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SamwiseGamgeeWhat are some considerations I need to take when deciding the name of my PC when installing Kubuntu?  For example, does the name need to be lowercase, one word, and unique, or does all that matter at all?00:52
kyanHi, i'm trying to install Kubuntu 14.04. It only allows me to use the entire disk or use manual partitioning (manual doesn't show any existing partitions). There is already 1 operating system installed and a free partition ready and waiting for Kubuntu, why can't i use the existing partition?01:48
kingbeowolfin kate I am getting an error when trying to enable a plugin01:49
kingbeowolfpate engine failed to start01:49
amca? linux03:07
amcasearch linux03:07
ardoubleyoujoin #keygen03:15
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SamwiseGamgeeDoes anyone know  which is the best website to livestream sports using the ubuntu operating system?06:07
SamwiseGamgeeI tried Wiziwig.tv to watch Wimbledon live, and it's working, but it was designed for Windows and I can't get rid of the annoying advertising covering the centre of the viewing screen06:08
SamwiseGamgeeHow can I block adverts from popping up on Firefox?  I already set my Firefox preferences to block ads, but when I tried living streaming sports on wiziwig.tv, I keep getting big annoying ads that stay there and refuse to move from the centre of my viewing screen06:16
SamwiseGamgeeWell, set to block pop ups06:16
SamwiseGamgeeI found Ad Block Plus 2.6.3 on my Firefox Add on Menu, but is it okay to install it directly from there, or should I go to my xubuntu software centre, and do it from there?06:19
crudsonSamwiseGamgee: I'd also install noscript as those streaming sites kick off a ton of javascript, and just whitelist the video content sites until you get a steam.06:26
crudsonSamwiseGamgee: re. inital question. installing from the main firefox repository through the browser is fine06:27
SamwiseGamgeeit worked06:29
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Voyagewhat alternative do I have as for file managers other than dolphin (for kubuntu)?06:33
hateballVoyage: Suppose it depends on what you intend to achieve06:35
hateballPersonally I use konsole06:35
VoyageI need similar to dolphin. my dolpine is scrwed06:37
hateballVoyage: Is it broken? How?06:39
hateballSeems it would perhaps be easier to fix it than switch file manager :)06:39
VoyageI upgraded06:40
Voyagenow it says "invalid protocol" on the top06:41
Voyagehow to fix?06:41
hateballVoyage: When doing what? Clicking on any folder?06:41
Voyagegoing to home06:41
hateballYou could try first backing up (moving) ~/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc and ~/.kde/share/apps/dolphin/ to somewhere safe, and starting dolphin anew. See if it regenerates an unbroken config06:43
Voyagehateball,  theres not dolphin there06:45
Voyageser1@pc1:~/.kde/share/config$ cd06:45
Voyagekresources/ session/06:45
hateballVoyage: It's a file, not a folder06:46
Voyagehateball,  same issue after deletion tool06:48
VoyageCould not start process Unable to create io-slave:06:48
Voyageklauncher said: Unknown protocol 'file'.06:48
Voyage how to repair a package? like dolphin in kubuntu?07:01
hateballVoyage: apt-get --reinstall package07:03
Voyagehateball,  that will reinstall all the kubuntu desktop. no07:03
hateballVoyage: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall dolphin" that doesnt reinstall all of the desktop, unless it's seriously broken07:05
Voyagee$ sudo apt-get --reinstall dolphin07:05
VoyageE: Invalid operation dolphin07:05
Voyageoh ok07:05
Voyagehateball,  still it says07:06
VoyageCould not start process Unable to create io-slave:07:06
Voyageklauncher said: Unknown protocol 'file'.07:06
hateballBut it sounds more like it's some underlying library that is broken, rather than Dolphin07:06
Voyageif I ask it to remove dolphin, it says it will also remove kubuntu-desktop07:06
hateballYes, that's not good. Altho it's just a meta-package. Can you check if you have libkio5 installed?07:07
Voyagehateball,  yes. i have libkio507:08
hateballVoyage: Could try reinstalling that as well07:08
Voyagehateball,  if I sudo dolphin, it works07:10
Voyagenot normal execution though07:10
Voyagehateball,  why so?07:10
hateballVoyage: Something is broken with your users config then07:10
claycorn5updated the graohics card  and google earth is acting up07:11
claycorn5ntel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)07:11
Voyagehateball,  should I just delete .kde?07:11
claycorn5thus is my video card07:11
hateballVoyage: if you "find ./ -group root" (not sudo) in your ~/ it should per default return blank. See if you've somehow managed to shift user perms to something else07:13
hateballVoyage: and something like "ls -l .kde/share/apps/" should show your user:user as the owner of all that stuff07:14
hateballclaycorn5: Define "acting up"07:15
claycorn5does not show earth just white dots07:16
claycorn5any  ideas?07:20
hateballclaycorn5: Did you manually update kernel modules, or was it using the update manager?07:21
hateballclaycorn5: If the latter, you could try rebooting and choosing an older kernel and see if the issue persists07:21
claycorn5how do i do the kernal?07:22
claycorn5i updated the video card on the website07:23
