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rvbajtv: My loop found 2 other spurious failures.  I'm trying to recreate them in isolation now…06:56
jtvWhat kind of failures?06:57
rvba(I've manually merged gmb's fix for bug 1336617)06:59
ubot5bug 1336617 in MAAS "getRandomNetwork() setting upper bound IP lower than lower bound" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133661707:00
rvbabigjools: why did you remove the note in your documentation branch?  (I assume because not letting MAAS manage the DHCP server isn't supported)07:10
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bigjoolsrvba: because what it said is not true any more07:15
rvbabigjools: ah, right.07:15
william_homejtv: did you found a pointer for me where i can start to look at why the ephemeral images don't use a local mirror ?07:17
william_homei have time to investigate it myself but need a bit guidance07:18
jtvwilliam_home: the problem I think is mainly one of getting the http_proxy etc. variables set in the "user data."07:18
jtvThat's what goes into cloud-init IIRC.07:18
jtvIf we could inject our own variable definitions into /etc/profile that way, we'd be home safe.07:19
william_homeok, so if understand it right Maas has al the bits working but the issue is more that cloud init does not take the parameters like a local archive07:20
jtvRight.  Probably, cloud-init would take the parameters if we knew how to pass them.07:20
jtvWe started out with a model where a client (such as Juju) provided the user data, and we just passed it on unchanged.  In that model, we have no way that I know of to do this.  But I believe now the user data has become more of a pluggable thing.07:21
jtvsrc/metadataserver/commissioning/user_data.py might be a good starting point.07:22
jtvThat's where we generate user data for commissioning.07:23
william_homeand how does that info go to the node starting the ephemeral image?07:23
william_homedoes it get passed from the kernel cmdline?07:24
jtvAs I recall, cloud-init on the booting image requests it from the maas metadata service.07:24
jtvThe metadata service's purpose is to provide such information to bootstrapping nodes.07:24
william_homejtv: thanx,  I will start my search07:26
jtvWe have a simple framework for sending multiple files to a commissioning node.  (It's also in use for auto-enlisting nodes now).  The main generate_user_data function composes a big script out of "snippets" that we have in etc/templates/maas/templates07:26
william_homeyes i have seen that, i had to patch the ipmi detect file for doing import glob07:26
william_homethat is still around in precise -updates maas 1.407:27
william_homeotherwise the node never gets the ready state07:27
jtvrvba has worked with userdata more recently...  rvba, to get the commissioning scripts working with an http proxy and/or local archive, do you think it would be enough to make the commissioning user-data inject the settings into /etc/profile?07:27
rvbajtv: let me have a look at the code…07:29
rvbajtv: yeah, I believe getting cloudinit to set http_proxy in /etc/profile should do the trick.07:32
bigjoolswhy would "make doc" do this:07:33
bigjoolsbin/sphinx: 1: cd: can't cd to /home/ed/canonical/maas/sandbox/docs/_build07:33
bigjoolsthe dir doesn't exist07:33
jtvbigjools: that's just like a bug which Gav recently fixed...07:35
bigjoolswhat creates the _build dir?07:35
jtv*cough* *cough* mumble07:35
bigjoolsbuildout... SAY NO MORE07:36
* bigjools distcleans in rough hope07:36
bigjoolsbin/database --preserve run -- bin/maas-region-admin syncdb --noinput07:37
bigjoolspg_ctl: could not start server07:37
bigjoolsdistclean has fixed it07:38
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bigjoolsrvba: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7740740/07:42
bigjoolslooks quite nice after rendering it07:44
* bigjools enlanderates07:44
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bigjoolsrvba: urgh, *another* spurious test failure?07:47
rvbaTwo of them even.07:47
bigjoolsjeez, where are they coming from all of a sudden07:47
rvba(I only filed one bug thus far)07:47
rvbaWell, me running the whole test suite in a loop :)07:48
* bigjools moves the DHCP feature card to done-done and rejoices07:48
rvbabigjools: about that;  reading your change to the doc I'm thinking about the upgrade path to 1.6: since we don't populate the DNS zone with mappings from the dynamic range it means an existing deployment will be quite broken after you upgrade right?07:50
rvbaI mean, unless you configure the static range *and* re-allocate all your nodes.07:51
bigjoolsrvba: mmm it won't be broken until the zone is re-written on the first node allocation07:52
bigjoolsthen all the deployed nodes lose their DNS07:52
bigjoolsoh bugger07:52
rvbabigjools: the DNS config is rewritten when the package gets re-installed07:52
bigjoolsthen oh bugger without the preamble07:53
rvbabugger indeed07:53
rvbaWe kept the code so it's just a matter of flipping a switch.07:53
bigjoolsI have to run, but I can talk about this in half an hour07:53
bigjoolsrvba: the solution is to give dynamic nodes DNS entries :/07:54
bigjoolsone-line code change07:54
rvbaI know.  Like I said, it's easy.07:54
bigjoolsbut that is uuuuugly07:54
