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pittiGood morning03:48
seb128good morning desktopers!06:00
larsuseb128: only 2:12 after pitti. You're getting there!06:55
pittibonjour seb128 et larsu, comment allez-vous ?06:55
pittiseb128: oui, tu est tôt aujourd'hui !06:55
seb128larsu, no way pitti is up at that time06:55
seb128I was unsure if 7am is morning but I'm sure before 6am is not :p06:56
seb128pitti, salut, ça va bien ! et toi ?06:56
larsupitti: ça va bien aussi. Et toi=06:56
pitti05:48:46   pitti | Good morning06:57
seb128pitti, I'm not even going to pretend trying to compete with that ... :-)06:57
pittiseb128, larsu: ça va bien aussi, merci ! un peu fatigue, mais je ne peux plus dormier :(06:57
pittiseb128: no, please don't06:57
pitti7:00 is nice, 5:30 is a nuisance06:57
seb128pitti, tu fais de l'insomnie ?06:57
seb1287:00 is actually ok, at least in summer when it's nice outside06:58
seb128not sure in winter when it's dark and raining06:58
pittiso around 4 there were some cats or martens which made terribly loud noises06:58
pittiat 4:30 my wife woke up, got up at 4:5006:58
pittiand my head started thinking and I couldn't stop it06:58
pittiso I gave up trying to sleep at 5:30 :)06:59
pittibut I'm quite used to it by now06:59
seb128well, at least you enjoy the nice and fresh start of day07:00
seb128not sure how is the weather in Germany today, they forecasted over 30°C in Lyon today07:00
pittiseb128: so far quite nice and sunny, but still "only" 20 degrees07:00
didrockswaow, winter there :)07:04
pittibonjour didrocks07:11
didrocksguten morgen pitti07:11
seb128Saviq, rsalveti: some parts of the suru silo are blocked in proposed because ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles is outdated and makes ubuntu-touch uninstallable on i386/amd6407:31
seb128outdated = still on 1.47 where the ui toolkit got updated to 4807:31
seb128is any of you looking at that?07:32
Saviqseb128, first I've heard of that...07:32
seb128# apt-get install ubuntu-touch unity8 unity8-common qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin07:33
seb128The following packages have unmet dependencies:07:33
seb128 ubuntu-touch : Depends: qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-plugin-gles but it is not going to be installed07:33
Saviqseb128, yeah I understand, do you know any details about the -gles package?07:33
Saviqlike is there a branch somewhere or is this a source only package07:33
seb128Saviq, no, which is why I'm asking...07:34
Saviqseb128, I *just* found out that package exists...07:34
seb128I don't know much about it07:34
seb128out of that rsalveti dupped a bunch of those packages for the i386 emulator07:34
seb128keeping them in sync is annoying though, not the first time we get bitten by it07:35
darkxsthey all07:35
seb128sil2100, ^ do you know about ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles?07:35
darkxstpitti, gvfs bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-settings-daemon/+bug/1069964/comments/2307:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1069964 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Unable to mount Blank CD-R disc. Location is already mounted." [Low,Confirmed]07:36
Saviqseb128, TBH I don't know what to do with that... sil2100, do you know anything about how do we deal with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles ?07:37
sil2100seb128: hey! I just know about its existance and that rsalveti asked to duplicate changes we make to the standard packages to the -gles packages07:37
seb128sil2100, can you do that? ;-)07:37
Saviqoh /me should read07:38
seb128that's currently blocking part of the suru transition07:38
seb128rsalveti, hey ;-)07:38
* Saviq didn't get the memo07:38
rsalvetiso, we're duplicating a few packages, yeah07:38
rsalvetibut the problem is that we're not updating it when landing new versions of the original packages07:38
rsalvetilet me take a look07:38
sil2100seb128: I never did that, but I guess rsalveti would do it much faster, as he's a core dev ;)07:38
