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lilcyberWhen I try to flash my d2vzw with the preview of ubuntu touch, it locks up my phone around the 90% mark. Any idea?04:11
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pittidid anyone else notice that "powerd-cli display on bright" just stopped working? it doesn't change dim/turn off in any way now07:27
pittiChickenCutlass_: ^07:27
* pitti files bug 133719207:27
ubot5bug 1337192 in powerd (Ubuntu) ""powerd-cli display on bright" stopped working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133719207:27
popeypitti: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg08656.html related?07:33
pittipopey: no, adb itself works fine07:41
pittihm, after another complete factory reset it works again, this is a bit unspecific07:45
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la_juyisdavmor2, can you confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1324580?08:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1324580 in Ubuntu Clock App "alarm will only ring for a minute and stop whether or not the user interacted with it" [Undecided,New]08:24
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frecella_juyis: I confirmed it09:07
la_juyisfrecel, thanks09:10
popeyfrecel: bug 133723909:23
ubot5bug 1337239 in powerd (Ubuntu) "Digitiser still works when phone locked" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133723909:23
popeyogra_: ^^ can you also reproduce? it's easy. Frecel found it.09:24
frecelpopey: i think my hd is dying on my desktop everything is crashing09:24
popeyoh noes09:25
ogra_popey, nope, i cant ... 106 here09:26
ogra_no indicators when swiping down, no launcher when swiping from the left09:27
* popey reboots and tries again09:27
popeytry opening the music app and playing a song, lock screen and try to reproduce again09:27
popeymight be music triggering it09:27
popeyyup, my 106 does it after launching music09:28
popeybut not before09:28
popeyupdated bug description09:30
popeythanks for nailing that frecel09:30
frecelpopey: so it looks like i was right about the music thing09:30
frecelfunny story, I discovered this bug while listening to music with my phone in my back pocket on a hot day, my sweaty butt was pausing the music09:31
* popey updates the bug without the sweaty butt anecdote09:32
nhainesThat's definitely bringing a human side to Ubuntu development.  :)09:32
nhainesI'm finding that in r105 and r106, my Nexus 5 isn't powering down when I hold the power button.09:33
frecelThe Human Touch :D09:33
nhainesfrecel: bug reporting for human beings.  :)09:33
w00t_Ubuntu Touch(ed my butt)?09:33
popeyyou guys09:33
* frecel wonders if he should create a seperate Launchpad account for his butt09:37
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mandelElleo, FYI I did not forget about udm, I'm adding the missing tests for the qml plugin so that we can trust it more than we do atm09:39
mandelElleo, which means I had to do a small reorg, but we should have integration tests for the plugin to test the uses you had issues with09:39
Elleomandel: okay; can that be ready to land today? (last day of the extended freeze deadline)09:41
mandelElleo, yes09:41
Elleomandel: great, thanks :)09:41
mandelElleo, but a freeze is for new features and this is a bug, right?09:41
Elleomandel: general download support in browser is a new feature and it depends on UDM's header setting09:42
mandelElleo, ah, ok09:42
mandelElleo, well, I'll get it done for today, give me 30 mins to finish the tests09:42
Elleomandel: great, thanks09:43
ahooi am irani09:43
dufluHey is there a bug open for the OSK (wifi password) not receiving touches as they pass-thru ?09:43
duflu(in 106)09:43
dufluHi ahoo09:44
Elleoduflu: is that in the welcome screen?09:45
dufluElleo: Yes, and then after install too09:46
dufluStill can't set the wifi password09:46
Elleoduflu: after restarting is it still the case?09:46
dufluElleo: I'll have to reboot to be sure09:46
Elleothere's some funnyness with the way the welcome wizard sets up the keyboard at the moment iirc09:46
ElleoI can enter wifi passwords on 109 (but this is after a normal startup without the welcome screen)09:47
vesardoes anybody know if phablet-screenshot is still supposed to work? It fails for me saying: Failed to connect to server. Error was :connect: No such file or directory09:48
vesarremote object '/tmp/mir_screencast_768x1280.rgba' does not exist09:48
frecelvesar: can you paste the entire command you are trying to use?09:49
frecelpopey: http://i.imgur.com/iM3o82a.png09:49
vesarfrecel, phablet-screenshot screenshot.jpg09:50
dufluElleo: Yep reboot fixed it09:51
dufluvesar: The path to the socket changed and the screenshot tools didn't know. You have to pass it as a parameter09:51
frecelvesar: works for me, what does adb devices show?09:51
dufluvesar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/132713909:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1327139 in mir (Ubuntu) "mirscreencast broke (moved socket) in #71" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:53
popeyfrecel: ooer09:54
popeyfrecel: i cant reproduce that here...09:56
frecelnow i cant either because i'm out of things to update09:58
Elleoduflu: okay, I don't see a bug for that specific issue; so if you wouldn't mind filing one including the detail that it only happens after the first boot with the welcome screen that'd be a big help09:59
dufluElleo: Which LP project?10:01
Elleoduflu: ideally both the keyboard and the welcome greeter to be sure; not sure what the project name for the welcome screen is though10:01
Elleopopey: ^ any idea?10:02
Elleoduflu: ah, looks like it's part of ubuntu-system-settings10:03
popeyno, separate now10:03
Elleoduflu: and the keyboard is ubuntu-keyboard10:03
Elleopopey: oh?10:03
dufluElleo: Thanks, found it10:04
popeycant find it10:04
popeyubuntu-system-settings-wizard maybe?10:04
popeyubuntu-system-settings-wizard - Welcome Wizard for Ubuntu Touch10:04
