apacheloggershadeslayer: please review and test libkubuntu master00:51
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ScottKIf anyone cares about qbzr, they might look into the it fails adt with the new pyqt4.05:01
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shadeslayerapachelogger: how?08:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: you open eyes and look? :O09:25
Riddellsoee: meh I can't get breeze icons to work :(09:26
Riddelland breeze kwin style makes everything crawl09:30
* mgraesslin points out for the millionst time that the breeze deco should not be used09:30
Riddellnow I see why!09:32
mgraesslinbtw it depends on the system, on my system it works fine09:33
apacheloggerRiddell: do you have intel graphics? if so do you get random paint artifacts at times when stuff isn't being updated properly in plasma?09:34
apacheloggerRiddell: also please review changes since last tag in http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Fsitter%2Flibkubuntu.git09:34
apacheloggerI made your locale bug go away in the least shitty way possible which is still a very bloody workaround09:35
Riddellyes I have intel09:35
Riddellno I don't have any random paint artifacts09:36
Riddellyay to fixing libkubuntu, review added to my todo09:36
soeeRiddell: the breeze icon them is unfinished a lot09:48
soeeRiddell: what kwin style ? the window decorations ?>09:49
soeeRiddell: im using it09:51
apacheloggeryou shouldn't09:52
soeeRiddell: http://wstaw.org/m/2014/07/09/snapshot1.png09:55
Riddelllucky you :)09:56
RiddellI moved onto trying to get qtcurve to work, which it doesn't :(09:56
soeeRiddell: not so lucky :D i have no thumbs, previes etc :)09:58
soeekio-extras could not be installed atm09:58
soeedue to dependency problems09:58
Riddellworks for me, what's the problems?09:58
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769599/09:59
soeeRiddell: i also cloned breeze them from git, but it also missing a lot of items10:07
Riddellsoee: what happens when you apt-get install libexiv2-13 ?10:11
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769640/10:12
soeeRiddell: shadeslayer said yesterday that thi spackage has been held or something10:12
Riddellsoee: oh it's in utopic-proposed10:12
Riddellso aye, add -proposed in sources.list I guess10:13
shadeslayerit'll break stuff10:13
shadeslayeralot of it10:13
soeeand i dont want to break a lot ot things :D10:13
apacheloggerthe correct solution is to fix it :P10:14
soeei have some updates now and one package kept back:  fonts-thai-tlwg10:15
soeeno idea what it is for :)10:15
* shadeslayer is hungry10:16
soeealso, is it possible in plasma5 to fix the locale warnings http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769658/ ?10:19
Riddelldo you have polish locale installed?10:20
soeehow can i check this ? if i pick polish language from the list in system settings it is set bot nothing downloaded :_)10:27
Riddelldo you have language-pack-pt installed?10:28
* Riddell lunches10:28
apacheloggersoee: locale -a10:29
soeeapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769676/10:29
apacheloggersoee: your LANG value is invalid10:31
apacheloggerneeds a .UTF-8 or .utf810:31
soeehow/where i can fix it ?10:31
apacheloggerwhere ever you set that var10:31
soeehmm no idea, maybe this Reginal Settings section in system settings does something wrong10:34
apacheloggerit forces .UTF-810:35
apacheloggerif .kde/env/setlocale.sh has no .utf then you broke it :P10:36
yofelhow fun10:38
soeethers no such file like .kde/env/setlocale.sh10:38
soeethers no env/ in .kde :)10:38
apacheloggerthen it's not the kcm :P10:39
apacheloggeryofel: hm?10:39
soeelet me check my backup10:39
BluesKajHiyas all10:39
yofelapachelogger: just looked at mine and found that10:39
apacheloggeryes, looks fine? :P10:39
yofelah, all good then ^^10:39
apacheloggerassuming you have en_US>de in the kcm (which is a bit silly tbh :P)10:39
apacheloggerI think I just thought of an improvement to the locale fix10:40
soeei havent such file after Utopic  fresh install10:40
apacheloggerthe file is only created when you use the kcm10:41
apacheloggersoee: check /etc/default/locale or something like that10:41
soeealso i had to use english in installer because after language chanmge ubiquity fails 10:41
