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elopioboiko: oh, it has succeeded the last 5 times. It seems better now, I hadn't notice that.00:57
elopioI'll take a look at dialer app instead.00:58
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mzanettit1mp: hey, I just noticed that tagger doesn't start any more. Looking at the logs it looks very strange...07:51
mzanettit1mp: did something change in the Page element?07:51
mzanettidpm: so... I'd say we should merge our branches... that'll make it easier to get through CI07:55
dpmmzanetti, yeah, actually I've been doing that all along07:55
dpmmy branch contains all of your changes07:55
dpmas I realized separately they would not pass Jenkins tests07:55
mzanettiyeah... sure... but as you've set it as a prereq its still threated as 2 different ones07:55
dpmmzanetti, yeah, I need to re-send a MP that removes the pre-dep07:56
dpmbut I was trying to understand what's needed for AP07:56
mzanettidpm: should we merge it into a team branch, so baloons can add commits to make autopilot work07:56
dpm mzanetti, wfm07:57
mzanettidpm: I think if we're going to use production we only need to update the token in the jenkins setup and that's it07:57
mzanettigiven that account-plugin-evernote is still the same name ,but switched over to production07:58
dpmmzanetti, I'm not too sure. I see that the tests use their own token :/07:58
mzanettiand the app uses production too without the -s07:58
mzanettiyeah... so that needs to be updated07:58
mzanettiyeah, that's it... a new one with the production server needs to be created and put in there...07:59
mzanettiI'd say that's it07:59
dpmmzanetti, not sure. Why do we need to hardcode a token instead of generating it? It will make the tests fail whenever the shardId changes07:59
mzanettidpm: well... that's a question for balloons and/or elopio08:00
dpmright, right, but it's a question I can't ignore08:00
mzanettiI mean... they sure have a reason to hardcode it... most likely because its too cumbersome to generate one for each test run08:01
mzanettiso... unless we want to rethink the way we're doing the tests at all, I'd say they just need to be updated. in this case the token08:02
dpmin that case we should use another API key. We're already publishing the consumer secret and name in one place, and Evernote have asked us to change that once we go into production. I wouldn't want to hardcode it somewhere else, especially if the shardId specified in that token (and perhaps other parameters in the token) is something that can change on the Evernote servers08:04
dpmanyway, we'll discuss it with balloons and elopio when they're up. I'd like it to be trivial to adapt the tests, but I'm afraid it will not be08:05
dpmin the meantime, I'll push the team branch08:05
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mzanettit1mp: this is the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7740832 and this is the code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/tagger/trunk/view/head:/app/qml/main.qml08:10
mzanettidoesn't make much sense to me...08:10
JoeyChanHi,         for this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bug/129897808:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1298978 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "QtQuick V4 Date.Parse() does not support RFC2822 date format" [High,Confirmed]08:11
JoeyChanany schedule  upgrade to Qt 5.3.1 ?08:11
mzanettidpm: oops. just found an uncommited changed08:23
dpmmzanetti, nm, you can push it to lp:~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/switch-to-production now08:24
mzanettiyep, will do08:25
mzanettidpm: who would have thought it requires a 1000 line diff to switch to production :D08:30
mzanetti-1 for the sandbox08:30
dpmmzanetti, indeed, I had planned this to be 2 days. It's been almost 2 weeks08:30
dpmmzanetti, btw, the branch as it is does not build. I'm guessing it's because of the missing commit you were mentioning?08:31
mzanettino... shouldn't be08:31
mzanettilemme check08:31
dpmmzanetti, that's what I'm getting: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7740922/08:32
mzanettidpm: fixed08:32
mzanettiah... pushed to wrong branch08:33
dpmyep, building now, thanks08:33
mzanettidpm: btw... line 341 in the diff did the trick with the hostname08:33
dpmmzanetti, yeah, I had asked mardy about that08:35
mzanettioh... did you fix it too?08:35
mzanettiI thought it looks different than what I recalled :D08:35
mzanettiright... mine was EvernoteConnection.hostname = accountService.authData["parameters"]["HostName"]08:35
dpmmzanetti, yeah, yours was slightly different, both worked. But I took Alberto's suggestion, as he's the master of UOA :)08:35
mzanettiactually I'm surprised that works08:36
mzanettigiven that authData is a jsonObj08:36
mzanettiI think we're good now08:36
dpmyep, will sync with balloons to adapt the tests and robru to do the archive upload for account-plugin-evernote08:37
kalikianat1mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/120-HeaderState/+merge/22481308:56
