SuperHigginsi have returned after finally re-installing lubuntu00:05
SuperHigginsunfortunately i am still unable to connect to the internet00:05
SuperHigginsthis time i have the lxde desktop environment00:06
SuperHigginsis there any way i can troubleshoot this?00:06
wxlSuperHiggins: ethernet or wifi?00:06
wxloh wow i'm shocked that's an issue00:07
SuperHigginsyeah me too00:07
SuperHigginscould it be because it's not a prefab? it's a "performance" asus mobo haha00:07
wxlprolly not00:07
wxllspci | grep -i ethernet00:07
SuperHiggins02:00 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 09)00:09
SuperHigginsthat makes it sound like it's a network card though, it's the onboard ethernet00:09
wxlnot really :)00:10
wxlwell the dell vostro 3700 has the same card00:10
wxlwere you able to connect to the internet with the live cd?00:11
SuperHigginsoh i didn't try that, i just installed right away haha00:11
wxlwell that might be something to check00:11
wxlduring the install it tries to connect to the internet tho00:11
SuperHigginsbut during the installation i was getting a message that popped up saying it couldn't connect to the network00:11
wxlthere you go00:12
SuperHigginsand don't worry i checked, it is plugged in haha00:12
wxldo you 100% know the cable's good?00:12
SuperHigginsit worked 2 days ago. i can try another cable though00:13
SuperHigginsone sec00:13
wxlsudo lshw -C network | pastebinit00:13
wxloh wait00:13
wxlyou can't connect to to the network to get pastebinit XD00:14
wxli'd be interested to know what it gives you for logical name and configuration especially00:14
SuperHigginsoh ?00:15
wxljust do sudo lshw -C network00:16
wxlOH and it should have a driver under configuration00:16
SuperHigginsumm what am i looking for?00:17
wxlooh look it's certified http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci/10ec:8168/00:17
SuperHigginsthat link doesnt work for me lol00:18
wxlsudo lshw -C network | grep -i driver00:18
wxlderp :000:18
SuperHigginsthe two driver entries i get when i grep it are00:18
SuperHigginsdriver=r8169 driverversion=2.3LK-NAPI00:19
wxlsorry i'm looking at something else00:19
wxlthere is a lame solution: get the proprietary driver00:19
wxlyou need to download osmething00:19
wxlload this up on your machine http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220494600:20
wxldownload the file to a usb key or something and you should be good to go00:20
SuperHigginsoh hey that's my motherboard! must be a mobo-specific issue haha00:20
wxli'm checking to see if r8169 has come along enough that it can be coerced to work00:20
SuperHigginsum i hate to interrupt your searching but which of these linux installs is the one i want? it's lubuntu 12.04 haha http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=5&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false#RTL8111B/RTL8168B/RTL8111/RTL8168<br>RTL8111C/RTL8111CP/RTL8111D(L)<br>RTL8168C/RTL8111DP00:21
wxlLINUX driver for kernel 3.x and 2.6.x and 2.4.x00:22
SuperHigginsahh okay thatnks, wasn't sure :P00:23
wxli'm assuming unmae -r gives you something like 3.something-generic00:23
ianorlinthis is one reason I want an intel lan for my mobo00:23
SuperHigginsyeah it gives me 3.13.0-24-generic00:24
wxlgo for that one and have at it and you'll be good00:24
SuperHigginsawesome, thanks alot!00:25
wxlSuperHiggins: be aware that you'll have to do this every time there's a kernel update00:25
wxlSuperHiggins: i'd file a bug against the linux kernel so that hopefully the kernel devs can push it upstream and make it happen00:25
wxlSuperHiggins: and by "it" i mean include r8168 or fix 816900:26
wxlin case you don't know:00:26
SuperHigginsoh crap really? im guessing it's just the kernel isn't default compatible with this ethernet adapter?00:26
wxlwell it's like this00:26
wxlr8169 is supposed to be but it doesn't seem like it is (broken)00:27
