xubuntu146Alright, I'm trying to install my printer and one of the packages required for the driver to work is ia32-libs. Yet it looks like this package is no longer available in 14.04. Is there a substitute or something?00:22
xubuntu146I mean, if the driver is not available in cups, then most likely it won't be in Xubuntu's repos, will it? Manually is most likely the only way to install, right?00:24
SamwiseGamgeeI am about to install xubuntu 14.04.  does the name of my PC really matter?  Like does it have to be lower case and unique?00:49
SamwiseGamgeeWhat are some considerations I need to take when deciding the name of my PC when installing xubuntu?00:49
Kekaiyour nam00:51
Kekaiits only gonna be seen by you and other people on your netowork00:52
Unit193SamwiseGamgee: Just that it doesn't clash with another name on the network, can be confusing to the router.00:52
SamwiseGamgeeOh, then the name should be unique?00:52
xubuntu146anyone have any suggestions fo rmy issue with my laser printer/scanner01:05
Unit193What printer is it?01:07
xubuntu146Unit193: Brother MFC-7360N01:08
xubuntu146I need the ia32-libs it says01:09
yoLo_i installed a clean version of xubuntu 14.04 and updates doesn't work01:11
yoLo_basically... everything i try downloading doesn't work at all01:12
SirLagzwhat doesn't work ? how does it not work ?01:12
SirLagzdo you get errors ?01:12
yoLo_it always prompts if i'd like to report error01:12
xubuntu146yoLo_: check your sources list01:12
yoLo_a lot01:12
SirLagzyoLo_: are you using the update manager ?01:12
yoLo_what sources list ?01:12
xubuntu146It crashes or it gives an error like 404?01:13
yoLo_the update manager and also in terminal01:13
SirLagzwhat happens when you do it in terminal ?01:13
yoLo_it crashes and also errors01:13
SirLagzwhat error ? how does it crash ?01:13
SirLagzyoLo_: can you pastebin the errors ?01:13
yoLo_i'll show it to you01:13
xubuntu146yoLo_: what do you get when you run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" without the quotes in terminal?01:13
yoLo_let me try01:15
yoLo_xubuntu146, i will pastebin it01:17
yoLo_even installing chrome crashed01:18
yoLo_and also python01:19
SirLagzyoLo_: what did you do *before* this started happening ?01:21
SirLagzyoLo_: did you cancel an update or anything like that ?01:21
xubuntu146yoLo_: It may be an issue with the kernel it seems01:22
yoLo_After linux installation has completed update manager popped up saying 261MB of update available so i clicked to update01:22
yoLo_but it crashed...01:22
yoLo_internet was working perfectly fine...01:22
SirLagzyoLo_: how did that crash ?01:22
xubuntu146issue with bash*01:23
SirLagzyoLo_: I'm suspecting it crashing halfway through has buggered something up01:23
xubuntu146try doing sudo apt-get install -f01:23
xubuntu146just run that "sudo apt-get install -f"01:23
xubuntu146and tell us what the output is01:24
SirLagzyoLo_: if what xubuntu146 says doesn't work,run "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -u dist-upgrade" and see what happens01:24
yoLo_omg.. i tried installing gedit and it also failed am getting alot of pop up "SYSTEM PROGRAM PROBLEM DETECTED01:25
SirLagzyoLo_: I think you may have a hardware issue.01:26
SirLagzyoLo_: dpkg-deb: error: subprocess tar was killed by signal (Bus error), core dumped  <-- that's not a good sign01:26
SirLagzyoLo_: is this an old PC ?01:26
yoLo_ nope01:26
yoLo_it's a lenovo thinkpad x201 201201:26
SirLagzyoLo_: I'd start with a fresh install01:27
yoLo_SirLagz, that's exactly what i'm getting01:27
SirLagzyoLo_: or run `sudo apt-get install tar` and see what happens01:27
xubuntu146yoLo_: Yeah, try a new fresh install. It may be something went very wrong during install01:27
yoLo_that's what i'm doing right now.. i hade deleted the linux off my usb and i'm download from another mirror01:28
xubuntu146Maybe make sure to check your install medium before the reinstall also01:28
xubuntu146Alright, yeah, hopefully that'll fix it01:28
yoLo_i don't get something why is it that i'm downloading the same linux but at some mirror the iso size if much bigger ?01:29
xubuntu146yoLo_: that may mean the other one is corrupted.01:29
yoLo_amd64-bit waterloo is 913mb and toronto is 945mb why /01:29
xubuntu146check a few other mirrors01:29
xubuntu146Which size do they match01:30
yoLo_i'm downloading directly from the site with torrent01:31
yoLo_i hope it is not some shortcut to a random mirror01:33