t1mpkalikiana: weird. So if the initial state is "normal" instead of "", then it does set the initial value from the state?09:03
kalikianat1mp: yes, anything other than ""09:04
kalikianat1mp: would it be feasible to get the 'head' from the Page the state was defined in?09:05
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kalikianamostly as a way to avoid filling in head: mypage.head everywhere09:06
t1mpI don't see a way09:07
t1mpthe page is not even the parent of the states09:08
kalikianabut the State uses its parent09:08
kalikianaah sorry, it uses the head's parent09:08
kalikianat1mp: that's why you need to set head to an existing page's head, no?09:10
kalikianaas opposed to just setting eg. actions on the PageHeadState09:10
t1mpkalikiana: the PageHeadState sets the actions of the Page.head, that's why I need the Page.head there09:11
t1mpkalikiana: I agree that the API is not super-pretty.. so if you know of a better way to do it tell me :)09:13
kalikianat1mp: but the state is inside the same Page09:13
t1mphmm.. getting weird jenkins failures here https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/NewColors/+merge/22523009:13
t1mpkalikiana: what does it matter that the state is in the page?09:13
t1mpkalikiana: the state doesn't know about the page09:14
kalikianat1mp: it makes it redundant to pass the page or page.head there for each state09:14
kalikianawhen it's the obvious choice09:14
t1mpkalikiana: for us, yes. But State is not as smart as we are ;)09:15
kalikianawhat's the parent of State then?09:15
t1mpkalikiana: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-state.html09:17
t1mpkalikiana: State is not an Item09:17
kalikianahrm. okay09:22
kalikianaI suppose defining head is the best option then09:23
t1mpI don't know a better option09:23
t1mpbut it is not very nice.. so if you have any ideas....09:23
t1mpkalikiana: setting the property values back in State { name: "" } is probably something that also needs to be done when using standard States, right?09:26
t1mpnot specific for the PageHeadState09:27
kalikianat1mp: a crazy idea would be to not use State/ states… so PageHeadState could have a parent… but that would duplicate the states API…09:27
kalikianasay it were headerState for the sake of the argument09:28
kalikianat1mp: yes, there's 2 rules, avoid "", and change the name of the state if you change its target09:29
t1mpkalikiana: what do you mean change the State's target?09:30
kalikianat1mp: sorry I mean PropertyChanges.target09:33
t1mpI still don't get it, can you show an example?09:35
t1mpbtw, in https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1wUUKtPmRmwbUELC1BUB9l0VOAwS_zAPRSCqMopUxR1c/edit# we discussed a bunch of alternatives for this HeaderState before, but in the end they all turned out to be much more complicated than what I have now09:35
t1mpwe = zsombi and I09:35
t1mpkalikiana: I had prototypes to automatically detect the Page.head from the state, but it seemed not doable in a straightforward way09:36
dholbachrpadovani, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!09:40
kalikianat1mp: dude, target is a property :-)09:41
kalikianachanging that property09:41
kalikianawon't work as you like unless you change the state by name09:41
kalikianat1mp: "straightforward" meaning what? would it be a complete solution or would it fail in some cases?09:42
liuxg_I want to make use of the existing wifi setting in my qml app, how can I import the libs. I did it like: import Ubuntu.SystemSettings.Wifi 1.0. However, it complains that "module "Ubuntu.SystemSettings.Wifi" is not installed". How  can I set the import path correctly? thanks09:42
kalikianat1mp: I assume you did discuss it well so I'm not trying to unroll all the rationales. But to understand why it's like this09:43
t1mpkalikiana: with "straightforward" I mean there was no solution in qml. Perhaps there is a solution if we would re-implement Items and more in cpp ;)09:50
t1mpkalikiana: I was going to type "impossible", but of course it is not impossible, so I said not straightforward :)09:50
kalikianaha. okay09:50
kalikianalet's leave it at that then09:50
t1mpkalikiana: but you have a fresh look on it, so maybe you do see a solution that we didn't think of?09:51
* t1mp gonna eat sth, brb09:51
kalikianalooking at the State API I fear that's the real problem, as long as we're using that and not going for a state-like separate API09:55
kalikianait's like the QtObject issue where there's no children default property09:55
t1mpkalikiana: yeah, State only updates properties, but doesn't know any context10:12
nik90_t1mp, kalikiana: I need one of you to check my MP https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/add-modify-alarm-support/+merge/224791. It uses the SDK Alarms API to edit a saved alarm. But sometimes it causes the clock app to crash while saving the alarm. Just need someone to review and see if I am doing anything wrong. (if you have some time to spare)10:13
t1mpkalikiana: ^ do you know anything about the alarms?10:14
dholbachlool, beuno, popey: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-appstore-developers/msg00869.html - your input would be appreciated10:27
