jay__eeee,  you there?00:02
eeeejay__: no it's not normal for it to freeze00:02
jay__hmmm could i possibly have a hardware issue?00:02
eeeeif u ever need to do a reset you can do this00:02
eeee!sysrq | jay__00:02
ubottujay__: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:02
eeeejay__: could be00:03
jay__eeee, i've been working how i can definitively know if it's hardware. is there some almighty awesomo test for everything? CPU, HDD, RAM and video card?00:04
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jay__i've done a RAM test from a USB stick with parted magic. Also, a HDD test from there.00:06
eeeejay__: i dunno really, there's system test in the dash, maybe it can do the job00:07
eeeeseems to have a lot of tests00:07
jay__ok. tell me how00:08
jay__my ears are open00:08
jay__oh.. and my eyes.  that'll help too00:08
eeeego to the dash and type system testing00:09
jay__does dash=terminal?00:09
eeeeno, it's the first icon in the launcher00:09
eeeeahh wait00:10
jay__i have Xubuntu00:10
eeeeur on xubuntu00:10
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eeeego to the terminal and try typing checkbox-gui00:11
eeeethat's the command for it on ubuntu, dunno if you have it though00:12
jay__it's currently not installed00:13
jay__shall i install it?00:13
eeeeyeah why not00:13
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mgodzillaregarding my question earlier - if anyone else needs help.00:15
mgodzillanomodeset parameter in grub config worked for me :)00:15
jay__checkbox-gui: error while loading shared libraries: libQt5Xml.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:18
jay__i just installed it though eeee00:18
jay__why does everything have errors!?!?!?! arguh)HEW*RY*(#)RU)(#@00:18
eeeejay__: first off, did you run sudo apt-get update ?00:19
eeeeok run that00:19
jay__how would i know to do that? :(00:19
jay__linux needs instructions lol00:19
jay__easy ones!00:19
eeeejay__: also, enable the universe repository00:19
eeeebefore doing the apt-get update00:20
jay__oh christ. how do i do that now?00:20
jay__omg i already typed the update!00:20
orizzlehi all, im trying to install Xorg on a bootstrapped debian wheezy.  the reason for bootstrapping is the device has a locked bootloader with a crippled version of linux (it's actually a Boxee).  i used apt to install X successfully, but am getting "no screens found" when running startx, and Xorg -configure says it can't find any devices.  lspci says " Display controller: Intel Corporation Graphics Media Accelerator 500 Graphics "....any s00:20
orizzleuggestions please?00:20
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eeeejay__: it's ok just press ctrl + c00:21
jay__eeee, how do i enable universe reposito?00:21
eeeerun software-properties-gtk00:21
eeeeand check the box for the repository00:21
jay__it was already check marked00:22
eeeerun sudo apt-get update00:22
jay__i already did but will do it again00:22
jay__checkbox-gui: error while loading shared libraries: libQt5Xml.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory eeee00:24
eeeeok try sudo apt-get install libqt5xml500:25
jay__ok i installed that. now system testing opened00:25
eeeeok cool00:26
eeeei found supposedly "the best testing utility for linux systems" online00:26
eeeesudo apt-get install phoronix-test-suite00:26
eeeeit says it takes a couple hours though to finish testing00:27
eeeei guess they are both ok though00:28
Drew_NeilsonDoes anyone know what happened to Ubuntu On Air's schedule?  There are no entries in Google Calendar00:31
jay__my pc froze when i tried to use checkbox-gui. maybe i do have a hardware issue eeee00:32
eeeetry sudo apt-get install phoronix-test-suite00:32
jay__i'm doing it!00:33
jay__thanks for being so helpful and nice man00:34
jay__or woman00:34
Drew_NeilsonSorry for repeating myself, but does anyone know what happened to Ubuntu On Air's schedule?  There are no entries in Google Calendar00:34
jay__you're a swell person lol :)00:34
eeeesure thing00:34
DJJeffinit --user --restart --state-fd 2100:34
DJJeffwhat is this00:34
jay__looks like i have to go into this program and do some waiting. i'll let ya know if it finishes tonight. if not, probably let ya know tomorrow00:35
catalasewhen you add user, does it create a home directory for them?00:35
eeeeok cool00:35
eeeecatalase: yes00:36
jay__everything is done in the terminal with this program00:36
jay__hopefully i can manage?00:36
eeeeyeah u'll be fine ;)00:36
jay__thanks hehe00:36
MadLambHello. Every time i try to open a flash video in full screen it starts freezing. Does any1 knows what could I do?00:38
STHGOMi just got a usb headset and i want everything to use it00:42
STHGOMhow do i do that?00:44
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SamwiseGamgeeWhat are some considerations I need to take when deciding my username when installing ubuntu?  For example, does the name need to be lowercase, one word, and unique, or does all that matter at all?00:58
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dino82name does need to be unique in terms of not being the same as other users of the system00:58
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dino82As long as it isnt common like 'root' or 'wheel'00:59
SamwiseGamgeeoh yeah, so that is more important for the PC name?00:59
SamwiseGamgeethe PC name needs to be more unique?00:59
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MadLambHello. Every time i try to open a flash video in full screen it starts freezing. Does any1 knows what could I do?00:59
dino82PC name is totally up to you and your naming conventions.  All of my server nodes are named after star trek characters00:59
rets5sThats awesome01:00
g146m026dino82: wow!01:00
dino82and the physical servers are named after starships, so it's like the star trek characters are 'on board'01:00
dino82I have garak, picard, riker and martok on voyager right now ;)01:01
SamwiseGamgeeWhat about the password, if I am installing xubuntu?  Is it okay to have my password with all lowercase letters, or should I have any capitals in it?01:01
g146m026dino82: awesome :P01:01
dino82It depends on how complex you want  your passwords, the less 'secure' the system is from outsiders, the more secure I would make the password, and so on01:02
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dino82If it's a personal machine that no one will touch then you can tend to get away with less complex passwords, but I don't suggest 'password123' or 'hunter2' ;)01:02
mrunknown******* is all I see01:02
xubfuck off01:03
xubhello?im ona  vmware01:04
xubAre you running this on vmware01:04
xubor vbox01:04
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Guest83312HP is replacing my faulty laptop, which out of these two looks better?  http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/312303/NOTEBOOKS_15/HP/F6C78PA.asp http://www.techbuy.com.au/p/319201/NOTEBOOKS_15/HP/ENVY15-Q004TX%28J3Z14PA%29.asp01:07
mrunknownSo, I have a small VM on the cloud that I use as a test system for messing with and such. It runs a mail, http and ssh server. I have it locked down the best I am capable of (fail2ban, ssh is configured to only let one username login), but was curious in if there is a simple IDS type system for a single machine just so I can tell if someone has gotten onto the server other than myself. Any ideas?01:18
Moussaallow single ip or from ip range?01:20
mrunknownfor ssh?01:21
Moussayes , or for the machine01:21
mrunknownssh is setup to only let my username to connect, using keypairs. fail2ban will ban after one failed attempt, lol. How would I ensure nothing got on through the http server? I can't limit that to a IP address range01:22
mrunknownI've had wordpress broken into on a shared host before.01:23
mrunknownMoussa: thank you, looks useful. I can probably set something up to do that. But I am more worried about http being exploited and some sort of backdoor being put in.01:25
mrunknownldlework: was that to me? when I hear ssd I think of solid state drive...01:26
Moussajust use hosts.allow and hosts.deny01:26
mrunknownso I shouldn't worry about having http or mail servers?01:27
Moussaif i say no,i will be giving you a false sense of security01:28
Moussarule of thump "no system is safe online"01:28
Moussabut you do your best to make it harder eventually they move to a easier system.01:29
mrunknownlol yeah, what I figured. I just know I am not a seasoned sysadmin, trying to learn, but I don't keep a constant eye on it.01:29
Moussamaybe you could st up a mail alert when somone log in?01:30
OerHeks!info fail2ban01:31
ubottufail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.11-1 (trusty), package size 126 kB, installed size 616 kB01:31
kingbeowolftrying to install the AMD drivers, but I get this error loki_setup: directory: (null)01:34
holsteinkingbeowolf: in what way? sudo apt-get install?01:35
kingbeowolfholstein, no .run file01:35
holsteinkingbeowolf: you should make sure your system meets the needs the providers of the .run say it needs.. i suggest just trying the repo version01:36
kingbeowolfholstein, it does meet the requirements that is why this is odd01:38
alex7000sup guys, how do i fix the ugly bootscreen after installing the proprietary drivers in ubuntu 14.04? it's kinda funny bc i have been having this issue since ubuntu switched to kms.01:38
holsteinkingbeowolf: you will need to meet the requirments, manually, to run the .run.. please just try the repository version01:39
holsteinkingbeowolf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD01:39
kingbeowolfThis is the line giving the error : 143* akim (~akim@nat/cisco/x-jasiuqdkhyehbfsb) has joined #ubuntu01:46
kingbeowolfThis is the line giving the error : 143:if [[ ${CURR_OS_NAME} == RedHat* ]]; then01:46
holsteinkingbeowolf: please try the repository drivers01:46
Fasa im new to ubuntu, how can i set it up to airplay to my avr?  i changed the settings in pulseaudio to allow airplay, and see the avr in the settings to select01:47
Fasabut when i select it and play music nothing pla01:47
holsteinFasa: is airplay supporting ubuntu? or linux?01:48
Fasatheres always a work around01:48
holsteinFasa: ? is it supported?01:48
Fasawhat do u mean01:49
Fasaby apple? no01:49
akimkingbeowolf, sup01:49
holsteinFasa: i mean, nothing about ubuntu is preventing support.. do they support it?01:49
OerHekskingbeowolf, {CURR_OS_NAME} == RedHat ?? ubuntu is debian based, follow the suggestion of holstein please01:49
Fasaim not sure what u mean holstein01:50
holsteinFasa: im just making sure they provide support, so that we can refer to official documentation on using ubuntu with airplay.. or community documentation.. is there such a project?01:50
Fasai dont believe so01:51
Fasabut there is a option in pulseaudio to support it01:51
Fasamy avr shows up01:51
Fasaya i tried that01:52
Fasaavr shows01:52
Fasabut no audio plays to it01:52
holsteinFasa: i wouldnt expect pulseaudio to do the support though, since its a close source situation.. all of linux and pulse and ubuntu are open though for apple to see and support.. have you asked them?01:52
Fasaapple isnt gunna support it01:52
holsteinFasa: so, you have asked?01:53
Fasabut they arent01:53
holsteinFasa: i would ask them.. its really up to them, ideally, to provide support for the protocol and device... otherwise, are you sure you are able to "see" the devices? have you pulled down firewalls? etc?01:55
kingbeowolfOerHeks, i just commented that line out01:55
kingbeowolfit is working now01:55
kandinskiI have lost the clock on the bar01:58
kandinskihow can I re-enable it?01:58
Guest11249are the open source "radeon" drivers the same thing as the "radeonsi" drivers?  or how do i go about installing and using "radeonsi" drivers?02:09
Guest11249because i have an AMD Radeon HD 7xxx series video card02:09
xanguakandinski: go to your system configuration, date and time settings02:09
xanguaopen dash and type configuration or system02:10
Guest11249are you talking about using the fglrx drivers?02:10
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Guest11249do you know?02:11
Guest11249how is everyone doing?02:13
raleehanot sure02:13
Guest11249are the open source "radeon" drivers the same thing as the "radeonsi" drivers?  or how do i go about installing and using "radeonsi" drivers?02:13
histo!ati | Guest1124902:14
ubottuGuest11249: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:14
kingbeowolfholstein, OerHeks i rebooted and everything is working fine02:15
raleehaxf86-video-ati hm02:15
holsteinkingbeowolf: i suspect you are likely still using the open drivers.. but, enjoy!02:15
kingbeowolfraleeha, holstein nope it is working as expected02:19
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tanyCan someone help me to make a webpage hosted on ubuntu server publicly accessible?02:24
kingbeowolftany, how did you install?02:24
kingbeowolftany, LAMP?02:24
holsteintany: are you already hosting locally?02:25
tanykingbeowolf: I'm running apache2. I am able to view in local web browser02:25
histo!portforward | tany02:26
ubottutany: For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall02:26
kandinskixangua: thanks02:26
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:26
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OssumPawesomehello could anyone possibly help me set up my ssh server with rsa keys? I'm getting permission denied public key constantly02:27
histotany: look at teh portfoward.com link that's what you need02:27
histoOssumPawesome: did you generate your keys?02:28
OssumPawesomeI did - using puttygen on my windows machine (the client)02:28
kingbeowolftany, if you have a router or what ever between you have the net you will obviously need to check that out02:28
histoOssumPawesome: how did you copy the key over?02:28
kingbeowolftany, you can make sure that is the problem easily if you have DMZ02:28
OssumPawesomeI can connect with password stuff, but not with keys02:28
OssumPawesomeI just emailed myself the public key and put it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys02:29
SanakovichHey... :)02:29
histoOssumPawesome: do you have another linux box?  or does putty have a verbose option for connection?02:29
OssumPawesomeI've been using git bash for connection as well as putty02:30
OssumPawesomei will see02:30
tanykingbeowolf: The server is part of a large network. Before reaching the admin, what steps I have to check to make sure things are fine with my end? (i.e. ports etc?)02:30
kingbeowolftany, just port 8002:30
kingbeowolftany, if local host is working fine then it is most likely just other hardware before getting to the server02:30
tanykingbeowolf: for netstate, I get tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      1210/apache202:31
tanykingbeowolf: this means, port 80 is opened?02:31
histotany: if you can reach it from the local ip   then your good02:31
histoOssumPawesome: what is git bash?02:32
tanyhisto: kingbeowolf: I can access it via local browser02:32
kingbeowolfya just type "localhost"02:32
kingbeowolfin the url bar02:32
tanykingbeowolf: if localhost works, then the issue is with hardware?02:32
OssumPawesomegit is a version control system, and git bash or msysgit is basically like an ubuntu terminal on windows02:33
kingbeowolftany, if localhost works then the issue is with something other then the server02:33
OssumPawesomeI have a debug output from the verbose ssh, but can I paste walls of text here? maybe I should pm you histo?02:33
kingbeowolftany, you also might want to give the server a static local ip so you can properly route it with the router02:33
somsip!paste | OmegaVII02:33
ubottuOmegaVII: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:33
tanykingbeowolf: ok thanks I'll check with the network admin then02:33
OssumPawesomewoops guess i cant paste walls of text in pm either02:34
somsip!paste | OssumPawesome02:34
ubottuOssumPawesome: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:34
tanykingbeowolf: I can ping to the server IP from a different n/w. That means it has a static IP?02:34
OssumPawesomehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7739860/ heres some debug stuff02:35
kingbeowolftany, no02:35
OssumPawesomehisto, are you still there?02:35
holsteintany: your isp doesnt have to permit you web access like that.. or allow you to run the server02:36
kingbeowolftany, you need to edit sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces02:36
kingbeowolfafter you do that change it from DHCP to static02:36
kingbeowolfand add the address line02:36
kingbeowolfand gateway02:36
histoOssumPawesome: yeah sorry back now02:36
kingbeowolfbut just copy what exists now02:36
holsteinsome routers allow you to "reserve" the ip address as well.. tany02:36
OssumPawesomenpnp i really appreciate the help02:36
kingbeowolftany, after you do that it is up to the network admin02:37
kingbeowolftany, just give him the local ip02:37
historeading the debug now02:37
kingbeowolftany, then no matter how many times you reboot it should be the same02:37
OssumPawesomeoh does PEM_read_PrivateKey failed mean that the client is having trouble with the private key?02:37
kingbeowolftany, unless another system on the network gets assigned that ip but blah blah that is the network admin's job02:37
tanykingbeowolf: yea, it is the same, I've seeing several days02:38
tanykingbeowolf: I also see 'iface eth0 inet static' in the /etc/network/interfaces02:38
histoOssumPawesome: someting is wrong with your authorized keys02:38
OssumPawesomehm ok I can make a new set of keys, but I did just try that02:39
OssumPawesomeI'll let you know once I'm finished02:39
histoOssumPawesome: ssh-copy-id   to copy the keys... oh nvm your using putty02:39
OssumPawesomeno you can do that with git02:39
OssumPawesomeso should I temporarily turn on password ssh in order to copy the keys that way?02:39
OssumPawesomethat seems reasonable02:40
histoOssumPawesome: if you're copying the key from windows make sure there's no newlines or weird characters causing issues02:40
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OssumPawesomeat some point in troubleshooting this thing I've made my authorized_keys folder inaccessible with chmod - how do I undo this?02:43
OssumPawesomeI can access the folder with sudo su, but this seems like it could cause problems02:43
somsipOssumPawesome: erm...authorized_keys *folder*? Why is it a folder?02:43
OssumPawesomeI thought this was where ssh keys were supposed to be put02:44
somsipOssumPawesome: it should be a file, not a folder. It should be 64402:44
OssumPawesomepublic keys that is02:44
OssumPawesomeoh that could be a problem02:44
somsipOssumPawesome: yes, in text format, in one file, added sequentially. Not as separate key files in a folder02:44
histoOssumPawesome: its a text file with keys in it02:46
OssumPawesomeyeah that would be my problem02:46
OssumPawesomeill transfer the public key over through passworded ssh02:46
OssumPawesomeill let you know how it goes02:47
histoOssumPawesome: there's your problem02:47
histoOssumPawesome: yeah connect and echo your-public-key-blahblah >> .ssh/authorized_keys02:47
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michaelgambleso utorrent doesnt exist for ubuntu 14.0402:49
somsip!info utorrent | michaelgamble02:49
ubottumichaelgamble: Package utorrent does not exist in trusty02:49
histoOssumPawesome: sudo chown /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys username:username && chmod 600 /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys02:49
jay__Transmission does michaelgamble02:49
michaelgambleyeah is that the way to role on ubuntu02:49
jay__it's basically the same thing. a torrent client02:49
michaelgamblei used it a while back on my mac02:49
michaelgambledidnt mind it02:49
michaelgamblecool easy enough02:50
holsteinmichaelgamble: i prefer transmission ..http://tutorialforlinux.com/2014/04/15/how-to-install-utorrent-bittorrent-client-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-lts-32-64bit-linux-easy-guide/02:50
jay__holstein my man02:50
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michaelgamblelol yeah holstein i saw those, but seems so complicated for something that sshould be simple02:50
histomichaelgamble: transmission is easy, if you want a light weight torrent client check out rtorrent it's command line based has a text interface etc...02:50
michaelgamblekinda defeats teh law of KISS02:50
michaelgamblei want a gui02:50
jay__holstein, you in offtopic?02:50
histomichaelgamble: then use transmission02:50
michaelgamblelol k02:51
xanguamichaelgamble: deluge and qbittorrent have an interface similar to utorrent02:51
holsteinmichaelgamble: its simple, if its incluced in the default repositories, which utorrent would be welcome to be in..02:51
somsip!info tranmission-gtk02:51
ubottuPackage tranmission-gtk does not exist in trusty02:51
michaelgambleok i got a real ubuntu question02:51
somsip!info tranmission02:51
ubottuPackage tranmission does not exist in trusty02:51
somsip!info transmission-gtk02:51
ubottutransmission-gtk (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client (GTK+ interface). In component main, is optional. Version 2.82-1.1ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 306 kB, installed size 948 kB02:51
holsteinjay__: yes.. i am in #ubuntu-offtopic02:52
somsipmichaelgamble: so theres your GUI02:52
michaelgambleok so i have a cron job with an rtcwake command to schedule system on and off02:52
jay__holstein, have you ever heard of phoronix test suite?02:53
michaelgamblei have enabled wake on lan02:53
michaelgamblewake on lan works great if my system has been thrown into hibernate through this method02:53
jay__i just used it to test my hardware. it's done, but i have no idea how to interpret the results02:53
michaelgambleHOWEVER when i manually enabled pm-hibernate as part of the sytem options and is now in my power drop down in addition to the suspend option.. it hibernates fine.. but wake on lan will not kick it awake.. any ideas?02:54
holsteinmichaelgamble: i had mixed results with WOL.. some hardware didnt work02:54
michaelgambleit works with the rtc hibernate02:55
michaelgambleso i figure its gotta be a software / config issue?02:55
holsteinmichaelgamble: then, thats what i would use02:55
michaelgamblelol thats the easy answer02:55
michaelgamblethe only thing i noticed, is my pm-hibernate causes it to log out02:56
michaelgamblei have to punch in a password, where as the rtc wake doesnt02:56
jay__holstein, have you ever heard of phoronix test suite?02:56
holsteinjay__: yes, but i have not used it02:56
OssumPawesomehow do i echo the contents of a file?02:57
OssumPawesomecan i just echo the file name without quotes?02:57
histoOssumPawesome: cat somefile02:57
jay__ok. anyone else esed it? i ran the tests but don't understand the results02:57
OssumPawesomeif i echo id_rsa.pub | ssh user@host "cat > /remotefile.txt" will that work?02:58
Lyric17jay__: I ran it years ago02:58
michaelgamblelol btw apparently transmission was already installed02:58
michaelgamblecomes default w ubuntu 14.0402:58
holsteinmichaelgamble: thats why i suggested it as a simple option..02:58
histoOssumPawesome: no it will just echo "id_rsa.pub"  you can cat id_rsa.pub02:59
jay__Lyric17, how do i find out if my test results are good or not? is there something to compare them to? or numbers that are pass/fail?02:59
jay__i looked on Phoronix's website but couldn't find a thing about results02:59
holsteinjay__: "good" is typically always a matter of opinion.. you can always load up whatever data in a pastebin, if its not sensitive.. or, ask the creators of the software for help03:00
histoOssumPawesome: cat id_rsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys03:00
OssumPawesomewhats the syntax histo? also is "cat > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" the correct syntax for the right side?03:00
michaelgambleso no real leads on my wol problem?03:00
jay__i'm in #phoronix but no one will answer03:00
somsipOssumPawesome: > will replace the contents, >> will append03:00
histoOssumPawesome: ssh-copy-id user@host     and be done03:01
jay__i would pastebin but the results are in website form03:01
OssumPawesomecant do that on windows unfortunately03:01
Lyric17jay__: I did the Phoronix Test Suite shortly after they released the 1st version03:01
histoOssumPawesome: then get your public key on the server and append it to authorized_keys file03:01
holsteinjay__: you copy paste whatever to whatever03:01
histoOssumPawesome: not quite sure how you are going to cat from windows03:01
Lyric17I just googled at the time to try to find the closest comparisons but found little at that time03:02
Lyric17I wasn't using Linux for any kind of gaming, so I found it more interesting than useful. hardware_info was more suitable for my purposes03:03
nupupupupxubuntu user reporting in~03:03
jay__holstein, how can i copy a website to pastebin?03:03
histoOssumPawesome: did you get it?03:04
holsteinjay__: copy paste.. grab said text.. highligh.. copy, and paste where you would like to share with a volunteer..03:04
nupupupuplast time, I installed a meta package to install MATE and LXDE on top of my distro... fucked up everything ;D03:05
somsip!language | nupupupup03:05
ubottunupupupup: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:05
jay__all the results are in images on the webpage tho03:05
histo!paste | jay__03:06
ubottujay__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:06
histojay__: note the imagebin.org03:06
jay__oh neato!03:07
OssumPawesomehisto lolnope ive got the text from the public key in the authorized_keys file now, but still getting permission denied publickey03:08
OssumPawesomedo i need to remove ----start of ssh key---- and ---end of yadda----03:08
OssumPawesomefrom the top and bottom?03:08
histoOssumPawesome: ls -l .ssh/authorized_keys03:08
somsipOssumPawesome: sounds like you copied the private key03:09
histoOssumPawesome: yes03:09
histoOssumPawesome: you need to copy the public key not the private one.03:09
OssumPawesomedefinitely the public key03:09
somsipOssumPawesome: the private key starts with ---start of ssh key--- The public key does not. All evidence suggest you copied the id_rsa.pub03:10
OssumPawesomei copied id_rsa.pub this is the public key right?03:10
somsipOssumPawesome: the file extension tells you this is the PUBlic key03:10
histoOssumPawesome: http://www.howtoforge.com/ssh_key_based_logins_putty03:10
jay__i'd need to scroll a bunch of times to show you it all holstein and histo03:11
OssumPawesomeyes i was looking at this histo03:11
OssumPawesomeyeah i mean i figured, but you said all evidence suggest i copied id_rsa.pub i think you meant something else03:11
holsteinjay__: sure.. just decide if you want to contact the creators via whatever support they suggest (which may not be irc, but email) or share the data for the volunteers here03:12
AnThRaXBoTEvening everyone03:12
histoOssumPawesome: you can copy and paste teh ssh-rsa blahblah  public key in putty03:12
jay__didn't i just share the data here?03:12
OssumPawesomeit says ---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ---- at the top btw03:13
histoOssumPawesome: no that shouldn't be there03:13
OssumPawesomeshould I also take out the comment line03:13
OssumPawesomeComment: "rsa-key-numbers"03:13
OssumPawesomeI took out both already03:13
AnThRaXBoTExtreme noob here with home servers, working on setting up Ubuntu Server 14.04 as my home media server and also a web/email server for myself... Kinda confused about some things and looking for someone that's got a little time to help me out.03:13
histoOssumPawesome:  should just have just ssh-rsa bunchofweird-text-here03:13
OssumPawesomeoh i might need to convert this03:14
somsipOssumPawesome: and a user name or user@domain at the end, depending how you setup the key03:14
holsteinAnThRaXBoT: id say, you dont want to run email and web from home like that if you are "new"03:14
histoOssumPawesome: i'll send you my authorized_keys in a pm so you can see03:14
OssumPawesomeall i have besides begin, eng, and comment is the key itself03:14
OssumPawesomebegin, end, and comment*03:14
histoOssumPawesome: look at the link I sent you it walks you through this.03:15
somsipOssumPawesome: still sounds like you copied the private key not the public one (I think my earlier comment had this the wrong way round)03:15
Lyric17jay__: in the Phoronix forums there is a thread that lists the sites that use the test suite. Most likely you'll find comparisons in those sites' forums.03:15
histoOssumPawesome: pastebin the content of the .pub03:16
somsiphisto: what if it's his private key?03:16
jay__ok thanks Lyric1703:16
pspeter3How can i create a USB stick on a Mac for a non Mac computer?03:16
histosomsip: then he can regenerate03:16
somsiphisto: fair enough, but he seems confused over which is which. OssumPawesome if you paste anything, maybe mangle a few chars to make it invalid, but so we can see what you are doing03:17
Lyric17jay__: hardinfo (found in synaptic) is what I use, because I'm not a gamer.03:17
OssumPawesomeIT WORKS!!!!03:18
histoOssumPawesome: what was the issue?03:18
jay__i'm not a gamer either03:18
OssumPawesomei had to format the key and get all the lines onto one line03:18
OssumPawesomeas well as add ssh-rsa to the beginning03:18
OssumPawesomethank you so much histo03:19
jay__i have an issue with my pc freezing on ocassion but not all the time. i'm trying to find a test to test all of my hardware03:19
OssumPawesomei dont think i would have been able to solve that without your help03:19
histoOssumPawesome: np yeah next time just copy and paste from the keygen window the public key it shows you03:19
holsteinjay__: test with the vesa driver.. my money is on your GPU driver support03:19
histoOssumPawesome: or don't use windows...03:19
OssumPawesomeohh right that would be what to do03:19
OssumPawesomethanks again. youve made my day so much better. have a good one03:20
Fasaanyone around03:20
jay__what do you mean with the vesa driver? how to i do that? sorry man. i'm a newb03:20
holsteinjay__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127020903:21
Fasaim trying to install this, http://hfujita.github.io/pulseaudio-raop2/, but i get to the build stage and fail03:21
michaelgamblethis wake on lan stuff is frustrating03:22
jay__thanks holstein i'll try that i suppose. how do you generally just change a driver in linux here?03:23
holsteinjay__: it'll depend.. in this case, you use the link i gave, and put that file in place at the location specified.. /etc/X11/xorg.conf and you will be running the vesa driver til you remove that file03:25
Lyric17jay__: AMD or Nvidia v-card? Are you running the stock video drivers or the proprietary drivers?03:25
holsteinjay__: the vesa driver is *not* a fix.. but, a step for you to isolate the driver support03:25
jay__holstein, i can't follow those instructions. i don't have this file  /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:25
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia03:26
holsteinjay__: you'll put the file in place, as per the instructions.. and remove it after testing...03:26
psusimichaelgamble, you want to use suspend, not hibernate... too long to resume03:26
jay__isolate the driver support as in it will be running the vesa driver instead of whatever it is using now?03:27
pspeter3How can i create a USB stick on a Mac for a non Mac computer?03:28
jay__Nvidia Lyric17  and i'm not sure about the driver03:28
holsteinjay__: correct..03:28
jay__ok cool holstein03:28
holsteinjay__: you had stated you had already tried the proprietary driver.. if you have not, and are not sure about the driver you are using, i would just do that.. use a proprietary driver03:28
jay__holstein, i reread the instructions. it says to overwrite the file.  but one isn't there?03:29
jay__i don't know how man03:29
holsteinjay__: *i* said to create it03:29
jay__proprietary is the companies driver right? like Broadcom?03:29
Lyric17yes jay__03:29
holsteinjay__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#NVIDIA_drivers_provided_by_the_Ubuntu_repositories03:30
jay__i know you said to create it, but i don't know how to create the file03:30
holsteinjay__: i would install the proprietary nvidia driver first, if you have not03:30
Lyric17jay__: my opinion is to give the Nvidia a try before playing with xorg03:30
Live150Hello, I am having problems with 14.04, I installed it from a live USB and now my comp won't boot into ubuntu03:31
jay__ok will do guys03:31
holsteinLive150: what do you mean? " now" it wont boot into ubuntu? when did it?03:31
Live150It never did03:31
Live150i finished the install rebooted went past bios03:32
Lyric17Live150: is your bios set to boot to the usb stick?03:32
Live150and now it is stuck with a blinking line on the top left hand corner03:32
Live150I switched it back to internal HDD03:32
jay__take out the USB stick altogether maybe Live150? eliminate it as a possible cause03:33
Live150already did03:33
Live150The kernal hasn't crashed since the caps lock LED shines03:34
jay__did you checksum before you installed? check file integrity before install?03:34
Live150How do you do that?03:34
Live150I just followed the instructions in the installer03:34
cfhowlett!md5sum| Live15003:34
ubottuLive150: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:34
Live150I downloaded the ISO from ubuntu's site....03:35
cfhowlettLive150 bad downloads happen - frequently.  Take 3 minutes to verify your ISO03:36
Live150where do I do that in Win7?03:36
Live150nm foudn the other URL03:37
Lyric17Live150: I've used md5sum in the past for W7, but now use Quickhash03:38
Lyric17Qucikhash does md5, sha1, sha 256, 51203:38
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
Live150OK I am getting quickhash03:40
Fasawhat do i need to build a git?03:41
michaelgamblepsusi: it doesnt matter to me as long as it supports WOL03:41
michaelgamblesuspend didnt seem to respond either03:42
michaelgambleits something to do with the pm as supposed to rtcwake03:42
Live150what do I put into quickhash?03:42
michaelgambleim thinking it has to do with a missing ethtool etho wol g setting somewhere03:43
Lyric17Quickhash can be found at sourceforge. You will "add" the ubuntu .iso to "add files"03:43
jay__holstein, i go to additional drivers right? i click on one of the nvidia drivers, and i hit apply changes. i put in my password. a little progress bar comes up but never finishes. i won't switch the drivers :(03:44
dbextevening, anyone knows whats causing the kernel panic thing?03:44
Lyric17Select the Hash File tab, the Select File03:44
Live150Ok, sorry I found some websited also called that, hence the confusion03:44
Lyric17compare the md5/sha hash to what it's supposed to be. That .txt file can found at the ubuntu site... what it "should" be03:45
jay__the little black dot reverts back to being beside the Xorg driver03:45
holsteinjay__: try another one03:46
Live150yeah... not even close03:46
holsteinjay__: also, before doing that.. close that, and open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"03:47
Live150so should I redo my live USB with a new install of ubuntu?03:47
Lyric17I'd 1st check the integrity with Quickhash03:47
holsteinLive150: your md5 sum is bad?03:47
psusimichaelgamble, wol g means only wake in response to the "magic packet".. you probably want u and/or a03:47
Live150oops selected the wrong hash, derp03:47
Lyric17It could be a good image, and a bad usb stick03:48
michaelgambleim ok with the magic pakage03:48
michaelgamblelol packet03:48
Live150Sorry, ran the right one now, and it is correct03:48
dbextim getting kernel panic when i try to boot the live cd with ubuntu 14.04 x8603:48
