huwshimihatch: I thought I had all those states correctly created, but I must have broken something00:00
huwshimihatch: You're branch will be a lot simpler then too.00:02
hatchotp sec00:03
hatchhuwshimi nope I should only ever have one class applied00:09
hatchwhere are you seeing two?00:09
huwshimihatch: Oh, I thought here you set two: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/425/files#diff-0ed25fe35627272b0f6b928691ad7f44R16500:10
hatchhmm looking 00:14
hatchhuwshimi right I'm setting two there because I need the per machine constraints message shown but not the edit constraints inputs00:17
hatchso what it does it basically cascade setting only the last one00:17
hatchor is it....00:17
hatchmaybe that's a typo00:18
hatchheh sorry long day00:18
hatchlemme check00:18
huwshimihatch: Yeah, it looks like it.00:18
huwshimihatch: Which begs the question, why do you track the state of all the classes then, why not just set the one you want?00:18
huwshimiThe whole point of setting a single state class is so that you don't have to track the state of the UI00:20
hatchright so that was a typo00:21
hatchand because of that you make a good point00:21
hatchwell that's irritating00:21
hatchhuwshimi thanks I'll fix this up tonight 00:22
hatchit's clearly been a bad few days lol00:22
huwshimihatch: haha, everything OK?00:22
hatchoh yeah, this is just the branch that doesn't end00:22
huwshimihatch: I think you're just over complicating it :)00:24
hatchit's gone from level 10 complexity down to about a 2 after your comments haha00:25
huwshimihatch: i expect that diff will halve in size :)00:25
hatchat least00:26
hatchhuwshimi hey when is your EOD/04:06
huwshimihatch: In four hours04:06
hatchnice - want to do a review/qa on my branch when I finish it?04:07
huwshimihatch: Sure04:07
hatchawesome thanks04:07
hatchI went out so now I'm back to get this darn branch done04:07
huwshimihatch: Good luck!04:10
hatchalllllmost done04:32
hatchit's fast when you've done it so many times over already04:32
hatchhuwshimi https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/425 let'r'rip04:37
huwshimihatch: Looks like you need a rebase with all those commits there before it lands04:39
hatchyeah I'll rebase it down to 104:40
hatchwell...once you qa/review it04:40
hatchhaving separate commits helps remove unused code04:40
huwshimihatch: Code looks good, just qaing04:43
huwshimihatch: Looks good. See that wasn't so hard :)04:48
hatchand rebased04:50
hatchhuwshimi so once this lands there is the car 'finish styling for scale-up UI' is now unblocked for you04:51
huwshimihatch: Nice one. Thanks for sticking with it!04:51
huwshimihatch: Yep, thanks.04:51
hatchit's much better now - good idea with the css, even if you think it's my idea04:52
huwshimihatch: It was!04:52
hatchlol ooookkkkk04:52
hatchif it works out at scale I'll take credit then04:52
hatchup until then...your idea04:52
hatchI'm heading out, have a good day huwshimi 05:12
huwshimihatch: Night05:13
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urulamahuwshimi: hello australia06:02
huwshimiurulama: Good morning Slovenia06:03
* urulama goes through mails, always fun to see how work moves with the Sun across the globe :D06:09
rogpeppeurulama, huwshimi: mornin'06:55
huwshimirogpeppe: Morning06:55
urulamamorning, rogpeppe06:55
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frankbanrogpeppe: morning, how are you doing?09:18
rogpeppefrankban: hiya09:18
rogpeppefrankban: good, thanks09:18
rogpeppefrankban: shall we continue?09:18
frankbanrogpeppe: sure, I'll be in https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/gogogo in one minute09:20
rogpeppeurulama: have you finished reviewing?09:34
urulamarogpeppe: em, yes, sorry, LGTM09:34
rogpeppeurulama: could you add the LGTM to the review, please?09:35
frankbanurulama: cool thanks can you add a comment?09:35
rogpeppeurulama: i've just made the README.md change, BTW09:35
urulamarogpeppe: it's in the tests as well09:35
rogpeppeurulama: yup09:35
rogpeppeurulama: all changed09:35
rogpeppeurulama: (it was also in the sample bundles under testing/repo09:36
urulamarogpeppe: anything else needed then the comment on https://github.com/rogpeppe/charm/commit/62a7a846075d080e6a36d0025f7fe6e85cd12144 ?09:38
rogpeppeurulama: sorry, i don't understand the question?09:39
* urulama is still learning the process09:39
rogpeppeurulama: ah, no, LGTM is good09:39
rogpeppeurulama: or :shipit:09:39
urulamarogpeppe: :shipit", ... 3, 2, 1 ... off it goes ... kaboom ...09:40
rogpeppeurulama: actually, you shouldn't be the one saying ":shipit:"09:41
rogpeppeurulama: LGTM or +109:41
urulamarogpeppe: after only a week, i'm not sure my "LGTM" counts for much as well ;)09:42
rogpeppeurulama: :-)09:42