sil2100rsalveti: thanks!07:38
seb128rsalveti, should the ubuntu-ui-toolkit test/landing page hints that gles needs to be updated in sync?07:38
seb128rsalveti, thanks07:38
rsalvetiseb128: yup, that's what I asked when I enabled the x86 emulator07:39
rsalvetibut not sure if that happened :-)07:39
Saviqand maybe even citrain should have a check for a few of those to prevent publishing if both are not updated?07:39
seb128sil2100, ^ what do you think?07:39
rsalvetialso something I asked before, maybe sil2100 can do such thing07:39
rsalvetilet me update the tookit07:39
Saviqshould not be crazy difficult, and sounds like without it we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot all the time07:39
sil2100seb128, Saviq: I can add a check in the publish phase indeed, that wouldn't be perfectly beautiful but at least practical ;)07:40
darkxstLaney, I can't reproduce any issue with monitors.xml, seems to be applied properly on login, and is saved properly from u-c-c provided call into the dbus api before timeout07:40
seb128sil2100, that would be nice07:40
sil2100Let me do that then07:40
Saviqrsalveti, for future reference, do you just apply the diff from distro to the source package or?07:40
rsalvetiSaviq: yeah07:40
rsalvetiSaviq: unless there are packaging differences, then we need to be a bit more careful07:41
Saviqrsalveti, and is there a list of those dupes somewhere?07:41
darkxstLaney, there may be issues with hotplugging a display though, but I don't have real hardware to test that on07:41
rsalvetiwe have in emails, let me get the list07:41
rsalvetiSaviq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7740743/ the email I sent to the landing team while ago07:43
* Saviq will keep that in mind07:45
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rsalvetiSaviq: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles/0.1.48+14.10.20140701.2-0ubuntu108:02
Saviqrsalveti, thanks and sorry about that08:02
rsalvetino worries :-)08:02
Laneydarkxst: it's not applied right for me08:03
seb128Laney, hey, how are you?08:04
didrockshey Laney!08:04
Laneyweeeeeeeeeeeeeellllll my alarm "didn't go off" this morning08:05
Laneyso I have been up about 30 minutes :P08:05
Laneyother than that, good08:05
Laneyhey didrocks too!08:06
Laneyhow's lyon?08:06
darkxstLaney, do any errors get logged?08:07
didrocksLaney: as awesome as usual :)08:07
seb128Laney, 9am, seems your normal "good morning IRC" time ;-)08:07
didrocksI'll let seb128 confirm :p08:07
Laneyyeah I'm eating breakfast at desk08:07
seb128I see08:07
Laneythe schedule is all powerful!08:07
seb128Laney, Lyon is great, the rain yesterday morning was a small glitch, weather is back to south-of-france sunny ;-)08:07
Laneydarkxst: where are the logs?08:08
darkxstI think they end up .cache/upstart/dbus.log08:08
darkxstLaney, also does reloading `unity-settings-daemon -r` apply the config?08:11
Laneyit is applied, just not correctly08:12
Laneydon't see anything interesting in the log08:12
darkxstwhat happens exactly? I switch my monitors (in a VM but still) via u-c-c, send the dbus, logout, come back and they are still switched08:14
Laneythe resolution is correct but the position is wrong08:14
Laneythe left monitor is on the right08:14
Laneyi.e. going off its left edge brings me to the right edge of the right monitor08:15
Laneydarkxst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7740870/08:19
Laneytry applying something like that, probably have to fudge it a bit08:19
darkxstLaney, was that generated by u-c-c or a custom one?08:22
Laneyactually I cut it down a bit to see if some earlier stuff was causing the bug08:23
Laneycan give you the full one if you want, didn't make a difference that I can see08:23
darkxstLaney, my VM won't do different resolutions on the monitors ;(08:39
darkxstand I can't logout/reboot right now08:39
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Laneydarkxst: Hmm09:45