michaelgamblei just think in the pm-hibernate / suspend, its not being set properly03:48
psusimichaelgamble, so what's the problem then"  you suspend and have another machine send the magic packet ( how? ) and it doesn't wake up?03:48
michaelgamblebut if i do rtcwake it does03:50
Live150so what is the plan now?03:50
Lyric17Live150: Reinstall to the usb stick. See if it will run "live"03:50
* Viking667 departs03:50
Lyric17If that doesn't work, try another usb stick. If it still doesn't work, think about running a VM03:50
Live150It does boot on the usb stick, and goes into the try ubuntu or install it03:51
Lyric17Try reinstalling to the hard drive then03:51
michaelgambleand for some reason when i run rtcwake vs pm-hibernate.. pm causes a “logout” where it asks me for a password upon resume (not sure if this is related or relavent) but it makes me think its running a different set of activities and may be a config issue03:51
Live150This will be the third time :D03:51
dbextthanks for helping me03:51
michaelgamblei followed these steps for install03:52
Lyric17Installation problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially over a chat interface03:52
Live150I understand03:52
jay__When trying to switch display drivers in "Aditional drivers" the blue applying changes bar isn't moving... what's going on here03:52
Live150Should I do a custom install or should I just do what ubuntu has set by default?03:53
Lyric17I'd try the default install first unless you have security concerns03:53
michaelgambleany suggestions psusi?03:54
cfhowlettdbext what is your hardware03:54
jay__i figured out my problem. i didn't have other sources checked off in sources03:56
soreauIs it possible to make a respin iso from a currently installed desktop?03:56
Lyric17soreau: There used to be. It was called Remastersys, a wonderful program, that is no longer maintained03:58
Lyric17I don't know if there is any equivalent today03:58
Live150installing :D03:58
jay__thanks for everyones help. have a goodnight03:58
soreauLyric17: What is the latest version it works with?03:59
Lyric17I think Ubuntu 8 or 903:59
Lyric17LM 1203:59
Lyric17something like that....03:59
Lyric17That was one of my fave programs. Remastersys. I'd make my own versions of Ubuntu onto a dvd, password protected, encrypted, my settings and programs already installed. Used a usb stick or usb hd for data storage04:01
Lyric17Compiz wouldn't work on a Remastersys dvd, but conky did04:02
Lyric17In fact, I don't know how Knoppix does it, but nearly all of Compiz works on their LiveDVDs04:04
Lyric17god knows the varying types of hardware I04:04
Lyric17I've booted to with Knoppix04:04
LoshkiLyric17: a large number of architectures/hardware was a knoppix design goal, and boy it works...04:06
histoLyric17: you need to install multiple video drivers etc...04:07
Lyric17Knoppix was the 1st Livecd I ever tried and I still use it today, mostly to recover/repair Windows installations04:08
LoshkiSpeaking of video drivers, I'm running intel graphics & although mplayer works, I have no brightness/contrast/saturation control. Driver issue?04:08
soreauhisto: there probably isn't too many chips that open drivers don't support. Compiz should work OOTB with recent kernels in most cases04:08
soreauLoshki: How are you trying to control brightness/contrast/saturation?04:09
Loshkisoreau: keyboard controls: 3,4 & 5. No response, but 9 & 0 work as normal...04:10
hglafter i install dnsmasq in ubuntu 12.04. my /etc/resolv.conf keeps using how can i restore it to the one suggested by dhcp?04:11
LoshkiIt may be a red-herring, but is there even an alternative driver I can try? It's 12.04.4...04:11
histosoreau: yeap04:12
|PuNKCaT|Can anyone tell me if it's ok to reformat a usb drive as fat32 if it's being used to install ubuntu iso on a non windows machine?04:13
ignacio|PuNKCaT|, Yeah its ok04:14
|PuNKCaT|Thank you04:14
Loshkihgl: I've never used dnsmasq myself, but a quick look thru the man page (it's a piece of work) claims it reads /etc/resolv.conf but never writes it. If true, it would mean the culprit is elsewhere. Try running it with debug?04:16
ndboosthey i have a question regarding mail servers..04:19
hglLoshki, i think the culprit is elsewhere too, but I'm not sure how to find out where does resolv.conf get that from.04:19
zhaotongxuedoes ubuntu support rpm/04:19
cfhowlettzhaotongxue nope.04:19
cfhowlettzhaotongxue then alien commnand MIGHT work, but likely not.04:20
cfhowlett!cn | zhaotongxue04:20
ubottuzhaotongxue: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:20
Live150Lyric17: finished installing04:20
cfhowlett!kylin | zhaotongxue04:20
ubottuzhaotongxue: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin04:20
ndboostmy isp blocks port 25.. which is shite.. i'm running esxi 5.5 and i wanted to configure it for smtp so it can send me alerts... problem is it only supports unauthenticated smtp.. my mail server that i have out on digitalocean isnt open to anon..what are my options04:20
Live150gonna reboot now04:20
oldvirusyou can hack mail servers04:21
Loshkihgl: dhcp clients rewrite their resolv.conf when the dhcp server specifies a gateway. Is this machine a dhcp client?04:21
histondboost: ssmtp works well04:21
Live150I think it works.....04:22
ndboostoooo histo thanks!04:22
Live150I think it worked04:22
Live150Booted up and it isnt the LIVE USB boot04:22
Live150THANK YOU!!!04:23
Lyric17good job, Live15004:23
hglLoshki, yes it is. it's behind a router, which is a dhcp server, and i'm pretty sure the dhcp server doesn't use as suggested dns.04:23
Fasacan anyone help me fingure out how to compile this04:23
zhaotongxuehow  to send image?04:23
cfhowlett!paste | zhaotongxue04:23
ubottuzhaotongxue: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:23
cfhowlett!compile | Fasa04:23
ubottuFasa: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall04:23
hglLoshki, since dnsmasq is the only local dns service. i guess may have something to do with it.04:24
histoFasa: you'd have to follow their how to try section or ask them for support. Or possibly there is another way04:24
Fasathats the only way i think :/04:24
=== ndboost is now known as gorelative_
Loshkihgl: I imagine gets used by default if the server doesn't specify, or if something goes wrong. Run dhcpclient with debug and it should squeal...04:25
hglLoshki, dhcpclient is not installed. am i supposed to install it?04:26
histoFasa: http://askubuntu.com/questions/30794/is-there-a-way-to-stream-audio-video-to-an-apple-airplay-device04:26
Loshkihgl: I'm confused. If this machine is a dhcp client, how does it get its dhcp address. Most clients use dhcpclient to do this...04:27
histoFasa: look at the second answer for a fix to 14.0404:27
Live150quick question does 14.04 LTS support Skype?04:27
histoLoshki: what is output of  cat /etc/issue04:27
Lyric17it supports Skype04:27
Fasahisto  raop doesnt work, i need raop204:27
hglLoshki, this is a ubuntu server 12.04 box. i ran dhcpclient, and it said "dhcpclient: command not found"04:28
histoFasa: I know it doesn't work did you notice the *fix* on that page04:28
Loshkihisto: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS04:28
histoFasa: the second answer on that page I gave you04:28
Loshkihgl: I'm still confused. How do you set your server's ip address, dns server & gateway?04:29
histohgl: what is your question?04:29
histo and or issue?04:29
Fasahisto that doesnt work04:29
hglhisto, after i install dnsmasq in ubuntu 12.04. my /etc/resolv.conf keeps using how can i restore it to the one suggested by dhcp?04:29
histok Fasa then you'll have to follow the instructions on that page.04:29
histoFasa: the one you linked04:30
Fasaya dont work04:30
histohgl: it is using the one by dhcp04:30
hglLoshki, i didn't set anything. it's behind a router, and with dhcp it gets ip automatically.04:30
histohgl: it's just using dnsmasq to cache04:30
hglhisto, i own the router, i'm pretty sure the dhcp server doesn't suggest as dns04:31
histohgl: right you have dnsmasq installed correct?04:31
hglhisto, yes04:31
histohgl: that's where the 127 is coming from... it's still using the one the router is giving it.04:31
hitek88whats up everyone!04:32
histohgl: it's using a local dns cache to speed up resolving, but then going out to your other ones04:33
histohgl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dnsmasq04:33
hitek88hi [vvv]04:33
hitek88anyone know how to auto connect to a VPN on starup?04:33
histohgl: that link is dated but will give you the idea. The stuff about resolv.conf is not valid04:33
histohitek88: configure it in network manager04:34
hitek88histo, there is no options for it04:34
histohitek88: what is the output of cat /etc/issue04:34
hitek881 sec04:34
hglhisto, ok, so it did attributes to dnsmasq. how can i revert it? i don't want resolv.conf to use dnsmasq. i have custom settings for dnsmasq04:34
oldvirusthey work with linux04:35
histohgl: Do you understand what dnsmasq does?04:35
hitek88Ubuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l04:35
histo!vpn | hitek8804:35
hglhisto, yes, forward dns requests04:35
ubottuhitek88: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN04:35
histohgl: so then what is the problem?04:35
histohgl: the "real" problem04:36
Live150Thanks for all the help!!!!04:36
hitek88histo, been through that page, other pages, and even added this to AUTOSTART "nmcli con up id PIA" but nothing!!04:36
hitek88histo,  that command does work though04:36
hitek88histo, just doesnt work on startup04:37
hglhisto, i'm using the box as a special dns server, which does specially forwarding. i don't want dns requestsgenerated locally to go through this special dns server.04:37
histohitek88: why are you configuring with nmcli and not the applet?04:37
histohgl: then why do you have dnsmasq configured as a local cache?04:37
histohgl: either way it should still function as you want with a default install04:38
hglhisto, i have no idea how i have configured it as a local cache, i just ran apt-get install dnsmasq, and then modify /etc/dnsmasq.conf. how do i ask it not to be a local cache?04:38
hitek88histo, this is a headless machine, and even trying to use that command remotely gives me 'no secrets' erros, etc, even being the right user  but thats a whole other issue04:38
hitek88histo, but when I do have a head hooke up, the applet does work and so does this command04:39
hitek88histo, so Im hoping  i can use this command as a autostart04:39
histohgl: is stuff not resolving?04:39
histohitek88: if you configure it within the applet does it auto connect?04:40
hglhisto, dnsmasq forwards to, but my router forwards to isp. forwarding to breaks cdn.04:40
hitek88histo, unfortunately for some reason, Im ussing OPENVPN and it does not have that option04:41
histohgl: where did dnsmasq get from? bet it came from your router04:41
hitek88histo, should be under the General tab but nada04:41
histohitek88: under the network connections tab you can connect to a vpn04:41
hglhisto, i put it manually in dnsmasq.conf. server=
* rww facepalms04:42
histohgl: why?04:42
hglhisto, my router does use as dns. it uses the one provided by isp04:42
hglhisto, *doesn't04:42
histohgl: right so you told dnsmasq to use now and you just have to remove that from the dnsmasq config and restart dnsmasq04:42
catalaseif i make a new user account04:44
catalasecan that user use the same private key for SSH that i do04:44
histocatalase: why would you want to do that?04:44
catalasebecause i own the whole server, but needed another user account04:45
histocatalase: have each user have their own keys makes more sense to me.04:45
catalasethere just needs to be a .ssh directory in /home/%u/ correct?04:45
histocatalase: yes04:45
histocatalase: and ssh-keygen   and you can use ssh-copy-id to get the keys to the server.04:45
histocatalase: Although I suppose you could do what you want.. using the same key. There is no reason to whatsoever.04:46
hglhisto, dnsmasq is working correctly. i want it to forward to, and i have no-resolv option enabled. some machines on LAN are supposed to use this dnsmasq as dns. but now the server having this dnsmasq installed is also use it as the dns, which i don't want it too. i want the server to use the one suggested by my router.04:46
histohgl: Perhaps you aren't being clear enough for me to understand. But it sounds like removing your modifications to the dnsmasq config will work.04:47
histohgl: if you want the server to use the nameservers provided by your router, remove the server lines you put in the dnsmasq config04:48
histohgl: assuming you are using dhcp as stated above.04:49
hglhisto, if i remove, then dnsmasq doesn't nothing but forward to router. then machines on LAN that need to use also go through router.04:49
histohgl: Forget about the other machines for a second. Is this machine the 'server' set to use dhcp or how are you configuring the network?04:50
Nick12331123Hey guys, I have a Brother MFC-7360N network laser printer which I've been trying to get working for the past 7 hours. Can anyone provide assistance?04:50
hglhisto, it should be dhcp. when i install ubuntu server 12.04 on it. it get ip automatically from my router.04:51
histoNick12331123: looks like they have cups drivers for that.04:51
histohgl: k.. and now you want it to resolve via the nameservers from your router right?04:51
Nick12331123histo: yeah, I installed the CUPS and LPR driver, and lib32stc++6,  yet all I keep getting is that the printer is unavailable, and I can't print a test page.04:52
histoNick12331123: did cups support it out of the box?04:53
hglhisto, yes. and my only wish is that resolv.conf could point to dns suggested by my router. i don't want to touch dnsmasq. it's working correctly. and machines that use it are working correctly to. only the server is using the incorrect dns.04:53
histohgl: it's not working correctly04:53
Nick12331123histo: No, the driver was not available for my model.04:53
histohgl: pastebin your dnsmasq config04:53
histoNick12331123: did you see the deb package on their web page?04:54
histoNick12331123: http://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadtop.aspx?c=us_ot&lang=en&prod=mfc7360n_all04:54
hglhisto, only two options in it. no-resolv, server=
histoNick12331123: http://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadlist.aspx?&c=us_ot&lang=en&prod=mfc7360n_all&os=128&type3=10032&dlid=dlf101123_00004:54
Nick12331123histo: Yes, I've tried the two newer ones (LPR & CUPS), the two older ones, and even the auto-installer script04:55
histohgl: Why would you have server= in there if you want to use the one from the router?04:55
histoNick12331123: don't know then, perhaps search askubuntu or ask brother for support.04:55
histoNick12331123: there is a newfile released 06/20/14 that I linked you.04:56
Nick12331123histo: I doubt I'll get much from Brother04:56
hglhisto, i didn't want the server to use dnsmasq. i want the server to use the one from router directly via resolv.conf. something like nameserver <isp dns ip>04:56
Nick12331123histo: Yeah, I tried those first, and still nothing. I mean, I think the issue exists when I'm trying to connect to it through the network04:56
* histo is going to scream04:56
hglhisto, currently it's nameserver, which is incorrect.04:57
histohgl: no it's not04:57
histohgl: it's > right now because that's how you configured it04:57
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hglhisto, so you are saying if i install dnsmasq, i must use in resolv.conf?04:58
catalasehisto, how do i give a user ssh privelges04:58
hglhisto, i can not use another ip?04:58
catalasei put the .ssh directory with the correct keys in the folder04:58
catalasein /home/u%/04:58
histohgl: is the localhost. You have it set up as caching. You can change the default listen address04:58
histohgl: I think you have no idea of what dnsmasq is or why you are using it.04:59
histocatalase: on the server you have .ssh/authorized_keys that file contains the public key05:00
catalasehisto, i have a bigger problem now, i forgot to include -a flag and removed my user account from many groups05:00
catalasehow do i list ALL groups on the account05:00
catalaseerr, on the server05:00
histocatalase: groups05:01
catalasegroups is not showing all groups05:01
hglhisto, i think i understand dnsmasq. i just don't get it why resolv.conf have to use it. all i want is, after a reboot. dnsmasq is running happily, and resolv.conf has nameserver <isp dns ip> in it. is it impossible?05:01
tac0Would someone mind to point me towards how to force 14.04 to refresh entries in /etc/hosts ?05:01
priuonhello. I am using thunar on xubuntu 12.04.4 and the location prompt started autofilling entries. It never did so before and I didn't upgrade or change anything related. How can the autofill be removed and illegal behavior as such killed (changing of apps without it beeing configured/changed as such)05:01
histohgl: it tries to resolv locally first then out to external dns05:02
histotac0: refresh?05:02
histocatalase: it will show whatever groups your user is a member off05:02
hglhisto, can i ask it to directly resolve with an external dns?05:03
tac0histo: I've made changes, locally but they still either resolve externally or are using cached results05:03
catalasehisto, how do i see ALL groups on the sever05:03
histohgl: then what is the point of dnsmasq if you do that?05:03
hglhisto, for other machines on LAN to use this dnsmasq as dns. but not for the server05:04
histotac0: log out and back in05:04
Nick12331123histo: wow, just restarting the printer fixed it. 7 hours wasted for nothing. Not sure if you would know, but would it going into deep sleep cause things to not print?05:05
hglhisto, i'm trying to expose dnsmasq as a dns server for other machines.05:06
histohgl: it sounds like you need to read up on dnsmasq or actually explain what you are trying to accomplish.  To do what I think you want to do you need to configure dnsmasq properly.05:06
tac0histo: my problem boxes are reachable via ssh, another session doesn't do the trick.05:07
histohgl: then set the listen-address=your.internal.ip.address in the dnsmasq.conf05:07
histohgl: and remove the stupid server= line in your dnsmasq,conf05:09
histohgl: then point your internal machines to your new dns server05:09
histotac0: what?05:10
tac0histo: I log out and back in (via ssh) and still my changes to /etc/hosts don't seem to take.  dig +trace still shows them going external.05:11
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tac0histo: http://pastebin.com/79EwC7WL05:12
hglhisto, you are asking me to forget about, and make every dns request go through my isp. which is not something i want to do. i guess i will try harder to see if i can get resolv.conf to point to the right ips. thanks for the help though.05:12
histohgl: that's what you just said you wanted to do.05:13
tac0histo: if it matters, the 'non fqdn' entry returns nxdomain05:14
histohgl: You have a router telling your server use these nameservers. Then you have a server running dnsmasq and you are telling it to use  All clients will use as will the server.05:14
hglhisto, not the server. server should use whatever the router told it to use, not
histohgl: why would you want to configure it this way?05:15
hglhisto, i really don't want to explain it again. i just want to know if it's possible to do.05:16
histohgl: I can't think of a reason to do it so I don't even know where to begin to help you.05:16
histohgl: in your interfaces file you could specify nameservers05:18
hglhisto, ok. if you really want the whole picture. the server has established a vpn connect. all dnsmasq request go through that vpn. but dns requests generated locally should not go through vpn. that's way i need resolv.conf to point to external dns.05:19
histohgl: then configure your nameservers in interfaces05:20
histofor the server05:20
histohgl: the clients will be configured in the dnsmasq.conf05:20
hglhisto, i just want to know how could dnsmasq cause resolv.conf to point to it. if only i could break that link.05:20
premhi all.,how come the nautilus search in ubuntu does not return a semantic output05:20
hglhisto, configure interfaces manually seems like a hack05:21
histohgl: probably from the resolvconf package like the resolvconf head and tail sections in /etc05:21
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histo!resolvconf | hgl05:22
ubottuhgl: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution05:22
premwhen i do a search in debian., it shows a full semantic search output05:22
Annihilator_ !resolvconf | hgl05:23
ubottuhgl: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution05:23
tac0!etchosts | tac005:23
histoAnnihilator_: ?05:23
Annihilator_ !etchosts | tac005:23
histotac0: try ping instead of host05:24
rwwprem: guessing here, but probably a behavior change in nautilus between the version Debian has and the version Ubuntu has, since they're different and Nautilus has been messing with search (badly) recently05:24
Annihilator_is ubuntu good for beginners?05:24
tac0histo: good call, ping resolves it correctly.05:24
rwwyou're in #ubuntu, we're going to say it's good for everything05:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:25
premrww, i looked for nautilus also., but they dont ve anything specific on that05:25
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:25
premhow can i get a behaviour similar to debian search in ubuntu05:26
histotac0: where you playing with any other files like nsswitch.conf ?05:26
frogblueprem what is debian search?05:26
hglhisto, which script do you think could contain the i checked /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/*, which has base head original. base is just comments. head is empty. original contains the correct external dns ip.05:27
histohgl: look in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/  at the base head oringal and tail I bet dnsmasq is altering those.05:27
premfrogblue, debian nautilus search returns a sematic result., not only the file name05:27
histohgl: if you look /etc/resolv.conf should be a symlink not a regular file.05:27
tac0histo: noper, but full disclosure, these boxes are openvz, so I can't completely vouch for them.05:28
hglhisto, yes, it symlinks to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf05:28
hglhisto, is it possible to debug what an apt package does? maybe i can get some hints from there.05:29
histohgl: is this a desktop machine?05:29
frogbluedon't know that. have you tried the search when you hit the super key?05:29
hglhisto, not, it's ubuntu server 12.0405:29
histohgl: did you install network manager for some reason?05:31
hglhisto, i don't think so. there is no /etc/NetworkManger folder05:31
tac0histo: my /etc/nsswitch.conf lists files before dns05:31
histohgl: k05:31
histotac0: hrm...05:31
Annihilator_installation stuck please help?05:31
histohgl: is there a /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf ?05:32
hglhisto, the /run/resolvconf/interface/lo.dnsmasq file contains nameserver might be the culprit. but i'm not sure how it gets inserted into resolv.conf05:32
hglhisto, nope05:33
histohgl: hold up one sec05:33
histohgl: are you sure?05:34
hglhisto, about what?05:34
histohgl: what is the output of dpkg -l | grep dhcp305:34
hglhisto, empty05:35
histohgl: I don't have a 14.04 box laying around let me find something real quick05:36
histohgl: pastebin the output of dpkg -l | grep dhcp05:36
frogbluedpkg -l | grep isc-dhcp-client05:36
histofrogblue: ahh ty05:36
histohgl: is isc-dhcp-client installed?05:37
hglhisto, yes05:37
tac0histo: it seems to be application dependant.  host and dig both use my resolvers first, where ping, wget, mtr all look to my hosts file05:37
histohgl: look for it's config, dnsmasq probably modified that to prepend in resolv05:37
histohgl: /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf05:38
tac0histo: at first glance, it looked like more of a problem than its actually working out to be...thanks for helping me talk through it.05:38
arteryx2I need the kernel sources to combile something, but the root partition is to small. is it ok if i download them with the standardtool, and than move them from /usr/src/linux-xy to another partition with a sime mv command, and then change the symlink /usr/src/linux to this place?05:38
hglhisto, it contains two, both of which are commented out.05:40
hglhisto, i tried to google it. but nothing comes up. how do i exam what an apt package does?05:43
histohgl: /etc/resolvconf/update.d/dnsmasq05:43
hglhisto, yes, it exists05:43
histohgl: what's in it?05:43
histohgl: that's where it's getting updated from05:44
histohgl: you have an unconventional setup that's why you aren't finding anything in goodle.05:46
skinuxI can't get MPlayer to play DVD. It gets to first disclaimer screen and then quits.05:46
histo!dvd | skinux05:47
ubottuskinux: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:47
hglhisto, all that script manipulates is the /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf file05:48
hglhisto, let me pastebin it05:49
hglhisto, http://pastebin.com/XemvAXG205:50
histohgl: you may get someone to chime in on #ubuntu-server further I'm at a loss at how it is modifying the resolvconf scripts then based on looking at the files included with the deb.05:51
skinuxWonderful. Spent an hour trying to fix this and I only needed to install a package.05:51
hglhisto, k, thanks for all the help. really appreciate it.05:51
[vvv]hey guys05:53
[vvv]um i got a question to ask. it's about the video player05:53
histohgl: That NMSRVRS section looks interesting05:54
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hglhisto, no matter what its value it. it's ultimately written to /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf05:55
hgland the content of /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf is currently nameserver
Beldar[vvv], Fir help address thy e question to the channel. ;)05:57
hateball!ask | [vvv]06:03
ubottu[vvv]: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:03
ThKoHi guys, good morning. I’ve got a VServer with Ubuntu 14.04…Habe installed make, build-essential, g++ and now node.js…Now I’m nodejs folder and want to execute „make“ for compiling. But it looks not „ok“…The output is always something like STATIC_ASSERT(kSingletonTag == 0); with a „^“ under the „s“ of Static…I think the server is missing a package, but which?06:03
hateballThKo: are you trying to compile nodejs? or something else? nodejs itself is packaged already06:04
ThKohateball: Have executed „apt-get install nodejs“, then „wget http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.29/node-v0.10.29.tar.gz“, after that „tar -xzf node-v0.10.29.tar.gz“ and then join the folder „node-v-0.10.29“ and now I want to compile it with „make“ and then I want to execute „sudo make install“…This is the way I know.06:06
hateballThKo: So... you installed nodejs from the repository, and now you're trying to compile it manually as well?06:07
ThKohateball: Jep06:07
hateballThKo: I'm not sure I understand why06:08
ThKohateball: What’s the better way? Download pre compiled?06:08
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somsipThKo: install from a repo06:10
ThKosomsip: Like „ sudo apt-get install nodejs“, then „ sudo apt-get install npm“ etc.?06:11
somsipThKo: yes06:11
ThKosomsip: Ok, thanks, I’ll try it :-)06:11
hateballThKo: anyhow, try "apt-get build-dep nodejs" if you want to build from source, but since it's already packaged, and you've already installed it...06:12
ThKohateball: Ok, thank you too :)06:12
somsip!info nodejs | ThKo06:12
ubottuThKo: nodejs (source: nodejs): evented I/O for V8 javascript. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.25~dfsg2-2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 672 kB, installed size 3094 kB06:12
ThKoI think it’s runnig…“node -v“ returns „v0.10.25“ and „npm -v“ returns „1.3.10“ :-)06:13
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ThKoubottu: somsip: hateball: Thank you, node is running ;-) Tried with a example.js which returns „Server running“. Life can be so easy ;-)06:19
hateballThKo: Rule of thumb, use packaged version if available. It makes life so much easier06:20
AiAhoppla... how would I go about disabeling a update in update manager?06:20
hateballAiA: Do you mean holding back a package from being upgraded?06:20
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:20
AiAie. Chrome 34, I dont want to update it until I mihgt be seeing java in it06:20
hateballAiA: Check the "hold" part06:21
harleymanserver ix.undernet.org06:23
amitprakashHi, I keep getting a internal compiler error for multiple packages while installing them via pip06:23
amitprakashHow can I resolve this?06:23
AiAyup... holding the chrome package helped...06:24
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Voyagewhat alternative do I have as for file managers other than dolphin (for kubuntu)?06:33
makarawhat's up with Nemo. Everything looks better, but I'm missing archive integration06:34
makaraVoyage: try Nemo06:34
somsipVoyage: a wide choice from a wider range: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_managers06:34
makarareally missing archive integration06:34
Voyagemakara,  Nemo is the official file manager for the Cinnamon desktop.06:35
Voyageiam on kde06:35
amitprakashHi, I keep getting a internal compiler error for multiple packages while installing them via pip, how do I resolve this issue?06:38
xanguaVoyage: konqueror was the default wev browser and file manager of kde06:39
somsip!find memcache06:40
ubottuFound: libmemcached-dbg, libmemcached-dev, libmemcached-tools, libmemcached10, libmemcachedprotocol0, libmemcachedutil2, memcached, python-memcache, kamailio-memcached-modules, libanyevent-memcached-perl (and 19 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=memcache&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all06:40
makaraamitprakash: watch out for pip. The design is not so well thought out06:40
makaraamitprakash: use your packet manager or easy_install06:41
makarasystem packet manager06:41
somsip!find memcapable06:42
ubottuPackage/file memcapable does not exist in trusty06:42
amitprakashmakara: what would pip have to do with gcc segfaults?06:44
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dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdhello guys i need some help. absolute newb here. just installed ubuntu 11.04 and i'm trying to install firefox, when i'm on firefox's site i click download and click open in archive manager, it downloads and then i'm stuck.06:55
Beldardfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd, 11.04 is end of life you would want 12.04 or 14.04, firefox is in the ubuntu repos for supported releases.06:56
dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdin the absense of unite, how user friendly is 14.04?06:57
Beldardfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd, That would be a subjective answer download the iso burn it and try for your self with the desktop you want.06:58
dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdwhich is better for older hardware (pentium 4) 12.04 or 14.04?06:58
Beldaragain subjective either would run.06:58
Beldarthere is no better06:58
dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdthe reason i ask is because i think the newer ubuntu versions would run slower on a pentium 4 than an older version of ubuntu06:59
dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdis that right?06:59
Ben64i don't think so06:59
Beldardfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd, Your not getting the point, any answer is subjective, try it out and decide for yourself.07:00
k1lthat is wrong. you need to chose a low-end desktop like lubuntu in first place07:00
k1l!lubuntu | dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd07:00
ubottudfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:00
LaykeTried to install ubuntu on a brand new laptop. Laptop now won't turn on. Won't even have lights turn on. Totally bricked. Did I mess up by not doing something with secure boot? It's an inspiron dell 15.07:00
trijntjedfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd: 14.04 should be faster, but probably still to slow for a pentium 4. Better install an alternative like lubuntu or xubuntu07:00
Voyagehow to repair a package? like dolphin in kubuntu?07:01
Grade_1I'm having issues with my internet07:01
Beldar!details | Grade_107:02
ubottuGrade_1: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:02
Grade_1My wifi shoes connected but I can't access the internet07:02
Grade_1the internet works fine on every other device07:02
dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgdi really only need it for thunderbird, firefox, libreoffice and it's to be used by an absolute beginner. i think i'll just reformat and install ubuntu 14.0407:02
Grade_1but not on my laptop I'm using ubuntu 12.0407:02
Grade_1please help07:03
Ben64dfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd: you should go for lubuntu or xubuntu07:03
k1ldfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd: Lubuntu07:03
Grade_1My wifi shows connected but I can't access the internet , the internet works fine on every other device but not on my laptop I'm using ubuntu 12.0407:04
Beldar!uefi | Layke is the general info07:04
ubottuLayke is the general info: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:04
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trijntjedfgdfgdfgdfgdfgd: use lubuntu, its better suited for light hardware and the interface is more similar to windows which is nice for beginners07:05
Grade_1please help07:05
Beldar!patience | Grade_107:06
ubottuGrade_1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:06
Grade_1Ok. Thanks07:06
ThKoHi, I’ve got Ubuntu 14.04 on my server. I’ve installed tightvncserver and now when I connect via VNC to my server, the screen is only grey…No icons, nothing… Then I executed „sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gnome-system-tools gnome-app-install“ and rebooted my system, but it’s still grey. Any hints for me?07:06
Ben64ThKo: why are you installing all that stuff on a server?07:08
somsipThKo: what desktop are you expecting?07:08
ThKoBen64: What’s the better way? (I’m relative new at Ubuntu ;-) )07:09
Ben64ThKo: well what are you trying to accomplish07:09
gadabouthey i just got a disc of ubuntu on a boot cd07:09
gadaboutshould i install it on my xp07:09
ThKosomsip: Even, only want to get an GUI where I can see everything to install eclipse, swt and so on. (installing with terminal doesn’t work right (swt error))07:10
Beldargadabout> hey i just got a disc of ubuntu on a boot cd Can you define what that really means?07:10
somsipThKo: then I would echo Ben64's comments. Why do that on a server?07:10
Beldargadabout, Do you mean you have burned the ubuntu iso to a dvd/usb?07:11
ThKosomsip: I don’t know. Have searched for „ubuntu 14.04 gui“ with google and followed the first result :D07:12
roastedHello friends. Does anybody know if there's a way to launch a specific application via terminal BUT make it align in the window a certain way? aka launch VLC to take up 1/4 of the screen in the upper left corner?07:12
k1lThKo: to install a desktop to install software that didnt install because of some error is the wrong way. show the error and we can solve that issue07:12
trijntjeThKo: do you want a server or a desktop? Servers are usually command line only07:13
somsipThKo: If you want 14.04 that you use like a desktop, install the desktop version. If you want a server (no gui) install the server version. If you want something else, use the minimal install and build on that.07:13