rogpeppeurulama: we'll get a review from someone on juju-core too09:43
rogpeppeurulama: we're looking into the existing store code, getting an idea for how it works and how we might need to change it10:37
rogpeppeurulama: we wondered if you might care to join us10:37
urulamarogpeppe: sure, not that i think i'll help much :D10:38
urulamarogpeppe: noone there :D10:39
urulamarogpeppe: i mean, only empty seats :D10:40
urulamafrankban: http://pastebin.com/2T5Szyd110:43
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=== uru-food is now known as urulama
rick_h__jrwren: how goes? Did you get the charm tests to run yesterday?12:25
jrwrenI did not.12:25
jrwrenI was going to ask how most folks do it.12:26
jrwrenLack of local is a real bummer.12:26
jrwrenDo folks just use AWS? or their home openstack?12:26
jrwrenI've not pointed juju at my devstack just yet.12:26
rick_h__jrwren: yea, run it via ec2. juju bootstrap ec2 && make test -e ec212:26
jrwrensuch a bummer. I've been really digging local :)12:26
rick_h__jrwren: you can expense each month a chunk of time for work related stuff. It's why the startup docs wanted to get credentials unique for work 12:27
jrwrensounds good.12:27
rick_h__jrwren: yea, local is a game changer for dev workflows12:27
jrwrenI'm more thinking of the speed of execution.12:27
urulamajrwren: frankban said that it took an hour and even more sometimes on a local. so. no that useful :(12:29
urulamai can't see why either.12:30
jrwreni was even considering tinkering with manual12:30
rick_h__I thought there was some technical limitation. Local doesn't support some of the test cases I thought. It's a bit of a step-child as it doesn't have provider storage/etc12:31
urulamajrwren: writing manual with automatically bootstraped machines (without add-machine ssh:IP)?12:31
rick_h__manual is even more step-child heh12:31
jrwreni don't know. I'm not familiar with juju manual at all.12:31
rick_h__I used it for the CI setup on rackspace for bookie since rackspace isn't a supported provider12:32
jrwrenoh cool. that is GTK rick_h__ !12:32
rick_h__it's cool, nice to be able to use the charms12:32
rick_h__but a pita to manual bring up the machines/etc. 12:32
rick_h__hazmat: wrote a layer over digital oceans api to work with the manual provider which smooths out some edges. 12:33
jrwreni got reasonably good with nova cli at my last gig12:33
rick_h__so manual provider is cool and useful for those cases, but not something I look to use unless I have to :)12:33
urulamarick_h__: what if only a switch would be added so that the env is not bootstraped, just used?12:33
rick_h__urulama: for the charm tests?12:34
urulamaon manual12:34
rick_h__on manual...I'm not following I guess. 12:34
rick_h__If you don't bootstrap an env,  you don't have state tracking services to do anything? 12:34
urulamarick_h__: the env could already be bootstraped, that was a suggestion12:35
rick_h__urulama: ok, so it's bootstrapped by something, so you've manually brought up a machine, done the bootstrap step, and now it's in manual mode still. I'm missing the bit that's changed. 12:36
jrwrenurulama: you mean run charm tests against already bootstrapped env?12:36
urulamajrwren: yes12:36
hazmatmanual provider to me is the bees knees ;-)12:41
hazmatneed storage, need networking, need flexibility for the real world.. manual provisioning and placement.. automated of course ;-)12:42
urulamahazmat: +112:42
urulamahazmat: and for development, just fill your laptops and desktops with VMs and pretend to have a cluster with 10+ hosts :D12:43
hazmaturulama, yup.. i do that with manual provider as well.. https://github.com/kapilt/juju-lxc/blob/master/juju_lxc/add.py#L3712:44
hazmaturulama, its a bit rough around the edges.. but i can create containers/machines offline on an airplane with it.12:45
jrwreni saw the post where someone ran different openstack services in containers and at first I said, "WAT?"12:45
hazmatneed upload-tools cause juju for reasons illogical wants to do a full tools lookup on every add-unit/deploy/add-machine.12:45
jrwrenbut for dev it makes some good sense12:45
hazmatjrwren, prod is going that way too12:45
hazmatjrwren, it also makes sense12:46
jrwrenhazmat: all in the same KVM12:46
hazmatjrwren, or spread in containers across multiple kvms12:46
hazmatits just density and portability12:46
jrwrenoh yes, it makes good sense.12:46
hazmatjrwren, the openstack cloudinstaller does just that containers in kvm12:46
jrwrenrunning nova-compute and glance that way doesn't make sense to me.12:47
jrwrenit does?12:47
hazmatjrwren, they switched up since that blog post.. no longer parallel containers and kvms, they nest lxc in kvm now.12:47
hazmatjrwren, yup12:47
jrwrendoesn't make much sense to me.12:47