apacheloggerthat's the one created by ubiquity10:41
soeeapachelogger: uqbiquity has problems with languages :)10:42
soeebasicly it works only with english i think :D10:42
apacheloggereven so it would be odd if it wrote an invalid locale in LANG but managed to set LC_ correctly10:42
soeeapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7769709/10:43
apacheloggeroh actually my idea was wrong :'<10:44
apacheloggersoee: well, something else is setting LANG then :P10:45
apacheloggerand it's not official10:45
apacheloggergrep for LANG in $HOME or something10:45
soeebtw thers an annoying bug in konsole in plasma5 where before the pointer there is like 20px black space covering text -.-10:47
apacheloggerRiddell: why does the next ppa have konsole from git?10:48
MamarokRiddell: hm, there seems to be another doodle poll for a KDE Munich sprint, are you aware of that? See also the plasma-devel ML: http://doodle.com/w4d2hdfmxhyn3duq10:49
soeehi BluesKaj10:49
BluesKajhey soee10:50
soeehttps://plus.google.com/105109608651530723751/posts/2595gTuahYT :)10:53
RiddellMamarok: yeah that's the kde pim one, depending on how many people are interested we can have just 1 sprint all together, jmux is looking after it all11:16
Riddellapachelogger: because it has no release yet11:16
Mamarokwell, then we should keep an eye on their doodle, if the choose another date...11:17
Riddellwould be much better to be together11:19
apacheloggerRiddell: it wouldn't be released any time soon11:20
apacheloggerso it's counterproductive to put it in the ppa11:20
sgclarkRiddell: good morning, what qtcurve is it that you mention in your email?11:20
apacheloggerwe need testing with konsole4 not 511:20
Riddellsgclark: https://github.com/QtCurve/qtcurve this one I think11:21
soeeapachelogger: /home/soee/.config/plasma-locale-settings.sh here i have 2 entries related to locale settings export LANG=pl_PL and export LANGUAGE=pl11:21
RiddellI can't get it to work though11:21
apacheloggersoee: ah, upstream bug then11:22
apacheloggerplease report in bugs.kde.org11:22
sgclarkRiddell: I will give it a try :)11:22
soeeapachelogger: for what product  https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?format=guided ?11:25
apacheloggersoee: systemsettings -> language kcm 11:26
apachelogger(I think anyway)11:26
apacheloggerone really wouldn't believe just how much kde software we have11:27
* apachelogger is installing rubbish for like an hour now11:27
shadeslayerjmux: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=800415011:27
RiddellIBM? now that's just random11:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: where's neon khelpcenter?11:31
Riddellshadeslayer seems to have collapsed on his desk11:36
Riddellshould I be worried?11:36
Riddellapachelogger: do we want the plymouth-theme-breeze?11:37
apacheloggerdoesn't have VDG approval etc.11:38
Riddellapachelogger: going to submit it to them?11:39
apacheloggeralready did, haven't gotten anything back yet11:39
apacheloggerI understand they are swamped a bit^^11:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: in my head11:45
shadeslayerwhich is throbbing11:45
apacheloggerbecause you were up past bedtime11:46
shadeslayertell me something new11:46
* apachelogger is already on drugs because of that11:46
apacheloggerstupid late night hacking broke me alright11:46
apacheloggergetting too old for thi 11:46
shadeslayerI can't listen to the shins11:50
shadeslayerbecause I left my headphones home11:50
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* apachelogger throws a keyboard11:51
apacheloggergo make some khelpcenter prettyplzses11:51
shadeslayerI did11:51
apacheloggerall hail the hypnotoad in that case11:51
Riddellapachelogger: any thoughts on why I can't tag oxygen-fonts  "Resolving the project oxygen-fonts failed. Going to try again in 5 seconds11:52
apacheloggerRiddell: same reason you cannot roll a tar from it11:52
apacheloggercannot resolve kdereview projects right now11:52
shadeslayermakes my head hurt11:53
Riddelloh, yes11:54
RiddellI knew that11:54
Riddellnow how do I tag svn again?11:57
Riddellug, svn copy, that's nuts11:59
apacheloggeroh yeah, I need to write support for that11:59
* apachelogger sighs11:59
Riddellshrug, it's hardly a big use case12:00
