armnewbieI am facing segmentation fault with ldconfig with ubuntu arm 64 13.1008:17
armnewbiedoes anyone came accross same issue ?08:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337224 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "[Arm][Multilib] ldconfig resulting Segmentation Fault" [Undecided,New]09:00
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melodieI come to seek for help about bugs : I need advice related to where in bugzilla to post and how to post about the following bugs described on these pastebin drafts:11:48
melodieabove describes two different bugs which interweave11:49
melodiethe one after, I am not sure if this is a bug or if it is not, so I need advice there too:11:50
njinballoons, hi, you know how to login ion the next '13:07
njinmean next live session13:08
balloonsnjin, how are you! :-)14:07
balloonsnjin, I missed your question14:07
njinHallo balloon, a bit better thanks14:08
njinI am testing the live session for ubutnu-next, but it require login14:08
njinballoons ^^14:16
balloonsnjin, ahh14:17
balloonsnjin, you in a vm?14:18
njinballoons, yes14:21
balloonsnjin, it doesn't work in a vm14:22
njinballoons, ok thanks14:22
balloonshave a look through ^^14:22
njinyup, i will read14:22
njinafter, now i gotta go, bye14:22
njinballoons ^^14:22
balloonsbye njin !14:23
njinLOL ciao14:24
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melodieanyone can help me with the questions I asked earlier?16:39
melodie<melodie> http://pastebin.fr/3632516:39
melodie<melodie> http://pastebin.fr/3632416:39
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lfaraoneWhat's the policy for access to errors.ubuntu.com? Tbh, I mostly just wanted to look at my own crash reports :( but I was surprised that bugcontrol membership didn't extend to it.18:19
njinballoons, hi, I run the installation of ubuntu-desktop-next and the result is only, after regular login, a black screen with a large pointer then after few seconds the session selfcloses and greeter reappear. Looking at the logfiles there's nothing helping, seems it is builded to works in this way. So I am asking if it is right it don't load the unity env.?19:26
balloonsnjin, if unity is crashing that's bad19:48
balloonsyou used real hardware? and open source drivers?19:49
njinballoons, yes real hardware and btw open driver (intel), so it is supposed to load the unity environement, right ?19:54
balloonsnjin, yes.. sounds like it should work19:54
njinballoons, ok, thanks i go to serch better.19:56
balloonsnjin, you could try a different image.. I mean perhaps it's broke19:56
balloonsnjin, checkout https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8-desktop-session and see if there is a reported bug or not19:56
balloonsI haven't tried it recently19:56

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