jrwrenoh, THAT cloud-installer.12:48
urulamahazmat: yes, offline is nice ... we made a demo with juju & openfoam charm where emergency response people could create local hpc clusters from their laptops on the site of the flood ... it was really cool :D12:53
urulamahazmat: used ubuntu live, with preinstalled juju and openfoam charms on a usb stick, just use swithc, use the usb in all of them and reboot ... hpc cluster of the fly :D12:55
hazmaturulama, nice12:56
jrwrenThe thing I don't grok re: charm ftest is why --to 0 for juju-gui?12:58
urulamajrwren: i am only guessing, but would say that you know that it's already up there so deploy of the charm is quicker13:00
jrwrenif that is the only reason, seems like tests could detect local and not --to 013:01
urulamajrwren: just guessing13:01
jrwrenbut, I thought same thing, and just tried to hack w/out --to 0 in test and use local, and no go :(13:01
jrwrenand I"m not sure why it failed. Hopefully good things to learn.13:02
urulamajrwren: these are the errors? http://pastebin.com/2T5Szyd113:02
frankbanurulama, jrwren: colocating ftests to the bootstrap node is a decision we made months ago, when local provider wasn't supported by Juju (IIRC, but surely it wasn't as fast as it is now with templates). Functional tests needs are implemented so that for each test the GUI is deployed, so switching to colocation resulted in a faster test run (~30mins vs ~120 mins) due to the fact we don't have to wait for machines t13:09
frankbano be provisioned. At the time, juju-test was also the preferred/suggested test runner to use for charms: it handles bootstrapping and destroying environments. I'd also be +1 on adding the ability to reuse an already bootstrapped environment to it. For those two reasons, it is currently impossible to run ftests on local envs, but that can be fixed in a relatively easy way, given a time slot to do that we never had13:09
frankban ;-)13:09
jrwrenthanks for the background frankban 13:10
jrwrenurulama: yes, those errors13:11
jrwrenanyway, now I can answer 'yes' to rick_h__.  It runs fine in ec2.13:11
rick_h__jrwren: woot13:12
rick_h__jrwren: ok, do you have a branch with any updates to the docs then? 13:12
rick_h__jrwren: and if so put that up for review via lbox and we can work on moving your card across for today 13:12
jrwreni'm not sure how to do this becuase I already pushed :parent on Monday?13:13
jrwrenwill lbox let me brach review based on a different revno ?13:14
jrwrenor maybe I can branch from a revno and push that to my own branch for review?13:14
frankbanurulama, jrwren: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/charms/trusty/juju-gui/trunk/view/head:/HACKING.md#L7513:14
rick_h__jrwren: right, that's done and gone. However, the idea now is to not push to :parent, but look at updating the docs based on any experience getting the tests ready and to add lbox notes to the docs based on getting lbox installed, working to submit a branch, etc13:16
rick_h__jrwren: so you'll probably be working on the docs as you go through lbox process and need to update the merge proposal a couple of times 13:16
jrwrenfrankban: right, i'd love to be able to remove lines 75-77 from that file :)13:16
jrwrenrick_h__: ah! got it.13:17
frankbanjrwren: cool13:17
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frankbanrogpeppe: when you are ready, I am in gogogo13:32
rogpeppefrankban: ok, cool. am just reviewing a branch elsewhere13:32
rogpeppefrankban: be with you soon13:32
jrwrenanyone have a good git to bzr rosetta stone?13:59
rick_h__jrwren: hmm, not sure. What are you trying to do?14:00
mbruzekI am trying to deploy a bundle and I am getting an error.  Wondering if you guys could help me with the problem.14:01
jrwrenremove the default remote14:01
mbruzekRunning this command: juju quickstart -n nagios-mediawiki-mysql /home/mbruzek/workspace/bundles/nagios/bundle/bundles.yaml14:01
jrwrenso when I push it wont go to the place it was last.14:01
mbruzekGetting no errors in the console, but the UI gives me the following notification14:02
mbruzekAn error occurred while deploying the bundle: ('No charm metadata @ %s', 'precise/local:precise/mediawiki/metadata.yaml') 14:02
mbruzekI see that the path is an issue, but I have edited the bundle to get a correct path and still not working.  14:03
arosalesHello juju gui folks14:06
arosalesI pushed a bundle last night14:06
arosalesbut I am not seeing it be ingested. I wanted to check here before opening a bug.14:06
* arosales also not seeing https://code.launchpad.net/~maarten-ectors/charms/bundles/storm/bundle in the charm store14:07
rick_h__arosales: looking14:14
rick_h__arosales: sorry, take a sec have to get charmtools/ppas on here14:15