nhainespopey: Do you think there's any chance on giving feedback on the phone bootsplash or that a Design Team-only thing?10:05
Elleopopey: looks like it still lives in ubuntu-system-settings codebase though, I think it just generates an extra package from that10:07
popeynhaines: we welcome feedback, but reserve the right to disagree with it ☻10:08
nhainespopey: well, I simply think that the bootsplash should be identical to the desktop Plymouth theme.  Or at least not be tiny.  :)10:09
nhainesI just don't know who to tell about it.  :)10:09
duflupopey: I do that semi-regularly as bugs. They go into the void of Launchpad, mostly to never be touched10:09
seb128Elleo, popey: the bootsplash is not in the settings10:09
nhainesseb128: I ended up interrupting a discussion I thought was over.  Bootsplash isn't related to what they're talking about.  :)10:10
seb128nhaines, oh, ok :-)10:10
nhainesWhich, by the way, the Welcome Wizard is kind of nice.  I like the last screen ("Welcome to the community!"); it makes me smile.10:13
mandelElleo, building a deb to test here locally, if it is ok I'll push and you can take a look10:21
nik90_fginther: I am getting some jenkins failures on https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/correct-time-locale/+merge/225005 which I am unable to comprehend why. Can you help please?10:22
Elleo2mandel: okay, great10:28
mandelElleo2, will land the tests in a diff branch so that you are not blocked10:28
Elleo2mandel: thanks10:28
mandelElleo2, specially, because we had no tests so they are not going to fail with the changes ;)10:29
mandelall green \o/10:29
mandelElleo2, just pushed the changes, can you please take it for a spin, if it looks good I'll request a silo and will test asap10:39
mandelElleo2, will make sure it is there as fast as possible10:39
Elleo2mandel: okay, will do10:43
Laneyis there some kind of confinement for url-dispatcher?10:50
LaneyI'm trying to openUrlExternally a settings panel from qml but it doesn't come up10:50
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satoriscyphermox_: trying to enable hotspot on the device produces this wonderful kernel error, any idea what could be causing it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741143/11:12
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Cimiseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/workaround_lp1334429/+merge/22545811:40
Elleomandel: looks good, downloads are working every time from gmail now and my test script always shows the right headers :)11:53
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fginthernik90_, the lp:ubuntu-clock-app/reboot branch doesn't have debian packaging. The jenkins infrastructure isn't capable of building and testing anything that's not a debian package. There is some work in progress to build click packages on jenkins, but I don't know if we'll be able to test those12:39
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fgintherballoons, have you tried running autopilot tests on click packages on a desktop?12:39
nik90_fginther: oh12:39
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nik90_fginther: well at the moment, that branch doesn't have any packaging click or deb for that matter12:40
nik90_fginther: I guess I will do manual merges until we get the packaging up and running12:40
ybonnik90_: how do I delete an alarm? :)12:42
nik90_ybon: just swipe delete12:42
ybondoh :)12:43
ybonthanks :)12:43
ybonnik90_: sometimes my alarm doesn't ring on the morning, but I'm not able to give you any info to reproduce that atm, just keeping an eye open to understand why/when it occurs12:44
nik90_ybon: is it similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1333299?12:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1333299 in Ubuntu Clock App "Recurring alarms only work once" [Undecided,New]12:44
ybonnot sure12:45
ybonI generally set the alarm around midnight for the morning after, and it doesn't ring even once12:45
ybonI need to investigate more12:45
nik90_ybon: try to see if you can spot a general pattern and then report it12:49
ybonyes, this is what I'm trying to spot since some days now, but without luck12:50
ybonOne element though: the times when the alarms as rung was when I've added more than one alarm in the same time12:51
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mterryogra_, you were testing libnss-extrausers in the past, yes?13:13
ogra_mterry, not really since we need adduser fixed first13:14
mterryslangasek, have you looked at bug 1323732 yet?13:14
ubot5bug 1323732 in adduser (Ubuntu) "adduser should support managing additional password/shadow/group files from libnss-extrausers" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132373213:14
pittimterry: hey, how are you?13:23
mterrypitti, hello!  good, I saw you managed to work around the issue13:23
mterrypitti, is that sufficient?13:23
pittimterry: I'm quite happy now with the phone setup script, FWIW; http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git;a=blob;f=ssh-setup/adb;hb=HEAD doesn't look too horrible and works quite well13:23
pittimterry: yes, the greeter thing turned out to be a complete non-issue13:23
pittimterry: I have some trouble with powerd-cli (bug 1337192), with aa-clickhook (bug 1238007), and with ubuntu-app-launch (bug 1333215), the rest is fine13:24
ubot5bug 1337192 in powerd (Ubuntu) ""powerd-cli display on bright" stopped working" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133719213:24
ubot5bug 1238007 in click-apparmor (Ubuntu) "aa-clickhook -f does not properly consider changes to abstractions and #include directories" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123800713:24
ubot5bug 1333215 in ubuntu-app-launch (Ubuntu) ""Unable to find keyfile for application": Does not look for .desktop files in click pkgdir" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133321513:24
pittimterry: so I can now run a click test with or without factory reset, and the latter turns "virgin install" into "ready for testing" with some phablet-config magic and some workarounds for the above bugs13:25