yoLo_just when i was about to get into scrapy and django orm this happens!01:34
xubuntu256why won't xubuntu install on my computer ? get a message saying (initramfs) unable to find a medium with a live file system01:35
xubuntu256any one have an idea ?01:36
holsteinxubuntu256: sounds like a bad iso, or installation media01:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:36
xubuntu256have done all oth that still no luck01:36
xubuntu256tried it on a usb stick a cd and a dvd01:37
holsteinxubuntu256: you have done what? confirmed the iso? or the installation media? are you trying to install and getting that message? will it run live or no?01:37
xubuntu256sorry confirmied iso01:37
xubuntu256i get a screen with xubuntu01:37
holsteinxubuntu256: you make installation media from the iso, so that can still be testing and confirmed.. there is an integrity check in the menu01:38
holsteinxubuntu256: try to specifically get to a live desktop.. choose "run live" or "try xubuntu" or whatever its called that is the *other* option besides "install"01:38
xubuntu256i downloaded the iso put it on a usb stick using one of the programs for this01:39
xubuntu256have tried running live01:39
xubuntu256still have same problem01:39
holsteinxubuntu256: so, you *cant" run the live desktop?01:39
yoLo_i think it would be a bad idea if i installed linux with installing updates enabled01:40
xubuntu256nope goes to a screen saying xubuntu a circle spins for a few mins01:40
holsteinyoLo_: i choose not to.. i update after the installation, so im sure i have the same, or very similar packages from the live CD01:40
holsteinxubuntu256: then, what? the error message?01:40
xubuntu256then back to unable to find a medium etc etc etc01:41
holstein!nomodeset | xubuntu256 please try this01:41
ubottuxubuntu256 please try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:41
yoLo_holstein, i also use to do that, this is my first time installing linux with updates enabled01:41
holsteinxubuntu256: also, can you confirm that stick works buy booting on other machines?01:41
xubuntu256the stick works01:41
holsteinyoLo_: really shouldnt be a problem, if the hardware is supported01:41
holsteinxubuntu256: if you dont confirm it works, you are assuming, and that issue can cause the message you are seeing01:42
xubuntu256should be straight forward01:42
xubuntu256never had this problem on my notbook01:42
holsteinxubuntu256: sure.. different hardware supports linux differently.. you were likely not promised the hardware would support linux in any way01:42
holsteinxubuntu256: have you confirmed the integrity check? or tried nomodeset?01:43
`Fibzuse a different program to make the live image.01:43
xubuntu256well I had this computer i'm using now well before i thought of converting to lynux01:43
holsteinxubuntu256: sure.. im just letting you know why you would have potentially quite different experiences on 2 different machines01:44
`Fibzif you have access to a windows box i recommend Linux Live USB Installer (LiLi): http://www.linuxliveusb.com/01:44
xubuntu256i never get that options (checking etc) I download burn boot select usb01:44
holsteinxubuntu256: have you tried nomodeset?01:44
`Fibzalso try noapic and nolapic01:44
xubuntu256get to the try xubuntu laselect language etc blue screen01:44
xubuntu256back to message01:44
`Fibztry booting with the advanced boot options nomodeset noapic nolapic01:45
holsteinxubuntu256: you get to the menu for the integrity check and nomodeset and the other (good) suggestions from `Fibz in the menu by pressing shift at boot.. after the bios screens.. as outlined in..01:45
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:45
xubuntu256I tried the usb stick on my wifes computer we both have windows 7 works on hers01:47
xubuntu256but no luck on mine01:48
holsteinxubuntu256: ok. so the stick is likely "good" then.. have you tried the options above?01:48
holsteinxubuntu256: specifically, nomodeset, noapic and nolapic01:48
xubuntu256might as well not losing any thing i suppse01:49
xubuntu256thanks for all you advice guys much appreciated01:49
xubuntu256i'll be back01:49
xubuntu146Damnit, still can't get this Brother MFC-7360N to print01:52
Char|ieHi, does the xubuntu minimal cd have cfdisk?01:54
Char|ieI am going to install it on a slightly older laptop01:54
Char|ieIt has windows xp on it, which went haywire on a major update, so Im just gonna do a complete install of xubuntu to take over the hard drive completely01:54
