sithlord48can anyone help me with my error when importing from github?  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/179187869/sithlord48-q-gears-trunk.log01:25
wgrantsithlord48: There's a file somewhere in that repository's history that has a non-UTF-8 name. bzr-git requires that filenames be valid UTF-8.01:27
wgrantThe only way to work around that would be to rewrite that repository's history.01:27
sithlord48wgrant:  anyidea how to do that ?01:27
wgrantsithlord48: You probably don't want to do that. It changes all commit hashes since the point at which the file was introduced, like a very, very invasive rebase.01:28
sithlord48wgrant:  is there another way to import then?01:30
wgrantsithlord48: No, there is no workaround besides rewriting the original repository or continuously maintaining a second repository that's a rewritten version of the original.01:31
sithlord48wgrant:  thats the thing the github was made because the main repo is using a VCS not supported by launchpads import system .01:32
wgrantsithlord48: Ah, I see, it might not be completely out of the question to rewrite the git repository, then. What's the original VCS?01:32
sithlord48so we made a github clone and i forked it and made a special branch to import from.01:34
wgrantI'm not sure which tools exist for converting hg to git nowadays, but if you can find some way to either have it rewrite the filenames, or cope with adding commits on top of a slightly rewritten git repository, that will work.01:34
sithlord48how can i tell where the offending file or history entry is ?01:35
* wgrant finds out.01:36
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TheCodeAssassinhi all, i removed a package from my PPA but i still get the rejected message saying that the content already exists08:54
TheCodeAssassinhelp says download a prestine tarball, but i removed the package from the PPA08:56
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: You can still find the old tarball if you search for superseded packages08:57
TheCodeAssassinwhere can i do this search?09:03
TheCodeAssassinoh found it09:03
TheCodeAssassinbut cannot find it09:03
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TheCodeAssassinhehe got it, sorry i should look further then my nose09:08
TheCodeAssassinthanks wgrant09:08
TheCodeAssassinwgrant, it keeps rejecting it09:10
TheCodeAssassini downloaded the original files but keeps on rejecting09:11
mapreriTheCodeAssassin: you can't upload the package with the same version again. I bet you are trying to re-upload an already uploaded and accepted package (even if you deleted it)09:43
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: What is the exact text of the error message?09:45
TheCodeAssassinwgrant, http://tca0.nl/AFd10:02
TheCodeAssassinWell basically, the build has failed10:03
TheCodeAssassinso i fixed it, and now i want to eupload the package10:03
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: You need to increment the version number. You can't upload the same version twice with different contents; that doesn't really make sense.10:03
TheCodeAssassinand delete the old package i presume ?10:06
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: The old package will automatically be superseded and removed when a newer version appears.10:07
TheCodeAssassinwell i learned something today, thank you so much guys10:07
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barbyi've a problemwith a launchpad11:50
barbyi've a problem with a launchpad11:50
barbydoes anyone can help me?11:51
barby# add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable11:52
barbyCannot add PPA: 'ppa:pipelight/stable'.11:52
barbyPlease check that the PPA name or format is correct.11:52
barbybut it's correct!!11:52
wgrantbarby: It's working for me. Are you behind a restrictive firewall?11:53
barbyit's possible... i'm at office11:54
barbyhow i can do???11:54
wgrantbarby: http://askubuntu.com/questions/53146/how-do-i-get-add-apt-repository-to-work-through-a-proxy11:55
TheCodeAssassinwgrant,  lol still getting the rejected messages now12:12
TheCodeAssassini used the old tarfile but that one was invalid (forgot about that little detail)12:12
TheCodeAssassini need to use the new tarfile but the queue system keeps rejecting it12:12
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: Same thing applies: new content == new version12:15
TheCodeAssassini bumped the version...12:17
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: The orig.tar.gz has its own version. You need to change that as well if you need to change its contents.12:19