apacheloggeradditional wallpapers are in svn12:00
apacheloggerso are pos12:00
Riddellright but easier to write a few lines of bash for when it needs done12:00
apacheloggerI am so not sure what to do with them really12:01
apacheloggerback when everything was in svn it used to be simple as the same base revision could be used to identify the source and translation tags, nowadays it's all messed up12:01
Riddelldfaure takes a copy of them into git and tags that12:02
Riddellfor kf512:02
apacheloggeryeah, you mentioned12:02
apacheloggerthat's also wrong and doesn't scale for apps though12:02
apacheloggerit certainly would be the simplest solution from a release pov12:02
apacheloggerwhy ever does powerdevil in next have a data package12:09
Riddellfor the data files?12:09
apacheloggerbut why? what's the point of that?12:09
Riddellwell quite, saves some space on the archive same as any -data package, no clear threshold of when you should add one and when not12:11
apacheloggerwhen it makes sense for the user I'd say :P12:12
apacheloggerbecause they do blow up the cache12:13
apacheloggerwhich means the user needs to download more, which means all applications need to iter more, display more, sort more, do more12:13
apacheloggerso what excessive splitting like that does for the user is make things slower12:13
Riddellwhen does it make sense for the user?12:13
apacheloggerRiddell: multiarch lib packages most prominently12:14
apacheloggeras a developer I can then easily xcompile and as a user I can install foreign arch software (e.g. a 32bit proprietary software)12:14
yofellintian even has a warning if /usr/share takes too much space in a package, going with that is usually sane12:15
Riddellnah that doesn't need it if the files are bit-for-bit the same12:15
Riddellfair enough12:15
sgclarkI am also seeing that users miss installing recommends and wonder why things are not working as expected, they missed data packages12:15
soeeowncloud-client does not cooperate with system tray in plasma512:15
soeesgclark: exaclty :) thats why i had problems making things work in plasma5 12:15
apacheloggerRiddell: I am reasonable certain if the files are the same dpkg will still report it as a conflict, because it is a conflict ^^12:16
soeeso i checked every libkf5* package and installed manually wht needed12:16
yofelapachelogger: not for multiarch if they have the same md5sum12:16
apacheloggerI did not know that12:17
yofelif the files are different it's a conflict, if same then not12:17
apacheloggerall the data packages should go away then :P12:17
Riddell -data packages should be Depends not Recommends surely?12:17
sgclarkyeah something needs to be done differently12:17
sgclarkI will fix to whatever you guys decide12:17
apacheloggerRiddell: depends on the files really12:18
apacheloggerI'd argue for reliability they should be depends in particular since I barely have seen a library that would actually handle missing data files correctly ^^12:18
shadeslayerRiddell: https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation#Multi-Arch:_foreign_support_packages12:21
shadeslayerby those standards, libkcodecs needs to be multi-arch: foreign?12:21
apacheloggeryofel: oh actually, the reason would also be to save actual space on the target system for multiarch12:21
apacheloggerso there's a legit use case there12:21
apacheloggerfor applications there is no point, I'll argue not even the lintian size warning makes all that much sense effectively12:22
yofelhow? If the files are in the same place they'll just get overwritten12:22
yofelif dpkg even touches them12:22
apacheloggeryofel: yes, but the debs each are bigger12:22
apacheloggerah, sorry, my brain failed half way through the sentence12:23
apacheloggeryofel: I meant to say that the size of the binary packages is bigger than it needs to be if you put data into multiarched lib packages ^^12:23
apacheloggerso, more download, more unpack IO etc.12:23
apacheloggerwhich data nicely solves12:23
apacheloggerpowerdevil has libs :O12:25
apacheloggerRiddell: powerdevil bzr has unreleased 4.98 is that correct?12:28
Riddellapachelogger: for some value of unreleased, it's in PPA but not archive12:28
Riddellwe're not setting bzr to released until there's a new version12:29
apacheloggerRiddell: do I dch -i or dch -a if I fix something?12:29
