wogonhi there !08:39
wogonI'm running in a probably simple trouble building packages on launchpad08:40
wogonI've got two of them, the first builds a libxxx and libxxx-dev08:41
wogonand the second depends on the first at building time08:41
wogonI've set up a "testing" repository where I successfully build anything except for the packages tyhat depend on others at build-time08:42
wogonhow can I set the launchpad pbuilders to import the current repository as a source for packages ?08:43
wgrantwogon: That's done automatically. Are you sure the dependencies were published by the time the dependent build started?08:57
wogonyou're right : that's probably the problem I need to wait for the first package to be duly published08:59
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wogonis there a global graph of average build waiting time ? in order to schedule build during empty hours ?10:11
cjwatsonwogon: There's no real benefit to waiting; the build will have to be done eventually, after all10:29
cjwatsonWe do have some internal graphs of queue size, but not public.  They don't currently show all that much of a pattern, though.  I wouldn't bother trying to do queueing externally - just upload when you're ready.10:32
cjwatsonThere is a bit of a weekly pattern; there's a spike roughly each Monday, typically10:34
wgrantThe current spike (and usually the Monday spike too) are because a number of builders have failed.10:36
wgrantcprov, cjwatson: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ud9SxGCvlTYc-IwNVpjr0LosLQprDJFS6AA-M4nP-I0/edit has my analysis of the non-Ubuntu PPA naming situation. Thoughts very welcome.10:55
wogonwgrant cjwatson : thanks, the build are ok. I bother with waiting for my builds only when they fail ...17:43
wogonnow, all my packages are ok I'll push with more confidence and won't need to wait for the result17:44
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