ThKosomsip: Ah ok now I understand. I was not aware of the difference (server / desktop)07:13
ThKotrijntje: Ok thanks :)07:13
k1lThKo: well, basically the server install is a install without a  GUI. but if you say server they are meant to run wihtout a gui in most cases07:14
ThKok1l: Ok, Learning never stops ;-) Thanks!07:15
LaykeBeldar, Thanks Beldar. However, I can't get to my bios now.07:19
LaykeThe laptop is bricked.07:19
BeldarLayke, Not much we can do if bricked call the manufacturer is probably your best option. Never seen this happen myself.07:20
LaykeBeldar, Was 30 minutes old laptop. lol07:20
LaykeI didn't know secure boot exists. I remember reading about it last year on hackernews.. but that's the extent of my experience with it07:21
BeldarLayke, Might not be bricked but needs a specific starting method.07:21
LaykeI've tried a power drain. Then I've tried holding the power button for over a minute.07:21
LaykeI can't think what other special starting methods could exist?07:21
gadaboutcan the software on the disc be packaged to installers with the disc or was i just tripping when i was messing with the disc07:21
Beldargadabout, You are not really making any sense.07:22
linmanhi my ubuntu 14.04 is stuck during reinstall07:23
linmanit is frusterating. is there a fix?07:24
Beldar!details | linman07:24
ubottulinman: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:24
linmanit is saving installed packages...07:24
linmanon this loop Warning: Source ID 124979 was not found when attempting to remove it...07:25
Beldarlinman> it is saving installed packages... ubuntu does not do this, can you be more clear.07:25
linmanit is at install window. during reinstall.07:26
linmanidk why it is saying "Saving installed packages..."07:26
gadaboutBeldar when I was using my boot cd i installed the mini xp and it had the hdbc and software on it and it had programs for the hash codes and packaging and i wanted to know if their was a webpage that described how to make the software into installs or was it just for the exe files you port link into another computer to use07:27
Beldarlinman, never seen a reinstall option myself this actually a canonical ubuntu or a derivative?07:27
linmanthat is wierd. it should be regular version i think07:27
k1lBeldar: there is. if the installer sees a installed ubuntu at the disk07:27
Beldargadabout, Xp is eol and any mini is a pirate version.07:28
svipI am trying to modprobe ath_pci, but it says it's not found.  How do I get it?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/AO751h << This guide sort of claims it should just be available.07:28
Beldark1l, Ah, never seen it but that does not mean it is not there, I just go to manual installs.07:28
linmanit is looping slowly07:29
linmani think it is reattempting that same problem07:29
Beldargadabout, Maybe an end goal would make this clearer.07:30
linmanis it ok to restart during reinstall? it won't let me skip w/ skip button07:32
linmanand it won't continue07:32
trijntjelinman: do you have a backup of all your data? If you cancel it you might have to do a fresh install07:32
Beldarlinman, Do you have a separate home?07:32
linmanno don't think so07:33
=== berend is now known as Guest39613
VoyageI cant see apache 2.4 to see / recognise or even include php5 in its mods-available. I upgraded from 12.04 to 13.1007:40
VoyageI cant see apache 2.4 to see / recognise or even include php5 in its mods-available. I upgraded from 12.04 to 13.10. I have php5 installed.  the apache guys referred me to this channel07:40
wheatthinVoyage, have you tried uncommenting #php5.ini in the apache.conf file?07:47
wheatthindepending on your upgrade, it might have overwritten any previous modified configs.07:48
wheatthinVoyage, also, if you have both an index.html and index.php, the html document takes precedence07:49
=== abdul is now known as Guest87198
ThKoHi, I’ve installed node.js, android sdk, android ndk etc. but now when I want to execute „android“, the console logs „Exception in thread "main" org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]“…Now I’ve found a thread where a user says „The problem was that SSH was using SSH to remote into a Linux VM and didn't have an X-Server set up on Windows and didn't have X11 forwarding enabled. After getting that straight08:00
ThKoout the OP shouldn't have any issues running Eclipse.“ … But I don’t understand, what he means. Someone can explain what he means?08:00
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zmanfxfail harder08:02
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy08:02
GycklarnOh god, not again08:03
ariscopthat pinged me for some reason08:03
zmanfxhe's mentioning people08:03
wafflejockariscop: cause it listed everyones names08:03
ariscopoh, nvm08:03
Alina-malinagrrr whe is this din guy?08:03
zmanfxgot an alert on my phone :-\08:03
* andyland is playing Kick in the door - Notorious B.I.G08:03
MrQuistemergency? hahah dude calm down08:03
somsipThe ops have been called. Keep calm and let them sort it out08:03
Stanley00I thought he will be muted for 4 continue messages. Why didn't he?08:03
ariscopwafflejock, the spammer pinged me, thought the ops command did it for a second08:03
wafflejockariscop: ah gotcha08:04
KrijtjeFromNLsomeone has been E-stabbed08:04
ThKoSorry again because of flooting ;D Hi, I’ve installed node.js, android sdk, android ndk etc. but now when I want to execute „android“, the console logs „Exception in thread "main" org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]“…Now I’ve found a thread where a user says „The problem was that SSH was using SSH to remote into a Linux VM and didn't have an X-Server set up on Windows and didn't have X11 forwarding08:04
ThKoenabled. After getting that straightened out the OP shouldn't have any issues running Eclipse.“ … But I don’t understand, what he means. Someone can explain what he means?08:04
Wiz_KeeDHelp Channel emergency, haha so cute! :D08:05
ktosiekwait, why am I in this channel?08:05
zmanfxyou like ubuntu?08:05
zmanfxhe left08:05
ThKoToo late :D08:05
zmanfxguess he not like ubuntu08:05
BlueSapphireobviously he don't like ubuntu08:05
MrCoderI'm famous.08:06
ryu13212I like ubuntu because installed.08:06
Tribaalwell, that made activity on here flare up, at least08:06
zmanfxi was thinking on switching to my linodes over to centos when centos 7 comes out...08:06
* Tribaal trying to find a positive thing to say about it08:06
zmanfxwould you guys feel upset?08:07
MrCoderOh well, back to work :)08:07
zmanfxno point. was only a joke :)08:07
Tribaalzmanfx: the nes of some random guy on the internet switching a few linodes to something else would *devastate* me :)08:07
Tribaalzmanfx: ah, good to hear :)08:08
zmanfxheh obviously08:08
ryu13212what news?08:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:08
viasanctushaving a "could not start processs unable to create io-slave: Read-only file syste"m08:12
viasanctusinternet is not helping08:13
SirLagzviasanctus: what process ?08:13
viasanctusi have this problem while trying to browse my filesystem08:13
viasanctusext3 is having a problem08:13
SirLagzsounds like it's been remounted read-only. what's the output of 'mount' ?08:13
viasanctusbut can't seem to fix it with fsck -A08:13
viasanctusinput/output errro while recovering ext3 journal of /dev/sda108:14
SirLagzviasanctus: sounds like the drive is buggered08:15
viasanctus/dev/sda on / type ext3 (rw, noexec,nouseid,nodev)08:15
viasanctusit's a virtual machine08:15
viasanctusand the host is ok08:15
SirLagzviasanctus: ah. just reboot it then and see what happens :P08:15
viasanctusa raid 508:15
viasanctusI get a press control-D08:15
SirLagzviasanctus: how do you know the host is ok ?08:15
viasanctushealth monitoring of vmware08:15
viasanctusall drives are healthy08:15
SirLagzviasanctus: righto08:15
viasanctusplus the virtual drive is a layer higer08:16
SirLagzviasanctus: I'd power the vm off, attach the drive to another VM, and run fsck again that way08:16
SirLagzviasanctus: see if that makes a difference08:16
viasanctusit says to fix "manually"08:17
SirLagzwhat says to fix manualy ?08:18
viasanctusafter the control-d message08:18
viasanctushold on08:18
SirLagzviasanctus: after you attached the disk to another VM ?08:18
viasanctusmounting it in another vm is not an option atm08:18
=== graingert is now known as Guest9471
SirLagzviasanctus: ok...well I'm out of ideas then08:18
viasanctusthe fsck should be performed in maintenance mode with the root filesystem mounten in read-only mode08:19
viasanctusa maintenance shall now be startd08:19
viasanctusi get inode was part of the orphaned inode list08:20
viasanctusinodes count wrong08:20
viasanctuseach time with the question to repair08:21
SirLagzviasanctus: do you repair it ?08:21
viasanctussda6: unexpected inconsistency08:22
SirLagzviasanctus: do you have a backup of all the data ?08:22
viasanctusagain a root for maintenance08:22
=== hades_ is now known as Guest90476
viasanctusdata itself is not so important, time to recover is08:22
SirLagzdid you run fsck on sda1 before or sda6 ?08:22
viasanctusgoing over to sda6 now08:23
viasanctushow do i tell fsck to fix sda6?08:23
viasanctusok got it08:24
=== Guest90476 is now known as tuzki
=== BinaryMcAwesome is now known as Guest57705
viasanctusagain inode ######### was part of the orphaned inode list08:26
viasanctus--> FIXED08:26
viasanctusnot it's taking a long time for any message08:26
viasanctusit's a 500GB drive08:26
viasanctusprobably checking?08:26
dfdgdfjdthanks guys. i have uninstalled ubuntu 11.04 and installed lubuntu 14.04 but i still don't know how to install thunderbird. when i download the archive file i get stuck.08:27
Ben64dfdgdfjd: don't install things manually! there is a package manager that will do all that for you08:28
dfdgdfjdso instead of downloading from mozilla's website, i should just stick to the lubuntu software centre?08:29
histoDJJeff: why are you downloading the archive file?  use the package manager or sudo apt-get install thunderbird08:29
trijntjedfdgdfjd: in ubuntu you never install software from the internet, it has an app store where you can install almost every program from08:29
histodfdgdfjd: yes ^^08:29
histodfdgdfjd: why are you downloading the archive file?  use the package manager or sudo apt-get install thunderbird08:29
DJJeffhisto, was that a typo08:29
histoDJJeff: yes sry08:29
viasanctuswhat does deleted inode has zero dtime mean?08:30
dfdgdfjdokay, well i'm just used to going to mozilla's site to download their software when i'm on windows. besides, now that i installed lubuntu, i went to chrome's website and downloaded the deb file and it worked straight up.08:31
dfdgdfjdok cheers guy. the lubuntu software centre worked perfectly.08:33
trijntjedfdgdfjd: you went to chrome site to download lubuntu??08:38
svetano, he got chrome .deb at chrome's website :)08:39
sveta(and installed that .deb on lubuntu)08:39
untakenis there a way to install Apache 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04, rather than using Apache 2.4?08:40
svetasorry, i think that you have to compile it or run a vm08:41
svetathere is an old package available on the website but i would not expect it to work with newer versions of its dependencies08:42
untakenshould of stayed on 1308:42
untakenoh well... crap08:42
svetaout of curiousity, what is the issue with new apahe's version?08:42
trijntjedfdgdfjd: you shouldn't install stuf from the internet, it can mess up ubuntu and you won't get automatic security updates for software if its not from the software center08:42
untakenI use a testing enviroment of code, and they use some stuff in mod_perl, which does not work with Apache 2.408:43
herumbhi all pls help . with my username i cant login... display fails.... i was tryin compiz08:43
untakensveta: I reckon I might just have to disable all the stuff in mod_perl and make do without that bit08:43
dfdgdfjdok note taken.08:43
trijntjeherumb: trying compiz?08:43
herumbyea ... compiz and also i guess messed with lightdm trijntje08:44
svetauntaken: #httpd channel would help you migrate to the new version, I'm sure they'd appreciate feedback on a new release. you might be able to disable or uninstall a module entirely08:44
untakenyea, thanks sveta08:44
svetaherumb: anything useful in the logs?08:44
trijntjeherumb: try dpkg --reconfigure compiz lightdm, hopefully that will reset the packages08:44
herumbtrijntje, just at the login window it will not take me to the desktop and comes back to login window... with other username i m able to login08:45
herumbsveta, where to look ?08:45
fabio_Guys, i need a little help. I got this printer star tsp700 connected to a cable that converts parallel to usb http://images10.newegg.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll300/14-999-302-02.JPG08:46
herumbx11 fails i guess system wanted to send a report about x display08:46
fabio_but it dont detect the printer, it detects the cable :D08:46
dfdgdfjdon lubuntu 14.04 how do i set it so that i don't have to log in every time i start up the pc?08:46
herumbtrijntje, i m on a different username . will it affect ?08:46
viasanctusit took a very long time to go through all fixes this time08:47
viasanctusbut booting with no errors08:47
viasanctuswhich is good08:47
trijntjeherumb: if the problem is not for all users than its not a problem with compiz or lightdm itself, but with the changes you made to that account08:47
fabio_  21.019648] usb 6-1: async_complete: urb error -3208:47
fabio_[   21.019673] get_1284_register: usb error -3208:47
fabio_[   21.164689] parport0: fix this legacy no-device port driver!08:47
trijntjejust undo them and it should work again08:47
histodfdgdfjd: edit your /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf and uncomment the autologin=username line  change username with your user08:47
svetadfdgdfjd: you mean you want to resume from suspend without password, or to restart/reboot and login without password? resume issues are known (if you just see a black screen, you need to start typing and it will become colored, then you finish typing password and it lets you in)08:48
herumbtrijntje, yea... i just dont know how to get it back08:48
svetahisto: interesting, I think he's using LIGHTdm, not LXdm08:48
* sveta did assume that the phrasing provided was correct08:48
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest56239
=== hades_ is now known as Guest807
dfdgdfjdwhen i start the computer up in the morning, i don't want to log in. i'm not talking about resumption.08:49
dfdgdfjdauto log in08:49
=== K3dare is now known as kedare
svetadfdgdfjd: acknowledged. what dm are you using?08:49
dfdgdfjdlubuntu 14.0408:49
herumbtrijntje, sveta .. can i paste any output anywhere which can show what config is not right ? i am on a different username right now....08:49
svetadfdgdfjd: it is not a dm. a dm is lxdm, lightdm, gdm, xdm, or something like that08:50
=== Guest807 is now known as tuski
dfdgdfjdi have no idea what any of that is.08:50
fabio_Guys, i need a little help. I got this printer star tsp700 connected to a cable that converts parallel to usb http://images10.newegg.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll300/14-999-302-02.JPG but gives me this err  18.019645] usb 6-1: async_complete: urb error -3208:51
fabio_[   19.016046] get_1284_register timeout08:51
svetaok, give me a minute, need to do more reading08:51
histofabio_: is that a receipt printer?08:52
trijntjeherumb: if you don't remember what you did, its gonna be hard to fix it08:52
fabio_hi histo, yes it is08:52
histodfdgdfjd: I told you how to auto ling08:52
histodfdgdfjd: auto login above08:52
histodfdgdfjd: edit your /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf and uncomment the autologin=username line  change username with your user08:53
herumbtrijntje, i remember what i did08:53
fabio_histo, its a receipt parallel printer (its connected to a parallel to usb cable)08:53
herumbfirst i tried to download compiz and then i replaced it with sudo compiz --replace08:53
histofabio_: are you using the cups driver? where are you getting the error?08:53
trijntjeherumb: download from where? and which version of ubuntu were you using?08:54
fabio_histo, i've seen that error on lsusb08:54
herumbmy title bars disappeared ... so i guess i typed lightdm --replace too08:54
fabio_histo, sorry, on dmesg08:54
herumbtrijntje, followed by alot of other combos.... lightdm start08:54
herumbtrijntje, starx stop etc08:55
histofabio_: okay have you tried printing?08:55
fabio_histo,  it dont even detect the printer08:55
histofabio_: you need the drivers08:55
herumbso now from the login window... i can get to my gui desktop  from other usernames but not with one part username08:56
fabio_histo, if i check for lsusb i only see the Bus 006 Device 002: ID 050d:0002 Belkin Components  (cable)08:56
histofabio_: http://www.starmicronics.com/Download/Drivers/TUP500/starcupsdrv-3.0.0_linux_20090130.tar.zip08:57
histofabio_: it's not going to show the printer information in lsusb08:57
trijntjeherumb: how did you download compiz, and which version of ubuntu are you using?08:57
histofabio_: it will just report the cable.08:57
herumbtrijntje, Linux shinjitzu 3.13.0-30-lowlatency #54-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 9 23:14:29 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:57
dfdgdfjdhisto i'm sorry but i'm a complete beginner to terminal. i was hoping not to have to even touch the terminal. i type '/etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf' into terminal and it says 'no such directory'08:58
fabio_histo, oh i see. so is there like a universal driver for this kind of printers?08:58
trijntjeherumb: hm, I dont know what interface ubuntu studio uses. But just undo the changes you made and it should be fine08:59
histodfdgdfjd: sudo nano /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf  and edit the autologin line accordingly; or you hit alt+f2 and type gksu gedit /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf  to edit it within X08:59
histofabio_: apparently from their site, that's the link I provided you with.08:59
histofabio_: probably has all their printers in that file09:00
histo!cups | fabio_09:00
ubottufabio_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu09:00
herumbtrijntje, thank you so much  ! that will really help.09:00
histodfdgdfjd: the only reason I told you to do it in terminal, is it's difficult to tell you; click here, then there etc... over a typing interface.09:01
dfdgdfjdok i understand. i did what you said and now it says it has been modified. i presume it's done? should i restart now and check?09:03
Anissa21 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bitly.com/1mn6GWc09:05
Shadow}}Hello; I recently had to install Xubuntu 13.04, And need to upgrade to the latest (Being 13.10,No?) However it had an internal error with the Upgrader. And I don't know how to burn a disc image using this OS. I'm downloading the 13.10 ISO as I type. But wondering if I can use terminal to Upgrade without the whole from disc hassle..09:05
trijntjeAnissa21: this is not the place to spam links, please take it elsewhere09:05
=== vila_ is now known as vila
bcvery!eolupgrade | Shadow}}, 14.04 is the latest, 13.04 is EOL09:06
ubottuShadow}}, 14.04 is the latest, 13.04 is EOL: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:06
Shadow}}Well darn. Okay well bout the not using a disc thing?09:07
Shadow}}Oh! I see. Thanks for the link09:07
fgdfhjjdjdthanks histo the auto login thing worked.09:09
fgdfhjjdjdhow do i make a certain software start on start up?09:09
Shadow}}Erm, All complicated for me still... -Sighs- Studystudystudy just to avoid windows...09:10
hateballfgdfhjjdjd: Do you want it to start with your user session, or run as a service for the system?09:11
Shadow}}These -backports its speaking of for EOL upgrades, Is that of an easier method?09:11
fgdfhjjdjdstart with user session09:12
histofgdfhjjdjd: no problem what is with your nick?09:12
ubottuIf you want to edit your Autostart programs, open the Unity dash and search for Startup Programs. If you're on XFCE, use menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup, if you're on KDE, use Kickoff -> Computer -> System Settings -> Autostart. For more details see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup. For LXDE see http://ubottu.com/y/409:12
fgdfhjjdjdlol i'm using freenode so i just mash teh keyboard every time09:12
Shadow}}Oi, So no one in the mood to help walk me through this eh?09:13
fgdfhjjdjdi meant im using freenode web irc09:13
histofgdfhjjdjd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Boot_Install_Login#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_into_Desktop09:13
fgdfhjjdjdi'm on lubuntu 14.04 how do i start software with my user session?09:13
fgdfhjjdjdhow do i know if i'm on xfce or kde?09:14
bcveryShadow}}, have you tried launching your update manager?09:14
Shadow}}Indeed. It had an internal error on the run.09:14
bcveryCan you pastebin  the error?09:14
hateballShadow}}: Have you tried running "do-release-upgrade" from a console?09:14
Shadow}}Where to find the log? And no hateball should I?09:15
hateballShadow}}: It's what the GUI upgrader runs in the background anyhows09:15
hateballPossibly it'll spit out some more useful debug info09:16
emojiHow can i disable nouveau driver kernel ?09:16
=== tcpman is now known as Guest99536
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »09:16
hateballemoji: ^09:16
A_I_hi there09:16
A_I_what is the risk to run "apt-get -o 'APT::Immediate-Configure=no" dist-upgrade' ?09:16
hateballemoji: But installing the nvidia-current driver from the driver manager should do that for you09:16
fgdfhjjdjdubottu i'm on lubuntu 14.0409:17
ubottufgdfhjjdjd: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:17
Shadow}}Dear my...So many errors.09:17
Shadow}}Wait, Does Err at the start of these lines in do-release mean error?09:18
histofgdfhjjdjd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Boot_Install_Login#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_into_Desktop09:18
histofgdfhjjdjd: just use that link09:18
Shadow}}Got it. Thanks to both of you. 793 Updates and its asking to Upgrade. -Thumbs up-?09:19
nikolamI have trouble with updatedb indexing that uses locate and find. I would like it to stop scanning my ZFS zpool with a lot of data.09:19
fgdfhjjdjdguys, how do i auto start certain softwares (e.g. firefox) on lubuntu 14.04?09:19
nikolamI ebd up killing processes manually each day and I don't see a way to manage it graphically in Xubuntu09:19
yomammahello, can anybody help me with installing spotify on 14.04 lts?09:19
A_I_I update Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 (LTS to LTS), but I have a problem with python-minimal which leads to a dependendcy cyrcle09:19
OrpheonHello, I need some help regarding totem. Since upgrading to 14.04 (from 12.10) totem crashes when it jumps back to the start of a song because repeat. Google has directed me to bug reports which were marked as duplicates of this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-libav1.0/+bug/1290368 whose fix sadly does not change anything.09:19
histofgdfhjjdjd: Is there a reason you are ignoring me?09:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 1290368 in GStreamer "totem-video-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Critical,Fix released]09:19
OrpheonCan anyone help?09:20
hateballnikolam: man updatedb.conf09:20
A_I_I try to automate upgrade, I have to find a command that makes possible a "no question" upgrade09:20
awolohi, could do with some help, http://pastebin.com/ZBUP4N88, I am looking to expand the filesystem for /dev/mapper/example--dev-root - any help please? can this be done live without taking the server down?09:20
fgdfhjjdjdoh sorry didn't see your msg09:20
nikolamok hateball . Also, I see that 'top'  now in 14.04 does not display human-readable format for memory use09:20
Shadow}}hateball: Should I hit Yes on this Upgrade it found from that do-release? Suppose so... If it fails I'll just be back in twenty minutes..09:21
histonikolam: hateball htop?09:21
yomammaI'm trying to install Spotify, ut I get this message : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741074/09:21
hateballShadow}}: Yes, it should be just fine09:21
bcveryyomamma, what did you run to get those?09:21
pjotterHello all! Automatic mounting on start-up often fails because the internet connection was not yet established. Manual mounting afterwards with "mount -a" works fine. Is there a way for Ubuntu to wait a little longer on start-up for internet connection before mounting external disks?09:21
Shadow}}hateball: Thank you kindly.09:21
=== jack- is now known as Guest8562
gtldsphow to configure proxy_mod in apache2 ubuntu 12.04 ?09:23
yomammabcvery, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741082/09:23
theadminpjotter: Add _ṇetdev to your mount options.09:23
awolosorry, I got booted out.09:23
pjottertheadmin: In fstab?09:23
theadminpjotter: Yeah09:23
pjotterThanks! I'll try09:23
histopjotter: _netdev will wait until the network is up to mount09:24
nikolamhateball, I have already entered zfs under PRUNEFS=" in /etc/updatedb.conf . I also entered path in PRUNEPATHS, will see if it change it's behavior.09:24
pjottertheadmin: If it is that simple, I will be very happy :)09:24
fabio_histo, i've installed the drivers09:24
fabio_but cups dont detect the printer09:25
fgdfhjjdjdok thanks histo. all sorted.09:25
bcveryyomamma, are you following a guide?  The Spotify website differs slightly: https://www.spotify.com/uk/download/previews/09:25
histofabio_: you have to add the printer to cups most likely due to your cabling setup09:25
fabio_histo, can you help me ?09:26
yomammabcvery, the deb command does not work09:26
histofabio_: what have you tried doing?09:26
nick07still have no luck getting my native resolution, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741097/09:27
fabio_histo, on cups i've tryed to find new printer09:27
fabio_and says nothing found09:27
histofabio_: yeah you'll probably have to manually add it.09:27
fabio_histo, ok, so how to do it?09:27
OrpheonHello, I need some help regarding totem. Since upgrading to 14.04 (from 12.10) totem crashes when it jumps back to the start of a song because repeat. Google has directed me to bug reports which were marked as duplicates of this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gst-libav1.0/+bug/1290368 whose fix sadly does not change anything.09:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 1290368 in GStreamer "totem-video-thumbnailer crashed with SIGSEGV in magazine_chain_pop_head()" [Critical,Fix released]09:28
OrpheonCan anyone help?09:28
histofabio_: is there a reason you are using this adapter?09:28
Orpheon(sorry for repeating, not sure what correct thing to do would be)09:29
fabio_histo, when i click on add a new printer i've got LPT #1, LPT #2, LPT #3, LPT #4,09:29
fabio_histo, yes. The simple fact that my laptop doesn't have parallel port :)09:29
histofabio_: no idea which lp is your usb adapter? can you pastebin your dmesg output when you plug the cable in09:29
pjottertheadmin: _netdev seems only valid with nfs filesystems. Is there any way to do this for samba/smfs?09:30
uffsI have deleted circa 800 packages while trying to fix 'broken packages' with synaptec09:31
uffshow do i get them back?09:31
yomammaCan anybody help me? I try to install Spotify, I follow guide but it  says that it cannot fetch any data http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741074/09:31
uffsor at least how do i get sound back09:31
uffsmaybe there is a list of packages installed on ubuntu by default out there somewhere09:32
Orpheonyomamma, doesn't Spotify have its own download package?09:32
histofabio_: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=264219#c109:32
Orpheonand instructions?09:32
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 264219 in Printing "Printing via USB->Parallel converter fails" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme]09:32
iszakWhy doesn't Ubuntu remove old kernals automatically?09:32
histofabio_: that should get you going as far as instructions09:33
fabio_histo,  http://pastebin.com/Cidzwv9209:33
murlidharhi everyone. i tried to change the wm using this command gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences <themename>09:33
murlidharbut it doesn't change and i can't see any error output either09:33
yomammaOrpheon, I follow Spotify guide. I dont know any packages09:34
histo fabio_ here's an explanation as to why you have to do it the way I linked above https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=264219#c109:34
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 264219 in Printing "Printing via USB->Parallel converter fails" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme]09:34
nick07xrandr gives error to get the 1280x1024 resolution: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741097/09:35
theadminpjotter: Oh, uhh... If you use the "cifs" filesystem type it should just work, I beleive09:35
theadminpjotter: smbfs is somewhat deprecated, I think09:35
histofabio_: sorry meant this link http://www.cups.org/pipermail/cups/2009-June/018872.html09:35
babinlonstonHi everyone, Im using logwatch in my server and i'm getting Mail everyday, how can i add one more email09:35
pjottertheadmin: It's abit confusing. On some pages, it says that it works with cifs. On others, it says it only works with nfs. for instance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab09:36
pjotterThere it says: "_netdev - this is a network device, mount it after bringing up the network. Only valid with fstype nfs."09:36
theadminpjotter: What I mean is, if you set the filesystem type to cifs, it should auto-wait for network, even without _netdev09:36
pjotterBut I'll just try it. See if it works with cifs.09:36
theadminThen again, I don't use samba all that much, I may be wrong.09:37
=== Guest8562 is now known as jack
fabio_histo,  i dont have this directory /etc/dev/usb/09:37
pjottertheadmin: Unless there is something else going on, it doesn't seem to wait. It often 'misses' the mounting because the network indicator is still spinning. Manual mounting then is the only way to mount the disks.09:37
BobHoppisomeone highlight me?09:38
fabio_i meant /dev/usb/09:38
theadminBobHoppi: Oh, I thought you were asking to highglight you09:38
theadminNever mind09:38
* BobHoppi was asking who did09:39
theadminpjotter: Hm, well, I don't really know, sorry. What kind of network are you using?09:39
pjotterJust a local home network on a modem/router09:39
skroonhi my SSH sessions keep haging af a while of inactivity09:39
histofabio_: where did you get that?09:39
skroonis there a way to set keep alives or something?09:39
fabio_histo,  https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=264219#c109:40
theadminpjotter: You may try to set the mount as "noauto" and then mount when network is up via upstart but that's confusing much09:40
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 264219 in Printing "Printing via USB->Parallel converter fails" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme]09:40
histofabio_: hold up09:40
hateballskroon: you can use ServerAliveInterval09:40
jackskroon, just run a ping in a terminal09:40
pjottertheadmin: I agree, that's not really the way to mount a network properly.09:41
fabio_histo,  did you seen the dmesg?09:41
histofabio_: yeahthere is no /dev/usb?09:41
histofabio_: ls -l /dev/us*09:41
pjotterI'll just give _netdav a try and see if it makes any difference on smbfs/cifs.09:41
pjotterThanks for the help (I will need to log out and reboot)09:41
fabio_histo, ls -l /dev/us*09:42
fabio_histo, ls: cannot access /dev/us*: No such file or directory09:42
skroonhateball: it's already set to 1009:43
skroonhateball: sorry 100:09:43
skroonjack: i'm not able to remember to always run pings ;-)09:43
hateballskroon: Try setting it lower then09:44
skroonhateball: right, and did you mean setting it on the server or client?09:44
histofabio_: it wil be in /dev/bus/usb  somewhere hold on09:45
hateballskroon: That setting is on your client, on the server you can use ClientAliveInterval instead09:46
hateballskroon: It's a bit backwards, but that's how it works ;d09:46
fabio_ok, histo i've got this inside of /dev/bus/usb 001  002  003  004  005  006  007  00809:46
hateballskroon: you may also want to adjust ClientAliveCountMax and vice versa09:48
MrokiiHello. Is there a way to edit a dependency for a certain package that is shown in Synaptic?09:48
hateballskroon: for how many packets it tries to send before dropping the connection09:48
histofabio_: i'm trying to find some more modern documentation09:49
fabio_histo, thanks alot for your effort man09:49
histofabio_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems#USB_-.3E_Parallel_adapter09:50
=== jibran is now known as jibran|afk
svetahm, left for few minutes, now both these guys are gone09:53
skroonhateball: thanks a lot man, i'm gonna do some testing again :)09:53
histofabio_: outside of that page I have no idea.09:53
hateballskroon: good luck!09:54
theadminMrokii: Try using equivs09:55
theadminMrokii: http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/install/blocking-deb-dependencies.html - more detailed instruction on that09:56
Mrokiitheadmin: Thanks, I'll have a look.10:02
exarkunOn Ubuntu 14.04 with Unity, on my second display, when I maximize a window it is resized to cover the rightmost 1/4th of the screen.  What gives?10:05
pdo_fn14Fluendo and Gstreamer are complementary codecs?. Does I need to install it alongside or separated?.10:07
jack"does i need"...yes, you need to learn english10:08
ldshHello, It seems I have a problem with intel rapl; dmsg gives me intel_rapl: "domain uncore energy ctr 205887:205887 not working, skip" ; Code generated by: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/powercap/intel_rapl.c#L116210:09
ldshDoes powercap works on Ubuntu?10:09
jack"does bla works" == huh10:10
jackenglish isn't that trivial :/10:10
bcvery!behelpful | jack10:11
ubottujack: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:11
ldshjack, yes, this is not so trivial for foreing people. (even more when the spelling checker is not in english)10:11
ldshjack, however, I'm willing to learn, so if you tell me (maybe in private as it is offtopic) how to say it properly, I'll be happy ;)10:13
jacksounds smart, cool10:13
exarkunNow I can't move my cursor onto my first display anymore.  It will only move on my second display.10:14
exarkunand of course the settings application launches on the first display...10:15
babinlonstonHave a Doubt, Will a nologin user use the ssh key he can communicate with remote server using key ?10:15
gohi everyone10:16
=== lix_ is now known as lix
OerHeksbabinlonston, nologin user = guest or automatic login ?10:16
babinlonstonOerHeks: automatic , i want to back my server to a remote server automatically using cron10:17
OerHeksbabinlonston, ssh keys are personal, so yes10:17
babinlonstonoh cool then a nologin user can get a key file and we can rsync both10:18
jackuser is user10:18
babinlonstonOerHeks: how can i create a key for nologin user any idea ?10:18
jackyour "nologin" guy has ssh keys like everyone else10:18
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)10:19
OerHeksbabinlonston, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys10:19
OerHeksbabinlonston, make sure  you disable password login, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring#disable-password-authentication10:20