wxlr8168 (what you're installing) does work but it's not in the kernel00:27
wxloh what i was going to say:00:27
wxl!bugs | SuperHiggins00:27
ubottuSuperHiggins: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:27
SuperHigginsoh okay00:29
SuperHigginsill make sure to report the bug, so i just tell them that r8169 is broken, and r8168 works but isn't included in the kernel? and these are relating to the drivers or the adapter itself00:30
SuperHigginswhen i tried to install the driver, i ran the autorun.sh and it had an error00:32
SuperHiggins"autorun.sh: line 27: make: command not found"00:32
wxloh tee hee00:32
wxlyou need gcc00:32
SuperHigginscrap :S which i need internet to get00:32
wxlwe can do the same thing with the usb key00:33
wxl12.04 you said?00:33
wxldude you got to move on :)00:33
wxlapt-cache policy libc600:34
wxlis it installed?00:34
SuperHigginsit is00:34
wxlwhat about with libgcc1?00:34
wxlyou should have it but just checking00:34
wxloh what proc you have? i386?00:35
SuperHigginsx64, its an AMD00:35
wxlget this and `dpkg -i` it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/make_3.81-8.1ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb00:35
wxlso that's make00:36
wxlyou probably need gcc too00:36
wxlapt-cache policy gcc00:36
Unit193Why not just get build-essential?00:36
wxlyeah there you go00:36
SuperHigginshow dod i do that00:36
SuperHigginsi need gcc yeah :S00:37
wxlUnit193: actually without internet that's not going to be very useful as the deb doesn't include the dependencies00:37
wxlso ignore Unit193  :)00:37
SuperHigginsohh okay :P00:37
Unit193Oooh, missed that bit.  He's not using apt-offline?00:37
wxlUnit193: we're trying to solve his internet connection :)00:38
Unit193Figured that one out, yes.00:38
wxlwe need to get these packages to do so00:38
wxlso i'm not sure apt-offline will help00:38
wxlbut tell me something else00:38
SuperHigginsme? or Unit193?00:39
wxlcrap i gotta jet00:39
SuperHigginsoh ok00:39
wxlUnit193: can you walk him through the rest of the depends of build-essentials?00:39
Unit193There's a chance.00:40
Unit193SuperHiggins: OK, so you still needed gcc/g++(plus depends) to compile the driver right?  You got the kernel headers?00:44
SuperHigginspardon me?00:44
SuperHigginsi'm not sure what you're referring to, sorry :S00:48
Unit193OK, so to compile that you'll need gcc, and the target is 14.04 ?  Do you have  apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic  ?00:49
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/gcc-4.8-base_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/gcc-4.8_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/libgcc-4.8-dev_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb00:51
SuperHigginsthe second one said Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: binutils (>= 2.24)00:53
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/cpp-4.8_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb that too.00:53
Unit193So you're not on 14.04?  Looks like precise perhaps?00:55
SuperHigginsi am on 14.04 i though00:56
Unit193lsb_release -a00:56
SuperHigginsubuntu 14.04 LTS codename trusty00:57
Unit193I think rather than dep chasing, you should perhaps get https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/apt-offline_1.3.1_all.deb and use that to install build-essential and all the deps, sound like a good idea?00:58
SuperHigginssounds good to me, as long as it works haha00:59
SuperHigginsalright apt-offline is installed01:00
SuperHigginswhat do i do next?01:00
Unit193On the computer you need stuff installed, the one without internet: sudo apt-offline set --install-packages build-essential --update apt-offline.sig01:02
Unit193One with internet: sudo apt-offline get --bundle bundle.zip apt-offline.sig01:03
Unit193(You'll need that sig file on the one with internet!)01:03
Unit193Then back with the one without: sudo apt-offline install bundle.zip  (And make sure the zip file is there.)01:04
