bfillerrobru: seems to be some problem with the publishing on silo 400:42
bfillerwith notes-app?00:42
robrubfiller, oh hey, sorry, was running some errands. indeed it looks like nobody bothered to build notes-app. building it now01:18
bfillerrobru: cool, thanks01:18
robrubfiller, you're welcome01:19
robrubut queuebot I just built notes-app!01:34
dobeyis it just me, or is jenkisn broken on arm?01:54
robrudobey, which jenkins are you referring to?01:56
dobeyrobru: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/pay-service-utopic-armhf-ci/25/console01:56
dobeylooks like maybe the vm/chroot it's using got left in an unclean state?01:57
robrudobey, hmmm maybe fginther knows more about that one, sorry ^02:00
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 111 building (started: 20140703 02:05) ===02:04
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 111 DONE (finished: 20140703 03:35) ===03:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/111.changes ===03:34
bfillerrobru: publish for silo 4 yet?03:39
popeyhttp://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/111.changes is 0 bytes long.. ogra_ ?07:06
seb128popey, it's a stable image :p07:08
asacplars: psivaa: health-check tests are not run anymore? dont see results on mako for last two images08:06
psivaaplars: there is one ongoing now. i saw one of the earlier builds failed to flash with some network error between our server and system-image-server08:07
asacthanks for checking this out .... not sure if we could improve the dashboard to always have an entry for health-check08:07
asacso we always spot if the test doesnt run etc.08:07
asacpsivaa: was that for me? :)08:08
psivaaasac: yea, it was. sorry08:08
asacok cool08:08
psivaastill waking up :)08:08
asacme too :P08:08
psivaaasac: i'll ask if it's possible include a placeholder for health check in the dashboard08:09
ogra_popey, fixed, sorry08:09
ogra_stgraber, only core-devs have access to build images  iirc ...08:13
popeythanks ogra_08:13
ogra_ugh, the browser4 does not look happy08:18
ogra_cant find its toolbar it seems08:19
sil2100Yeah, he's not only not happy, he looks pissed off real nice08:27
brendandsil2100, it's really frustrating. *still* not reproducible locally08:28
brendandsil2100, ever08:29
sil2100At least we know that Mir didn't cause any of those regressions, because we had that Mir-specific image that was rather fine08:29
popeywill be late, doorbell08:30
brendandsil2100, 110?08:30
Chipacarobru: thank you :)08:38
Chipacaogra_: liar liar pants for hire :D08:38
ogra_oh, crap,, i didnt write the endorsement ...08:41
* ogra_ blushes08:41
Chipacaogra_: :)08:42
thostr_sil2100: when can we expect silo 4 packages published so that we are really unblocked to build the other silos08:58
popeySaviq: I understand you had a super new landing with new suru icons for some of the system apps?09:00
ogra_thostr_, once the clicks have been produced and landed for the apps in there09:00
popeySaviq: the apps which are click packages need uploading to the store, because some of your changes aren't going to land in the phone image otherwise.09:00
Saviqpopey, yeah I know09:00
Saviqpopey, it only landed (not completely yet) this morning09:01
popeyok. xnox can probably help you upload the clicks.09:01
popeyah okay ☻09:01
Saviqpopey, I'll leave it to bfiller, not sure how they build the clicks09:01
ogra_Saviq, hmm, we wanted to build an image with the changes before landing other stuff ...09:03
Saviqogra_, I really dunno how they build the clicks :|09:03
ogra_(i guess we need to re-work the landing process a bit that clicks land alongside in the future)09:03
ogra_Saviq, there should be a jenkins build somewhere afaik09:04
ogra_(now dont ask me where :P )09:04
Saviqogra_, where?09:04
Saviqogra_, anyway09:05
Saviqogra_, the app changes are minimal09:05
Saviqogra_, just the icons09:05
ogra_well, do they still work with the old ones after the trheme switch ?09:05
=== vila_ is now known as vila
Saviqogra_, yeah, the old theme is a fallback for the new one09:06
ogra_sil2100, ^^^09:06
popeySaviq: i know where ☻09:06
ogra_so i guess we could start an image build and just live with the old icons til the clicks land09:06
popeywhich specific apps and I'll get you clicks09:06
Saviqpopey, https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-00409:07
popeynot all of those are clicks09:07
popeyonly camera, gallery, notes09:07
Saviqpopey, yup, we only need those09:07
popeyok, will get them for you09:08
sil2100thostr_: we're working on getting them migrated stilll, but I suppose around noon it should be all ok09:08
Saviqrsalveti, we got a regression in autopkgtest for uitk-gles09:08
popeyoh, hang on09:08
popeythese changes haven't landed in trunk? jenkins wont do that09:08
popeyneeds bfiller..09:08
sil2100ogra_, Saviq: good to know this09:08
Saviqpopey, yeah, the silo didn't land yet09:09
ogra_sil2100, hmm, didnt you add code that prevents landing of unmerged changes ?09:09
Saviqpopey, blocked in proposed09:09
ogra_oh just not merged back09:09
ogra_what is blocking it ?09:09
sil2100ogra_: I added code that prevents landing unapproved changes09:10
psivaasil2100: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/urfkill/+bug/1337227 is the rfkill crash bug09:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337227 in urfkill (Ubuntu) "urfkilld crashed during security tests on touch image" [Undecided,New]09:10
sil2100psivaa: thank you!09:10
psivaayw :)09:10
Saviqogra_, uitk-gles09:11
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^09:11
Saviqogra_, it's uploaded already09:11
ogra_oh ok09:12
Saviqogra_, but there's a regression in one of the autopkgtests09:12
Saviqbut from what I can see it could just use a re-run if possible09:12
Saviq'cause it's some timing issue (and passed on i386)09:12
ogra_right i see that09:12
ogra_who can re-run these ? release team ?09:13
Saviqpitti seems to have already done so09:13
ogra_oh, cool09:13
Saviqyeah, it's a flaky test09:13
Saviqautopkgtests and flaky tests is nasty09:13
ogra_definitely :/09:14
Saviqfail again :|09:15
brendandpsivaa, what are you going to modify, so i know what to give you. is it what's under /home/phablet/autopilot/?09:16
psivaabrendand: let me check where webbrowser tests are copied to in the device when running the tests09:17
psivaabrendand: /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/webbrowser_app/tests/09:20
Saviqogra_, bug #1336650 btw09:20
ubot5bug 1336650 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "some autopilot tests seem to be flaky" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133665009:20
ogra_Saviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/clean_tests/+merge/22543709:21
ogra_perhaps ?09:21
brendandSaviq, those aren't flaky, they're downright broken09:22
Saviqbrendand, yeah, sure :)09:22
brendandSaviq, me and elopio were looking at them yesterday09:22
Saviqbrendand, just looking at elopio's MP09:23
brendandpsivaa, ok you need to replace the __init__.py there with this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741088/09:26
psivaabrendand: ok, let me first run webbrowser on a separate device and then copy this over09:27
rsalvetiSaviq: it seems it's all sorted out already, right?09:39
Saviqrsalveti, yes09:40
Saviqrsalveti, as you were09:40
Saviqlooks like it should migrate real soon09:41
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psivaabrendand: the tests failing still with the ^ __init__.py : http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/psivaa-utopic-touch-mako-smoke-daily-webbrowser/4/console10:14
brendandpsivaa, ok10:18
brendandsil2100, i reproduced a web browser failure!10:59
sil2100brendand: HOLY SH..!10:59
sil2100brendand: how?10:59
brendandsil2100, it happens if the orientation is wrong10:59
sil2100ah ha! So it's related to the thing ogra_ mentioned?11:00
brendandsil2100, the phone was flat but when AP launched the browser it was landscape11:00