jackaptitude why libssl0.9.8:i38610:20
jacki   google-earth-stable Hängt ab von ia32-libs10:20
jacki A ia32-libs           Hängt ab von libssl0.9.8:i38610:20
babinlonstonOerHeks: thanks let me check those links10:21
=== Shadow}} is now known as Scion}}
jackwhy the heck is google-earth using 32bit libs?10:21
=== schnitzl--- is now known as schnitzl
OerHeksno need for ia32libs, just add :i386 to the packagename10:21
Arahaeljack: Why the heck not?10:22
OerHeksjack what version of ubuntu are you running? as current libssl is 1.0.010:23
Scion}}hateball: Thanks for the Upgrade help. Worked without any issues.10:24
Scion}}I realize this isn't exactly the proper channel for this question, But is there a way to reset a forgotten pass on NickServ?10:24
OerHeksScion}}, join #freenode for that10:25
Scion}}Thank you.10:25
ldshDoes powercap work on Ubuntu?10:26
OerHeksldsh, no powercap package in the repos10:27
=== JediMaster is now known as Guest12327
OerHeksldsh, oh i am wrong, it is called pwrkap ...10:28
OerHeks!info pwrkap10:28
ubottupwrkap (source: pwrkap): Energy use monitor and Power Cap enforcement tools - Core. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.30-5 (trusty), package size 41 kB, installed size 280 kB10:28
OerHeks!info pwrkap-gui10:28
ldshOerHeks, no, it should be in the kernel10:28
ubottupwrkap-gui (source: pwrkap): Energy use monitor and Power Cap enforcement tools - GTK+ GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.30-5 (trusty), package size 14 kB, installed size 128 kB10:28
OerHeksSo yes, it should work as it is available10:29
nick07hi all, I still having big trouble getting my native resolution using the nvidia driver10:29
nick07If I use the default driver (after clean install ) I use xrandr to get the 1280x1024, which works great.10:30
nick07Some progrmas need the nvidia driver,so I update to the 304 driver and then I cannot get the 1280x1024 resolution...10:30
ldshOerHeks, I try to know first why the intel rapl setings are not applyed by powercap (powerkap may come after, when powercap/intel rapl is solved).10:31
ldshdmesg gives me intel_rapl: "domain uncore energy ctr 205887:205887 not working, skip" ; Code generated by: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/powercap/intel_rapl.c#L116210:31
OerHeksldsh, dunno, never used that toolset10:32
ldshOerHeks, I think it should work out of the box, however, it looks like it is not working for me (my cpu is compatible with intel rapl, this is a i7 3667U)10:33
=== Scion}} is now known as Shadow}}
nick07the error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741097/10:36
histonick07: what programs need the nvidia driver?10:37
nick07xmbc get stuck in the 'normal' driver10:38
=== Shadow}} is now known as Scion}}
histonick07: I wonder if it's the silly spacing in your newmode command10:38
histonick07: after you newmode does it show it int he xrandr output as availible?10:38
nick07let me check10:39
nick07xrandr  --output10:39
histonick07: also are you just making those numbers up or where did you get the modeline?10:39
histonick07: no just xrandr   no --ouput10:40
nick07yeah I did xrandr, sorry10:40
BalzyHello! I'm experiencing a really annoying issue with latest Kubuntu release (14.04). When I close the laptop lid it goes into standby mode, when I open it seems to wake up but after few seconds it goes back into standby and I have to press the power buttons to resume. I've also reinstalled the system (kept /home) with no success.10:40
nick07cvt 1280 102410:40
histonick07: is it an LCD ?10:40
nick07packerd bell ft70010:40
nick071280 1024 native10:41
histonick07: try cvt -r 1280 102410:41
nick07ok , just a moment10:41
=== Scion}} is now known as Shadow}}
wireknighthello, could anyone help me with C and double pointers? or am i in wrong place for that?10:41
cfhowlettwireknight wrong place.  I think it's in ##c10:42
histonick07: after you addmode try just xrandr by itself see if it's listed under VGA-010:42
nick07ok, 1 sec10:42
nick07check :http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741343/10:44
histonick07: no idea that's odd10:46
histonick07: which nvidia driver are you using?10:46
nick07I tried the 173? But that one doesnt see my external10:46
histoWhy such and old one 304?10:47
nick07ehm, that is in the driver list10:47
histoahh what chipset do you have?10:47
nick07geforce go 740010:48
histonick07: are there other drivers in the additional drivers wizard?10:50
histonick07: which ones?10:51
nick07nvidia-304, nvidia 173.14.39, nvida 304-updates, xserver-xorg10:52
histonick07: Are you sure your monitor supports that resolution?  That's an odd one.10:54
nick07yes, using the xserver option driver the resolution is great, packerd bell ft70010:55
histonick07: Modeline "1280x1024" 151.83  1280 1360 1544 1888  1024 1024 1027 1072   iS that the modeline you were using?10:57
MonkeyDustwhat's the black screen factoid again?10:57
nick07let me check10:57
nick07doesnt seem like; 90.75  1280 1328 1360 1440  1024 1027 1034 1054 +hsync -vsync10:58
histowell try the one I just pasted10:59
nick07ok,1 mint10:59
histonick07: pastebin any errors you get10:59
OerHeks!nomodeset | MonkeyDust10:59
ubottuMonkeyDust: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:59
MonkeyDustOerHeks  tnx10:59
nick07no luck http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741413/11:01
nick07ow wait, i forgot someting11:01
nick07is the +hsync -vsync important?11:02
histonick07: I have no idea why xrandr is bombing try the 304-updates driver perhaps.11:02
nick07doesnt see that in you exanmlpe11:02
histonick07: no11:02
nick07I enabled the update driver already11:03
nick07and rebooted11:03
nick07can I check the refresh rate using xrandr?11:04
nick07my current?11:04
histonick07: yeah then try to define the mode when it doesn't work11:04
=== IdleOne is now known as io
nick07do you know how to check the current refresh rate and how to chenge only that?11:05
Ariana21 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bitly.com/1z9Uso111:05
GuyThatNeedsHelpmy awm wont let me on it :(11:05
histonick07: yes you can just type xrandr   it will show you11:05
roomhello :))11:06
nick07wtf some is spamming11:06
histonick07: there is also a GUI tool to change the resolution11:06
GuyThatNeedsHelpi tried http://awesome.naquadah.org/wiki/Screenshots and it didnt work and when i put the default config back it still wont work11:06
roomqualcuno qui e italiano ???11:06
DJones!it | room11:06
ubotturoom: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:06
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: do you get an error?11:06
GuyThatNeedsHelpi didnt see one11:07
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: try moving your rc.lua and replacing it witht he default one to test.11:07
GuyThatNeedsHelpjust when i switch to it and it shows the black screen with text and goes back to login page11:08
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: yeah revert the changes to your rc.lu11:08
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
nick07histo, the nvidia settings is the only gui for adjusting monitor setting?11:09
BalzyI'm experiencing this http://tinyurl.com/pokee4d11:09
Balzy on kubuntu 14.04, anyone willing to help?11:09
nick07Balzy, I had this also, I cannot find anysolution, my laptop is old, so I remove the trigger11:12
nick07histo, maybe I should stay with the driver that works, Any idea why xbmc whould hang without the Nvidia driver?11:14
hateballXBMC probably relies on vdpau to play things11:15
GuyThatNeedsHelpit wont work :(11:15
Balzynick07 mine is quite new and it happens only with my user account11:15
nick07ah ok..11:16
nick07hateball, so no luck with the default driver then?11:16
GuyThatNeedsHelpi went into cd /etc/xdg/awesome and did sudo cp rc.lua ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua11:16
histonick07: you can search there is a display configuration thing in the dash11:17
nick07ok, thank you11:17
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: k11:17
hateballnick07: I'm not sure, I run proprietary driver where I have nvidia, and I run xbmc on an RPi.... A bit of googling points to nouveau-firmware11:17
zykotick9GuyThatNeedsHelp: check if rc.lua is currently owned by root or your user (i suspect it's root, if you used sudo to cp it - fyi not required/desired in this case)11:17
hateballnick07: I dunno if that package is installed default when you use the nouveau driver11:18
histonick07: but if xrandr can't see the modeline nothing is going to switch to it.11:18
nick07i see11:18
qballerHey guys, my wifi apears as connecting but no ping and network. I'm using KDE desktop on ubuntu any clue how to make sure it's using the broadcom driver11:18
qballerOr how to fix the problem. which is more important11:19
histonick07: Unfortunately you are stuck with a wonky driver and a weird monitor, Do you have a different monitor to try?11:19
histoqballer: pastebin ip link && ip addr && ip route11:19
nick07no.. is there a newer driver that i could try?11:19
qballerI'm connected though my cell phone to do this conversation.11:20
qballerDo you want the hardware information?11:20
GuyThatNeedsHelpno luck :(11:20
zykotick9GuyThatNeedsHelp: and fyi, _any_ error in rc.lua means it loads the default settings, syntax is _very_ important for awesome11:21
histonick07: Doesn't appear so. Nvidia's own site recomends that driver.11:21
nick07ok thanks11:21
histonick07: back to the issue thouhg, xbmc just hard locks?11:22
nick07yeah mouse in upper left corner, doesnt do anything,system seems to hang11:22
histoqballer: connected through your cell phone how?11:22
nick07no problem with nvidia driver though, except samll detai.. 1024x76811:22
GuyThatNeedsHelpbut there should not be an error since i copied my default file over the new one?11:23
GuyThatNeedsHelpthe default one worked11:23
histoqballer: tethered over wifi to your cell phone?11:23
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: who owns your rc.lua ?11:23
GuyThatNeedsHelpmy user?11:24
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: is it working now or not?11:24
qballerthe wifi connection is working11:24
GuyThatNeedsHelpit was before11:24
histoqballer: okay so then what is the problem?11:24
qballerThe cell phone is connected to the router via wifi.11:24
pdsinstalled ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a vmware hypervisor -> mounted the vmwaretools cd11:24
qballerTHe phone is connected via USB11:24
pdsran the .pl file11:24
qballerto the PC11:25
pdsreebooted => didn't seem to do a thing11:25
histoGuyThatNeedsHelp: you copy a new rc.lua over then chown your-username:your-username rc.lua11:25
nick07i will come back for the xmbc problem, need to go to work now, bye11:25
histoqballer: ahh11:25
histoqballer: can you pastebin the stuff I asked11:25
pdsinstalled ubuntu on vmware ran the .pl file didn't seems to do a thing.11:25
qballerNot sure what are you refering too.11:26
qballerip link ??11:26
qballer ip addr of what ?11:26
qballer ip route ???11:26
=== kkkk is now known as stonner
histoqballer: open a terminal and type in     ip link && ip addr && ip route     pastebin all of that output11:27
=== badon_ is now known as badon
stonnerhi all11:27
qballeris copy pase different in KDE? ctrl+c/ ctrl+v isn't working. It also seems like it's auto copying what I'm marking11:29
hateballqballer: ctrl+shift if you're in a terminal11:30
qballeryea... it worked11:30
qballerbut from other places it behaves differentlu11:30
qballerOk it was because Klipper was on.11:30
Ardeshir81HI Everyone .11:30
histoqballer: ping
Ardeshir81I'm currently installing UbuntuStdio , but in the middle of installation a n error occured : "GRUB installation failed"11:31
Ardeshir81"The 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot."11:31
qballerreplying. what is this address?11:31
mrunknownqballer: Google's DNS service11:32
Ardeshir81and When I click OK it exits the installation11:32
histoqballer: one of google's IPs11:32
qballerOh I'm probably going through the cell I will dissconect and do that. The thing is... before it didn't reply at all but I tried to ping google.com11:32
qballerhold on11:32
ilovelinuxi'm speak italian11:32
histoqballer: k11:33
cfhowlett!italian | ilovelinux11:33
ubottuilovelinux: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:33
SamWiseGamgeeI'm using xubuntu 14.04 and just successfully installed Pipelight, flash, wine-pipelight, viewright-caiway, vizzedrgr, and unity3d, so I can run Netflix on Firefox, but which is the best User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox, what is the full name?11:33
Ardeshir81EXcuse me11:35
Ardeshir81I have a problem installing UbuntuStudio side by side Ubuntu11:35
qballer_Destination Host Unreachable11:36
GuyThatNeedsHelpDoes anyone know how to delete a directory in terminal?11:36
ivan-kanisGuyThatNeedsHelp: rm -rf directory11:36
mrunknownGuyThatNeedsHelp: use -r (recursive) on rm11:36
histoqballer_: lspci -k11:36
histoqballer_: pastebin the output of that please11:36
=== qballer_ is now known as qballer
pdsinstalled ubuntu on vmware ran the .pl file didn't seems to do a thing.11:37
qballerhisto http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741560/11:37
MonkeyDustpds  what's a .pl file and what is it supposed to do?11:38
qballerIt's dell vostro 350011:38
mrunknownpl is perl scripting language I believe11:38
histoqballer: k hold up11:38
hateballMonkeyDust, pds: A guess is the vmware-tools.pl,11:38
hateballMonkeyDust, pds: Installer for vmware specific modules... but without more info it's hard to tell11:38
pdspl needs to install install vmware11:39
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware11:39
hateballIt'd be this part https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Tools11:40
histoqballer: lsmod | grep b43   does that have any results?11:41
hateballpds: Depending on versions, vmware-tools from vmware may not have precompiled modules so you need to have build-essential installed to compile them using the vmware-config-tools.pl script11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpthx for the help went to http://ideone.com/ and found out it was this11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelp -- Brightness11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelp 11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpawful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessDown", function ()11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpawful.util.spawn("xbacklight -dec 15") end),11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpawful.key({ }, "XF86MonBrightnessUp", function ()11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelpawful.util.spawn("xbacklight -inc 15") end),11:42
GuyThatNeedsHelp 11:42
histoqballer: did you install the wl driver from additional drivers?11:43
histo!paste | GuyThatNeedsHelp11:43
ubottuGuyThatNeedsHelp: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:43
qballerhisto: no11:43
GuyThatNeedsHelpi had that in my rc file for about a week and i didnt get any errors before11:43
qballerWHen I went to additional drivers it said non exist.11:43
GuyThatNeedsHelp:histo k11:44
histo/msg ubottu info linux-firmware-nonfree11:44
histoqballer: rfkill list   does it show anything blocked?11:47
qballerI tries to enable Broadcom 802.11 linus STA wireless driver11:49
qballerdidn't work11:49
qballerany more ideas histo ?11:49
histoqballer: What tries to enable it?11:49
histoqballer: you need an active internet connection to use the additional drivers dialog.11:50
qballerI tried to enable11:50
kerosenespammer alert11:50
histoqballer: try  rfkill list   in a terminal11:50
qballerThat driver in the additional drivers of KDE.11:50
qballerit didn't do any good.11:50
histokerosene: ?11:50
hateballqballer: Did you reboot after enabling it?11:50
kerosenelast time they hit 3 big channels at once with nicklist floods. just now they hit one of them11:51
qballernope... to reboot?11:51
histoqballer: who are you asking?11:51
hateballqballer: After you pull down the restricted firmware you need to reboot for it to load the modules (unless you do it manually)11:52
qballerhisto http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741613/11:52
histohateball: what's wrong with the wl drive?11:52
qballerhateball: Ok I will reboot now.11:52
hateballhisto: I'm not sure what's wrong with anything, I just saw mention of enabling restricted firmware. Which requires a reboot11:54
histohe just needed the firmware I believe11:56
qballerhateball: reboot didn''t help. Histo?11:56
histoqballer: connect your phone and get internet on this box your working on. and sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source11:57
qballeralready installed. that is the driver i'm using.11:58
qballerthe one I defined before reboot.11:58
histoqballer: unplug your phone, sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma && sudo modprobe wl11:58
qballer_histo no result.12:00
histoqballer_: does it work now?12:00
qballerno it doesn't connecto the wifi network even.12:04
qballerideas histo ?12:05
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RickyB98for goodness sake12:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang12:05
RickyB98kick ubottu12:05
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deekejwhat the h...? BOTS?12:06
leshastedon't we have any systems for this?12:06
kerosenetried to warn you12:06
kerosenenot that anyone gives a fuck12:06
babinlonstonfuck his mum ass12:06
eeeepopey: just set it to +r, they'll keep coming now like last time12:06
leshastekerias, what was your warning?12:06
RickyB98io, place +r on this channel..12:06
RickyB98gosh it's so easy..12:06
ioRickyB98: relax a little bit12:06
leshasteio, that was a little slow.. don't we have any anti-flood bots?12:06
qballerhisto ? yoyu there or did the spammer take you ? :)12:07
philinuxI dont even get the point of it12:07
RickyB98do you want a spam detecting bot?12:07
histoqballer: i'm here12:07
leshasteRickyB98, other channels quieten you for flooding12:07
histoqballer: rfkill list  again anything blocked?12:07
ayucgatcfsNIGGER AUTISTS 96 ayucgatcfs derk0pf giada83 brianblaze420 sydney kris teran cmoneylulz zyan_ Tjommi sinonie tieinv qballer lborda chAiz ThKo mikenagle nuno_nunes Stmeter diraol liquidee eeee jonathanmarvens williamtdr abuzze TJ- somsip apg sbujnak lalatenduM LeMike barby enmand cashnguns Xethron Sec setra Ben64 philinux ivan-kanis ^peter^ stonner deekej pravinmishra__ us`0gb KongoKong FunnyLookinHat olk badon eirsyl pds leshaste neutralizer Your_Dog12:07
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giada833 ore per entrare.....connessione schifosa12:07
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ayucgatcfsNIGGER AUTISTS 67 Sprocks mixomathoze edulix Sunstream scx killifisher wjtaylor_ seere e11bits chalcedony Piper-Off Noiro pngo__ Flannel neomorphix kingbeowolf Guest22237 vivid nathanr penghuan andatche gavinguo nukleuzN ceed^ marynate vitorluz pet2001 gargola DJJeff export Xcytre oinkers Vampire0 g146m026 Jafura haobug user01 netameta_ Stanley00 MKCoin Shrooms Sven_vB dayangkun ddv ditaylor cmuller Fusl aljosa piquadrat hinderaker grobe0ba Odd-ratio12:07
qballerI used to run a forum of a small community. We had plenty of them12:07
dino82What kind of insult is that anyway12:07
histoqballer: rfkill list  again anything blocked?12:07
LinuxGuy91stop calling me a nigger :'(12:08
philinuxYep where the floodbot gone, holiday12:08
popeyNo need to comment on the spammers, just ignore them.12:08
qballernope nothing12:08
histoqballer: no idea12:08
leshastejust implement the anti-flood bot that other channels have!12:08
histoqballer: is the STA driver marked as enabled now?12:08
histoleshaste: we have one12:08
ioleshaste: just calm yourself down, you are not helping by adding to the drama12:08
LapJup3what is +r ?12:08
leshastehisto, how did it allow the flooding?12:09
leshasteio, ok12:09
eeeeLapJup3: only registered users can enter the channel12:09
philinuxleshaste;~ floodbot was always on in here12:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:09
eeeeLapJup3: non-registered will be forwarded to #ubuntu-unregged12:09
qballerYes ....12:09
qballerhisto: it's enabled12:09
leshastephilinux, I thought it stopped anything more than 3 lines, or somethign like that12:09
histoqballer: What version of ubuntu are you running?12:10
LapJup3i dont' like to register things. so i do not like +r.12:11
qballerWith KDE plasama on top12:11
histoqballer: I have no idea what's going on,  You can try info from ubottu for trouble shooting12:11
histo!broadcom | qballer12:11
ubottuqballer: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx12:11
=== LapJup3 is now known as LapJup
HxxxIs there an issue with the tightvncserver version in ubuntu 14.04? I have shaken the heavens and still im not able to get a successfull desktop on the vnc viewer. All gray an X in the cursor. Tried all the usual fixes for that.12:15
LapJupwhy not just ban the spammer instead of keeping all non-registers users out of the channel?12:15
eeeeLapJup: the IP of the spammer changes12:17
TheMesquitoLapJup: Proxy jumber12:17
qballerguys anyone else can help with the wifi ?12:17
philinuxqballer;~ can you connect wired12:17
hateballqballer, histo: Had you checked rfkill so it's not blocked? Also did dmesg spew out anything?12:18
sydneyqballer: I have a couple mins;whats wrong?12:18
qballerhateball: nothing is blocked12:18
qballerRight now sydney it doesn't event connect to my wifi network. before it did, but when it did not internet.12:19
LapJupTheMesquito: that makes it tough. but it is a shame to have togo +r to stop it12:19
qballerhateball: dmesg?12:19
TheMesquitoYeah, the script kidde will get tierd eventuly and stop12:19
TheMesquitoLapJup: ^12:19
hateballqballer: run "dmesg" in a terminal, it might show some interesting debug info with regards to wifi. Can you see networks at all?12:20
sydney!offtopic| LapJup12:20
ubottuLapJup: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:20
eeeeLapJup: we need a maximum line length for 2 msgs in a row and it'd be fixed12:21
TJ-qballer: If you're using the regular Network Manager to manage the WiFi connection, you'll find copious logging in "/var/log/syslog"12:21
Hxxxhas anybody being able to use tightvncserver in ubuntu 14.04, and been able to connect and get a working desktop?12:21
Ben64eeee: not on topic here, but you're free to add it to the bot and see if it gets approved12:22
LapJupunderstand. just wanted to say this and i am done with the off topic. :-)i hang  out on efnet and just have a client here for the linux channels. we do not have +r on efnet. but i have found that going +i, +v, or +iv for a few minuets and that uusually works12:22
qballerthat for you hateball http://paste.ubuntu.com/7741697/12:22
qballerTJ Yea i see the stuff at log. what about that?12:24
ldshdmesg gives me: "intel_rapl: domain uncore energy ctr 205887:205887 not working, skip" ; Code related to this message: http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/drivers/powercap/intel_rapl.c#L1162 . I need some help to trouble shoot this.12:24
WolfInSheepskinhey jo12:24
WolfInSheepskinI want to create a new partition table on my usb stick, what type should I use?12:25
TJ-qballer: pastebin the section of 'syslog' that shows a complete connection attempt; that may help in diagnosing the failure12:25
histoWolfInSheepskin: mbr12:25
WolfInSheepskinfor ubuntu12:25
WolfInSheepskinor linux12:25
histoWolfInSheepskin: what?12:25
WolfInSheepskinwhat is mbr??12:25
ldshWolfInSheepskin, What do you want to do with theses partitions?12:25
histoWolfInSheepskin: the type of partition table you are going to create12:26
WolfInSheepskinmake it a bootable usb stick12:26
k1lWolfInSheepskin: a new partition table will erase all partitions and data on there12:26
eeeeWolfInSheepskin: bootable? what will you be booting?12:26
WolfInSheepskinso mbr is right?12:26
WolfInSheepskinlinux distros12:26
WolfInSheepskinlike ubuntu12:26
TJ-WolfInSheepskin: Do you mean, whether to choose legacy/MBR or EFI/GPT table types?12:26
eeeeWolfInSheepskin: use UNetBootin to install distro iso's on a USB12:27
WolfInSheepskinI don't know I have to choose the table type12:27
qballerI deleted all the logs and now  I'm trying to reconnect12:27
WolfInSheepskinyes but I have to greate a new partition table12:27
k1lWolfInSheepskin: the type is mbr12:28
WolfInSheepskinok good12:28
makaraWolfInSheepskin: just use the Startup Disk Creator. It does all that for you12:28
qballerI deleted the syslog and triec to reconnect to see what loggint it will spew out. nothing12:29
WolfInSheepskinThere is no mbr12:29
skinofstarshey guys. i'm hitting problems with my login. the box that you put your password in isn't there12:29
TJ-qballer: Why did you delete the log-file? You've upset the rsyslog daemon now12:29
WolfInSheepskinThere is no mbr type, there is msdos, amica, mac ect12:30
eeeeWolfInSheepskin: use sudo cgdisk12:30
WolfInSheepskinThe most reasonable would be bsd I guess12:30
TJ-WolfInSheepskin: "msdos" is legacy/MBR12:30
WolfInSheepskinaha ok12:30
WolfInSheepskinsecret information12:30
k1lWolfInSheepskin: msdos12:30
skinofstarsi've jumped jumped to ctrl+alt+f1 to get on irc. i'd really like to be able to get in to my desktop12:30
eeeewhen it prompts for the type press "L" and then choose MBR partition scheme12:30
WolfInSheepskinok thx12:30
qballerHow do I reset it ?12:30
qballerDid I break the PIPe ?12:30
skinofstarsis there a way i can restart the screenlock service?12:31
k1lskinofstars: sudo lightdm restart12:31
TJ-qballer: I *hope* you can simply do "sudo service rsyslogd restart" but I recall in the past that deleting a log from under the daemon can sometimes prevent it from recreating the file for some strange reason, so check the file is created and being written to once the rsyslogd daemon restarts12:31
qballerunrecognised service12:32
eeeeqballer: type sudo service lightdm restart12:33
eeee(i think)12:33
eeeeqballer: nevermind wrong user12:33
skinofstarsthat returned an error "Failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have the right permissions?"12:33
eeeeskinofstars: use sudo12:33
skinofstarseeee: i did :)12:33
eeeei mean try sudo service lightdm restart12:33
skinofstarseeee: ok, that got me in, but it's a reset desktop12:35
eeeeu mean everything you had open is closed ?12:35
skinofstarseeee: yeah12:35
k1lyes, that did restart the x-server12:35
k1lbut you were talking about loggin in from booting, right?12:36
skinofstarsk1l: right.12:36
skinofstarsit was a screensave lock12:36
skinofstarsit's happening a lot12:36
skinofstarswhat i've been having to do is switch tty, gracefully shut down things that might brake, like VMs, then rebooting from terminal. i guess just restarting x is better, but i'd rather i didn't have to keep doing this :(12:37
skinofstarshaha, no, i was right with the first brake :)12:38
eeeei just checked it12:38
eeeethis is what runs when you lock: /usr/lib/unity/unity-panel-service --lockscreen-mode12:39
zartooshhisto, I know how to list installed debian packages on a system using dpkg -l. If I want to know a specific pkg is installed, is there a better command than dpkg -l | grep <pkgname>   thx.12:39
hateballzartoosh: What would be "better"? The command given returns if it's installed or not, doesnt it?12:41
jackzartoosh, i always do dpkg -S bla12:41
eeeeskinofstars: if you kill that it keeps restarting by itself12:42
skinofstarszartoosh: you can do dpkg-query -l foo12:42
skinofstarseeee: ok, i'll look in to that. it's getting really fustrating though :(12:43
eeeei tried killing other stuff that started at the same time but it still restarts12:43
eeeeskinofstars: it's freezing when it locks ?12:43
skinofstarseeee: the mouse still works. it's like just the input widget is missing12:44
skinofstarseeee: when i have two screens, it sometimes appears on one and not the other12:44
skinofstarsjust mouse over each side and see which one appears12:44
skinofstarseeee: hold up, let me jump to my terminal on my desktop12:45
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
skinofstarseeee: yeah, it's happening pretty much every day now12:46
GuyThatNeedsHelpMay i ask what rc stands for? I've seen .bashrc and other files with rc in it and wanted to know what it stands for12:46
MathisenRuntime Configuration ... maybe ? not 100 % on this12:48
ReBui|derserver irc.abjects.net12:48
piraxxHello. Is there any way to check the history from Ubuntu Software Center on another Ubuntu machine?12:49
eeeeskinofstars: i dont know if it might work but in a thread i saw that renaming the xorg might work12:53
MegaCatIs the 14.04 more stable then 12.04 in your opinion?12:53
TJ-GuyThatNeedsHelp: "rc" comes from the runcom util on a pre-Unix OS12:54
GuyThatNeedsHelpI haz another question about domain names an example like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ or http://paste.ubuntu.com/  ubuntu.com is the original domain name and i wanted to know how to do this for localhost like cheese.localhost12:54
skinofstarspiraxx: if you could ssh in, you could check apt history12:54
MegaCatAnnihilator_, Are u talking to me?12:55
dino82GuyThatNeedsHelp: Look up the concept of subdomains12:55
GuyThatNeedsHelpTHANK YOU12:55
=== Mike________ is now known as Mike__
MegaCatAnnihilator_, Okey, why's that? Why is it more stable? Because i've used 12.04, and its very unstable on my device12:56
skinofstarsTJ-, GuyThatNeedsHelp: interesting. thanks12:56
TJ-GuyThatNeedsHelp: for the localhost itself, add entries to "/etc/hosts" is the usual method ("man 5 hosts")12:56
piraxxskinofstars, thanks.12:56
Annihilator_tell me your Pc specifications Megacat12:56
GuyThatNeedsHelpI know about changing the domain just wanted to know what they call it so i tried to make it linux related so someone would answer12:58
GuyThatNeedsHelpThanks a lot though12:58
GuyThatNeedsHelpAlso may i ask what GTK is?13:02
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
k1lgnome toolkit13:03
jackGuyThatNeedsHelp, a few libraries with widgets, gui stuff13:03
jackused by gnome etc13:04
k1lbut i bet there is a wiki page somewhere that explains it as much as you like :)13:04
GuyThatNeedsHelpit stands for gnome toolkit though?13:04
jackGuyThatNeedsHelp, or GNU13:04
jacknot sure there13:04
Annihilator_How long does it take to download Ubuntu?13:05
k1loh no, it was gimp toolkit13:05
bhaveshAnnihilator_, it depends on your internet speed?13:05
Denise21 You can find funny videos here. http://bit.ly/1o4kZuu13:05
jackyeah right k1l13:05
Annihilator_oh...sorry i mean installation bhavesh13:06
bhaveshAnnihilator_, well, for me it takes around 7-8 minutes13:06
Annihilator_ok thanks13:06
MegaCatAnnihilator_, I got a AMD cpu, nvidia gpu and a asus motherboard if that can help. It crashes randomly under hevy load. It's not the hardwares fault, i've tested that.13:06
GuyThatNeedsHelpit strange though since gimp is just a image editor13:07
k1lGuyThatNeedsHelp: they made a system for their program that is used for other programs, too. for more infos please see the wiki page you linked13:08
=== go is now known as Droid
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
gattlerhi, how can i force an ubuntu initramfs to drop to a shell BEFORE trying to moung the rootfs ?13:11
survietaminehello, inside an OpenVZ container, I cannot get rpcbind started automatically at boot time. I've checked /etc/init/rpcbind-boot.conf but cannot see what's wrong. If I manually do "start rpcbind", it's ok.13:11
survietamineit is an 14.04 template13:11
marcantoine #ada13:11
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phelixUbuntu's file browser is really annoying. If I have a folder that is filled with stuff. I can't just right click inside there anywhere to create a new folder or to past or copy something as it always selects a file and the right click only applies to the properties of that file.. its a real pain in the ass.. anytone else have this problem or is it just me?13:15
marlo_phelix, me also13:16
phelixIs there a better file manager program we can use?13:17
k1lshift+ctrl+n is new folder13:17
phelixwell how about pasting new files into a folder.13:17
marlo_i don't like to sound like i'm whinning, but most file browsers suck... but i've not bothered to go exploring or just write my own... i just put up with it13:17
phelixyou have to go up to edit and paste every time13:17
ldshphelix, I use nautilus with icons and I just right click between two icons and it works. You can also use the keyboard touch (usualy right of the space touch, near the ctrl and alt touches.13:17
phelixyou can't ctr-v cause any file in the folder selects something13:17
phelixthere is no clear spot in the folder to click on where it won't highlight another file13:18
eeeephelix: i dont have that problem though, if i click *right* next to a folder it doesnt even select it13:18
phelixyah right click for me selects the file13:18
phelixI am using nautalis i beleive13:18
k1lphelix: you dont need to click into there to paste there13:18
phelixthen how is the best way to paste it? without having ot go to edit and then paste?13:19
eeeephelix: me too, but it only selects a file if it physically touches the icon13:19
phelixwell you have to select the window to paste into right?13:19
bcveryAPrOn: Hi, please ask you support question13:20
phelixif clicking in that window anywhere highlights a folder the paste option doesn't exist13:20
k1lphelix: you dont need to make a mouse click13:20
k1ljust press ctrl+v13:20
k1lforget about your wish to click everything13:20
eeeephelix: even if you select a file, you can still paste13:20
phelixI dunno, maybe i am just complaining but its kind of annoying when coming from windows where you can easily click anywhere in a folder and be able to create folder or paste into it13:20
phelixeeee: Not with me I cant13:21
eeeephelix: something is wrong..13:21
phelixif a folder or file gets highlighted i no longer have paste option13:21
ldshphelix, when you enter the folder, you have selected this folder, but none of the folder in it, so it is right to 'ctrl+v' directly.13:21
k1lphelix: what about it is nonsense to need to "click everywhere" first instead of just pasting it ?13:21
eeeephelix: are you talking about when you right click ? or when you ctrl+v ?13:21
phelixk1l: I can't just paste it into /dev/null I have to select the window first13:22
eeeephelix: i think you dont have permission to paste13:22
eeeeor something like that13:22
phelixI mean I guess if i only select the directory by clicking the top header i can just ctrl-v13:22
eeeetry gksu nautilus .13:22
k1lphelix: how come we talk about a shortcut and you talk about a mouse-right-click menue? do you get that?13:22
phelixi have permision to paste.. you right click on a file in your folder and tell me you see a paste option13:23
eeee(beware that's using nautilus as with root privileges)13:23
phelixk1l: yes but is what I am saying is if any file is highlighted in that window you can not paste13:23
phelixyou have to unselect it first13:23
k1lphelix: several users told you, that you dont need the windows habbit to click into that13:23
eeeephelix: i know, that's why i was asking if you meant right click isnt working or ctrl+v, cuz ctrl+v SHOULD work13:24
phelixi guess its just taking some getting used to13:24
OerHeksphelix, right top side there are 2 icons, list and icon view, with icon view i can paste13:25
phelixOerHeks: ahh yes with icon view there is enough space inbetween them you can actually not click on a file but.. i hate that view lol13:26