Char|ieany suggestions?01:54
`Fibzif you arent worried about saving the data you can just install without needing anything special01:55
yoLo_does ur PC have optical drive ?01:56
Char|ieIt has a cd drive01:56
holsteinChar|ie: AFAIK, there is just the one xubuntu iso.. are you talking about the mini iso?01:56
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:56
Char|iemini iso. yes.01:56
holsteinChar|ie: the mini iso is more for a "network install" kind of thing.. small installation media, downloading packages from the network for the installation01:57
Char|ieSo there should be no problem?01:57
Char|ieso I made a premature assessment. There is no cd drive01:58
Char|iePut it on a usb drive?01:59
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:59
xubuntu146Why is printer installation such a pain?02:01
holsteinxubuntu146: if you are not given linux support, it can be near impossible..02:01
Char|ieGet mac. lol.02:02
holsteinChar|ie: actually, you "need" to get hardware that supports the operating system you are using.. if thats apple's, OSX, then, your hardware had better support osx02:02
Char|ieI have an old ACER aspire One IM trying to slap nix on it.02:03
Char|ieBut from what Im typing on now, is a mac02:03
Char|ieso its gonna take some googling. :/02:03
meek_geekguys why is there 30 MB of download when i did apt-get update02:04
Char|ieIts been awhile since ive used slackware but I do remember xubuntu and think its a good time to try it out.02:04
meek_geekwhereas its so much less in debian02:04
holsteinChar|ie: i literally download the normal xubuntu iso.. (there is not minimal xubuntu iso) and i make a live USB stick using the instructions i gave above.. i set the bios to boot the USB and install02:04
meek_geekI want to know why is sources.list so much complex in Ubuntu ?02:04
holsteinmeek_geek: the sources are different..02:05
holsteinmeek_geek: if you have not messed with them, they will be stock.. if you add ppa's, you will get more02:05
meek_geekholstein, but apt-get update is like 30 MB man!! there has to be something wrong with sources.list cuz in debian its so much less updates in secs02:06
xubuntu146holstein: The thing is the driver is supplied, I installed the LPR and CUPSWrapper drivers, installed lib32stdc++6, but even then the network printer isn't reachable.02:06
meek_geekI just install 14.04 holstein and apt-get update is scary02:06
holsteinmeek_geek: if there are 30mb's worth of updates, thats what will come in.. if less, less.. if more, more02:06
meek_geekholstein, no no I m not talking about the upgrade!! I am talking about apt-get update !!02:07
holsteinxubuntu146: i plug in the device, and get it working there02:07
meek_geekjust to update the repo it is like 30 MB of data !!02:07
holsteinmeek_geek: sure.. if there are 30mb's to update, thats what it will be02:07
meek_geekholstein, I think I need to refine the sources.list then ; I don't use any of the non-free apps except flashplayer ; can you help me refine the list ?02:08
Char|ieholstein, the lists doesnt have guides for setting up a bootable USB drive using a mac02:08
Char|ieWhich the computer IM trying to install onto, is a PC02:08
meek_geeki use non-free linux firmware but that comes pre-loaded with the kernel itself ; so no worries02:08
holsteinmeek_geek: sure. i say, just list them out.. but, you can also just disable them all and run your own, or maintain updates manually..02:08
holsteinChar|ie: i use unetbootin, friend.. http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/02:09
meek_geekholstein, no I would refine the list i guess02:09
holsteinmeek_geek: sure.. list your sources.. though, im unclear what the issue is, if they are the default ones..02:10
meek_geekmy issue is that why does apt-get update take 4 times the time it takes in comparison to Debian default02:11
holsteinChar|ie: you can dd copy the iso's to usb sticks as well..02:11
holsteinmeek_geek: ubuntu is not debian, friend02:11
meek_geekholstein, but still ubuntu is meant to be faster ain't it ?02:11
holsteinmeek_geek: i have not read that.. and that is not promised anywhere..02:11
Char|ieUbuntu is just meant to be more "user-friendly"02:12
holsteinmeek_geek: id say, its comparable.. but, ubuntu is not debian, and not meant to imitate it02:12
