ahoneybunhey valorie 04:13
ScottKRiddell: No time for Kubuntu really until Friday.04:42
Riddellhola chicos07:58
Riddellgetting greener http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/build_status_5.0.0_utopic.html07:59
xnoxshadeslayer: looks alright. Does boot & shutdown work correctly? with plymouth comming up on boot and shut down?08:19
Riddellapachelogger: can I put a release script into the releaseme rewrite branch like the old branch had in it? or is that not the way any more?08:20
shadeslayersoee: sounds like kglobalacceld not starting08:22
soeeshadeslayer: are we talking about shortcuts ?08:23
shadeslayersoee: yes08:23
shadeslayersoee: ps aux | grep kglobalaccel508:23
soeeshadeslayer: please let me switch to neon session, 2 minutes08:24
shadeslayerI thought you were using regular packages08:24
soeeshadeslayer: no, there were to many problems last time i tried them08:24
shadeslayerwould be nice if you reported them08:27
shadeslayersince I'm exclusively using neon right now08:27
soeeshadeslayer: using on utopic right ?08:27
soeehow did the upgrade go for you from trusty ?08:28
shadeslayerI am on trusty08:32
shadeslayerthere is no neon for utopic08:32
apacheloggerRiddell: what's the script supposed to contain?08:33
soeeshadeslayer: im a bit confused, i know thers no neon for utopic :) thouogh i thought there ar enopackages for trusty atm08:35
shadeslayerI'm quite confused now :P08:35
apacheloggertrusty -> use neon; utopic -> use next ppa08:35
Riddellapachelogger: in my case some comments saying "bump versions", then some comments to tar up kde/workspace and the other bits I need and save the tags08:37
shadeslayersoee: so what are you running, neon or next ppa08:38
soeeshadeslayer: i have neon installed on trusty atm08:38
apacheloggerRiddell: for now, yeah, I'll have a look08:39
apacheloggermaybe we can add it to the regular nonense08:39
Noskcajyofel, "<darkxst> since I don't understand how device management could be affected by systemd vs logind"09:09
NoskcajCould you explain09:09
yofelNoskcaj: if you mean upower, not really. I know that kde has some systemd sanity checks all over the place, but didn't really see anything relevant for the upower parts.09:13
yofelAnd I'm not going to invest any more time in this until we have a definite decision on the init system 14.10 will use09:13
NoskcajI'm not sure anyone knows that bit.09:16
yofelNoskcaj: FWIW, since things *do* work with upower if configured properly I would say we're fine with 0.99 if you need it. And if we keep upstart we should be able to force it to work anyway09:18
soeeshadeslayer: ok so get it clear (for me) is it possible to install plasma-next on trusty without neon ?09:20
shadeslayerthe kubuntu next packages are only for utopic09:21
shadeslayerand neon is only for trusty09:21
soeeshadeslayer: so [10:24] <shadeslayer> I thought you were using regular packages09:22
soeeyou are talking about utopic here ?09:22
soeethat explains all :)09:22
soeewhat version utopic uses now? some beta ?09:27
shadeslayersoee: yep09:43
soeeshadeslayer: do you have any serious issues with this version ?09:48
shadeslayersoee: I haven't used it09:48
shadeslayerso can't say09:48
Noskcajyofel, that's great. I'm just waiting on the desktop team and lubuntu. Sorry for the late reply.10:06
Riddellyofel: so it's still broken with upstart but you think we'll work out how to fix it?10:08
Riddellapachelogger: am I doing something wrong or is releaseme broken? http://paste.kde.org/pzxkqwqav10:19
Riddellapachelogger: or do I need to set "i18n trunk branch" in projects.kde.org ?10:21
Riddell(that's used for the code branch as well as the i18n branch right?)10:22
yofelRiddell: should be doable if we really need to10:22
Riddellhope so!10:23
Riddellapachelogger: ./tarme.rb --origin trunk --version $VERSION baloo  this seems to not get any l10n, looks for kde-kdelibs which doesn't exist10:25
Riddell./tarme.rb --origin trunk --version $VERSION baloo-widgets   similarly likes to get svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/l10n-kf5/cy/messages/kde-kdelibs/baloowidgets.po10:29
Riddellhmm, probably because it's in the kdelibs group on projects.kde.org10:29
Riddellbut I want translations from kde-workspace10:29
Riddellah but of course the l10n scripts don't know that either so there are no translations for it10:31
