mappswhat to do00:37
mappbad neighbours wasnt bad..better than i expected02:45
mappnoone else around?02:52
DJonesMorning all07:34
DJonesno-ip appears to be back to normal07:35
SuperMattmy date/time indicator is missing from gnome-flashback. Anyone know how to get it back without logging out and back in again07:46
SuperMattgnome-panel --replace didn't work07:46
SuperMattoooh, in searching for how to fix that, I finally found out how to add panels to my second screen07:58
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:08
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:25
dwatkinsno-ip is great, but all my routers only have an option for dyndns08:39
dwatkinsalso, good morning08:39
brobostigonmorning dwatkins08:39
DJonesdwatkins: Same here, router only has dyndns, I just use ddclient to update no-ip08:43
foobarryanyone on ipv6?08:45
foobarryis www6.bbc.co.uk a real site?08:45
bigcalmdwatkins: run openwrt and then have ddclient run from it. Or run ddclient on an always on server in your home08:47
* bashrc uses freeDNS09:17
bigcalmOnce I move from VirginMedia to PlusNet, the need for ddns will diminish slightly :)09:25
popeyooh, plusnet09:25
bigcalmGoing to pay a fiver for a static IP address09:25
bigcalmHo hum09:27
bigcalmI want FTTC, unlimited usage and a fair price09:27
bigcalmPlusNet seems to fit the bill09:27
foobarry"Plusnet takes the security of our customers' data very seriously indeed, and we are very concerned that information we were legally obliged to share in confidence with a third party has been made public on the Internet."09:28
Myrttizen internet ♥09:28
Myrttiwe've got their FTTC with unlimited usage (I think)09:28
awilkinsAnyone use arbtt ?09:39
awilkins(Automatic Rule Based Time Tracker) ..09:39
awilkinsOh wow, this may be exactly what I wanted09:47
awilkinsFulfils stages 1 and 2 of the Fully Automated Record Time system09:47
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awilkins(yes, I am a bad man who thinks up things with naughty acronyms)09:47
foobarry.win 909:57
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dwatkinsWindows 9... *shudder*10:59
foobarrymy DE blocks alt-9 for irssi11:03
foobarryhave to type /win 911:03
popeymy terminal used to block alt+t11:06
awilkinsIs there a way to name workspaces out of the box with Unity?11:22
awilkinsInterested from the POV of being able to name a workspace and dedicate it to a particular project11:22
awilkins(and use that name to feed a helper for my time logging)11:22
jpdsIn your mind, yes.11:23
awilkinsSo more of a "change the names on the fly" thing than "fix the names"11:23
awilkinsI know you can change workspace names, just don't see a way to do it included with Unity11:23
popeydont think so11:31
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ali1234what is oneconf and why does it crash so much?12:08
ali1234why is it even running if it is only used by the software centre?12:11
MartijnVdSisn't oneconf related to Ubuntu One?12:17
MartijnVdSwhich was shut down a few days ago.. or supposed to anyway12:17
ali1234i dunno. it is only used by the software center so i just uninstalled it12:52
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foobarryxfce has a gnome shell type activity dash13:50
nigelbwhy are more things that way o_O13:52
* nigelb hugs awesome 13:52
SuperMattnigelb: actually I like things like taht13:54
nigelbSuperMatt: dash type things?13:55
nigelbI must just be weird :)13:55
SuperMattI like to be able to see everything that's running all at once13:56
nigelbI found most of them have more mouse interaction than keyboard.13:56
nigelb(that's my one big gripe with unity)13:56
foobarrybeen so happy with elementary since the demise of gnome2+docky13:58
foobarrymixture of bling and functional13:58
foobarrysome people say the same of unity of course13:58
* popey looks forward to Ubuntu MATE Remix arriving14:11
davmor2popey: see I said you liked stuff from the 80's, next you'll be saying vim or emacs instead of gedit ;)14:14
diddledanif you like stuff from the 80s, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oVfIFrpslI14:23
diddledanI think that's awesome video14:23
diddledanlove the remixed music14:24
davmor2diddledan: some people have too much time on their hands14:25
brobostigonis there a way to push log file changes to my droid?14:36
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davmor2I think I might be watching the epic film with the line "It's 106 Miles to Chicago, got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing Sunglasses" tonight talking about 80's stuff :)14:38
diddledanblues brothers?14:40
davmor2diddledan: Indeed14:40
davmor2diddledan: that or the one with the Yello song throughout14:42
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Laneyspotify have broken their apt repo14:50
Laneyit's downloading some facebook html14:51
mappswokeup at like 9am to my old dell making a horrendous noise again:D14:53
bashrcfan trouble?14:54
mappsno idea14:55
mappsfans all going fine14:56
mappsnot sure what the hell it is14:56
mappsis http://frogs.zapto.org working? and also https://frogs.zapto.org14:56
mappsstrange IP i've got..starting with 214:56
diddledanmapps: apparently the internet is full15:01
diddledanconsider me well and truly fscked off15:01
mappslike my photography15:01
mappsmy cats on the sofa15:02
diddledanI'm not sure, but has that been photoshopped at all?15:02
mappsclearly :P15:02
diddledanI thought so, I could tell from the pixels15:02
mappsobv you knew heh , its off @lsdcats on twitter15:02
diddledanthe https version seems to be timing out15:04
mappsoh no15:04
