ping you in a moment when lint changes go up.18:12
jrwrenhatch: only 120GB/month, well under comcast's 250GB faux-limit ;]18:12
hatchjrwren I'm using our crown corp telco, we don't have no BS "limits"18:13
hatchunlimited cell and internet data18:13
hatchjcsackett sure np18:13
jcsacketthatch: ok, it's updated.18:24
jcsackettand i'm grabbing some lunch.18:24
hatchyeah I'm also going to do just that18:25
hatchI'll review when I get back18:25
hatchjcsackett test failure18:40
hatchlooks like a dependency issue18:40
jrwrencs: is charmstore, right?  19:03
jrwreni'm trying to repro https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/juju-gui/+bug/133315919:03
_mup_Bug #1333159: Unable to upgrade juju-gui <juju-gui (Juju Charms Collection):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1333159>19:04
hatchjrwren it is19:04
jrwreni deploy cs:trusty/juju-gui-2 no problem, but an upgrade does not seem to use git.19:04
bacjrwren: cs: does stand for charmstore but it is protocol for our charm urls19:05
jrwrenuniter.charm git_deployer says no current staging repo19:05
jrwrendo I need to do something special to make the unit use a staging repo?19:05
jrwrenor... i wonder if this is actually a bug in juju which is already fixed.19:05
bacjrwren: juju previously used git but now it does not.  if the original filer had mentioned which juju version we'd know.19:07
jrwreni'll ask for that info in the bug19:07
hatchsorry got distracted, thanks for helping bac19:08
jcsacketthatch: well dammit.19:16
hatchjcsackett heh yeah you got to run make test-debug test-prod :)19:17
jcsackett...huh. i'm not sure how to debug it if it only occurs on test-prod...because there's no test-prod-server is there?19:21
hatchjcsackett you bet there is :)19:22
hatchjcsackett there was no service inspector tests?19:23
hatchI was sure there was19:24
jcsacketthatch "ack service-inspector test" revealed nada.19:24
jcsackettso if there are, they're not requiring the module.19:24
jcsackettand nothing was named such.19:24
jcsackettbrowser_app does some implicit testing.19:24
hatchI'll leave you to debugging your dependency issue...they are a pita!19:25
hatchbut when you do find it, be sure to add it to the module that requires it, not just the test suite :)19:26
hatcheventually we'll be able to switch to es6 modules and no longer have these issues19:29
bacjujugui: someone *just* told Delta about the hurricane.  i'm going to defer my flight to saturday, meaning i'll work tomorrow and take monday as a swap.19:32
hatchbac sure np, better safe19:33
hatchwhere are you going?19:33
hatchahh 19:33
jcsackettbac: i'll hope where you staying isn't hit too bad. :)19:36
bacjcsackett: me too!  hope to not spend next week cleaning up.19:36
kadams54guihelp: are there docs for the RPC API being used in app/store/env/go.js?19:48
hatchkadams54 you mean beyond RTFS?19:48
hatchkadams54 what kind of questions did you have?19:49
hatchfrankban knows all the answers but I can do my best :)19:49
kadams54Well the remove service/container/machine methods are going to need to invoke API calls19:49
jcsacketthatch: i think i've sorted it; bad dependencies in the test, nothing in the modules.19:50
jcsackettfrankly baffled that test-debug worked, actually.19:50
hatchjcsackett well...really we should only need to include a single module in the tests and the rest should be resolved19:50
jcsacketthatch: yeah...that's so not true of *so* many tests. :p19:50
hatchjcsackett lol I know!19:53
hatchwhich one was missing?19:54
hatchkadams54 those aren't already implemented in the backend?19:54
hatchkadams54 destroyMachines is there destroy_service19:55
hatchis there19:56
hatchso everything is implemented already from the environment side of things19:56
kadams54I'm working on services right now… I didn't see anything in go.js or environment_change_set.js…19:56
hatchboth destroyMachines and destroy_service are in go.js19:57
kadams54Bah… I was looking for remove_service19:57