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popeydholbach: k10:35
kalikiananik90_: I can take a look10:49
nik90_kalikiana: thnx10:49
dpmmzanetti, it wasn't in the original requirements, but while testing Reminders, I've noticed that we also download PDF attachments. I'm wondering if we can do anything to show those. The best thing would be to use content hub and make them available to our (inexistent) doc viewer. But since we cannot do that for obvious reasons, do you think we could do something like use a JS PDF viewer to show a preview? We've got other more important things to do,10:52
dpm so I'm not proposing it for RTM, but I'd like to hear your thoughts10:52
mzanettidpm: yeah, there's lots more...10:53
mzanettidpm: I started to add support for audio files10:54
mzanettidpm: but video files are still lacking10:54
mzanettidpm: IIRC you can upload a mp3 file and it'll show up as audio in the viewer10:54
dpmoh wow, I hadn't realised you'd started on those10:54
mzanettibut yeah... really not finished10:54
mzanettiI figured pictures would be most pressing and just did some proof of concept for others to see if the architecture allows it10:55
kalikiananik90_: did you have any trace from that crash?10:58
nik90_kalikiana: I am not sure how to get the trace..In the console output all I get is The program has unexpectedly finished.'10:58
kalikianagdb :-)10:59
nik90_kalikiana: yeah let me try reproducing the crash11:00
nik90_kalikiana: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741424/11:02
t1mpkalikiana: I pushed an update to https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/120-HeaderState/+merge/22481311:04
t1mpkalikiana: is there anything else you like to be changed tere?11:05
nik90_t1mp: in your example in that MP, I noticed you defined the search action twice. http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741446/11:08
nik90_t1mp: is that necessary?11:08
nik90_t1mp: in the "added file 'modules/Ubuntu/Components/PageHeadState.qml"11:08
t1mpnik90_: no, that is a mistake. I removed it now, thanks :)11:09
nik90_t1mp: np11:09
nik90_t1mp: one more thing, you defined state: "default". Is this required? Doesn't qml automatically load the default state?11:10
nik90_t1mp: and does "default" and "" point to the same state?11:10
t1mpkalikiana: ^ your solution to make it simple brings up new questions ;)11:11
t1mpnik90_: errr.. wait a second.11:12
t1mpnik90_: the first state should be named "default", not ""11:12
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t1mpnik90_: it seems like the property changes are only applied when the state changes, so when I name the first state "" (which is the default initial state), its properties are not applied, and I would have to set head.actions for the Page as well as in the state11:14
t1mpnik90_: thats what I had in r1125 of this branch11:14
nik90_t1mp: well you wouldn't have to define state " " explicitly since it points to the default property values11:14
nik90_t1mp: this way you would only require the PageHeadState for the search mode while the default mode is implied automatically when you define the head.actions in the page11:15
kalikianat1mp: isn't the comment obsolete now? "// needed otherwise actions will not be"11:16
kalikianait's not actually a work-around anymore11:16
kalikianait does set the action(s)11:16
t1mpkalikiana: yeah. See my last revision :)11:16
t1mpkalikiana: mumble11:17
nik90_t1mp: so quick question. I would need to use the PageHeadState *only* when having multiple header modes? or also when having just a default mode?11:18
t1mpnik90_: only for multiple header modes11:19
t1mpnik90_: normally you can simply set the Page.head properties.. but if you want to change those depending on the state, I recommend PageHeadState11:20
t1mpnik90_: you don't even need PageHeadState; a normal State will do, but then you have to define all the properties that you want to set separately.. PageHeadState is only for convenience11:20
nik90_t1mp: ah ok11:21
nik90_kalikiana: does the trace tell your anything? It seems to be at QV4::QObjectWrapper::wrap(QV4::ExecutionEngine*, QObject*) () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5Qml.so.5 but that doesnt tell me if this is a SDK crash or EDS crash11:24
kalikianaI see a ton of these: Do not put Page/Tabs/PageStack inside another Page because that causes confusion which is the active page that sets the title and actions11:25
kalikianaI wonder where there's a variant involved here fromVariant11:26
nik90_kalikiana: that's due to the bottom edge. But it is the same code used in the contacts, dialer app11:26
nik90_kalikiana: so that's couldn't cause the crash11:26
kalikianaprobably not, but I can't ignore seeing tons of errors ;-)11:27
nik90_kalikiana: :)...I am using http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0/view/head:/app/components/PageWithBottomEdge.qml which is the component I got from renato11:28
nik90_kalikiana: in the designs we got, the bottom edge houses a page. Since the bottom edge itself is in a page, it results in Page inside a Page. Hence the warnings11:28