rick_h__arosales: check to make sure they pass proof14:15
jrwrendoes lbox infer incorrect branch url on charms?14:16
rick_h__jrwren: hmm, don't recall. There's a flag to specify. 14:18
rick_h__I think it tries to infer based on the .bzr/locations information so if you haven't pushed it up to your namespace or what not it might not be 100% right14:18
arosalesrick_h__, will do14:19
rick_h__arosales: the file name needs to be bundles.yaml14:21
rick_h__(note the s)14:21
jrwrenrick_h__: indeed. a push --remember fixed it14:21
rick_h__arosales: charm proof will yell about it not being a bundle14:21
rick_h__arosales: that's the same for the other bundle as well14:21
jcsacketthatch: didn't see any PRs from you this morning. you get taken care of?14:23
hatchjcsackett yep landed14:23
hatcham I the only one who reviews the closed pr's every day? maybe I have a problem...14:23
jcsacketthatch: i certainly don't, but that sounds like a good idea.14:26
* rick_h__ changes location to head home from the coffee shop14:26
jcsacketthatch: did you get a chance to look at my second PR? it has a test failure, but it's spurious--pushed new revs now to force a rebuild.14:26
hatchI didn't I thought the error was a bonified one for once....oops sorry I'll take a look now14:26
hatchyou can also manually trigger a build without pushing changes by logging into jenkins14:27
hatchjcsackett just one small comment, firing up for a qa now14:30
arosalesrick_h__, thanks giving that change a try now14:32
* arosales will wait at least 30 minutes14:33
hatchjcsackett qa issue, commented in pr14:33
jcsacketthatch: dammit. :p14:34
jcsacketthatch: i replied to your other comment.14:34
hatchwow chrome is such a poor browser compared to safari on every level except the devtools and available plugins14:37
hatchit's sad really14:39
jcsackettthe dev tools are really nice though.14:40
jcsackettand the extension community is better.14:40
hatchyep...well and that safari is only available on osx14:41
hatchbut it's proof that a browser CAN be better14:41
hatchrick_h__ I don't think seeing this for my watch is a good sign... https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/afefea06-4715-4a44-ad3c-542d1a6cd5b7/a2b67c51dfeda456142e3ccc022498b3/res/a7400332-a8b5-4510-b42a-ac45805d4243/skitch.png14:41
kadams54Makyo: just noticed you're working on delete for containers14:43
kadams54We may want to collaborate, since I have delete for machines14:43
hatchI'm pretty sure those two are one and the same :) or really really close to it14:45
kadams54Yeah, I think they'll end up being pretty much the same14:45
hatchwell don't they make the same call in the env?14:46
hatchI may be mis-remembering14:46
kadams54I don't know about the env, but they both fire the same event and the code to remove the token itself will be 99% the same.14:48
hatchjujugui call in 1014:50
kadams54Yeah, containers and machines are the same function call in the env14:51
kadams54So pretty much dupe cards14:51
Makyokadams54, yeah, I noticed that yesterday, we'll have to chat as to the best path forward.  Didn't get too far with that appointment14:58
Makyojujugui call in 114:59
rick_h__what he said ^14:59
rick_h__hmm, I feel alone, no one else there? 14:59
rick_h__or does chrome hate me?14:59
rick_h__jrwren: rogpeppe frankban ^14:59
rick_h__bac: kadams54 ^15:00
rogpeppeuru-afk: standup...15:00
rick_h__jrwren: kadams54 bac starting without you then15:01
Makyokadams54, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gtwlcpt2ysfo6qtjdgghqrjfbaa15:11
hatchjcsackett ping when you get that up and I'll take a look again15:13
hatchand someone is cooking ribs.......15:13
hatchconcentration gone....15:13
jcsacketthatch: just a moment. waiting for test run to finish.15:14
jrwrenso... i have two factor on my personal google account too... :)  I'll have to figure out an app specific PW for google15:15
hatchrick_h__ so in the scale-up UI, if the user chooses to scale up with automatically place, does that mean we need to go and create machines and place the units on them? Or just put them in unplaced and let it auto place on commit?15:16
hatchI'm guessing create machines and place15:18
hatchelse it's the same as manually place but with setting the constraints15:18
rick_h__hatch: heh, that went back and forth15:22
rick_h__at one point, they wanted that to still take you to machine view, but with the machines populated with the units15:23
rick_h__hatch: so yea, it's got to be in the machine regardless15:23
rick_h__my debate was around if we force users through machine view in that case15:23
hatchwell if they manually place we can open the machine view on submit15:23
hatchif they want to auto place we can probably skip that15:23