bigjoolslet;'s have a think07:54
rvbabigjools: we could restrict the dynamic mappings sent to the DNS machinery to the MAC addresses that correspond to allocated nodes.07:55
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rvbagmb: care to have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/bug-1337190/+merge/225444 ?09:25
gmbrvba: Certainly09:31
gmbrvba: A pithy fix. Me like.09:32
rvbagmb: as you can imagine, the problem manifests itself very rarely.  I had to resort to run-one-until-failure to debug that one :).09:33
gmbrvba: Yeah, been there, done that :)09:34
rvbaAnd another one: https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/none-interf/+merge/22544709:45
rvbagmb: care to have a look? ^ It's tiny.09:57
gmbrvba: Already reviewed it :)09:57
rvbaNice; thank you gmb.09:57
william_homervba: i don't see any reference that apt_mirror is used by cloud-init anywhere, is that right?11:19
william_homehttp_proxy seems to work and otherwise the maas instance gets used with squid-deb-proxy11:20
william_homewhen i manually do a wget to the maas instance getting the cloud-cofig-url i see that in the response i get the local mirror setting in apt_mirror: and i see apt_proxy: which is set to the maas instance11:21
william_homeso apt_proxy gets used during init but not the local mirror archive11:21
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allenapjtv: Istr that you made some changes to the boot resources downloading stuff?12:00
william_homervba: when i do a manual cloud-init in a node commisioning then i get only apt_proxy in /var/lib/cloud/instance/cloud-config.txt12:42
jtvallenap: some changes when?12:43
william_homewhen adding manually in that file apt_mirror: http:/xyz/ubuntu and then run cloud-init modules --mode=config then my sources.list gets updated accordingly12:43
allenapjtv: I dunno… at some time :) Did you add another level to the fs hierarchy?12:44
rvbawilliam_home: looks like apt_mirror overrides apt_proxy somehow.12:45
jtvallenap: Not me, but the OS is now an extra layer.12:45
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william_homervba: i think not, because apt_proxy does get set but apt_mirror never gets into the cloud-config.txt file12:46
rvbawilliam_home: ah, you're right, apt_mirror is only used in the curtin (i.e. fast path installed) user data.12:46
william_homervba: but is it possible to do this also for a node in commisionng mode? else ipmi packages cannot be installed and never gets in the ready state12:47
rvbawilliam_home: the configuration you've done (setting apt_mirror in the preseed template) seems like the proper way to do this.12:49
william_homeI'm trying to build a maas/juju/openstack cluster but i have no internet connection whatsoever so i'm left to a local mirror for everything12:49
william_homealso the preseed does not seem to work.12:50
rvbaRight.  MAAS assumes the connection to the Ubuntu archive can be done without the global proxy.  Which I guess can be considered as a bug.12:50
allenapIndeed, I’d say that’s a bug.12:50
william_homethat bug is already open but i think the fix is simple12:51
william_homecould maas also for a node in commisioning mode push the apt_mirror variable?12:52
allenapWas that you rvba or gmb? (Adding an OS directory layer to the boot resources hierarchy)12:54
rvbaI don't recall doing it.12:54
rvbawilliam_home: that's one way to do it.  But now I'm wondering why http_proxy is not considered when retrieving packages.12:55
allenapI’ll go and dig it out then. I might even have done it, who knows :-/12:55
william_homervba: when using a proxy I still have to use a local mirror12:56
william_homearchive.ubuntu.com is internally not resolveable12:56
william_homei could add some hooks for that but making maas use local mirror is better i guess12:56
william_homeMy environment has an airgap for the internet12:57
rvbaBy default, the nodes will use the squid-deb proxy on the region controller.  I suggest you configure it to talk to the mirror you want to use.12:59
william_homervba: thats what I did already but on the commisioning node the sources.list still holds http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu as the main archive while the apt_proxy is set to the maas node13:01
william_homethe proxy get asked for archive.ubuntu.com and not for my local mirror13:02
rvbaDid you enlist your nodes using the UI/API or did you get them auto-enlisted by booting them up and letting them register themselves with your MAAS server?13:04
william_homervba: I preconfigured them in the maas environment13:05
william_homesetup ipmi and added the right mac address13:05
gmballenap: I believe it was one of Blake / Jason.13:08
gmbOr it might have been me.13:08
rvbawilliam_home: did you change the "Main archive" config option?13:08
allenapHehe, welcome to the far side of the hill gmb :)13:08
gmballenap: No, it wasn’t me; that must’ve been part of the CentOS/Windows support work.13:10
william_homervba: yes, that one is pointing to the local mirror and when doing a wget to the maas-cloud-config-url......preseed, then I see that the apt_mirror: http://xyz/ubuntu and also the apt_proxy is there13:11
william_home but it is not there when cloud-init init gets called which writes the cloud-config,txt file13:11