ldshphelix, In the to-right corner, right to the search button, you have the choice to have a list or to have icons. Takes icons, there will be enough space between them to click and unselect.13:26
eeeeoh ok i was talking about icon view13:26
phelixI'll just have to get used to it. I just find it really annoying as I am used to doing it a certain way13:26
phelixyeah.. I don't use icon view I like list view.. its a much more pain in the ass using list view13:26
OerHeksphelix, you might want to make a bureport, as it is a little anoying indeed ( i 'll be happy to confirm it)13:27
phelixYea, not sure it will do anything but I might just have to do that. :)13:27
OerHeks"make some space in front of the files, or below the files"13:28
eeeephelix: you could add a script for new folder and paste13:28
jhutchinsphelix: I know with thunar in detailed list mode you can click farther to the right than the file name and it won't selct.13:28
phelixyah, would be nice. or jsut allow paste option or create new folder or file option even though a file or folder is selected13:28
jhutchinsphelix: I use enough different file navagators I've gotten used to just figuring out how they work and dealing with it.13:28
OerHeksjhutchins +1 i found that workable too13:28
eeeephelix: i have a solution for you, right click on the folder up near the arrows and click on paste into folder! ;)13:29
phelixjhutchins: Yea, im just being picky13:29
eeeelike "Home" with the picture of the house next to it13:29
phelixeeee: Yea I just have to remember to only click the area where you would to drag the window around then you can paste with ctrl-v13:29
jhutchinsphelix: Something that will only make you unhappy.13:29
eeeeno, phelix i mean you can paste with the right click13:29
phelixahh yah, it works by clicking there too13:30
eeeephelix: right click on the name of the folder you are in, above next to the arrows13:30
ubantuhiii hero13:31
eeeeubantu: please ask your question13:31
ubantuis ubantu work on window13:32
ubantuhii mamuth13:33
eeeeyou can have windows + ubuntu on the same computer, on seperate partitions13:33
ubantuwhat is sqid13:34
conxyliI m currently reinstalling 14.04 after a messing around with compiz desktop tweakings got my system unusable and furthermore all howtos on how to reset those settings didnt work because the command chain got hanged13:34
conxyliafter reinstalling the system didnt even boot up anymore, but ok13:34
ubantuhiii suk13:34
holsteincompiz is integrated into unity in ubuntu conxyli ..you really shouldnt use it like that13:35
conxyliholstein: I followed "howtos"13:35
holsteinconxyli: they can change, *anytime*.. its not a static project to be messed with like that, really.. not anymore13:35
conxyliso how can I get osx-like effects and zoom enabled with unity ?13:36
conxyliI really need that zoom13:36
holsteinconxyli: there are lots of compositors13:36
ubantuhii suk today im usig this ist13:36
jhutchinsconxyli: Most of us run linux, not osx, so we don't know what effects you're looking for.13:36
OerHeksconxyli, hold left ctrl and roll your mousewheel13:36
ubantuhiii any me13:37
k1lubantu: please stick to technical ubuntu support in here.13:37
bcvery!squid3 | ubantu13:38
conxylican you tell me how - with 2 displays - I can prevent the launcher from appearing on the left corner of the two displays ? (no, mirroring is not enabled, I only need the launcher in the left display)13:38
bcvery!info squid3 | ubuntu13:38
ubottuubuntu: squid3 (source: squid3): Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy). In component main, is optional. Version 3.3.8-1ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 1663 kB, installed size 6000 kB13:38
trijntjeconxyli: settings -> Appearance -> behaviour13:38
ubantuis se kaya hota hai13:38
conxylitrijntje: I dont see a solution for my problem in those settings.13:39
conxylithere is no way on telling it to appear only on the left display13:39
k1l!in | ubantu13:40
ubottuubantu: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India13:40
conxyliah got it13:40
conxyliits in isplays13:40
trijntjeconxyli: it could also be settings -> monitors13:40
trijntjeah yes, I'm not on ubuntu now so I couldn't check13:40
actionparsnipHey guys, got a server where users are reporting "slowness", is an iowait of 10% ok in a virtual server?13:40
=== ronald is now known as Guest22787
conxylileft-ctrl + mouse wheel wont deliver me a zoom function with which I can magnify any portion of the screen seamlessly13:42
gp5sthello. I have a server where /dev/tty always get's set to c0600 on a new shell. this is causing problems and i'm not sure how to make changes to it permanent13:42
holsteinconxyli: seemlessly? or not at all?13:44
conxylimeaning: any area of the screen can be magnified continuously13:44
holsteinconxyli: so, what is happening? and what do you want to have happen?13:44
conxylias in: opposite to discrete13:44
conxyliholstein: osx zoom function : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNxKJ4bVavk13:45
trijntjeconxyli: you could install compizconfig-settings-manager, it has some zoom options I think. Just be carefull not to break your desktop environment ;)13:45
conxylitrijntje: this "manager" was the reason for my previous reinstall. any resetting procedure having no effect13:46
holsteinconxyli: so, what is happening? and what do you want to have happen?13:46
conxyliholstein: pls watch the video13:46
oaulakhthere's problem in dual bot timing13:46
trijntjeconxyli: I don't think anything like in the video is available for compiz anyway13:47
holsteinconxyli: i probably wont.. there are many other volunteers here.. and if i have time to watch a video in order to volunteer assistance, i'll let you konw13:47
TomesHelloo, could someone explain why can't I see jpg images on ubuntu?13:48
holsteinhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbVbM74E0gk is what i had used.. conxyli13:48
qballerStill no luck/wifi13:48
oaulakhthere's problem in dual bot timing, means i have ubuntu and windows 8 and when i boot any of one time will change and i have to set it manually after starting of OS13:49
holsteinqballer: wifi wont work with "luck".. do you need driver support? is it available in the kernel or the repos? what have you tried? do you see the device in lspci/lsusb? ifconfig?13:49
qballerI've been talking with couple of people through out the day. It's some kind of a driver issue i GUes.13:50
qballerI am getting an IP from the router.13:50
qballerThe router is connected13:50
qballerbut no outgoing communication.13:50
qballerI'm connect via USB of my cell.13:51
qballerI've just reinstalled my machine (switched to Kubuntu13:51
holsteinqballer: do you have other machines connected through the router? try isolating issues.. use wired connection to troubleshoot the modem functioning13:51
=== apodio is now known as jokilla
oaulakhthere's problem in dual bot timing, means i have ubuntu and windows 8 and when i boot any of one time will change and i have to set it manually after starting of OS, anyone know about how i can sync both system's clock13:51
conxylioh compiz has it - just configured it. not as nice as with osx, but works13:52
qballerholstein: yes. the router is fine.13:52
qballerI have my cell connected to it.13:52
holsteinqballer: so, you have other computers connected through the router? and they are connecting?13:52
qballerit's bridging network access to the PC via USB13:52
qballeryes. and having outbound coomunication13:53
qballercommunication **13:53
holsteinqballer: i read "my phone is connecting through the router" "its bridging connection to the PC"13:53
jhutchinsOkaria: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Make_Windows_use_UTC13:54
jhutchinsoaulakh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Make_Windows_use_UTC13:54
jhutchinsOkaria: Sorry, wrong tab.13:54
qballermy phone is USB tethring... the phone it's self is connected to the router to get network.13:54
holsteinqballer: not likely.. the phone is likely connecting via its 3g or 4g or whatever cellular connection..13:55
qballerNo data plan13:55
holsteinqballer: will you unplug the phone from the computer, and wire the computer to the router and test?13:55
qballerWire with cable or to test the wifi13:56
holsteinqballer: then, you can run "ifconfig" and see that the wired and wireless devices are showing there.. then, i suggest removing the wifi access point from "the list" of access points, and reconnecting to the router13:56
qballerDId that.13:56
holsteinqballer: im suggesting, wire the computer to the router and see if it is connecting. to test the router without the wifi..13:56
qballerno cable. My girlfriend pc with windows is connected no problem.13:57
jay_yo yo eeee it's all good in da hood man13:58
holsteinqballer: most of my other suggestions involve a lan cable.. plugging in and updating would be a nice option.. otherwise, test that you see the device in "ifconfig".. reconnect after removing the wifi access point from the list.. refer to..13:59
jay_holstein, was right it seems so far. it was just my video driver causing all of those freeze ups13:59
holstein!wifi | qballer13:59
ubottuqballer: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:59
jay_hey holstein you are the man13:59
holsteinjay_: cheers.. glad its working  for you13:59
jay_no freezes since using the proprietary driver!13:59
ubusinstalled vmware tools on my ubuntu dekstop 12.04LTS which runs as a vm on vsphere14:21
ubushowever i doesn't seem to work14:21
=== danny is now known as Guest77541
MessiThere is a file, all the code in it is Python but its obfuscated to .exe, the code is obfuscated and the file turned from a .py to a .exe, how can I get the original python code back? Is there anyway to decrypt?14:22
mguyobfuscated != compiled14:23
ubusinstalled vmware tools on my ubuntu dekstop 12.04LTS which runs as a vm on vsphere14:23
PreSSionhello guys14:23
ubushowever i doesn't seem to work14:23
Messimguy: is there any way t get the original code back?14:23
mguyubus: stop repeating yourself. What doesn't seem to work, exactly?14:23
mguyMessi: ask in #python14:23
MessiI did, nobody is answering.14:23
=== Luy1n is now known as Luyin
mguyWell why would #ubuntu know? .exe files have nothign to do with Ubuntu14:24
ubusmguy nobody answered ... can't copy to vm , dekstop doesn't go fullscreen, still stuck in the damn small window14:24
reisiothey probably haven't :)14:24
reisioubus: what VM system is it?14:24
PreSSionubuntu 14.10 with mir and unity 8,.. what kind of extension libreoffice will have? like .odt .doc ..... its cuz i want start some projects, but then i want share the libreoffice or openoffice in ubuntu 14.10 with mir, and i am not sure if this will have got the same extension14:24
PreSSionsry for my "engrish"14:24
MonkeyDustPreSSion  ask in #ubuntu+114:25
reisioPreSSion: it'll be the same as ever for Open/Libre/Office14:25
PreSSionso .odt?14:25
PreSSionand .odc14:25
reisioPreSSion: whatever it's always been14:25
PreSSionokay, thanks14:25
PreSSioni don't understand so much about ubuntu14:26
reisioOpen/LibreOffice development has not progressed much lately, as it's a very mature product14:26
reisioand it has almost nothing to do with Ubuntu developers14:26
reisioit's just a package that Ubuntu helps you obtain is all14:26
k1llibre/open office file ending is not ubuntu related. ubuntu uses the standard that libre/open office uses14:26
reisioubus: yes?14:26
PreSSionahh, i think i understand14:27
pjotterHello everyone. I'm trying to automount a NAS at startup using fstab. But so far, it happens a lot that the mount procedure starts while the network is not ready, rsulting in the NAS not being mounted. I tried adding _netdev to the fstab options, but that did not make any difference. I am on 12.04 and using smbfs/cifs to mount the NAS.14:28
ubusreiso esxi, 5.5.014:28
PreSSioni want to buy the ubuntu phone, that's really fine with me, cuz i hate go with my big laptop to my work for all the city with all the hot, and with ubuntu phone will be very easy14:28
reisioubus: vmware esxi, 'esxi' is not a proper name :p14:28
reisioubus: you'll need to enable vmware's guest additions thing14:29
k1lPreSSion: for ubuntu phone related questions you can ask in #ubuntu-touch14:29
reisioubus: might be called 'vmware-tools' for Ubuntu14:29
ubusvmware vsphere 5 essentials14:29
PreSSionnice, i have got some different question14:30
ubusneed to a reboot14:30
ubusback in a few sec14:30
reisioIlpokypop: pass14:30
reisioubus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Tools14:30
=== king is now known as Guest73772
HolyBuntuDoes anyone knows whats causing the kernel panic while trying to install ubuntu 14.04 x86?14:40
k1lHolyBuntu: do you have 64bit hardware?14:40
k1lso why dont you install 64bit then? (not helping the issue but that is a choice to be done before installing anyway). did you check the md5sum from the iso?14:41
HolyBuntuiso is fine, the reason i ask is because i installed it on another pc with a x64 and no issue..14:42
cfhowlettHolyBuntu that would suggest it's not a kernel issue - something specific to your hardware?14:43
HolyBuntuany idea what could it be?14:43
k1lcould be anything. need way more details and error messages.14:44
cfhowlettHolyBuntu sorry, none.  but this is the second such query I've seen today.14:44
ms7Does the php5-fpm package replace the need for installing php or php5 packages?14:44
HolyBuntuim gonna download the x64 iso and try... i think that might be the problem.14:45
actionparsnipHolyBuntu: have you tested your RAM using Memtest86?14:45
actionparsnipHolyBuntu: be sure to MD5 test the ISO you download14:45
=== ToBeFree is now known as ToBeAFK
ecod3hello all. Can anyone help with this shit????? I cant solve it at all: Errors were encountered while processing:14:45
ecod3 xulrunner-1.9.214:45
=== ToBeAFK is now known as ToBeFree
HolyBuntuyeah ram is fine i did installed 12.04 and again no issues14:45
HolyBuntui installed*14:46
ecod3Can anyone help with this shit????? I cant solve it at all: Errors were encountered while processing: xulrunner-1.9.214:47
actionparsnipecod3: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a14:48
ecod3actionparsnip, Reading package lists... Done14:49
ecod3Building dependency tree14:49
ecod3Reading state information... Done14:49
ecod3Correcting dependencies... Done14:49
ecod3The following packages will be REMOVED14:49
ecod3  xulrunner-1.9.214:49
unopasteecod3 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:49
ThKoHi people, one question: I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS minimal 64 Bit on my V-Server. A GUI isn’t included. My question: Whether or not it is good for the server performance, but it is possible to install a GUI to connect via VNC to my server?14:49
catalaseThKo, no14:50
actionparsnipThKo: what would you do using the GUI?14:50
ThKocatalase: Ok :-) Thanks14:50
cfhowlettThKo ask #ubuntu-server14:50
catalaseThKo, that is if you are running ubuntu server14:51
MithrildarGood afternoon folks14:51
ThKoactionparsnip: I’ve got a lot troubles with installing eclipse on it…Because of missing SWT and so on.14:51
reisioeclipse, ew :)14:51
catalasefor some reason i keep getting 'usermod: no changes' when i try to change the home directory for a particular user14:51
ThKoreisio: Tell me a better way for: Ubuntu Server for compiling apk files… My way: Ubuntu Server, node.js, eclipse, cordova14:52
reisioprobably to use a service14:52
ThKoThat’s my problem :D14:52
ThKoIt’s my bachelorthesis, I’ve to find an own way14:52
reisiooh, ew man :p14:52
reisioI'm pretty sure it's already been done, though14:52
ThKoI think so…But now I’ve to find a solution :D :D And as a Ubuntu / Server newby it’s very hard :D14:53
MithrildarI'm afraid that I have a bit of a noob question. I'm mostly used to working with Ubuntu that's already adminstrated for me. I've just replaced Windows with Ubuntu 14.04 on my computer (what a relief) and I've follow the BasicSecurity guide on the Wiki: Enabled the firewall, added profiles to app-armor and secured firefox (with adblock, noscript and ghostery). Is there anything else I should do before I give Ubuntu my precious logi14:53
Mithrildarn details?14:53
MithrildarBah, didn't fit in one message :(14:53
reisioThKo: I'd just look for obvious howtos online first14:53
cfhowlettMithrildar I can send you a hardening guide if you like.14:54
reisioprobably something geeks figured out way back when Android was new14:54
MithrildarSounds great cfhowlett14:54
actionparsnipMithrildar: should be fine.14:54
cfhowlettMithrildar sent but you must authorize it14:54
MithrildarEhh, do you happen to have a link to it? I'm not so keen on accepting pdf files from strangers ;)14:55
ThKoreisio: Yes I’m looking for it…Found some tutorials. But at the end I get an error because of SWT (graphical thing of eclipse) :D14:55
cfhowlettMithrildar sorry.  no link.  my dropbox isn't getting past the great firewall these days14:55
MithrildarOkay, thanks anyhow.14:56
reisioThKo: what was the error?14:57
apeoidhello.  I am switching OS from Win8 to ubuntu.  currently I have ubuntu on a 3 tb hard drive.  I want to access another disk, this disk was used as a second windows drive and has data on it that I want to copy.  how mount?14:58
cfhowlettkaktuz ask your ubuntu questions14:58
apeoidthere are 3 drives in the system, 2 windows and 1 ubuntu, but the main windows drive is unplugged because of a sata cable shortage14:58
OerHeksapeoid, if that drive is unencrypted, you would see an icon on your unity panel, click it and it is mounted15:00
MannerMan2deja-dup performs incremental backups after first run, right?15:00
ThKoreisio: Mom, I’ve resetted my server…haha ;-) The error was: „Exception in thread "main" org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [gtk_init_check() failed]“15:01
SuperHigginshello everyone, I was wondering if somebody could help me with a peculiar networking issue on my lubuntu machine? the lubuntu IRC redirected me here after we had exhausted all of their suggestions :S15:01
reisioSuperHiggins: not without an explanation of the issue15:02
apeoidOerHeks, thanks.  when I do that in the panel, nothing happens that I can see.  when I go to the Files browser and click "mount and open" on the drive, this is the error:  http://bpaste.net/show/431541/15:02
apeoidit asks me to mount the drive read only.  I'd like to do that, but how?15:03
reisioapeoid: mount -o remount,ro /foo15:04
reisioapeoid: but what for15:04
apeoidI have data I want to copy to the new hard drive15:04
qballerHey guys does this information help ?15:05
catalasecan you specify multiple locations for the authorized keys file for SSH15:05
catalasein /etc/ssh/sshd_config15:05
catalasedefault is #AuthorizedKeysFile     %h/.ssh/authorized_keys15:05
SuperHigginsalright, well, i had just build a new custom machine, with a fx-6350 cpu, and a asus m5a97 mobo. I installed lubuntu 14.04 on the machine, and have been unable to connect to my internet. i've troubleshooted all the wiring in my connection, and the lubuntu community told me to change the kernel driver for my network adapter from r8169 to r8168, which i did successfully. according to all the troublesh15:05
SuperHigginsooting that was done afterwords, there shouldn't be any issue behind why my internet doesnt work, yet the problem persists15:05
catalasebut what if i want to put multiple locations15:05
SuperHigginsthis is a wired ethernet connection by the way15:06
catalaseSuperHiggins, does 'curl http://icanhazip.com' return anything?15:07
SuperHigginscurl isn't installed :S15:07
catalaseSuperHiggins, 'ifconfig' --> nopaste15:07
reisioSuperHiggins: gotta be 'iggins15:08
JakeHi there, is there a way to resize a Block device partition?15:08
=== Garheade is now known as barahon
SuperHigginsifconfig returns two devices: eth0 and lo15:09
SuperHigginsit said curl wasn't installed when i ran the command? :S15:09
=== barahon is now known as Garheade
catalasesshd_config(5)'s AuthorizedKeysFile now accepts multiple paths, separated by whitespace. if anyone wanted to know the answer to my question--it was in the changelogs15:09
=== Garheade is now known as NSA_Monitor
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest87538
reisioSuperHiggins: heh15:11
reisioSuperHiggins: you can use wget -qO - instead of curl15:11
=== NSA_Monitor is now known as Garheade
saltmiserHello, I need the highest guru of X1115:11
reisiothat is, wget -qO - http://icanhazip.com/15:11
reisiosaltmiser: unlikely :p15:11
saltmiserWhere do I find them15:12
SuperHigginsum i ran that and it returned nothing15:12
reisioSuperHiggins: then you've answered his question15:12
=== jibran|afk is now known as jibran
reisioSuperHiggins: this is the point where you tell _him_15:13
apeoidI used the Disks utility and added ,ro to the end of the mount options.  thanks for looking at the problem, it did help15:13
MithrildarSo I know that anti-virus isn't required on Ubuntu, but as I'm on a network with Windows pcs and I'm sharing files with Windows pcs I'd like one. What's the recommended software?15:14
reisioMithrildar: clamav15:14
ubottuMithrildar: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus15:14
SuperHigginscatalase: sorry :S um curl isnt installed, but 'wget -q0 - http://icanhazip.com' doesn't return anything15:15
catalaseifconfig and see what is there15:15
SuperHigginsi'm getting two devices: eth0 and lo... do you need any specific information?15:16
catalaseput it in nopaste15:16
MithrildarYeah I read that page, ubottu, thanks. Most of the links on that page dont work anymore, so I figured it was outdated info15:16
reisioMithrildar: clamav is _the_ Unixland AV15:16
MithrildarOkay, thanks :)15:16
reisioin the open source world there are rarely many competitors for obvious best choice in any particular realm15:16
reisiopeople just all get behind one project, and it becomes wonderful15:17
jhutchinsMithrildar: Unfortunately, clamav isn't worth the bits it's written in.15:17
reisioclamav is great15:17
reisioI use it to clean up Windows boxes all the time15:17
jhutchinsMithrildar: It will allow detected viruses to destroy your windows systems.15:17
reisioit will allow... detected?15:18
jhutchinsMithrildar: AVG has a pretty decent linux version, and it's free for personal use.15:18
reisiomake sense15:18
jhutchinsreisio: Yeah, I don't know what the deal is, whether it just didn't know how to deal with the infection or is just plain not worth the time to run it.15:18
SuperHigginscatalase: http://nopaste.info/2df09b290b.html15:19
jhutchinsreisio: Happily reported the virus that wiped out all of the user profiles.15:19
reisiojhutchins: sounds like you're expecting it to substitute in a human brain15:19
reisioif it detected it, you should have removed it or something15:19
jhutchinsreisio: Take a look at the ratings in public reviews.15:19
reisioalready have15:19
reisioyou just said it found what you are complaining about, which makes no sense15:20
jhutchinsreisio: Not if you think clam is worth anything.15:20
reisioif it found it, it did its job15:20
cfhowlettif it nuked user profiles, it's not worth using ...15:20
reisiohe said some badware did that15:20
reisionot clamav15:20
reisiothe badware that clamav _found_15:20
reisiosounds like pebkac to me15:20
cfhowlettreisio ahhh ... got it.  thanks.15:21
* reisio shrugs15:21
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
jhutchinsOn the other hand, AVG will find and quarantine or remove malware.15:21
reisioavg will behave like avg does, and clamav will behave like an ordinary Unix utility15:21
reisiounless you configure it to behave like avg :p15:21
reisiowhich would probably be annoying, given how many false positives _any_ AV package produces15:22
reisiobut, whatever floats your boat15:22
reisiojust a courtesy really anyways, any win32 box you're copying files to should have their own AV in place15:22
catalaseSuperHiggins, kind of odd there. the machine sees the mac address for the device, but you have no connection15:23
SuperHigginscatalase: is there any more information i can provide?15:24
saltmiseranybody here have experience with touch screens?15:24
reisiosaltmiser: many people15:24
reisiosuper great :p15:24
Jakeanyone know how to resize a partition that's encrypted during ubuntu installation?15:24
saltmiserBasic question then.  Assuming a touch screen emulates a mouse by default (since it is USB-HID complaint etc.), when one presses-and-holds on a touch screen...is there one button press? Or rapid button pressing?15:24
saltmiserSince my touch screen is rapid button pressing and it renders everything useless.15:25
catalaseSuperHiggins, try 'ifup eth0 up'15:25
catalase'ifup eth0'15:25
reisioJake: resize larger?15:25
catalaseor 'ifconfig eth0 up'15:25
reisiosaltmiser: rapid button pressing?15:25
Jakereisio, smaller, I only need 300GB on ubuntu and 700GB on another OS15:25
catalasethen 'ifconfig' and see what it returns15:25
reisioJake: which partition is it?15:26
saltmiserreisio, imagine that pressing-and-holding on the touch screen is equivilant to rapidly clicking on the mouse...this is the behavior my touch screen exhibits15:26
reisioJake: which mount point15:26
MithrildarYikes, I just installed Ubuntu and ClamAV already found something in Firefox, pua.html.exploit.cve_2014_0322/ and pua.script.packed-115:26
railihow i can install java plugin? /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libnpjp2.so is the directory change in firefox 30?15:26
SuperHigginscatalase: when i ran 'ifup eth0 up', i got two errors: 'Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0', and 'Ignoring unknown interface up=up'15:26
reisiosaltmiser: so it does what you expect, just too fast?15:26
saltmiserraili, ~/.mozilla/plugins15:26
kyanDoes Ubuntu support disabling hardware graphics compositing for the operating system? (There's something wrong with the graphics card that makes it crash when using hardware compositing)15:26
actionparsnipraili: webupd8 has a ppa you can install and it will set up java for you15:26
saltmiserreisio, I expected a single button press...what does the industry expect?15:26
catalaseSuperHiggins, yes. read below what i wrote15:26
SuperHigginsas for ifconfig eth0 up, it returned nothing15:27
catalasenow see what ifconfig returns15:27
actionparsnipkyan: just install a non-compoziting WM like openbox or mutter15:27
railisaltmiser, i have also in that path my symbolic link15:27
reisiosaltmiser: pressing and holding? Is usually equivalent to right-mouse IMO15:27
catalaseSuperHiggins, still no inet addr, bcast, mask?15:27
saltmiserreisio, left mouse, right mouse..but still just ONE CLICK per ONE PRESS.  One-to-one, you know?15:27
reisiokyan: yes, it's actually supposed to do it automatically, IIRC15:27
saltmiserreisio, I'm getting one-to-many15:27
SuperHigginscatalase: yeah the information seems to be the same15:28
=== LapJup3 is now known as LapJup
Jake@reisio /dev/ubuntu-vg/root I think?15:28
saltmiserreisio, I'm debating calling the manufacturer of our touch screen to chew them out, however this is the only touch screen I've ever used on linux...besides my android phone of course15:28
reisiosaltmiser: so you're getting multiple clicks?15:28
reisioJake: k15:28
saltmiserreisio, I get an endless stream of clicks for as long as I hold15:28
reisioJake: you probably need to resize the lv, then resize the partition with g/parted15:28
reisioJake: do a search for 'how to shrink lvm partition' or the like, it's involved15:29
reisiosaltmiser: k, what's the screen/device?15:29
JakeI'll try that now reisio15:29
reisioAndroid is not GNU/Linux, but I know what you mean15:29
reisioJake: resizing an lv should be 100% safe, but resizing a partition isn't 100% safe (more like 90%?), FYI backup if it's real important15:30
saltmiserreisio, lsusb tells me it is a "Bus 002 Device 010: ID 1aad:000f KeeTouch"15:30
reisiosaltmiser: not part of a laptop, then?15:30
saltmiserxinput tells me it is an "L&TTouch"15:30
saltmiserreisio, no this is some $10k custom outdoor kiosk they bought15:30
Jakereisio, All of my core documents are on dropbox and my irreplacable media on an external disk, thank you15:30
reisiosaltmiser: neat15:30
reisioJake: :)15:31
saltmiserreisio, it is pretty neat...except for the part where we've had nothing but trouble with the touch screen15:31
reisiosaltmiser: heh15:31
saltmiserwindows 7 and 8 didn't really know what to make of it either15:31
saltmiserpressing and holding would activate all these strange gestures15:31
saltmiserinstalling linux allowed me to realize what the touch screen is actually doing, I think15:31
saltmiserrapidly clicking all the time15:31
saltmiserinstead of just one click and hold -- which is what you would expect, right?15:32
saltmiserI made some noise in #xorg about this15:32
reisioclicking & holding is normally equivalent to right mouse, as I said :)15:32
saltmiseryes, indeed, I agree15:32
reisiosaltmiser: what Ubuntu version?15:32
saltmiseractually I'm using CentOS 6.515:32
saltmiserthis is an X11 issue not a Ubuntu issue15:33
saltmiserknow what I mean?15:33
reisioyou should try a less ancient distro, though15:33
reisioCentOS 6.5 is part of RHEL's stability model15:33
saltmiserI had Xubuntu on it not so long ago15:33
reisioall its software is quite old15:33
reisioit's for servers, not touch screens15:33
jhutchinssaltmiser: I used to work with a lot of those for POS systems.15:33
reisioand Xubuntu did the same thing?15:33
saltmiserreisio, yes it did15:34
jhutchinssaltmiser: Are you using the manufacturer's driver or one from Ubuntu?15:34
thebishopis gpu switching with vgaswitcheroo ever going to work smoothly?15:34
saltmiserjhutchins, manufacturer gives no driver since it's all "plug and play"15:34
reisiosaltmiser: what version of xubuntu was it?15:34
saltmiseraccording to L&TTouch15:34
reisiosaltmiser: according to wha?15:34
nullsignwhere do you get older packages for ubuntu?15:34
saltmiseris the company who made these things15:34
saltmiserit seems15:34
nullsigni need to find the debs for mysql* 5.5.-28 ?15:34
nullsign5.5.28 /15:35
saltmiserjhutchins, so obviously, using the ubuntu driver :P15:35
nullsignthe repos only seem to have the latest.15:35
reisiosaltmiser: that a page for you?15:35
jhutchinssaltmiser: Got an extra t in your url there...15:35
saltmiserjhutchins, I don't think I do actually15:35
jhutchinssaltmiser: Hrm, domain is parked.15:36
saltmiserah sorry15:36
zartooshHi how could I extract (read) post installation from a debian file? thx15:36
saltmiserhold on15:36
reisiozartoosh: do what?15:36
OerHeksnullsign, i cannot think of any reason you need that old insecure version15:36
nullsignbecause a server died that was using it.15:37
zartooshreisio, I just want to inspect it.15:37
nullsignwhen i copied the db files off it; to the new host, it fails to start15:37
saltmiserjhutchins, answer one question for me15:37
reisiozartoosh: to inspect what? In what way15:37
nullsigni assume because of the differences between 5.5.28 > 5.5.3715:37
jhutchinssaltmiser: e&t maybe?15:37
saltmiserjhutchins, in your experience with touch screens -- what happens when a user presses-and-holds on the screen in a fixed location15:37
nullsignso i have copied files from a mysql 5.5.28 that i can't make start.15:37
saltmiserjhutchins, yes E&T btw15:37
saltmisernot sure why I thought L&T15:37
zartooshreisio,  I like to see its content.15:37
reisiosaltmiser: you tried these? http://www.keetouch.com/download.aspx15:38
reisiozartoosh: ...what's content?15:38
MithrildarHmm managed to get CVE-2014-0322 within the 2 hours that I'm using ubuntu according to ClamAV, I think I should go back to Windows...15:38
ubottuUse-after-free vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via vectors involving crafted JavaScript code, CMarkup, and the onpropertychange attribute of a script element, as exploited in the wild in January and February 2014. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-0322)15:38
kyannullsign: old packages: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/15:38
nullsignthats kyan15:38
zartooshreisio, there is a  script which I want to read15:38
reisioubottu: yes, well, that seems very relevant...15:38
ubottureisio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:38
saltmiserthere's a driver for this?15:38
SuperHigginscatalase: sorry haha, i figured from my 11-hour escapade on the lubuntu irc that this was a strange and obscure issue...15:38
reisiozartoosh: so read it15:38
kyannullsign: np, look in the "pool" subdirectory for the .deb files themselves15:38
saltmiserreisio, for some reason me googling "KEETOUCH" did not reveal that page15:38
saltmiserGoogle is broken :(15:38
MithrildarIt's going to be hard without anti-malwarebytes for a paranoid panda such as me15:38
reisiosaltmiser: nor for me, I had to find their site and look the old fashioned win32 way15:39
zartooshreisio, it is a deb file how to read it?15:39
reisiosaltmiser: worth a shot15:39
saltmiserreisio, jhutchins I think the issue might be that I need to use that driver15:39
saltmiserthank you!15:39
reisiozartoosh: deb2targz is one simple way15:39
zartooshreisio, thank you15:39
reisiozartoosh: or 'alien', might be more available to Ubuntu15:40
railii have writen my own java updater with bash and it was working long time. Im very sure /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ isn't used anymore?15:40
reisiozartoosh: I think 'dpkg' can do a lot of things with .deb's, too15:40
kyanactionparsnip, reisio: cool, thanks! :)15:40
reisioraili: why not use your distro's package manager15:41
OerHeksMithrildar, joker CVE-2014-0322 does not apply to ubuntu > http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-0322.html15:41
ubottuUse-after-free vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via vectors involving crafted JavaScript code, CMarkup, and the onpropertychange attribute of a script element, as exploited in the wild in January and February 2014. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-0322)15:41
railireisio it can update the oracle java now?15:41
* reisio headdesks15:41
MithrildarYeah I read that thanks, OerHeks15:42
MithrildarI'm just a paranoid person15:42
reisiozartoosh: hah, read http://www.miketaylor.org.uk/tech/deb/#gsc.tab=0 (22nd October 2011)15:42
MithrildarI've always been like that when using Windows15:42
MithrildarI liked having anti-malwarebytes to tell me that my system was safe to use15:43
nullsignkyan: i dont see any x86_64 packages?15:43
reisioMithrildar: anti-malwarebytes might tell you that, but it can't be sure :p15:43
reisioMithrildar: if you want to be sure, use an integrity checker, like AIDE15:43
MithrildarI know it can't be sure, but it made me feel less paranoid15:44
adschey guys, why is Ubuntu not in the app store?15:45
kyannullsign: i think they're the ones ending in _ia64.deb15:45
reisioadsc: 'cause you already have it15:45
kyanno nvm that's itanium or something15:45
adschave what?15:45
reisioadsc: ubuntu15:45
kyannullsign: sorry i think it's _amd64.deb15:45
nullsignit is, you're right15:45
Piciadsc: What app store?15:46
adscreisio: are you saying there is an Ubuntu hidden in my iPad?15:46
SchrodingersScatMithrildar: I think there's software that hash-sums your system files and freaks out when it changes, and you can clamav, and source everything15:46
Piciadsc: Why would it be in the apple app store?15:46
actionparsnipadsc: how and why would ubuntu be in any ap store....?>15:46
cfhowlettadsc obviously, ubuntu is not in the apple app store.15:46
adsci just think an Ubuntu would be the perfect iPad app15:46
actionparsnipadsc: ubuntu isnt an app, is a whole operating system15:47
cfhowlettadsc talk to Apple about that.15:47
MithrildarSchrodingersCat, I think such software would only make me more paranoid whenever something changes15:47