t1mpmaybe we should remove those warnings11:29
kalikianahmm I think that sounds like something we discussed in the last sprint11:29
t1mpthere used to be apps that have Page inside Page, and they assumed that the inner one (I think) was active11:29
kalikiananik90_: hrm not really getting ideas on the crash11:41
nik90_kalikiana: I will try reproducing some more crashes and see if the trace output is any different.11:42
nik90_kalikiana: I got these crashes while deleting the alarm and swiping the bottom edge11:42
nik90_kalikiana: may be the crash with regards to saving an alarm might show something11:43
nik90_kalikiana: found a better output11:47
nik90_kalikiana: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741599/11:47
nik90_kalikiana: this is around the UCAlarmModel clear() function11:47
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dpmpopey, could you trigger a jenkins run for https://code.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/switch-to-production/+merge/225436 ? for some reason the changes from 4 hours ago hasn't triggered a new run13:25
popeydpm: done13:26
dpmgreat, thanks13:26
mzanettidpm: did you just move the meeting?13:30
dpmmzanetti, yeah, it seems balloons and elopio are not yet around13:33
mzanettiah ok... yeah, would be good to have them around :D13:33
mzanettinot sure If I can participate at 5 though13:33
mzanettibut you know all my opinions on it already... so I'm sure you can take care of it13:33
dholbachmhall119, is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/1334275 at the right LP project?13:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1334275 in Ubuntu App Developer site "The C API docs for 14.04 and 14.10 are missing" [Undecided,New]13:34
dpmmzanetti, sure, I put you as optional, as you've got enough on your plate, and you and I have already discussed the options13:34
renato__popey, pkunal-parmar , great news I go the same freeze on desktop :D I will be able to debug that :D14:07
pkunal-parmarlet me know if i can help14:07
popey"great" news!14:07
rschrollMorning, all.  Anyone interested in hacking on the epub reader Beru, see the list of bugs here: https://github.com/rschroll/beru/issues?labels=hackdays-140714:25
rschrollLet me know if you have questions, concerns, or patches!14:26
mihirpopey: balloons Jenkins passed this MR , https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1335512/+merge/22537314:27
rschrollSDK question: How do you tell if a device is reorientable?  I want to add an option to lock the orientation, but only when that's meaningful.14:29
t1mpkalikiana: any first thoughts on this MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/panelHeight/+merge/22549314:36
t1mpkalikiana: I still have to run some tests and check apps to make sure I don't break anything14:36
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ogra_mhall119, insane ... you are making that up, right ?14:46
renato__popey, https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/CalManagement/+merge/213355/comments/54246314:48
popeythanks renato__14:50
mhall119ogra_: it's crazy right? But beuno swears the numbers are accurate14:50
ogra_ah, so it is him making them up ... :)14:50
beunoI get paid based on them/14:51
* ogra_ thought so :) 14:51
renato__popey, one more patch: https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/CalManagement/+merge/213355/comments/54246514:52
mhall119beuno: you could have at least kept it at a plausible level :-P14:52
renato__popey, this is just changing the usability, is not related with the freeze14:52
nik90_zbenjamin: hey, regarding the updated packages which fixes the desktop file issue, when do you plan on pushing them as an update? Or have they already landed?15:01
zbenjaminnik90_: we have them in landing but still fight with a gdb problem :/15:02
nik90_zbenjamin: ah ok. hey do you still have the link to the updated packages?15:03
nik90_zbenjamin: someone is doing the cmake stuff for the clock app and I want to give them the latest packages to test it against.15:03
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nik90_zbenjamin: ^^15:06
zbenjaminhm i think so15:08
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kalikianat1mp: this looks redundant15:24
kalikiana property real position: panel.opened ? 0 : size15:24
kalikiana38+ onSizeChanged: position = panel.opened ? 0 : size15:24
t1mpkalikiana: redundant?15:24
kalikianathe property already should have the value, no?15:25
t1mpkalikiana: no it is not, the first line only sets the initial value15:25
t1mpkalikiana: there are bindings in the states that change it. They set the new values, but don't update position when size changes later15:25
t1mpkalikiana: so I think it is correct what I did15:27
t1mpkalikiana: but I still need to run some tests, so don't happrove yet :)15:27
* t1mp off now, bbl15:27
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rschrollQML question: I have a dialog that has blank space at the top and the bottom.  Any idea why?  https://github.com/rschroll/beru/issues/4415:41