Laneyit gets to the case "No previous configuration found, try with a really default one"09:45
darkxstLaney, gah, I don't think it should even get to that, unless its not picking up your existing config for some reason10:29
Laneyno idea10:29
LaneyIt's hard to figure out the flow of this code10:30
LaneyI know that it does read and parse monitors.xml10:30
darkxstLaney, make_default should only be called if applying the previous config failed10:35
darkxstand its kind of hard to debug, when I can't reproduce10:37
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didrocksdesrt: larsu: hey, do you have any idea how I can ensure that I've process all timeout_add sources (I don't repeat them) when calling mainloop.quit() before exiting the application?12:54
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larsudidrocks: g_main_context_pending() tells you whether there are any pending events left13:16
larsudidrocks: I don't know if pending means "in the current iteration", or in general13:16
larsubut desrt will know that :)13:17
didrockslarsu: I tried that, it seems to be only for idle_add source event13:17
desrtdidrocks: not possible13:17
desrtdidrocks: you have to keep track for yourself13:17
didrockslarsu: not for timeouts add13:17
didrocksok, at least, the answer is clear :)13:17
desrtthis is a frequently asked question and it's one of those things that's harder than it seems...13:17
didrocksthanks larsu, desrt ;)13:17
desrtlarsu: pending means "will fire now"13:17
larsudesrt: yeah I had a feeling...13:18
desrtthe problem with asking "are there any sources attached now?" is that quite a lot of our events (and really, all of the interesting ones) come not from sources but from future not-yet-created sources13:18
desrtthink pending async callbacks as the best example13:19
desrtor signals from dbus/gsettings/inotify13:19
didrocksyeah, can be, indeed13:20
larsu"for english, please press 9"13:23
larsu[continues speaking in french]13:23
Laneyplease say NEIN13:25
desrteveryone knows that english is 1 and french is 213:27
larsudesrt: not in France...13:27
seb128larsu, who are you calling?13:27
larsunothing is French13:27
larsuand everything else is French as well13:27
larsuseb128: air france :/13:27
desrtit's so utterly universal that french is 2 that even when you call a place that has english as the default language for which you have to press nothing it will ask you "press 2 for french"13:28
larsuit's actually english now after I called again13:28
desrteven though there is no 113:28
seb128larsu, do you need help? :-)13:28
seb128larsu, how come you are flying french?13:28
seb128they are always on strike, so "flying" might be a strong word13:28
Laneyoh wait13:28
larsuseb128: I don't think so. Waiting in line and the roboter lady speaks English, so should be fine13:28
seb128why do you want to be grounded in FranceE?13:28
desrtLaney: nononono.  the 'e' is for England13:28
* desrt thinks that Laney doesn't know what the ç means13:30
* didrocks does note that concorde was an UK-FR project :)13:31
* Laney goes away13:31
* seb128 catches Laney and bring him back13:31
didrockshe can't escape, we are 2!13:31
Laneythe power of SUPERSONIC FLIGHT will enable my escape!13:32
seb128Laney, you better surrender13:32
seb128Laney, just wave the white flag, that's fine13:34
LaneyMy terms are: 1. Access to real ale as defined by CAMRA, 2. Access to climbing13:35
rickspencer3seb128, Laney, etc... how's the Unity 8/Mir image coming along?13:36
seb128rickspencer3, it's there and working13:36
rickspencer3seb128, I'll try it next week!13:37
seb128not really usable13:37
rickspencer3seb128, what is keeping it from being usable?13:37
seb128but that's the state of those component from upstream13:37
larsuseb128: not for me :) Faina is in Paris with some of her students and they forgot to specify luggage. The website won't let me add it13:37
larsuseb128: now I'm in a call with them and she doesn't seem to be able to either13:37
seb128larsu, oh, ok13:37
larsuseb128: thanks for offering help :)13:37