SchrodingersScatadsc: there was that image that semi-worked for the nexus 7..15:47
adscbut there are many apps in the appstore that operate systems15:47
Piciadsc: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Please stop wasting our time.15:47
actionparsnipadsc: no they are apps, they run on the ipad OS15:47
cfhowlettadsc again, you need to discuss this with APPLE -15:47
MithrildarSo how good is ClamAV's detection15:47
actionparsnipadsc: I suggest you research what an operating system actualy is15:47
reisioMithrildar: never had a problem with it15:47
OerHeksadsc, send in a request https://www.apple.com/feedback/itunes.html15:48
adscokay, thanks for the responses...but I don't see why apple should add Ubuntu as an app, it doesn't add other apps, app developers like the ubuntu developers do15:48
cfhowlettadsc moving on now ...15:49
adscbut I understand that it's offtopic, so I shut up now15:49
adscanother question, though, when I try to install Ubuntu on my iPad, I always get the error "Unknown executable format, blabla"15:52
MithrildarI'm going into noob territory here, but I can let Ubuntu scan my Windows partition and vice versa, can't I?15:52
cfhowlettMithrildar yes15:52
adscis it even possible to get Ubuntu working as an iPad app?15:53
cfhowlettadsc no15:53
adscmaybe i should have asked that first15:53
adscwhat about the other way around, is it possible to get iOS working as an Ubuntu app?15:54
cfhowlettadsc no15:54
MithrildarYou could run an emulator15:54
MithrildarI don't see why you'd ever want that though (unless you are a developer)15:55
adscisn't an emulator some chemical compound that is in foods?15:55
cfhowlettMithrildar more like "theoretically" ... never heard of anyone actually pulling that off15:55
cfhowlettadsc you should probably take your questions to #apple15:55
MithrildarYes, Ubuntu needs food to run iOS apps15:55
adsci have already been to #apple, but they have told me to ask here15:56
jhutchinsadsc: Ubuntu isn't an ap, it's an operating system, as is osx.15:56
cfhowlettadsc apple doesn't run ubuntu.  ubuntu doesn't run apple.  period point blank.15:57
adscwhat do you mean, everything is an app15:57
apeoidthat's an emulsifier15:57
jhutchinsadsc: You wouldn't run them on emulators, but you could run them as virtual machines.15:57
bcveryadsc, what is it you're trying to achieve?15:57
apeoidmore properly, emulsification agent15:57
adscso I need to get a virtual machine app?15:57
apeoidyou're trying to emulsify iOS and linux15:57
apeoidyou need an agent15:57
apeoidand a good blender15:58
cfhowlett!behelpful | apeoid15:58
ubottuapeoid: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.15:58
apeoidI think you're being had, and I'm trying to be helpful.15:58
MithrildarAnyhow, I think you folks have answered all my questions for now, thanks for all the help and have a good day!15:59
kyanadsc: An operating system is a computer program that allows you to run other apps. Apple's iOS and Canonical's Ubuntu are two such operating systems. They are designed to be run directly on the computer or tablet's hardware, without any other software helping them run. An emulator is an app that runs inside one operating system to allow another operating system to be run inside the emulator.15:59
streulmahello, my Asus fn keys does not work, how can I fix this in grub?15:59
streulmaAsus R751L15:59
adsckyan: hmmm, thanks, but that's too complicated for me, I think I'll stick with what I have16:00
jhutchinskyan: I don't think you have it quite right there.16:00
reisiostreulma: probably missing kernel support16:00
kyanjhutchins: Oh well, at least I tried :P. Sorry adsc.16:00
jhutchinskyan: An emulator emulates the foreign operating system, allowing you to run foregn APPLICATIONS within the native operating system.16:00
streulmareisio: tried already 3.15.3 kernel16:01
kyanjhutchins: Oh, I guess I was thinking of a virtual machine16:01
adscso I would need an ubuntu emulator app on my iPad to run Ubuntu software?16:01
reisiostreulma: make sure the asus laptop stuff is builtin/loaded16:01
reisioadsc: iPhoos are heavily controlled by Apple, it will be quite a pain to put Ubuntu on one16:01
reisioadsc: plenty of tablets come with Ubuntu, however, check ubuntu.com16:02
adscreisio: great, thanks, maybe I can exchange my iPad for one of those16:02
streulmareisio: another issue is that I have a dead pixel that shows up when started Asus laptop, then in Ubuntu it is away16:02
kyanjhutchins: So (just trying to get my understanding right) virtualization imitates the *hardware*, while emulation imitates the *software*?16:02
malthewhy is there a games user16:02
adsci'm not really happy with it either, because it doesn't run Outlook16:03
reisioadsc: probably for two, given how overpriced iPhoos are16:03
streulmathe Asus laptop is just new16:03
reisiostreulma: dead pixels are usually dead pixels forever, hence 'dead' and not 'temporarily broke'16:03
cfhowlettmalthe ??? restate your question16:03
reisiomalthe: user, or group?16:03
malthewhy is there a user "games" on a ubuntu system.16:03
streulmareisio: also on new laptop since yesterday? bad :(16:04
k1lmalthe: did you create one? or installed a game that did create it?16:04
malthereally I stumbled upon the "libuuid" user because it has a suid bit on /var/lib/libuuid16:04
reisiostreulma: hrm?16:04
maltheand I didn't really get why16:04
k1lmalthe: per default there is none16:04
adscanyway, thanks everyone for the help, this is a really friendly channel16:04
malthek1l, rly?16:04
malthehmm let me check who installed it16:04
malthe(this is 12.04 btw)16:04
adscyou usually get kicked within seconds when you ask newbie questions16:04
streulmareisio: yes new since yesterday and the dead pixel came up. Not whitin warranty I think16:04
reisiostreulma: I would think, return it16:05
eeeek1l: i have a games user too16:05
eeeek1l: I've not installed any games on the system though16:05
malthek1l, games:x:5:60:games:/usr/games:/bin/sh16:05
maltheit was created as the fifth group16:05
malthemust have come with the system16:05
streulmaresio: bad, they woudn't change...16:05
reisiostreulma: hrmm?16:06
reisiomalthe: groups are not users16:07
=== infinity1 is now known as baprath
reisiomalthe: many users don't ever need to use games, hence a games group is useful16:07
malthereisio, err sorry, I meant it's the fifth *user*.16:07
maltheis the idea maybe that you run a game and it changes user to "games" as a security measure?16:08
systestwhat mechanism manages the dhcp client in 14.04 server?  there's no network-manager, upsatart job that turned up with grep16:10
k1lmalthe: you are right. there is a games user in the system.16:10
jhutchinsI think that for some games you need to be a member of the games group.16:11
PiciIt may be relevant for updating of shared highscore files.16:12
k1lthe games user seems to be a linux standard user. not a ubuntu specific one. maybe there was/is a standard for linux games to be run by that user16:15
mike_Hi guys16:17
=== mike_ is now known as Guest530
Paddy_NIDoes anyone have any idea on how I can fix/change Firefox and Thunderbirds application font so that they fit in with the rest of the ubuntu desktop16:17
Paddy_NII have no idea what update caused this problem16:18
eric_nelsonHey guys, I'm trying to install Spotify but I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742626/16:18
BalzyHello! Anyone willing to help with this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2232672 ?16:20
GontYeah, Balzy16:20
GontDon't buy ASUS laptops.16:20
OerHeksBalzy, better join #kubuntu16:20
OerHeksGont, be helpfull16:21
GontI'm sorry, just kidding.16:21
_Nicco_Question on what screen recorder to use. Preferably something that also records sound16:21
BalzyGont I'll keep it in mind :D16:21
Balzytrying on #kubuntu16:21
bcvery_Nicco_, recordMyDesktop-gtk or Kazam16:21
[diablo]good afternoon #ubuntu ... I'm running a vmware fusion 6 Ubuntu guest. I have installed the add ons, but grub2 does not have the vmwgfx module at boot. How can I fix this please?16:23
JakeHow can I make the root partition smaller when its encrypted?16:23
[diablo]it's only when I login that the module and screen resolution are correct16:23
_Nicco_thanks bcvery16:23
trijntjeJake: bad idea, I tried that once and it got corrupted16:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest33574
bcveryeric_nelson, are you on 32bit or 64bit Ubuntu?  Can you pastebin the output from cat /etc/apt/sources.list16:27
pdstrying to install open-vm-tools on ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop vm which is running on VMWare vsphere 5 Essentials. getting following errors http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=693a86e16:27
bcvery!pastebinit > eric_nelson16:27
ubottueric_nelson, please see my private message16:27
pds!VMWare-tools > pds16:28
pds!open-vm-tools > pds16:28
bcvery!msgthebot | pds16:29
ubottupds: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".16:29
compdocpds, Im no expert on vmware, but missing modules might mean the kernel was compiled without those options16:29
compdocI use kvm16:29
pdscompdoc any ideas how to fix this => pm me => gonna get some food16:30
eric_nelsonbcvery, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742677/16:30
eric_nelsonbcvery, I'm on 64bit16:30
bcveryeric_nelson, sorry, got to run, hopefully someone else will be able to help.  Best of luck16:31
compdocsudo apt-get install open-vm-tools, or sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends open-vm-tools  ?16:31
OerHekseric_nelson, delete line 114 - end , and check if you have spotify as ppa in /etc/apt/sources.list.d >>>  ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:35
jassHi all. I am looking for a encryption method that I should use for keeping my data really very secure?16:35
jassWill default encryption while installing be suffice?16:36
eric_nelsonOerHeks, How to delete it?16:36
OerHekseric_nelson, gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:36
eric_nelsonOerHeks, when I try to install gedit I get the same error as with Spotify16:41
eric_nelsonOerHeks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742626/16:41
OerHekseric_nelson, what ubuntu are you using?16:41
eric_nelsonOerHeks, 14.04 LTS 64x16:42
OerHeksodd, gedit should be installed standard16:42
eric_nelsonI updated from 1316:43
eric_nelsonmaybe thats why16:43
eric_nelsonOerHeks, now I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742809/16:53
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ponyofdeathhi, anyone know what package creates the /usr/lib/jvm/default-java in ubuntu 14.04?17:03
Piciponyofdeath: default-jre-headless17:04
=== tcpman is now known as Guest69756
ponyofdeathPici: thanks!17:05
f3lixIs there a list somewhere that explains what patches Ubuntu apply to their kernels?17:06
ponyofdeathPici: can i just mkdir that dir and symlink default-java to my /usr/local/jdk-version without needing that package?17:06
tolecnal_what, you don't love me anymore bb? or isn't over love exclusive anymore? :/17:06
ponyofdeathPici: or does that package put other needed tools17:06
Ferendevelopf3lix: type 'uname -a' in terminal17:07
Ferendevelopf3lix: and re type 'apt-get changelog __KERNEL_VER__' (you change '__KERNEL_VER__' to real kernel version what say 'uname -a'17:07
Moehey everyone17:08
Piciponyofdeath: that package is just a pointer to the system java. It is extremely small and shouldn't pull in any other dependencies.17:08
FerendevelopMoe: go ahead17:08
f3lixFerendevelop: Thanks, but I mean as opposed to vanilla kernel.org sources? Or do you mean that as well?17:08
MoeI'd need to bother somebody with Debian packaging skills .. having issues with a package I uploaded to my PPA17:08
ponyofdeathPici: shit i guess it pulled quite a bit of stuff for me17:08
Ferendevelopf3lix: sorry. i don't know that.17:09
f3lixFerendevelop: I'm trying to create an SCST patched kernel, and it won't patch the Ubuntu sources, but the kernel.org sources patch just fine. Wondering what I might be missing if I just go with vanilla.17:09
f3lixFerendevelop: Okay :) Thanks anyway17:09
Ferendevelopf3lix: hey. you say you want to patch SCST for ubuntu stock kernel?17:10
Piciponyofdeath: sorry, somehow missed a line in the apt-cache display the 5 times I read it. You're right17:10
f3lixFerendevelop: Yup, it used to work, but not with 3.11.017:10
Moehttps://launchpad.net/~mheiber/+archive/ppa/+packages > it's the 'cmst' package .. for some reason it doesn't pull in all the required dependencies when being installed17:10
Piciponyofdeath: So, yes, you probably can just symlink /usr/lib/jvm/default-java to wherever your java's base dir is located.  On this system it symlinks to /usr/lib/jvm/default-java which has bin  docs  jre  man in it.17:12
Ferendevelopf3lix: type 'apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)' in console, patch scst and compile that17:12
ponyofdeathPici: thanks!17:12
f3lixThink I'm just gonna go with vanilla 3.15.3 on my 13.04 ubuntu and see how that goes17:12
f3lixFerendevelop: Well, that's what's not working :)17:13
f3lixSCST doesn't patch against the ubuntu patched kernel17:13
Ferendevelopf3lix: well. i need log17:13
xanguaf3lix: 13.04 is no longer supported17:13
* Ornacia .17:14
f3lixxangua: First of all, 13.04 is an LTS, so yes, and second of all, SCST supports sources all the way back to 2.6.x :)17:14
Picif3lix: 13.04 was not an LTS release.17:14
f3lixreally? sorry17:15
Ferendevelop14.04 is LTS release.17:15
Piciand 12.0417:15
f3lixbut still, scst supports the kernel, just not the ubuntu one17:15
f3lixoh yes, you're right, my apologies17:15
qballerHey guys trying to resolve wifi issue all day17:15
qballernot working can some one help?17:16
Ferendevelopf3lix: hey why don't you download kernel in kernel.org and patch scst and patches in ubuntu stock kernel17:16
f3lixqballer: try explaining the issue, and the type of wifi card17:16
Ferendevelopqballer: say your wifi card or product name(if laptop)17:16
Ferendevelopqballer: and ubuntu version, linux kernel version(you can find command 'uname -a'17:16
Ferendevelopknightshade: hi17:16
qballerI have a dell vostro 3500 I've installed Kubuntu the wifi connects but no outgoing ping17:17
eric_nelsonhelp! I got an error what does this error mean? E: GPG error: http://repository.spotify.com trusty InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)17:17
f3lixFerendevelop: That's exactly what I'm doing, and that's what lead me to my original question: What are the patches that Ubuntu apply to stock kernel? (because I don't know if they do something I really need) :)17:17
Ferendevelopf3lix: 'apt-get changelog __KERNEL_VER__' give no help for you?17:18
Ferendevelopqballer: kubuntu what?17:18
Ferendevelopqballer: hey search in google keyword for 'dell vostro 3500 ubuntu'17:18
Ferendevelopqballer: there are many solution17:19
f3lixnevermind :) have a great night, thanks for the input17:19
qballerFerendevelop: yes i've done this17:19
qballernothing helps17:19
qballerhere is my data http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742914/17:19
Ferendevelopf3lix: sorry to not help17:19
pavlosqballer, give output of lspci -n (just the wireless card)17:19
nith1210f3lix: Have you grabbed the source for the package and looked at the quilt patch list?17:20
pdstrying to install open-vm-tools on ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop vm which is running on VMWare vsphere 5 Essentials. erors at www.paste.ubuntu.com/774291117:20
pavlosqballer, omit the -n17:20
Ferendeveloppavlos: vostro 3500 may DW1501 half wireless card17:20
nith1210f3lix: I withdraw my question, I'm looking at the source now and it's not how I recognize ubuntu pakages.17:20
qballerpavlos: 12:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)17:21
pavlosqballer, if wifi says it is connected, there may be an issue with the router17:21
f3lixnith1210: No idea what a quilt patch list is, how do I do that?17:21
qballerpavlos: other devices are connected fine17:21
f3lixnith1210: Oh, :D ;)17:21
qballerthe router worked for this computer before kubuntu installation17:22
histoqballer: right now it appears to be disconnected17:22
pavlosqballer, so your laptop is NOT connected (since the router is fine and othr devices connect to it)17:22
pavlosqballer, in system settings do you have an app, additional drivers17:23
qballerIt was dissconnected for a sec17:23
qballertrust me it connects but no ping17:23
histoqballer: what are you using to connect?17:24
pavlosqballer, http://linuxhalwa.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-install-broadcom-wireless-driver.html17:24
qballerthe kubuntu default17:24
qballerdoing that17:25
qballershodul i reboot pavlos17:26
nith1210f3lix: so debian/changelog gives you an overview (which is typical) normally the patches can be reversed using quilt but that's not the case here17:26
histopavlos: that is installed on his system already17:27
qballerI'm getting an ip but i'm not connect17:27
histoqballer: were you messing with firewall or anything?17:27
pavlosqballer, which kubuntu relaease?17:27
qballerhisto: no17:27
f3lixnith1210: I think I'm just gonna try for a while with the vanilla sources, if something comes up, I'll know. Luckily, this is just a home server ;) Thanks!17:27
histoqballer: can you ping your gateway even?17:27
nith1210f3lix: depending on how bad you want it, you could read the source diff. The tar that apt-get source grabs with "orig" is what they got, the one with "diff" is there changes17:27
qballerhisto: no17:27
nith1210f3lix: ok, best of luck.17:27
histoqballer: is dnsmasq installed?17:28
nith1210eek, I need coffee17:28
f3lixnith1210: Cool tip! Thank you! and Thank you ;)17:28
qballerhisto: don't know what that is17:28
qballerpavlos: 14.0417:28
histoqballer: if you have a vostro why is it reporting as a inspiron?17:28
qballerhisto: ~shrug~17:29
pavlosqballer, http://askubuntu.com/questions/457608/bcm4313-wireless-adapter-on-14-0417:29
qballerhisto: the command works17:29
apeoiduhhh.  I'm trying to get netflix running on ubuntu so I am following this walk through:  http://itsfoss.com/netflix-ubuntu-1404-desktop-app/17:29
apeoidnow the terminal has an EULA and at the end says <Ok> and I can't proceed17:30
apeoidI hit enter, Y enter, OK enter, space17:30
xanguaapeoid: hit tab key17:30
apeoidsweet thank you :>17:30
nikithaim using    ubuntu 14.4 -------> vbox 4.3.10  ------------> winxp                     how can improve my working experience, at present its simple and boring ... can some one  tell something exciting to do ..17:30
qballerpavlos: rebooting17:30
apeoidnikitha, you're bored with it?17:31
pdstrying to install open-vm-tools on ubuntu 12.04LTS desktop vm which is running on VMWare vsphere 5 Essentials. erors at www.paste.ubuntu.com/774291117:31
apeoidhi Greedi17:31
histonikitha: what do you mean improve teh working experience?17:32
=== `nik`_ is now known as `nik`
apeoidOops! Google Chrome could not find www.paste.ubuntu.com17:32
apeoidoh I see it http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742911/17:33
pdstry again http://paste.ubuntu.com/7742911/17:33
qballerpavlos: no good17:34
histoqballer: have you asked on the forums or askubuntu?17:35
pavlosqballer, I dont have kubuntu, I would check the logs (dmesg) to see what is going on with the wifi card)17:36
catalaseCould not resolve 'us.archive.ubuntu.com' when I try to apt-get install17:36
catalasebut my internet connection is fine17:36
catalasewhat gives17:36
qballeris this room logged ?17:37
Aaruniqballer: yes17:37
pavlosqballer, yes17:37
bazhang!1984 | qballer17:37
ubottuqballer: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.17:37
bazhangcatalase, what version of ubuntu17:37
apeoidnice command17:37
catalase14.04 lts server17:38
Aarunicatalase: can you ping us.archive.ubuntu.com ?17:38
catalaseAaruni, every time i try to ping something, i get host unknown17:38
catalase'ping: unknown host'17:38
Aarunicatalase: then there is something wrong with the connectivity, probably at the host end17:38
qballerwhich file http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/06/10/?17:38
catalaseAaruni, but it worked fine earlier today17:39
Aaruninope, I can ping it just fine. catalase something wrong with your connection17:39
apeoidgot this error:  "Wine could not find a Mono package which is needed for .NET applications to work correctly.  Wine can automatically download and install it for you.  > Note: it is recommended to use your distribution's packages instead."  Should I let it dl and install the Mono package or install it myself first?17:39
histoqballer: what are you looking for?17:39
bazhangqballer, #ubuntu -text or html, both are there17:39
catalaseAaruni, i can't ping anything. it always gives unknown host17:39
Aarunicatalase: if you can't ping anything, then how does the internet work ?17:39
pavloscatalase, can you connect wired and ping something?17:40
mibofrahi guys, a question. Ubuntu 14.04, I need the snd-bt-sco module, but there isn't it in the kernel anymore, (maybe) is there any package provide this module?17:40
tarvidubuntu 14.04 DVD on VirtualBox sits at the splash screen, is this the wrong image?17:40
nith1210apeoid: sudo apt-get install wine-mono17:40
histotarvid: press escape key17:40
=== grepory_ is now known as grepory
catalasepavlos: i am17:40
catalasei did setup a static IP address internally, but perhaps the gateway is wrong17:41
catalasewhat exactly should that be set to17:41
tarvidhisto thanks, act like the keyboard is not connected to the running image17:41
apeoidnith1210, thank you17:41
pavloscatalase, so, you are wired and cannot ping? routing is wrong or gateway17:41
nith1210apeoid: np :)17:41
pavloscatalase, route -n17:42
catalasepavlos: http://nopaste.info/bec5f64044.html17:42
histotarvid: yeah i've seen that on VMs17:43
=== jack is now known as Guest71569
tarvidI'll try a different keyboard and mouse and be back later17:43
catalaseunder static IP address assignment17:43
pavloscatalase, the metric on line 04 should be 117:44
catalasei put gateway as
catalasepavlos: how can i edit that17:44
histocatalase: is that your actual gateway?17:44
catalasehisto: what exactly is a gateway lol17:44
catalasethat address is what i use to administer the router17:44
histocatalase: the gateway should be set to your routers ip17:45
catalaseok it is17:45
histocatalase: how did you "setup a static ip" ?17:45
catalasestatic ip address assignment17:45
=== Guest4295 is now known as Peer69_
histocatalase: pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces17:45
pavloscatalase, I dont know how you defined your static address. Can you try DHCP  and let it figure out the routing?17:45
mibofraok... see you guys :D (I think you're a bit busy at the moment :)) ) .17:46
histocatalase: yeah can you pastebin that file please17:46
histocatalase: ping
catalasepavlos, histo ^ there is my /etc/network/interfaces17:47
qballerlooked up an answer I got from you pavlos a while back. didn't work now17:47
catalase0.066 ms17:48
histocatalase: ping
catalaseseems to be working fine17:48
catalase0% packet loss17:48
catalaseworks fine histo17:48
histocatalase: ping
histocatalase: what is the problem then?17:48
catalasei think it is a DNS related issue17:48
catalasebut not entirely sure17:48
catalasecannot ping google.com17:49
histocatalase: yeah dns related17:49
catalaseunknown host17:49
catalaseso how do i fix this17:49
histocatalase: what's in your /etc/resolv.conf ?17:49
nith1210catalase: comment out line 9 of your interfaces file; you don't want "auto" and "iface" lines for the same interface17:49
SuperBawlzI need to remove my postfix and dovecot install so I can start fresh. I followed a bad guide. If any has a current guide for setting up a mail server it would be appreciated.17:49
qballeri can ping my wateway17:50
qballercan't ping out17:50
histonith1210: what?17:50
SuperBawlzNot sure how to clean this up17:50
histoqballer: you have a dns issue then also17:50
histocatalase: don't comment that out17:50
catalasehisto: # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)17:50
qballerhisto but i'm trying to pin
histoqballer: if you can ping your gateway something else is going on with your routing then if you can't get out beyond that.17:51
catalasehisto, basically empty file17:51
nith1210catalase: sorry, I misready the man page, histo's right, ignore me.17:51
ry_[18:49] <ry_> hello guys just install ZorinOS 817:51
nikithacan i dock task windows of gnome classic ? im using ubuntu 14.04 with gnome classic , having bar at top and bottom..is there any docking possible17:51
ry_[18:50] <ry_> I've got a .tar.gz file17:52
ry_[18:50] <ry_> Ineed help to install it17:52
=== danny is now known as Guest35493
ikoniary_: zorin is not supported here17:52
ikoniary_: there is a zorinos support channel17:52
histocatalase: on line 14 put dns-nameservers
ry_ikonia: Right ok17:52
histocatalase: in your /etc/network/interfaces file17:52
histoqballer: This whole time you've been able to ping your routers ip?17:53
=== dfgas is now known as dfgas_off
catalasehisto, do i need to reboot? lol17:53
daftykinshisto: do you not mean for the latter or does Google have 3 now? :)17:53
histocatalase: sudo restart networking17:54
catalaserestart: job failed to restart17:54
qballer_histo: any clue?17:54
histocatalase: oh sorry and  not 6.617:54
histocatalase: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart17:54
eeeeeeeeecatalase: sudo service network-manager restart17:54
histoeeeeeeeee: he's not using network manager17:54
eeeeeeeee/etc/init.d/networking restart17:54
qballer_pavlos: ?17:55
=== qballer_ is now known as qballer
pavlosqballer, can you check dmesg for any errors on with wireless ?17:55
histocatalase: any luck with /etc/init.d/networking restart ?17:55
pavlosomit with17:55
histoqballer: you can ping the ip of your router?17:56
catalasehisto, thank you histo17:56
histocatalase: np17:56
catalaseit works17:56
histocatalase: if you setup networking manually you need to specify nameservers in the future ;)17:57
qballerhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743065/17:57
catalasesilly that dns that DNS line isnt included in the network configuration text17:57
histoqballer: Can you ping your router's ip?17:57
qballerhisto: yes17:57
catalaseoh, it is there, i just didnt read the whole thing17:57
histocatalase: also you are using the 10.04 server guide aren't you running something newer?17:58
pavlosqballer, narrow the list with dmesg | grep wlan17:58
histopavlos: his wifi is fine17:58
catalase14.04 server lts17:58
histopavlos: it's a routing table issue or something he claims he can ping the router17:58
pavloshisto, ok17:58
histocatalase: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/17:59
qballerpavlos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743073/17:59
=== Peer69_ is now known as Peer69
catalasethx histo17:59
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
pavlosqballer, as histo said, your wifi is ok17:59
shimodahi :-) i tried to install vlc 2.2, now i removed it and i'd like to install the normal vlc. apt says that there are vlc 2.2 dependences installed... how can i remove them?18:01
qballerok so why no routing out pavlos ?18:01
ikoniashimoda: did you do this from a PPA ?18:01
shimodayes ikonia18:01
qballerpavlos: ping -I wlan0 does destination unreachable18:01
pavlosqbacan you ping your router (ping
pavlosqballer,  you ping your router (ping
qballerand my girlfriend is surfing the router to the outside world with no care in the world18:03
shimodai thought that apt-get autoremove is used for that... to remove dependences no longer needed.. but it does nothing18:03
=== Guest71569 is now known as jack
pavlosqballer, off topic18:03
qballerpavlos: yea18:03
ikoniashimoda: it's probably not un-needed, it's probably upgraded depdencies, rather than added new ones that are no longer needed18:04
frecelpopey: are you getting text message notifications? I just got a call with complaints about not responding to text messages that I  newer knew i got18:04
popeyfrecel: hmm, dunno, send me a text ☻18:04
frecelpopey: they show up in the messaging app just never got the notification18:04
popeyfrecel: oh, yes, i see a blue one now18:04
popeyfrecel: which image number you on?18:05
sugoruyohello folks, was wondering if anynone's ever set up ubuntu 14.04 as a dual boot with Win8.1, the catch is I need the linux partitions to be encrypted18:05
qballerpavlos: just for the sake of reason i tried to ping a sever at work18:05
frecelpopey: 11118:05
popeyfrecel: ah, my main one is #10618:06
popeyfrecel: got that on my #106 one18:06
popeyfrecel: replied18:06
frecelpopey: got the notification18:07
frecelpopey: that being said I updated the image after I got those messages18:07
pavlosqballer, post output of 'ip route list'18:08
popeyfrecel: sorry about that.18:08
qballerpavlos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743125/18:09
qballerthe second is my cell phone18:09
frecelpopey: It was just from work, not important :D18:09
histoqballer: traceroute
christian1262I'm new18:11
=== renato_ is now known as Guest58058
qballerjust did  sudo traceroute -i wlan0 it return only **** pavlos18:12
qballerpavlos: regular tracroute work via the cell phone interface18:12
christian1262I like ubuntu (nobody could guess that!)18:12
histoqballer: add a -418:12
pavlosqballer, can you ping
blurkissome one who knows why gnome music in 14.04 finds no music, when for example clementine does?18:13
qballerhisto -4?18:13
christian1262Well im obviously not as advanced as you18:13
histoqballer: traceroute -4 -i wlan0
qballerpavlos: ping -I wlan0 works18:14
qballerhisto: still stars18:14
histoqballer: what do you mean stars?18:15
qballerthis is one line among 30 "18  * * *" it repeats in the i * * * pattern18:16
qballerthis is one line among 30 "18  * * *"18:16
qballerhisto: get it?18:16
histoqballer: yeah is there anything at the top of all the *'s?18:17
qballertraceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets --- only this histo18:17
qballerIf this is so annoying to me you are probably annoyed as well.18:18
=== Blubberbop is now known as phoenixz
histoqballer: Yeah i'm reading some things now18:20
sugoruyoanyone have any advice on installing ubuntu with encryption alongside windows?18:20
=== BReNuX is now known as Blunder
=== carlosjcheco is now known as checoimg
qballerhisto thanks anyways i'm here if you have idea18:21
histoqballer: What kidn of router is it?18:23
histoqballer: sudo dhclient -r18:24
histoqballer: then sudo dhclient wlan018:24
qballerTP-link histo18:24
qballernothing, wouldn't budge histo18:25
histoqballer: what is your ip address now?  ip addr18:25
SuperBawlzHow do I completely remove a package from my system?18:25
histoSuperBawlz: apt-get purge packagename18:26
SuperBawlzNeed to start fresh on an install18:26
qballerhisto:  same is before
histoqballer: no your wlan0 ip18:26
histoqballer: that's not the same why is it 192.168.201....???18:26
qballersorry 0.10318:27
histoqballer: I thought it was .111 before18:27
qballerhisto: nope but the 3d class was 0 not 20118:27
histoqballer: what is the output of route     now18:28
eeeeeeeeeis there any harm in using pkexec (from accounts that aren't sudoers)18:28
qballerhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743225/18:29
histoqballer: can you configure your router from this machine?  open a browser and go to
pavlosqballer, the default routing is via your usb (.42) so your your wlan cannot see that18:31
qballerbut when the other network is disconnected it still can't ping outside18:32
histoqballer: wait is your phone connected to your routers wifi?18:32
pavlosqballer, if you can change the mask to your wlan to you should be ok18:32
qballerpavlos: how?18:32
histoqballer: unplug the phone and try to ping  and configure your router via webpage see if it still comes up18:33
histoqballer: don't need to change your mask18:33
pavlosqballer, man ip (there is an ip route change)18:33
eggdrop_masterhi, im looking for help, i just got back a ssd. Ubuntu 12.04 was install with win 7 on dualboot. I just bought a new computer format ssd on NTFS to erase WIn7 and Ubuntu.. i actually get a grub rescue, when i check the ssd on a live cd i only ahve a NTFS partition, i cannot boot on win8.1 cd just get a grub rescue18:34
eggdrop_mastersorry for my poor english*18:35
histoeggdrop_master: set the computer to boot to the cd and not the hard drive18:35
histoqballer: any luck?18:36
eggdrop_masterhisto i precise via the bios to boot on cd but brub rescue come again18:36
=== caf is now known as Guest62989
TBotNikall: can not install, keep getting error "dpkg status database is locked by another process", but no process show in system monitor of using ps  -A,  What is holding this?18:36
histoeggdrop_master: well it's not booting from cd if you are seeing the grub rescue screen.18:36
histoeggdrop_master: how did you format the drive if you can't boot to a cd?18:37
eggdrop_masterhisto, i did it on another ubuntu computer, from gparted with the ssd plugged on a usb-->sata cable18:38
bpromptTBotNik:    I'm thinking you use apt-get previously, maybe through synaptic, and the "sudo" holding period is about 5mins IIRc18:38
histoeggdrop_master: yeah grub is still loaded on the first sector of the disk that's why you are seeing that.18:38
TBotNikNo just rebooted and still getting this!18:38
histoeggdrop_master: and the compuer can't boot off of cd18:38
bpromptTBotNik:     what about if you do a "sudo apt-get check" ?18:39
TBotNikbprompt: No just rebooted and still getting this!18:39
TBotNikbprompt: apt-get check gives: "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)18:40
TBotNikE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"18:40
konradhey there! what is a good channel to ask questions about alsa midi connections with (or without) jackd?18:40
eggdrop_masterhisto, how can i remove this sector with grub ?18:40
histoTBotNik: lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock18:40
histoeggdrop_master: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/of/your/ssd bs=1 count=51218:41
jpentlandAnyone know how I can debug udev dying on boot? /var/log/udev doesn't show anything18:41
TBotNikhisto: Thnx!18:41
histoTBotNik: what is using it?18:41
=== eeeeeeeee is now known as eeee
eggdrop_masterhisto, where should i type this command please ?18:42
multihunterI'm going to make backups of my ubuntu vps. Except these dirs what should I include? /home /root /etc /usr18:43
multihunter(dont have enough backup space to backup the whole system)18:43
multihunterwhole /var or just /var/log ?18:44
subz3r0depends on what youre using18:44
subz3r0mail spool for mta etc..18:44
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest67149
multihunterso its almost the whole system :)18:45
multihunterjust excludes /lib which is 600mb18:45
histoeggdrop_master: first find the dev of your ssd in the ubuntu machine you used to format it18:46
TBotNikbprompt, histo: Thnx for lock problem. Trying to install Teamviewer. Now get errors: "dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of teamviewer: teamviewer depends on libc6-i386 (>= 2.7); however: Package libc6-i386 is not installed. teamviewer depends on lib32asound2; however: Package lib32asound2 is not installed. teamviewer depends on lib32z1; however: Package lib32z1 is not installed. teamviewer depends on ia32-libs; however: Package ia32-libs is18:46
TBotNiknot installed. dpkg: error processing teamviewer (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing:18:46
checoimgGuys how do I make a permanent change to the Bash prompt ?18:46