jrwrenhuh, and the LP/google 2-factor integration is different than default google 2-factor, so I still have to user personal acct. 15:23
rick_h__hatch: right, that's what I was arguing for15:24
rick_h__jrwren: yea, it defers to our own auth system15:24
hatchrick_h__ then that is what we will do :)15:24
rick_h__:) 15:24
hatchoh look at that, unplaced units don't show up in the machine view15:26
hatchthey have to be committed first then they show up in both placed and unplaced15:27
rick_h__you're not making sense so I'm going to stop listening lalalalalala15:27
jrwreni'm gonna head for an early lunch right now, unless you are read for next step call, rick_h__ ?15:28
hatchthat's probably for the best rick_h__ ....15:28
rick_h__jrwren: have a good lunch, commenting on your MP right now and can pick up after food15:29
hatchrick_h__ ok now this branch is blocked until the  add units backend is fixed... http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/:flags:/mv/ deploy mysql, switch to machine view, use mass scale up UI and add 5 units (see it added into the ecs but no unplaced shows up in the list)15:34
rick_h__hatch: ok, I see that the mass scale up thing is borked. That's not this card though, that's outside of the inspector. 15:36
rick_h__hatch: I'm confused here15:36
hatchthe same methods that the inspector needs to call is the same methods that calls15:36
jcsacketthatch: finally up. phantomjs/mocha is getting crashier for me.15:37
rick_h__hatch: ok, so sounds like this card is blocked, we need a new one for the bug (I don't see a card for it on the board) and that card needs to get worked on first?15:37
hatchyes we need to get the newly created units to show up in the unplaced column15:37
hatchso they can actually be placed15:37
rick_h__hatch: ok15:37
hatchI can create a card, unsched? or...15:38
rick_h__hatch: yes15:38
rick_h__hatch: create a card, mark it unsched as it's a bug in stuff that used to work that's failing now and we need to get updated15:38
hatchI'm guessing that this bug has existed for some time...ever since we added the ecs stuff15:39
rick_h__hatch: then we fail at noticing, filing a bug/follow up cards on it :(15:39
hatchfriday card for selenium tests comin riiiiight up15:40
hatchjcsackett ok cool will qa again15:41
hatchjcsackett so I feel like the test change does not cover all of the cases in which this bug existed....15:47
hatchI see three places the event payload was changed but only one test updated15:47
jcsacketthatch: wasn't sure testing was actually necessary; that an individual pane goes away when it receives the appropriate null is tested, and that metadata gets put in the right spot is tested.15:48
jcsacketti can add tests for this specific coverage if you like, though.15:48
hatchjcsackett well I mean that the proper state objects are fired15:48
jcsacketthatch: fair; i'll update.15:48
hatchcool thanks15:49
hatchjcsackett +1'd with those tests15:51
jcsacketthatch: cool.15:51
jcsackettthanks for the review. :)15:52
hatchunfortunately you're not quite out in the clear just yet :)15:52
rick_h__marcoceppi: lazyPower do you guys have any other charmworldlib clients than charmtools?15:54
rick_h__rogpeppe: is there an api doc or something we can generate for the charmstore api?15:55
marcoceppirick_h__: yes15:55
rick_h__marcoceppi: can you shoot me a list or any hints on them? I need to document the clients we're effecting with the v4 api work15:55
marcoceppiAmulet, charmtools, are the two biggest. There's maybe 3-8 more smaller tools built around that15:57
marcoceppiI'll email you a list15:57
rick_h__marcoceppi: <3 ty much15:57
rick_h__bac: regatta day across the wifi beam?16:01
rick_h__bac: oh, right NC. microwave over the wifi? 16:02
rick_h__abentley: does the reporting site use charmworldlib/charmworld api? Or is it only talking to the charmstore api?16:06
abentleyrick_h__: otp16:06
rick_h__abentley: rgr, ty16:07
abentleyrick_h__: We do use the charmworld API.  We use it to get a list of all charms.  I think that is all we use it for.16:10
rick_h__abentley: ok thanks16:10
rick_h__luca__: I thought we agreed in vegas that we were only doing one level of nesting. 16:14
luca__rick_h__: that’s fine with me16:14
rick_h__luca__: that doing more thatn that broke down the UX a bit and was a rare thing 16:14
rick_h__luca__: at that point we'd encourage using the cli to manage that special case16:15
luca__rick_h__: I don’t mind, it’s super rare so I’m not fused :)16:15
rick_h__luca__: ok cool. 16:15
rick_h__luca__: I just wanted to make sure you also remember this conversation before I put it down in stone in the bug :)16:16
* rick_h__ goes to grab some food stuffs16:17
luca__rick_h__: that’s all good, I knew we made a decision but I didn’t have it documented anywhere16:17
