`FibzI could use some help with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php-mcrypt/+bug/1243568 Trying to install a PHP script and i'm getting this: http://xroads.x10.bz/xroads-network/file/pic/photo/2014/07/Spike-634pm.png01:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1243568 in php-tokyo-tyrant "put ini in correct path" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:40
`Fibzi have mcrypt, curl and gd installed01:40
SachiruQuery: To get around the 15-connections-per-client limit of GMail, would you advise me to build an IMAP caching server for our department's use (department email, thunderbird clients connect to imap cache, imap cache connects to google)?02:11
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Phibsso I install 14.04, apt update and reboot, and it sits at grub forever (headless server)03:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 797544 in grub2 "grub2 waits forever for keystroke before booting default OS.  headless server. hang." [High,Fix released]03:29
Phibsffs still a bug03:29
Phibs "GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=5" in /etc/default/grub03:36
Phibslol how do you ship a broke ass LTS03:36
Phibsthat was the same bug fixed in 12.0403:36
histoPhibs: not broken when I test03:44
Phibshisto: weird, broken for me03:44
Phibsadding GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=5 to /etc/default/grub fixed it03:45
histowhere's is the fix released?03:49
histoWhy is that assigned to nobody?03:49
Phibsits an old ticket but still seems to apply to 14.04 :(03:55
Phibscause it applied to 12.04 too03:56
PhibsI dunno that whole grub setup ubuntu has for newer versions is horribad03:56
Phibsesp for servers03:56
histoappears that way.. how sad04:13
zartooshhi is it possible to install two instances of trusty  (dual boot) on a disk in EFI mode?05:00
kaitanyazartoosh: i can google. i have time :)05:31
kaitanyazartoosh: dont even know what is EFI-mode05:31
kaitanyazartoosh: okay. too hard for me because EFI is unknow for me05:34
kaitanyazartoosh: u may wanna ask this also in #ubuntu05:34
histozartoosh: yes05:56
hglafter i install dnsmasq, /etc/resolv.conf keeps pointing to i wonder what might cause the link and how could i break it.05:57
ruben23hi guys i got a ubuntu server - is there any application where i can do snapshot for the whole system on a daily basis somehow..?05:57
histohgl: also try ##linux06:00
hglhisto, k, thanks.06:00
frogblueruben23 you could do that with LVM06:01
frogblueif you have set up LVM06:01
VoyageWhy do I see this after an upgrade: Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.6 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 8006:02
ruben23can you give some guide how to do it..?06:03
frogbluegoogle for that, plenty of stuff available. start with LVM page06:04
frogbluevoyage is it a "simple" apache2 setting?06:04
Voyagefrogblue,  simple?06:05
frogbluenothing fancy you did after setting up aapache in the first place?06:05
Voyageno, I had it working, just upgraded my ubuntu system. apache might have upgraded too. now it dont work06:05
frogbluecheck if you need to reboot the server06:06
frogbluecat /var/run/reboot-required.pkgs06:06
frogblueor restart apache06:06
frogbluesry not restart as it works06:07
frogbluebut no permission. have a look at the apache log06:07
Voyagefrogblue,  did did the reboot.06:07
Voyagefrogblue,  my site config. http://pastie.org/934910006:07
frogblue/var/log/apache2/error.log and access.log06:07
frogblueoh userdir06:08
frogblueam not familiar with that06:08
frogblueoh no sry no userdir, correct06:08
Voyage27.0.0.1 - - [03/Jul/2014:10:55:39 +0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 403 492 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:30.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/30.0"06:09
Voyage[Thu Jul 03 11:01:18.323257 2014] [authz_core:error] [pid 4136] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /home/user1/www/apache/06:09
Voyagefrogblue,  no user dir?06:09
frogblueforget userdir, you are not using them06:10
Voyageyou mean I should not user a user dir?06:10
frogbluecorrect the documentroot to default and sse if it works06:10
Voyagewell, it was working fine before.06:11
frogblueDocumentRoot /var/www/html06:11
frogbluesudo service apache2 reload06:11
Voyagecan I just change the server configuration?06:12