nik90_rschroll: the top space is generally where the dialog title is placed.15:43
nik90_rschroll: do you have the qml code link to your dialog?15:43
nik90_rschroll: the issue shouldn't be present either way15:43
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rschrollnik90_: https://github.com/rschroll/beru/blob/master/ui/BookPage.qml#L26315:44
rschrollI'm not setting a dialog title, because it should be pretty obvious what this is about.15:45
nik90_rschroll: have you tried setting the anchors of the option selectors you use? Or does the dialog use a column automatically?15:48
mhall119DanChapman: I'm loving dekko's use of the bottom edge15:49
rschrollnik90_: Haven't tried much of anything.  This used to work, but broke sometime recently.15:49
rschrollMy understanding is that dialogs should handle positioning for you...15:49
rschrollWhat anchors would you suggest?15:50
nik90_rschroll: true, I suppose you could ask a SDK dev if anything changed recently15:50
mhall119Kaleo: is there a -doc package for the Ubuntu UI Toolkit?15:50
nik90_rschroll: I was thinking may be specify the anchors.top for the option selector to ensure it starts at the top.15:51
rschrollI'll give it a try...15:51
DanChapmanmhall119: thanks, yes it turned out quite nice :-) one neat little trick to try when replying to a message, highlight an area of the actual message then pull up the composer ;-)15:53
mhall119DanChapman: doesn't seem to do anything15:55
rschrollnik90_: That seems to take the option selector out of the flow.  I end up with them stacked in z.15:55
rschrollPlus a log of errors from Dialog.qml:175:915:55
DanChapmanmhall119: it doesn't have only the highlighted message text in the composer?15:56
DanChapmanand not the whole message15:57
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nik90_rschroll: hmm15:57
mhall119DanChapman: it has no text either way15:57
nik90_rschroll: I will have to create a sample app with a dialog similar to what you use to check what's going wrong15:57
rschrollnik90_: I can make a test case, if that would help15:58
nik90_rschroll: test case?15:58
rschrollI wanted to know if it's a known problem15:58
mhall119DanChapman: I'm on devel, not devel-proposed, if that might make a difference15:58
rschrolla simple qml file that (hopefully) displays the problem15:59
mhall119but I updated dekko this morning15:59
nik90_rschroll: ah yeah that would help..I don't think the issue is known15:59
nik90_t1mp: is zsombi on a vacation? I haven't seen him on irc for a while16:02
DanChapmanmhall119: i'm running image #105 and its working fine so you don't seee it working like the two images here http://people.ubuntu.com/~dpniel/dekko/images/?16:03
mhall119DanChapman: nope, like I said I get an empty message field no matter if I highlight something or not16:04
DanChapmanmhall119: hmmm interesting, i'll upgrade to devel and see what's going on. You should at least be getting the default signature in the message field16:07
mhall119DanChapman: ah ha!  I went back and setup my Sender Identity, and now it works16:10
mhall119so, it's something caused by not having that info16:11
mhall119DanChapman: are you able to change Trojita's network info to "Bandwidth saving mode" when the phone is on 3g? Do we have something that gives you that kind of data?16:12
DanChapmanmhall119: Maybe something went wrong setting up the defaults in U1db. I'll look into that as the composer expects at least the default signature to be there, which really it should work with no signature, i'll fix that.16:14
mhall119DanChapman: maybe it's because I had an early version installed?16:15
DanChapmanmhall119: i was going to ask you that very question, it's easy enough to configure in Trojita but is there an import component or a c++ api that I can access that info from.16:15
mhall119DanChapman: maybe something from upstream Qt...16:16
mhall119t1mp: Kaleo: do either of you know of an API that can tell us if the phone is on wifi or 3g?16:16
rschrollnik90_ and anyone else interested: Test case here: https://gist.github.com/rschroll/50b75537dd4f814a827b16:17
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davmor2popey: dekko I can send mail, also in the setup pages, the password warning send the next title Red too16:33
davmor2can't send mail even16:33
* popey points davmor2 at DanChapman16:34
mterryAny SDK knowledgeable-folks around?  I have a Dialog object that I want to not be covered by the OSK.  It doesn't seem like setting "MainView.anchorToKeyboard: true" is automatically fixing that for me.  Is there another way to control layout of the dialog?16:35
davmor2mail saved as Drafts doesn't show up in Drafts on the list of folders either16:35
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davmor2DanChapman: Prepare for an influx of bugs thanks to popey asking me to test dekko ;)16:38
DanChapmandavmor2: Trojita itself doesn't yet have a way to save drafts to the IMAP 'Drafts' but uses local copies. I have a it on a list of things to fix16:38
DanChapmanthanks popey :-)16:39
davmor2DanChapman: that's good to know16:39
popeyhe breaks stuff better than I can16:39