yofeljust dch12:29
apacheloggerthat's -a then12:29
yofelwith the new behaviour, if you have UNRELEASED, -i will increase the number without adding a new entry12:30
yofeltotally useless IMO, so -a is what you want12:30
apacheloggerwe should just retire the changelog entirely and autogen from bzr :P12:31
shadeslayeragateau: ping12:55
shadeslayeragateau: kapidox is both Python2 and Python 3 compliant?12:55
agateaushadeslayer: pong12:55
agateaushadeslayer: it should be, though I always test with python212:56
shadeslayersgclark: kapidox needs fixing, since you can have both python2 and python3 packages12:57
shadeslayersgclark: plus, you should use the cmake configure stuff instead of python setup.py install --root=debian/kapidox --install-layout=deb --install-data=/usr/share/kapidox --install-lib=/usr/share/kapidox --install-scripts=/usr/share/kapidox12:57
shadeslayeroh gawd :312:58
Riddellrandom e-mail du jour, guy has sent patches for perlqt http://paste.kde.org/pdat4jwme 12:59
sgclarkshadeslayer: umm clear as mud, will look in a bit12:59
shadeslayersgclark: I'm going to pass this off to ScottK13:00
shadeslayersince he knows alot more13:00
sgclarkshadeslayer, thanks13:00
shadeslayerScottK: mind fixing kapidox? I am not entirely sure of a good way to build for Python3 and Python2 and that pykde4 rule looks quite scary13:01
agateaushadeslayer: the cmake lines are there for KDE developers because they are used to it, but kapidox is a Python package, I am not sure it makes sense for packagers to use CMake13:01
shadeslayeragateau: ah ok, well, anyway, package was only being built for python2 afaict, so needs fixing13:02
shadeslayerRiddell: The CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) < neat :p13:03
ScottKshadeslayer: File a bug and assign it to me. 13:04
RiddellFrench nuclear power stations use Perl Qt?!13:04
shadeslayerScottK: against what? :p , kapidox isn't in the archive yet13:04
Riddellagateau: get out of there quick!13:04
ScottKOkay mail me. 13:05
agateauRiddell: hu, I am missing context13:05
Riddellagateau: 13:57 < Riddell> random e-mail du jour, guy has sent patches for perlqt http://paste.kde.org/pdat4jwme 13:05
Riddell14:01 < shadeslayer> Riddell: The CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) < neat :p13:05
Riddell14:02 < Riddell> French nuclear power stations use Perl Qt?!13:06
shadeslayerRiddell: http://www.cea.fr/english-portal/cea/identity/facts-and-figures13:06
agateauRiddell: I see :)13:06
shadeslayerScottK: sent13:08
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7770174/ < looks like duplicated descriptions13:10
shadeslayerwe can nuke the kconfiggui stuff from kconfigcore and vice versa13:11
Riddellshadeslayer: I agree13:11
shadeslayerwho's the resident expert on Multi Arch btw? :p13:12
* Riddell watches tumbleweed drift by13:13
* yofel sips on his coffee cup13:13
shadeslayermmm coffee13:13
Riddellanyone able to tell me why this metapackage for kubuntu-plasma5-meta doesn't work? http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-plasma5-meta_1.308.4.dsc13:14
RiddellI run update and it says  ? Unknown desktop package: kubuntu-plasma5-desktop13:14
Riddellbut kubuntu-plasma5-desktop does end up in metapackage-map13:14
soeeRiddell: on plasma5 atm ?13:20
Riddellsoee: yes13:20
soeeRiddell: do you have the same issue with task manager like: hover some item, click ... windows not showin, move a mouse 1px and window will shows up13:21
Riddellhow do you mean windows not showing?13:22
soeeRiddell: if window is minimized or not the active one, you click on its icon in task manager (without moving mouse after click) it wont activeate unless a mouse is moved a bit13:24
Riddellsoee:  yeah I see that13:29
Riddellfile a beastie13:29
shadeslayeryofel: Riddell fwiw I found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec#Binary_package_control_fields13:37
shadeslayerwhich explains this 13:37
yofelyeah, the debian folks sure enjoy having the "official" docs for multiarch on the ubuntu wiki :P13:38
Riddellhi Squt, is there a kf5 quassel we should be caring about?13:44
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shadeslayersanta_: ping13:48
shadeslayersanta_: in kcoreaddons is all of that extra harnessing required when running tests?13:49