kadams54rick_h__: got a question about this change-version.svg…16:32
rick_h__kadams54: what's up?16:33
kadams54Is this for the Change version link in the inspector?16:33
kadams54Currently a yellow dot icon?16:33
rick_h__kadams54: yes, it's an icon for that text16:33
kadams54rick_h__: It's an SVG; the original is a PNG. It looks like the PNGs get all sprited up. Should I convert it to PNG, or is this part of a transition to SVGs?16:36
rick_h__kadams54: yes, I'd add the svg to our assets directory, but I think a png will work peachy there16:36
kadams54rick_h__: OK, this is what I was afraid of… the icon doesn't work on the dark background of the inspector. It seems like it was made for a light background?16:39
rick_h__kadams54: looking for the wireframes/images of the full thing sec16:39
rick_h__kadams54: so looking at https://drive.google.com/a/canonical.com/#folders/0B7XG_QBXNwY1Vmowb25PejhJOTg16:40
rick_h__the icon is a white one for the dark background, you're right that this icon doesn't match that up at all16:41
rick_h__so we should push back on UX/spencer. 16:41
* rick_h__ looks for email thread16:41
kadams54The icon also looks slightly different from the one in the visuals here16:42
rick_h__kadams54: k, replied to the thread from spencer16:43
rick_h__kadams54: will watch for replies16:43
rick_h__kadams54: yea, I wasn't worried about that, they had some change of heart/etc. 16:43
rick_h__but the icon being a dark icon makes it darn hard to be valid16:44
* rogpeppe is done for the day16:44
rogpeppeg'night all16:44
rick_h__rogpeppe: hey, night. 16:44
rick_h__rogpeppe: if you get a chance, I ping'd earlier about the api for the charmstore16:44
rick_h__rogpeppe: if you can take a peek at something for the morning I'd appreciate it so I can get these notes together for gustavo16:44
hatchkadams54 so it looks like you were the one who added the create machine stuff in machine view panel https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/app/widgets/machine-view-panel.js#L449 is there a reason why you put this here instead of in the ecs? I feel like it should be in the ecs so I'm looking for input16:49
kadams54hatch: feel free to adjust separation of concern as you see fit.16:53
hatchok sounds good - I have to add a similar functionality to the units and it feels like it should be in the ecs so the consumer doesn't need to care about extra steps16:54
hatchany thoughts?16:54
kadams54hatch: I suspect when much of this was setup ECS was also under heavy development by you and Makyo. It could probably use some tweaking as things settle in.16:54
kadams54hatch: my only thought is that it doesn't look like there's much to these methods as it is. There's a call to db.machines.addGhost that might be able to move over to the ECS side, but it pretty quickly this.get('env').addMachines().16:56
hatchno it's not much at all, but anyone who calls add_machine has to know to also call these other methods which is not clear16:57
kadams54hatch: it looks like you could eliminate the _createMachine method and just have _handleCreateMachine call into the ECS directly.16:57
kadams54But we'll still need the placeUnit call on line 452, right?16:57
kadams54separate from the createMachine call16:58
kadams54rick_h__: I edited the SVG directly to flip to a white version of the icon: http://cl.ly/image/350E3u470Q2X17:00
kadams54Still looks off - needs to be a little beefier.17:01
kadams54We'll see what Spencer replies with.17:01
rick_h__kadams54: cool17:01
rick_h__kadams54: I'm going to move that card back then 17:07
kadams54OK, I was just getting ready to mark it as blocked and move it to tracking :-)17:07
rick_h__jcsackett: did you get to peek at huw's stuff? Or kadams54 could you look then?17:07
kadams54rick_h__: sure, I can look at them.17:07
hatchkadams54 sorry I linked you the wrong line :) I meant moving this line into the ecs https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/app/widgets/machine-view-panel.js#L524 17:08
hatchI think the comments still hold true :)17:08
kadams54Yeah, that's fine17:08
rick_h__thanks kadams54 17:08
hatchbad link17:18
hatchyou tweet a lot17:19
jrwreni had bad homonym in that tweet. Deleted it17:21
hatchahh the internet17:26
hatchjrwren so do you live in a country-like area? 17:28
frankbandone for today, have a great week all!17:29
rick_h__have fun frankban!17:29
jrwrenhatch: no, that is 2.5 miles from downtown Ann Arbor. A city of 100,000+17:29
hatchoh crazy17:30
rick_h__jrwren: back from lunch? Did you get the feedback from the merge proposal then?17:56
rick_h__kadams54: thanks for looking at that. 17:56
jrwrenyes back.17:58
jrwrengot the feedback. trying to document whatever I just did.17:58
rick_h__ok cool17:58