pittiand all without r/w, apt-get install, etc.13:25
pittiand we can drop autopilot from the seeds if we want to13:25
pittithe fallback "unpack into /tmp" magic works for autopilot, autopilot-qt, and the various *-autopilot helper packages13:26
pittiand we don't have to re-flash between tests, so it should be about as fast as it can get13:27
pittirunning tests in a container is still a magnitude faster of course :)13:27
ogra_pitti, we still use autopilot for the non-click tests ...13:28
ogra_click is only a very minor portion of our tests13:28
pittiogra_: right, but these will have to use apt-get install anyway, so they just as well might install autopilot-touch as well?13:29
ogra_hmm, could be ...13:29
pittior we run them with autopkgtest, then it'll install all test deps with or without r/w :)13:29
ogra_right, i just dont think we can just drop it without further adjustments13:30
pittiI thought that's what the CI team planned to do anyway, and why they asking me "is it ready yet?" every other day13:30
pittiogra_: no, I'm not saying we should do it now, of course13:30
ogra_yes, thats the master plan13:30
pittijust that there's some way out of shipping it on the images13:31
ogra_yeah, looking forward to drop all the test stuff13:31
dholbachdbarth, alex-abreu: can you suggest which package would be appropriate to have this bug retargetted against? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal/+bug/133334113:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1333341 in Ubuntu App Developer site "No keyboard shortcut or right button menu in a webapp." [Undecided,New]13:34
dholbachdbarth, alex-abreu: also... do you know where http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/html5/sdk-14.10/UbuntuUI.Toolbar/ comes from?13:35
alex-abreudholbach, webbrowser-app13:35
dholbach(bug 1333000)13:36
ubot5bug 1333000 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Unnecessary div in toolbar documentation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133300013:36
alex-abreudholbach, yes, do you want me to fix that one? ... or if you have time ...13:36
alex-abreudholbach, comes from inline docs in lp:ubuntu-html5-theme13:36
dholbachalex-abreu, I'm just going through ubuntudeveloperportal bugs right now and reassign them :)13:37
alex-abreudholbach, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-html5-theme-devs/ubuntu-html5-theme/trunk/view/head:/0.1/ambiance/js/toolbars.js13:37
alex-abreudholbach, thx for tracking those13:37
mterryseb128, Laney: what's the easiest way to test ubuntu-system-settings on my desktop?13:39
mterrydo I have to install the packages, or can I run out of tree?13:39
Laneyif you use ccache it's fast to iterate13:40
seb128mterry, bzr bd13:40
Laneywe haven't got in-tree builds working yet sadly13:40
mterryk, thanks13:40
* mterry wonders if ccache is still set up...13:40
mterryhuh, no it was not13:41
seb128I usually iterate by "make; cp; system-settings" called back on my command line13:42
cwaynealex-abreu: ping13:42
dbarthdholbach: checking13:43
alex-abreucwayne, pong13:43
dbarthdholbach: it's a duplicate13:43
cwaynealex-abreu: hey, just wanted to check in re: the webapps + url handler bits, would that already work if i setup the click-hooks? or is there underlying work in webapp-container that needs doing first?13:45
alex-abreucwayne, there are 2 branches needed, one for webapps-core and one for webbrowser-app (and its sub component webapp-container) ... lp:~abreu-alexandre/webapps-core/update-execline and lp:~abreu-alexandre/webbrowser-app/url-dispatch13:47
alex-abreucwayne, they should be enough ... although I havent fully tested the whole setup yet13:47
cwaynealex-abreu: and so once those land, it should be simple enough as adding url click-hooks to a webapp's click?13:47
alex-abreucwayne, yes if you want to use qt.openurlexternally ... you might want to target the webapp directly though for the builtin ones no ? ... e.g. appid://facebook not sure if there is a simple client side api though13:49
cwaynealex-abreu: well we just give a URI to unity which then opens it ( i assume using qt.openurlexternally)13:50
cwaynebut we may want to pass some args to it right? like maybe a grooveshark://song-id or something13:50
dholbachdbarth, ah ok13:51
mandelElleo, then we are ready to land :)13:53
mandelElleo, well set up the silo, or at least the request13:54
Elleomandel: not sure if bfiller might want to land it as part of the same silo as browser?13:57
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mandelElleo, well, we need to grab the projects that depend on udm due to abi changes..13:58
bfillermandel: I'd say to get your own silo, we can't land the browser side changes until the oxide lands but you should get udm landed as soon as you can13:59
mandelbfiller, correct and it will be easier for me to follow the test plan of just udm13:59
bfillerElleo, mandel : the cookies problem is sorted?13:59
Elleomandel: those abi changes aren't in any public api's are they? otherwise I think you'll hit problems13:59
la_juyispopey, I know that now videos can be recorded again. were you able to play them later?13:59
Elleobfiller: yep, latest build of expose-property will download as many times as you like from gmail :)14:00
mandelElleo, don't worry, we should be ok from my side14:00
Elleomandel: okay, cool14:00
la_juyispopey, ok, I could reproduce now after closing the camera app (!)14:02
la_juyisinterestingly enough, the media player doesn't consider videos recorded with the camera app as videos it could play :O14:03
popeyla_juyis: video playback seems a bit broken in gallery14:03
popeycant get out of it14:04
boikoelopio: hi, got your message quite late here, so, there are some AP fixes for dialer in silo 003, if you are looking into dialer-app failures, you should probably grab the changes from there too14:11
boikoelopio: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/dialer-app/fix_flaky_tests/+merge/22379814:11