SuperHigginsi am a bit confued. are the two computers going to communicate?01:04
SuperHigginsbecause they aren't technically on the same network01:04
Unit193They aren't going to communicate, you have a flash drive you've been using to drag files, right?  All you'll need is that apt-offline.sig file and later the bundle.zip file.01:06
SuperHigginsokay so where do i get these things that's what i want to know :S01:06
Unit193You create the sig file with the first command, and the zip file with the second, and you install packages in the zip with the last.01:07
SuperHigginsoh crap does my online computer need to be linux?01:07
SuperHigginsmy online computer is windows01:07
Unit193Welp, it does make it considerably easaier...01:10
Unit193http://www.debian-administration.org/article/648/Offline_Package_Management_for_APT indicates windows can do it.  But yeah.01:11
SuperHigginsi am guessing though that i'd kind of have to figure that out on my own?01:12
Unit193Well you could send me the sig file. :P01:12
SuperHigginswould that be bothersome for you?01:13
Unit193Otherwise I can try and pull up what other deps you'd need.01:13
SuperHigginswell okay, i can send you the sig file then01:14
SuperHigginswhatevers more convenient for you honestly01:14
SuperHigginsim thinking of two other things: a) i somehow find a compiled version of this driver and install that, or b) i stick the linux hard drive in my desktop and compile the driver there, it should be a different driver and ethernet adapter01:23
SuperHigginsi don't know if linux is that portable in terms of hardware01:24
Unit193!info r8168-dkms01:30
ubottur8168-dkms (source: r8168): dkms source for the r8168 network driver. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.037.00-1 (trusty), package size 92 kB, installed size 802 kB01:30
Unit193SuperHiggins: Biggest problem you'd have is if you cloned the drive, because of uuid issues.  It's fairly portable.01:31
SuperHigginsuh okay... i am really not sure what i should do honestly. what would you recommend?01:33
Unit193I'd get that package, it's the dkms module for the r8168.01:37
SuperHigginshow do i get it?01:38
Unit193DKMS moduels are great, they "recompile" when you install a new kernel.  I'd recommend the same way, with apt-offline since it depends on dkms, which depends on gcc, make, build-ess, etc.  Otherwise, I can help you dep hunt.01:38
SuperHigginsapt-offline is the method that involves the .sig file and the .zip file right?01:40
SuperHigginsokay, i hate to pester you, but could you generate the zip file if i send you the sig file?01:41
Unit193Sure, not a bother.01:41
SuperHigginsthe command was: sudo apt-offline set --install-packages build-essential --update apt-offline.sig01:42
Unit193Except, you'll want to swap build-essential for r8168-dkms now.01:43
SuperHiggins...uh oh01:44
SuperHigginserrors yay01:44
SuperHigginsE: Command line option --simulate is not understood01:44
SuperHigginsERROR: FATAL: Something is wrong with the apt system.01:44
SuperHigginsand then when it tries to generate the r8168-dkms package and it's dependancies01:45
SuperHigginsE: Unable to locate package r8168-dkms01:45
SuperHigginsERROR: FATAL: Something is wrong with the apt system01:45
SuperHigginsoh and the first two errors refer to generating database list of files that are needed for an update01:46
Unit193https://paste.unit193.net/?586dc608a4366c8d#OFWMd64WhqakCrAMkcnjLS6udeTlLCuFMra+c2gJ1OU=  Alright, there's the start of the list then.01:51
SuperHigginsthe second link is 40401:54
Unit193Ugh, there's no simple way to script this either, and I'm sure you won't just download off my server. :P  OK, I'll pull that up properly.01:56
SuperHigginsgee haha it seems like every time we come across a soltuion we just hit another snag :P01:57
SuperHigginsoh and the second last one as well01:58
