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cjwatsonoi oi15:00
cjwatsonlet's see, I make it Barry, Brian, Steve off15:01
* stgraber waves15:01
cjwatson#topic Lightning round15:01
cjwatson$ echo $(shuf -e doko stgraber jodh cjwatson xnox caribou infinity mvo bhuey sil2100 robru)15:01
cjwatsonbhuey jodh robru doko sil2100 cjwatson caribou stgraber infinity mvo xnox15:01
* xnox win \o/15:03
cariboucjwatson: o/15:03
jodhI guess bhuey is also out, so...15:03
jodh* foundations-1305-upstart-work-items:15:03
jodh  - async support:15:03
jodh    - Working with xnox on async test issues.15:03
jodh    - Wrote lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/cgroups-and-process_data-reexec-test15:03
jodh      (which found a juicy bug :-)15:03
cjwatson(could be yeah, wasn't sure)15:03
jodh    - Reviewing MPs.15:03
jodh    - Testing, testing, testing...15:03
jodh* other:15:03
jodh  - Started reading up on click.15:03
jodh* TODO:15:03
jodh  - Fix intermittent re-exec crash15:03
jodh  - Review lp:~xnox/upstart/shrink-notifications MP.15:03
jodh  - Resolve test issues with lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/bug-1302117-remerged15:03
jodh  - Raise MP for test code that forces both possible races.15:03
jodh  - Release Upstart 1.13 and get it into the archive.15:03
cjwatsonGEAR to you too15:04
mvojodh: anything specific about click you are interessted in?15:04
* mvo is just curious15:04
robru* optimized nonfunctional stats service JS frontend code15:05
jodhmvo: I haven't looked at it all all so thought it was time I did :)15:05
robru* various and sundry landings15:05
robru* poked at CI Train support code in queuebot15:05
robru* committed but not released fix for bug in phablet-tools-citrain15:05
robru* minor packaging work for lp:qtmir15:05
mvojodh: :)15:05
sil2100doko: ? :)15:08
infinitydoko: *nudge*15:08
doko- openjdk-8 packaging, first version sent to a ftp-master for review (licenses)15:09
doko- openjdk-7 mentoring15:09
doko- working openjdk-7 hotspot build for ppc64el15:09
doko- one more round of gcc-4.8/gcc-4.9 updates, next week will be 4.9.115:09
doko- gcc-4.9 not yet the default15:09
doko- and updated an aarch64 toolchain for trusty15:09
infinitydoko: How's the progress on the C++11 ABI bump stuff going so we can switch back some day?15:09
infinitydoko: Guessing that's in tvoss's court or similar?15:10
dokoinfinity, enoclue, can't reach tvoss, and mir is ftbfs with 4.9, and mir team playing ping pong with the phone team15:10
cjwatsonPretty much I think, I need to poke him again about just build-deping on 4.8 and decoupling from the 4.9 transition15:10
cjwatsonI've cleared things with the mir team, aside from the ftbfs15:10
dokoahh, nice15:10
infinitycjwatson: That would be acceptable for now, yeah.15:10
sil2100Ok, let me proceed maybe o/15:10
infinitysil2100: Go for it. :)15:11
sil2100- Landing team work, dealing with TRAINCON-015:11
sil2100  * Incident documented in TRAINCON-0 incidents15:11
sil2100- Finishing work on the packaging rebase and sponsoring request for lucene++15:11
sil2100- Unblocking Mir from -proposed15:11
cjwatsonI suggested it on Friday/Monday or so and he said maybe but wanted to try 4.9 first15:11
sil2100  * Rebuilding glmark215:11
sil2100  * Pushing xorg-server rebuild15:11
sil2100- Uploading libqofono, pushing through NEW15:11
cjwatsonSo I think I should tell him to timeout :P15:11
sil2100- Landing bootcamp for Michael15:11
sil2100- Work on queuebot-related changes in CI Train15:11
sil2100- Fixes for lucene++ in Debian queue15:11
sil2100- Additions to the CI Train15:11
sil2100  * Informing (bailing out) on missing -gles counterparts15:11
sil2100  * Work on some of the feature requests, i.e. the 'Approved by' string15:11
sil2100  * Futile attempts to make dch generate better changelogs in citrain ;)15:11
sil2100- More tweaks and fixes to the old CI Train bot15:11
sil2100- Fix buttons for CI Train spreadsheet (designed new, uglier ones \o/)15:11
sil2100- Sadly not much time for +1 maint... but will definitely have now with mvo helping out wi15:11
sil2100th landings!15:11
cjwatsondoko: FYI tvoss is on leave today but will be around on Friday15:11
sil2100Uh oh, stray newline!15:11
sil2100Anyway, (done)15:11
cjwatson - Working on releasing launchpad-buildd 124 (fixes for coexistence of dak and LP builders; Edubuntu livefs build fix); required changes to puppet first, and checking whether it requires corresponding changes to scalingstack image creation.15:12
