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belkinsashaunm, was there anything on resource management at the OHC this year?14:35
belkinsapmatulis, morning.  I'm thinking about what you said about resource management of our team.14:35
pmatulisbelkinsa: yep14:36
belkinsaI understand that we still need the Community Help Wiki, but we can't just leave it to the users to edit it when needed.  There should be something that points the user to the Community Wiki Help page before they edit the page or at least the Style Guide.14:37
pmatulisbelkinsa: it's not possible to block them or force them to some starter page.  we just need to stop encouraging them the way we presently do14:44
belkinsaI guess if it's community-driven, then the community can keep it going but the fear is the mess that I'm always seeing.  Maybe just because I'm a neat-freak, it's bugging me.14:46
belkinsaI suppose you are right.  But I think we still need the admins to delete and rename pages if needed.14:47
pmatulisbelkinsa: thanks for being a neat-freak.  we need that14:49
pmatulisbelkinsa: yes, if there really are admins that patrol the wiki they should be actively deleting rotten pages and recommending good pages be promoted to official docs14:50
belkinsaAnd that's not happening at all.14:50
pmatulisi have my doubts too14:50
pmatulisdo you mean the patrols themselves or the deleting/recommending?14:51
pmatuliswe should have a talk with the wiki admin team14:51
pmatulisand find out exactly what their level of involvment is14:52
belkinsaIndeed, but it has some inactive members.14:52
pmatulislet's put that on the next Wiki meeting agenda14:52
pmatulismake sure some of them show up, they need to be explicitly invited14:52
belkinsaI will.14:53
pmatulisthanks a lot14:53
belkinsaNot a problem.14:53
belkinsaYou think we can keep your item on resource management for the next meeting?14:54
pmatulissure, but we'll need to be more precise on what is meant14:56
pmatulisi gave a list of 4 numbers yesterday that summarizes my POV14:56
pmatulis+ moving the wiki under the community sub-domain14:57
belkinsaBut still have the admins patrol it, right?14:59
belkinsapmatulis, you do have a point about the wiki.  It's community-driven and not really documentation.  The Doc Team focuses on keeping the offical docs up-to-date and it should be that way.15:09
pmatuliswell, the official docs are also community-driven15:09
* belkinsa faceplams15:10
pmatulissure, keep the admins patrolling the wiki, for what it's worth15:10
belkinsaBut would you rather have up-to-date doc than a random wiki page that never gotten updated in years?15:11
belkinsaI must go, thanks for chatting with me pmatulis.  This could finish via e-mail, either to me (belkinsa@ubuntu.com) or to the List.15:18
pmatulisbelkinsa: up-to-date docs but i don't see the connection with the wiki patrols15:18

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