balloonselopio, I was just working on this: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/add-popover-object-support/+merge/225404. Seems I found a bug; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/133694503:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1336945 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "ActionSelectionPopover doesn't close automatically" [Undecided,New]03:43
balloonsi may ping you tomorrow about it.. buenos noches03:43
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elopioballoons: I saw it. Thanks for working on it.05:08
l3onHi all!.. I'm working on enabling autopkgtest for my (nodejs) packages.. I would make some "import-python-like" test...08:57
l3onThe result is this commit: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-javascript/node-debug.git;a=commitdiff;h=d291750004417da5af9ef2d42a9d41d943771b1508:58
l3onyou think everything is fine?08:58
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balloonsgood morning elopio.. you about?15:29
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elopioballoons: just waking up.16:09
balloonselopio, well when you ready I have a couple things to ask you about and get help on :-)16:10
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balloonspitti, still about?17:11
elopioballoons: ok, my meetings in coming to an end. How can I help you?17:15
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elopiobrendand: so my question was: if we have a py3-only project, should we stop doing all the weird things needed for py2, like inherit from object?17:19
balloonselopio, the other piece I wanted to chat about is rssreader and namely ActionSelectionPopover and the helper17:24
elopioballoons: ok.17:25
balloonselopio, I was investigating this failures from rss reader; and I got to playing with the popup helper. It needs some love as it's still using text to find and click. So I started an mp for it.17:26
elopioI'm looking at it.17:27
balloonsyou can see the failures here;
balloonsbasically the autoclose check code fails because it's already closed in jenkins. Seems fine on desktop and phone.17:27
elopioballoons: well, your branch is failing due to pep817:27
balloonsI also had some fun with Tim, but we arrived at a solution to your old bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120514417:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1205144 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "We can't set the objectName to a ActionSelectionPopover Action" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:27
balloonsso in the interim, I'm going to catch the dbus error I think so rssreader can land and continue to run17:28
balloonsthen I'll fix up popups.py and finish the merge for it17:29
elopioballoons: I'm not getting the problem. The pop up is not closing when it should, is that it?17:30
balloonselopio, well it's kind of a long story.. and since I figured it out with tim this morning, I didn't go into details.17:30
balloonsyesterday I discovered that setting up an actionselectpopover as instructed didn't autoclose17:30
balloonsturns out the example shows using listitem, which is a non-default delegate.17:31
elopiooh, I see. We do if self.autoClose and that can fail if the popover is already deleted from the tree.17:31
balloonsa non-default delegate will not autoclose. But if I use the default delegate, I can't set objectnames, aka your old bug. Tim reminded me of using the objectname+item trick17:31
balloonselopio, yes.. the popover object is gone, but you still check the property outside a try/catch17:32
elopioballoons: yes, so please move that inside the try on your branch :)17:32
elopioballoons: another thing from your branch17:32
elopio56+ if button is None:17:32
elopio57+ raise _common.ToolkitException(17:32
elopio58+ 'Button with text "{0}" not found.'.format(text))17:32
balloonsanyways, I'll try and fix everything up.. I was going to ask for help in getting rss reader fixed up in the interim, but discovered all this new info before you awoke ;-)17:33
elopiothat's old autopilot. Now select_single will raise an exception instead of returning None.17:33
balloonselopio, ahh good catch!17:33
elopioballoons: well, you will need tests to all the new things you are adding before merging, so they would have caught that anyway.17:34
elopiolet me know if you need a hand with the self-tests.17:34
balloonsyes, I left a comment about needing tests before someone else did it ;-)17:34
elopioother than that, looks pretty good.17:34
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balloonsit was quick hack while I was trying to debug rss reader.. so I figured I'd just turn it into an mp17:34
balloonsohh elopio one more quick thing.. Should I leave click_button_by_text in that mp? we don't support that idea in other places17:40
elopioballoons: yes, because otherwise you'll break tests.17:42
balloonselopio, legacy legacy.. ok :-)17:42
elopioplease add a logger.warn('This is dreprecated, please use this other one.')17:42
balloonsright.. perfect17:42
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