holsteindebian running xfce vs xubuntu are actually likely quite similar in feel and speed.. but, the package repositories are differnt and maintained differently.. ubuntu doesnt use debian sources.. i dont think its a good idea to use any operating system, and disable or edit the main sources for official updates, and expect a "good" experience02:13
Char|iecould you point me in the right direction, what kidn of dd guide am I supposed to look for?02:13
meek_geekholstein, why does Ubuntu have restricted / multiverse / universe all repos by default ?02:14
holsteinChar|ie: i offed 2 suggestions that i have used from apple's operating system osx while making live USB to boot ubuntu.. dd was one.. the other was unetbootin02:14
holsteinmeek_geek: if you want access to those drivers, you'll enable those.. you can disable what you like.. but, if you are using software from there, you would like to take the updates, likely..02:15
meek_geekholstein, i just want main and multiverse ( due to flash player )02:19
holsteinmeek_geek: use what you like..02:19
meek_geekholstein, the only non-free packages i use on gnu+linux system is non-free firmware linux and flashplayer02:19
meek_geeknow what all repo should i keep ?02:19
holsteinmeek_geek: i have already suggested just keeping the defaults.. if you dont want to, you can keep what you like02:20
meek_geekholstein, just help me instead ; what all repos are required if i were to use just main repo + security updates ?02:21
holsteinmeek_geek: none are "required".. keep literally the ones you want, friend. i suggest leaving the defaults02:22
holsteinmeek_geek: if you want just the makin and security, do it..02:22
meek_geekholstein, What is the difference between restricted and multiverse and universe ?02:24
holsteinmeek_geek: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu02:25
meek_geekholstein, maybe you are right because ubuntu has a wide set of stuff it already uses02:34
=== ares_ is now known as snuggyfoo
snuggyfooHi. When I install a proprietary ATI driver (fglrx) the Xubuntu loading logo freezes. When I select (fglrx-updates) I get a black screen.02:52
snuggyfooWhere is the log located to diagnose what is going on?02:52
snuggyfooIs it var/log/lightdm?02:53
snuggyfooany help would be fantastic02:53
xubuntu634Hi, I wiped my hard drive empty and installed my copy of Windows 8 and then upgraded to Windows 8.1. I've finally got it updated and all the software I need on it installed, so I grabbed my Xubuntu 14.04 disc so I could put my default operating system of on the machine too, dual boot 8.1 and Xubuntu. However it doesn't have a ''install along side Windows 8.1'' option like I was expecting but when I select ''something else'' it see03:26
yoLo_ok now i have installed a fresh copy of ubuntu03:26
holsteinxubuntu634: i would just manually shrink, and use the empty space03:27
yoLo_what is the best way to update ?03:27
holsteinyoLo_: i use "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"03:27
xubuntu634I have the empty space, I'm just not sure how to partition it.03:27
xubuntu634Root, swap and home?03:27
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:28
holsteinxubuntu634: i use the defaults03:28
yoLo_hopefully no errors or crashes this time03:28
xubuntu634Thanks, you guys rock :)03:28
yoLo_just to to be safe i'll shutdown xchat03:28
holsteinyoLo_: ?03:29
holsteinyoLo_: if an updated package broke support before, it likely will again.. what is the issue?03:29
yoLo_i have had some serious errors and crashes right after installing xubuntu..03:29
yoLo_probably corrupted iso03:30
cfhowlettyoLo_ if so, get a clean ISO, verify integrity, burn a USB, verify it and install.03:30
yoLo_i have just done that...03:31
yoLo_now i'm going to try the update again03:31
holsteinyoLo_: ok.. go for it.. sounds right to me03:31
cfhowlettyoLo_ "probably corrupted iso" ...03:31
xubuntu634Yep, I'm set. Thanks again03:34
SamwiseGamgee I just installed xubuntu 14.0403:59
SamwiseGamgeeand I am having trouble with a panel...I cannot move it04:00
SamwiseGamgeeI just created a panel, but I cannot move it04:00
SamwiseGamgeeI need help from this room, because the help menu does not resolve the issue04:00
SamwiseGamgeeOh God, what did I get myself into.  Does anyone here know how to use xubuntu?04:01
ubottuSamwiseGamgee: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:02
SamwiseGamgeeWhich one has the best tutorials?04:02
snuggyfooHey SamwiseGamgee, you might be interested in Docky. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=docky&t=canonical04:04