apacheloggerRiddell: wrong parent project on projects.kde?10:33
apacheloggerI thought it was supposed to be workspace xD10:33
apacheloggerthere's a bit of a mess there10:34
apacheloggerRiddell: and yes, the trunk branch must be set on projects.kde.org10:34
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:36
soeethere are already packages for 5.0.0 in plasma-next https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/next ?10:38
Riddellapachelogger: yeah but it got moved back because that broke KDE SC releases.  so seems a problem with KDE intrastructure rather than releaseme10:38
soeehi BluesKaj10:38
Riddelland so it begins..10:38
BluesKajhey soee10:38
Riddellsoee: yes, frameworks 5.0.0 which is out on monday10:38
BluesKajkf5 dev files?10:42
Riddellapachelogger: this still crashing, do you know why? ./tarme.rb --origin trunk --version 0.3.98 oxygen-fonts10:49
apacheloggerRiddell: looking10:49
apachelogger        p = Project.new(project_element.attribute('identifier').to_s)10:50
apacheloggerfails to resolve10:50
apacheloggerRiddell: because it's still in kdereview 10:52
apacheloggermaybe that should be moved out of there, given that final is in 2 weeks :S10:52
* Riddell files a ticket10:53
apacheloggerRiddell: I can do a temprorary fix if you want10:53
apacheloggerif I remember how to use xml smartly again10:54
Riddellapachelogger: I've filed a ticket so a very hacky workaround is all that's needed10:55
BluesKajguess Kf5 was the wrong assumption10:55
apacheloggerRiddell: oh wait, I think I can't10:58
apacheloggerthe assumption that there should be a module is made all over the place10:59
apacheloggerRiddell: I think you'd best roll the tar manually10:59
apacheloggerdoesn't need l10n and stuff anyway10:59
apacheloggerRiddell: best do it manually11:03
apacheloggerI'd have to change all classes to ignore missing module/components11:03
Riddellyeah don't worry11:07
Riddellde nada11:07
Riddellapachelogger: new problemo11:09
Riddellapachelogger: I just did  ./tarme.rb --origin trunk --version $VERSION kwin11:10
Riddellin po/de/CMakeLists.txt it sets GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES(de ALL INSTALL_DESTINATION ${LOCALE_INSTALL_DIR} ${_po_files})11:10
Riddellwith the "PO_FILES"11:10
Riddellelse it won't do anything11:10
Riddelllooks easy to fix though11:11
apacheloggerRiddell: fixed11:12
soeeRiddell: do i need to add some dependent ppa when using plasma-next ppa ?11:41
soeealso package plasma-desktop is on hold http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741606/ ?11:51
soeeping :)12:23
ScottKOn trusty:12:27
ScottK69 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 14 to remove and 9 not upgraded.12:27
ScottKThe following packages will be REMOVED:12:28
ScottK  akonadiconsole kaddressbook kde-baseapps-bin kdebase-bin kdepasswd12:28
ScottK  kdepim-dbg kdepimlibs-dbg kleopatra kmail knotes konqueror kubuntu-desktop12:28
ScottK  libksieveui4 rekonq12:28
ScottKThe following packages have been kept back:12:28
ScottK  kde-config-pimactivity libkdgantt2-0 libkleo4 libkopete4 libkpgp412:28
ScottK  libmailimporter4 libnoteshared4 libsendlater4 plasma-scriptengine-javascript12:28
ScottKthat doesn't seem good.12:28
ScottKCould someone investigate as I'm headed out.12:28
soeetrusty -> unicorn upgrade, added plasma-next ppa, dist-upgrade -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741719/12:30
soeesomeone can take a look ?13:23
Riddellsoee: what happens when you apt-get install plasma-desktop?13:24
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741927/13:25
Riddellsoee: yep so that's what I'd expect, we don't have a meta package for plasma 5 stuff yet so you'll need to just work out what needs to be installed yourself and install it13:28
RiddellI should probably bump that up my todo13:29
shadeslayerScottK: can't say I've seen that on my machine13:30
Riddellsgclark: looking like you make good progress http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/build_status_5.0.0_utopic.html13:31
sgclarkRiddell: been busy haha13:32
ScottKDid everything get copied to updates?13:35
shadeslayersgclark: ping13:37
sgclarkshadeslayer: pong13:37
shadeslayersgclark:         ln -s /usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/script/libraries/underscore.js debian/ktexteditor-data/usr/share/katepart5/script/libraries/underscore.js < in ktexteditor is wrong, since you're effectively making ktexteditor depend on kate 413:37