cjwatson - Made ubuntu-archive-publishing get its list of series for maintenance-check using launchpadlib, allowing me to then remove lp-query-distro.py from Launchpad.15:12
cjwatson - Discussing SDK / click chroot qmake/cmake integration with Alex and (by proxy) Benjamin.  Spent a while fighting with qmake to try to get it to produce more sensible output.15:12
cjwatson - Extended click coverage tests to cover the Vala code too.15:12
cjwatson - Several reviews.15:12
cjwatson - Working on landing click
cjwatson - Fixed merges.ubuntu.com a few times (it tends to get upset when source packages don't unpack properly).15:12
cjwatson - A few automake1.10 cleanups.15:12
cjwatson - Backported a GRUB patch to precise to fix installation on non-BIOS disks (bug 1336946).15:12
ubottubug 1336946 in grub2 (Ubuntu Precise) "grub-setup sometimes segfaults when installing to RAID" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133694615:12
cjwatsonG++ 4.9 discussions with Mir team and others.15:12
cjwatsonSome acceptance testing of the new CI engine.  Ran into bug 1337294.15:12
ubottubug 1337294 in Ubuntu CI Engine "Created ticket not being handled, never leaves New state" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133729415:12
cjwatsonPreparing to switch to a new ISP.  If I disappear for a while on Monday or so then that's why.15:12
xnoxcjwatson: qmake does not produce sensible output. By proxy alex was also discussing, i believe that same thing, with me as well.15:13
cjwatsonYeah, I know :)15:13
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cjwatsonI think you can ignore it unless you're already working on it ...15:13
cariboucjwatson: done ?15:13
cjwatsoncaribou: yes15:13
infinitycjwatson: NEW ISP!15:13
caribou* Work on sosreport 3.1 backport on Precise (python3)15:14
caribou* More work on Qemu/KVM 1.2 issues on Precise (custom backport)15:14
caribou* Work on Qemu live migration issue15:14
caribou* More work on backport of latest CVE to openssl 0.9.8 for precise (LP: #1331452)15:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1331452 in openssl098 (Ubuntu Utopic) "Please backport current CVEs for Precise LTS openssl098" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133145215:14
cjwatsoninfinity: well, won't help with the ADSL exchange distance directly, but the plan is to get bonded ADSL15:14
dokoohh, me too in a few days ... cable modem ...15:14
stgraber - Preparing LXC 1.1.0~alpha1, currently stuck on a thread-related regression.15:15
stgraber - Preparing LXC 1.0.5, will likely release next week.15:15
stgraber - Got working arm64 and ppc64el support for the upstream CI and image build.15:15
stgraber - Various code reviews and bug triaging.15:15
stgraber - Pushed a patch so that all containers now set a minimal seccomp blacklist.15:15
stgraber - Still working on a new LXC command line tool, almost ready to be shared a15:15
stgraber   bit more widely!15:15
stgraber 15:15
stgraber - Done some work preparing my internet simulation talk (LinuxCon NA)15:15
stgraber - The user namespace and GUI in container talk at the Security Summit was15:15
stgraber   accepted, trying to get it scheduled at a time where I can be there.15:15
stgraber - Preparing a talk proposal for LinuxCon Europe.15:15
stgraber 15:15
stgraberLanding team:15:15
stgraber - Some landing work (till end of June).15:15
stgraber - Worked a bit with Łukasz on getting better state information published by15:15
stgraber   the train for consumption by queuebot.15:15
stgraber 15:16
stgraberQueue bot:15:16
stgraber - Landing plugin: tracks the Google Spreadsheet (when Google doesn't give me a15:16
stgraber   500 or a socket timeout...) and notify when something is ready to be15:16
stgraber   processed by the team.15:16
stgraber - Silo plugin: tracks the silo states and notify when something changes. This15:16
stgraber   one will be extended a bit to be less spammy, hopefully today.15:16
stgraber - Did a bunch more bugfixes to have queuebot be even more reliable.15:16
stgraber 15:16
stgraber - SRU queue reviews.15:16
stgraber - Landing team work.15:16
stgraber - Alpha-115:16
infinityLast week:15:16
infinity - Vacation, bought a new (to me) car, accidentally worked a bit15:16
infinityNext week:15:16
infinity - Kernel SRU wrangling15:16
infinity - Emergency *package redacted* security issues15:16