DanChapmandavmor2 what's up with sending mail?16:40
davmor2DanChapman: When you start typing in a password you get the red Warning that is fine but it seem to turn the next text field title red too16:40
DanChapmandavmor2: IMAP or SMTP?16:40
davmor2DanChapman: SMTP16:41
davmor2DanChapman: I have Use STARTTLS, my mail domain, port 25, Authenticate, username and pass filled in16:42
davmor2DanChapman: and when I hit Send I get http://davmor2.co.uk/~davmor2/screenshots-phone/device-2014-07-03-174335.png16:44
DanChapmandavmor2: right ok could you have a look at ~/.config/com.ubuntu.developer.dpniel.dekko and see if msa.method=SMTP and the port and starttls are correct. I have a feeling this is deeper in the msa factories16:48
davmor2DanChapman: everything looks correct that has an msa.16:52
davmor2DanChapman: on a plus side the imap is pretty danr snappy and works fine :)16:57
davmor2darn even16:57
DanChapmandavmor2: Thanks for looking, It looks like it's creating the submission factory fine then, but it's pulling out at some point during the creation of the message parts. Needs further digging on that one. But yes the IMAP side, as you say is rather snappy :-)17:07
DanChapmandavmor2: do you know the specific smtp server you use? I'd like to try and reproduce it or is it a service like gmail or something17:09
davmor2DanChapman: it's my own :)17:10
elopiodpm, hey17:14
elopiothe token that we have in the tests is not for the application. Is for the sandbox test user.17:14
dpmhola elopio17:14
elopiodpm: hola17:15
dpmelopio, yes, I realised that. We were talking with balloons about replacing that token with one for a production test user17:16
dpmor rather, generating a token for a production test user17:16
dpmwe were wondering why we're hardcoding instead of using UOA to generate it17:17
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balloonselopio, see above.. this is one of the things I was going to chat with you about, so may as well do it here with dpm17:17
elopiodpm: for the sandbox, hardcoding is the way to go. Then we will have a user that doesn't go through the authorization process that's web and we don't yet have a way to introspect it.17:18
elopiowe should probably do all the heavy automated testing on the sandbox anyway.17:19
balloonselopio, I'm assuming you did the setup and authorization already for the token you have hardcoded in there corect?17:20
elopioballoons: yes. You go to the sandbox website, create an account and generate a token.17:20
elopiothat token will be preauthorized for all apps.17:20
balloonselopio, and actually come to think of it, we can't do that for production, can we?17:21
elopioballoons: no, we can't.17:21
elopiofor production after we add the account to online accounts, we have to open the ui17:21
elopioand click a button.17:21
elopiothen, the user will be able to connect.17:21
balloonsyep yep.. I had thought there was some magic, lol, but nope ;-)17:21
elopiothat's doable on the desktop. On the phone not yet, but Alex is working on the oxide-selenium17:22
balloonsso dpm, I guess for test launching we need to use -s17:22
dpmballoons, elopio, I need to step out for a few minutes, bbiab and will read the scrollback17:22
balloonselopio, we can commit to https://code.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/switch-to-production/+merge/225436, which is the conversion to production. Given everything, I say we stick with the sandbox, as-is, and tweak the tests to launch reminders in sandbox mode. We can do this using the -s arg. I assume then the tests will pass.17:23
elopioballoons, dpm: as testing against production involves system settings, online accounts and selenium, I thought a better place for it would be the UX project.17:23
elopioand for MP, we should test using the sandbox.17:23
balloonsk, I'll make the tweaks. Thanks elopio17:24
elopioballoons: yes, that sounds fine.17:24
elopiowhile we don't have a oxide-selenium, we need to manual test with production. But just a quick exploratory test, as most will be automated tested on the sandbox.17:25
popeyDanChapman: lets move that here, eh nik90_ ?17:25
elopiowell, in the future, that is.17:25
popeyDanChapman: if you could help with crafting a cmake file for https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/utopic-3.0 that would be awesome.17:26
DanChapmanpopey sure :-)17:26
* DanChapman goes to look17:27
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balloonspopey, et la, rss reader should be unblocked in trunk now. I put in a workaround for the test issue17:36
popeynice one!17:38
rschrollQML question: How do you set the window and application titles?  (The window title is set to be the same as the Page title by default, but I want them different.)17:38
t1mpmhall119: sorry, I have no idea if there's an API for that17:39
t1mpnik90_: yes, zsombi is away for a while17:39
t1mpahayzen: it is not done yet (I still have to test some apps to ensure I didn't break anything), but here is an MR that should fix your bug https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/panelHeight/+merge/22549317:40