mandelElleo, can you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-download-manager/client-logging/+merge/225021 and do a quick review?14:12
Elleomandel: sure14:15
mandelElleo, thx14:15
Elleomandel: this one doesn't expose the logger via QML, right? that was just expose-logging?14:16
Elleoso just available via the C++ api14:16
mandelElleo, no, just internal14:16
mandelElleo, only for cpp14:16
mandelElleo, as we agreed, we will do that later14:17
Elleomandel: yep, sounds good14:17
Elleomandel: just in a stand up at the moment, so will have a dig through the code as soon as that's done14:17
Elleomandel: from actually using it via the qml branch it's very nice though14:17
mandelElleo, sure, I'm in the same situation, and I'm terrible at multitaksing ;)14:17
seb128Cimi, could you get mterry of somebody who understand the osk/mir integration to review https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/workaround_lp1334429/+merge/225458 ?14:19
mandelseb128, can you do a very simple review for me => https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-system-settings/udm-rebuild/+merge/22548614:19
mandelseb128, is a rebuild with the new udm + updating the version in the control file14:20
mterryCimi, you might want greyback to look at that14:20
mandelalecu, dobey can you do a simple review for https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/unity-scope-click/udm-rebuild/+merge/22548714:21
seb128mandel, why do you need to the requirement if there is no code change?14:21
mandelseb128, BI changes14:21
mandelseb128, ABI14:21
alecumandel: looks good. Please add the click-scope test plan to your silo with that.14:22
alecumandel: thanks!14:22
mandelalecu, yes, also, I have a nice surprise for you :)14:22
alecumandel: board games in spanish?14:22
* dobey has had enough surprises this week14:22
seb128mandel, well, the same code builds fine with the old abi14:22
mterryseb128, so the UI for changing passwords in system-settings doesn't fit well on the N4 screen with a keyboard.  I'm going to look into it, but is there any design guidance there?14:23
mterry*with the OSK14:23
mandelseb128, yes, that is why is a simple review, to keep you in the loop that I make the change and approve it so that I can add it in a silo with the new udm and we test them :)14:23
seb128mterry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#Phone has the design14:23
mandelalecu, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-download-manager/client-logging/view/head:/src/downloads/client/ubuntu/download_manager/logging/logger.h#L8214:24
seb128mandel, right, I don't approve that change though, I want to be able to rebuild u-s-s trunk on utopic which doesn't have the new u-d-m14:24
mterryseb128, OK, it tries to fit it all in14:24
mterrywill see14:24
seb128mandel, no need to change the control, just land a no change rebuild in the same silo that you use for u-d-m14:24
dobeyseb128: i needs fixinged it14:24
seb128dobey, ?14:24
mandelalecu, is not as good as board games in spanish14:24
dobeyseb128: mandel's branch. i marked it needs fixing with a comment to not change the version dep, but just add a changelog entry14:25
mandelalecu, allows you to set the logging in the udm client lib so that you guys can provide a path to write too14:25
mandeldobey, seb128 ok, you you both, will undo the version number14:25
seb128dobey, mandel: why do you need a changelog entry?14:26
dobeymandel: and leave the changelog entry as "UNRELEASED" instead of changing that to "utopic" in the MP14:26
dobeyseb128: because MPs that have no changes are silly and CI train needs MPs to include the project?14:27
dobeyi hated getting all those empty MPs for the qt 5.2 migration :)14:28
seb128dobey, right, but we can as well pick an easy bugfix if we do a landing14:28
mandelseb128, dobey I just pushed a change to be using the version in the control file you had14:29
mandeldobey, what do you mean with the changelog entry? wont the ci bot do that?14:29
dobeyseb128: unity-scope-click has a separate devel branch though.14:29
dobeymandel: i mean MPs that have no changes aren't MPs14:30
seb128dobey, we are speaking about ubuntu-system-settings there though14:30
dobeyseb128: uh? no14:30
mandelseb128, and the click scope14:30
dobeyseb128: i'm talking about https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/unity-scope-click/udm-rebuild/+merge/22548714:30
mandelseb128, you and I can deal with the ubuntu-system-settings as e want :)14:30
mandeldobey, ok, so what do you exactly want me to do in the scope mp?14:31
mandelseb128, so if you don't mind what the ci bot does, I already did what you mentioned and we are happy :)14:31
dobeymandel: run dch -i, and for the "*" line, change it to be "* No change rebuild for new ubuntu-download-manager." and fix your e-mail address if it's broken.14:32
mandeldobey, ack14:33
ogra_better set DEBEMAIL properly in your ~/.bashrc14:33
mandelmy email is ok14:33
dobeyit's your canonical e-mail?14:34
mandelyes, that is the one14:34
mandeldobey, pushed14:35
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dobeymandel: bien!14:37
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PreSSionhola gente14:38
mandeldobey, no problem14:38
mandelseb128, I updated the commit msg so that it makes more sense14:43
mandelseb128, if you give me the green light I'll try to get a silo and unblock the landing of the browser14:43
seb128mandel, we already have u-s-s in a silo, you can't get one atm, but otherwise seems ok14:44
seb128Laney, did you want a changelog entry or is an empty diff fine by you? (seems to work)14:44
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gatoxhi.... does anyone know who i can ping to about Oxide?14:45
seb128gatox, chrisccoulson14:45
gatoxseb128, thx!14:45
seb128gatox, yw!14:45
gatoxchrisccoulson, ping14:45
seb128Laney, mterry: can you give a test to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-004 ? it has an u-s-s landing with the pending change, which includes some of your work as well ;-)14:46