hateballclaycorn5: When you reboot, hold shift (I think, or is it press ESC now?) that should bring up the grub menu that lets you pick a different kernel to boot from rather than the latest (default) one07:23
hateballI... don't even know07:23
claycorn5oh ok i shal ltry that07:23
claycorn5wish me luck07:24
claycorn5didnt work07:28
claycorn5i saw only one to pick besides the recovery mode07:29
VoyageI cant see apache 2.4 to see / recognise or even include php5 in its mods-available. I upgraded from 12.04 to 13.10. I have php5 installed.  the apache guys referred me to this channel07:41
hateballVoyage: Do you have php5 installed?07:43
hateballAlso 13.10 wont live for eternity, upgrading to 14.04 would probably be wise07:43
hateballVoyage: then you should also have libapache2-mod-php5, correct?07:43
* Voyage checks07:43
Voyagehateball,  i hade php-cli but not that one07:44
hateballVoyage: That is strange, in 14.04 php5 depends on libapache2-mod-php5 among other things07:44
hateballSeems like it should have done so earlier as well07:45
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alvinI wonder where I can find the setting to reset a "Do not show again" checkbox. You know, when you close a program, or delete something and you don't want a reminder? How can you reset that setting so that the reminder appears again.09:35
Guest67448gibts eine möglichkeit bei kde plasma diese blaue aura um das aktive fenster abzuschalten?10:19
alvinGuest67448: Workspace Appearance -> Window Decorations -> Configure decoration10:30
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:35
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alvinIs it just me, or is there an update available that will remove kmail and kaddressbook?11:41
soeealvin: trusty ?11:43
alvinsoee: Yes11:43
alvinWith the Kubuntu Backports PPA11:44
soeealvin: i doubt it11:44
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alvinsoee: I just did apt update11:47
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qballerHey Guys, MY WiFi is connected to the network but no ping.13:48
qballerCan anyone help ?13:48
alvinPossibly. What did you try?13:54
qballerall bunch of thing but than I reinstalled the system for other reasons. patching up update/upgrade as we speak.13:55
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doituxHi, any news about the kde update crash today?14:28
alvinThere was a crash? Or do you mean the packages that would be removed by a security update?14:31
cornfeedhobohello, I could use some serious help. apt has some broken packages, and is trying to uninstall pretty much everything whon i try to fix it.14:32
alvincornfeedhobo: Wait for the fix. I'm waiting too (but saw it in time and nothing was removed)14:33
alvinWe don't have a panic button?14:33
cornfeedhobosuper lame14:34
cornfeedhobonow i am scared to work on my computer.14:34
cornfeedhoboit already uninstalled kubuntu-desktop :(14:35
BluesKajcornfeedhobo, I had the same, but the desktop is still there, even after a reboot14:37
cornfeedhobowell. here my laptop will sit i guess14:39
BluesKajthink the desktop and PIM removal is being held back14:40
BluesKajI just rebooted 14.04 again on my desktop pc and all seems fine14:41
BluesKajyup alternate nick is working on the desktop with konversation14:43
neclimdulso... muon is showing really weird stuff. I ran dist-upgrade and it removed kubuntu-desktop. I cleaned out some PPA's and tried to re-install it and its giving me a really strange error. are the kde packages messed up?14:43
neclimdulerrors are like libkblog4 : Depends: libkdecore5 (>= 4:4.13.2) but 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.2 is installed.14:44
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* BluesKaj checks update/upgrade and dist-upgrade on 14.04 again14:47
doituxneclimdul: seme here :(14:50
neclimdulyikes. at least i can stop trying to fix it14:52
BluesKajyup. just leave it for now, the devs are working on it as we speak14:53
qballerHey guys I have all my info here http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742265/14:53
qballercan anyone tell why no outgoing communication14:53
BluesKajqballer, rather than posting large texts , whynot just tell us what's not working14:56
odlahi, i have a bunch of packages that have been kept back and i'm on 14.04. they are a bunch of kde packages. why is this?14:57
BluesKajodla, the upgrade is being held back for the moment, the devs are working on it to prevent breakage14:58
odlaBluesKaj: oh ok. is 4.13.1 -> 4.13.2?15:00
BluesKajodla, yes I think so15:02
ik_how are you?15:04
odlaalso every time i install a package the system notification helper tells me to restart which is insanity ;)15:05
ik_this is normal15:05
BluesKajodla, that's why I turn that notification off15:06
BluesKajso called helpers can become annoying after a while15:11
BluesKajdoitux, neclimdul , the fix is done ...should be in your archives/repos at any moment15:28
BluesKajneclimdul, da nada15:31
neclimdulwhat is it with my luck this morning. not spotify's repo is broken now15:41
neclimduleverything else is happy now. :)15:42
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:42
BluesKaj'afternoon lordievader ...almost :)15:44
lordievaderHehe, here it is allmost evening ;)15:45
BluesKajalmost noon here15:46
doituxBluesKaj: yes, thx15:50
BluesKajdoitux, yw15:59
Balzyhello! can anyone help me with this issue? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223267216:22