t1mpahayzen: feel free to test it and comment on the MR :)17:40
mhall119t1mp: it looks like there's a qt-networkmanager library, but it's not installed and I don't know if apparmor would allow access to it17:51
dpmelopio, balloons, I'd prefer to use production rather than sandbox, but if you think the best way to go for now is sandbox, then fine with me too. However, I'd like to understand a couple of things: 1) elopio, you seem to imply that the process for authenticating in production is different than sandbox, but afaik, it's exactly the same: you could equally receive a token for production and hardcode it 2) Why does the process of logging in need to be17:58
dpmintrospected? I.e. does the fact that UOA authentication via UI (i.e. web page) cannot be introspected mean we can't continue with the process?17:58
elopiodpm: on the sand box you can get a preauthorized token.17:58
balloonsdpm, I think what you are missing is for the sandbox we can avoid having to authorize17:58
elopioon production you won't. So in order to use a production token, you will have to ack on an evernote web page that requests authorization.17:59
dpmelopio, what's a preauthorized token exactly? That's probably the part I'm missing, yes17:59
dpmoh, I see17:59
dpmso you won't have to click on the web page to enable the account17:59
balloonsdpm, right. We generate a token and then just use it.. evernote won't make us authenticate18:00
dpmI was getting confused with our additional UOA authorization, where you also have to click on the u-s-s accounts UI a second time to authorize the app18:00
elopiodpm: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/authentication.php#devtoken18:00
balloonsI thought elopio had solved this somehow with mardy, but it's not the case. So things make perfect sense18:00
elopiodpm: but anyway, the sandbox is there to be tested. It's evernote's job to make sure that what you will find in production is as close as possible to what is in the sandbox.18:01
balloonsit was the original problem way back in the day.. I got around it by authenticating, then copying the cookie and session data across for each test run :-)18:01
elopioso, we should run many many tests in the sandbox. On production just a subset.18:01
balloonsthat was fun hehe18:01
elopiowe need a separate suite of tests to check that with the online accounts plugin, you can get an authorized token.18:02
dpmelopio, well, while I agree, it's us who people will come to when the app or the tests fail because of changes in production. But I do get the point and I agree with the way to go.18:02
elopiofor that, we will need to introspect the web page.18:02
balloonsI think it's important to think of this as the first step.. but yes, we will want and need to run things on both18:03
elopioand then, we need a suite that tests the oa plugin, the reminders app and the integration with production.18:03
elopioI was proposing to put that in the UX tests project, not on the reminders branch.18:03
dpmballoons, elopio, so do I understand it correctly that the only things we need to do to land that branch and thus to migrate to production are: a) launch the app from the tests with '--sandbox' b) add a dependency to the autopilot .deb package to account-plugin-evernote-sandbox to ensure Jenkins installs the sandbox auth plugin ?18:05
balloonsdpm, I'm working on that as we speak.. and yes, that should be it in theory18:06
dpmthanks balloons, elopio18:07
elopiodpm, balloons: what about the errors on the tests? Are we still having them?18:08
balloonselopio, I believe the current failures exist because we are pointing reminders at production, while using our sandbox account18:10
balloonsreminders opens up, but doesn't connect to the server18:10
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mhall119rpadovani: happy birthday :)18:33
elopiomardy: I have a couple of branches for review. Can you please take a look?18:49
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rschrollDesign question: How are full-screen pages supposed to work with the back button being in the new header design?  The design docs still show the footer.19:28
mhall119rschroll: youcan still use the header component in a full-screen app19:30
mhall119or you can always add your own component for back button19:31
rschrollmhall: Is there something that makes the header automatically hide and show?  Or do I have to program that myself?19:32
rschrollmhall119 ^^19:37
dpm_popey, if you happen to be around, would you mind triggering Jenkins for https://code.launchpad.net/~reminders-app-dev/reminders-app/switch-to-production/+merge/225436 ? For some reason this morning commits were not triggering Jenkins. Perhaps because it's a team branch. If you're not around, then tomorrow, no worries :)19:42
dpm_or perhaps balloons has got Jenkins powers for that? ^19:43
balloonsbien sur mon ami19:47
dpm_très bien :)19:48
balloonsdpm, Je pas certain succès19:53
balloonsCe ne fonctionne pas sur la desktop19:54
dpm_balloons, what's the issue? Test failure, or the app not working on the desktop?19:57