Laneyseb128: if the changelog entry for the MP is "No-change rebuild for new udm" then whatevs ...14:46
Laneyyou should make sure to not list anything else in the silo until after udm is published there14:46
seb128Laney, yeah, it does that14:46
seb128Laney, you mean?14:47
Laneyi'm assuming it's a transition14:47
Laneyif you build everything at the same time then things will get the old abi14:47
seb128oh, right14:49
cyphermox_satoris: that's definitely a kernel driver bug14:49
mandelLaney, seb128  I usually do the following, build udm alone (just write the package name in the build of jenkins)14:49
cyphermox_but I already knew the wcnss driver was abysmal ;)14:49
mandelLaney, seb128 then build the rest so that it picks the correct udm from the silo14:49
Laneyyes that works14:49
chrisccoulsongatox, wassup14:49
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?14:50
chrisccoulsonseb128, not too bad thanks. and you?14:50
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm good, thanks ;-)14:50
gatoxchrisccoulson, hi, i'm using oxide to display a webpage that contains some combo boxes, that are clearly being modified with js, but when in my app i have Oxide like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742263/ the popup can not be expanded.... but the same page is working in the phone browser... do you know what configuration am i missing or something?14:52
gatoxthe combos can not be expanded i mean14:52
chrisccoulsongatox, yes, if you're using oxide directly (rather than UbuntuWebView), you need to implement WebView.popupMenu14:52
gatoxchrisccoulson, ahh.. can i use UbuntuWebView just importing import com.canonical.Oxide 1.0 ??14:53
chrisccoulsonI do plan to add some default auxiliary UI's for things like popup menus and JS dialogs at some point, but for now, those are provided by UbuntuWebView14:53
gatoxchrisccoulson, can i use UbuntuWebView just importing com.canonical.Oxide 1.0?? or do i need something else?14:54
chrisccoulsonI'm not sure which import you need. is it not in the developer docs? (also, oSoMoN will know that)14:54
seb128Laney, can you give a try to the settings on the phone? I don't have a working n4 with me to test14:54
Laneyseb128: okay14:54
seb128Laney, thanks14:55
oSoMoNgatox, chrisccoulson: you should "import Ubuntu.Web 0.2" and use "WebView"14:55
oSoMoNgatox, chrisccoulson: the docs haven’t been published yet, it’s on my to-do list14:55
gatoxchrisccoulson, can you point me to the dev docs?? i've looking at the code.... couldn't find any dev docs in the sdk page14:55
gatoxchrisccoulson, oSoMoN, ack, thanks both! i'll try now14:55
gatoxoSoMoN, i'm using  "import Ubuntu.Web 0.2" and use "WebView" now..... and the combos still not work.... any other setting i need to turn on or something/15:04
oSoMoNgatox, what do you mean by the combos? can you elaborate on what you’re testing?15:04
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gatoxoSoMoN, sorry... what i was talking with chrisccoulson .... i need to display a webpage that contains some combo boxes.... that page is working in the phone browser... but when i try to load the same page using WebView in an app, I press on the combos and nothing happend, it doesn't expand them or show a popup with the choices15:06
oSoMoNgatox, well it should work, let me test that real quick on my device15:07
oSoMoNgatox, just to make sure, by combo boxes you mean HTML <select> elements, right?15:08
gatoxoSoMoN, i assume is that.... i'll try to see the code of the page in my desktop15:08
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mhall119oSoMoN: how close are we to having Oxide docs that can be published to production?15:35
oSoMoNmhall119, that close :)15:35
mhall119oSoMoN: is there a docs package for them?15:35
oSoMoNmhall119, it’s almost ready, but I’ve had to focus on urgent things lately, and this went into the backlog15:36
oSoMoNmhall119, no, is that needed?15:36
mhall119oSoMoN: it would make it easier15:36
oSoMoNmhall119, ok, I’ll add a work item for that15:37
mhall119my plan is to keep the development branch of the API docs in sync with the development release by regularly checking for new docs packages in the archives15:37
oSoMoNmhall119, I might be able to work on it tomorrow15:37
mhall119thanks oSoMoN15:37
Saviqhmm no wifi on flo?15:38
oSoMoNmhall119, is there an expected structure for the docs package?15:38
oSoMoNSaviq, works here, on image #11115:38
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mhall119oSoMoN: depends on the source format, I have importers for qdoc and doxygen's output15:39
oSoMoNmhall119, I’m using qdoc, but I meant, where do you want the package to install the docs?15:39
mhall119oSoMoN: /usr/share/doc/15:39
oSoMoNfair enough15:40
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mhall119oSoMoN: mandel has a docs package for u-d-m qdocs, you can just copy from him15:40
oSoMoNmhall119, thanks, I’ll check that15:40
mandeloSoMoN, in lp:ubuntu-download-manager/docs/qml/CMakeList.txt15:41
SaviqoSoMoN, must be me then15:42
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elopioboiko: great! thanks.16:09
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mterryAny SDK knowledgeable-folks around?  I have a Dialog object that I want to not be covered by the OSK.  It doesn't seem like setting "MainView.anchorToKeyboard: true" is automatically fixing that for me.  Is there another way to control layout of the dialog?16:29
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mterrympt, I'm looking at the password setting screens of ubuntu-system-settings and noticing that the swipe option appears to the user as if there is no password at all associated with the account -- that might be tricky from a technical point of view.  We can set an empty password for the user, but sudo won't accept that.  So unless we jump through some hoops, we'd be disabling ability to use sudo, which might be a problem?17:54
mterrympt, (traditionally, Ubuntu allows no-password-login but still has a user password for authenticating in dialogs)17:55