infinity - Reviewing MPs and mangling d-i for trusty point release15:16
infinity - glibc SRU for the point release timeframe15:16
infinity - powerpc-specific SRUs for the point release timeframe15:16
mvo- Work on getting packages into precise-proposed15:17
mvo- Write test instructions15:17
mvo- Debug/fix Bug#75353115:17
mvo- misc bug work15:17
mvo- Bootcamp hangout with sil210015:17
mvo- Document what I learned https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/NewbieGuide15:17
mvo- Daily landing team meeting15:17
mvo- Landing team duty15:17
mvo- Create systemd hook lp:click-systemd15:17
mvo- Create first version of script that detects if libs that are15:17
mvo  not part of the manifest framework are used15:17
mvo  (lp:~mvo/click-reviewers-tools/check-libs)15:17
mvo- lp:~mvo/click/fix-testcase-rename15:17
mvo- lp:~mvo/click/lp1334611-getpwnam15:17
mvo- lp:~mvo/click/test-build-core-apps15:18
mvo- review/comment on gcov branch15:18
mvo- work on lp:~mvo/click/hook-integration-test15:18
mvo- Use/learn systemd on main machine15:18
mvo- Debug/fix systemd lightdm startup failure15:18
mvo- excercise the SDK15:18
mvo  (lp:~mvo/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/webapp-template-with-doc)15:18
mvo- fixes in autopkgtest pep8 failures15:18
mvo- hr.canonical.com15:18
mvoNext week:15:18
mvo- now part of the landing team, this will eat a lot of my time15:18
xnox* upstart:15:18
xnox  - in async code resolved the races:15:18
xnox    - double freeing async io handlers15:18
xnox    - race which may cause setup to be considered successful, when it wasn't15:18
xnox    - fixed tests to excercise above15:18
xnox    - raised merge proposal, awaiting review15:18
xnox  - reviewed branches for jodh, plus bughunting/reviews of above15:18
xnoxjodh, what's outstanding for an upstart release? On my count we have:15:18
xnox - umask bug not fixed (https://bugs.launchpad.net/upstart/+bug/1302117)15:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 1302117 in upstart "Session Init changes umask on re-exec" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:18
xnox - above pipe race-fix to merge15:18
xnox - re-exec tests and validation15:18
xnox - verify the boot failure of ubuntu touch (https://bugs.launchpad.net/upstart/+bug/1330692)15:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 1330692 in upstart "Upstart nightly doesn't boot Ubuntu Touch" [Critical,New]15:19
xnoxanything else?15:19
xnox- uncovered a pile of unicode/byte issues in laz.restfulclient thus15:19
xnoxporting is stalling for a little bit. Need to plan how to address15:19
xnoxAOB: in talks with many people to try something new and thus move from15:19
xnoxfoundations team by second week of August.15:19
dokoohh, lplib and python3 \o/15:19
cjwatson#topic AOB15:20
jodhxnox: re release => union of what I said + what you said :)15:20
xnoxjodh: ack.15:20
cjwatsonall I have is a reminder that if you're going to debconf then please send Steve talk suggestions, if you haven't already15:20
xnoxAOB - Happy Independence Day! =)15:20
cjwatsonIIRC the debconf deadline is the 7th15:20
xnox <imagine ascii art of american flag here (40 lines)>15:20
infinitycjwatson: I think we need to plan a Foundations sprint somewhere with plentiful booze and conditions that make it nearly impossible to work.  Please advise.15:20
xnoxinfinity: mountain biking in the alps? oh wait that was last debconf.15:21
cjwatsoninfinity: isn't that basically Canada?15:21
cjwatsonat least the northern bits :)15:21
dokoxnox, nah, that would be mountain skiing15:21
xnoxinfinity: there is always alaska =)15:21
infinityxnox: AKA Fake Canada?15:22
xnoxinfinity: ex-Russia?15:22
infinityxnox: We'll just call all of Alaska, eastern Russia and northern Canada ex-Mongolia then, shall we?15:23
cjwatsonI hear Antarctica is nice this time of year15:23
xnoxinfinity: *giggle* i like that.15:23
xnoxcjwatson: zero permanent residents, yet they get an internet domain....15:24
cjwatsonmy MP said recently that he reckoned he represented more (yes, non-permanent) residents of Antarctica than anyone else in parliament15:25
cjwatsondue to the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge15:25
infinityTrying to decide if your MP is funny or a twit.15:26
infinityAlso, why do you all hate penguins?15:26
infinity(And I suspect we're out of AOB)15:26
cjwatsonYup, I'd have ended the meeting except brief ADSL outage :)15:27