SamwiseGamgeeAnyway, I right clicked on the panel, then found ---> Move and I left clicked on that, and then a page with an arrow on the top left and a hand appeared but that doesn't move anything: I tried all kiinds of combinations of left and right clicking using that page witht the hand and nothing works04:05
SamwiseGamgeeIt looks like once you create a new panel, it is impossible to move it using your mouse.  There must be another way to move the panel without using your mouse.  Do you have any ideas?04:06
snuggyfooHave you made sure it is unlocked?04:07
SamwiseGamgeeI don't want to restore my panel settings.  I like the panel: I just don''t like where it is located04:07
SamwiseGamgeeHow do you unlock it?04:07
snuggyfooRight click > panel > panel preferences > "lock panel"04:07
snuggyfoouncheck it04:07
SamwiseGamgeeIt's already unchecked: it is not locked04:08
SamwiseGamgeeBut it refuses to move no matter what I do with the mouse04:08
SamwiseGamgeeThere must be  a way to move it without using the mouse04:08
snuggyfooWhere are you trying to move it? The "move" in the right click menu is not for the panel itself04:09
SamwiseGamgeeYeah, it must be for moving sth else04:09
SamwiseGamgeeI am trying to move it to the other side of my desktop04:09
snuggyfooIt's for moving the items in the panel, such as the clock04:09
SamwiseGamgeeit is near the top right of my desktop, and I want to move it to the bottom left of my desktop04:10
snuggyfooThe only way to move it that I am aware of is going into panel preferences where you saw the "Lock panel" check box and changing the "Mode"04:10
SamwiseGamgeethe panel I created04:10
SamwiseGamgeeOh, it moved04:10
SamwiseGamgeeI had to left click on the far left side of the panel04:11
SamwiseGamgeeand hold it while moving my mouse04:11
snuggyfooOh that's right, when it's unlcoked you can move it from the edges04:11
SamwiseGamgeeyes, I used the left edge, thanks04:11
snuggyfooNo prob04:11
xubuntu656Could someone please help me get my Brother MFC-7360N laser printer installed? I've been trying for over 6 hours now and going crazy.04:14
SamwiseGamgeein the terminal window, what command do I type in to get only the basic information about the date, my PC, my OS description, the release, and Codename?04:14
SamwiseGamgeethe command is something like, uname -a or something like that....what is the correct command for that?04:15
xubuntu656SamwiseGamgee: uname -a; date04:15
xubuntu656SamwiseGamgee: sure, if you want the date first just switch it around with date; uname -a04:17
xubuntu656So could anyone help out with the network printer installation issue I'm having?04:17
SamwiseGamgeeWhat do all these numbers mean?  ... Linux scoop 3.13.0-30-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jun 9 22:45:01 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:23
SamwiseGamgeeMost important, the numbers x86_64, that means the type of PC and processor I have?04:25
SamwiseGamgeeWhat does GNU/Linux mean?04:25
ubottuG(NU's) N(ot) U(nix). A project that aimed to develop a complete operating system of Free Software, which Ubuntu is based on. See http://gnu.org04:26
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux04:26
SamwiseGamgeeok, that totally makes sense, thanks04:26
xubuntu656SamwiseGamgee: The 3.13.0-30 is your kernel version04:27
SamwiseGamgeeok, excellent04:27
xubuntu656x86_64 means you have a 64-bit version of the OS installed04:27
SamwiseGamgeethat's what I want04:27
SamwiseGamgeethanks so much04:28
xubuntu656SamwiseGamgee: And scoop is your computer's name (hostname)04:29
SamwiseGamgeeYeah, that's what I thought04:29
SamwiseGamgeeWhat is the name of my operating system?04:33
cfhowlettSamwiseGamgee run a terminal        cat /etc/issue04:33
SamwiseGamgeeI figure my OS is either called 'xubuntu' or it's called linux, or may be ubuntu, who knows04:34
cfhowlettgood guess - OR you could run the command and learn some details          cat /etc/issue04:35
SamwiseGamgeeok, I'll try it04:35
SamwiseGamgeeI ran that command, cfhowlett, and this is what I got...Ubuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l04:37
SamwiseGamgeeWhat do the slash n slash L mean in that text?04:38
SamwiseGamgeeI'm not even sure if that is the letter 'L' because it is a strange character for lowercase 'L'04:39
SamwiseGamgeeAnyway, I appreciate your help...I got what I need...I learned that my OS is called Ubuntu 14.04 LTS....that is the only information I need now...thanks04:42