brendandsil2100, didn't he say it only stayed like that temporarily?11:00
ogra_it flicks for a moment11:00
ogra_but i'm holding it in portrait while that happens11:00
brendandogra_, no this is lying flat, and it's stuck the whole time on landscape11:02
* popey notes the FirefoxOS lab has all their phones upside down it seems. http://imgur.com/a/eOIeu11:02
ogra_right, might be the same but i'm not seeing it because i hold it in portrait where it immediately switches to11:02
popeywhich is odd11:02
brendandogra_, when i ran it locally in the morning it stayed in portrait. i wonder why not it suddenly wants to be in landscape?11:03
brendandogra_, except where i hold it up in front of me11:04
brendandogra_, then it stays portrait11:04
ogra_and for me it sometimes flicks half way into landscape and flicks back immediately11:04
brendandbut if i lay it flat, right now it is always in landscape11:04
brendandso why can't the toolbar be revealed in landscape? surely that's a bug11:05
ogra_as i said, ricmm knows about it and will look after the sprint ... not sure if we can do much on our side here11:05
ogra_because where the toolbar would be the shell has either the launcher or the app selector11:05
brendandah yes11:06
ogra_and overrides ...11:06
brendandogra_, so we need to talk to the lab people and try and make sure the devices are standing11:06
brendandand not take any excuses about 'we might not catch orientation related bugs'11:06
ogra_well, we need ricmm to make the rotation use the device default on app startup11:07
ogra_as the proper fix11:07
ogra_but yeah, having them upright might work around it for now11:07
brendandsil2100, ogra_ - at least we know why now :)11:08
brendandi'll raise a webbrowser-app bug11:08
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Saviqseb128, is there anything else blocking silo 4 in proposed?11:13
* Saviq has no idea where to look11:14
brendandhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app/+bug/1337284, for the landing email11:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337284 in webbrowser-app "Many autopilot tests will fail if the orientation of the app is landscape on startup" [Undecided,New]11:14
sil2100I just checked and it seems to make ubuntu-touch uninstallable11:14
sil2100Saviq: ^11:14
sil2100so hmmm11:14
brendandI still feel like there might be some other issues with webbrowser app, but we need to get that one out of the way to make it easier to diagnose the others11:14
seb128Saviq, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt still lists ubuntu-touch unhappy in i386/amd6411:14
seb128let me try in a pbuilder11:15
Saviqpbuilder? you're so 201011:17
* sil2100 is also using pbuilder11:18
sil2100What is the new hip way?11:18
seb128Saviq, bah11:20
Saviqsil2100, schroot/sbuild11:20
seb128Saviq, the issue is unity811:21
seb128+               qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin (>= 0.1.48),11:21
seb128on i386 qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin-gles Provides qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin11:21
seb128but provides are not versionned11:21
Saviqseb128, ugh11:21
Saviqso |11:21
seb128so it can't resolve the >= requirement11:22
Saviqseb128, can you upload a fixed package directly? I'll merge back to trunk11:22
seb128Saviq, yep, seems to be what rsalveti did to other components11:22
seb128Saviq, unity8? sure11:22
Saviqseb128, ubuntu-settings-components has the same11:23
seb128Saviq, k, doing that as well11:23
* Saviq looks through the other merges11:23
psivaabrendand: so i'll release the device to the pool that i allocated to webbrowser testing?11:24
brendandpsivaa, i don't know what that means :)11:25
brendandpsivaa, which device, which pool?11:26
Saviqseb128, yeah, that's it11:26
psivaabrendand: ohh?11:26
psivaabrendand: i was allocating a device to run this specific webbrowser test with your changes,11:26
psivaabrendand: that's what i said in the meeting11:27
brendandpsivaa, oh yes - we don't need that anymore11:27
psivaabrendand: so out of curiousity.. if lying flat is causing the failure.. how comes you are not able to reproduce?11:27
brendandpsivaa, i am now11:27
brendandpsivaa, it's not lying flat itself. it's running in landscape mode11:27
brendandpsivaa, but for some reason, when lying flat, it will launch in landscape mode some/most of the time11:28
seb128Saviq, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741516/ ?11:29
psivaabrendand: ok, was wondering how missed that before :)11:29
Saviqseb128, yeah11:29
seb128Saviq, looks good to you?11:29
seb128great, uploading11:29
brendandpsivaa, yeah i'm not sure either11:30
brendandpsivaa, here's what's stranger. when i launch it from the shell it launches in portrait mode, but the test launches in landscape11:31
psivaabrendand: ohh? i assume AP does not enforce that?11:33
seb128Saviq, u-s-c uploaded as well, let's see how that goes11:33
Saviqseb128, thanks11:33
brendandpsivaa, i think i might have an idea why. still doesn't explain everything though11:33
psivaabrendand: ack, leaving it to you :), good that you're able to repro locally11:34
brendandmy thoery was wrong :)11:34
brendandogra_, if you sit the device even a little bit up, like resting it on the edge of the laptop (mine is quite thin anyway), then it never opens in landscape11:48
brendandogra_, so literally they just need to put a little phone-pillow in the lab for each device :)11:48
ogra_well, for me it still does half a rotation sometimes11:51
brendandogra_, when you sit it up?11:53
ogra_when i hold it upright and start a webapp11:53
ogra_or the browser11:54
brendandogra_, i haven't gone near web-apps yet11:54
ogra_it doesnt happen every time, but often enough to notice throughout the day11:54
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cjwatsonmind if I assign a silo for line 44?  should be able to land it fairly quickly12:37
camakoIs there a way to perform conflict-free merge of the changelog? I.e. Developers mod the changelog at/around the same location, and when their MPs get merged to trunk, they could step on each others' toes. Any pointers?12:43
mvocjwatson: if you give me ~10min I can fix the branch for the hook test otherwise I can assign it12:51
cjwatsonmvo: oh, sure, go ahead.  (and I can assign too :) )12:51
=== psivaa-lunch is now known as psivaa
sil2100mvo: hey! Maybe you could assign a silo for cjwatson? :)12:52
sil2100And there seems to be one package for publishing which you could try12:53
mvocjwatson: I need to learn it, I'm on landing team duty now12:53
cjwatsonmvo: aha12:55
mvocjwatson: branch updated12:57
mvosil2100: let me find out which one that is :)12:57
sil2100cjwatson: ah! You didn't set it to Ready: Yes! ;p12:58
cjwatsonsil2100: how do I do that?  just type in the third column?12:58
cjwatsonbut that says "auto-updated, do not touch"12:58
sil2100cjwatson: no no, there's column I entitled "Ready(...)"12:58
sil2100cjwatson: you need to set it to 'Yes' there :)12:58
sil2100Once it's set like that, the landing team will be able to see it (and will get pinged by the CI Train choo choo as well)12:59
cjwatsonsil2100: oh, away off to the right13:00
sil2100Yeah, hidden from evil eyes13:02
sil2100mvo: could you try assigning a silo?13:02
pmcgowansil2100, seb128 qofono has landed, can we move on Ken's branch now?13:03
mvosil2100: sure, givem me  sec13:03
sil2100pmcgowan: where's the branch?13:03
seb128pmcgowan, we can yes, it just needs somebody with free slots to pick that up I guess13:03
seb128e.g not me today13:03
seb128but I can have a look tomorrow13:03
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cjwatsonmvo: I'll just merge that before I hit build then13:04
mvocjwatson: cool, thanks, I assign a silo now13:04
pmcgowanseb128, we are off in the US tomorrow otherwise I could test, but I ran his branch for two weeks prior13:04
seb128pmcgowan, ok, thanks, that's useful testing info13:05