histoeggdrop_master: then substitute that and type it in a terminal18:46
JanuszHello. I'm installing Ubuntu Server inside Oracle VM, and after choosing to enrypt all HDD with LVM, installation "paused" - i can write in command promnt, but nothing happens.18:46
eggdrop_masterthe only terminal i can get is from a live cd, is that correct ?18:47
histoTBotNik: which deb did you download from teamviewer?18:47
checoimgHow can I make a permanent change to the Bash prompt ?18:47
checoimgHow can I make a permanent changes to the Bash prompt ?18:47
histochecoimg: your PS1?18:47
checoimgOk, got it, I just "echo" it18:48
histoTBotNik: use the other one18:48
checoimgecho $PS118:48
histochecoimg: what are you trying to change?18:48
histochecoimg: well can you provide an example of one thing?18:48
TBotNikbprompt, histo: Used apt-get install on the missing libs and then get error: "use apt-get -f install" with no options.  Running that now!18:49
checoimgI provided the example : "Permanent change to the Bash prompt"18:49
histoTBotNik: why?18:49
histoTBotNik: just use the other deb on their site and it will work18:49
histochecoimg: okay well then good luck18:49
checoimgI provided the example : "Permanent change to the Bash prompt" histo18:49
histochecoimg: you put the changes in your .bashrc18:50
TBotNikhisto: Have already tried 9 files and all get same dependency errors.18:50
histoTBotNik: There are two different debs on the teamviewer diste18:50
histonot 918:50
TBotNikhisto: The apt-get -f install is fixing over 50 libs18:50
checoimghisto /etc/bash.bashrc   ?18:50
checoimg~/bash.bashrc   ? surely18:51
histoTBotNik: okay, you could just install the proper package from them and avoid all this multiarch stuff18:51
TBotNikhisto: More distros than 2 sir!  I have all for 7,8 and 918:51
histochecoimg: ~/.bashrc18:51
histoTBotNik: Who mentioned distros?18:52
TBotNikhisto: No been hammering on TV install on 3 machines for 2.5 days and TV HOWTO does not even show that you must install WINE, so HOWTO is way way short of an install18:53
histoTBotNik: uname -a18:53
histoTBotNik: you don't have to install wine18:53
checoimglooks like I have to log off...18:53
histoTBotNik: http://download.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer_linux.deb18:54
histochecoimg: source .bashrc18:55
eggdrop_masterhisto, dd command done, 512b copied18:55
histoeggdrop_master: k it's gone now18:55
TBotNikhisto: OK after the "apt-get -f install" the V9 .deb file still errors, but V8 went in fine.18:55
eggdrop_masterok lets test thx a lot18:55
TBotNikhisto: Will try upgrade through TV itself.  Cheers18:56
histoTBotNik: k18:56
checoimgCould someone be fishing my WiFi   ?18:56
histoTBotNik: your problem was you are trying to 64bit only version but good day18:56
TBotNikbprompt, histo: Thanks and bye!18:56
histochecoimg: sure it's possible18:57
MERBanyone with any idea why my openvpn server is giving this to clients on login: http://pastebin.com/6sqGQFu018:58
checoimghiro Should I post the question in the Forums. It woulld interesting.18:58
=== jibran is now known as jibran|afk
MERBMANAGEMENT: >STATE:1404413922,WAIT,,, is what keep popping up...18:58
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
raptureI'm running into the "bad map" bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vsftpd/+bug/1313450 on 14.04 (AWS) and after updating the kernel to 3.13.0-30 and restarting, uname still showing previous kernel18:59
raptureany idea why?18:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 1313450 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "Unable to start vsftpd on Ubuntu 14.04 (Amazon/EC2 or Xen) with default configuration" [High,Fix released]18:59
histochecoimg: what question is that?18:59
jacobatIs there a way to work with PPA's that doesn't require installing python on a machine?18:59
=== graingert_ is now known as Guest95597
histojacobat: isn't python a default package?19:00
checoimghiro Don't mind that it is not Ubuntu specific.19:00
histochecoimg: my name is histo not hiro19:00
jacobathisto: Not on this machine - I'm building a docker image19:00
histojacobat: with a ppa?19:01
histojacobat: you could write you own script to add the ppa to the sources.list19:02
checoimghaha Right19:02
checoimghisto Don't mind that it is not Ubuntu specific.19:02
jacobatapt-add-repository doesn't do anything besides writing a couple of lines to a sources.list?19:02
histojacobat: well kind of, it probably adds them to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/19:02
jacobatSure, but still...19:03
histojacobat: what do you think it's doing?19:03
jacobathisto: I've got no idea19:03
histojacobat: it's just a helper script19:03
kingbeowolfim trying to mount a filesystem that has a pagefile.sys but it isn't allowing me to mount it19:04
kingbeowolf-o remove_hiberfile isn't working either19:04
histojacobat: which apt-add-repository and view it and see what it's doing19:04
kingbeowolfhow can I fix this issue?19:04
histokingbeowolf: what is the error you are receiving?19:04
jacobathisto: Thanks :)19:05
histojacobat: np19:05
helowhat in ubuntu modifies the date automatically?19:06
heloi'm running trusty inside a vm which has guest-additions, which attempts to syncronize the time of my host and guest machines19:06
helobut the time in the vm keeps jumping off to a different (yet seemingly consistent) time19:06
histohelo: what is your timezone set as?19:07
histohelo: on the vm ls -l /etc/localtime19:07
heloit's jumping an hour and a few minutes foward/backward depending on whether it is synched with my host or not19:08
helohisto: what about it?19:08
histohelo: what is it linked to?19:08
heloit is a timezone data, version 2, 6 gmt time flags, 6 std time flags, no leap seconds, 235 transition times, 6 abbreviation chars19:09
helonot a symlink19:09
GlorfindelHow do I unlock partitions in gparted so I can move them?19:10
GlorfindelThe partitions are linux swap partitions19:10
histohelo: how far off is the time?19:11
histoGlorfindel: you have to make sure they aren't being used19:11
jackjust re-partition, overwrite them19:11
histoGlorfindel: swapoff -a    and move them19:11
histoGlorfindel: why are you moving swap?19:12
heloit vascillates between my host's time, and about an hour, four minutes, and fifty-eight seconds after my hosts's time19:12
=== ideopathic_ is now known as ideopathic
heloactually, exactly an hour and five minutes19:12
histo!ntp | helo19:13
ubottuhelo: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)19:13
kingbeowolfim trying to mount a filesystem that has a pagefile.sys but it isn't allowing me to mount it19:13
kingbeowolf-o remove_hiberfile isn't working either19:13
kingbeowolfhow can I fix this issue?19:13
histokingbeowolf: what error are you receiving?19:13
helohisto: running ntp on the vm causes these kinds of problems. it doesn't fix them...19:13
histohelo: what?19:14
Glorfindeljack: that isn't an option, sorry. Histo: thanks that worked! I am moving everything so that I can make a larger partition for data recovery19:14
kingbeowolfThe disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).19:14
kingbeowolfMetadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.19:14
guest5298Hello. One question: Do you know a really secure XMPP server?19:14
kingbeowolfhisto, why is mount holding my hand?19:14
helohisto: the vm has a special module that keeps its time synched to the vm hosts's time19:14
histokingbeowolf: huh?19:14
ikoniahelo: this isn't vmware is it ?19:14
helohisto: installing ntp would fight with that module and mess up the time19:14
heloikonia: it is virtualbox19:14
kingbeowolfI don't care about the pagefile.sys19:14
kingbeowolfJust mount the damn drive19:15
histokingbeowolf: neither does mount19:15
kingbeowolfhisto, yes it does19:15
helois ntpdate ran automatically at any particular interval?19:15
kingbeowolfhisto, that is why it is complaining19:15
histokingbeowolf: perhaps if you would provide the complaining part we could help you19:15
kingbeowolfThe disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).19:15
kingbeowolfMetadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.19:15
kingbeowolfhisto, ^19:15
=== s3ri0us is now known as s3ri0us|away
histokingbeowolf: and you believe that has to do with pagefile.sys why?19:15
kingbeowolfhisto, because it is complaining about a windows hibernation file19:16
hypergrovehi all - i need to install php 5.4 or 5.3 on 14.04 -- the askubuntu answers relating to this all suggest neither of these packages work on 14.04... true or not19:16
jpdshelo: You're better off installing ntpd.19:16
histokingbeowolf: -o force19:16
helojpds: the special kernel module does a bunch of other nice things that i want19:16
kingbeowolfhisto, still holding my hand19:17
ikonianever heard of virbual box kernel module to sync time19:17
heloi don't care about the time being synched with my host, i just don't want the time to be jumping around like it is19:17
Glorfindelwill moving bootable partitions cause grub to stop working?19:17
histokingbeowolf: fix your filesystem then19:17
kingbeowolfhisto, the file system is fine19:17
jpdshelo: oh, right.19:17
histokingbeowolf: no it's not19:17
bpromptkingbeowolf:    tryiugn to mount a windows partition/hdd?19:17
kingbeowolfbprompt, it is just an NTFS drive19:17
heloit's called "guest additions"19:17
kingbeowolfbprompt, doesn't even have windows on it19:17
ikoniaGlorfindel: define bootable partitions19:17
hypergrovehi all - i need to install php 5.4 or 5.3 on 14.04 -- the askubuntu answers relating to this all suggest neither of these packages work on 14.04... true or not19:17
kingbeowolfbprompt, it just sees a pagefile.sys file and is holding my hand for me19:18
GlorfindelA partition that has an OS on it that I am using19:18
histokingbeowolf: if it's just an ntfs drive why is there a pagefile.sys on it?19:18
=== Eric is now known as mrunknown
kingbeowolfhisto, for research19:18
geniikingbeowolf: You could try ntfsfix with the  --clear-dirty flag.19:18
histokingbeowolf: are you trying to perform forensics on the pagefile.sys ?19:19
kingbeowolfhisto, no i am trying to mount an NTFS drive19:19
heloi guess i'll try to disable guest additions time sync19:19
histokingbeowolf: what sort of research are you doing?19:19
heloi.e. https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#disabletimesync19:19
kingbeowolfhisto, irrelevent19:19
helokingbeowolf: messing with that file will screw up the windows install that made it19:20
histokingbeowolf: no it's relevant if you don't want to taint your research19:20
helokingbeowolf: is there also a hiberfil.sys?19:20
kingbeowolfhelo, that is fine19:20
histokingbeowolf: also the presence of the pagefile.sys is not the issue19:21
Glorfindelikonia: A partition that has an OS on it that I am using19:21
histokingbeowolf: the $LogFile is the issue19:21
ikoniaGlorfindel: it can cause grub to fail then19:21
Glorfindelok, how would I fix it?19:21
Glorfindelor should I just not do it>?19:21
helokingbeowolf: try adding -o remove_hiberfile19:21
ikoniaGlorfindel: fix where grub points either on the mbr or in the config file19:21
kingbeowolfhelo, yeah i tried that and i get the same error19:22
bpromptkingbeowolf:    one sec19:22
Glorfindelwhere is the config, ikonia?19:22
bpromptkingbeowolf:    mount has an option to remove that... .can't recall it offhand just yet =)19:22
histobprompt: yeah force19:22
bpromptkingbeowolf:   http://askubuntu.com/questions/204166/how-do-i-mount-a-hibernated-ntfs-partition19:23
kingbeowolfbprompt, this does not work19:23
bpromptkingbeowolf:   so the hdd is empty? just ntfs?19:24
histokingbeowolf: did you ntfsfix it yet?19:24
kingbeowolfbprompt, thats what i tried first19:24
=== gnu is now known as Guest30258
holytomato a short question ... hopw to deactive the insert key? Is it possible to do without having to access the terminal?19:24
Glorfindelwhere is the config ikonia?19:25
hypergrovedoes anyone know about 14.04 compatibility for php 5.3 or 5.4?19:25
rwd!info php519:26
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.2 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB19:26
rwdhypergrove: fix your application software to work with current versions of PHP instead of going down this garden path19:26
rwdor don't, but that would be my recommendation19:26
kingbeowolfgenii, ntfsfix worked19:27
kingbeowolfthanks everyone19:27
geniikingbeowolf: Glad to be of assistance.19:28
ubuntuvasant yadav19:28
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histokingbeowolf: ps your pagefile.sys isn't the problem19:29
histokingbeowolf: nor was mount, it's the fact that the journal in NTFS was jacked up19:29
p137Hey Guy Iǘe got a problem. Some people in here who know omiga plus? A friend of me has this at the Computer. How to remove?19:29
zartooshHi I have problem removing a personal pkg  using dpkg --purge <pkg name>  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743501/19:29
bekksp137: Is that some Ubuntu software?19:31
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p137but i hoped that someone knows that19:31
t0th_-anybody can help me with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php-apc/+bug/1262964 ?19:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 1262964 in php-apc (Ubuntu) "On installation - rmdir: failed to remove ‘/usr/share/doc/php-apc’: Directory not empty" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:31
bekksp137: Maybe you should just describe the issue a bit further.19:31
rwdp137: try ##windows19:31
rwdbekks: it's some Windows malware19:31
bekksrwd: Ah ok.19:32
p137It's a Hijacker19:32
p137very hard to remove19:32
SpeendaShHello everyone, i have a question about SAMBA sharing, i'm a xubuntu user i have shared with my wii and my Windows 7 laptop some folders and it works great but i would like to add a password so that only i can acces it, anyone know how to proceed ? i'm a littel lost with the system samba gui x:19:32
kingbeowolfhisto, yeah I think so19:32
greggop137: try ultimate boot disk or other bootable AV toolkit19:33
histokingbeowolf: I know so19:33
kingbeowolfhisto, so do I19:33
histop137: what does that have to do with ubuntu?19:34
kingbeowolfhisto, know of any programs that allow you to view journal information19:34
histo!ppapurge | zartoosh19:34
ubottuzartoosh: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:34
kingbeowolfhisto, do you know how to view the change journal ?19:36
histo!ot | p13719:37
ubottup137: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:37
SpeendaShHello everyone, i have a question about SAMBA sharing, i'm a xubuntu user i have shared with my wii and my Windows 7 laptop some folders and it works great but i would like to add a password so that only i can acces it, anyone know how to proceed ? i'm a littel lost with the system samba gui x:19:37
histokingbeowolf: you can use tools like the sleuth kit19:37
kingbeowolfhisto, cool thanks19:38
compdocSpeendaSh, do you have valid users set for the share?19:38
SpeendaShcompdoc, eum... how to know that ? ^ ^'19:39
compdocsamba is all about the file /etc/samba/smb.conf19:39
compdoclots of examples and how tos on google19:40
compdocvalid users = SpeendaSh19:41
SpeendaShcompdoc,  yes... that's what i've understand so far. but... i don't know what to edit to add a password, i tried some tuto' but it didn't worked... the only way for it to work is when i make my shares are accecible by everyone in my network...19:41
compdocSpeendaSh, you create a user with the username you want, and assing a password for samba with smbpasswd19:43
p137someone know a good prog for whatch tv? but ip based19:43
SpeendaShcompdoc,  i tired it through the commond line using this : sudo smbpasswd -a <user_name>  but yet it didn't worked..19:44
bekksp137: your webbrowser actually.19:44
SpeendaShcompdoc,  what is the command line to set the username ?19:44
Jordan_Up137: What type of streams are you planning to watch? What version of Ubuntu are you using?19:45
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geniip137: VLC is capable of playing almost anything.19:49
compdocthat adds a new user to samba:   sudo smbpasswd –a speendash19:49
compdocand this changes an existing user: sudo smbpasswd speendash19:49
geniicompdoc: Might also want to add -e so user is enabled after adding a password to it19:49
SpeendaShcompdoc,  i see ! ok i'm going to try and see if it works (:  thank you very much (:19:50
compdocdo you even need sudo?19:50
jay_i'm just wonder how i know which software to download from the Ubuntu Software centre to try out KDE as a desktop environment19:50
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compdocnot sure if thats proper use, but try19:50
SpeendaShcompdoc,  yes i think i need sudo19:50
jay_my computer is working right and i don't want to mess it up lol19:50
SpeendaShcompdoc,  yep i'll try right now19:50
eeeejay_: kde = kubuntu, right?19:52
jay_i am not sure19:52
jay_i have Xubuntu right now19:52
SpeendaShcompdoc,  Man ! you're genius !! (X thanks a lot ! that works now !19:52
jay_i want to try out different desktop environments19:52
SpeendaShcompdoc,  flop it (X i was using a wrong Commond line from the begining lol19:52
geniijay_: Kubuntu is the KDE desktop plus a selected set of applications that work under it.19:53
eeeeok, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop19:53
geniijay_: For most different versions you just install like kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop, etcetera19:53
jay_can i get it from the Ubunut software centre too eeee ?19:53
eeeeyes i think so19:54
jay_sorry i'm not comfortable with the terminal yet19:54
eeeeit should be there19:54
jay_so i would search for Kubuntu and not KDE desktop environment?19:54
geniijay_: Installing kubuntu-desktop is your safe choice here.19:55
eeeeit's called Kubuntu plasma desktop19:55
jay_oh ok. what about for like gnome say?19:55
eeeei think ubuntu-gnome-desktop19:55
jay_why don't you guys used the software centre instead of guessing? i'm just curious about that19:56
ThKoHi, is it with this tutorial possible to take it for creating a bootable hard drive? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx19:56
reisiojay_: why would they :p19:57
jay_because then you know it exists19:57
reisioThKo: if it's on ubuntu.com, probably19:57
reisiowell I already know gnome-shell exists :)19:57
reisiobut they might learn something :p19:57
jay_aren't you just guessing with the terminal ?19:57
ThKoIn case of USB Stick an external hard drive and after that implement the harddrive into my notebook19:57
eeeejay_: no you can use apt-cache search <name or description>19:58
bekksjay_: With the terminal, you have to know what to type - that no guessing :)19:58
profallwhats your guys favorite torrent client for ubuntu 14.04?19:58
reisioThKo: so via an enclosure?19:58
reisioprofall: deluge19:58
greggojay: apt-cache search ?19:58
geniijay_: Since I use all different kinds of Ubuntu, I just stick to the command-line of apt-get since it is the same across all versions and not dependent on a specific graphical package manager.19:58
reisioprofall: what're you used to?19:58
jay_oh. what if i just typ apt -cache? will i get everything in the repositories?19:58
eeeeno you wont get anything19:58
eeeei think19:58
jay_that makes sense genii19:58
profallI used to use micro-torrent (utorrent) on windows19:59
ThKoreisio: Yep…Problem: My MacBook doesn’t have an disc drive :D And I don’t want to buy an external19:59
jay_the freakin' command line. everyone's always talking about how great the boring old command line is.lol19:59
greggojay you can search with apt-cache search <term>19:59
greggocommand line makes the world go around, it'll never go away20:00
reisioThKo: okay so what was the question again?20:00
ThKoTake this tutorial: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx and replace USB Stick with external hdd, and after this tutorial, install the hdd into a notebook?20:01
u19809 hi all, I need help.  I have ubuntu on a zotac with an ION NVIDIA.  I ran the 304 version of NVIDIA and also the latest but when starting X NVIDIA does not detect my TV.  It claims failed to assign any connected display devices to X screen 0. HELP !20:01
eeeejay_: in the software center there are 2 gnome's the ubuntu-gnome-desktop, and another gnome (which you get by just typing gnome), anyways the latter is full, and like double the size20:04
eeeeit has alot more reviews and stuff20:04
daschelhas there been any word on the browser video problem where video fullscreens in a windowed mode?20:05
reisiodaschel: in chrome?20:05
rubytorThKo: I dont understand you... Let me see: You have a Mac without hdd, so you want to buy a hard drive then install it into your mac and finally install a SO?? Is that all??20:05
reisioThKo: can you just describe what you want without asking us to read a big blog?20:06
jhutchinsdaschel: Doesn't seem to be a general problem.20:06
daschelreisio, chromium, but yea.20:06
jhutchinsThKo: Yes, that's possible.20:06
jay_sorry eeee  i had a phone call20:07
jhutchinsThKo: There are a few different ways to do it.20:07
jay_ok. can i download both desktop environments at once?20:07
jhutchinsThKo: Most people would just use a USB drive.20:07
reisiothink that's just a chrom/e/ium issue20:07
jay_or do i need to restart between each or something?20:07
reisiojay_: yes, but it gets messy/confusing20:07
reisiojay_: no, restarts are for other OSes20:08
dascheljhutchins, i meant to specify that it was in chrome.  and i only mentioned it nonchalantly because when i mentioned it his after this recent install, the channel lit up immediately, so i assumed it was a well-known problem20:08
jay_ok so i don't have to restart the pc after an installation? i had to for my wireless driver on Xubuntu20:08
reisioThKo: a drive in an enclosure is the same as a drive inside the box to GNU/Linux20:08
reisioThKo: a drive is a drive is a drive20:08
reisioThKo: if you change its connections you might have to alter information about where it is20:09
ThKoreisio: That is what I want to hear :D20:09
reisioThKo: for example in /etc/fstab, and possibly reconfigure/reinstall GRUB20:09
ThKoOk great20:09
reisioThKo: it's quite simple to do, if you have any trouble, just ask someone about it20:09
ThKoOk I’ll do20:09
reisioif you want to avoid all issues, put it inside the box, connect it, then boot a live OS and have someone here walk you through the alterations beforehand20:10
reisios/beforehand/before you try to boot it up/20:10
jay_wooooie. i hope these desktop environments install good and everything. this could be fun to explore :) eeee20:10
reisioexploring is fun indeed20:10
ThKoreisio: Ok, thank you :)20:10
dave_sSo, apparently Idera CDP doesn't support the 14.04 Kernel, is it possible to downgrade Ubuntu 14.04 to a lower Kernel version that is supported temporarily?20:11
eeeejay_: you might have to restart, anything else you dont have to restart usually20:11
jay_eeee, i might have to restart after this install?20:12
jay_or can i install gnome now too?20:12
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eeeesorry i was lagging, yeah you might have to restart iirc20:15
eeee( jay_ )20:15
eeeeif i recall correctly20:15
jay_what's that20:15
jay_what's iirc eeee ?20:17
eeeeit means If I Recall Correctly20:17
jay_kubuntu is almost done. after it's done, can i just try it by loging out? or should i restart? and i didn't know that about iirc lol20:17
dave_sDoes anyone know if it's possible to downgrade the Linux Kernel in 14.04?20:17
eeeejay_: if they dont ask you to restart, sure just log out20:18
jay_okies cool. if it needs a restart, a program will tell me after installing?20:18
jay_nioce. thanks programmers20:19
z0randave_s; why would you do that20:19
jay_will i have access to call of these programs currently installed with xfce when i go to dke?20:20
dave_sz0ran: Idera CDP doesn't support the kernel being used in 14.04 and won't start for a few weeks, but I need to have this running tonight.20:20
jay_i have to restart bbiab20:20
diverdudeOk, something that REALLLY is SOOOO ANNOYING is that when i want to resize  a window i have to spend like 5 minutes placing the mouse on the EXACT pixel which represents the dragline of the window. HOW can i make it more easy to resize windows? This is one of the worst things about linux UIs!!!!!20:20
dave_sdiverdude: What Shell are you using?20:20
dave_sGnome, KDE, Unity?20:21
dave_sI've never had that problem with Gnome 3 or Unity, I don't use KDE.20:21
diverdudedave_s, i am currently using zsh (used to use bash)20:21
z0randave_s; i think is possible to downgrade, but that will give a lots of problems with other applications20:21
dave_sz0ran: So basically I should just nuke it?20:22
dave_sdiverdude: That's a GUI?20:22
diverdudedave_s, no those are shells20:23
tommalufeconnect #nanachanscans@irc.irchighway.net20:23
dave_sOkay, but what GUI shell are you using?20:23
dave_sIf you're just using a CLI shell, not sure there are too many windows to worry about resizing.20:25
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hellierHello, is it possible to change the set ubuntu username? the /home/[username] ?20:29
Ben64hellier: yes, you can use usermod from recovery mode20:31
helliercool ben6420:32
hellieralso, is it possibe to cange the word used in terminal [username]@[this word] ?20:32
jpdshellier: The hostname?20:32
hellierThat's the one I actually want to change. I named it something daft20:32
hellierI think it's the hostname, yeah20:33
jpdshellier: gksudo gedit /etc/hosts /etc/hostname20:33
hellierhttp://kegoi.com/yFEg2.jpg I named it mango :(20:33
hellierthanks jpds20:34
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jay_eeee, kde wasn't very different.20:39
jay_now my icons looks weird in the top right. for some reason, they are black. the bar is grey20:40
jay_i have a general question. what happens if you try to use a program made for KDE in Xfce?20:43
Jordan_Ujay_: Did you actually change your session to KDE? It's surprising to hear someone say that KDE doesn't seem different from XFCE/GNOME/Unity.20:43
digsI am running 14.04 on AWS and have php5 installed from the standard repos. I need to downgrade to 5.3.x (I would prefer .27) I have tried to target it with a version by doing apt-get install php5=5.3.27-1ubuntu4.2 but I get Version '5.3.27-1ubuntu4.2' for 'php5' was not found20:43
digsWhat do I need to do?20:43
Jordan_Ujay_: Changing your session is something you do at the login screen.20:44
jay_ya i did Jordan_U  the menu is different and there's an application switching type bars as well. otherwise. it's kinda the same thing in a different spot20:44
jay_i don't know what i was expecting, but it wasn't like a mac to windows type difference20:45
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jay_Jordan_U, what happens if i try to run KDE programs in an Xfce environment? it looks like all programs are available to both Desktop Environments20:46
arooni-mobilehey folks ubuntu 14.04 here on a lenvoo 420 lappy.  cant get skype or voice recording to work;  shows the mute button on my mic volume is turned on but pushing the button doesnt do anything20:47
eeeesorry jay_ im back20:47
jay_it's all good eeee20:47
digswrong ubuntu channel sorry.20:47
eeeethe screenshot of gnome looked kind of cool20:47
geniijay_: Whenever you run applications from one desktop environment in another desktop environment, it loads whatever libraries it needs in the background to run them20:47
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jay_oh ok. now what if i have accidentally (unknowingly) downloaded a gnome program but i don't have the gnome desktop installed?20:48
eeeethe full gnome desktop20:48
geniijay_: If you have INSTALLED a gnome application through package manager, it will have also installed all the things it requires to run.20:49
jhutchinsThe varios desktops can be configured to look and act a lot a like, expecially gnome/kde/xfce20:49
jhutchinsI think lxde tends to be fairly divergent.20:50
jay_oh ok genii. is that due to the smart package and library management involved with linux repositories?20:50
geniijay_: The short answer to that is Yes20:51
jhutchinsjay_: Given this list you should be able to find something that appeals to you: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Desktops/20:51
jay_thanks jhutchins i'll take a look. i like the look of MAC like docks. are those individual things i need to download or are they part of a DE20:52
eeeethere is the cairo dock thing20:52
jay_i tried to install and uninstall cairo and it messed up my pc20:53
jhutchinsjay_: Depends on the desktop.20:53
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jay_it uninstalled it, but it was still in my menu items. so i went to the package manager and uninstalled everything that was checked with cairo. bad idea. nothing worked after that. had to reinstall Xubuntu20:54
jhutchinsjay_: Some of those are pre-packaged and themed for Ubuntu, some you might have to install from source, and that list (28?) isn't everything available.20:54
jay_what's the difference between a theme and a window manager jhutchins ?20:55
jhutchinsjay_: Sometimes the lines are hard to define universally.  A theme is usually a collection of settings for how things look, what colors are used, what icons and pointers look like.  Some desktops can package those settings, usually with wallpaper, splash screens, and/or screensavers and manage them as "themes".20:56
jhutchinsjay_: A window manager is what manages drawing the windows, moving them around, setting the controls for maximise/minimise/close etc.20:57
jhutchinsjay_: A window manager might be able to run more than one desktop, or might be closely tied to a certain one.20:57
jay_i think i get it. thanks jhutchins20:58
jhutchinsjay_: There's also the "toolkit" used to create the graphics, usually GTK or QT.20:58
jay_i want to uninstall KDE. i went to the ubuntu software manager and under installed i typed KDE. i have like 30 programs. non are the original package i installed. how do i uninstall it completely?20:59
jhutchinsjay_: A "DE" is a Desktop Environment or Development Environment that brings together a toolkit, a manager, and a desktop, along with in-project applications that share libraries and ways of doing things.20:59
jay_that's good to know actually. so a desktop environment has a windows manager, toolkit and what is the desktop part?21:00
reisiojay_: 'the desktop part'21:00
reisioimplementations vary21:00
reisiooften the file manager doubles as the desktop manager21:01
reisiothink of a giant, borderless, menuless file manager21:01
reisioshowing you icons21:01
jhutchinsjay_: Usually desktop decorations, icons, application menu, toolbar and/or dock, applets, etc.21:01
eeeejay_: try typing kubuntu in the software center to uninstall21:02
jay_i want a neat looking dock that i used once on a vector distro. it acted like a mac went i hovered over the icons. it made them increase slightly in size and printer the name of the program i was hoovering over on the screen. would that be part of a desktop or separate from the desktop?21:03
jhutchinsjay_: It would probably be something from within the desktop package(s) that was running and could be turned on or off.21:04
jay_i look at my fingers when i type sometimes sorry for the mistakes21:04
jhutchinsjay_: Might require an additional install if you didn't have a "grab everything" metapackage.21:04
jay_hmmm so how would i add one of those to Xfce?21:05
zombu2dont xfce have that already could have sworn I saw that the other day21:06
jhutchinsjay_: Look for cairo-dock, awn, or docky on the web, see which looks more like what you want.21:07
jhutchinsjay_: There may be others.21:07
jay_arg. still can't find kde desktop to uninstall eeee . i tried kubuntu as well21:07
jhutchinsjay_: dockbarx also available.21:07
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.21:07
jay_will they work with xfce or are they specific to different DEs?21:08
jhutchinsjay_: All of those have an xfce version.21:08
ProfessorKaos64Is there no resolution at all for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1326725 ?21:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 1326725 in linux (Ubuntu) "PS3 Sixaxis controller/joystick usb stopped working, regression in linux-image-extra-3.13.0-27-generic" [Medium,Confirmed]21:08
jhutchinsjay_: xfce dock in google.  That might return stuff that's not currently packaged for ubuntu.21:08
jay_ah ok. i'll try that21:09
jay_how can i uninstall kde?21:09
reisiojay_: to use what instead?21:09
jay_do i have to do each program one by one or is there an easier way?21:09
jay_i have fxce too reisio. that's what i'm using right now21:09
jhutchinsjay_: Well, you don't need to uninstall it to use xfce, but probably aptitude purge kubuntu-desktop.  Kinda depends on how you installed it.21:09
reisiojay_: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexubuntu21:10
Numinexsudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop21:10
fwankiehelp! sudo apt-get upgrade returns an error, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/7743983/21:10
eeeejay_: go to the software center and type kubuntu, and where you clicked install there should be uninstall i think21:10
jhutchinsfwankie: What are ALL of the steps you took?21:11
jhutchinsfwankie: What are you upgrading from and to?21:11
jay_i finally found it near the middle of a huge list eeee thanks21:12
fwankiejhutchins: it started when I "sudo apt-get install ardour"21:13
fwankiejhutchins: using wikimedia servers21:13
eeeejay_: you dont have to search for it in the installed apps, you can search in the search as usual21:13
fwankiejhutchins: care to see /var/log/apt/history.log ?21:14
jay_eeee, it left a bunch of K*** programs installed. I assume they are from the kde installation21:15
jay_why didn't it uninstall everything?21:15
jay_is this common?21:15
eeeejay_: are you talking about the technical items ?21:16
Numinexjay_, do apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop21:16
Numinex(Correct me if that won't work for whatever reason)21:17
fwankiejhutchins: would love to just go delete any reference to libaubio4, but not sure how to do that21:17
jay_I'm talking about KDE Kcalc Kmag Kmouse K this K that21:18
jay_a lot of programs  left with K's infront of them21:18
reisioit's a konspiracy21:18
eeeeoh ok, try Numinex's suggestion21:18
jay_i tried it but they are all still there21:19
Term1nalAre there any current methods of moving the unity dock down to the bottom of the screen?21:19
Term1nalfor 14.0421:20
jay_jlol reisio21:20
reisioTerm1nal: there's a bug about that on launchpad.net, with solutions in the comments21:21
jay_reisio, eeee Numinex is it normal that all these program were left behind by the uninstall of KDE ?21:21
jay_why did it happen? how do i fix it?21:21
Ben64jay_: what desktop do you want to go back to21:22
jay_why does no one answer the question i ask and ask their own instead? arg. Ben64 Xfce for now21:22
reisiojay_: I told you how to do it21:22
preyaloneHow can I configure Ubuntu to remember which of two monitors I like to keep different applications on?21:22
Ben64jay_: because theres not a single answer, and sometimes we need more information21:23
Ben64!purexubuntu | jay21:23
ubottujay: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »21:23
Ben64wait, they haven't updated that for 14.04 : /21:24
jay_holy crap. just copy that HUGE line of code and paste it in terminal then?21:24
Ben64hasn't been updated since 12.10 apparently21:25
jay_so i should hold off Ben64 ?21:25
jhutchinsfwankie: Sorry, don't know anything about wikimedia's packages or how they might break the packaging system.  I can barely keep up with the official packages.21:25
