bluesabreknome: maybe add an ability to favorite wallpapers/folders/sections that show in a Favorites view00:56
knomebluesabre, maybe, but just being able to show stuff in subdirs would work for me00:57
bluesabrelike ochosi mentioned, that could create a mess00:58
bluesabrewhat if you choose /00:58
bluesabrethen it would walk your entire filesystem/mounted shares/etc00:58
Unit193Or even ~/Pictures/ ?00:58
bluesabreI think a favorites implementation, or a way to add predefined directories to a dropdown: ~/Pictures, /usr/share/backdrops, /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops00:59
bluesabreinstead of just browse01:00
bluesabrebut yeah, a library that walks ~/Pictures would not be bad01:00
bluesabreexcept localization01:00
bluesabreunless there is some fancy xdg for that01:00
knomebluesabre, well you can symlink / to ~/Pictures, duh!01:06
bluesabreoh, that'd be fun01:08
knomeit isn't long when i last saw / symlinked to a directory that was publicly shown in the internet01:15
knomeon a commercial internet host01:15
bluesabreoh, that's lovely01:17
knomei just cleaned up a site on that host from some injected files this week01:18
bluesabresounds like fun01:23
Unit193knome, ochosi: apt-offline is broken right now, hopefully it'll be fixed before release.02:05
NoskcajUnit193, How is it broken?02:23
Noskcajdebian git and bts have many fixes that could be taken02:23
Unit193Git works, yeah.02:23
Unit193I of course quickly packaged it and called it 1.3.2. :P03:29
ochosiUnit193: sounds good :) but let's keep it on the radar. basically i think there's nothing much we can do if 3rd party apps break (apart from hoping that upstream will fix them, or if they're horribly broken and there's little chance of getting fixed, we take them off the image)09:13
ochosire: geary, i wouldn't mind trying to ship Xubuntu once with !ff and geary09:14
Unit193Eww. :309:14
ochosialthough ppl generally seem to be happy with the mozilla suite09:14
Unit193What would you ship with?  Midori?  And I was really asking in passing, just happened to see the one that was released a couple days ago uploaded.09:16
ochosipossibly midori or chromium09:16
ochosithing is, as long as it's not an LTS release, i think we can try out other apps09:17
ochosiwe have been pretty conservative in the past, which is a good thing mostly09:17
ochosibut i think we should focus more on lts releases and use the meantime to experiment a little more09:17
Noskcajmidori in ubuntu is a bit ancient09:18
Unit193s/ubuntu/Debian and Ubuntu/09:18
ochosithat sounds like it should be resolved anyway :)09:30
Unit193ochosi: It is in git, see my last comment on the subject.09:30
NoskcajJust FYI, http://api.yr.no/weatherapi/locationforecastlts/1.1/documentation#version_1_2___2014_05_2009:31
Noskcajweather-plugin will break on 2014-10-0709:32
Unit193Git fixes it too.09:32
Noskcajyeah, but not the broken icon themes09:33
Unit193I see.09:33
ochosibroken icon themes?09:33
ochosioh crap09:33
ochosimore icons09:33
Noskcajread I'll upload a patched version to utopic later this week 09:33
ochosithey really suck09:33
ochosiit was already so hard to draw those icons as complex as they were...09:34
NoskcajI'll upload a patched version to utopic later this week, so we've plenty of time to test before it goes to trusty09:34
Unit193It's got time, don't rush it.09:34
ochosiyeah, and after all, it's only the weather plugin...09:35
ochosii'll sit down with hjudt next week probably or at a later time (in person) and discuss it with him09:35
ochosiso really, no rush09:35
ochosii might even draw the missing icons09:35
NoskcajI'm just trying to get stuff done during the school holidays, but understood09:36
ochosisure, it's appreciated09:37
ochosianyway, g2g, bbl09:37
* Noskcaj resumes attempting to learn C and reading game of thrones09:39
knomethat's not going to happen at the same time09:39
Noskcajit's past 7:30, so the former isn't really allowed (because computer)09:44
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brainwashis the bug bounty program still being discussed? any news?11:01
ochosithere was never a single reply to my proposal11:01
ochosiso no, no news11:02
ochosiknome: right, i can confirm that annoying bug with the window borders and intel drivers now...11:12
bluesabrewhich one?11:13
ochosithe one where the window borders look garbled (striped etc)11:13