shadeslayerthe tests still fail for me13:49
shadeslayermmm passes on buildd13:50
santa_shadeslayer: what I did was enoough to fix _my_ problem13:55
santa_shadeslayer: do you have the failing build log?13:56
soeebrb, logout :)13:58
soeeis it possible to make yakuake works with current Konsole version ?14:05
santa_shadeslayer: the override_dh_auto_test wasn't taken into acount. do you have any idea why?14:05
BluesKajsoee:  I'm using yakuake and it's mapped to the F12 key 14:09
soeeBluesKaj: yes but im on plasma5 now and yakuake doesnt work with current konsole version14:10
BluesKajuhm, launching it from the cli?14:12
soeeBluesKaj: it opens with F12 but thers no terninal visible but message: 14:13
soeeYakuake was unable to load the Konsole component.14:13
soeeA Konsole installation is required to use Yakuake.14:13
BluesKajinstall the konsole with muon I guess14:14
shadeslayersanta_: yes, because I was testing it by removing your modifications14:14
shadeslayerit builds14:14
RiddellBluesKaj, soee: if you have kf5 konsole then no qt4 yakuake won't work with it14:15
soeeRiddell: ok, thanks 14:15
Riddellas apachelogger says, we should probably move the konsole package to kubuntu-ppa/experimental14:15
soeeRiddell: and the old one will be available by default ?14:17
BluesKajRiddell,  thanks for the tip, I was about to ask about the plasma 5 stability 14:18
soeeif so il give +10 for such change :)14:18
apacheloggerRiddell: FWIW if there's a kpart problem I think that needs to be reported somewhere14:18
apacheloggerand to that extent libraries that back a kpart *must* be coinstallable14:18
apacheloggerI suspect our packaging is at fault tough14:19
Riddellsoee: it's still in the archive but you'll have to do faffy apt commands to install it14:20
* BluesKaj passes on qt5 for the moment14:29
soeeRiddell: and if you move Konsole from next to experimental, tham simple reinstall wont work ?14:36
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Riddellsoee: you can also  wget http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/konsole/konsole_4.13.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb; dpkg --install konsole_4.13.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb14:37
Riddellit's... Quintasan!14:38
QuintasanIt is I14:38
Quintasanshadeslayer: What did happen with sddm packaging?14:38
shadeslayerbeing reviewed in debian14:38
shadeslayerI sent it off to lisandro14:39
QuintasanRiddell: status of qa.kubuntu.co.uk?14:39
shadeslayerit's back14:39
shadeslayerlife is good14:39
RiddellQuintasan: the background picture isn't as wide as this new widescreen monitor I have14:39
Riddellbeen some css fix14:39
Riddellneeds some css fix14:40
QuintasanRiddell: background-size: cover; I guess14:41
soeeRiddell: works perfect :) can i blacklist konsole from ppa next ?14:43
RiddellQuintasan: genius!14:43
Riddellsoee: I'll move it out of next and into experimental so you won't get it again14:46
soeeRiddell: nice, thank you14:46
RiddellI hope we have somewhere to canoe at akademy next year, it's should be a requirement14:47
soeeso there are only to annoying issues left: kio-extras package and dolphin crash all the time (wonder if this crash might be related to kio-extras)14:47
RiddellI'll move dolphin to experimental too14:48
Riddellprobably just needs a recompile14:48
Riddellbut I guess it crashing shows why it's best not to have it in next ppa14:48
Riddellsoee: ta da! kubuntu-plasma5-desktop14:49
Riddellhow does that install for you?14:50
* shadeslayer throws a few octopuses at kdbusaddons14:51
soeeRiddell: package ready to test ?14:51
Riddellsoee: yep14:53
soeei should reinatll plasma-desktop or ?14:53
Riddellsoee: no, install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop14:55
soeewhat was teh command to send cmd result into paste.ubuntu.com ?14:56
apachelogger| pasteit14:56
soeeno such command :)14:57
apacheloggermaybe it was itpaste14:57
apacheloggeroh who knows14:57
soeeapachelogger: thank you14:59
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7770597/14:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: errors.ubuntu never gives me any data anymore btw, not sure what I am doing wrong14:59
apacheloggermaybe it hates me14:59
shadeslayersame here15:00
shadeslayerask ev15:00
apacheloggerI am leaving15:00