caribouIs having to suffer through a zillion (systemd .vs. non-systemd) e-mail threads mandatory in order to become Debian Maintainer15:28
cariboucjwatson: thanks15:28
caribougood; this won't make the meeting minutes ;-)15:28
cjwatsoncaribou: depends if by suffer through you mean delete15:29
cariboucjwatson: :)15:29
cariboubye everyone15:31
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czajkowskiCC come and say hi :)17:01
dholbachhi YokoZar, pleia2, czajkowski, elfy, cprofitt, mhall11917:01
elfyhi dholbach17:01
dholbachanyone I forgot? :)17:01
czajkowskifancy seeing you here :)17:01
mhall119I'm here17:02
YokoZarI'm fancy17:02
dholbach#chairs YokoZar pleia2 czajkowski elfy cprofitt mhall11917:03
czajkowskiYokoZar: of course you are :)17:03
dholbachI guess we're without a bot still17:03
elfyhas anyone actually been and asked about that?17:03
elfyit works fine in xubuntu-devel17:04
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda says we're meeting with the Lubuntu and Edubuntu folks17:04
dholbachhi AlanBell, if you are about, do you know who we could ask about the meeting bot?17:04
mhall119dholbach: #ubuntu-irc I would imagine, right?.17:05
elfyI asked17:06
elfyso did dholbach eventually :)17:06
pleia2the bot is still in #ubuntu-meeting-2 if we want to move over there17:06
elfyis there anyone here from Lubuntu and Edubuntu ?17:06
czajkowskistgraber: ping17:07
elfypleia2: I guess we could join there and shovel people across17:07
dholbachor someone else from https://launchpad.net/~edubuntu-council/+members17:07
stgraberI'm around, sort of17:07
* elfy makes note to remind people sooner 17:07
elfyhi stgraber17:07
mhall119doesn't matter to me, as long as we get started17:08
mhall119shall we just go without again today then and start with Edubuntu in here?17:10
elfyworks for me17:10
mhall119#topic Edubuntu catchup17:10
dholbachstgraber, how are things with Edubuntu? how did the LTS release go?17:11
mhall119hi stgraber17:11
elfythat'll be the sort of I assume :)17:14
stgraberthe LTS went well17:15
stgraberthe rest is going pretty much as usual17:15
dholbachand it's still mostly the edubuntu council working on things? do you have a lot of plans for 14.10?17:15
stgraberno plans for 14.10, we are an LTS-only flavour now17:15
mhall119stgraber: as a flavor, how do you feel about the work and decisions that have been going into Ubuntu itself? Have any of those been detrimental to Edubuntu?17:16
elfydholbach: sorry - meant to mention that17:16
dholbachstgraber, ahh ok - so the plans you are working on now are for 16.04 basically?17:16
stgraberand yeah, Edubuntu is mostly just Jonathan and I who are now officially co-leading the project (we still have the council for historical reasons but are the only two members)17:17
stgraberright, we're mostly planning for 16.04, figuring out what to do with our desktop, ltsp and the server variant of Edubuntu17:17
mhall119stgraber: are you currently using Unity or Xfce for the default shell?17:18
stgrabermhall119: so far we've managed to revert any of those decisions when needed (pulling out bits we didn't like such as the remote scopes, ubuntuone integration, amazon launcher, ...) and support the old milestone model17:18
* elfy thought it was just Studio who use xfce/xubuntu 17:18
stgrabercurrently it's Unity + gnome-flashback, both are getting installed by default and you can choose which is the default from the installer17:18
mhall119stgraber: do you know yet how the move to Unity8 and Mir will affect LTSP?17:19
stgrabermhall119: it probably won't as we'd simply not support unit8 there17:19
elfystgraber: did you see my mail re manual testing?17:19
stgraberelfy: I did17:19
mhall119sorry if I'm getting too technical for a CC catchup, I'm just trying to anticipate future conflicts17:19
dholbachis the feedback you're getting still mostly from teachers? I think I recall you or somebody else mentioning that the community of edubuntu was mostly made up of teachers17:19
stgraberright, Edubuntu mostly targets schools and parents setting it up at home, so most of the larger scale feedback we get is from school districts17:20
YokoZarI'm curious about the "big deployment" feedback (from both school districts for edubuntu and larger corporate customers from Ubuntu) -- it's a side of the community we rarely hear from specifically17:22