kadams54OK, carry on, ignore me19:57
jcsacketthatch: when i cribbed from ghost-inspector for inspector module i did a bad copy paste, and pasted ghost-service over regular service.19:57
hatchthe guy is here fixing the internet....hopefully heh19:58
hatchso when he is done we can have a call and I can show you all the stuff19:58
jcsackettagain: baffled test-debug passed.19:58
hatchif you like19:58
hatchohh - I think test-debug passes because there is some leakage on the modules19:58
hatchwhereas prod doesn't include anything that's not explicitly defined19:58
jcsackettthat makes sense.19:58
hatchwe still really need to refactor the damn system20:01
hatchjcsackett so is it all updated now?20:15
hatchthe PR i mean20:15
jcsacketthatch: i'm rebasing to clean up before you start your review and to kick off another test run.20:15
jcsackettb/c i want to see what just failed fail again, b/c i can't make it happen locally.20:15
hatchahh ok cool np20:15
jcsackett...and this is just the service details bit. still not getting to the unit bit.20:16
* jcsackett does not feel like he's had good luck with cards lately.20:17
hatchjcsackett this is the intermittent test failure20:18
hatchthe two attempts I made at fixing it apparently were for naught 20:18
* hatch has sadface20:18
jcsacketthatch: i'm very sorry it didn't work.20:19
jcsacketti am however thrilled that this ain't my branch. :)20:19
hatchoh great I get another temporary line running across my backyard20:20
hatchthose drillers sure made a mess20:20
jcsacketthatch: fun times.20:24
jcsacketti like, btw, that "above ground power" is an exception for you.20:25
jcsackettalso, the PR is all up to date.20:25
hatchjcsackett lol - well this is like a wired in extension cord, not like coming from a pole :)20:25
hatchso it's even one step further down from "from a pole" power :D20:25
jcsacketthatch: oooh.20:26
jcsacketthatch: that does sound super dodgy. :p20:26
hatchyeah apparently they now need to directional drill to my house to run the new lines....20:26
hatchsomeone is gona get one big "oops" bill20:26
jcsacketthatch: what are you having done?20:28
hatchthey are installing fiber into the neighbourhood 20:29
hatchso yay for faster internet, sadface for the mess they are making20:30
hatchback on land line20:47
hatchkadams54 you had some issues using event simulate and view handlers right?20:59
jrwrenAlright ya'll, I'm gone until Monday for American holiday. Have a great weekend.20:59
hatchjrwren cya, enjoy the holiday21:00
hatchkadams54_ you've had issues in the past with simulating events in views right?21:10
hatchfor some reason I can't simulate an event on a view21:10
hatchthe callback is never called21:10
hatchwas hoping you ended up running into this21:10
kadams54_hatch: not ringing a bell…21:11
kadams54_Well, OK, I remember having problems with a simulate call… but I can't remember the details.21:12
kadams54_Let me ponder it for a moment and it should come back.21:12
jcsacketthatch: have you gotten to look at the PR yet?21:20
hatchjust about to start, I'm at a loss about this problem so a break is needed21:20
jcsacketthatch: lemme actually put up a different PR. i've solved the event issue for units, so that's done now too.21:25
jcsackett(unless you got into it in the last five minutes, in which case carry on)21:25
hatcha new PR or just updating this one?21:25
jcsacketthatch: nevermind. go ahead and finish that review and i'll push up the other one after.21:29
jcsackettit'll make the second one super easy to read through.21:29
hatchok sounds good21:29
hatchjcsackett ok why did you do this to previousInspector21:30
hatchso confused21:30
jcsacketthatch: do what now?21:31
jcsacketti left some comments in the PR explaining some of it.21:31
hatchyou removed var previousInspector = this._activeInspector; 21:31
hatchoh, so unsetting the variable for the single case didn't work?21:32
jcsacketthatch: nope.21:36
jcsackettso we only set previousInspector when we know we want to destroy it.21:36