larsushe speaks english and understands if13:38
seb128rickspencer3, the webbrowser segfault on start, clicks don't run because qmlscene default to qt4 by default13:38
seb128-by default13:38
seb128(I emailed ubuntu-devel@ about the best way to resolve that, no real outcome yet though)13:39
rickspencer3seb128, oh, sounds like some work to do :)13:39
seb128rickspencer3, then bugs and missing wm13:39
seb128larsu, just speak french, it's going to be easier13:39
seb128larsu, keep saying "je ne sais pas"13:39
Laneyit does install and run though, if you have the right hardware13:39
larsunow she's going on the website herself13:39
larsu"you can't add it on the website, neither can you cancel the checkin"13:40
larsu"yes I can, I'll do it!"13:40
larsu"oh, it doesn't work... hm"13:40
seb128french quality (tm)13:41
GunnarHjHi pitti13:49
pittihey GunnarHj, how are you?14:28
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GunnarHjpitti: Fine, hope you are too.14:32
GunnarHjpitti: New langpack update round soon.14:32
GunnarHjpitti: ubuntu-docs was built yesterday for trusty-proposed. Are with that the updated localized pages available when building the language-pack-gnome-xx-base packages, or does it need to be moved to -updates first?14:32
pittiGunnarHj: I am, yes, thanks14:32
pittiGunnarHj: no, being built is enough; but we need to manually trigger a -base refresh, it doesn't happen via cron14:33
GunnarHjpitti: Can you do that? Next testing period starts July 10.14:34
pittiGunnarHj: I disabled the automatic cronjob and requested a full export on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs14:34
pittiGunnarHj: once that lands, I'll build and upload14:34
pittiGunnarHj: the next regular build would be on July 7, so that fits14:35
GunnarHjpitti: Great; thanks for letting me know.14:35
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Laneymvo: yo14:59
Laneyhow does apt decide when to download Translation-*?14:59
LaneyE: Encountered a section with no Package: header14:59
LaneyE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_stable_non-free_i18n_Translation-en14:59
LaneyE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.14:59
Laneylaney@iota>                                                                                                                                ~14:59
Laneylaney@iota> head -2 /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_stable_non-free_i18n_Translation-en                                    ~14:59
Laney<!DOCTYPE html>14:59
Laney<html lang="en" xmlns:og="http://ogp.me/ns#" xmlns:fb="https://www.facebook.com/2008/fbml" class="" >14:59
LaneyI don't see this under http://repository.spotify.com/dists/stable/ though15:00
* seb128 hands a pastebin to Laney15:00
* Laney gets crushed15:00
mvoLaney: hm, that rings a bell15:01
mvoLaney: I'm in a meeting right now, could you ping me again so that I can find the bugnumber?15:01
seb128Laney, let me know when you test u-s-s so I can land it ;-)15:12
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Laneynew icons...15:16
mvoLaney: hm, can you give me your sources.list so that I can  reproduce?15:19
Laneymvo: deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free15:19
Laneyseb128: -1 :(15:20
Laneyupdate-uis-tweaks adds a visible: false which is a duplicate15:20
Laneymakes the page not load15:20
seb128how did that happen?15:20
mvothanks Laney15:21
seb128Laney, thanks, fixing that15:22
seb128Laney, can you delete that line manually and try again?15:25
Laneyseb128: yeah, I did15:26
seb128Laney, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/update-uis-tweaks/revision/75115:26
Laneyline 264 in system-update/PageComponent.qml15:26
didrocksmvo: and an apt question for you!15:26
didrocksmvo: on my amd64, if I do apt.Cache()["libncurses5:amd64"], it returns the expected package15:27
mvoLaney: hm, can't reproduce :/15:27
didrockshowever, for seb128, on i386, apt.Cache()["libncurses5:i386"] is a fail (not in cache)15:28