bregmasil2100, could I get you to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/cupstream2distro/lp-1321755/+merge/225467 -- that bug is very high priority for us13:07
mvocjwatson: your silo is assigned now13:07
sil2100bregma: ACK, taking a look now13:08
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cjwatsonmvo: ta13:09
Saviqsil2100, does the publication-migration job consider newer packages that go into destination, or does it require == version?13:15
sil2100Saviq: it's looking for == version...13:17
Saviqsil2100, ok, so we'll have to force M&C13:17
Saviq"accepted: unity8"13:17
sil2100Saviq: ah, since you published a new unity8, right?13:17
Saviqsil2100, yeah, we pushed fixed packaging13:18
Saviqdirectly to distro13:18
Saviqdidn't want to delay any longer13:18
Saviqsil2100, seb128, it says "Pending" into release here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/7.90+14.10.20140701.2-0ubuntu2/+publishinghistory13:20
Saviqsil2100, can I M&C?13:20
seb128Saviq, you can m&c13:20
sil2100Saviq: I would say it's a good time now for this, yes!13:21
seb128Saviq, well done ;-)13:21
SaviqI can push a button! I can push a button!13:21
* Saviq needs therapy13:22
Saviqpopey, stuff's pushing to trunk now, will jenkins click pick them up automagically?13:22
Ursinhajosepht: did I start vanguard earlier than I should?13:22
popeySaviq: if not, I can poke it to build them13:23
josephtUrsinha: I think so13:23
Saviqpopey, it's pushed, so you might as well13:23
Ursinhajosepht: oops :) doing this almost everyday is confusing hehe, sorry13:23
josephtUrsinha: no worries :)13:23
popeySaviq: all of them? camera, gallery, notes?13:24
Saviqpopey, yes13:24
popeySaviq: all building now13:25
Saviqpopey, rad13:26
davmor2sil2100: in your next email can you move the ringer bug out of the blocker section and into the other section, and the dialer app issue I hav e confirmed I can not reproduce on 111 so might of been a glitch in an image but seems fine now :)13:26
Saviqthe funny thing in "rad" is it means "happy" in PL as well ;)13:26
Saviqonly not as extremely13:27
dbartho/ hi, can i have a silo for line 45?13:28
popeyI did think we'd stepped into the 80's.13:28
davmor2popey: I've seen you cartoon and music tastes you never left the 80's, same as me ;)13:29
mvodbarth: sure13:31
mvodbarth: you should have landing-01813:34
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: josepht | CI Train Status: #106 promoted | CI Train Sheriff: sil2100, mvo | Known issues: The spreadsheet is extremely slow, http://people.canonical.com/~rbpark/citrain/ knows the statuses before the spreadsheet does. Long mako wait times on s-jenkins.
davmor2bfiller: I confirmed I couldn't reproduce the issue with the dialer app in 111 so marked it invalid13:45
bfillerdavmor2: good13:45
sil2100bregma_: ok, I'm checking out the branch right now and it seems more or less ok, although I think there can be multiple commiters and authors, yes?13:49
sil2100bregma_: Didier was splitting that by ','13:49
sil2100But I'm not sure now if that's a real case in bzr13:50
Laneythat's a nice settings landing ;-)13:53
bregmasil2100, mm, I had thought about that case and I see I forgot about it in my solution, let me go back and think for a bit again13:53
davmor2mvo: this seems somehow appropriate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we7UfubNeqM13:58
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popeySaviq: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/clicks/14:10
popeySaviq: if those three clicks match the bzr revs you want uploaded, then ping balloons and he can upload to store for you ☻14:11
mvodavmor2: hehe, yeah, also we play different music now it seems :)14:15
Saviqpopey, balloons, it's good, please upload14:15
Saviqogra_, do we need to upload anywhere else or is store enough for preinstalled?14:15
ogra_Saviq, sergiusens usually cares for landing clicks ...14:16
ogra_iirc he needs to update a list14:16
sergiusensSaviq: ogra_ I don't take care of the daily landing of clicks; each owner does that now14:16
davmor2mvo: well r 'n' b and rock 'n' roll they both got 'n' s in the middle so they can't be that different right?14:16
sergiusensI only add/remove from the image and help when it comes to it.14:17
ogra_sergiusens, ah, so click_list is updated automatically ?14:17
mvodavmor2: :)14:17
Saviqsergiusens, ok, I'll ping bfiller14:17
balloonsSaviq, popey which clicks?14:17
sergiusensogra_: if it's approved in the store; yes14:17
Saviqballoons, http://people.canonical.com/~alan/clicks/14:17
sergiusensSaviq: what do you need?14:17
popeythe three there14:17
popeyballoons: ^14:17
Saviqsergiusens, ↑↑14:17
sergiusensSaviq: ah, balloons is taking care14:17
bfillerSaviq: we'll be release gallery and camera clicks today, so no need for you guys to do it14:18
bfillerabout to land some changes on those14:18
popeyballoons: ignore us.14:18
balloonspopey, done.. :-)14:19
bfillerballoons: you can do notes-app if you don't mind14:19
bfillerI'm not touching that one14:19
Saviqbfiller, FWIW ogra_ wanted an image with just the suru switch14:20
ogra_well, the landing team did :)14:20
ogra_i only spoke up :)14:21
bfillerSaviq, ogra_ : up to you guys, we are going to land some silos today regardless and don't really want to delay14:22
balloonspopey, "You don't have permission to access /~alan/clicks/com.ubuntu.notes_1.4.272_armhf.click on this server."14:22
Saviqbfiller, I don't think it affects you in any way14:22
Saviqbfiller, it's just a question whether there will be the interim (new icon only) versions in the next image or not14:23
Saviqogra_, ↑ your call guys14:23
* Saviq hates queuebot for resizing my window all the tie14:24
ogra_Saviq, bfiller, well, i dont reallly care for that specific image, what i do care for is that our landing process is broken, the silo should never have landed without the clicks being available alongside, we need to redefine the policy here ... i suspect the icon updates wont cause issues anyway14:24
popeyballoons: hang fire14:25
stgraberSaviq: I just dropped printing the old status so that should save some space, I'll also switch it to printing less stuff and shorter status messages using the new state values introduced by sil2100 yesterday14:26
Saviqogra_, that's agreed14:28
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Saviqstgraber, it's actually just the name "-queuebot/#ubuntu-ci-eng-" that causes the handle column to resize14:28
Saviqstgraber, so it's probably xchat-gnome's fault14:29
cjwatsonMake your client handle notices better, indeed :)14:29
ogra_bfiller, Saviq, the impression in the landing meeting this morning was that everything was landed so we decided to have a stop gap image build ... when we decided that we didnt know something was stuck in proposed and the clicks werent there, i dont think that image is overly important14:29
stgraberSaviq: ah, right, some IRC clients do that for notices14:30
ogra_Saviq, just ise a non-castrated xchat then ;)14:30
cjwatsonMine has a similar display for notices, but it doesn't try to align the start of everybody's text to the same left margin14:30
bfillerogra_: yes we really need clicks to be released by the silo14:30
stgraberSaviq: irssi doesn't have that problem (by not printing a user list) :)14:30
ogra_and plain xchat has an option for this ;)14:30
stgrabercjwatson is way too fast for me today... :)14:31
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
bfillersil2100: silo 2 ready for publishing14:40
sil2100mvo: want to land this as well ^ :)14:41
mvosil2100: sure14:41
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ogra_robru, password auth is disabled ... nontheless my ssh key works everywhere if i ever attached via phablet-shell (even on different devices)15:20
robruogra_, what?phablet-shell copies your ssh key down when you connect, but it's not magical across devices. not sure what you maen15:21
ogra_i.e. my laptop has never connected to the device in my basement directly ... only to my flo via phablet-shell ... nontheless i can ssh into a freshly flashed test device i never had attached to15:21