frogbluewas working, all is in was :)06:12
frogblueserver config, if you tweaked it in anyway yes. my point is go back to basic then redo things to pinpoint where you are stuck06:12
frogblueduring the upgrade did it ask you if you wanted to overwrite some apache2 files?06:13
Voyagei didnt override and kept the old ones06:15
frogbluemight be the probel then06:15
frogblueback up your /etc/apache2 folder and do a reinstall of apache2 and accept the change06:16
frogbluecause obviously the upgrade can't have changed permissions on you user/folder06:16
frogbluehow do access (URL wise) your site?06:17
frogbluehttp://localhost i presume06:17
Voyagereinstall works06:21
frogblueyou accepted a change that time?06:21
Voyageyes. localhost06:21
Voyagewell, I purge removed and reinstalled.06:21
Voyagenothing was asked any way06:21
frogblueglad it is working now06:21
Voyagewell, it does not lets me make the dir as home//..06:25
frogblueleave 000-default untouched and make a vhost06:26
frogbluethen enable the new site06:26
frogblueno hang on06:27
frogblueit is working with 000-default. then you the default with new documentroot?06:27
frogblueyou tweak with...06:28
frogblueyou do a reload and it says what?06:28
frogblueno bitching when it reloads?06:29
Voyageno errirs06:32
frogbluethe http://localhost and still a permission problem?06:32
Voyagehm. let me see06:32
frogbluealso apache2.4 directive are changing from apache2;206:33
frogblueOrder allow,deny06:34
frogblue                allow from all06:34
frogblueis now  Require all granted06:34
Voyageso where should I put those lines?06:35
frogbluefirst thing first. still a permission problem?06:36
frogbluecheck the permission of your dir06:36
Voyagei cant make it in home dir06:36
Voyagethe default location works06:36
frogbluerevert 00-default to the default state.06:37
frogbluethen   sudo ln -s /home/user1/www/apache /var/www/html/test06:38
frogbluesudo service reload to activate the change back in 000-default06:38
Voyageya but my site is hard linked to /home/user1/...06:39
Voyagelocalhost/test will work.06:39
Voyagebut I cant06:39
Voyagemove files06:39
frogblueman I don't understand what you are telling me, sry06:40
frogbluebut form what I hear, permission problems then look in the permission of your dir06:40
Voyagepermissions is 77706:41
frogbluethat's a bit too much :)06:41
frogbluewell the only advice I can give you is to restart from the beginning and avance one step at a time until it doesn't work then you know what's wrong06:42
frogblueget rid of hard links and whatsoever06:42
frogblueln -s is quite enough06:43
Voyage where should these configs go into? apache2.conf or 000-default.conf ?06:46
frogblueyou don't read what I write...06:46
Voyagesorry. did I missed any thing?06:48
jpdsVoyage: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/*06:49
frogbluethis also is changin in apache2 2.4 Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews06:49
frogblueyou need plus sign06:49
frogblueOptions -Indexes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews06:49
Voyage+ sig for what?06:49
frogbluewell +Indexes in you case06:49
Voyagewher do I need to put this06:49
frogbluerevert to default, read http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/upgrading.html, make small changes at a time and you'll get there06:50
frogblueand use vhost instead of 000-default06:51
frogbluegotta split now06:51
Voyagefrogblue,  can you please tell where to put this config lines? Order deny,allow06:52
VoyageDeny from all06:52
Voyageor what ever lines06:52
Voyagein which config file/06:52
jpdsVoyage: I already said: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/*06:55
jpdsVoyage: Look for the <Location> or <Directory> options in there.06:55
Voyagejpds,  frogblue   can you please tell where to put this config lines? Order deny,allow07:00
Voyage<Voyage> Deny from all07:00
Voyage<Voyage> or what ever lines07:00
Voyage<Voyage> in which config file/07:00
jpdsVoyage: ...07:02
Voyagejpds,  frogblue  http://pastie.org/934921607:03
Voyagejpds,  that correct?07:24
Voyagefrogblue,  jpds  by the way, now I cant open .php pages. it just shows the php script....     despite i have installed php5.07:24
Voyagejpds,  frogblue07:37
Voyage  the forbidden dir case is solved though07:37
