ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps05:28
bdukMore almal05:36
mazalMorning everyone05:36
nuvolario/ oh hi05:39
nuvolarihi bduk 05:39
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy and others06:12
Kilosmorning inetpro 06:13
ThatGraemeGuyhey Kilos06:17
ThatGraemeGuyi found some bones of yours from waaay back06:17
ThatGraemeGuya handful of steel pickaxes and some sticks06:17
Kiloslol where06:17
ThatGraemeGuysort of under my house, from an ancient mine shaft that ended in lava tragedy ;)06:18
ThatGraemeGuythat was way before i had a good grip on how to work around lava06:18
Kilosoi lava and me have a long history06:18
ThatGraemeGuyyeah, i'm busy cleaning up there06:18
Kilosi thinks that about 7 or 8 piles of bones now06:19
ThatGraemeGuythe mine shaft had been shredded after some TNT experimentation I did, but i've rebuilt the ladder at least down to the original level again06:19
ThatGraemeGuyif you go to my basement and take the doorway to the pyramid the mine shaft is just to the left after a few steps down06:20
Kilosoh thats the lava i went past then ended up at the deep where you finished digging out?06:20
nuvolarioh hi oom Kilos :D06:24
Kiloslo nuvolari hoe is die neus seun06:25
Kilosdaai ding wat brand06:25
nuvolarineus is korrek06:28
nuvolaridit gaan beter dankie oom06:28
nuvolarimy ou neussproei gekry06:28
nuvolarigaan vandag die wax uit my neus snuif06:29
Kiloshaha maar kry see water sproei ook hoor06:29
Kilosnet nie hervul op durban strand nie06:30
Kilosdaar by julle is skoner06:30
SquirmI'm going to Cape Town in 2 days :D06:46
Kiloshi Squirm hows you?06:46
Squirmfor 1 week06:47
Kiloscool go say hello to the fly06:47
Squirmnot sure what we're going to be up to06:51
KilosThatGraemeGuy, those still in the rock by the lava?07:00
Kilosi left clicked once on them and they gone07:02
charlgood morning Kilos, nuvolari, Squirm, ThatGraemeGuy 07:02
charlMaaz: coffee on07:03
* Maaz flips the salt-timer07:03
Kiloshi charl 07:03
SquirmMaaz: coffee please07:03
MaazSquirm: Alrighty07:03
SquirmMaaz: largest07:03
MaazWhew do you want a bath full Squirm?07:03
SquirmMaaz: botsnack07:03
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp07:03
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Squirm!07:07
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charlMaaz: thanks07:10
Maazcharl: No problem07:10
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: i already took the contents and the bones07:44
ThatGraemeGuydid you find bones somewhere else?07:45
Kilosnope ThatGraemeGuy i left 2 blocks where they showed07:45
Kiloslike showed through the stone07:45
ThatGraemeGuyoi i don't understand you sometimes07:45
ThatGraemeGuyno matter, i have your stuff i'll drop it off sometime07:46
Kilosno i dont need it ty07:46
Kilosi just put the stone blocks so you could see where i saw bones07:46
Kilosi changed nothing07:48
Kilosthere i removed them07:49
nuvolarioh hi charl, Squirm, ThatGraemeGuy 08:00
Squirmhey nuvolari 08:00
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:06
nuvolariok, really? http://www.sowetanlive.co.za/news/2014/07/03/cosatu-questions-victor-matfield-s-scrum-cap08:18
ThatGraemeGuyminetest 0.4.10 due out around 6 july09:14
Kiloswbb. wanna try another graphics card09:25
charlhahahaha http://www.google.com/killer-robots.txt09:54
Kiloscan someone give me a pointer at what is wrong with this graphics card09:57
Kilosall them blocks make readin kinda difficult09:57
inetprogood mornings10:05
Vince-0Kilos, eich10:12
Vince-0that thing looks cooked or not connected properly10:12
Kilosah i was hoping it was just a cap that was giving up the ghost10:13
Kiloslemme change back to other card10:21
Kilosthats a bit easier on the eye10:50
Kilospity, thats a gf 8600 gt10:53
Vince-0yaw only 5 years old10:57
Kilosjust chatted to nvidia on their live chat goodie and find they dont manufacture graphics cards, just supply the chipset15:08
bushtechKilos: Thanks for that snippet, didn't know that15:58
Kiloshaha i got one that displays like this17:02
Kiloshard to read in that block mode17:02
Kilosthen the lady at nvidia gave me the link to the manufacturers and they are in the UK i think, but on the card the sticker says made in china17:23
Kiloswhat a mix up17:23
klaasvakieok guys, tell me I'm not the only one17:32
Kilosyou not the only one17:33
klaasvakieI set my DNS to auto and get assigned the afrihost default ip's17:33
Kiloswats foud seun17:33
klaasvakiego on youtube, get 50kbytes/s down17:33
klaasvakieset my dns to the googly one
klaasvakieget my full linespeed (4Mbit) down17:34
klaasvakieI thought our local mirrors were supposed to speed things up ?17:34
Kiloslotsa local stuff is sick17:34
klaasvakienow for the more interesting part:17:35
klaasvakieI have a wdtv live which I can pair with my laptop (youtube.com/pair)17:35
klaasvakiethe moment I pair y tv with my laptop, my speed drops to 50kbytes/s again as google then decides i'm a saffer and redirects me to the local slowness17:36
klaasvakieeish, so looks like i'll be catching up the wimbledon goodness on the tiny laptop screen17:37
klaasvakieman, sometimes I wish we could have real internet17:39
klaasvakieI've noticed the local ubuntu also slow the last few weeks. Is it just a question of too mayne people, too few pipes?17:43
Kilosthe local repo is a bit sick at times17:43
Kilosuse main17:43
klaasvakiei've been using the main17:44
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 18:51
ThatGraemeGuyhey, how goes?18:52
Kilosjust cold man, i went into my mine here for obsidian and got lost and came out behind your house sigh18:56
Kilosand there by you how goes18:56
smilebye :p18:56
Kilostoods smile18:56
Kilossleep tight18:56
smilegood night! :)18:57
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Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
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