Ben64jay_: theres a 13.04 version here... http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/pure-xubuntu-13-04/comment-page-1/21:26
jay_there is a K everything Kontacts, Kmail Ktorrent Kurmom. it never ends. i get it.  they want me to use KDE stuff21:26
jhutchinsjay_: With the usual caveat that you should at least know what each command is supposed to do before you hit enter.21:26
holsteinjay_: want? they actually are just providing tools for KDE.. you can use what you like21:26
aram323Question: Is there a way to autocomplete entries of alias? Like if I have alias install="sudo apt-get install", is there a way to have me type install a letter and use the tab to autocomplete?21:26
fwankiejhutchins: I'm talking about ubuntu.wikimedia.org, they are a repo for the "official" packages, nothing fancy.21:27
jhutchinsjay_: Latin for "warning" or "beware".21:28
reisioaram323: yeah21:28
jhutchinsjay_: Same root as "caution".21:28
jay_Ben64, can i use 13.04 or should i not for my 14.04?21:28
Ben64jay_: some of the packages might have changed, might not remove everything21:28
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring21:28
reisioand also if you have an email address cave@21:28
aram323reisio: How would I do that? Now when I try to do like "install f" and press tab, nothing shows up as I would expect like firefox for example21:29
elgatovman that mod on r/ubuntu sure is an asshat21:29
reisioelgatov: heh21:29
preyalonenot as bad as stack overflow mods21:29
jay_can someone answer my original question. why didn't the uninstall take care of every program it installed? i thought this was a prime feature of linux. i thoroughness i was starting to believe in21:29
reisioaram323: you'd need to build a db of options21:29
reisioaram323: there're probably apps that do this already21:30
holsteinjay_: you install an application, and the package manager pulls in the dependencies.. if you remove just one of those, then, only one gets removed21:31
jay_guess i have to uninstall 30 programs one by one :(21:31
holsteinjay_: if you want to remove more, go for it.. if you want to try the "autoremove" feature, try that..21:31
reisiojay_: already told you how21:31
jay_holstein, i used the same package to uninstall and install21:31
jay_you did not reisio21:31
jay_how isn't part of the question21:31
jay_the question is why21:31
holsteinjay_: sure.. but, yo uinstalled one application, and the package mangaer pulls in what all it needs.. then, you only ask it to remove one package.. so it does21:32
aram323reisio: yeah, not sure exactly how the autocomplete works. Having to manually build a database seems quite complicated. Don't see why the same autocomplete entries from sudo apt-get install can't be passed to the shell when I do just install. Any ideas on where I could find any of these databases?21:32
jay_why didn't the exact same package i installed uninstall itself?21:32
holsteinjay_: it didnt install its self.. its a tool.. its doing what you request21:32
reisioaram323: I'm sure apt-cache search can give you a list of all packages available21:32
jay_i know holstein that's for that brilliant insight21:33
holsteinjay_: if the question is, how do i remove an application and the dependencies, try "apt-get autoremove"21:33
jay_why didn't it do what i said when i told it to uninstall itself then? that's the question21:33
reisioif the question is the one you asked originally, try reading what people gave you ;)21:33
rubytoraram323: if you ise tab for your aliases it works perfectly21:33
holsteinjay_: it did.. you didnt give it a list of more applications to be removed21:33
aram323rubytor: What do you mean?21:33
jay_holstein, how didn't i?21:33
jay_there was no option?21:34
jay_i was in the ubuntu software manager. there is only a remove button21:34
holsteinjay_: have you tried "sudo apt-get autoremove"? i have offered that as an option21:34
holsteinjay_: the software center is not intended as a way to keep the system clear of dependencies you previously installed21:34
jay_it's running right now holstein21:35
rubytoraram323: that when you press tab, the system always try to find the command even an alias21:35
jay_i was under the impression it was holstein21:35
jay_so when i install something, the software centre is not the place to uninstall it?21:35
holsteinjay_: no.. its just a GUI software center..21:35
Bashing-omjay_: Think like so, you have a DE installed - install a different one and it's dependencies // uninstall one of them and all it's dependencies, that takes away the common dependencies on BOTH de's. Now the remaining DE is broken -> requiring (RE-)install of the missing dependencies. Most often a better course is to (RE-)install the desired DE.21:35
holsteinjay_: if you want to uninstall something, go for it.. if you are expecting all the dependencies that you dont need anymore to be removed, use a tool that would do that.. or keep track of the packages that are added21:36
jay_that makes sense Bashing-om  i already have my system configured nicely though with software i want on it and extensions and such21:36
rubytoraram323: you dont have to do anything special21:36
aram323rubytor: not for me. Like I said, I have alias install="sudo apt-get install", yet when I do "install f" and press tab for example, nothing shows up. Maybe autocomplete isn't the word, what I mean is that there's no option of software to install that start with the letter f.21:36
jay_holstein, i had no idea it worked like that. common sense told me if i can use a program to install, i can use it to uninstall. i didn't know i needed a more thorough uninstallation program. how do i find one and use it?21:37
eeeearam323: it should work, ls --color=auto is an alias and it autocompletes21:37
holsteinjay_: you can, friend.. but you are only asking to remove one thing21:38
jay_that sudo apt-get autoremove didn't work btw. sorry21:38
Ben64jay_: when you installed, it said "hey i need these other things in order to install that, is that ok?" and you said yes21:38
jay_right Ben6421:38
Ben64jay_: so don't be mad that you didn't take note of that : /21:38
eeeearam323: you are right, i just tried it and it doesnt autocomplete21:38
holsteinjay_: if you click on the button to install "firefox" and a lot of other packages come in, and you install firefox and all its dependencies.. then, you later click a button that says "remove firefox", and firefox gets removed, thats all you asked for21:38
jay_i did? you didn't prove anything Ben6421:39
=== Sway|Away is now known as Sway
holsteinjay_: you are welcome to keep track of what gets added, or try "sudo apt-get autoremove firefox"21:39
jay_the problem is, it doesn't say hey, i'm going to uninstall everything i just installed. it also, doesn't give you a choice21:39
Ben64jay_: then remove the list of stuff you noted was being installed! easy!21:39
rubytoraram323: did you close your terminal and reopen it??21:39
jay_the list is at least 30 programs lol i was hoping there was an easy way21:39
eeeei think jay_ is talking about the programs it installed, like the KCalc and stuff21:39
holsteinthere is not button for "remove firefox and all the other dependencies you added"21:40
holsteinjay_: i consider "autoremove" pretty easy.. have you tried it?21:40
jay_what does autoremove firefox do holstein ?21:40
jay_i tried autoremove that you told me to a minute ago. i don't know how to use it properly though21:41
jay_i just copy and pasted21:41
holsteinjay_: in the scenario above, it does what i see you asking for, which is, after you added firefox, and accepted all the dependencies, it tries to "autoremove" the other packages21:41
k1l_autoremove removes packages that are not used by other packages (which installed them) anymore21:41
holsteinjay_: firefox was just an example, friend..21:41
meek_geekwell how to search with aptitude is a package is in main or contrib or non-free21:41
jay_--->> the problem exactly!!! <holstein> there is not button for "remove firefox and all the other dependencies you added"21:42
holsteinjay_: sudo apt-get autoremove firefox will not be the actual command that addresses your issue.. you'll need to cater it to your specific case21:42
aram323eeee: I think the reason it works with ls alias is because it's local files. When you do sudo apt-get install software it reads from a database I'm guessing and this may be the reason I guess that just running install, a letter, and tabbing won't complete it21:42
Ben64meek_geek: apt-cache policy <package>21:42
jay_well i don't know they name i need to use for the KDE i had installed holstein :/21:43
aram323I'm guessing I need to have the alias command be able to read from the database somehow21:43
holsteinjay_: sure.. but, its not a "problem" at all.. the software center didnt guarantee that.. and doesnt.. but, have you tried "sudo apt-get autoremove *package-name*" ?21:43
jay_how can i know the package-name?21:43
reisiothere is undoubtedly some dpkg frontend with some params that does what you want21:43
jay_i got it from the software manager and don't remember which one now because there are a tone with similar names21:44
holsteinjay_: sure.. but, you really need to learn to take not of what is happening to your system.. its ultimately your responsibility.. consider experiementing with live CD's and vm's.. you can use a package manager like synaptic to search for "kde" and remove what you like21:44
holsteintake note*21:44
meek_geekBen64, aptitude show <package> give a long story21:44
jay_holstein, that's crazy.21:44
k1l_jay_: you installed "kubuntu-desktop" last days, you said21:44
eeeearam323: yeah i suppose so21:45
jay_lol there are probably hundreds of packages on the pc. how could anyone possibly remember them all?21:45
k1l_meek_geek: you are aware he said apt-cache?21:45
=== Glorfindel is now known as Guest11393
meek_geekBen64, do we have a policy option in aptitude ?21:46
jay_kubuntu desktop was not installed and therefore not removed. it had a different name holstein21:46
Ben64meek_geek: why does it need to be aptitude?21:46
rubytoraram323: type >>> nano ~/.bashrc   .............. and then put your aliases into it!!!21:46
StmeterI'm getting 502 Gateway errors with php5-fpm with php5.4. Will downgrading to 5.3 resolve this?21:47
Guest11393How do I fix grub from a live boot ubuntu disk?21:47
meek_geekBen64, Its search option is better and give result in a well organised matter21:47
reisioGuest11393: what's broken?21:47
Ben64meek_geek: it also has problems with multiarch last i checked, but you're free to use what you want21:48
rubytorGuest11393: with Boot Repair21:48
Guest11393I don't know, it shows a Grub: prompt, hang on I'll change my nick21:48
aram323rubytor: I have them put in .bash_aliases, which gets read in from the .bashrc file. The commands work, it's just the apt-get command that have problems.21:48
=== Guest11393 is now known as Glorfindel
jay_holstein, how do i find out the name of a package from the software center?21:48
jay_is there a proper format?21:49
Glorfindelrubytor, how would I do that?21:49
rubytoraram323: did you try a real case?? like install gcc21:49
aram323rubytor: I just tried "install tilda" and it works, but if I did "install t" and pressed tab, there wouldn't be any suggestions.21:50
Glorfindelrubytor, how would I do that? this was Guest1139321:50
rubytorGlorfindel: just start up a live session and install boot repair in it, or download the boot repairs .iso and use it as any live distribution21:50
Glorfindelok, thanks21:51
reisioJewberg: 'lo21:51
Jewberghi reisio21:51
reisioaram323: you can build a bash completion list from apt-cache search's list of packages21:51
reisioaram323: but again, there are probably already apps for this21:51
jay_christ on a candystick. i'm going to just have to manually uninstall these biotches21:52
reisiojay_: or you could do what I told you to do several millennia ago :)21:52
trismaram323: it would be two tabs, not one, because there are multiple results for just t (1199 here), but ti gives much fewer21:52
jay_WHAT! what reisio !21:53
jay_jesus i've tried everything21:53
reisiomy sentiments exactly21:53
jay_sorry. i'm irritated21:53
jay_the link you gave me was for 12.0421:53
jay_i tried that21:53
jay_it didn't work21:53
aram323trism: Still doesn't work. Feel free to try my alias. :)21:55
reisiojay_: what version are you using?21:55
trismaram323: oh sorry I didn't see an alias I thought you were just using apt-get install21:55
=== dfgas_off is now known as dfgas
k1l_!away > dfgas21:56
ubottudfgas, please see my private message21:56
jay_what's left behind anyways? is it just programs from the KDE? i'd assume it uninstalled the desktop related things when i uninstalled from the ubuntu software useless for uninstalling centre21:56
Jewbergsorry I dont know ettiquite on here, would a kind soul help me a bit?21:56
reisioJewberg: with what?21:56
aram323trism: Yeah, works normally with the sudo apt-get install, it's the alias that causes an issue21:57
Bashing-omjay_: A lot of time and effort has gone into geting us out of "dependency hell" with the development of a package manager. It is not perfect, but sure is great ! -> sudo apt-get -f install , dpkg -C <- to see what the package manager is aware of IF applications are in it's data base.21:57
Jewbergreisio: I'm trying to boot osx mountain lion from a usb stick. I wrote it correctly using the tool in Linux Mint, but when I try to boot from the usb in my BIOS, it just loads GRUB21:58
aram323Alright I think I may have found a solution21:58
Jewbergreisio: and I don't know how to boot the usb from GRUB21:59
rubytoraram323: did you find it??22:00
jay_Bashing-om, it's good most of the time i'm sure. but how hard could it be to include the exact same items during the uninstall and the install? i'm not programmer but come on.22:00
aram323rubytor: yep: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/alias-apt-with-auto-complete-kde-4-kubuntu/22:01
reisioJewberg: that's a job for your bios/u/efi22:01
reisioJewberg: talk to #macosx22:01
Bashing-omJewberg: If you know the designation and partition that 'buntu is installed onto the USB drive, not no big deal to boot from grub. maybe @ 'grub >' grub commnad -> ls -la <- to see what all grub is aware of. Grub syntax for device identification differs from what the system uses !.22:02
aram323Apparently you need to create a function that does a apt-cache search and returns matching entries? Idk, not exactly sure how the function works.22:02
Jewbergreisio: I have no idea what that means. haha umm... how do I talk to #macosx22:02
reisioyou /join #macosx22:03
JewbergBashing-om: way over my head. thanks for helping22:03
rubytoraram323: great, thanks22:03
Bashing-omjay_: How would you suggest a meathod to track ALL of the dependencies for each application installed, now that would be a huge data base ! And that would be a huge amount of overhead for smaller systems to cope with.22:03
reisioBashing-om: nah it'd be easy22:04
reisiomost package managers do this22:04
reisioprobably dpkg too, in a way22:04
Bashing-omJewberg: You asked, and it is no big deal .. just a bit of using the terminal. To tell the system what you want it to do.22:04
jay_isn't that what it already does during install Bashing-om ? it's pretty simple really. make a program to check to see if a (dependency )library is needed by another program. if not, uninstall it. if it's needed, leave it. done22:05
jay_i'm a genius / it was really easy and anyone could figure that out22:05
rubytorJewberg: i think that is the secure boot of your bios!!!22:05
jay_anyways, i gotta go play some ultimate frizbee :)22:06
jay_ttyl y'all22:06
aram323rubytor: Yep, this'll make things much simpler. :D I'm guessing some of those like `_get_cword`and complete are built-in bash functions or something.22:06
diverdudehi, if i do apt-get -s build-dep python3.4 i get a long list of libraries... i guess if i want to properly build python34 i need to install all those libs, how do i do that?22:06
Bashing-omjay_: True, most assuredly, however the base of all this is not to duplicate any files present on the system. When an application is "purged" and all it;s dependencies the package manager has no direct way of knowing what other applications are affected.22:07
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trismdiverdude: omit the -s22:11
jhutchinsHow do I restart the taskbar/menu in gnome?22:12
reisiojhutchins: in gnome, or unity?22:13
=== jack is now known as Guest21200
diverdudeack...when i try to remove python 3.4 i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744235/ How can i then move 3.4?22:14
k1l_jhutchins: killall gnome-panel?22:15
=== rafael is now known as Guest23880
dcopehey all, is there a way to force my raid setup to spread the data across disks to help reduce i/o and having one disk getting bogged down?22:20
diverdudeack...when i try to remove python 3.4 using sudo dpkg -r python3.4 i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7744235/ How can i force move 3.4?22:25
=== scotty is now known as Guest55943
Balzyhello, where could I report a kubuntu 14.04? could you please provide me the link to the right bug tracker? It's a probable system bug22:26
=== dfgas is now known as dfgas_off
eeeediverdude: add --force ?22:26
ianorlinthere is ubuntu-bug in a terminal will work and bring up a browser Balzy22:26
Balzythank you!22:28
diverdudeeeee, ok, what impact could that have. that apparmor no more works?22:28
jhutchinsk1l_: Morelikely start gnome-panel, we'll see.22:28
eeeediverdude: most likely, as well as rhythmbox22:28
jhutchinsk1l_: Actually, the issue wasn't just the panel - the whole GUI was down (wasn't me, but thanks).22:28
diverdudeeeee, ok...so if i do sudo dpkg -r apparmor rythmbox python3.4 that should be ok right? Then i can rebuild python3.4, install that and reinstall apparmor  and rhytmbox.22:30
aberranthey all22:30
aberrantanyone know how to specify afs mounts in /etc/fstab?22:31
aberranter, sorry - afp22:32
eeeediverdude: yeah i suppose, or just force uninstall python then reinstall it22:34
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eeeereinstalling the others might be a better idea i guess22:34
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diverdudeeeee, that was not possible :/ those packages had other dependencies hehe22:42
diverdudeeeee, i guess its the srew without end22:43
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amartinencoI am having troubles with flash player on my ubuntu 14.04. I can play youtube videos fine but when I go to cbc.ca I cant run a single video. Can somebody please tell what I need to do to fix this issue?22:51
amartinencoi just get a grey screen. My windows machine loads it fine but ubuntu does not for some reason.22:52
kyle__amartinenco: Try with google chrome.  Adobe has abandoned flash for linux in general, and IIRC isn't updating it anymore.  BUT, in an agreement with google, new updated versions ship embedded in chrome.22:53
amartinencokyle__: is that the chromium that I need to install?22:55
kyle__amartinenco: chromium is the open-source part of chrome, and built by matainers at ubuntu.  I don't think that one contains flash.  You need the official one from google for flash.22:56
OerHeks!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree22:57
ubottupepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 65 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)22:57
OerHeksi use chrome too, saves a lot of issues22:57
meek_geekOerHeks, but chrome is proprietary22:57
amartinencook Ill official chrome, thanks guys22:57
kyle__Ugh.  Right now I'm not sure if this USB port is 1.0 or if the machine is really just that slow.22:58
OerHeksmeek_geek, for youtube i use html5, anything else chrome22:58
meek_geekchromium or chrome ?22:59
kcj[work]I require assistance as my display settings lack persistence.23:00
OerHekschrome uses html5 standard, when you enable it @ youtube AFAIK23:01
meek_geekbasically i did a small research and happen to find out that girls use flash for games and guys for shame ( heh )23:01
thomasfustonOerHeks: every browser sues html5, when you enable it @ youtube23:02
OerHeksi can't tell, as i removed firefox.23:02
diverdudehow do i remove python 3.4 ? i cannot even force remove it - then i get: dpkg: error: unknown force/refuse option `python3.4'23:05
kyle__OerHeks: Eh?  I thought that was one of the things that pulled out half of the desktop if you removed it.23:05
OerHeksi think python 3.4 is core business23:05
kyle__diverdude: dpkg --get-selections|grep python3.4 to find the exact package name, then apt-get remove.  Look at what it wants to remove BEOFORE hitting yes FFS.23:06
OerHekskyle__, nope, firefox can be removes safely23:06
kyle__OerHeks: Neat.  Didn't know that.  Last time I tried to remove something that came with the default desktop, it tried to remove everything.23:06
OerHekswhy do you want to remove python 3.4 diverdude ?23:07
kyle__diverdude: If you just want to use a different versino of python by default, you can update the alternatives.23:07
diverdudeOerHeks, because its not compiled correctly :/ it should be compiled with zlib support....23:07
kyle__diverdude: You're supposed to import that as a library/module IIRC.23:08
diverdudekyle__, mmm but i dont get how that works then...because i have both python 2.7 and 3.4 installed....and zlib works fine for 2.7 and not 3.4. i cannot import it in 3.423:09
kyle__diverdude: Oh.  That's odd.  My laptop here has py 2.7 and 3.3 installed, and I can import zlib.  Which is what I thought you're supposed to do... humm.23:10
diverdudekyle__, can you run python3.3 and then in that shell do import zlib ?23:11
kyle__diverdude: Yup.  Humm.23:11
kyle__diverdude: did you check in #python?  They would probably know if a release of py for ubuntu was screwed like that.23:11
dcopeis there a good iotop alternative?23:12
kyle__dcope how so?  is it not working, or missing something you want?23:14
kyle__dcope: It's the only thing like it I"ve used.23:14
dcopekyle__: oh, was just thinking about using another program to get a second reading23:15
CavemanSeanWondering if someone could help me get a fileshare working from Ubuntu 14.04 to a Windows machine, I've been on google for the last 2-3 hours and can't seem to get it working WITHOUT a password (I want a specific folder to be READ ONLY)23:15
Picidcope: htop has some features of it23:15
dcopei keep seeing jbd2/sda5-8 in iotop23:15
typdcope: that's journaling23:15
* kyle__ nods23:15
dcopetyp: does it need to be enabled?23:15
typit does not, but it's advised23:16
kyle__dcope: I'd love to hear if you find a reasonable alternative.  I like iotop, but it's not a big part of my sysadmin day.23:16
dcopetrying to figure out if i can get this i/o down... http://cl.ly/image/2g3I323n1Z0J23:16
dcopekyle__: certainly will. the only thing i've found is folks using iostat23:17
dcopebut meh at that23:17
=== esde is now known as Guest23543
dcopenow jdb2 is using 90+ % i/o23:17
Caroga_mintHi all! anyone who could help me installing 14.04 on my VAIO, getting weird errors when partition the the device23:17
dcopeis that right?23:17
dcopeCaroga_mint: what is the exact error23:18
Caroga_mintThat's the thing, I get a message box containing only question marks23:18
dcopeoh weird23:18
dcopenot sure :(23:18
Caroga_mintI've found that i could be because I am using a RAID 0 configuration.23:18
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: Sounds like you have bad install media or RAM.23:18
typdcope: looks like you don't cache enough?23:18
Caroga_mintIts already the second USB device on which ive downloaded and installed a fresh installation ISO package.23:19
Caroga_mintAlso, RAM is working pretty darn well, did the check.23:19
dcopetyp: just serving static files23:19
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: What is the exact iso you're using, and how did you configure the USB drive to boot it?23:19
OssumPawesomei can connect to my ubuntu ssh server locally just fine - how do i connect to it from outside my house?23:19
Caroga_mintJordan_U: ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso23:19
typdcope: you have a shitload of disk reads for static files = you don't cache enough23:20
Caroga_mintinstalled it using USB universal installer via Windows 7 first, now I am at my older Mint installation on another device, installed it using ISO writer.23:20
Jordan_U!screenshot | Caroga_mint23:20
ubottuCaroga_mint: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.23:20
dcopetyp: nginx can cache static files in memory?23:20
apeoidmmmmm I'm striking out on fixing this for myself.  I wanted to get pipelight installed to run silverlight.  any ideas?23:21
Caroga_mintJordan_U: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176720323:21
Caroga_mintIt's not my topic, but it's that error that pops up23:21
apeoidI've done the steps to install pipelight and changed user agent but I get a prompt to install silverlight when I test23:21
=== jibran|afk is now known as jibran
Caroga_mintapeoid: restart, sometimes it takes another boot to get it going. Also, the sites asks for permission to run that plugin.23:22
typdcope: http://nginx.com/resources/admin-guide/caching/23:22
apeoidI did that too :/23:22
Caroga_mintDid u go to the silverlight testing page and see if your "silverlight" loads?23:22
TheDudeHey guys whats the topic right now?23:23
apeoidyes.  in chrome, chrome as ff, ff itself23:23
Caroga_mintJordan_U: did u see the images inside the post of the threads23:23
pavlosCavemanSean, did you configure samba?23:23
xanguaapeoid: are you using chromium/chrome?23:23
mkramer_TheDude, using windows software in linux23:23
OssumPawesomecould anyone please tell me how to reference my ubuntu server when trying to connect outside my house? i can connect in my house with my local ip just fine23:23
apeoidyeah I try to use chrome browser but I also have ff23:23
typdcope: well actually that might not be the correct link, but yes, nginx can cache23:23
CavemanSeanpavlos from what I seen online yes. then I restart the service.23:23
xanguaapeoid: chrome no longer sports napi plugins23:23
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: port forwarding23:24
CavemanSeanI even reboot the PC with no luck :(23:24
TheDudehmmmmm nope using linux inside of ubuntu... i think23:24
TheDudeor the other way around23:24
apeoidwell why don't they23:24
x9hello, how can I get rid of unmounted hard drives on my desktop?23:24
pavlosdid you create a dir that goes into the [public] section of the smb.conf23:24
OssumPawesomeCaroga_mint yes but how do i reference my server? with my global ip address?23:24
Twerk_BotCan i twerk in here?23:24
* Twerk_Bot twerks23:24
TheDudewine isnt a cure all23:24
apeoidI started ff and it's downloading wine stuff23:24
apeoidlet's give it a shot eh23:24
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: nah, i think you will actually need to create a DMZ for that or something, when I think about it.23:25
TheDudejust tell my mother in law23:25
x9Twerk_Bot what just happened23:25
CavemanSeanpavlos nothing said anything about [public] it was all in [gloal]....sonva bitch D=23:25
apeoidgotta switch user agent for ff, news shortly23:25
TheDudejust as long as twerk bot has nipple its cool23:26
ianorlin!ot |TheDude23:26
ubottuTheDude: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:26
Caroga_mintJordan_U: u there?23:26
x9anyways, there's unmounted partitions on my desktop (dual booting with Windows 8.1 on Xubuntu 14.04), how23:26
x9*how can I get rid of the unmounted hard drives so they're not cluttering my desktop?23:27
TheDudeOK guys i have a question, Is there a way to start bootloader from inside of a running ubuntu so i can switch my windows partition with out having to hit shutdown23:28
TheDudelike a shortcut or something23:28
x9TheDude: afraid not, you could just reboot the computer though, but the closest thing to what you would want would be a VM23:28
TheDudehmmm.....is it more resource intensive?23:28
x9it's a computer in a computer basically, yes23:29
TheDudegrr....i only got about 2 gigs ram,,,,i dont think thats a good fix...23:30
x9try to dedicate at least 2GB RAM to the VM and expect a large filesize for the virtual hard drive (depending on how much stuff you have in Windows)23:30
x9yeah, you will definitely want more RAM then that... at least double23:30
TheDudeis there a way to write a scrip to restart into my windows partition with out going through all that hasle,,, and just click it and go?23:30
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: just found out23:31
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: port forwarding is enough.23:31
x9you'd have to play with UEFI for that, which I don't think Ubuntu has total support for yet23:31
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Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: meaning you will connect on your routers ip, and it will forward all communication on 22 towards your internal server.23:31
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: got it ?23:31
OssumPawesomeand you use your global ip? yeah im thinking thats it23:31
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: global == external? than yes23:32
OssumPawesomei didnt forward my port before I left home today, but I will when i get back23:32
TheDudewhats UEFI ?23:32
Caroga_mintOssumPawesome: good luck bro.23:32
ianorlinwith 2gb ram it might have bios23:33
TheDudei am running a gateway turion 64 x223:33
kerry_how to obtain google ip range23:34
Caroga_mintkerry_: say whaat?23:34
apeoidoooo netflix23:35
apeoidit's buffering23:35
Caroga_mintapeoid: nice!23:35
apeoidworks!  thank you23:35
apeoidI guess I hadn't tried firefox thoroughly23:35
apeoidI had to try 3 different firefox add-ons of user-agent switchers before one actually added its button to the bar23:36
TheDudewell there isnt alot on netflix anyway latley.... but cool23:37
apeoidI'm watching orange is the new black23:37
Caroga_mintTheDude: depends on where you watch from.23:37
qballerHey guys, thanks for the help a few houes back now I notice HDMI isn't working23:37
qballerCan't direct hdmo sound23:37
Caroga_mintHave you  tried turning it off and on again ?23:37
TheDudethats a system reboot23:37
Caroga_mintqballer: sound on hdmi?23:37
Caroga_mintYou also manually switched the sound settings to stream over hdmi ?23:38
TheDudeyup, system config make sure your settings are not muted23:38
qballerCaroga_mint: yea. The HDMI stream isn't showing. the only recognised driver is VGA23:38
TheDudestart with a reboot23:39
qballerdid that several times. I even use intel installer23:39
qballerpavlos: you around ?23:40
l_h_o_udamn it i can't sync my iphone 3G with gtkpod. I'm using xubuntu 14.0423:40
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Caroga_mintJordan_U: I cannot say for sure YET but I think I found what was bugging with my partition setup.23:42
Caroga_mintJordan_U: It appears the partition software used in the ubuntu installer isnt able to write proper partition tables, GPT tables that is.23:43
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Caroga_mintGParted fortunately is. So I partitioned everything inside GParted and voila!23:43
kerryhello,good morning anyone have a good day23:43
Roeywhy can't I hear sound?23:43
Caroga_mintkerry: I am now, thanks!23:43
RoeyI've checked my volume levels23:43
Roeyon both my analog and SPDIF devices.23:43
Caroga_mintRoey: Have you tried turning it off and on again ?23:43
Roeyand through my desktop23:43
RoeyCaroga_mint:  what, the computer?23:44
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: Ubuntu's installer most certainly can write proper GPT labels, and uses the same code to do so (libparted) as GParted does.23:44
RoeyCaroga_mint:  something must be up wtih pulseaudio, I'm thinking.23:44
Caroga_mintJordan_U: But also on RAID 0 volumes?23:44
qballerso any ideas on the hdmi driver issue?  it' intel graphics hd23:44
Roeyeven mpg123 doesn't output sound.23:44
kerryChina blocks google service,i want to obtain google ip range ,so that i can access google service with goagent23:44
Caroga_mintRoey: no clue, not that into pulseaudio anymore.23:45
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: Yes, libparted is used no matter what volume you use, or partition label type (GPT vs msdos).23:45
RoeyCaroga_mint:  alright.  I was under the impression that pulseaudio is the default for *buntu23:45
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: Is this hardware raid0, FakedRAID (which may claim to be hardware RAID on the box, hence the "fake"), or linux software RAID (mdraid)?23:45
Caroga_mintJordan_U: Then it's most strange that this issue appears. I've partitioned my tables using GParted and just pointed the installer to the right direction. Works.23:46
qballerCaroga_mint: you got ideas  man ?23:46
Caroga_mintI believe it's a hardware RAID, but I honestly could tell you yet. Will check it after install is done.23:46
Caroga_mintJordan_U: Which happens to be done now..23:47
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: Did you ever make a screenshot of the Ubuntu installer preseting that error mesage?23:47
Caroga_mintqballer: sorry, hdmi guy right ?23:47
Caroga_mintIve send you a link of the error yes23:47
qballerCaroga_mint: yea23:47
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: I'm not interested in someone else's screenshot. Did you make one of your own, preferably showing the rest of the Ubuntu installer Window as well?23:48
Caroga_mint<Caroga_mint> Jordan_U: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176720323:48
qballerCaroga_mint: intel hd graphics23:48
dcopeis there a way to force ubuntu to cache more static files in memory ?23:48
dcopei have 30 GB of free memory but my disks are being slammed23:48
Jordan_Udcope: Read them.23:48
Caroga_mintI havent Jordan_U, but I can reproduce it.23:48
dcopeJordan_U: the files are being read.23:49
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Caroga_mintqballer: erm lemme think23:49
Jordan_Udcope: If you have free RAM, any file reads should be cached automatically.23:49
Caroga_mintJordan_U: I have a Intel Raid controller in the device.23:49
dcopehundreds of MB of files are being read every few minutes23:49
dcopeyet the RAM usage never goes above 2 GB23:49
Jordan_Udcope: You're getting disc spinups from reading files that don't change, even after they have been read previously?23:50
Caroga_mintqballer: what intel driver did you installed, or default ones?23:50
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: You probably have FakeRAID. Unless you're dual booting with Windows, I would recommend using mdraid instead.23:50
dcopeJordan_U: yes, appears so but i cannot be 100% certain23:51
Jordan_Udcope: What type of files? What is reading them?23:51
Caroga_mintJordan_U: Im not dual booting, trying to escape from windows23:51
Jordan_Udcope: How are you checking RAM usage? Are you using 64 bit Ubuntu?23:51
Jordan_UCaroga_mint: The introduction here is a good explanation of what FakeRAID is, and why you probably don't want to use it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto .23:55
ryan_EOL 12.04 LTS23:56
Caroga_mintty Jordan_U , im also fixiing the screenshots for u23:57
qballerCaroga_mint: default and than I give intel installer a go.23:58
Caroga_mintqballer: was it working before u give intel a chance ?23:59
qballernope Caroga_mint23:59
Caroga_mintconsider trying that23:59
qballernope , no hdmi driver23:59
qballerjust vga23:59
Caroga_mintah srry23:59

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