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popeycjwatson: not sure why you got cc'ed on the RT I replied to there, sorry about that.18:09
stgrabermterry: ? our live media user and the default cloud instance users don't have passwords yet are perfectly capable of calling sudo18:12
mterrystgraber, do they just do NOPASSWD:ALL ?18:12
mterrystgraber, sudo doesn't *appear* to like an empty password without further configuration18:13
mterryThe internet also suggests that policykit may not love it, though I haven't tested18:14
stgrabermterry: hmm, yeah, you're right, looks like cloud-init generates a sudoers.d file18:15
mterrystgraber, I could go down that route, but it doesn't thrill me18:16
stgraberand just confirmed, casper does the same trick for the live media...18:18
cyphermox_who do I need to ask to get prettier icons for bluetooth device types?18:29
mterrymdeslaur, I just filed https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/locking-hash/+merge/225538 with the updated logic for looking at PAM instead of the keyfile, FYI18:30
mterrymdeslaur, still some work to do on the ubuntu-system-settings side18:30
mdeslaurmterry: cool, I just pointed sarnold at it to review18:30
mterrymdeslaur, ok!18:31
mterryah right, forgot sarnold did the actual review for the other18:31
mdeslaurmterry: thanks!18:31
pmcgowancyphermox_, lets ask johnlea or jouni18:31
pmcgowancyphermox_, tell me what you need and I will get them18:32
mterrymdeslaur, above on IRC, I was talking about how the UI for setting the password on the phone implies no password at all for the user if in swipe mode.   We can set the user's password to be blank, but sudo would need a sudoer's entry...  And I think policykit wouldn't like it.  Do you know more about the wisdom of doing that?18:32
cyphermox_pmcgowan: pretty much, symbolic icons for the bluetooth device types; as in the design:"https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth#Listing_devices18:34
cyphermox_right now I'd use the icons shipped in other themes, but they're colored and some are pretty pixelated due to resizing18:34
mdeslaurmterry: hrm, sudo uses pam's common-auth, which has nullok_secure, so blank passwords should work18:36
mdeslaurmterry: I'll have to try it though18:36
mdeslaurnot sure how mir works with ttys18:37
pmcgowancyphermox_, ok will check on it18:37
popeypmcgowan: be quick, johnlea is on vacation soon18:37
popeymaybe already18:37
mterrymdeslaur, oh interesting, it didn't work for me when I tried18:37
pmcgowanpopey, ok, I have ways ;)18:37
mdeslaurmterry: nullok_secure looks into /etc/securetty to limit blank passwords from certain ttys, were you trying with mir?18:38
mterrymdeslaur, no18:38
mterrymdeslaur, just on my desktop in X18:38
pmcgowancyphermox_, exactly which types do we need18:38
cyphermox_at least audio-headset, phone and computer, I think18:38
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mdeslaurmterry: sarnold can help you test and figure out what needs to be done18:39
mterrymdeslaur, my /etc/securetty is very long....18:39
mterrymdeslaur, OK, will bug him18:39
mdeslaurmterry: he's very friends and just loves getting bugged :)18:40
cyphermox_pmcgowan: maybe others like input-keyboard and input-mouse18:40
pmcgowancyphermox_, will those work? they were on the probably not doing list18:41
cyphermox_well right now they still show in the list, because the design says to show them insensitive rather than hiding them completely18:41
cyphermox_there are already icons for all of these, so maybe it can be later18:42
cyphermox_give me a second I'll get you a screen capture, to show what I mean and what the current state is18:43
cyphermox_at least audio-headset is going to be essential though18:43
pmcgowanyep, and do you show a phone for handsfree in the car?18:44
cyphermox_afaict we'd show a headset right now, we can discuss how we'd rather to show it18:45
cyphermox_currently, all audio get merged into headset, but I think the design document doesn't really mention it18:46
pmcgowancyphermox_, my android differentiates them anyway18:47
cyphermox_ok, then let's differenciate18:47
cyphermox_I'm tempted to rip out some of the code for this stuff and see how it goes18:48
cyphermox_ugh, suck18:49
cyphermox_pmcgowan: I'll go through the bt definitions and try to come up with a list by email, we can decide what to do with the devices18:49
pmcgowancyphermox_, sounds good18:50
cyphermox_there's tons of stuff https://www.bluetooth.org/en-us/specification/assigned-numbers/baseband18:50
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cyphermox_pmcgowan: doen19:32
AlbertAmterry: can I get top approval for https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/unity-system-compositor/no-inactivity-handling-desktop/+merge/22553719:37
mterryAlbertA, po::bool_switch()->default_value(false) -- false isn't the default for bool switches?19:41
AlbertAmterry: just want to make sure :)19:41
mterryAlbertA, well you added it to one other bool() in the file, but not another bool()  :)19:41
AlbertAmterry: oh missed it19:42
mterryAlbertA, yeah19:43
mterryAlbertA, also weird that we specify the default again in the get() call19:43
AlbertAmterry: yeah the public-socket is weird too19:44
AlbertAsince it defaults to true19:44
AlbertAin l59419:44
AlbertAwhich seems weird for a boolean flag19:44
AlbertAif I switch it to bool_switch it won't let you do --public-socket=true19:44
AlbertAor --public-socket=false19:45
mterryAlbertA, er, then just leave things as they are then19:45
mterryAlbertA, maybe that means we shouldn't muck with other options19:45
mterryAlbertA, if it changes the command line API19:45
AlbertAso take off the bool_switch fron enable-hardware-cursor?19:46
AlbertAok I'm switching them to just bool for consistency19:47
mterryAlbertA, yeah.  I'm fine with it on the new option19:49
mterryAlbertA, but for consistency, sure19:49
AlbertAmterry: ok done19:50
mterryAlbertA, this is all just for desktop, right?19:51