sgclarkshadeslayer: uploaded fix 2 secods ago13:38
shadeslayercool :)13:39
shadeslayersgclark: we don't need to build dep on libjs-underscore btw13:39
shadeslayerit's a runtime thing only13:39
shadeslayerwhich you forgot :P13:40
alvinshadeslayer: I see it too. Trusty with kubuntu-ppa-backports. apt wants to remove kaddressbook kde-baseapps-bin kdepasswd kmail kubuntu-desktop libksieveui4 and even marble13:40
shadeslayerwhy do you have kubuntu-ppa-backports with trusty13:40
shadeslayersgclark: please fix it so that ktexteditor depends on the lib instead of build depending on it13:41
apacheloggershadeslayer: because trusty would be a backport target? :P13:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: but the backports ppa has nothing that's useful right now13:42
apacheloggerwhy is it broken then? :P13:43
shadeslayeralvin: mind running : sudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true dist-upgrade13:43
shadeslayerand pastebinning the output13:44
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alvinshadeslayer: ok, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742026/13:47
shadeslayeralvin: what does : apt-cache policy libkleo4 say13:49
alvinI didn't know the backports were more or less empty. Didn't read the announcemnt all that well apparently.13:49
alvinInstalled: 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.1 | Candidate: 4:4.13.2-0ubuntu0.1 Do you need the whole output?13:49
shadeslayeralvin: try sudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true install libkleo413:50
shadeslayersometimes I hate focus follows mouse13:50
* shadeslayer throws a octopus at alvin13:51
shadeslayerapachelogger: 13:51
shadeslayerI meant apachelogger13:51
* shadeslayer throws a octopus at apachelogger13:51
shadeslayerthere, I fixed it13:51
alvinshadeslayer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742046/13:52
* apachelogger hand shadeslayer subversion13:52
shadeslayeroh noews13:52
shadeslayerI just lost all my branches13:52
shadeslayerbut wait!13:52
* shadeslayer installs git-svn13:53
shadeslayerjokes on you, I have git-svn13:53
Riddellsubversion is what means it takes many hours to make the plasma 5 tars13:53
Riddellapachelogger: feature request for tarme, parallelise the svn checkouts13:53
apacheloggeron my todo13:54
shadeslayerthat debug output makes no sense13:54
apacheloggerRiddell: depending on the repo it wouldn't improve much13:54
apacheloggersvn connection is insanely slow13:55
apacheloggerso the more stuff it actually downloads per connection attempt the faster it is13:55
apacheloggerso in fact it is so slow because it keeps doing micro checkouts on a per-repo basis13:55
apacheloggerwhile it could do a complete checkout of the kde-workspace dir and recycle stuff which right now it can't because a tarme project is meant to be entirely isolated 13:56
shadeslayeralvin: are you using a mirror?13:56
shadeslayeralvin: or the official archive.ubuntu.com13:56
shadeslayeralvin: and can you run the same apt-get install command with libakonadi-contact414:00
soeeRiddell: then this meta file might be ready ?14:00
sgclarkshadeslayer: ktexteditor fixed14:01
Riddellsoee: not this week14:02
shadeslayersgclark: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742082/ < whitespace diff :P14:03
shadeslayerchangelog misinformed 14:03
alvinshadeslayer: Yes, I'm using a mirror14:03
shadeslayerah ah ah14:03
shadeslayeralvin: I get it on the live ISO too14:03
shadeslayerso, I'll debug it in a bit14:04
alvinshadeslayer: for libakonadi-contact4 http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742094/14:04
alvinshadeslayer: thx!14:05
RiddellI don't even know how to do a meta package with a PPA14:05
Riddellshadeslayer, apachelogger: does neon use germinate for a meta package?14:06
shadeslayerRiddell: but should be easy14:06
shadeslayeralvin: ScottK I think something is still in proposed14:06
sgclarkCan anyone help me with khtml http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742154/ all those symbols removed? this does not seem right, symbols are not my strongpoint.14:24
Riddellsgclark: those are from the plugins it should above the missing symbols14:25
Riddellare those now missing?14:25