VoyageI cant see apache 2.4 to see / recognise or even include php5 in its mods-available. I upgraded from 12.04 to 13.10. I have php5 installed.  the apache guys referred me to this channel07:41
frogbluewell i assumed wrongly cause I ddin't ask that you were on 14.04. i should know better though... upgrade to 14.04 you have nothing to do with 13.10, it will only bring you problems07:43
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zartooshhisto you said yes to my answer, have you done it please?11:20
histozartoosh: yes it's trivial11:26
zartooshhisto, thanks for getting back to me. I had done installation of 12.04 in non uefi mode. My main issue is the efi partition (fat32) gets corrupted, how did you manage that please? thx11:30
zartooshhisto, the efi partition gets corrupted when I install the second instance of the trusty.11:30
histozartoosh: so you want one bios mode and one efi mode?11:33
zartooshhisto: no I want both instantances to boot in efi mode.11:34
histozartoosh: okay install one, leave space on the drive, install two11:36
zartooshhisto, yes but the both instance should share the same efi partition which mount on /boot/efi  am I right?11:37
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histozartoosh: yes12:12
histozartoosh: you only need one efi partition12:12
histozartoosh: What is the reason you want to dualboot ubuntu with ubuntu by the way?12:12
zartooshhisto, thanks, we need to have a backup filesystem in our embedded system in case of filesystem corrutpion.12:35
zartooshhisto, I will try this shorlty, then hopefully the grub.cfg will be populated correctly also.12:36
patdk-wknormally, doing dual boot, or dual filesystems is easy12:48
patdk-wkthe hard part, is detecting when you need to use it12:48
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jrwrenis there a way to tell which version cloudimg I'm running from within the image?13:26
hazmatcan an app armor profile for a process be modified during the process runtime?13:26
patdk-wkhazmat, sure13:37
patdk-wkthey are loaded into the kernel, not the app13:37
patdk-wkthe app/fork/... just selects what profile it's running under13:37
actionparsniphey guys13:38
actionparsnipgot a server where users are reporting "slowness", is an iowait of 10% ok in a virtual server?13:38
YamakasYthis is strange, my servers don't get their nameserver anymore from dhcp13:47
gnuoyjamespage, with the neutronclient I want to update, should I be trying to get that updated in debian and then pull it into ubuntu ?13:55
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jamespagegnuoy, direct in ubuntu14:08
actionparsnipYamakasY: what if you rerequest DHCP manually?14:13
gnuoyjamespage, two of the updates I'm after are stuck in proposed due to build failures caused by missing dependencies with seem to me to be resolved now. Is there a process for getting those builds retried ?14:31
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lordievaderGood afternoon.15:42
tcarrondohi, lordievader15:50
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lordievaderHey tcarrondo, how are you?15:51
tcarrondofine, you?15:52
lordievaderDoing good :)15:54
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aandyhi, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but: i have an "embedded" linux i386 with no toolchain, so i'm looking for a dns daemon to run - which can be compiled static, and supports record types besides A. dnsd seemlingly only supports A, bind(named)/powerdns can not drop glibc dependencies (even with musl), and dnsmasq is promising but limited record types. any alternatives i'm not thinking of? thanks17:57
sarnoldaandy: djbdns, knot18:01
sarnoldaandy: (sorry, no idea if one or the other would be easier to install statically linked)18:01
aandysarnold: that's fine, i was just looking for names. thanks a lot :)18:02
sarnoldaandy: oh yes!  nsd also :)18:02
ThKoHi guys, I’ve got an Ubuntu Server with 14.04 … Installed node.js , now looking for a way to install android sdk without eclipse… If I install only the SDK tools, my Server returns bei command „android“ only that SWT is missing…Any hints for me?18:33
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digsI am running 14.04 on AWS and have php5 installed from the standard repos. I need to downgrade to 5.3.x (I would prefer .27) I have tried to target it with a version by doing apt-get install php5=5.3.27-1ubuntu4.2 but I get Version '5.3.27-1ubuntu4.2' for 'php5' was not found20:47