Riddellsoee: ah, our old -proposed issue15:00
apacheloggerI'll leave you with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_sfnQDr1-o15:00
soeeRiddell: yes :)15:00
Riddellmaybe I should make the PPA not need -proposed15:00
apacheloggerfeel free to figure out what this has to do with anything15:00
apacheloggermaybe I'll tell you tomorrow15:00
shadeslayerRiddell: do the kdbusaddon tests actually run for you?15:00
Riddellbut first working on the baloo/kdepim issue15:00
shadeslayerthey don't seem to run on launchpad and here15:00
Riddellshadeslayer: um, dunno, the packages build, can't remember what the package says15:00
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer: don't forget to revu libkubuntu15:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: tomorrow15:01
apacheloggerand if you feel like it upload and SRU, otherwise I'll throw a utopic tomorrow15:01
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/pk0eit2v915:02
shadeslayersgclark: re SDDM : <lisandro> shadeslayer: the copyright file needs some love15:03
shadeslayermissing copyright holders15:03
sgclarkthought you took that over?15:04
Riddellshadeslayer did take it over but he's always been alergic to copyright files :)15:05
sgclarkshadeslayer: I will take a look, but the only thing I recall with that is a ton of images I could not figure out copyright on15:08
* sgclark shrugs15:08
shadeslayermm ok15:09
shadeslayersgclark: poke upstream if licensing is confusing15:09
sgclarkpoke upstream?15:10
shadeslayeryeah, send sddm maintainers a email or open issue on github15:10
Riddellsgclark: don't let shadeslayer bully you into doing it if you don't want to15:11
shadeslayerMy intention wasn't to bully anyone :p15:12
sgclarkThey are quite clear on licensing here: https://github.com/sddm/sddm Licensing, which is what I fillowed, what is not clear is what debian wants15:12
kubotusgclark meant: "They are quite clear on licensing here: https://github.com/sddm/sddm Licensing, which is what I followed, what is not clear is what debian wants"15:14
shadeslayersgclark: Debian says you've missed out some folks who are mentioned in the headers but not in debian/copyright15:16
* sgclark blames copyright-helper15:17
sgclarkalright I will take a look through every darn file, will be a few15:17
shadeslayerheh yeah, it's not fun work, I know :(15:20
* genii sips his coffee and ponders "The Distro for Octopuses"15:21
shadeslayeryou need 8 keyboards to operate it!15:24
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lordievaderGood evening.15:30
BluesKajlibexiv2-13 , is there a ppa for this?15:35
BluesKajneed a source15:35
BluesKajthere's a debian source, is that usable ?15:38
soeeBluesKaj: shadeslayer says its broken, it is nn proposed15:39
BluesKajok soee thanks ...should have waited i guess15:39
RiddellBluesKaj: it's in -proposed15:41
shadeslayerRiddell: kdnssd up as well15:42
sgclarkshadeslayer: I can only find one that I missed, but I seem to have my sddm... where is the one you are working on?15:45
sgclarkshadeslayer: commited the missing copyright I found, I am very sorry but I have no idea how to extract copyright from individual images. Headers should be covered though15:56
shadeslayersgclark: cheers, and thanks! :)15:58
shadeslayersgclark: want to investigate why kdbusaddons tests don't run ? :p15:59
sgclarkshadeslayer: theey aren't disabled are they?16:01
shadeslayersgclark: no16:02
sgclarkshadeslayer: and depends, up  to Riddell as to my priority, that or qtqurve16:02
shadeslayersgclark: for some reason, after running dbus-launch, the tests simply don't run16:02
shadeslayerup to you really :)16:02
BluesKajRiddell,  odd I can't find the -proposed repos, only one I can find that's relevant is ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next16:03
Riddellsgclark: qtcurve low priority I'd say, nothing uses it yet that is on by default16:03
RiddellBluesKaj: not a PPA, normal ubuntu repo, see sources.list16:04
Riddellor tick the box in software-properties16:04
sgclarkok, investigating kdbusaddons16:04
BluesKajoh ok thanks Riddell16:04
shadeslayeryou really don't want to enable proposed btw16:04
RiddellBluesKaj: but yes, beware that proposed is by nature likely to cause breakage16:05
