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Guest25075hi im new to lubuntu but was given a disc by a friend and i have installed it on a lot of ex school pcs. its all running fine except wifi wont connect. can someone talk me through it please?08:38
vikohi, i just installed lxle 12.04 on acer aspire 1 and the resolution is only 1 option 1024x600, but some of the windows don's fit the screen can i somehow change that? thnx08:42
viko the other thing cant find the options of power like 'what closing the lid does' also hybernate dont work at all(wants permition firs and dont work even after its given) and suspend cant wake up (just a black screen.)08:44
vikothanks in advance08:44
Guest25075anyone here?09:20
caphomialhello all, what is saloon of lubuntu french please ?10:19
caphomialHello everyone, I am under Lubuntu and I want to go to Ubunto please10:21
caphomialHello everyone, I am under Lubuntu and I want to go to Ubunto please10:21
caphomialHello everyone, I am under Lubuntu and I want to go to Ubunto please10:21
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Guest29381hi anyone here14:00
holsteinGuest29381: yes14:00
Guest29381i need some help getting wifi driver compiled14:00
Guest29381exit error code 214:00
Guest29381cant find linux/smp-lock.h14:01
Guest29381its for rtl8192cu14:02
holsteinGuest29381: you shouldnt need to "compile" any driver.. i would rather discuss with you how to install what might be in the defaul repositories for your device.. otherwise, they creators of the code will have the help you seek14:02
holsteinyou would need to make sure you meet all requirements, and have all dependencies.. nothing about ubuntu/lubuntu/linux is preventing it from compiling..14:03
Guest29381ok, the wifi was auto picked up and active but wouldnt connect. search found this:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/85219014:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 852190 in linux (Ubuntu) "7392:7811 Edimax EW-7811Un USB dongle won't connect to networks (rtl8192cu module)" [Medium,Incomplete]14:04
Guest29381so i tried to modprobe,reboot, etc and now im trying to compile the linux driver on the disc that came with it14:05
holsteinGuest29381: in that case, i would use an access point without encrypction to test.. typically, if drivers are avialable, they are included and are the most recent versions14:06
holsteinits quite unlikely the disc that shipped with the unit has newer code than in the 14.04 kernel you are using..14:07
Guest29381the pc is an rm all in one dual core with plenty of resources, running lubuntu 12.something. the ap i try to connect to is open, i also set up my phone as an access point also open but wont conect. only get internet by usb tether to phone. my laptop runs the latest xubuntu and works the wifi dongle fine14:09
Guest29381its 12.04 ubuntu base. used by neccesity14:10
holsteinGuest29381: i dont think this is a system resource issue at all14:10
holsteinGuest29381: lubuntu and xubuntu *are* ubuntu14:11
holsteinGuest29381: you can look in xubuntu and see that you have the same kernel and modules, etc..14:11
Guest29381so can i copy files needed from my 32bit xubuntu laptop to the 12.04 64 tower?14:16
Guest29381i downloaded the latest software from rtl, can i compile on 32 for 64?14:19
Guest29381<holstein>: what must i copy14:27
Guest29381feeling alone14:43
holsteinGuest29381: what im saying is, you should see there is no need to copy14:53
holsteinGuest29381: you should see that they are the same underneath, with the same kernels and modules.. confirm that, and then move on to differences in configurations14:53
cotzINFO chapin16:02
dmastersonHello, looking to set wallpaper in lubuntu 14.04 programatically for a user that has never logged in before. (making the user with puppet). Is there any way to do this or set the default wallpaper system wide?17:11
rafaellagunaHi, I'm sorry if I understand your question. Do you want a wallpaper cycle?17:13
TB__hello ppl17:13
rafaellagunaBecause the default file manager in Lubuntu is a bit limited on this, it can only handle one wallpaper at a time17:14
rafaellagunahi TB__17:14
TB__litle help would be perfect for me :)17:14
rafaellagunaTB__, tell me, if I can help you17:15
TB__have problems with installing lubuntu 13.0417:15
wxlrafaellaguna: since wallpaper is set in a text file, it's easy to cycle it programatically with a script running as a cron job17:15
dmastersonrafaellaguna: No I just want to set one wallpaper for one user, but before they login for the first time.17:15
ianorlinthere is also pcmanfm -w can change from cli17:15
rafaellagunawxl, yes, but you need a script, and the only cycler scripts I know are designed for Nautilus or Dolphin17:16
wxlrafaellaguna: i'm saying you make your own :)17:16
ianorlinthere is the random script that lxle uses17:16
rafaellagunawxl, you want me to make a script?17:16
TB__<rafaellaguna> i think its ok, but wen insttallation tells "completing lubuntu instalation..." ( or smth like that ) , my laptop crash....17:16
wxlrafaellaguna: naw i don't need it and neither does dmasterson.17:16
dmastersonI'm aware of pcmanfm -w but it won't work as I'm executing it as another user (root) and the user I want has never logged in.17:17
wxldmasterson: so why don't you log in once? :)17:17
rafaellagunadmasterson, never in life? :D17:17
dmastersonbecause I am creating the user with puppet17:17
rafaellagunasorry, what's puppet?17:18
wxl!info puppet17:18
ubottupuppet (source: puppet): Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.3-1 (trusty), package size 12 kB, installed size 86 kB17:18
wxl↑ rafaellaguna :)17:18
rafaellagunathx, wxl ;)17:18
wxlrafaellaguna: what configuration file contains the wallpaper definition?17:19