SamwiseGamgeeWhat it be correct to say that xubuntu is the version of Ubuntu 14.04 that my system is running?04:43
xubuntu697Hello! Anyone listening?04:53
snuggyfooI'm trying to use fglrx (proprietary driver). When I install it and reboot it hangs at the splash screen. I went to tty1 and killed lightdm then did "sudo X -configure" and get Seg fault errors. Anyone know what thats about?04:54
xubuntu697I'm trying to use an Ubuntu 14.04 live CD to get some files off of a failed ubuntu disk. When I load the live CD it sees the files that I need to transfer, but will not let me copy and paste the files. Any suggestions?04:56
itsMATTRight click on the desktop icon, ''Mount Volume'' and then right click again and select the ''Permissions'' tab and change Access to ''Read and Write''?04:59
xubuntu697already tried that. Doesn't work. Says that I do not own the rights to this file system.05:02
xubuntu697Should I use a different OS live CD to try this?05:03
itsMATTsorry then. was a shot in the dark05:03
itsMATTI don't know, someone else probably does though. Shouldn't hurt trying however05:04
xubuntu697Tomorrow I'll try using LM Cinnemon live CD. I read that Windows users use ubuntu live CDs to do this very thing and are successful.05:06
itsMATTI use my Linux Mint disc for just that. It should work, good luck05:07
xubuntu697Thanks. Have a good night.05:08
itsMATTYou too05:08
snuggyfooI installed fglrx and it didn't work (black screen). So I uninstalled it and now I get the lightdm greeter but when I login it just comes back05:50
snuggyfooAny ideas?05:50
snuggyfooI can login as guest just fine05:50
SamwiseGamgeeHey guys, where is the best website for live streaming sports using xubuntu?06:04
SamwiseGamgeeI tried Wiziwig.tv to watch Wimbledon live, and it's working, but it was designed for Windows and I can't get rid of the annoying advertising covering the centre of the viewing screen06:06
snuggyfoofySamwiseGamgee, look into using a program called wine (allows you to run windows programs in linux)06:10
snuggyfoofyI use it to run netflix and it works well06:10
snuggyfoofyYou install a browser such as firefox using "wine firefox-installer-whatever.exe" in terminal06:10
snuggyfoofyand it install like a windows program and it should allow you to run firefox as if you were in windows06:11
SamwiseGamgeeI don't really like Wine, because it works but I kept accidentally executing windows-executable files from my downloads folder when I was moving files around06:12
SamwiseGamgeeCan I avoid that problem by running PlayOnLinux instead of Wine?06:12
SamwiseGamgeeWhat about Add Block Plus, is that something I can install on Ubuntu?06:13
SamwiseGamgeeor is there an app similar to that that automatically blocks ads when you run Firefox on Ubuntu?06:14
xanguatools-addons-search adblock plus06:16
snuggyfoofyAddons that work for Firefox work on any distro06:18
snuggyfoofyWindows, Linux, Mac, ...06:18
baizonSamwiseGamgee: have you tried adblock ?06:19
SamwiseGamgee I found Ad Block Plus 2.6.3 on my Firefox Add on Menu, but is it okay to install it directly from there, or should I go to my xubuntu software centre, and do it from there?06:19
baizonSamwiseGamgee: use the firefox menu06:19
SamwiseGamgeeit worked06:28
xubuntu144Anyone know what the search url is for google? I add it based on testing a search, yet it doesn't seem to work for the whisker-menu.07:03
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SamWiseGamgeeI'm using xubuntu 14.04 and just successfully installed Pipelight, flash, wine-pipelight, viewright-caiway, vizzedrgr, and unity3d, so I can run Netflix on Firefox, but which is the best User Agent Switcher extension for Firefox, what is the full name?11:34
SamWiseGamgeeHow do I install Google Chrome onto xubuntu 14.04?11:41
cubed_rootSamWiseGamgee: have you tried the ubuntu software center?11:42
SamWiseGamgeeHow do I find that, I don't see it anywhere?11:43
SamWiseGamgeeOh yeah, I see it now11:43
`FibzSamWiseGamgee, yes, just go to google and download chrome from them, then it should install through Ubuntu Software Center by double clicking the file you downloaded11:43
`Fibzthe Chrome in the repo is the Chromium project and not mainstream Chrome (which comes from google)11:44
SamWiseGamgeeWas I supposed to install Chrome before I installed all that Pipelight and wine stuff I just mentioned?11:44