Laneymvo: maybe they fixed it, lemme update15:28
didrockswhere it works on my amd64 if I add the multi-arch thingy15:28
mvodidrocks: right, seb has no multiarch system15:28
mvodidrocks: that is expected (but I do understand that its a bit unexpected)15:28
didrocksthe unexpected is expected :p15:29
mvodidrocks: in both cases the "short" name with out the ":" will work15:29
Laneymvo: try with en_GB if you can15:29
Laneyor at least some kind of en15:29
didrocksmvo: any way to detect that it's not a no multiarch system?15:29
didrocksis it like dpkg --print-foreign-architectures15:29
didrocksreturns nothing?15:29
didrocksand so not multiarch15:29
seb128mvo, what is expected? that seb lives in the past and has i386? ;-)15:30
mvodidrocks: yes, check doc/examples/architecture.py15:31
mvodidrocks: hm, well, or use apt_pkg.get_architectures()15:31
mvodidrocks: i.e. python -c 'import apt; print(apt.apt_pkg.get_architectures())'15:32
didrocksmvo: yeah, that's what I'm using already, I was just expecting though that :current-arch would work as on my amd64 :)15:32
mvodidrocks: I guess we could make it do that, it, it just wasn't on the radar15:32
mvoseb128: *cough*15:32
mvoLaney: hm, ok, let me try harder15:32
seb128mvo, jaja, wait for tomorrow15:33
didrocksmvo: I think it would make sense, I'll probably propose something… :)15:33
* didrocks adds a TODO and strip for now15:33
mvoseb128: aha, TGIF, right?15:33
* Laney watched didrocks strip15:34
seb128mvo, yeah, and Germany vs France15:34
didrocksLaney: sure sure, you will be disappointed :p15:34
davmor2seb128: Man that must be a Tough match for a German like you to watch right /me ducks quick15:34
seb128davmor2, you mean one I can be on the winning side whatever team wins? ;-)15:35
davmor2seb128: Or the Loser either way15:35
seb128heh, it's not friday yet, stop the trolling! ;-)15:36
mvoseb128: aha, its the worldcup15:36
seb128mvo, you forgot, right?15:36
mvoseb128: yeah, what side are you on actually?15:36
seb128mvo, not credible15:36
seb128mvo, France this time ;-)15:36
davmor2seb128: Yes mvo was too busy watching Cricket and Tennis15:36
mvodavmor2: haha, indeed15:37
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mvoLaney: \o/ can reproduce15:40
mvoLaney: needed to add the key15:40
Laneymvo: a-ha!15:41
LaneyI tried to get the file using my browser but failed miserably15:41
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mvoLaney: as a workaround you can use -o Acquire::Languages=none15:45
mvoLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742494/ <- that should fix it15:53
Laneymvo: Nice. The diff on its own isn't very enlightening though. :)15:53
Laneyare you just turning off the check?15:54
mvoLaney: I tun it on :)15:54
mvoLaney: its a multitude of issues actually :/15:54
seb128Laney, u-s-s looking good without that line?15:56
Laneyis it built?15:56
Laneystill building, just finished16:04
seb128I'm afaik for a bit but going to read scrollback when I'm back and publish if testing is not pointing new issues16:09
Laneyseb128: looks okay to me now ;-)16:20
mvoLaney: fix pushed into git, should be part of the next upload16:21
Laneymvo: nice16:21
mvoLaney: probably worth a sru as well16:21
Laneydo you think it's worth doing sooner?16:21
* mvo makes a note16:21
Laneyfeels like everyone using spotify's repo will hit this16:22
mvoLaney: my actual fix looks a bit different, but yeah, feel free to uplaod the latest git commit on top of apt (after you verified it of course :)16:22
* mvo really needs to leave for dinner now16:22
mvoLaney: and thanks for the notificaiton about the issue!16:22
Laneynp, thanks for the fix!16:24
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chrisccoulsonseb128, https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/4272274/+listing-archive-extra ;)16:37
chrisccoulson(has unity 8 desktop fixes in)16:37
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seb128Laney, thanks16:52
seb128chrisccoulson, \o/16:52
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