mterryAlbertA, don't you need to bump debian/changelog too?19:51
AlbertAmterry: because of the command line addition?19:52
mterryAlbertA, no because you bump the program version and change the "unity-system-compositor (<< 0.0.4)" lines -- why do you do that btw?19:53
AlbertAmterry: oh because that wasn't updated19:53
AlbertAmterry: it should have been updated before19:53
AlbertAthey should have been bumped in 0.0.3 and 0.0.419:54
mterryAlbertA, ah yes, we're on 0.0.4 now19:54
mterryAlbertA, but why the Replaces/Breaks?19:54
AlbertAbecause it should replace the previous versions...19:54
AlbertAwhich is not 0.0.1 any more19:55
AlbertAbut 0.0.1, 0.0.2, 0.0.319:55
mterryAlbertA, naw I don't think that means what you think it menas19:55
mterryAlbertA, that's talking about when a package steals files from another19:55
mterryAlbertA, parts of it "replace" and "break" another package19:55
AlbertAmterry: oh I see19:55
mterryAlbertA, so just drop those two line changes19:56
mterryAlbertA, but the CMake version change is good19:56
AlbertAmterry: ok dropped the 2 lines19:58
mterryAlbertA, approved!  Thanks19:59
AlbertAmterry: thanks!19:59
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dpm_robru_, hi! the changes in lp:reminders-app that I was mentioning in my e-mail have now landed. Would it be possible to get a silo assigned to build the account-plugin-evernote binary package from that branch and start testing the upload? Is there anything in particular I need to do to do the request?20:39
robru_dpm_ right so the way citrain works is you need an MP. it would have been easiest to just take your existing MP and build it in a silo. but since it landed you can make a null MP (eg, submit a branch that is a no-change copy of trunk, then submit an MP merging that branch back into trunk)20:41
cwaynerobru_: hiya, any chance we could get a silo for ubuntu-touch-customization-hooks? (specifically for https://code.launchpad.net/~ethan.chang/ubuntu-touch-customization-hooks/remove-welcome-background/+merge/225431)20:42
robru_cwayne, is your request in the spreadsheet?20:42
cwaynerobru_: nope, i seem to have lost my link to that spreadsheet, if you've got a link i'm happy to add it20:43
robru_cwayne, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain20:44
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cwaynerobru: i've only got view-only on that20:45
dpm_robru, ah, I didn't know that. Ok, thanks, I'll try to do that. I've never done this no-change business, so it might take me a few mins. I'll come back to you once I've figured out and submitted the MP20:46
robrucwayne, sorry, added you20:47
robrudpm_, it's annoying but easy. just 'bzr branch lp:reminders-app null-merge; cd null-merge; bzr push lp:~/reminders-app/nullmerge' and then MP that branch20:47
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robrucwayne, ok just that one MP?20:48
cwaynerobru: yeps20:48
cwayneeasy peasy :)20:48
robrucwayne, ok you got silo 14, please build (link to the jenkins build job is on the spreadsheet page for silo 14)20:50
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cwaynerobru: pressed go on the jenkins build job, not sure anything's happening yet but it's only been a few minutes20:58
robrucwayne, after you clicked it, wht happened? did it still show the same page with the build options form?21:01
cwaynerobru: showed the same page but everything was blank again21:01
robrucwayne, yeah that means nothing happened, have to do it again21:02
cwayneah there we go, i don't have permission...21:03
robrucwayne, what happened there was it redirected you to SSO login, which redirected you back to the build job form without triggering the build21:03
robrucwayne, bah, really? ok i'll build it21:03
cwaynesorry to be a pain :/21:04
robrucwayne, ok you can follow the build here: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-014-1-build/99/console21:04
cwaynegah failed, because it wasn't top-approved21:05
cwaynei thought my approved was enough, now top-approved21:05
dpm_robru, ok, created a MP with no changes on https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/account-plugin-evernote-upload/+merge/225572 - I'm not too sure about the versioning in debian/control, I'm guessing it will need changes before it goes into the archive?21:07
dpm_err, in *debian/changelog, I meant21:07
robrudpm_, sorry, what versioning? version number comes from debian/changelog21:12
dpm_robru, yeah, typo, corrected myself just afterwards ^21:15
robruoh sorry21:15
robrudpm_, the existing version for account-plugin-evernote is just '0' so whatever version reminders-app has will be fine.21:16
robrudpm_ sorry my network is just bs today21:32
dpm_robru, np, just updating debian/changelog on that MP21:33
robrudpm_, what? no don't. why?21:33
dpm_robru, ah, that was my question earlier. Ok, I'll undo, sorry21:34
robrudpm_, can you add a request to the landing sheet? https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dFVHQ3FuMDJGLUZCamJfSjYzbWh3Wnc&pli=1#gid=021:34
robrudpm_ ci train makes the changelog entry for you21:34
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dpm_robru, and how does it generate the package version number? The current debian/changelog version in the branch is based on an old bzr revision, so if it's picking that up, it would not be entirely right21:37
robrudpm_ it'll cut it off at the + and then add a new timestamp in there21:39
robrudpm_ so it'll be like 0.4+14.10.20140703-0ubuntu121:40
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dpm_robru, ok, thanks for the clarification. So to add the request, I just add it to the Pending sheet? (sorry, first time I do a request)21:44
ybonnik90_: I confirm that I need to create *two* alarms to see the "clock" icon appear on the top notification bar21:47
ybonand the first one only appears as "Clock" in the time&date top menu21:48
ybonnik90_: http://i.imgur.com/j1fSt4e.png21:50
ybonah no, "click" is always there21:51