william_homeso if cloud-init calls the cloud-config url for all metadata things it does not get the apt_mirror variable but does get the apt_proxy var13:13
rvbaapt_mirror should clearly be set for the commissioning preseed as well.13:16
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MilesDenverIs there a good place to ask preseed questions?  Like #preseed :)  I'm trying to set a puppet user with specific uid, but Preseed hangs on me15:44
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rvbaMilesDenver: you should probably try freenode#server.15:48
william_homervba: think it is solved now15:49
rvbawilliam_home: what did you do?15:53
william_homeI now updated the template file (removed the node from the interface) and readded it15:53
william_homethe template file gets served from the database15:53
william_homelike a cache15:53
william_homethat costed me a lot off time, not a programmer15:53
william_homeso now i added apt_mirror: http://{{main_archive_hostname}}/{{main_archive_directory}} to user_data_config.template15:55
william_homereadded the node15:55
william_homeand ran cloud-init in it on the rebooted node15:55
william_homenow i got also my local mirror in the cloud-config.txt file15:56
MilesDenverWilliam: what file are you working in?  I'm trying to learn and you seem to be on to something15:57
william_homethe only thing that you have todo manually is adding the local mirror in /etc/squid-deb-proxy/mirror-dstdomain.acl15:57
rvbagmb: I'm about to sign off for the day but maybe you'll fancy having a look at this spurious failure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742482/15:58
gmbrvba: Sure.15:58
william_homerestart squid-deb-proxy and add the above oneliner to /etc/maas/templates/commisioning-user-data/user_data_config.template15:59
rvbaSeems related to what you fixed the other day.15:59
william_homervba: so adding the oneliner should do the trick and maas should also update the squid-deb-proxy dstdomain acl16:00
rvbawilliam_home: right, that is bug 1300266.16:01
ubot5bug 1300266 in MAAS "squid-deb-proxy returns 403 when admin configures a custom APT archive" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130026616:01
* gmb resorts to run-one-until-failure16:01
gmbrvba: OH!16:02
gmbI can see why.16:02
gmbI’ts because I’m an eejit.16:02
gmb(which also explains how I use my apostrophes)16:02
william_homervba: yes, and the oneliner should go into the documentation or the template file should be updated, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/128850216:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1288502 in MAAS "archive and proxy settings not honoured for commissioning" [High,Triaged]16:02
william_homeor maybe not a one liner but something with if statement like the apt_proxy in the same file16:03
rvbagmb: I also have http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741493/ which seems to be about using make_network*s* instead of make_network.16:04
rvbaBut that's just a guess.16:05
william_homeMilesDenver: did i answer your question in the mean time?16:06
william_homervba: should I do something like adding this info to the lp report 1288502?16:08
MilesDenverwilliam_home: yes, thanks.  I poked around a bit.16:09
rvbawilliam_home: yes, that would be great.16:15
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dogfoodI have a DNS question, why is the hostname a cname?16:36
dogfoodand not an an A record?16:36
dogfoodas this is causing issued when attempting to install CDH5.16:37
gmbdogfood: That will change in MAAS 1.6, which we’ll be releasing soon (not quite sure when yet)16:42
gmbNot sure of the historical reasons for having a cname there though.16:42
dogfoodwhen adding a node to CDH5 I use the FQDN from the region controller webUI, say hadoop-1.maas.company.com. However CDH5 does a forward and reverse lookup and uses the 10-122-75-116.maas.company.com FQDN.16:42
dogfoodgmb: What will the change be in 1.6? Will the ip based FQDN be removed?16:45
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gmbdogfood: Sorry, the DNS entry for the hostname will become a real A record rather than a CNAME.16:46
dogfoodgmb: but the reverse DNS entry will still point to the ip based FQDN (10-122-75-116.maas.company.com) ?16:46
gmbdogfood: I’m not sure; let me check and get back to you.16:47
dogfoodgbm: thank you16:47
gmbdogfood: AFAICT from a quick look at the code, the reverse entry will no longer point to the ip-based FQDN; it should work properly using the FQDN from the region.16:53
dogfoodgmb: any idea on the 1.6 release?16:55
dogfoodnot looking for a definite time frame, just a rough idea on when it might be release?16:56
gmbdogfood: Next couple of weeks, I’d hope. We’re in the process of finalising that.16:57
dogfoodgmb: thanks for looking at the code and getting back to me. I really  appreciated it.16:58
gmbdogfood: No problem, glad I could help :).16:58
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CaguaxHi all, if I want to pass a different DNS server for a managed interface? How I can specific this? When I select dhcp+dns the DNS that it is passed is my maas server which is not running named. I want to pass my main DNS not my maas server22:31
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