cmaloneyWe'll be starting the meeting in 50 minutes00:10
gamerchick02i'm actually here. it's amazing00:12
cmaloneyHey everyone. :)01:01
cmaloneyWelcome back. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend01:01
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cmaloneyThere's the agenda for the meeting01:02
cmaloneySo we'll wait a few more minutes for folks to get settled in and we'll get started.01:04
waldo323_Good evening01:05
cmaloneyOk, first order of business is Ohio Linuxfest01:09
cmaloneyThis is fast approaching.01:09
cmaloneyLike super-fast the way this summer has been going for us.01:10
cmaloneySo I'm not sure who all is planning on attending OLF (I'm looking to head out this year with J)01:10
cmaloneyAnyone else planning on going?01:11
waldo323_not certain yet01:14
cmaloneyI'd like to try to coordinate with Ohio and pool our resources together01:14
cmaloneyOhio being the Ohio Loco01:14
cmaloneyDoes anyone know the status of the Ohio Loco ?01:15
waldo323_Not I sorry01:16
cmaloneyNo worries.01:17
cmaloneyI can send them a note and see what they're up to.01:17
cmaloneyToo bad it's not opposite something awesome like Origins. :)01:20
cmaloneybut oh well01:20
cmaloneyAnyone have anything else on OLF they'd like to talk about?01:21
waldo323_not at this time01:23
cmaloneyMan, y'all are quiet tonight. :)01:23
gamerchick02probably not, i think i have a ceremonial during it. when is it? (i'm horrible i know)01:24
gamerchick02i'm also watching Endeavour.01:24
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gamerchick02oh no my ceremonial is way before that01:26
gamerchick02both of them01:26
gamerchick02all you had was OLF?01:29
gamerchick02hah, the summer is kinda slow.01:29
cmaloneyyeah, not much else going on at the moment01:30
cmaloneyother than they got the calendar ical feed working again. :)01:30
cmaloneyAlso today is the last day to get T-Shirts if you're going to PyOhio01:32
cmaloneywhich you should be.01:32
cmaloneybecause PyOhio is awesome01:32
gamerchick02i don't know python...01:33
cmaloneyAnd this is why you should go to PyOhio01:33
cmaloneyAnywho, that's all that I have at the moment01:34
cmaloneyso unless there's anything else please exit by the gift shop and have a great rest of the month.01:34
cmaloneyOh, and we still have DVDs so if anyone wants them, please let me know01:35
waldo323_For pyohio is it possible to do just Saturday and would it be worth it?01:36
gamerchick02i have a general question regarding installation. please, waldo323_ has the floor, so to speak. :)01:37
cmaloneyPossibly, but you'd be spending 5 hours on the road either way01:37
cmaloneyso it'll be a little much IMHO01:37
gamerchick02i'd say.01:37
waldo323_:) ok thanks01:37
gamerchick02stupid question that i should know the answer to but don't: is it possible for me to have a persistent install on a thumb drive (16gb or so) and have it skip the choice of "install or try" so i can just like, boot to the desktop on the thumb drive? (I have a windows 8.1 install on my desktop)01:39
gamerchick02i'd like to use this thumb drive with both my mac and my desktop.01:39
waldo323_I haven't tried with the latest release but you could do this01:40
gamerchick02:) yay!01:41
gamerchick02glad to know it's possible01:41
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gamerchick02would i grab an image and burn it to a DVD then install to the thumb drive?01:41
waldo323_ I'd install to the thumb drive as if if was a USB HD and would remove any other hard drives during the install01:41
gamerchick02i thought that's how it would work01:42
gamerchick02cmaloney, what is the meaning of that video?01:42
gamerchick02are you darning my windows install to heck?01:42
cmaloneyHappened to be something that was on my hard drive.01:42
gamerchick02speaking of windows 8.1, it's not half bad... *ducks and covers*01:42
waldo323_Yeah. Its pretty nice being able to have persistent storage, configs and applications01:43
waldo323_It is better than vista ;)01:43
gamerchick02yeah, i mean i'd like to muck with it but i need microsoft office (for compatibility reasons)01:43
gamerchick02it is actually halfway decent01:43
gamerchick02faster than 7 on my desktop01:43
gamerchick02just as fast as ubuntu01:44
gamerchick02too bad microsoft office, WoW and D3 don't run on it.01:44
gamerchick02ok, almost bedtime (work, early, tired, etc). see everyone tomorrow. have a good night.01:49
waldo323_You too01:59
cmaloneystupid tmux10:09
brouschThey took some major damage from last night's storm about 3 miles east of my house12:05
cmaloneyUgh. Are you OK?12:32
brouschYeah, no problems here. They can't decide whether it was straight line winds or an EF1 tornado that hit a 2 or 3 mile long strip12:35
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cmaloneyIf you ever needed a reason to come out to MUG, this is a reason.13:30
