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ricotzNoskcaj, btw you might want to look into a proper libgtop2 update08:39
NoskcajI'll look into it after dinner.08:40
ricotzno pressue08:40
ricotzno pressure08:40
* darkxst wonders what happened there? haven't really looked, but noticed it was quickly reverted!08:40
ricotzignoring lintian with waving flags ;)08:41
darkxstricotz, I see, yet someone still sponsored the upload?08:44
ricotzthis screams for a symbols file08:46
Noskcajdarkxst, I assumed a small merge because of the tiny upstream changelog, then didn't lintian my pbuilder result, then someone sponsored my crappy upload08:50
NoskcajI'll try and get to it eventually, but it seems upower is more pression08:54
Noskcajdarkxst, Are the patched ucc and gcc ready for the transition?08:59
darkxstNoskcaj, they work, although I think it might be better to backport entire power plugin for (g|u)-s-d09:05
NoskcajSo now we wait for the phone and desktop teams09:05
NoskcajAnd i should probably contact gilir09:05
darkxstmore info from kubuntu guys would be good also09:07
darkxstsince I don't understand how device management could be affected by systemd vs logind09:08
darkxstsystemd vs upstart even09:09
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darkxstNoskcaj, can you do bug 128355122:52
ubot5bug 1283551 in Ubuntu GNOME "gjs-console crashed with signal 5" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128355122:52
* Noskcaj looks22:53
darkxstNoskcaj, the one marked glib is actually gobject-introspection22:55
NoskcajSo i package both patches?23:08
darkxstNoskcaj, yes, one in g-i and the other in gjs23:14
darkxstmake gjs depend on the new g-i23:14
darkxst<darkxst> Noskcaj, yes, one in g-i and the other in gjs23:20
darkxst<darkxst> make gjs depend on the new g-i23:20

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