dmastersonTo skirt the details... Imagine I want to script creating a user and set their desktop before they ever get to the machine. I mean I could create ~/.config/pcmanfm/lubuntu/desktop-items-0.conf17:20
rafaellagunawxl, /home/<USER>/.config/pcmanfm/lubuntu/desktop-items-017:20
wxlthere ya go dmasterson17:21
rafaellagunathe "0" depends on the number of virtual desktops17:21
dmastersonis there a system wide default desktop so I don't need to make that directory structure and file?17:21
wxlrafaellaguna: well, it's still 0-indexed right? so the first one will always be 017:21
wxldmasterson: to be sure you can just create it17:21
rafaellagunawxl, yup17:22
rafaellagunait's created and modified dynamically by pcmanfm17:23
rafaellagunadifficult, wxl? ;)17:24
wxleasy for me as long as dmasterson groks it17:25
rafaellagunacheating :D17:25
dmastersonwas kind of hoping for a system wide setting but if I have to make that directory structure & file so be it.17:35
wxldmasterson: it's not systemwide, no.17:35
dmastersonI am aware of that...17:35
dmastersonbut does there exist one that I can change instead of this?17:36
wxllet me rephase…17:36
wxlthere is no systemwide option.17:37
dmastersonok thank you17:37
caphomialHello there,  I would spend Lubuntu to Ubuntu. How?  thank you18:49
caphomialHello there,  I would spend Lubuntu to Ubuntu. How?  thank you18:49
rafaellagunasorry, you want what?18:50
ianorlinspend do you mean change Lubuntu to Ubuntu with unity?18:51
caphomialI am currently in Lubuntu, but I want to put Ubuntu instead18:52
rafaellagunaopen a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"18:52
rafaellagunaianorlin, :D18:53
caphomialI launched the command, but nothing appears18:53
ianorlindid you enter your password? caphomial18:53
caphomialno window appears when I run the command18:54
rafaellagunaopen first lxterminal18:54
rafaellagunaonce finished you have it, no window will appear18:54
caphomialah ok18:54
caphomialit's not executed its lx terminal !18:55
caphomialthank you18:55
rafaellagunayou must do it there18:55
caphomialsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop : commande introuvable neymar5622@neymar5622-Aspire-L5100:~$18:55
rafaellagunathat's odd18:56
rafaellagunalet me check something18:56
caphomialIt is necessary to take 330 MB of archives. After this operation, 1266 MB of additional disk space will be used. Would you like to continue? [Y / n]18:57
rafaellagunaso it's working :)18:57
caphomiali type yes18:58
rafaellagunayes :D18:58
caphomialand next time what is the process18:58
caphomial10 min for DL18:58
rafaellagunaonce finished, logout and re-login18:58
rafaellagunabe sure to choose at the upper right corner the new Ubuntu session18:59
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caphomialhe version that will install will be french?18:59
rafaellagunayes, Ubuntu adapts all its apps to the language you installed18:59
rafaellagunaor the new ones you install and choose them. I have three languages and, when I change to another, all apps do19:00
caphomialI could choose between Lubuntu and Kubuntu user interface?19:00
rafaellagunanot Kubuntu, you're installing Ubuntu, so you will be able to choose between Ubuntu and Lubuntu desktops19:00
rafaellagunaI do not recommend install Kubuntu too19:01
caphomialTHANK friends, how to get a french channel?19:01
rafaellagunathere's a LoCo IRC channel, let me see...19:01
caphomialI Could choose Between Lubuntu and ubuntu user interface?***19:01
caphomialI Could choose Between Lubuntu and ubuntu user interface?**19:01
rafaellagunayes, between Unity and LXDE19:01
rafaellagunahere's the channel list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:02
caphomialUnity and LXDE what is this ?19:02
rafaellagunaUbuntu uses Unity (its his name) and Lubuntu uses LXDE. That's all. But the core remains the same.19:02
caphomialthank you again !19:03
caphomiali love you lol19:04
rafaellagunayou're welcome! come back and tell us if it went fine!19:04
caphomialfrench support is : #ubuntu-fr ?19:04
rafaellagunayes, you have four channels in French19:04
caphomialok rafaellaguna not problem19:04
rafaellagunaenjoy, caphomial!19:04
caphomialyou are my friend !19:05
caphomialsend me you wife hahaha19:05
rafaellagunayou want to marry me?19:05
caphomialno no no19:05
caphomialjust with you wife19:05
rafaellagunaI'm single, so you have to marry me or my lizard19:06
rafaellagunayou choose19:06
caphomiallizard !19:06
caphomialhahahah !19:06
rafaellagunait's not possible, we provide support, not girlfriends, sorry ;)19:07
caphomial ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send me you lizard and i go to windows XD19:08
caphomialthemes for ubuntu it exists?19:09
caphomialREALY thank you rafael ;)19:09
rafaellagunathere're icons, themes and wallpapers19:09
caphomial I have to restart my computer or just disconnect from the session?19:09
rafaellagunajust logout19:09
caphomialthe themes work on all unity or LXDE platform?19:10
rafaellagunabut you need to choose them with their respective theme tools, so you can have a theme in Unity and another in LXDE19:11
caphomialok thanks19:12
caphomialReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done dia-gnome-gnome: package not found dia-gnomeler-app: package not found atris: package not found magicicada: package not found vavoom: package not found nvidia-96: package not found rdsconsole: package not found edubuntu-desktop-kde: package not found arkose-gui: package not found abuse: package not found prefixsuffix: package not found 19:15
caphomialNormal ?19:15
rafaellagunaas your command "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" only?19:15
rafaellagunatry this first: "sudo apt-get update"19:16
caphomialinstalling continuous, it is not over19:17

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