Unit193https://paste.unit193.net/?7ee4245c0918241c#zdaEYBP8P9NfnxZTMh6aY27ivkX+lB6kvEFO5xrCbBY= those are all active.02:04
Unit193FWIW, fixing internet without internet always stinks, I've had to do it before with my wireless.  Was a b43 device.02:11
Unit193Getting there?02:12
SuperHigginsthere's a whole bunch of dependencies i don't have here i think...02:12
SuperHigginsi guess i've got to write each one down huh?02:12
Unit193Either that or fix the other tool. :P02:13
SuperHigginsoh boy XD absolutely nothing likes me here it seems02:14
Unit193Yey!  New version of apt-offline seems to work. :D02:18
SuperHigginsoh, was i not using the newest version?02:21
Unit193You were, this is from git.02:23
SuperHigginswhere do i acquire the new version?02:26
Unit193https://alioth.debian.org/snapshots.php?group_id=100399 for the source, and I just built myself a deb file.02:27
SuperHigginsuhh... i think i'll need the deb file? cuz i dont have gcc or all that haha02:28
Unit193http://people.ubuntu.com/~unit193/apt-offline_1.3.2_all.deb it's python, no compiles.02:32
SuperHigginsthis one only gets the second set of errors rather than the first, which is that it can't find the r8168-dkms package02:42
SuperHigginsis that fixable?02:42
Unit193Leave off the install option and just use --update.02:45
SuperHigginsummm... i think im entering it wrong.02:48
SuperHigginssudo apt-offline set r8168-dkms --update apt-offline.sig02:48
Unit193sudo apt-offline set --update apt-offline.sig  this'll update your sources.02:49
SuperHigginsohhh okay :P02:49
SuperHigginsi have the sig file02:49
Unit193Email it to me, upload it, or something.02:50
SuperHigginsoh okay, i was about to put it on my web server... and then i realized that my linux machine was my web server haha02:50
* Unit193 @ubuntu.com02:50
SuperHigginssent you an email02:55
Unit19390a6a11f87719270faa93b022b91a50f  https://unit193.net/bundle.zip02:58
SuperHigginsokay i think it was successful... so what did that install?03:04
Unit193After you get that "installed", same type of deal with  sudo apt-offline set --install-packages r8168-dkms03:04
SuperHigginsit said too few arguments?03:07
Unit193Right, forgot the sig file: sudo apt-offline set --install-packages r8168-dkms apt-offline.sig03:09
Unit193Bah: sudo apt-offline set --install-packages r8168-dkms --update apt-offline.sig03:09
SuperHigginsokay that succeeded03:10
SuperHigginsdo i uh... send you this apt-offline.sig?03:15
SuperHigginssend it :P again thanks alot for doing all this for me... i would have probably never figured it out on my own haha03:23
SuperHigginssent it *03:24
Unit19356db0fd1f575d946eafcfb4fa68b6965  https://unit193.net/bundle.zip  Sure thing, just sorry for all the trouble this caused.03:26
Unit193And nah, this is a quiet night, nothing going on really.03:29
Unit193SuperHiggins: You'll have to do one last  sudo apt-get install r8168-dkms  to get it all installed.03:30
SuperHigginsthe sudo apt-get install r8168-dkms03:34
SuperHigginsso now i guess i restart and it should be working?03:34
Unit193I'd  sudo dkms status  first, just to take a look.03:35
SuperHigginsr8168, 8.037.00, 3.13.0-24-generic, x86_64: installed03:36
SuperHigginsalright im going to restart03:36
SuperHigginsumm... i still cant connect to the internet.03:39
Unit193lspci -v  and see what driver (if any) that device says it's using.03:40
SuperHigginsuhh there's a lot of things popping up haha03:40
Unit193You're looking for your network device, and "Kernel driver in use:"03:41
SuperHigginsohh okay i found it03:42
SuperHigginsit's using r816803:42
Unit193The driver is loaded so it should be working, can you open NM and see what's up ?03:43
Unit193NetworkManager, the little tray icon.03:44
SuperHigginswell when i hover over it it says it has limited or no connectivity03:46
SuperHigginsbut i can't "open" it...03:46
Unit193Check if you can  ping  ?03:54
SuperHigginsconnect: Network is unreachable03:54