jrwrenwhy not title of event in the html title?13:32
jrwrenso that we could see "The Go Programming Language"13:32
cmaloneybecause we're using CiviCRM under Wordpress, and it doesn't know any better.13:33
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/v71uCi - July 8th, 2014 MUG Meeting | Michigan!/usr/group13:33
jrwrenwait... wordpress would do it, but a bad WP plugin is clogging it up?  that is a shame.13:33
cmaloneyWell, it's how we're using the plugin13:37
greg-gweee, and back online after the 4 day weekend (for me) to lots of IRC pings and tooonnns of email15:10
cmaloneyGood morning15:29
greg-gstupid europeans not getting July 4th off15:30
mrgoodcatwho wouldn't want to celebrate us?15:30
jrwreni'm quoting greg-g on that.15:30
mrgoodcatif nobody else at least England should15:30
jrwrenhe thinks europeans are stupid.15:30
jrwrenmrgoodcat: to celebrate their loss?15:30
mrgoodcatjuly 4th is their kid's birthday15:30
greg-gjrwren: :P15:31
mrgoodcatlol google maps hacking win https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kevin+P+is+the+Man/@38.897837,-77.0363511,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88fb9dfa3893a83f:0xe0e1feddbe4084ef15:45
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mrgoodcatdomains fully restored to no-ip apparently17:20
greg-gtoo bad I'm already gone :)17:22
cmaloneygreg-g: I'm sure you're not the only one.17:22
greg-gyeah, really sucks, I wonder if they're exploring a lawsuit17:22
greg-gharm to brand/image/reputation17:22
cmaloneyFor their sake I hope they are.17:22
greg-gbut, I guess they *were* being used for malware, so...17:23
greg-gbut, as previously discussed, whether the action taken was justified or not...17:23
cmaloneygreg-g: Yeah. I'm not a fan of secret warrants carried out.17:25
cmaloneyBut at least they got a warrant17:25
cmaloneywhich is more than I can say for some departments.17:25
* greg-g nods17:25
greg-g*coughs* notaterrorist *coughs*17:26
cmaloneyWell, I am in #linuxjournal17:26
cmaloneyso I'm already boned17:26
greg-ghaha, right17:27
ColonelPanic001Linux EXTREMIST17:47
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cmaloneyHaving one of those days where i wonder if I'm the only sane one in the conversation19:17
cmaloneyGetting flack from the recipient of an Excel file because the dates are formatted differently (yyyy-mm-dd instead of mm/dd/yyyy)19:18
cmaloneysave that they're dates. In Excel. Formatting should be irrelevant.19:18
brouschYou dare use non-USA date formatting?19:22
greg-gcmaloney: you are a terrorist19:22
cmaloneyAnd I prefer the Metric system for certain things.19:22
* cmaloney better not fly anytime soon19:23
greg-gI'll remind you that this channel is the Michigan, US-mutherfucking-A channel19:23
cmaloneyOh, um... Budweiser Chevy Marlboro19:24
jrwrencmaloney: you mean like its 29 degrees out?19:25
cmaloneyjrwren: I'll be farenheit til the day I die.19:25
cmaloneyI've tried to grok Celsius but 14C and 15C don't translate in my brain19:26
jrwrenF makes good sense for human usage.19:26
greg-gonly 29C? it was 106F where we were this past weekend :)19:26
jrwrencolder than 0 is too cold. hotter than 100 is too hot.19:26
jrwrengreg-g: yeah, I saw someone say 35 and I went O_O19:26
greg-gFYI: the central valley (CA) is the devil's country19:27
cmaloneyHe must have a vacation home there.19:29
cmaloneylmorchard23: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/324283889/potato-salad19:33
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/nyjBPx - Potato Salad by Zack Danger Brown — Kickstarter19:33
cmaloneyWhat the fuck?19:33
brouschWhat is this idiocy?19:36
cmaloneyApparently there is a potato salad that needs making19:36
cmaloneyI think it's a protest of the Kickstarter vetting relaxation19:37
greg-gso, has KS jumped the shark?20:05
jrwrendunno that it can, users of it did a long time ago20:05
gamerchick02guess who has two thumbs and a completely portable ubuntu stick?21:56
gamerchick02guess who's mucking with it on her mac right now?21:56
rick_h__gamerchick02: woot22:06
gamerchick02i'm such a nerd22:06
gamerchick02it still says windows on the bootloader but that doesn't matter22:06
gamerchick02also i got a bunch of terminal garbage when i started it up on the mac. is that normal?22:07
jrwrengamerchick02: how did you do it? link me to instructions. i NEED that!22:43
gamerchick02jrwren, all you do is make a DVD of the ubuntu download, then install it (straight up install it) to a thumb drive22:56
gamerchick02Oh, and install the bootloader TO THE THUMB DRIVE NOT THE HARD DRIVE.22:56
gamerchick02it's pretty rad22:57
gamerchick02now, when you boot into the ubuntu drive, you'll probably have a grub that's mucked up if you switch from computer to computer... like on my mac it says "ubuntu, ubuntu advanced, something else, and then Windows 8"22:57
gamerchick02so yeah.22:57

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