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nigelbhello mhall11913:48
popeyhappy pre-4th july13:48
belkinsao/ nigelb and mhall11913:48
mhall119hey nigelb, how's it going?13:48
belkinsaAnd popey13:48
mhall119good morning belkinsa13:48
belkinsaAnd thank you, tomorrow will be fun.13:48
nigelbhello folks :)13:49
nigelbOh, it's practically friday for the US.13:49
mhall119nigelb: thursday just started :-P13:59
nigelbmhall119: But you have a holiday tomorrow:)13:59
belkinsaGod, birds are stupid at time.13:59
belkinsaOne flew into the window for some reason.14:00
mhall119belkinsa: I had one come right into the house once14:04
mhall119was lots of fun getting it out14:04
popeyfamily member just got home to spain after a week or two away14:05
popeydead bird inside14:05
popeypoo on _everything_14:05
belkinsaThat did happen to me but it was one of our four cats who caught it in the first place.14:05
mhall119eeeeeeew :(14:05
belkinsaEw, I think once happened to me too.14:05
balloonsbirds are nothing. We used to get bats flying into the house :-_)14:48
czajkowskijose: ping my mail to the LC was rejected15:48
joseczajkowski: pong, I didn't reject it17:32
elfyhi jose17:34
josehello, elfy :)17:35
dholbachhave a great rest of your day :)17:43

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