Unit193Alright, well then I'd say that's pretty darn limited, I take it your network doesn't require you to log in?  Also may want to run nm-tool03:55
SuperHigginsit doesn't. it goes directly to a modem03:55
SuperHigginsand it says "state: connecting"03:56
SuperHigginsthe driver is r168, it's an ethernet device (eth0), and it should be working haha03:56
Unit193OK, have you recently tried another device on this modem? 0_o03:58
SuperHigginsmy other computer is on this modem03:59
Unit193Does /var/log/syslog say anything interesting?04:01
SuperHigginscommand not found04:01
Unit193(It's a log file.)04:02
SuperHigginsohh okay04:02
SuperHigginsso no04:02
Unit193In the modem webpage (if it does in fact have one) say anything in the log or what devices are connected?04:03
SuperHigginsit doesn't have a webpage, it's just a generic coax-cable to ethernet modem04:03
Unit193Right, mine is pretty generic too, but it's got one at
SuperHigginsyeah mine doesn't have that or anything04:06
Unit193Bummer.  So, out of the obvious, can't think of why it wouldn't be actually connecting, looks like the driver is at least working fine...04:07
SuperHigginswell that's good i guess04:07
Unit193So, outside of an ip clash or the modem only supporting modem mode (one ethernet connection), I'd try and make sure you can do the exact same setup, two different devices connected at the modem, but...04:10
SuperHiggins98sorry was testing something04:13
Unit193No, testing is good.  I presume it didn't work?04:15
SuperHiggins98yeah i was thinking it was some wiring issue04:15
SuperHiggins98im going to timeout again for a moment, testing one last thing04:19
Unit193No settings you had to do in Windows I presume either.04:22
SuperHigginsi'm starting to think that i got a faulty board.04:23
Unit193Wait, so didn't it try to use another driver before?  lsmod  to list modules.04:25
SuperHigginsumm... well i see r8168 on there. i dont know what im supposed to be looking at though :S04:27
Unit193Just making sure r8169 or something isn't in.04:27
SuperHigginsi dont see it04:28
Unit193Clasing drivers, not fun.04:29
SuperHigginsyeah i'd imagine04:31
Unit193OK, soo.  I'm out of ideas, I'd like to think we actually got a working driver for it though. ;P04:31
SuperHigginsyeah, well i'm sure we made some sort of progress04:31
Unit193Wonder if it's something kernel related that .30 or so fixed.04:32
SuperHigginsim going to restart all of my network devices04:34
SuperHigginsbe back soon04:34
SuperHiggins98no dice.04:36
* Unit193 wonders what he's missin'04:42
SuperHiggins98okay so i tested the wiring04:46
SuperHiggins98it works on my personal laptop04:46
SuperHiggins98so it's definitely a problem with the linux machine still04:47
ianorlinSuperHiggins98:  what asus motherboard was it?04:47
SuperHiggins98M5A97 R2.004:47
* SuperHiggins98 hopes it isn't a lost cause.04:52
Unit193So according to the readme: # ifconfig -a  If there is a device name, ethX, shown on the monitor, the linux driver is loaded. Then, you can use the following command to activate the ethX04:54
Unit193SuperHiggins98: Also, if you want one last bundle to totally update your system, just poke me soon. (Getting late.)04:57
SuperHiggins98it's fine i think, but thanks for offering. what was the command to use to activate the ethX ?04:59
SuperHiggins98i think it didnt send04:59
Unit193sudo ifup eth005:00
SuperHiggins98i got a weird message05:00
SuperHiggins98Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.05:01
Unit193What did ifconfig -a  return?05:04
SuperHiggins98eth0 and lo05:05
SuperHiggins98oh and if i try to "configure" eth0 from network manager it says the interface does not exist05:05
* SuperHiggins98 is pulling at straws here05:07
Unit193Oh, what's in /etc/network/interfaces?05:09
SuperHiggins98auto lo05:09
SuperHiggins98iface lo inet loopback05:09
SuperHiggins98and thats it05:09