BluesKajRiddell,  I must have deleted proposed from the sources.list, it's not there16:07
BluesKajshadeslayer,  i need it for a lib that's not available in my sources16:08
shadeslayerBluesKaj: right, and I'm saying that don't enable proposed because it will break things16:09
shadeslayerassuming you're on utopic16:09
BluesKajcorrect , but things are already broken , ...no dolphin for example16:09
Riddellsgclark: I moved kde-baseapps and konsole and baloo-widgets to kubuntu-ppa/experimental cos people were moaning, you know how people are16:18
sgclarkRiddell: yeah, makes sense. Thanks16:19
sgclarkshadeslayer: kdbusaddons fixed, should now actually run tests16:20
Riddelland removing -proposed from kubuntu-ppa/next so reuploading kio-extras16:21
shadeslayersgclark: yay, I've slightly improved the variation16:26
shadeslayeralrighty, I'm done for today16:26
Riddellme too, let's play table tennis16:28
sgclarkRiddell: ok since you guys are done, I am going to take a bit of a rest, I will continue my qtcurve/breeze efforts when I get back16:37
Riddellsgclark: great, thanks a lot for all your packaging16:52
soeeRiddell: thanks for kio-extras :) have my thumbnails visible :D17:08
SqutRiddell: not yet, I was planning to look into quassel-kf5 in Randa17:37
EtriaphG'day folks.17:52
EtriaphRiddell: ping17:56
EtriaphOr perhaps any council members about?17:57
=== Squt is now known as Sput
shadeslayerSput: you're coming to Randa? :D18:05
Sputshadeslayer: jop18:07
shadeslayeroh my :318:07
shadeslayerthis is going to be awesome18:07
Sputyou mean we are going to be drunk for a week? :D18:13
RiddellEtriaph: pong18:34
EtriaphHey there.18:34
EtriaphI have this laid out https://notes.kde.org/p/8hvCI43aPH18:34
EtriaphJust want to know who to discuss it with/how to move forward once I've solidified all of my dependencies (ie, making it all work)18:34
EtriaphThis is based on a previous Etherpad @ https://notes.kde.org/p/y4frUrFlrY18:35
Riddellgosh lots in that18:36
EtriaphIt's based on all of the information I was given, but placed succinctly in one pad18:37
Riddellsounds very cool18:37
EtriaphThis will allow someone with the team member role to manage just that, if desired.18:37
Riddellmain issue I can see is it'll have a lot of duplication with launchpad teams18:37
Riddelllaunchpad.net/kubuntu-members will already have quite a lot of this information18:37
Riddelland it would be good if it could sync to that to not have to keep it updated in two places18:38
EtriaphDo you know if LP has an API?18:38
QuintasanEtriaph: It does.18:38
Riddellyeah it does18:38
Riddelluse python-launchpad lib to get to it18:39
Riddellor I guess you can use any progamming launguage but python has the supported library18:39
RiddellI guess the main person to talk to should be ovidiu-florin_ as he's leading the new website18:39
QuintasanI'm pretty sure it's JSON so you could even use hmm Haskell for it18:39
Riddellno no, better use objective cobol18:40
QuintasanUh no18:40
EtriaphI don't even want to *think* about COBOL18:40
QuintasanHaskell is fun actually.18:40
yofelbut haskell is create, but you could use ocaml just for the fun of it18:40
EtriaphBeen there, done that18:40
yofeler, great18:40
EtriaphIf they have some kind of JSON-RPC service (hopefully 2.0) it'll be a cinch.18:40
EtriaphBut in order to sync it, I'd have to create a plugin.18:41
RiddellEtriaph: members should have a wiki page on wiki.ubuntu.com, would be good to sync with that as the bio18:41
EtriaphLet me dig into the LP API and see what gives.  I'll adjust the action plan accordingly and we can reconnect tomorrow sometime to discuss?18:42
RiddellI'll be out for a couple hours in the evening at about this time probably but otherwise good18:45
* Riddell wanders off18:45
=== DalekSec_ is now known as DalekSec
ScottKRiddell: re quassel, the trunk in git works with Qt5, but no KF5 yet.  Sput said he'd do a release when we needed it.  I'm inclined to wait for the next cycle to match when we go to Plasma 5.20:54
QuintasanJust wow21:15
QuintasanJust what the hell internet.21:18
valorieif only the Randa funding had part of that potato salad money22:17
sgclarkhi valorie any luck on tickets?22:46
sgclarkvalorie I have to step out, we can continue the akadamy conversation via emails :)22:52

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