thafreakwow, look at the load on my mail server00:30
thafreaknfs server went away for a few hours...00:31
Unit193Woow, so that's where all the viagra spam is coming from.00:31
thafreakhaha no the load was due to nfs13:00
thafreakio wait time was through the roof13:00
thafreakbecause nfs went away13:01
thafreakand so all the io jobs got stuck waiting13:01
thafreakby the time i took the screen shot, the load dropped from over 300 to 20 as soon as nfs came back13:01
thafreakas much as I dislike nfs...there really isn't a decent alternative that behaves so well13:02
thafreakclients just get stuck waiting instead of crashing and all hell breaking loose13:02
thafreaknfs server comes back 4 hours later, all the clients just start working like nothing happened13:03
thafreakThose unix beards at sun knew what they were doing man13:03
jrgiffordhey, sun built some solid stuff16:19
jrgiffordi mean, java is *everywhere*16:19
dzhoit's a bit like elvis16:51
dzhoonly, when it has a heart attack and falls off the toilet, it doesn't die with any quite the same finality.16:53
dzhoso, it's like a zombie software elvis.16:53

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