ybonbut I confirm I need to create two to have one appear in the menu, as shown in the screenshot21:51
ybonand to see the little "clock" in the top bar21:51
dpm_robru, anyway, I've added the entry there. Please let me know it it's all ok and if there is anything else I need to do. Thanks!21:53
sergiusensdpm_: do you know of any instructions to use online accounts provided in a click?21:55
dpm_sergiusens, afaik, that won't work until in a few month's time21:55
sergiusensdpm_: so for evernote it's only possible because it's a deb?21:56
dpm_UOA expect the provider, service, etc. files in /usr/share21:56
dpm_sergiusens, exactly21:56
sergiusensdpm I guess I'll have to go with the javascript route21:56
sergiusensunless, ping cwayne :-)21:56
sergiusenshave you done oauth with golang?21:57
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* sergiusens doesn't really want to learn the internals of oauth at all21:57
dpm_sergiusens, yeah, app authors have resorted to doing oauth within the app instead of using UOA so far :/21:57
sergiusensdpm_: well I've seen many apps allow auth through facebook et.al.; not really sure how that works in an app; but I might try that too21:58
cwaynesergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/+junk/unity-scope-yelp-golang21:58
sergiusenscwayne: thanks!21:58
dpm_sergiusens, no idea how that'd work, either. Have you seen it in Ubuntu apps, you mean?21:58
sergiusensdpm_: no, I've seen it when logging in through the web :-)21:59
sergiusensdpm_: like tripit21:59
dpm_ahh, yes :)21:59
cwaynebtw I'm close to giving up on UOA in apps22:01
sergiusenscwayne: that's cheating; the token dance has already been done there :-P22:01
sergiusenscwayne: personally, I think it doesn't really scale for apps22:01
cwaynesergiusens: it's just been such a PITA, I tried to do it for my fitbit app for like 8 months22:02
sergiusensoauth is mess IMO too, for native apps at least22:02
pmcgowancwayne, what do we need to fix?22:06
pmcgowanseems somewhat critical to have22:06
pmcgowanclick plugins for uoa?22:07
cwaynepmcgowan: the ability to package account-plugins as clicks in the store22:07
pmcgowancwayne, or as part of the app maybe?22:08
sergiusenspmcgowan: or use them from withing your app22:08
sergiusensyeah, that's good enough22:08
pmcgowanits on the plan22:08
pmcgowanlet me check on that22:08
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robrudpm_, ok sorry about that, meeting got crazy. just looking at your landing request now22:24
dpm_robru, np, thanks!22:24
robrudpm_, so yeah, there isn't a way to build a source package and only selectively upload binary packages, the way the archive works is that you upload the source package and it builds the binary packages and then those binary packages go into ubuntu.22:24
robrudpm_, that said, however, if you have an unwanted 'reminders-app' debian package in the archive, that's not actually going to conflict with the click app in any meaningful way22:25
robrudpm_, you just have to coordinate your releases, so that the source package gets released close to the same time as your click package gets uploaded, in the even that you're making a change to the account-plugin-evernote that you depend on in the click package22:25
dpm_robru, ack, sounds good22:26
dpm_robru, yeah, that's the plan in this case too. We've been holding off the click package upload until the account-plugin-evernote package gets uploaded22:27
robrudpm_, ok, it's building in silo 13 now: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-013-1-build/58/console22:27
robrudpm_, oops, this one: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-013-1-build/59/console22:28
dpm_ok, np :)22:28
dpm_oh, so perhaps we do need to change the debian version?22:29
robrudpm_, ok, not sure what's going on with that error, this must be a new regression because citrain used to be smarter than that. can you try in your MP making a new entry in debian/changelog that looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744283/22:30
dpm_robru, ok. Here's the full changelog. I'm going to push that change to the MP. Does this look ok? Also I should leave release as UNRELEASED? -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744295/22:35
robrudpm_, yep, leave as unreleased22:36
robrudpm_, looks good, citrain *should* handle the version number and changing it to say 'utopic'22:36
robru(but then, it should have already done that, not sure why it's being fussy)22:37
dpm_robru, ok, change pushed to https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/account-plugin-evernote-upload/+merge/22558122:38
robrudpm_, looks good, thanks22:38
robrudpm_, third try is the charm? ;-) https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-013-1-build/60/console22:39
robrudpm_, ugh22:45
robruoh wait22:45
robrudpm_, you're missing .bzr-builddeb/default.conf which should contain: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/friends/view/head:/.bzr-builddeb/default.conf22:46
dpm_ok, on it22:46
dpm_robru, ok, pushed the change22:49
robrudpm_, ok, sorry about all this, this one HAS to work ;-) https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-013-1-build/61/console22:49
dpm_np :)22:49
* dpm_ crosses fingers22:50
cjwatsonpopey: I'm CCed on all UE tickets23:02
cjwatsonpopey: nobody needs to apologise for it23:02
dpm_robru, I've added a comment to silo 13 in the spreadsheet. It seems that the packages did not build quite correctly. Would you have any ideas?23:26
robrudpm_, uh, sounds like a problem with dh_exec23:27
dpm_perhaps it cannot be used in the silo builders? If not, is there another alternative?23:28
robrudpm_, nope, silos are just PPA and silo builders are PPA builders.23:28
robrudpm_, unfortunately I don't know a lot about dh-exec23:30
dpm_argh, I really need to go now, will have to continue investigating tomorrow23:30
dpm_thanks robru23:30
robrudpm_, ok sorry, I'll poke at it a bit myself23:30
dpm_thanks a lot23:30
dpm_no love, debian packaging23:30

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