wgrantThe orig.tar.gz version is the part before the - in the version in debian/changelog, and must match the version in the filename of the orig.tar.gz.12:19
TheCodeAssassinyeah, having a problem with that12:19
TheCodeAssassinbecause it has to be the same version of the software12:19
TheCodeAssassinthe software version is 1.3.212:19
TheCodeAssassinand we want to keep that 1.3.212:20
TheCodeAssassinthe source/format file is 3.0 (quilt)12:20
TheCodeAssassinand it's ignoring the rest of the filename12:21
TheCodeAssassinit's just taking the x.x.x12:21
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version12:22
wgrant"The format is: [epoch:]upstream_version[-debian_revision] "12:22
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: The orig.tar.gz is the upstream tarball, so it has the upstream version -- it doesn't include anything after the hyphen.12:22
wgrantSo you need to change the bit before the hyphen (eg. 1.3.2+repack1-0ppa1 instead of 1.3.2-0ppa1)12:23
wgrantTheCodeAssassin: However, how did you end up with a broken tarball in the first place?12:24
wgrantThe orig.tar.gz should be exactly that -- the original tarball as released by the upstream developer.12:24
TheCodeAssassinprobably that will work12:25
TheCodeAssassinwell the i forgot a line in depend12:26
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TheCodeAssassinwgrant, the build fails because a library is not installed13:50
TheCodeAssassini added it to depends, but its not installing13:50
TheCodeAssassinDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${php:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libpcre3-dev13:50
TheCodeAssassini need libprce3-dev13:50
dobeyDepends is for binary package dependencies, Build-Depends for the Source: determines what gets installed for the build13:55
TheCodeAssassini'm such an idiot13:56
TheCodeAssassinunknown information field 'Build-Depends'14:00
TheCodeAssassinnever mind, i put it into the wrong place14:02
mcpierceHi, all. Is it possible for a Launchpad PPA to be owned by a project, or are they only ownable by individual users?14:07
gesermcpierce: if I'm not mistaken, teams can have PPAs too14:11
mcpiercegeser: kk, thanks14:11
dobeyyes, PPAs are owned by a person or team14:17
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kalibWhy? why launchpad hates me so much? Every two minutes I receive a timeout error. :/20:01
cjohnstonkalib: it isn't just you20:03
kalibevery single day is the same thing.. Does their staff know about it?20:03
kalibprobably yes, I know. :/20:03
dobeyevery occurance of a timeout generates an error report on the server, yes20:12
dobeyat least seeing timeouts means launchpad is popular ;)20:12
kalibalso means they should carry more about it's servers. :/20:16
kalibIt's a "simple" (meaning a clean without many images, animations, etc).20:16
dobeythe timeout isn't the page content itself being too much for your browser20:18
kalibI know, it means that the server couldn't reply.20:18
dobeytimeouts that occur on launchpad are usually due to the db taking too long to give the data for building the page20:18
kalibthat's why I think they should look at it.20:19
kalibbetter servers (better disks/storage), etc.20:19
dobeyfeel free to open a bug report20:19
kalibanyone, I'll keep trying to press Ctrl + r.20:19
kalibthanks. ;]20:20
cjohnstonwe are taking time to try to improve things as best we can including code rewrites and bringing on new hardware20:20
kalibthat's good news. :D20:20
dobeyalso feel free to submit merge proposals to launchpad's code to fix possible performance issues if you find any. it /is/ open source :)20:20
cjohnstonwhat dobey said.. we would love help!20:20
dobeyor buy a commercial support contract :)20:21
kalibdobey, about submitting code, I really don't think it's a code problem.20:21
cjohnstonkalib: alot of improvement could be done to the code20:22
kalibsure, always.. but I'm not sure about this specific situation.. I believe is more for a hardware issue.20:23
kalibbut thanks for your attention cjohnston and dobey ;]20:23
dobeykalib: timeouts can be a result of many things, and it is probably not likely a hardware issue20:24
dobeyyou don't even know what hardware it's running on :)20:24
kalibtrue, I don't.20:24
kalibok, ok. got your point. "Shut up kalib, you know nothing about what's goin on". :p20:25
kalibkidding... anyway, thanks for your attention. ;]20:25
kalibI'll now continue my current translation.20:26
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