robruogra_, define 'freshly flashed', your ssh key is stored in /home/phablet/.ssh so it won't get wiped in a flash unless you choose --bootstrap --wipe15:22
ogra_robru, thats surely another bug ... nontheless logging out of phablet-shell should not leave sshd runnign ... an dphablet-shell shouldnt fire up a global ssh daemon15:22
ogra_robru, i flash with --bootstrap ... but that device was never connected to my laptop i still can ssh in15:23
robruogra_, well your ssh key got in there somehow15:23
ogra_that device never left my basement in the last year ... and i never connected directly to it15:23
ogra_anyway, this is not about keys15:24
ogra_but about sshd15:24
robruogra_, I don't know how to make sshd only listen on local interface, there doesn't seem to be an option for that15:24
ogra_you use the cmdline options for it and start it directly instead of using upstart15:25
robruogra_, please show me the commandline option that says 'only connect on lo' because i don't see it in the man page15:25
robruogra_, looks like I need to munge sshd_config or something15:26
ogra_robru, dunno, i know there is a "listen address" option you can use in the config15:26
ogra_so there should be an equivalent on the cmdline15:26
robru$ adb shell /usr/sbin/sshd -4 -o 'Port 22' -o 'ListenAddress'15:26
robru/etc/ssh/sshd_config line 5: ports must be specified before ListenAddress.15:26
robruogra_, ^ it doesn't work super well15:27
ogra_use -p15:27
robru$ adb shell /usr/sbin/sshd -4 -p 22 -o 'ListenAddress'15:27
ogra_robru, also dont use 22 please15:28
robruCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key15:28
robruCould not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key15:28
ogra_you will need your own host keys for this15:28
ogra_or run as root ;)15:28
robruogra_, adb shell does run it as root15:28
robru$ adb shell id15:28
robruuid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)15:28
ogra_thats weird, then it has permissions to read the keys15:28
ogra_do those kesys even exist ?15:29
robruogra_, ecdsa does15:29
ogra_i wonder why it cant read it then15:30
robruogra_, oops, sorry, I was looking at my host for a second there. no neither of those files are on the device15:30
ogra_good, as long as sshd starts ...15:30
robrubut it didn't15:30
robruogra_, yeah dunno, those two keys are listed in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. if I comment them out those errors go away but still won't connect15:37
ogra_robru, well, probably ask the ssh maintainer :)15:37
ogra_robru, though i think cjwatson is pretty busy this week15:38
robruogra_, well i just checked the upstart job to see what magical incantation is necessary and the only option passed in is -D, which is precisely the opposite of what I want (keeps sshd in foreground)15:39
cjwatsonThat just means that lxc-android-config or whatever it is isn't creating them15:40
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cjwatson./etc/init/ssh-keygen.conf:6:    [ ! -e /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key ] && \15:40
cjwatson./etc/init/ssh-keygen.conf:7:            ssh-keygen -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key -N '' -t rsa >/dev/null 2>&115:40
cjwatson./etc/init/ssh-keygen.conf:8:    [ ! -e /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key ] && \15:40
cjwatson./etc/init/ssh-keygen.conf:9:            ssh-keygen -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key -N '' -t dsa >/dev/null 2>&115:40
cjwatsonThat much shouldn't actually be harmful though15:40
robrucjwatson, ok but commenting them out doesn't make sshd actually start working though15:40
cjwatsonI think that's a red herring15:40
cjwatsonrobru: -D is correct under upstart15:41
robrucjwatson, right but not helpful for launching it manually15:41
cjwatsonso is there anything in /var/log/upstart/ssh.log?15:42
ogra_cjwatson, right waht we need ios a dedicated sshd that only listens on loopback (preferably also on a port not 22)15:42
cjwatsonerr I'm confused about what the root problem here is15:42
cjwatsonI thought that robru was unable to get sshd to start15:42
ogra_cjwatson, phablet-shell runs "start ssh" and does a loopback ssh connection15:42
robrucjwatson, right, so ogra told me to start sshd manually instead of with upstart. i'm trying that and its not working15:43
ogra_cjwatson, if you now disconnect and even diaable adb your sshd will keep running and allow connections from wlan15:43
cjwatsonthen surely you precisely want to run it in the foreground so that you can easily stop it ...15:44
robrucjwatson, UGH, if I call sshd with -d, it connects and listens it seems15:44
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robrucjwatson, well not exactly, since it blocks my whole script...15:44
cjwatsonanyway, I don't think you need me really :)15:44
ogra_i'm not sure if this setup will work at all once we removed root from adbd though ...15:44
cjwatsonrobru: well you need some concurrency, of course15:44
ogra_(which i was just asked to work on)15:44
robruogra_, surely there's a way we can start sshd as not-root?15:49
ogra_robru, definitely ... on an unprivileged port etc15:49
robruogra_, I guess I can poke at that now while I'm looking at this15:50
ogra_but you will need your own host keys too etc15:50
cjwatsonI'm not at all convinced you can start sshd as non-root sanely15:50
ogra_robru, no hurry ... as long as we have it proper by RTM all is fine15:50
ogra_cjwatson, well, then we could have a dbus triggered upstart job or some such that provides this special sshd15:51
cjwatsonI guess it must work to some extent because the regression test suite uses it I think, but it defeats the privsep mechanisms ...15:51
ogra_there are surely solutions to all of this :)15:51
cjwatsonSomething like that would be a lot saner IMO, yes15:52
* ogra_ just wants the current behavior gone 15:52
robrucjwatson, ogra_ hmm, passing -D makes it work15:52
robrujust need to kill it at the end15:52
ogra_just use a TRAP ... in your script15:53
sil2100It's a TRAP15:53
cjwatsonDon't do it with a shell script.  Use something where you can explicitly fork and control the process hierarchy more explicitly ...15:53
robrucjwatson, ... the script is already a shell script. don't think I care to switch languages at this point15:54
ogra_cjwatson, well, its a script running on the host operating everything via adb shell commands15:54
cjwatsonNot that I'm opposed to using shell for some fairly exotic things, but I wouldn't touch it for anything where reliable process management and signal handling was a critical security property!15:54
ogra_you wont even get a proper exit state from the commands you run there15:54
ogra_because adb swallows them15:55
cjwatsonI don't care about that15:55
ogra_it would only work if you have the "tool" to handle all subprocesses running on the device15:55
cjwatsonIt's the process management at the device end that matters15:55
sil2100ogra_: hm, did we kick a new image with the suru bits? :)15:56
ogra_right but we dont have actual access to that without having some bits on the phone15:56
cjwatsonFor safety you want something on the device end that notices that the adb connection has gone away and stops sshd, or similar15:56
cjwatsonThere's no way to do it otherwise - imagine if somebody just pulls the cable out15:56
ogra_that doesnt exist today15:57
cjwatsonI know :)15:57
ogra_as i said before i really wonder if it is worth the hassle right now since adbd will change a lot and drop root etc ... so this implementation will look totally different in the end anyway15:58
ogra_sil2100, i was waiting for the clicks to land ...15:59
sil2100Ah, those didn't land yet?16:00
ogra_not sure, i dont think they did16:00
ogra_sil2100, what is worse though is that someone landed the re-designed camera-app ... which doesnt have video recording support ... which in turn breaks the work of people trying to get video recording fixed16:01