mappsif anyone has a spare few mins can they have a look at : https://forums.openvpn.net/topic16251.html - basically had this issue for ages..asked on the forum before..in #openvpn and #openvpn-as seached google and got nowhere15:05
mappscant see what i'm doing wrong..and if nothing..how noone else has had this issue..or not mentioned it=[15:06
diddledanno idea15:12
mappsits kinda annoying as you can imagine if you read the post:)15:12
diddledanit seems journos are now trying to make a story out of rolf harris just because he's convicted of crimes: there's absolutely nothing of report in this article other than the complete lack of report: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/shortcuts/2014/jul/02/i-saw-rolf-harris-dark-side-portrait-queen-art15:27
ujjainIs there a site where you could place an ad if you would want somebody to place curtains in your place? I already bought the curtains, etc.15:27
diddledan"you knew then, but did nothing" to quote independence day15:27
diddledani.e. if this journo thought something was up why didn't he speak out?!15:28
diddledanas to the portrait of the queen it's actually quite good15:28
diddledanujjain: craigslist?15:29
diddledanujjain: you could offer some sexual favours to ensure it gets accepted15:29
diddledan(is craigslist still the bottomhole of society's escorts?)15:30
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bashrcthe rofl harris thing is just sad15:50
foobarrynewspapers are sad too15:52
bashrcyet another celebrity child abuser.  I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging15:53
diddledanpretty much anyone who was anyone from the 80s is indicted it seems15:55
diddledanexcept the hoff15:56
Myrttithe best place to hide is in plain sight15:56
diddledanbecause he's the hoff15:56
mappsbashrc yep16:37
mappsthing is, these celebs are untouchable at first. it seems treated liker royalty16:37
mappsyoung girls throw themselves at them and these vile animals abuse that16:38
bashrcI think the take home message is that celebrity is a sort of power, and people with power often abuse it in a variety of ways16:38
mappsdiddledan craigslis and gumtree are fraudster central arent they? prob people selling blocked phones and ythe like16:39
mappspeople asking for western union payments etc lol16:39
mappswhatever it is, disgusting pathetic men16:39
mappssad specimens, not an ounce of decency , they don't even admit it when they're banged to rights and instead waste the court and everyone elses time16:40
bashrcI think the solution is really a change of attitude towards celebrity.  It seems that many of those cases were reported at the time but disbelieved by managers16:47
bashrcit's possible that if there hadn't been quite such a deferent attitude then some of those folks would not have had multi-decade careers16:48
mappsyea bashrc celebs can do no wrong kinda thing16:52
mappsgoing to Riga in 7 weeks :)16:53
mapps2 euros a pint i can afford that!16:55
diddledanI'd prefer the reverse: two pints a euro16:56
mappsstill its like 1.5916:56
mappsmakes it ok when they expect a tip!!16:56
mapps£44 flight there16:57
mappsso cheap16:57
mappsbut 115 return some reason16:57
AzelphurI wonder if google play uses a shipping method that does saturday shipping17:04
mappstravelling with just hand luggage is so easy..can fit my nexus7/netbook and enough clothes for a week dunno why people take a suitcase for 7 days17:07
mappsisnt it parcel force17:07
mappswhat you ordering Azelphur17:07
Azelphurthe G Watch :)17:07
diddledanAzelphur: <317:08
diddledanAzelphur: I want one, too17:08
diddledanAzelphur: they ship tomorrow, right?17:09
Azelphurdiddledan: indeed17:09
diddledanaah, they've changed it now to "in 1-2 days"17:09
Azelphurnah, it's a wrangling of wording, they say "ships in 1-2 days"17:10
diddledanyesterday it was saying the 4th17:10
Azelphurmines for shipment on the 4th17:10
Azelphurmine still says Status: To be dispatched from warehouse on 04/07/201417:10
mappshow much are they17:10
diddledanmapps: 159: https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=lg_g_watch_black17:11
mappsah not too much17:11
mappsno good for me tho17:11
mappsiphone 5s;p17:12
diddledanstuff magazine is going to drop scantily-clad women from their cover17:14
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diddledansophie e b does dolly parton's jolene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=E6MdiDvLeSw17:58
daftykinsi need to stand next to her so i look tanned17:59
popeyi quite liked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOwblaKmyVw18:00
diddledanpopey: I'm assuming that's before miley went nuts?18:01
diddledanshe's much better when she's not being outrageous18:02
davmor2popey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6H4r1kWqSM18:05
davmor2popey: amazing how similarly their voices pitch18:06
davmor2bigcalm: you need an excuse to be a lazy developer? Just Don't work all day that should make you a lazy dev ;)18:19
diddledanhow weird is this: I've got synergy set up with one guest connected to the server. My keyboard and mouse are stuck on the guest and can't be transferred to the server20:35
diddledanI could understand it if things were the other way about with the server retaining the keyboard/mouse and not transferring to the guest but this seems backasswards20:35
ali1234it means your config is messed up20:36
diddledanit was working fine until just now tho20:37
diddledanI've not changed anything20:37
ali1234there is a hotkey to lock to one display20:37
ali1234but i thought it was disabled by default20:37
ali1234but like i said... synergy is really buggy20:37
diddledanyikes, I've not blogged in ages22:45
diddledanmy last entry is from december22:45
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