ubottuIn #ubuntu, ThKo said: ubottu: somsip: hateball: Thank you, node is running ;-) Tried with a example.js which returns „Server running“. Life can be so easy ;-)06:19
rwwpretty good factoid06:19
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ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:03
bazhangocean , lamont, lhavelund and Nalioth are on the ops call, yet I'm left off08:14
Priceybazhang: You'd like to be added?09:16
bazhangPricey, I was there and removed on 6/1909:41
Priceybazhang: So you do or don't want to be in it?09:42
Pricey(And if you do, do you know why it was removed?)09:42
bazhangPricey, of course I want to be on it, no idea why it was removed09:43
bazhangthanks Pricey09:45
PriceyNo probs.09:46
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bazhangincoming kline11:05
iooh I see11:06
ioGood morning11:06
bazhangleft off the !o ps call eh?11:06
iomy bnc is down11:06
iothis client is not set up as well11:07
bazhangI'm back on it now11:07
iooh your nick was left off?11:08
bazhangcough yes by you cough11:08
iothat was not intentional11:08
DJonesWould "/mode +q *21!~*21@*" stop the Ariana21/Anissa21/nick21 posting porn links11:08
bazhangofc not!11:08
bazhangthey also go with the 1811:08
ioDJones: for a little while11:08
DJonesThey stopped using 18 and went to 2111:09
ioshould just make it a +b so they don't pm spam11:09
bazhangthey /amsg it, or near enough11:09
DJonesMight be worth trying for a while, as io suggested used +b instead of +q then11:10
DJonesOr even a ban forward into ops to get an idea of whether its affecting any non-trolls11:11
iowe've done this already. it affected one user who complained and we have not seen a user with a *21 nick do anything but spam porn since.11:11
iomy guess is the complaint came from the bot owner11:12
bazhanggood point11:12
bazhangthen we can see the kline in real time11:12
DJonesI've just tried a lastlog to see how many it'd affect and doesn't look like any 3rd parties would be affected11:13
ionone wouldn't11:13
ioif anybody does complain we can tell them it sucks to be 21 and they need to grow up and change their nick. Nobody on irc cares about their age anyway11:14
DJonesSo /mode +b *21!~*21@*$#ubuntu-ops to limit the issue for a while until the 21 changes to 2211:15
iowhy do we need them to join here and spam?11:15
DJonesI'd rather it was a straight +b but I also don't want an innocent party to be caught and left in limbo (and maybe not sure where to go to ask) and plus we'd see when the bots get klined11:17
bazhangto -unregged? or ##unavailable ?11:17
DJonesHeh, maybe to #freenode so that they can spam the network channel and earn a faster kline :)11:18
ubottuLayke called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:05
ubottueeee called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:05
bazhangswing and a miss!12:06
bazhangkerosense is doing that in multiple channels12:06
bazhangsadly the other channels allow f-bombs and the like12:07
DJonesIs unopaste MIA ?12:09
iodied in a split12:10
bazhangI read that as unopasta12:10
DJonesAlanBell: Ping12:10
DJonesAre you in a position to restore unopaste to #ubuntu12:10
io#ubuntu is +r. feel free to remove it12:23
k1lremoved +r, while i have a look at it now12:25
DJones whywontmymrsbjme!~sam@118-92-179-17.dsl.dyn.ihug.co.nz12:51
DJonesLooks like MS4Life etc12:52
DJonesYay unopaste is back13:00
DJonesAnd gone again13:01
tsimpsonand back13:03
tsimpsonand once more...13:04
tsimpsonI think I managed to figure out the local supybot install it uses13:08
DJonesIs that unop_ you've just brought in13:09
DJonesAh well, thought it might have been a clone of unopaste13:12

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