greg-gI'm putting camping gear in the car!!00:09
rick_h__greg-g: hah, loading up our trailer00:11
rick_h__go camping go!00:11
greg-g:) :)00:12
cmaloneywoo woo00:17
mrgoodcatdate change12:28
mrgoodcatlol http://www.programmerexcuses.com/12:30
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/6G0Pvq - Excuses For Lazy Coders12:30
jrwrenbeautiful rainy morning12:56
mrgoodcatnot rainy here yet13:23
mrgoodcatwhere you at?13:23
jrwrenann arbor13:26
rick_h__rainy here, yay loading up the camper in the rain13:26
rick_h__hmm, is that sweat or rain...can't tell13:26
brouschrick_h__: Where are you camping this time?13:27
rick_h__brousch: the in-laws club up north13:27
rick_h__brousch: so this is more a mandatory in-laws visit13:27
rick_h__but they have a golf course, skeet/trap/down range, fishing lakes, etc13:27
jrwrencamping resort, I'd guess.13:28
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/Yc4u9L - llwc213:28
rick_h__heh, yea lots of people build cabins there, permanent parked campers in the campground13:28
rick_h__hunting/etc stuff13:28
rick_h__yea, they do a 4th parade where everyone decorates their 4-wheelers and such13:31
rick_h__and have fireworks over the lake, so hopefully get some shots of those13:31
brouschHm, similar to the lake my parents live on. They do a decorated boat parade and fireworks13:34
brouschMy brother's in-laws are members at a more local "club" called Sandy Pines. Everyone owns a golf cart13:38
mrgoodcatrick_h__: where is lost lake?13:40
rick_h__mrgoodcat: lincoln mi13:43
jrwrenso many stupid typo mistakes this morning. need more coffee14:01
mrgoodcatnot on huron is it?14:02
jrwrenare you thinking of lincoln consolidated schools?14:06
jrwrenthat is willis, MI14:06
jrwrenoh, on lake huron, yes, south of alpena14:06
jrwrennot on the huron river :)14:07
cmaloneyI just got my first github-related spam today. :)14:42
cmaloneyWell, not really spam, but someone looking to sell me a service based on my github project following14:42
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/JDngd - tschellenbach/Feedly ยท GitHub14:44
cmaloneyThe license.txt of that project is a strange variant of "GPL" (which the setup.py file claims the project is licensed under)14:48
trevlarcmaloney: ha, I got one from them too16:02
cmaloneytrevlar: Wonder if everyone following Bookie got one.16:03
trevlarapparently mine was because I had starred them at some point in the past16:05
trevlarHi Trevor, I noticed you starred our project, Feedly on Github. As a reminder the project allows you to build scalable feeds using Cassandra or Redis.16:05
cmaloneyLooks like they're under a BSD license.16:06

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