Riddellsgclark: yes they've been moved into the -bin package so find to just remove those symbols lines from the package14:37
sgclarkRiddell: ok thanks14:37
sgclarkRiddell: now libkf5khtml-bin: shared-lib-without-dependency-information, do I need to create a symbols file for -bin?14:56
Riddellsgclark: nah they're plugins15:00
Riddelladd a lintian-overrides15:00
sgclarkRiddell: ok thanks15:01
shadeslayerRiddell: why do we have libkf5codecs-data for just locales15:06
shadeslayerseems a bit useless15:07
soeewhere is activities config stored ?15:08
Riddellshadeslayer: arguably all -data are useless, just saves some disk space on the archive, I think scarlet added them for all frameworks15:08
shadeslayergit log says it was you :)15:08
yofelwasn't that for multiarch until we figured out that they're not needed?15:09
soeesomeone can give me a helping hand instaling plasma-next when this meta package is missing ? :)15:11
Riddelloh yes, and multi-arch15:12
Riddellyofel: why aren't they needed?15:12
Riddellsoee: make sure kwin and plasma-desktop are installed, the rest is just window dressing15:12
BluesKajlotsa kde upgrade packages held back here on 14.04 ...is this the kde upgrade to 4.13.2 ?15:12
Riddellyou could also say that kwin is literally window dressing :)15:13
RiddellBluesKaj: same as ScottK was having, I've not looked into it15:13
soeeRiddell: but plasma-desktop will remove window manager etc15:13
Riddellsoee: now called just "kwin"15:13
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soeeRiddell: so if i install plasma-desktop it will remove some packages, it ok to have them removed ?>15:14
yofelRiddell: IIRC they are the same on all archs?15:14
BluesKajRiddell, receiving complaints from worried users at #kubuntu, and told them you guys were working on it.15:15
soeeha, now i eded up with: plasma-desktop : Depends: plasma-desktop-data (= 4:4.97.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa4) but it is not going to be installed15:18
Riddellyofel: right so they'll overlap if you install the amd4 and i386 package15:19
RiddellBluesKaj: thanks15:20
yofelRiddell: which is fine as long as they're bit-by-bit identical15:20
yofelalthough we might've kept them for sanity's sake as that's a rather flaky assumption15:21
Riddellyofel: the files overlap, surely they can't be co-installed?15:22
soeeso the plasma-desktop-data package might be missing ?15:22
shadeslayerBluesKaj: should be fixed soon15:22
BluesKajthanks, shadeslayer :)15:23
shadeslayeralvin: ScottK all fixed on the main archive15:23
shadeslayerBluesKaj: ^^ 15:23
yofelRiddell: dpkg will accept it as long as they're not different15:25
yofel"Note that any files in /usr/share or /etc must be byte-for-byte identical across architectures, otherwise file conflicts will result! This means, in particular, that any gzip-compressed files must be compressed with -n to avoid embedded timestamps. "15:25
Riddellyofel: interesting15:25
soeehmm, i forced to install plasma-dektop-data, than i can install plasma-desktop, but had kubuntu-desktop removed :)15:25
soeethe kubuntu-desktop package is not required now?15:26
Riddellsoee: nope15:26
soeeok, than reboot .. hope i will boot :) brb15:26
yofelBluesKaj: I just checked about 4.13.2 and libkdecore5 looks fine to me, so it's probably a badly synced mirror or so15:29
yofelit was released only an hour ago15:30
BluesKajyofel, upgrading as we speak , looking good so far , thanks15:30
soee:) black screen now15:35
BluesKajrebooted, upgrade seems fine here 15:36
soeedoes the konsole package name changed in plasma-next ?15:37
BluesKajyup 4.13.2 seems to be working here15:38
shadeslayer        true15:42
shadeslayersgclark: ^^ :P15:42
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:42
* shadeslayer fixes15:43
sgclarkshadeslayer: I have no idea what you are referring to 15:43
shadeslayersgclark: that's from kconfig15:43
sgclarkshadeslayer: don't recall touching that one15:44
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shadeslayerok, git log says it's from Riddell15:44
shadeslayerfun either way :)15:44
Riddellta da! http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/plasma-4.98.0/15:51
shadeslayerhow does one make a utopic pbuilder15:53
shadeslayersudo -E DIST=utopic pbuilder create --debootstrapopts --variant=buildd15:53
shadeslayerI: Distribution is trusty.15:53