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imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 112 building (started: 20140703 16:20) ===16:19
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sil2100Ok guys, I need to jump out for some moments, once I'm back I'll finish up the e-mail16:36
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bfillerrobru: around? need silo for line 4916:39
robrubfiller, conflicts with silo 9, can you merge them?16:40
robruor override/16:40
bfillerrobru: override I think, silo 9 looks experimental16:41
bfillerthis is a a one liner that we overlooked that should be pushed out very quickly16:41
robrubfiller, ok you got silo 216:42
bfillerrobru: cheers then :)16:42
robrubfiller, you're welcome16:42
robrudamn queuebot rocks ;-)16:43
elopiocjohnston: can you help me figuring out if the ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts autopilot tests are being run on MPs?16:56
cjohnstonelopio: link?16:56
elopioI think not, but I've seen some other projects whose tests are hard to find on the jenkins comment.16:56
elopiocjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/clean_tests/+merge/22543716:56
brendandsil2100, this browser bug has become crazy weird16:59
brendandsil2100, but i *think* i know exactly why it's happening16:59
davmor2brendand: spill don't keep us in suspense16:59
brendandsil2100, it's something to do with the testability driver being loaded + loading a specific page17:00
brendandit happens with:17:00
brendand/usr/bin/webbrowser-app -testability --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/webbrowser-app.desktop http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/browse.html17:00
brendandbut not with:17:00
brendand/usr/bin/webbrowser-app --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/webbrowser-app.desktop http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/browse.html17:00
brendandor with:17:01
brendand/usr/bin/webbrowser-app -testability --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/webbrowser-app.desktop17:01
brendandso bizzare17:01
davmor2brendand: \o/17:01
dobeyis there a bug for the new mirclient crash?17:01
cjohnstonelopio: I don't see the tests in that MP being run.. maybe fginther would know better?17:02
brendanddavmor2, any chance you can help me confirm that? by running those commands with the phone laying flat17:02
brendandin case i might be mental17:02
davmor2brendand: incase, dude I think we both know you are long past that ;)17:03
davmor2brendand: yeap give me 2 seconds17:03
elopiocjohnston: I see the tests are added as autopkgtests17:04
brendanddavmor2, you're mental17:04
elopioand there's https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/17:04
elopiobut I'm not sure when is that run.17:04
davmor2brendand: of course I work in QA don't I, Ask elopio rule 1 are you crazy17:04
brendanddavmor2, they didn't ask me that in the interview. maybe they just knew17:06
dobeyev_: hey. how long between the .uploaded file being written on the client by whoopsie, and the crash report showing up on e.u.c?17:09
ev_dobey: the report should show up pretty much immediately. Cassandra is blazingly fast at writes and we don't do much on top of it.17:10
ev_If you're asking how long it takes for a binary crash to retrace and show up on the front page, much longer.17:11
ev_Depending on the architecture.17:11
ev_Bdmurray or webops can give you a better idea of current queue sizes there (I'm on my phone walking to a talk)17:12
dobeyev_: i'm looking at the /user/$VERYLONGHASH page that the "Previously submitted reports" on the phone sends me to17:12
dobeybut am not seeing all the crashes there that it uploaded17:12
ev_Yes, that should be immediate.17:12
dobeyok. wonder why they're missing17:13
ev_Oh strange.17:13
dobeywell, enjoy the talk :)17:13
ev_Thanks. Do follow up with Brian. He should be able to poke the db for you.17:13
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dobeyhmm, found one in the global list17:17
davmor2sil2100: http://davmor2.co.uk/~davmor2/screenshots-phone/device-2014-07-03-181500.png17:17
brendanddavmor2, for you it rotates to the bottom left but for me it's the top right, odd17:18
davmor2brendand: let me keep trying17:18
fginthercjohnston, elopio looking17:20
elopiothanks fginther17:21
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bfillerrobru: silo 2 good to be published17:27
Saviqrobru, silo 5, too! ;)17:28
robrustgraber, need a core dev ack in silo 5, you around? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-005-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity8_7.90+14.10.20140703.1-0ubuntu1.diff17:28
robrubfiller, published17:28
bfillerrobru: thanks17:29
Saviqrobru, thanks!17:29
robrubfiller, you're welcome!17:29
robruSaviq, you're welcome. did you get a chance to review my phablet-tools fix MP?17:30
Saviqrobru, hmm didn't see it, checking17:32
robruSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/phablet-tools/dont-delete-silos17:32
Saviqrobru, btw, wanted to mention one more thing - device-purge complaining about ppa-purge not being installed is an excuse, isn't it? you just added a ppa and installed packages from it! ;D17:33
robruSaviq, not sure what you mean17:34
Saviqrobru, `citrain device-purge` says it doesn't work because ppa-purge is not installed on the device17:34
Saviqrobru, feels like a lame excuse when you just added a PPA and installed packages, you could've installed ppa-purge just as well, couldn't you? ;)17:35
robruSaviq, right, so do you want me to install ppa-purge on the device?17:35
Saviqrobru, and even purge it afterwards if you feel that's better17:35
Saviqrobru, I see no reason why not, do you?17:35
elopiocjohnston: can you add the -n option to phablet-test-run in the ubuntu_experience_tests ?17:35
elopiolooking for the link...17:35
robruSaviq, dunno, was trying not to mess with the device too much17:35
Saviqrobru, I think that ship sails as soon as you make it writable and start using apt :)17:36
Saviqrobru, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7742992/17:38
* Saviq preps mp17:38
fgintherelopio, tests for ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts appear to never have been added. working on it now17:41
fgintherelopio, also we're we ever able to get unity-click-scope tests working?17:42
elopiofginther: I'm almost sure the problem was that dpkg-architecture -c was not working.17:43
elopiofginther: I was going to ask you to try to run the tests with this branch:17:44
elopioI think I can do it, but now I can't find the jenkins job we were using.17:44
fgintherelopio, we can try a new one17:44
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 112 DONE (finished: 20140703 17:45) ===17:44
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/112.changes ===17:44
dbarthrobru: just a heads up; you can free the silo 18, to make room for oSoMoN branches17:51
bfillerrobru: silo 14 read for publishing as well17:52
dbarthrobru: also, there are those 2 chrome and firefox extension updates that can be SRUed now; both landed afaik17:52
fgintherelopio, testing your unity-scope-click MP here: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/unity-scope-click-ci/480/17:58
fgintherelopio, also started testing ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts - s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts-ci/132/17:59
robrudbarth, thanks18:01
robrudbarth, can you email me with the list of changes to SRU? I already started the google auth SRU18:02
* sergiusens wonders if his computer is self sentient and started to do landngs for him18:04
robrusergiusens, could be18:04
elopiofginther: thank you and thank you!18:05
bfillerrobru: need a silo for line 31 as well when you have a chance18:06
robrubfiller, ok, just waiting for 2 to free18:06
robrubecause there literally are zero18:06
bfillerrobru: np18:07