digs[14:43] <digs> What do I need to do?20:47
digs(I was in the wrong channel.)20:48
pmatulisdigs: wrong channel?21:01
Patrickdkdigs, well, if your using 14.04, only the one version is going be available21:02
digsPatrickdk - I thought that may be the case.21:05
shinobi_oneI'm using AWS 14.04 Server AMI, I've logged in as the default ubuntu user, but I want to move his home directory to a different share, I created the directory, gave him the ownership, created a new user with sudo priviledges, logged in as the new user and tried to `usermod -dm /new/home ubuntu`, but i get "usermod: no changes"21:08
digsSo, my options are to use fastcgi and run two php versions or to start from scratch and setup a 13.10 from a community AIM.21:08
shinobi_oneAnyone know what might cause this?21:08
Patrickdkdigs, why would you use 13.10? that goes unsupported soon21:09
digsI don't see any other choice available except to fight a source install of 5.3.x and run two versions.21:09
Patrickdkyour just going have to loose support, and either live with 12.04, or use 14.04 and install php yourself from source21:09
Patrickdkwell, yes, if you want to pinpoint versions21:10
Patrickdkthere is no way ubuntu can support every version of software on ever release21:10
digsI wouldn't expect them to.21:10
Patrickdk5.3 is so old though21:11
digsIt's not anyones fault we have drupal6 running but our own.21:11
Patrickdknot sure why you would want to install something new today using it21:11
digsI don't want to... I loath the idea.21:11
Patrickdkwell, use 12.04 then21:12
digsBut I am forced to do so by constraints out of my control.21:12
shinobi_oneI will specify that `usermod -d /path/to/new/home -m ubuntu` also gives the same response.21:12
Patrickdkyou will get 3more years support21:12
Patrickdkthat is your best bet21:12
digsThanks for the info Patrickdk21:12
PatrickdkI think 13.10 has 6more months left21:12
digsI guess I get to get better at setting these up heh. I had it all running smooth with varnish, memcache and backup scripts. ahh well.21:13
digsit's my fault.21:13
PatrickdkI personally wonder what breaks in drupal 6 :)21:14
shinobi_oneIs there anyone around that uses Ubuntu on AWS?21:16
Patrickdkstupid bot21:18
shinobi_oneBetter question, has anyone tried moving the first created user's home directory in Ubuntu? lol21:18
Patrickdkwhat is a first created users home directory?21:19
shinobi_oneThe first account created's home directory on the server21:19
shinobi_oneso let's say account name is ubunt it would be /home/ubuntu21:20
Patrickdkrm -rf /home/ubuntu works well :)21:20
shinobi_onei'm trying ot move it not remove it lol21:20
Patrickdkthen move it21:20
Patrickdkmv /home/ubuntu /....21:20
shinobi_oneit doesn't quite work that way21:20
Patrickdksince when?21:21
Patrickdkit does on my ubuntu servers21:21
Patrickdkand aws has nothign to do with it21:21
shinobi_oneisn't there information about where the home directory for the user is stored in places?21:21
Patrickdkwhy do you think this is an aws question?21:21
shinobi_oneit's not i dropped the AWS thing21:21
Patrickdkyes, in /etc/passwd21:21
shinobi_oneso you're saying since usermod apparently hates me, i should move it by hand and edit /etc/passwd by hand?21:22
Patrickdkwhy does usermod hate you?21:22
shinobi_onebecause although it changed /etc/passwd to the new home directory21:22
Patrickdkand I thought usermod would only update the passwd file not move the user directory21:22
Patrickdkbut I dunno21:22
shinobi_oneit's not moving over the files in /home/ubuntu to /new/home/ubuntu21:22
shinobi_oneit does with the -m option21:23
shinobi_oneIf the -m option is given, the contents of the current home directory will be moved to the new home21:23
shinobi_one           directory, which is created if it does not already exist.21:23
shinobi_onetherefore, `usermod -d /new/home/ubuntu -m ubuntu` should move it all over21:23
shinobi_onei realize i can move it by hand, i'm just curious if other's have run into this as well21:24
shinobi_oneOkay, apparently it will work if the directory doesn't already exist.21:27
shinobi_oneWhich it does not say in the man page, oh well.21:27
RoyK 22:36
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