hatchseems flimsy, ok still looking21:37
jcsacketthatch: how is it flimsy? whenever we create a new inspector, we store the old one?21:40
hatchjcsackett it's just not clear why it's done the way it's done21:41
jcsackettthe only reason we did it globally before was b/c we *always* deleted the previous inspector.21:41
hatchso future us will have to re-investigate21:41
jcsacketti mean, i can throw in a comment.21:42
hatchyeah I'm still looking to see if there is any alternative21:42
stokachuso does the charmstore have an api exposed to pull a revision of a charm?21:46
hatchstokachu add -### to the end21:48
hatchfor the charm version21:48
hatchwhere ### is the versin21:48
stokachuwhat if i just want to find the latest?21:48
hatchdon't have a -##21:49
stokachuif i call ServiceDeploy within juju api, it requires a charmUrl21:49
hatchhttps://jujucharms.com/precise/mysql-46/ vs https://jujucharms.com/precise/mysql-43/21:49
stokachuwhich requires cs:series/charm-rev21:49
hatchsee the `Location:` in the heading of the details pane that opens21:49
stokachuso i need to scrape the page and grab that url?21:50
stokachuno json data is exposed via the charmstore?21:50
hatchstokachu sure, see the net tab in the browser console for the response from the charmstore21:51
hatchstokachu here for example https://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/charm/precise/mysql-4321:53
stokachuhatch, perfect just what i was looking for21:53
stokachueven has a url field21:54
stokachueven better!21:54
stokachuthanks :D21:54
kadams54_hatch: Sorry, I'm drawing a blank. The callback not firing just doesn't seem right. It seems like my problem was more with the event object and the data being passed to it. That said, I can't remember for sure, so all bets are off.22:02
hatchok I'm going to have to create a repro to see if it's something else22:06
hatchjcsackett ok review done, I think there is an existing approach that will fit a little nicer22:06
hatchtake a look and let me know what you think22:07
hatchkadams54_ did you want to chat about the environment stuff? and how it interacts with the ecs?22:07
hatchor do you got it22:07
jcsacketthatch: thanks for the comments. i'll have to attend to these on monday.23:12
hatchjcsackett ok np23:13
hatchhave a good break23:13
hatchhuwshimi morning23:13
huwshimihatch: Hey23:13
hatchhuwshimi I unfortunately have run into an issue when writing the tests for my latest changes23:13
huwshimihatch: Oh23:13
hatchsimulating a click event is not being caught in the view's container23:14
hatchand i have no idea why23:14
huwshimihatch: Want me to take a look?23:15
hatchsure just a sec I'll push this up23:15
hatchhuwshimi https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui/tree/hook-up-scaleup23:17
hatchdo you know how to pull this down?23:17
hatchand continue working on it?23:17
huwshimihatch: Yep, all good23:17
hatchawesome - ok so the issue is that I simulate a click on the + but the `_toggleScaleUp` method is never triggered23:18
hatchit's not even a race, it just never happens23:18
hatchif I attach an event listener the event is simulated, but for some reason it's not being caught23:18
hatchI'm hoping you have better luck heh23:19
huwshimiLet's see :)23:20
hatchthere are a number of possible ui interactions with the view so doing it via simulate i think is the only way to really get it23:22
jcsacketthatch: have a good weekend. :)23:25
huwshimihatch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744570/23:43
huwshimihatch: You need to render the view to a container in the DOM for the simulate events to work.23:43
hatchohhhh son of a23:46
hatchthat kind of makes sense23:46
hatchthanks so much23:46
huwshimihatch: Just a fresh set of eyes :)23:47
hatchugh man I spent so much time on that23:48
hatchyep I guess so23:48
hatchor u r just super smart23:48
huwshimihatch: Well, I didn't want to brag23:49

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