josharensonI am getting the following error when calling launch_click_package01:16
josharensonThe app launches just fine, but it seems the return value is bad?01:17
veebersthomi: when you have a moment would you be able to review this please: https://code.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/adding_screenshots_to_details/+merge/22542303:47
thomiveebers, looking now03:52
veebersawesome, cheers03:52
thomiveebers: want feedback here, or in the MP?03:53
veebersthomi: in the MP please so I don't lose it :-)03:53
thomiveebers: you *really* need to mock/patch waaaay less04:19
veebersthomi: fair enough, do you have any suggested for that MP?04:22
thomiveebers: yes, lots04:22
thomiyou might want to get a drink04:22
veebersthomi: heh, I'm ready when you are :-)04:23
thomiveebers: review posted04:26
thomiveebers: I'm happy to talk about it in person, if you need04:26
veebersthomi: sweet, I'll take a look and ping you in a couple of minutes once I've digested it?04:27
veebersthomi: also, could I get you to eyeball this pre-req please: https://code.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/logging-binary-attachments-1336109/+merge/22509804:27
veebersthomi: all your comments make sense I don't think there is need for a call. I'll hit those points now04:31
veebersthomi: for detecting if the display is x11/mir and the platform module. That currently only gives us details like Desktop/device/tablet etc. I don't think it's enough to say "if is device then it's mir, desktop is x11"05:08
veebersthomi: do you have any better ideas than either the tests in that MP or the desktop==x11, not desktop=mir?05:08
thomiveebers: so, however you do the detection, the public api should be in the platform module....05:09
thomiregarding detection for X11, is checking for $DISPLAY enough? Presumably your screenshot function needs that in order to work05:10
thomiWRT detecting mir, have you asked the mir team? My personal bet would be to try and find the mir socket, but that really only tells you that it's running *somewhere*, not necessarily in the current session05:11
veebersthomi: rats, I've lost the link, but I read a SO that said "xset q" was good, if a xset query fails than X isn't around05:11
veebersah right: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/637005/x-server-running05:12
thomiveebers: xset reads $DISPLAY internally, and you have access to the X python bindings, I think we can do soemthing nicer than spawning a new process...05:14
elopiothomi: can you review this one please?05:14
veebersthomi: ok, I'll look further05:14
thomiveebers: it'd be interesting to see what xset does under the hook05:15
elopioit seems that without the pybuild name, it tries to install in python3, instead of dist-packages.05:15
thomiveebers: but *at least* please protect that subprocess call with a functools.lru_cache :)05:15
thomielopio: ahh, ok05:15
thomielopio: approved05:16
elopiothomi: thanks.05:16
elopionow we have jenkins tests :D Lets see if they like it.05:16
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josharensonelopio, I was able to modify all the templates to fit my project, but it still can't find my project's MainView20:16
josharensonthe only thing that is different is directory structure... any insight on how the search works? It can find other objects just fine if I commend out the MainView search part20:16
elopiojosharenson: can you put a import pdb; pdb.set_trace() just before selecting the main view?20:17
elopioand then open autopilot vis20:17
elopioit might be that you are extending main view, and it gets a different QML class name.20:17
josharensonelopio, it hit the break point and I see the contents in vis20:21
josharensonlooking around20:21
josharensonsays object name is "mainView"20:21
elopiojosharenson: here we are not using the objectName to select the item, onlye the class name20:23
elopiowhat you see on the left side of the autopilot vis, on the tree.20:23
elopiois it MainView?20:23
josharensonelopio, no its my app name20:26
balloonso hai josharenson :-20:26
josharensonThe object in my QML is MainView type though...20:26
josharensonI'll try renaming the qml file to MainView.qml?20:27
elopiojosharenson: no20:27
balloonsjosharenson,what does the qml look like?20:27
josharensonyeah that seems dumb20:27
elopiothat's one of the weird things that QML + autopilot have.20:27
elopiojosharenson: can you send a screenshot of the qml tree from autopilot, just to be sure I send you the right code to add?20:28
balloonsjosharenson, the main qml file will have MainView specified20:28
* josharenson getting screenshot20:28
balloonsjosharenson, is that the entire file or just the top?20:28
elopiojosharenson: what's the name of that file?20:28
josharensonthe top... filename is SimplePerf.qml20:28
balloonsjosharenson, kk :-) yep, that looks like what we want to see20:29
elopiojosharenson: yes, I think that if you remove20:29
elopioproperty real main_view_padding: units.gu(50)20:29
elopiothe tree will show MainView instaed of SimplePerf.20:29
elopioI think you will have to do this:20:29
elopioon @property main_view, change it to20:30
elopioand under that, define a new class20:30
elopioclass SimplePerf(emulators.MainView):20:30
elopio    pass20:30
* josharenson trying that20:31
elopiojosharenson: now, to see if I should modify the templates, did you change the MainView.qml file?20:31
elopioand what template are you using?20:31
josharensonUsing the QML w/ Qt extension template20:32
josharensonelopio, what is the MainView.qml file? like the file that contains main view?20:32
elopiooh, right, it's called SimplePerf.qml, not MainView. Sorry.20:33
elopiojosharenson: I'll make sure to update that template next week.20:33
elopiofor now, lunch break.20:33
josharensonsure, thanks for the help20:33
josharensonelopio the new class doesn't seem to work.. I'll keep messing with it... (same error except replace MainView with SimplePerf)20:37
elopiojosharenson: hum hum.20:57
elopioit should work, according to your screenshot.21:01
elopiojosharenson: if you push your project to a branch, I can give it a tyr.21:02
josharensonelopio lp:~josharenson/+junk/SimplePerf/21:03
elopiojosharenson: you re defining the SimplePerf class inside the ClickAppTestCase21:19
elopiodelete the leading spaces of that class, and you should be good to go.21:19
elopioyou are also missing the return on the @property method.21:21
josharensonelopio, woot works.. thanks a lot21:22
elopiojosharenson: no problem.21:23
elopioI'll be away for a while, but ping if you need more help with the tests. I'll check the backlog.21:23
josharensonelopio I'm about to head into the wilderness w/o internet for the weekend so no worries..21:27

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