inga_пономарев павел17:16
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TBotNikall: can not install, keep getting error "dpkg status database is locked by another process", but no process show in system monitor of using ps  -A,  What is holding this?18:37
lordievaderTBotNik: Is muon/synaptic/ubuntu software center/apt/dpkg running somewhere?18:41
BluesKaj!adeptfix | TBotNik18:41
BluesKaj!fixapt | TBotNik18:42
ubottuTBotNik: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »18:42
OlorynAnyone else seeing where Software Update or aptitude wants to remove great swaths of core kubuntu?  Looks like there's been only a partial update to
lordievader!info libkdecore518:50
ubottulibkdecore5 (source: kde4libs): KDE Platform Core Library. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.13.1-0ubuntu0.2 (trusty), package size 880 kB, installed size 3274 kB18:50
OlorynSomehow, I've got, for example, dolphin wanting libdecore5 >= 4:4.13.218:51
OlorynAlong with a number of libs for the same version18:52
rbergI dont really understand how kde packaged anymore. some packages are still at 4.11 and some are 4.1318:52
BluesKajOloryn, make sure you use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to bring all the new kde packages in, after updating and upgrading first of course18:53
OlorynI always do a dist-upgrade.  it's not bringing them in.  Have redone update multiple times  It's weird18:55
BluesKajbackports enabled?18:57
lordievaderrberg: Some components from kde simply don't receive updates that frequently ;)18:57
rbergmakes sense.. is this a new policy or is this a result of a slow down as the 4 series goes into maintenance only releases?19:00
OlorynHmmmm.  Seems to BluesKaj nope.19:01
Michael07_Using a Thinkpad X240 and kUBUNTU 14.04, I can't get the touchpad usable or at least the mouse buttons working. Tried several links describing this issue and finally I'm thinking of a KDE-issue now, as other UBUNTUs or MINT 17 Cinnamon behave much better. More Details and results of my test are here: http://paste.kde.org/phl0clkzl. Where should I ask for assistance with these problems?19:01
OlorynAfter yet another update, looks like it's updating ok.  I think somehow I ended up with an inconsistent result from multiple 'sudo apt-get update' runs.19:02
BluesKajOloryn, yes , apparently upstream had problems with one of their mirrors, but I don't know which one.19:07
OlorynAs long as it's 'had', and not still 'has'.19:09
BluesKajit's supposed to be fixed19:11
BluesKajit worked fine for me19:11
OlorynWell, it seems to work fine here now.  It was just a bit unsettling to find a software update program suggesting that you should remove large numbers of core kde packages.19:13
BluesKajOloryn, remove was the wrong word, apt didn't remove kubuntu-desktop as it appeared it would. it held them back until the dependencies became available19:17
OlorynIt was actually aptitude suggesting the removal of packages.  Fairly new to Kubuntu, but I've been playing with Ubuntu (mostly server) for awhile.  This was the first time I'd seen anything like this.19:20
BluesKajOloryn, well the commands and sources are exactly the same , juist some of the packages and yhe desktops are not19:21
BluesKajscuse my spelling19:22
BluesKajbeen a long day19:22
lordievaderOloryn: If ever you do remove a bunch of kde packages by accident you can reinstall by reinstalling the kubuntu-desktop package.19:25
bpromptOloryn:    I'm guessing it may just be doing an update of those libs, rather than just getting rid of them19:27
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cornfeedhobois this package conflict fixed yet?20:21
lordievadercornfeedhobo: What package conflict?20:22
cornfeedhobothis morning a apt-get upgrade borked my computer20:23
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cornfeedhoboi didnt check output and there was a conflict so it thought it was a great idea to remove kubuntu-desktop20:24
cornfeedhoboso when i asked here this morning, i wasnt the only one and people said a fix would be out shortly20:24
lordievadercornfeedhobo: Removing kubuntu-desktop does next to nothing. It's a meta package. I haven't seen anything about it this evening.20:25
cornfeedhobolordievader: correct. in effect that wacked a bunch of my kdelibs20:25
cornfeedhoboi have no idea why. but it did20:25
cornfeedhoboi saved all my terminal output just in case20:26
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skinuxWhere is volume control found??20:47
sime_hello dears, can anyone help me with laptop-mode-tools?20:51
geniiskinux: Usually you'll see a speaker icon on your bar, that's the mixer. If you click once on it, a volume slider should appear.20:54
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rbergsime_ do you have a specific question?21:26
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Balzy'evening! Does anybody else experience this issue? ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2232672&p=13064801#post1306480121:54
Balzyplease reply here or to the topic21:54
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skinuxThere is no sound control icon anywhere on my bar. How do I put it there?23:12
Roeywhy don't I hear any sound?23:30
Roeynot from Amarok, not from Youtube.23:30
Roeypulseaudio is running.23:30
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