davmor2Saviq: \o/ new ICONS!!!!!!18:10
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boikorobru: silo 3 fully tested and ready to land18:12
boikorobru: dialer-app and messaging-app were already rebuilt to include Saviq's changed18:13
robruboiko, thanks18:13
Saviqdavmor2, indeed :)18:16
elopiofginther or cjohnston: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/1101/artifact/results/autopilot/artifacts/online_accounts_ui.tests.test_online_accounts_ui.OnlineAccountsUiTests.test_create_account_with_form%20%28with%20mouse%29.ogv18:26
elopiothat's online accounts failing because it needs a password for the keyring.18:26
elopiodo we have a way to work it arond?18:26
fgintherelopio, I remember a discussion, but I thought we ultimately ran into a wall :-/18:27
fgintherelopio, I think there was some solution, but getting it to work with otto was not trivial. I'd have to go back through my irc logs perhas18:28
fgintherelopio, does the mako test work?18:29
fgintheroh, still running18:29
elopiofginther: currently they are skiped. But I'm going to enable them, it seems the reason is now solved.18:29
elopiofginther: will these tests run on MPs now?18:30
fgintherelopio, ok, I'll set it up to just run the mako tests18:30
Saviqrobru, could we get a recon on silo 6 please18:31
Saviqubuntu-system-settings got added18:31
Saviqrobru, conflict can be ignored18:31
robruSaviq, it's happening: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/prepare-silo/883/console18:32
pmcgowanSaviq, what got added to settings?18:32
Saviqpmcgowan, they got added to the QtCompositor silo18:33
pmcgowanSaviq, how come? what changed?18:33
elopiofginther: Loic is the maintainer of a package called python-gnomekeyring that might help.18:34
elopioI'll prepare a branch to get the tests working on mako.18:34
Saviqpmcgowan, the welcome wizard needed to be adapted18:34
Saviqpmcgowan, as its a shell of its own18:34
sergiusensfginther: plars hey did you guys get around to adding the --developer-mode toggle to ubuntu-device-flash?18:35
plarssergiusens: I keep meaning to reply to that thread and keep forgetting. Yes I added it on the smoke side, but I'm not sure if fginther has it for the autolanding stuff yet18:36
fginthersergiusens, let me double check18:36
plarsfginther: if not, I'd be happy to put it in there if you can point me at the right branch. I don't have a good way of testing it though, and istr you said you were seeing some strangeness when you tried to add it before?18:36
sergiusensplars: ok; I'm not flipping any switch; it's a hard one to unflip if done wrong ;)18:37
plarsfginther: fwiw, I *did* try it on one of my devices attached to okiku and it worked ok for me18:37
plarssergiusens: right18:37
fgintherplars, yeah, I just need to try again. I think the failure I saw was just a coincidence18:37
elopioyay, tests work on mako!18:49
Saviqrobru, who else can we bug for ACKing silo 5?18:49
Saviqgreyback, I'll slip settings for now until it migrates and gets merged18:49
Saviqwill add it once the others are safely building in the PPA18:51
fgintherelopio, what test are you referring to?18:53
elopiofginther: online accounts:18:53
fgintherelopio, nice18:54
oSoMoNrobru, have you seen dbarth’s message earlier saying that silo 18 could be freed in favour of my landing request at line 30 ?18:54
robruSaviq, any core dev19:00
robruoSoMoN, oh yeah, sorry, got distracted19:00
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robrucyphermox_, mterry: anybody around for a packaging ack? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-005-2-publish/44/artifact/packaging_changes_unity8_7.90+14.10.20140703.1-0ubuntu1.diff19:05
cyphermox_in a few minutes yes19:07
robrucyphermox_, cool thx19:07
mterryrobru, the addition of libhardware2 and pay-service I suspect are unnecessary19:08
mterryrobru, but nothing harmful19:08
mterry*the addition of ... as Depends19:08
robrumterry, why would they be unecessary? are they seeded? isn't it better to be explicit about deps?19:09
mterryrobru, because libhardware2 should come in via ${shlibs:Depends}19:09
robruah, magic, got it19:10
mterryrobru, and I would have expected libpay1 to Depend on pay-service, but apparently it doesn't.  So that's not unnecessary (but I'm thinking libpay1 probably should handle that dep for its downstreams)19:10
robrumterry, but that's no reason to block here, right? we can publish this and then fix libpay1 later?19:11
mterryrobru, sure, like I said, nothing harmful that I see19:12
robrumterry, great, thanks19:12
robrusergiusens, think i can publish silo 20? changes are relatively minor and tested by saviq already19:14
sergiusensrobru: I thought that was the purpose of trains; not preventing people from doing stuff ;-)19:15
sergiusensrobru: I trust you did the right thing19:15
robrusergiusens, yeah but I just don't want to step on your toes since it's your project and all ;-)19:15
robrusergiusens, thanks19:15
sergiusensrobru: no worries; it's just a bad thing to break as it breaks ci if we screw up ;)19:16
Saviqmterry, robru, I actually asaked dobey about these deps19:16
Saviqabout pay, that is19:17
mterrySaviq, and was it good that they didn't auto-depend?19:17
Saviqmterry, here's dobey to explain19:18
dobeymterry: i asked ted about libpay1 not depending on pay-service and what he said to me was that he was told it shouldn't do that. don't know by who19:18
* mterry shrugs19:18
dobeyfeel free to bug him on monday about it19:18
dobeyi don't like it the way it is now either :)19:18
Saviqmterry, hardware2 would indeed be automagicked by shlibs it seems19:19
mterryYou'd think..19:19
Saviqit is linked, at least19:20
* Saviq checks19:20
Saviqmterry, fwiw it comes from https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/unity8/blue-led/+merge/22489919:20
mterryIf that is the cost for blue leds, I'm happy to pay it  ;)  But seriously, we can just clean it up down the road19:21
Saviqmterry, k, let's19:22
elopiorobru: can you add the -n option to phablet-test-run in the ubuntu_experience_tests ?19:23
robruelopio, hmmmmmm19:24
robruelopio, do what now?19:24
elopiorobru: this tests restart unity, so they need to start without unity.19:24
elopiothat's what phablet-test-run -n does.19:24
elopiothis should be similar to how the unity autopilot tests are configured.19:25
robruelopio, do you have the VPN link for that jenkins job? I can't do anything with the public URL19:25
elopiolet me see..19:25
robruelopio, or even if you know which jenkins instance that is, i have no idea ;-)19:26
elopiorobru: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/ubuntu-autopilot-tests-ubuntu-experience-tests-ci/ ?19:26
robruwelp, I have no idea19:28
robrufginther, ^^ do you  know what elopio is talking about?19:28
robruI mean I know the -n option but I have no idea where I'm supposed to poke that in to make it go19:28
fgintherrobru, elopio, that's handled by the test runner, but maybe we can poke it by adding '-n' to the test suite string19:29
robrufginther, where's the code for that? i don't know the first thing about the experience tests19:30
fgintherrobru, in this case it's handled by a fork of the smoke test runner19:31
Saviqmterry, yeah, confirmed, can be dropped19:31
fgintherrobru, the code for that is here - lp:~fginther/ubuntu-test-cases/mp-testing19:31
robrufginther, is there a branch I can MP?19:31
robrufginther, oh your own branch huh? :-P19:31
fgintherrobru, yeah, let me fix that first :-/19:32
robrufginther, are you talking about run-autopilot-tests.sh?19:33
fgintherrobru, that's probably where it is... I know there is something in there to handle unity differently19:33
fgintherunity8 thatis19:34
robrufginther, yep, there's a check if it's testing unity8 and then sets -n already19:34
robrufginther, ok so I guess it needs to check for ubuntu_experience_tests as well?19:34
fgintherrobru, that's the most straightforward way to do it19:35