`Fibzchrome is fro linux., you didnt need any oth that unless you really wanted to run the windows version 9no reason to do that)11:45
SamWiseGamgeeBut I want to run NetFlix11:45
`Fibzi forgot11:45
* `Fibz wanders off11:45
SamWiseGamgeeHence, I probably need Google Chrome instead of Chromium project, right?11:46
`Fibzlike i said, go to google, download chrome (yes they make it for linux too)11:46
SamWiseGamgeeHow can I check if I have Wine installed?11:48
SamWiseGamgeeAnd if I have Wine, should I install Chrome for Windows?11:48
`Fibzwine will be in your application's menu listed under wine if installed11:51
SamWiseGamgeeI just downloaded it11:51
SamWiseGamgeeChrome for Debian11:51
SamWiseGamgeeNow should I open or save it?11:52
`Fibzi usually save just so i dont have to download again if something goes wrong11:52
bluesabreftr, none of those plugins will work with Chrome or Chromium, they no longer support NPAPI plugins12:01
bluesabreChrome supports Flash in linux, and that's pretty much the extent of it12:02
bluesabrefirefox, midori, and perhaps epiphany still support NPAPI plugins12:02
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needHalpis it possible to get the panel to the right hand side of the screen?12:58
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deshipuneedHalp: yes12:59
needHalpok, just figured out how... thanks13:01
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mmazingfor some reason i cannot get my laptop to shutdown/reboot without it trying to go into suspend and screwing up, then i have to just hold the power button down13:40
knomemmazing, did you read the release notes?13:40
mmazingeven "sudo reboot -h now" just tries to go into some weird suspend13:40
mmazingknome: no, sorry, is there something in there related to this?13:40
mmazingknome: well, i've googled this several times, so it's not like i didn't try to find info first :)13:41
knometip: always check the official website first13:42
knomewe always post the release announcements and notes there as well as more information on many things13:43
mmazingknome: still not seeing notes on the specific problem i am referring to, i see issues with resuming from suspend but nothing about being unable to shutdown or reboot13:43
knomeit's most probably related though13:44
mmazinghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-power-manager/+bug/1259339 seems like it may be related, but none of the comments talk about being unable to shutdown or reboot13:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1303736 in xfce4-power-manager "duplicate for #1259339 [SRU] Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid" [Undecided,New]13:56
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orangerobot hi I'm having an issue on xubuntu 14.04 which I think is fairly common. After logging in, the screen gets blocked after a few minutes idle. When I come back and try to unblock the screen using any user EXCEPT Guest, I get into a redirect loop19:58
orangerobotany quick solutions or links I could look at to solve this?19:58
Hedgeworkorangerobot: I haven't run into that, sorry.19:59
pleia2I haven't either, what makes you think it's fairly common?19:59
HedgeworkThis doesn't mean it's not a common problem...I don't use the default window manager or the default screen saver / screen lock application and have customized my acpi settings somewhat, so I'm probably an outlier.19:59
orangerobotI've seen some people mentioning this after googling a little bit20:00
orangerobotit's a clean install, I've just installed xubuntu-desktop ' --no-install-recommends' over a clean ubuntu 14.04 box20:01
orangeroboti've seen some people say it may be something to do with  permission on the user's home directory20:02
orangerobotbut not very specific instructions20:02
orangerobotxsession-errors says "openConnection: connect: No such file or directory cannot connect to brltty at :0"20:02
orangerobotin case it helps20:02
orangerobotThis issue only happens when I have to unlock my screen after a few minutes idle. For normal logins (i.e. right after booting up) it works ok20:09
orangerobotincidentally, I've set LOCK_SCREEN=false in /etc/default/acpi-support to disable screen locking20:10
orangerobotBut it didn't work. Screen still blocks after a few minutes20:10
orangerobotis this the right way to disable it?20:10
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xubuntu897cześć. podczas instalacji Xubuntu zasugerowani mi, abym w razie czegoś komunikował się przez tego IRC-a20:31