jrwrenif you get time, we can talk next too.17:59
rick_h__jrwren: ok, have a call in 1min and will ping after that17:59
hatchrick_h__ just relocating will be in the room shortly18:00
rick_h__hatch: rgr18:00
mbruzekHey guys I am trying to deploy a bundle with local charms.  No errors in the console, but seeing the error in the GUI. An error occurred while deploying the bundle: ('No charm metadata @ %s', 'precise/local:precise/mediawiki/metadata.yaml') 18:03
rick_h__it doesn't support local charms18:03
rick_h__you have to use just the deployer and it has some limitations18:04
mbruzekthanks for responding rick_h__ I see you are in meeting.  I need to use local charms on power, because of the limited network.18:05
mbruzekrick_h__, The command I am using is juju quickstart -n nagios-mediawiki-mysql /home/mbruzek/workspace/bundles/nagios/bundle/bundles.yaml18:05
mbruzekSo that is not supported?18:05
rick_h__that's not supported18:05
jrwrenwhat is the difference between charms/juju-gui and ~juju-gui/charms/trusty/juju-gui/trunk ?18:09
rick_h__mbruzek: there's an issue with local charms support over the api via the gui because of the way the versioning works and a juju-core bug we hit up against18:09
rick_h__jrwren: ready to chat when you are, meet in the standup hangout18:11
rick_h__jrwren: hmm, I don't think there is a juju-gui owned charm is there? /me goes to check.18:12
mbruzekrick_h__, I don't doubt it, just trying to figure out what the equivalent juju-deployer18:12
mbruzekLooks like juju-deployer -c ../../bundles/nagios/bundle/bundles.yaml is working18:15
tvansteenburghhey guys, is there a way to query the charmworld api for "all bundles that contain charm X"?18:24
rick_h__tvansteenburgh: no, it's one of the calls we're adding to the new api as it's needed18:26
rick_h__tvansteenburgh: the charm names are indexed so you can try to do a search for bundle:mongodb18:26
rick_h__and it should find bundles with a mongodb charm in it, but it's not able to find bundles with cs:trusty/mongodb in it18:27
tvansteenburghah, ok, that'lll probably suffice for now, thanks rick_h__!18:27
jrwrenso... how do I delete a review?  how might I update one? I'm used to reviewboard.18:46
rick_h__jrwren: using reitveld you can lbox propose again18:47
rick_h__it should update the existing merge proposal18:47
jrwrenhow would I squash commits?18:52
jrwrenor does bzr kinda of handle that when merging?18:52
rick_h__jrwren: yea bzr does that on merging. You get to assign a new single commit message18:53
jrwrenthat is what threw me.18:53
jrwrenits been at least 4yrs since I used much bzr18:53
rick_h__hah, welcome to a dual vcs world18:54
rick_h__though you're here at a good time when there are at least two 18:54
jrwren2 is less than 3 :)18:56
jrwrenis there a charmstore charm? :)19:13
rick_h__jrwren: nope, but it's on the todo list for the charmstore work 19:14
jcastrohatch, FYI for your charm: https://nodesource.com/blog/chris-lea-joins-forces-with-nodesource19:24
rick_h__ah crap, this is a sad day19:26
hatchjcastro what the heck....19:26
rick_h__we'll have to get IS to allow us to do a manual repo now19:26
rick_h__sudo bash -19:26
rick_h__when you just don't give a flying poo19:27
jrwrensudo -i ?19:27
jrwrenwhy was that ppa so important?19:27
rick_h__jrwren: because it was the only way to get recent nodejs in a stable way19:27
rick_h__jrwren: the whole company's JS devs rely on that one19:27
rick_h__jrwren: and because it's a PPA it goes through LP build farms and it 'less evil' than most things19:28
rick_h__npm/etc don't support older revisions for long, you have to update and LTS updates are so out of date at release time it's sad19:28
jrwrentrusty ships 0.10.25... isn't that new enough for almost everything?19:28
jrwrenas for precise... oh well.19:29
kadams54rick_h__: was reading through some older e-mail threads; do you know of any card to make autoselect the first machine and container when rendering machine view?19:29
hatchkadams54 huw did that19:29
rick_h__kadams54: huw finished it19:30
kadams54Oh, that's why I'm not finding it in backlog or on deck.19:30
kadams54Never mind.19:30
kadams54Did that land yet?19:30
rick_h__should be on comingsoon19:30
* rick_h__ tests it out19:31
kadams54OK, I realized what my problem was.19:31
kadams54I had no machines, so there was nothing to autoselect19:31
rick_h__yea, working here19:31
kadams54But we still display the "Add container" link19:31
rick_h__you have to deploy a bundle first19:31
kadams54Or just create an empty machine.19:31
kadams54What do we want to do with that link when there's no machines?19:32
rick_h__kadams54: we're working with UX on the empty story19:32
rick_h__kadams54: and they're getting some mockups so I'd not worry about it atm 19:33