dholbachcool - are any of them active in the community as well? like helping out on the mailing list and elsewhere? or doing some testing, etc.?17:22
stgraberit's hard to get details and very large deployments usually make their own derivative of Edubuntu too so it's pretty hard to track them and since we don't really have any commercial interest ourselves, we don't really care either :)17:23
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elfydholbach: I've just started a conversation re testing after chatting to Nick17:23
stgrabersome pop up on IRC every so often, some others e-mail us on the list or directly though 99% of them are non-technical so it's really just feedback and we've got to figure out what to do with that afterwards17:24
mhall119stgraber: is there any outreach to get those deployment stories and post them on the edubuntu website?17:24
stgraberelfy: basically, since our next milestone is 16.04 alpha-1, I wouldn't expect much to happen on our side in the next year or so :)17:24
elfystgraber: was more or less what I was thinking :)17:24
stgrabermhall119: we have a bunch at http://www.edubuntu.org/deployments17:25
stgrabermhall119: however we get a ton of spam too so we're usually very behind on processing those :)17:25
mhall119stgraber: are those syndicated to planet.u.c?17:25
elfystgraber: I might point people in your direction duting the QA hackfest17:25
stgrabermhall119: no, they're not, we tend to accept them in batches so that'd flood planet at times and also there's not necessarily enough data to make that interesting17:26
stgrabermhall119: I think Jonathan wanted to do proper interviews with some of them, but I guess ENOTIME17:26
mhall119yeah, that's the always-present problem isn't it17:27
dholbachjudging from the feedback you're getting, is everyone mostly happy?17:29
elfypersonally I'd love to see more Edubuntu on the planet17:29
czajkowski+1 indeed17:29
czajkowskiit would be nice to see17:29
dholbachI agree :)17:29
dholbachmhall119, we could invite the Edubuntu folks to a community team q&a :)17:30
mhall119dholbach: I was thinking that too :)17:30
dholbachand show off some of the good work they've been doing and showcase some of the work in the edubuntu community17:30
stgraberI think we're mostly happy, though also pretty busy with other things17:30
dholbachdo you think there's anything the CC could help with?17:30
mhall119stgraber: do you do any events to try and get more contributors, hackdays or global jam activities or anything?17:31
stgraberhonestly, when we have cool stuff to show, we will, at the moment, spending time on communication would just be draining the little time we can each spend on the project as it is17:31
stgrabersame thing with getting more contributors, we'd rather focus our limited resources on getting stuff done than investing that time in communication, activities or similar stuff which in the past have had a very very little return over investiment17:32
mhall119stgraber: ok17:33
mhall119stgraber: when you are ready to do that though, please let the CC and Community team know what we can do to help17:33
elfystgraber: anything else that we could do for you?17:35
stgrabercan't think of anything, no17:35
elfyok - I think we should let you get on with your day then :)17:36
elfyany other questions from us?17:36
mhall119not from me17:36
pleia2nope, thanks stgraber17:36
mhall119thanks stgraber, keep up the great work17:37
dholbachthanks a lot17:37
elfystgraber: I'll try and catch up with you re that mail and testing17:37
elfythanks :)17:37
elfyso - I suspect the next question is - is there anyone here from Lubuntu?17:39
pleia2looks like not17:41
mhall119shall we wrap it up then?17:42
elfyI'm good17:42
pleia2any other business?17:43
dholbachthanks a lot everyone!17:43
dholbachhave a great rest of your day :)17:43
pleia2thanks all17:43
elfypleia2: I've sent next time reminders 5 minutes ago17:43
mhall119thanks everyon!17:43
pleia2elfy: saw, thanks :)17:43
elfyand am just saving the wiki :)17:43
pleia2elfy: care to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/CC & https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/TeamReports too? (they are on my list to do, I usually do them when I do other wiki tasks)17:44
elfyprobably after some food :)17:45
pleia2I'll handle them later if needed17:45
YokoZarThanks folks17:46
elfypleia2: are those things just basic links?18:04
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