xubuntu897to jest normalne, że nie widzę paska zadań i tak dalej20:31
knome!pl | xubuntu89720:31
ubottuxubuntu897: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.20:31
xubuntu897Przepraszam najmocniej. Dziękuję za nakierowanie mnie na polski kanał. Trzymajcie się.20:32
knomebtw, i don't understand polish.20:33
xubuntu897knome:  ok, I was just thinking that, here are some Poles. hold on. :)20:34
knomeyeah, but as the factoid said, this channel is english only, even if there were polish people in here.20:34
xubuntu098Is there a way to get the numpad enter key to act the same as the regular enter key (launching the program of a search in whisker-menu)20:58
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CybiHello all :)21:32
CybiI was wondering, what is the name of the default Xubuntu 14.04 window manager? And how to switch it? I'm experiencing a lot of graphic bugs with compiz and i absolutly want to switch back to the default window manager21:33
EugeneBanditxfwm4 ?21:34
EugeneBanditpart of xfce421:34
CybiThanks :) So how i can switch back to it and uninstall compiz?21:35
EugeneBanditdon't really know, you'd better check the internet for that21:36
EugeneBanditweb* actually21:36
Cybii know that for compiz i have to do "compiz --replace" but you dont know for xfwm4?21:37
Cybiok i'll search on the web21:37
Cybianyway, thank you21:37
EugeneBanditxfwm4 --replace does exist21:38
Cybiok thanks :)21:38
xubuntu786is any one having trouble updatinh 14.04?please21:56
xubuntu786updating even21:56
knomexubuntu786, why don't you ask the real question you have and find out if anybody can help with it21:56
xubuntu786because I do not know if it is a general problem or just my puter21:57
Unit193Well, what's the problem?  Error output?21:58
xubuntu786says no headers21:58
xubuntu786I booted up another puter I have with mint 17 mate on it and it has similar problems which makes me think it may be ubuntu update problem22:01
xubuntu786has any one else had any similar problems please?22:02
Unit193What mirror are you using?22:02
xubuntu786no idea,what ever I used before that worked,I also tried sudo apt-get update and got the same answer22:04
xubuntu786in software &updaytes it says server for the Unjted Kingdom22:05
xubuntu786updates even22:05
xubuntu786United Kingdom22:05
Unit193Well I can tell you this, I've updated 4 computers as we've been talking, and one was using the http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com mirror.22:06
xubuntu786so nontu problem then22:07
xubuntu786so no ubuntu problem then22:08
xubuntu786I will try the mirrior you are using22:08
Unit193You could even use  deb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/GB.txt  I've tried it out.22:10
xubuntu786Failed to load package list22:13
xubuntu786Reading package lists... Error!22:16
xubuntu786: Encountered a section with no Package: header22:16
xubuntu786E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_22:17
xubuntu786 The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. nico@silentatom:~$22:17
knomexubuntu786, please do not paste multiple lines to the channel22:17
xubuntu786This what my terminal shows22:17
xubuntu786Ie tried uiest server but it load22:20
knomeyou don't have a problem with the ubuntu servers, you have a problem with a repository that's supposed to offer you spotify22:22
CybiHello :)22:46
CybiI have a little problem in Xfce with Xubuntu 14.0422:46
CybiIn the parameter, i set 4 workspace22:47
CybiBut, each time i reboot, Xfce reset the number of workspaces to one22:47
CybiSomeone have an idea of way to fix it?22:47
CybiNobody have an idea?23:08
starratsCybi, asking you a dumb question, are you using the settings manager to manage your 4 workstations.  I have 4 and once they were set they never went away.23:13
CybiYes i am ...23:13
CybiBut i found someone in the same situation: http://askubuntu.com/questions/42331/xubuntu-keeps-resetting-workspace-count-to-123:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 787934 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Number of workspaces in Xubuntu resets to one" [Medium,Confirmed]23:18
CybiI cant find a fix...23:21
knomewell, that happens, answers are not always available23:25
knomethere's a workaround in the bug that runs a command to up the workspaces to X on every boot23:26
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