robrufginther, elopio: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/ubuntu-test-cases/mp-testing/+merge/225555 i guess this is it19:36
elopiorobru, fginther: I could also stop unity8 during the set up of the tests, if you prefer that solution19:36
robruoops, MP into wrong place19:36
Saviqhmm who can restart autopkgtests?19:37
fgintherelopio, ideally the tests will have to handle this itself, but I can't really push this method until we support testing these with autopkgtest19:38
elopioit could be a litte problematic if you are not expecting the tests to restart unity.19:39
robrufginther, elopio: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/ubuntu-test-cases/mp-testing/+merge/22555719:39
elopiorobru: thansk, looks good. But I really have no context, so I'll leave the approval to fginther.19:40
robruelopio, hehe, me either19:40
fgintherrobru, approved, merging now19:41
robrufginther, thanks19:41
elopioto extend Saviq's question, when are autopkgtests run? What triggers them?19:41
Saviqelopio, uploads to proposed19:42
robruelopio, I believe those get run in -proposed, which means, they're run every time a package is published19:42
Saviqelopio, they're also run for reverse dependencies19:42
fgintherSaviq, what do you need to have rerun?19:43
fgintherrobru, these run on http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/19:43
elopiooh, so nice. I want more of them.19:43
Saviqfginther, http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/lastBuild/?19:43
Saviqelopio, we should move *all* of them to autopkgtests19:43
Saviqelopio, like we should only have autopkgtest jobs in jenkins19:43
Saviqelopio, no testrunners, no qmluitests runners19:44
Saviqjust dep8 runners19:44
fgintherrobru, are you able to login to d-jenkins? All you need to do is rebuild that job19:44
SaviqI can log in, can't do anything in there though ;)19:44
elopioSaviq: so, we shouldn't run qml tests  on dh_auto_test?19:45
Saviqelopio, no, in autopkgtests19:45
robrufginther, logged in, but what job?19:45
fgintherrobru, http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/19:45
Saviqelopio, or well, it depends19:45
elopioSaviq: hum, I was trying to put the address book qml tests in autopkgtests, and pitti recommend to move them to build time.19:45
elopiomaybe we can run them twice?19:46
robrufginther, uh ok, building...19:46
Saviqelopio, can they run without X?19:46
Saviq(or xvfb)19:46
Saviqrobru, thanks19:46
robruSaviq, oh you're welcome. I thought this was elopio's thing still ;-)19:46
fginthersergiusens, --developer-mode is a go. I've update the jobs on s-jenkins and they are working19:47
fgintherplars, ^19:47
sergiusensfginther: great thanks19:47
sergiusensfginther: plars I'm going to probably do this on Monday since you guys are going to be out tomorrow19:47
elopioSaviq: I think not. We are using xvfb.19:47
sergiusensI assume that at least19:47
elopiooh, I missed your parentheses. Yes, xvfb.19:47
plarssergiusens: well, apparently we have an outage on Monday19:47
sergiusensand this would give time for ogra_ to land it in the ui19:47
sergiusensplars: lol19:48
Saviqelopio, so, pitti might tell you otherwise, but I thought it's a waste of builders time to run them all19:48
sergiusensplars: perfect timing :-)19:48
plarssergiusens: the adb hosts will be affected19:48
sergiusensyeah, I saw the email, just not the date :-)19:48
Saviqrobru, hit me again!19:48
plarssergiusens: so that could make it a good, or a bad time depending on your perspective :)19:48
plarssergiusens: depending on when you land it, it may not get tested until much later19:49
sergiusensplars: sort of good; the toggle is on the android side so ci support for the transition is a tricky one19:49
elopioSaviq: as long as they run on the MPs, I don't care if it's during the build, from a jenkins job or from the autopkgjobs.19:49
elopiobut currently we are not running autopkg on MPs, I think.19:49
sergiusensmakes sense19:49
sergiusensI'll discuss with ogra_ tomorrow then19:49
plarssergiusens: if we have --developer-mode in the udf we have now, will there be an updated one we need to make it really do something useful? or does it completely hinge on the android change19:50
Saviqelopio, we're not, but we should19:51
Saviqelopio, all autopilot tests should be put in autopkgtests19:52
Saviqand well, vila says so, too!19:52
elopioSaviq: agree to that.19:52
Saviqrobru, thanks again :)19:52
elopioSaviq: I'll ask pitti tomorrow to see if we can make a clear distinction of what should go where.19:52
robruSaviq, you're welcome19:52
oSoMoNrobru, hey, any idea what failed there? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-018-1-build/93/console19:53
oSoMoNit looks like the source package never made it to the PPA, not sure why19:53
elopioping plars: Chris Gagnon is writing a long-running tests suite to collect crashes from random autopilot gestures19:54
elopioI think they should run on the daily image just like the health check tests you recently added.19:54
elopioAny thoughts?19:54
plarselopio: how long would it run?19:54
robruoSoMoN, well the silo is empty so I'm guessing the package upload failed or was rejected...19:55
robruthough no idea why19:55
plarselopio: also, did he take it over from someone? istr someone talking about this tool at the client sprint19:55
plarsbut it wasn't chris19:56
robrufginther, do you know where the rejection emails go for ci train silo builds? I never get those19:56
elopioplars: that was thomi's demo on the sprint.19:57
elopioCurrently, we can get them running for ~20 minutes or until the first crash occurs.19:57
elopiowhen we are not able to find crashers for 20 minutes, we should increase that time.19:58
plarselopio: ok, just making sure we don't have multiple people working on it and not talking :)19:58
dobeySaviq, mterry, robru: so is landing-013 being landed now?19:58
plarselopio: 20 min. isn't horrible, but we should talk about it19:58
fgintherrobru, the should go to the lp user who signed the package I would assume19:58
thomiplars: yeah, I handed it over :)19:58
* mterry defers to robru19:59
plarsthomi: it's cool stuff, I've been hoping for something like this for a while. Similar concept to monkey for android19:59
thomiplars: elopio: but please bear in mind that we already had this discussion about running these tests, and the lack of hardware was the blocker19:59
thomiplars: ack19:59
elopioplars: I think with the current status, it would never run the full 20 minutes. But we'll have to see.19:59
robrudobey, nobody indicated silo 13 was ready for release19:59
plarsI'm told that OEMs say "ship it" when they can finesse their way to a 24 hour monkey run on a device19:59
robrufginther, so ps-jenkins?19:59
thomiplars: elopio: so the compromise we came to was to get chris gagnon to run tem at his house, since it required less up front work19:59
dobeyrobru: oh. i thought that's why you were asking about the pay-service dep :)19:59
plarselopio: so the big questions that stick out for me are things like "how do we treat pass/fail on it?" "can it ever run more than 20 min?"20:00
thomiplars: I'm pretty sure you were there for that meeting? It was ev, jfunk, myself and you (I thought)20:00
dobeyrobru: anyway, it's good. so please land it :)20:00
robrudobey, no it was unity8 release in silo 5 that has that pay service dep20:00
robrudobey, ok20:00
plarsthomi: yep20:00
fgintherrobru, perhaps, I thought the ci-train had a different bot user, but my memory is fuzzy20:00
robrudobey, oh actually you'll have to rebuild unity8 in silo 13 after silo 5 lands20:00
fgintherrobru, ps-jenkins email goes to a mailing list and I think I'm still on it20:00
plarsthomi: I think there were other concerns about why at the time, I don't recall the detail though20:00
robrufginther, can you check for a recent rejection in silo 18?20:01
fgintheronly 36000 emails there20:01
robrufginther, IIRC I applied for that ML but was never approved20:01
dobeywhy did silo 5 have a pay-service dep20:01
fgintherrobru, found it20:01
