sebas5384marcoceppi: specially the wordpress charm00:00
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l1feanyone use juju with lxc containers? I'm getting error executing "lxc-start" messages when adding containers to machines00:40
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g0d_51gm4hello guys. i need a support for my juju environment, the base installation is done and until last night everything worked well (the juju-gui was ready). today I've started of Nodes via MaaS and the "juju status" gave me this error: "ERROR state/api: websocket.Dial wss://svr1node1.maas:17070/: dial tcp connection refused" why?07:52
g0d_51gm4I've opened the window console of each single node and the ubuntu's installer is re-started again. this step has been made yesterday!!!!07:55
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niedbalskihey TheMue , are you there?08:34
TheMueniedbalski: yep, I’m here08:35
niedbalskiTheMue, once you have a change could you review/merge https://code.launchpad.net/~niedbalski/golxc/fix-1329049/+merge/225584?08:35
TheMueniedbalski: took a quick look. right now I’m focussed on another bug but will merge then08:37
niedbalskiTheMue, thanks :)08:38
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g0d_51gm4anyone can answer me?please09:32
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marcoceppig0d_51gm4: because, stopping a node in Maas unallocates it12:33
marcoceppiIt's not shut down, it's clean node and mark as available12:33
g0d_51gm4marcoceppi: hi, I shout down the node and today I startup the Region Controller, Cluster Controller and node after to run juju status I've received that error juju can't established the connection to node12:35
g0d_51gm4before to shout down the machine I've put the Nodes in unallocated status via MaaS12:37
g0d_51gm4and left them in ready status.....12:37
TheMueniedbalski: short info, code is merged. thanks again12:58
mhall119jcastro: are you going to be able to give a juju update in today's UE Live?13:14
mhall119nvm, just saw your mention in the other channel13:15
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tedgmbruzek, Can you re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~jose/charms/precise/owncloud/port-change+repo+ssl-support/+merge/215527 ?14:19
mbruzektedg, Yes I can add it to my queue14:20
tedgGreat, thanks!14:21
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adeuringutlemming, lazyPower: The Juju/Vagrant boxes published on 2014-0707 and 2104-07-09 are unusable after a reboot.  I've traced this down to terribly unstable connections between the script "redirect.py" (which configures port forwarding) and the state server. More or less any query sent from the script to the sate server can fail with errors as diverse as <Env Error - Details:17:50
adeuring {   u'Error': u'cannot get all services', u'RequestId': 23, u'Response': {   }}17:50
adeuring<Env Error - Details:17:50
adeuring {   u'Error': u'EOF', u'RequestId': 0, u'Response': {   }}17:50
adeuring<Env Error - Details:17:50
adeuring {   u'Error': u'cannot read settings: EOF', u'RequestId': 4, u'Response': {   }}17:50
adeuringsocket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused17:50
adeuringsocket.error: [Errno 32] Broken pipe17:50
lazyPoweradeuring: good find, do we have a bug against redirector.py?17:50
lazyPoweri can add that to my work list17:50
adeuringI have a branch ready that circumvents these errors lp:~adeuring/jujuredirector/redirect-script-connection-errors but i am not sure if this is the right approach17:51
lazyPowerlooking now17:51
adeuringlazyPower: there is not yet a bug...17:51
adeuringlazyPower, utlemming: this connection problem also affects the "gui redirect server" that runs on port 608017:51
adeuringand that's not fixed by my branch...17:52
adeuringlazyPower, utlemming: my mmain problem with this branch: It just tries to deal with the unstable connections but does not address the main cause...17:53
adeuringthe next odd detail: I think that the main juju code did not change betwwen the releases fromo 2014-07-05, 2014-07-07 and 2014-07-0917:54
lazyPoweradeuring: from what i see, it tunes up the wait timer, and handles errors better right?17:54
adeuringlazyPower: yes, the amin idea is: "if there is a conenction problem, try again"17:55
lazyPowerplus moves the check lower in the set of instructions...17:55
adeuringright, because a try/except around the "for watch in watcher" scared me17:55
lazyPowerhaha, yeah17:58
lazyPowerthat probably caught more than it needed to17:58
lazyPowerok, i dont see anything inherently wrong here17:58
lazyPowersure its a bandaid patch but i dont know why its having an issue17:58
lazyPowerso without that core piece of info, i think this is fine as a stop-gap to a better fix17:59
adeuringlazyPower: right. and if you have to create a new env, some watched events may go unnoticed17:59
lazyPoweryou're cleaning up and exposing some better chances to catch non-timeout related issues.17:59
* lazyPower +1's the code without a MP17:59
adeuringlazyPower: well, I can write the MP ... but what about the question "why are the connections now so flaky"?18:00
lazyPowerright, that needs to be tracked18:01
lazyPowerwe should file a bug, and i'll put a card on teh board to look into it with ya18:01
adeuringlazyPower:  we could try this apporach: STart with the box from 2014-07-05 (should work fine), upgrade the deb packages and see if this changes anything.18:02
lazyPoweradeuring: if you can see the solutions board - i added a card to work after i wrap my hive2 work18:09
lazyPowerif something comes up and you dont need me to pivot to this - just ping me and i'll wipe it.18:09
adeuringlazyPower: ok18:10
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npasquaHello All. I have a question regardign JuJu overwriting .conf files. I set a setting in my nova.conf file, but when I use "restart jujud-unit-nova-compute-0" it reverts the .conf to some base. I want juju to play my setting in there also. How can I do this?18:37
marcoceppinpasqua: you'll have to have it done in the charm, the charm assumes it's the only thing controlling the box18:39
marcoceppiso you can fork the charm, add it as a configuration option to the charm, then use that fork and submit the merge for the official charm18:40
npasquaWe want to set the novnc_noproxy option in our configuration from to our compute node's IP... Otherwise we cannot access the console through the openstack dashboard without manually changing the IP in the url.18:42
npasquaIt seems as if it's more of an individual issue rather than an official charm addition (although it is very interesting the vnc packages are not included within the current charms)18:43
adeuringlazyPower, utlemming: I've crated an MP. Not sure how much sense it makes, but it's perhaps to discuss the problem further..18:50
adeuringlazyPower, utlemming https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/jujuredirector/redirect-script-connection-errors/+merge/22619718:50
lazyPoweradeuring: just updated teh card with this URL. i'll move my efforts here when its on the top of the stack18:51
adeuringlazyPower: great18:51
lazyPowerThanks for the legwork adeuring18:52
* lazyPower hattips18:52
l1feanyone here use juju to install openstack on 14.04? i seem to have everything working EXCEPT for networking...where it never created the br100 interface18:57
l1fethe only setting in my config for nova-cloud-controller is network-manager: "FlatDHCPManager"18:59
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