bluesabreoh right11:13
bluesabreI thought that was just my chipset11:13
ochosisome odd interaction between xfwm4 and X1111:13
ochosiactually it first showed up in 13.10 or 13.0411:13
ochosibut it was "backported" down to 12.04 even11:13
ochosithen it got fixed, now it resurfaced obviously11:13
bluesabremust be nice11:14
bluesabreI troll #ubuntu-devel daily with this, nobody wants to backport it down11:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1323405 in menulibre (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] Please backport menulibre-2.0.4 to trusty" [Undecided,New]11:14
ochosiyeah, i saw11:14
ochosimight have to wait for your upload rights then :(11:14
knomeochosi, yep.11:14
knomebluesabre, it's a bit crappy, but it's not stopping me from doing work.11:15
knomeor anything11:15
knomeit simply does not break any functionality11:15
bluesabreyeah, and it goes away if you move the window around11:15
ochosiyeah, any sort of redraw seems to fix it11:16
knomeyeah, but that kind of sucks even more11:16
knomeif it were consistently broken i think i might be a bit happier...11:16
bluesabreochosi can probably provide a fixed theme to make it always appear broken for you11:16
knomewell i guess i could provide that myself11:17
ochosiyeah, i guess i can also provide one that works around the problem11:17
bluesabrethere you go ;)11:17
ochosiit's actually fairly easy11:17
knomeochosi, larger borders again?11:17
ochosiseems so...11:17
ochosiwell there's really no alternative (other than getting that stupid bug fixed somehow)11:18
ali1234um... about menulibre12:18
ali1234it doesn't work properly... at all12:19
bluesabreali1234: running to work, but which version... fixed tons of things in 2.0.412:33
ali12342.0.3 i guess12:40
elfyochosi: so when is the next team meeting>19:45
slickymasterochosi: in case you've forget http://xubuntu.org/?p=254822:29
knomeor is it forgotten22:35
slickymasterright you are knome, right you are22:37
ochosislickymaster: i think we can get rid of the dependencies22:46
ochosialso, skip the "how to install" part, it'll be included by default22:47
ochosithe "what is", "how to" and "how to in irc" are good to go i guess22:47
slickymasterso, just a pratical FAQ block22:47
slickymasterok, in a second you'll have it22:48
ochosii'm wondering though whether there are too many examples22:48
ochosiand there is a bit of inconsistency between "hard drive" and "Hard Drive"22:48
ochosisince you lowercased everything else, i guess lowercase it should be22:49
ochosiUnit193: any thoughts on which examples could be dropped or even merged? ^22:49
slickymasterochosi: those examples would be the most used/needed ones22:51
slickymasterfor what inixi is aimed at22:51
slickymasteranyway, it's done22:51
ochosithe -o part is also a bit repetetitive22:52
ochosiit seems to do the same in xchat and weechat22:52
ochosiso no need to explain it multiple times22:52
slickymasterthe command syntax is diferent22:52
slickymasterin weechat22:53
ochosiyeah, but the -o option is explained multiple times is what i mean22:53
ochosiwhereas the real difference, the -bx part, is not explained22:53
slickymasteryeah, you're right it's redundant 22:54
ochosior is that supposed to say -<option> instead?22:54
ochosialso, since irssi and xchat are the same, just write: "XChat, irssi and most other clients"22:54
ochosiand merge the two22:54
slickymasterthe -bx parameters do the exact same thing the -<option> parameters22:54
ochosiwhat are "bx" parameters? do you have to add "bx" and then the options?22:55
slickymasterno, just -bx22:55
ochosii mean, the example doesn't show where the user is supposed to put the options22:55
ochosie.g. if i want to run "inxi -ni" in weechat, i guess i'd have to do "/shell -o inxi -ni | pastebinit", no?22:56
ochosior "/shell -o inxi -bxni | pastebinit"?22:56
slickymasterI see what you mean now22:57
ochosiso actually the syntax is the same with all of them, apart from s/shell/exec/22:57
ochosiUnit193: could you plz add the meeting to the cal? thanks!23:01
ochosislickymaster: gotta get some sleep now, but i can review it again tomorrow or whenever you're done with it23:02
ochosifeel free to also ask knome or Unit193 if i'm not around23:02
ochosinight everyone!23:02
slickymasterdone ochosi 23:02
slickymasternighty ochosi c23:02

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