kadams54rick_h__, hatch: Another question: are unplaced units supposed to be deployed when I click on the Deploy button?19:34
rick_h__kadams54: no19:34
rick_h__kadams54: that might be related to stuff hatch is looking at? Not sure19:34
hatchkadams54 this is actually a problem I'm running into right now too19:35
kadams54rick_h__, hatch: I think that might be really tricky. They get added to the ECS because they're ghosted services in service view, so we want them to deploy in that context.19:35
hatchyeah exactly19:35
kadams54But in machine view, we don't want them to deploy until the user actually places them.19:35
rick_h__hatch: kadams54 so we need to throw an error in the deployment summary when there are unplaced units remaining19:36
rick_h__and disable the confirm/deploy button19:36
kadams54Even when in service view?19:36
rick_h__we'll have more cases like this when we get to things that aren't allowed to happen, unresolved conflicts in config, etc19:36
kadams54That's going to throw a wrench in the whole drag, drop, deploy flow.19:36
rick_h__kadams54: well this gets to the thing I thought hatch was working on. If you just deploy 5 units and don't pick to manual place, they should be auto placed on machines19:36
rick_h__and not as unplaced units19:37
kadams54Well basically that's what happens right now. They get autoplaced.19:37
rick_h__but it's part of the debate going on around having to go through machine view to do a deploy at all19:37
rick_h__kadams54: right, but they shold show up that way in MV19:37
rick_h__so the user sees what's up19:37
kadams54As already placed?19:38
rick_h__kadams54: we need to talk to luca about it tomorrow. I know we've talked about it both ways19:39
rick_h__1) as already placed. The default is one unit per machine, so create those machines, put those units in it, and wait for the user to deploy19:39
rick_h__this is needed for aws anyway since you can't manual place 19:39
rick_h__2) even on one unit per machine, auto create the machines, show the units, but allow them to unplace/remove and manual place. When they hit deploy from service view, they get sent to machine view. 19:40
rick_h__but not sure how that makes things any easier/nicer 19:40
hatchrick_h__ mind scheduling that call after I start tomorrow?19:43
hatchI can also join a little early if needed 19:43
rick_h__hatch: sure thing, I'll bug them about it :)19:44
rick_h__Makyo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1329149 is fix committed right?19:44
_mup_Bug #1329149: Destroying a service does not use ecs <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1329149>19:44
hatchcommitted right19:44
rick_h__yay for bug triage day, abentley's motivated me to go do it. 19:44
Makyorick_h__, yep19:46
rick_h__thanks for the confirmation 19:49
rick_h__I think bac programmed an irc bot while he was away :P19:59
* rick_h__ runs away, have a good night all20:00
jcsackettkadams54: saw you reviewed huw's branch. thanks--i got sidetracked hunting down QA errors and stuff in my branch and completely forgot about his.20:23
kadams54jcsackett: no problem.20:23
hatchjcsackett there were more qa issues?20:28
hatchdid I do a poor job reviewing? 20:29
jcsacketthatch: no, i meant after having done those huw's branch slipped my mind. just now i went to update the kanban board and realized my goof.20:29
jcsackettbut kadams54 saved the day.20:29
hatchohhh ok :)20:29
jcsackettjujugui: anyone have an actual environment with an up to date version of the develop branch for the gui? i need to verify something.21:05
hatchjcsackett I can spin one up...I'm guessing yours is running?21:05
jcsacketthatch: mine is running on an lxc env. i just switched it from one branch back to develop, so it got an up to date develop, and now the buggy behavior is gone.21:06
jcsacketti'm not sure if i've got a screwy thing going on, or what.21:06
hatchfire one up on amazon?21:06
jcsackettor if it's something only presents sporadically and i'm just getting lucky all of a sudden.21:06
hatchseems like you have lots of lxc issues :)21:06
jcsacketthatch: i have lxc issues for dev.21:06
jcsackettjuju running an lxc env is golden--and earlier i observed what you described in LXC.21:07
jcsackettbut fair enough, i'll spin up an ec2 env.21:07
hatchI mean, I can spin one up too if you need21:07
hatchjust takes some time21:07
jcsacketthatch: no need. if no one has one just running for some reason, it's no faster than me spinning up an ec2.21:08
jrwreni'm outtie.  chat ya'll tomorrow.21:52
hatchcya jrwren 21:59
hatchmorning huwshimi 23:12
huwshimihatch: Hey23:12
hatchhow goes the battle?23:12
huwshimiNot bad, yourself?23:43
rick_h__morning huwshimi 23:53
huwshimirick_h__: Hey23:54

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