Unit193ianorlin: Ideas?05:20
Unit193SuperHiggins98: And I looked at the package, this dkms package blacklisted r8169 so it wouldn't conflict.05:20
SuperHiggins98ohh okay05:21
ianorlinnone whatsoever for this05:23
Unit193So, I'm thinking his best bet now is to either try #ubuntu or ##linux?05:24
SuperHiggins98well, if that's the case, then i think this is a good stopping point for the night. i'm pretty exhausted.05:27
SuperHiggins98thank you guys very much though, you've been a great help to me, and i'm really appreciative of the time you spent trying to help me get through this05:27
SuperHiggins98i'm going to get some sleep now, have a good night!05:29
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Budoyhi! iwant to ask how can configure the view of my folder with a dropdown in details View?08:32
Budoyi mean list tree view08:37
Budoyhow to make a list tree view on lubuntu please help08:58
=== IdleOne is now known as io
linguiniI quite like lubuntu, but one thing about it causes me some trouble:14:38
linguiniFor unknown reasons, Ctrl-space does not seem to make it all the way into my emacs.14:39
linguiniI looked in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml, but saw no key binding C-Space there.14:40
SuperHigginswell, i've been to #ubuntu, and they couldn't help me. nobody in ##linux responded to my question... so i'm kind of at a loss now.15:59
gmzaroohi guys16:11
gmzaroocan i ask for some help here?16:11
gmzarooMy Lubuntu crashed and on reboot, the taskbar doesn't appear16:12
gmzarooi tried to restart lxpanel or lxpanelctl but it says 'Gtk-warning cannot open dispaly'16:13
Guest530hi together16:19
phillwSuperHiggins: do you still need help?16:29
SuperHigginsi ended up scrounding up a cd drive and installing lubuntu that way. unfortunately reinstalling didn't solve my problems. it seems i've hit the well-known yet unsolved issue of the kernel driver r8169 :S16:36
SuperHigginsscrounging *16:36
wxlphillw: if you're looking to help see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220494616:39
SuperHigginsi have actually installed that driver16:40
wxlstill no dice?16:40
phillwwxl: that looks like it is awaiting a new driver for some recent revision of the chipset?16:48
phillwwxl: maybe ask on ##kernel ? The only other thing I can think of, is to see if fedora have a newer version which could be cherry-picked? (Ubuntu kernel team have previously cherry picked a red-hat fix for me).16:50
wxlphillw: from wah i grokked r8168 should solve the problem17:02
wxlphillw: unless IT has problems now. r8169 (default, in the kernel) should work, too, but it appears buggy17:02
phillwI've asked bodhi to check what fedora are using, he'll reply when he has a chance to check.17:08
daninozhi, I'm having an issue, when I work with chrome or chromium the windows is always visible, even when I change desktops or minimize it18:22
wxldaninoz: even when you minimize it? without any distortion of the window?18:27
wxldaninoz: is it only chromium? what about firefox?18:27
daninozwxl: it's only with chrome and chromiun. I changed the chrome config to use the system borders and it dissapear when I minimized it, but it stays there when I switch desktops18:29
wxldaninoz: so there's no issue with minimizing then?18:30
daninoznot now, only when switching desktops. Firefox work ok18:30
wxldaninoz: check on the desktop tag in lubuntu-rc for chrome or chromium https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Windows#How_do_I_assign_certain_program_to_open_to_a_desktop_.23218:31
daninozwxl: I fixed it disabling the hardware acceleration option in chrome config18:46
wxldaninoz: that's a strange one :) probably particular to your specific video card19:06
aramilis there anyone with winxp experience i need help installing winxp on a different hard drive23:54
aramili have lubuntu 14.04 installed23:55

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