* shadeslayer throws a octopus at pbuilder15:53
Riddellis this spam or something I should be interested in? http://paste.kde.org/p1wskq4ji15:55
sgclarkshadeslayer: I had to add utopic to .pbuilderrc before it would let me15:55
Riddellrbelem__, dantti: portugese dudes ^^15:55
sgclarkRiddell: gosh no break lol15:56
debfxthat poor octopus15:56
Riddellsgclark: no rest for us :)15:56
shadeslayerI did that15:57
danttiRiddell: I have no idea, never heard of blueice15:57
shadeslayerdebfx: would you rather it be a unicode snowman :/15:58
soeecan i run terminal from konversation somehow ?15:59
shadeslayerdon't think soi15:59
debfxthat would be ineffective. it'd just melt midair.16:00
soeeall settings related to desktop are stroed in .kde folder?16:00
danttiRiddell: it seems some company that customized kubuntu, the website is a mess I wouldn't bother :P16:00
shadeslayercan anyone see what what's wrong here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742542/16:01
shadeslayerstupid thing16:02
shadeslayerI should have been doing sudo -E dist= instead of sudo -E DIST=16:02
shadeslayerit's all apachelogger's16:03
soeewhat can be the reason i see only window (konversation) but no panels, desktop etc. just black background16:12
soeeplasmashell: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/plasma/dataengine/plasma_engine_powermanagement.so: undefined symbol: _ZNK5Solid7Battery9isPluggedEv16:21
soeeany idea what cause this ?16:21
sgclarksoee: not really sure atm you arent using new 5.0.0 with plasma are you?16:24
sgclarksoee_: not really sure atm you arent using new 5.0.0 with plasma are you?16:28
soee_sgclark: yes16:29
soee_ant plasmashell crashes because of this16:29
soee_if i try to load plasmashell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742679/16:30
sgclarksoee_ we are in the middle of packaging and plasma was only released a bit ago, it is going to be a mess until all are packaged.16:30
sgclarksoee_: yes disaster is promised right now, nothing can be done. Wait till all packages are done16:30
kubotufeed branches-next had 12 updates, showing the latest 616:34
sgclarkRiddell: http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/build_status_5.0.0_utopic.html needs a refresh please16:47
shadeslayersgclark: he's left16:48
sgclarkshadeslayer: oh hmm16:50
sgclarkshadeslayerr: is he coming back?16:51
shadeslayernot today he isn't16:52
shadeslayerI can fix that though16:52
shadeslayerone moment16:52
soeeis there already milou package available to install ?16:54
soee!package milou16:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package milou16:55
shadeslayer!package plasma-widget-milou16:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package plasma-widget-milou16:57
shadeslayer!package trusty-backports plasma-widget-milou16:57
ubottushadeslayer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:57
shadeslayer!info trusty-backports plasma-widget-milou16:57
ubottu'plasma-widget-milou' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed16:57
shadeslayersoee: it's in backports16:57
soeeshadeslayer: im asking about utopic16:58
shadeslayershould be16:59
shadeslayerit's called plasma-widget-milou16:59
shadeslayersgclark: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/next.html17:01
shadeslayerI don't understand why scp doesn't work for people.ubuntu.com :/17:04
shadeslayeryofel: ^^17:04
sgclarkshadeslayer: thx17:04
shadeslayersgclark: page should update every 5 minutes17:09
shadeslayeror should it be faster17:09
sgclarkshadeslayer: nah, I am on last package17:09
sgclarkthen I need a break...17:10
shadeslayeralrighty, I have to leave now17:10
shadeslayercya tomorrow17:10
* shadeslayer found minor polishing issues in kconfig17:10
shadeslayernothing that we can't fix tomorrow17:10
yofelshadeslayer: I think because it has no shell, it requires explicit sftp17:25
shadeslayeryofel: ^^17:57
rbelem__Riddell, o/18:03
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Riddellooh close! http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/build_status_5.0.0_utopic.html19:00
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soeeubiquity fails in unicorn when language is changed21:59
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ScottKRiddell: Thanks. 22:38

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