plarselopio: my assumption is that it would not be boxed in at 20 min. right? we should try to run as long as possible?20:01
elopiothomi: hum, jfunk asked me to try to get this running and showing results on the dashboard, which I think would be great.20:01
elopioI think having to wait 20 more minutes for the results in order to collect crashes in a systematic way it's worth it.20:01
robrudobey, no idea20:01
elopioplars: until we have a mako 24/7 for this tests, we can just define a good time limit.20:01
thomielopio: ok, maybe he forgot the discussion we had in malta, or maybe he has some other plan20:01
fgintherrobru, I forwarded the email20:01
elopioto start, 20 minutes sounds reasonable for me.20:01
robrufginther, thanks20:02
jfunkelopio: plars: I am not sure I asked for it to be pass / fail on the dashboard20:02
plarselopio: the other thing is how to gauge the result20:02
thomielopio: I agree that it'd be a good thing to do, I'm just making sure you're aware of the previous discussions we've had20:02
jfunkelopio: plars: or at least, not blocking20:02
dobeyrobru: with silo 5 landing, we can just drop unity8 from silo 13.20:02
plarsjfunk: yeah, that's what I'm driving at... we could put a result there, which has the distinct advantage of being more visible20:02
robruoSoMoN, oh derp, so ci train gave your webbrowser-app build and dbarths' the same version umber, force rebuild should fix it20:02
dobeyrobru: the payments-button MP is in silo 5 too it looks like20:02
elopioplars: pass will be 20 minutes without failure. But this should not block for now, just as the health checks.20:02
plarsjfunk: but the result is likely always going to be "fail"20:02
jfunkelopio: plars: thomi: yeah, I would just like to run these every time with the crashers going up20:03
oSoMoNrobru, ok, thanks20:03
elopioplars: not always :) If we make sure that the crashes are fixed, it will tend to green.20:03
plarselopio, jfunk: are you happy with the test in it's current state? do you believe it's ready for us to be running it in ci now?20:03
elopioplars: no, not yet.20:03
elopiowe first have to package them and put them on the archive.20:04
elopioChris is working on that.20:04
plarselopio: yeah, but then we get to 25 min. and it crashes, and eventually a full day20:04
elopioplars: at that point, maybe we can look for stats. How long do people run their phones without it getting locked?20:04
plarsbased on android results for a similar test, my gut tells me we won't have to worry about *truly* long runs20:05
plarselopio: yeah, I think if it starts running too long, we figure out how to make it more abusive20:05
elopioplars: yes, it would not be a really useful test if it runs for 3 hours without crashes. It consumes too many test resources, without a lot of value.20:06
elopioat that point it might be better to start looking at the crashes that the users send.20:06
thomiplars: elopio, please make sure you submit the TTF to the nfss system20:06
thomiwhich should be deployed by then :)20:06
plarselopio: send me some information and I'll start poking at it and figure out a strategy for integrating it into ci20:06
elopiothomi: so many letters to remember :)20:07
thomielopio: too many TLAs?20:07
elopioplars: thanks. I'll keep you on the loop of Chris's progress.20:07
plarselopio: ah, while I'm thinking about it though... I was noticing that memevent that jcollado worked on a while back is no longer working on utopic20:07
plarselopio: do you have someone on your team that could take a look at fixing it? http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/memevent-utopic-touch-armhf-default-mako/20:07
elopiojfunk: ^20:08
plarselopio: it's another one that might make a good candidate for nfss as well20:08
elopioagree. I'm not sure we have people though. Maybe after Chris finishes with this one he would like to take over memevent.20:08
dobeyrobru: can you drop the unity8 mp from silo 013 then, and land it with just the pay-service bits?20:08
robrudobey, oh is it redundant? yeah i can do that20:09
dobeyrobru: yeah20:09
dobeyit got included in silo 005 too20:09
robrudobey, awesome.20:10
robrudobey, this is my favorite part about letting people have a component in more than one silo at a time20:11
dobeyquantum silos20:11
Saviqdobey, oh sorry, thought mhr3 took care of removing that20:14
Saviqrobru, http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/ failed again20:14
dobeyoh right, i added a couple recommends20:16
dobeyrobru: ^^ that should be a trivial ack :)20:16
robrudobey, yep ;-)20:16
robruSaviq, greyback, mzanetti, so unity8 just got published from silo 5, you guys wanna rebuild your unity8s in silos 9 and 6?20:17
Saviqrobru, yup, will do20:17
robruSaviq, thanks20:17
robruoSoMoN, ugh, webbrowser-app is gonna fail again, same version number again20:19
robruoSoMoN, going to give you a different silo20:20
Saviqrobru_, still failed :| those tests are really bad20:38
robru_Saviq, yeah i have no idea what's going on there20:38
Saviqrobru_, well, I do20:38
Saviqrobru_, bug #133665020:39
ubot5bug 1336650 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "some autopilot tests seem to be flaky" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133665020:39
robru_Saviq, yeah, but why? why are they flaky? ;-)20:39
Saviqrobru_, because they're badly written ;)20:39
Saviqrobru_, https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/clean_tests/+merge/22543720:39
oSoMoNrobru_, thanks for the new silo!20:42
robru_oSoMoN, you're welcome20:42
fgintherelopio, looks like it works now: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/1825/testReport/20:44
=== robru_ is now known as robru
elopiofginther: \o/20:45
elopionext, I'll put it in the archive.20:45
fgintherelopio, cool20:46
elopiofginther: will we have auto-landing to trunk?20:46
fgintherelopio,unity-scope-click is still not all passing http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-utopic/1104/20:46
fgintherelopio, yes, autolanding is enabled for the time being20:47
fgintherelopio, I'm going to keep the unity-scope-click tests enabled, but they are set to not fail the overall -ci job20:48
elopiofginther: same keyring problem :(20:48
elopiofginther: I can skip the tests that use credentials there, for now.20:49
elopiofginther: another thing, can these jenkins runners access the internet?20:49
fgintherelopio, no, they cannot due to the default firewall rules20:53
elopiook, that's good. That's what's causing the other error.20:54
elopioFor now, I'll just skip everything that will make it fail, and then enable then one by one.20:54
bfillerpopey: new versions of camera and gallery uploaded to store, AP tests working for both21:13
popeybfiller: k21:14
popeybfiller: approved both21:14
bfillerpopey: thanks21:19
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oSoMoNrobru, can silo 5 be published, please?22:02
=== 18VAAOQDS is now known as mterry
elopiorobru or fginther: can you help me figuring out why this failed?22:10
elopiocould not import package online_accounts_ui: No module named online_accounts_ui22:10
fgintherelopio, I don't know at the moment. It looks like phablet-test-run is trying to use autopilot 1.4. Are these python3 tests?22:14
elopioahh, right. Same error with the warning probably.22:15
elopiofginther: how do you know when it's tring to run py2?22:17
fgintherelopio, 21:29:46.666 INFO run:216 - Autopilot Source Version: 1.4.022:18
elopioah, it should be autopilot 1.522:19
elopiook, got it.22:19
fgintherelopio, I don't quite understand, the prior run used 1.5: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/1824/console22:27
elopiofginther: for what branch is that one? I probably started getting the warning when I refactored the tests.22:28
elopiothat's the branch that's a prerequisite for this one, not yet landed.22:29
fgintherelopio, ahh, the one that used 1.5 was a test against trunk22:30
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