balloonsdpm_, the tests haven't worked yet for me19:57
balloonsError fetching username: "Not connected."19:58
balloonsreminders itself isn't making a connection to the server19:58
balloonsit unlocks after we create the account, but doesn't see it.. the log reads like qml: No account available! Please setup an account in the system settings19:58
dpm_balloons, that's what I got on trusty desktop too, but I thought it was because something needed backporting19:58
balloonshmm.. well I suppose we have to blame the diff at first19:59
dpm_perhaps is because something that's expected from the unity8 session is not there?19:59
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balloonsdpm_, oO.. you changed the provider id20:00
* balloons notes reading the diff is a good idea20:00
dpm_well spotted20:00
dpm_yeah, I needed to do that to be able to install both pluging alongside20:01
balloonsyea, makes total sense20:01
* balloons re-runs20:03
* dpm_ crosses fingers20:03
balloonsthe new one is running20:04
balloonsok, so assuming this is good. We are landing this and updating the store right?20:05
* balloons runs full testsuite now20:05
dpm_balloons, we might have to wait with updating the store until tomorrow, as we'll need to update the account-plugin-evernote package in the archive first20:07
dpm_I'm coordinating with robru to do this as soon as the branch lands20:07
dpm_or if we can land it soon, perhaps we can do the archive upload today, but I'm about to leave soon20:08
balloonsi think it's ready20:08
balloonsif you are happy, I'm happy20:08
balloonsI should run it on the device now though..20:08
rschrollmhall119: Can you clarify: Is there built-in support for full-screen behavior with the new header, or would I have to show and hide the header manually?20:09
dpm_balloons, +120:09
dpm_I'm not just happy, I'm extremely happy20:10
rschrollNote that the page is not flickable, so the header won't vanish and reappear with scrolling20:10
* balloons just realized what time it is for dpm :-)20:11
balloonsthe day went quick..20:11
dpm_indeed :)20:11
dpm_but we're making progress :)20:11
balloonsohh yea. I solved the rssreader blockage, got calendar landed and this too ;-) best way to leave for a long weekend20:12
dpm_balloons, nice work20:12
balloonsalways a team effort.. it's just SO nice when it all lines up20:13
* dpm_ hugs balloons and elopio20:14
balloonsdpm_, feel free to top approve20:14
balloonsI'm just building and running on the device, but if something weird is happening there I wouldn't hold this merge for it anyway20:14
dpm_balloons, sounds good to me, top approved. Jenkins was being a bit funny with running jobs on this branch (perhaps because it was a team branch), so it might need some poking to auto-land?20:15
balloonsdpm_, sure I can launch the autoland job20:15
balloonsjenkins says success :-)20:15
balloonsk, autolanding job is launched.. we should be merged in a few mins20:17
dpm_awesome, I'll see if I can get the archive upload lined up20:17
popeydpm_: still need jobs triggering20:19
mhall119rschroll: if you're not using a flickable to auto-hide the header, then yes you'd have to manage it in your own code.  At that point it might be worthwhile just making your own back button that fits better into your app20:23
dpm_popey, no, thanks, we've been iterating through it with balloons, and it's all good20:23
popeygood good20:23
balloonsyep yep.. we's gonna have a new shiny on reminders!20:23
popeyyee haw20:25
rschrollmhall119: Thanks for the info.  Is there any reason not to continue using the old toolbar in this case?20:31
dpm_and merged :)20:34
mhall119rschroll: the only reasons not to are if (1) you want to use the new header features or (2) you want to use the bottom edge for something else20:36
rschrollmhall119: Is it possible to toggle the new header on a per-page basis?20:37
rschrollnik90_: I've submitted two bugs about the dialog sizing issues: #1337555 and #1337556.  Let me know if I should ping anyone about them.20:40
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mhall119rschroll: you'd have to use an on*Changed property callback to change the property on the MainView, but it should be possible (not sure how nice that is from a UX perspective though)21:02
rschrollmhall119: thanks.  I'll give it a try.  And if it doesn't work, I'll just steal the toolbar code wholesale and use that for my bottom-edge behavior in the fullscreen page.21:19
ahayzent1mp, thanks for the quick branch :D21:23
mhall119rschroll: just keep the license in mind if you copy code21:31
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rschrollmhall119: Don't worry -- I'm being a good boy: https://github.com/rschroll/beru/blob/master/COPYING :)21:46
gerlowskijaHas anyone seen this error when running the calendar-app autopilot tests: "ImportError cannot import name pickers"? (full error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744319/).22:40
gerlowskijaI can run other the autopilot tests for other apps without problems (I tried clock-app and dropping-letters).22:40

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