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Diogo_some one here??00:13
Diogo_need some help pozz00:13
Diogo_some one??00:19
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mhall119daker: late reply, but what's up?01:40
dakermhall119: check pm01:43
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dholbachgood morning07:02
dpmdholbach, morning! If you've got a minute, would you mind having a quick look at https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/debian-copyright/+merge/225646 to see if you think is ok?07:46
dholbachdpm, hola muchacho07:47
dholbachdpm, yep, looking07:47
dpmhola hola, gracias!07:48
dpmdholbach, so somebody told the Germans they'd get an Ubuntu phone if they'd win, right? :)07:48
dholbachI guess that's what happened :)07:49
justCarakashaha ):p07:51
justCarakaspoor brazilians07:52
dholbachdpm, commented07:56
dholbachdpm, I can recommend the following:       for i in `find . -type f`; do licensecheck $i; done07:56
dpmdholbach, awesome, thanks. About some of the files not specifying a copyright year, is it ok to leave the year blank in debian/copyright?07:58
dholbachyes, just copy whatever the file is saying07:58
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Sugar Cookie Day! :-D09:36
brendandpopey, i just opened two bugs, one for the sudoku app failure and another for calendar app failures. can someone have a look at them?10:18
popeythanks brendand10:37
popeybrendand: links?10:37
brendandpopey, oh yeah - links!10:38
brendandthey're useful for finding things...10:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339627 in Ubuntu Calendar App "test_fill_form and test_add_new_event_with_default_values failed on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]10:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339616 in Sudoku App "test_profiles fails on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]10:39
popeybrendand: so, my question still stands from the call, why were these two not found when the uitk landing was tested?10:44
brendandpopey, i'm the wrong person to ask - i didn't have anything to do with the landing10:45
brendandpopey, and i have the same question10:45
brendandMirv, can we try and figure out why these regressions got in? for the sake of making the process watertight10:52
Mirvbrendand: I've already poked sdk team regarding the sudoku/calendar timeouts so they can try to figure out how/if uitk could cause those11:01
Mirvbrendand: popey: sdk team didn't see those errors when validating the release locally. so it's the difference in local vs image testing11:02
brendandMirv, which funnily some members of my team are trying to convince me isn't necessary, as 'all issues should be seen locally also'11:03
brendandMirv, let's not say it's to do with the CI system though as i can reproduce them here just fine (on my own mako)11:04
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nik90_t1mp: ping11:11
Mirvbrendand: over time a lot of things haven't been seen locally, but if you do now see these please ping zoltan (he was also flashing 121 in order to retest with that)11:12
t1mpnik90_: hello11:22
nik90_t1mp: Hi, I just moved the new clock app to the new header api. It seems more cleaner11:22
nik90_t1mp: I did have one grief about it though11:22
nik90_t1mp: In the PageHeadConfiguration doc, where you provide actions, backAction and contents, why is it that while using actions and backAction we specify head.actions and head.backAction11:23
nik90_while for contents, we just use it as contents?11:23
bzoltannik90_: popey: I am just about to release the brand new QtC3.1.1 with the latest plugins. I would need few volunteers to try it out with their projects.11:24
nik90_bzoltan: wasn't that the one in the PPA already?11:24
bzoltannik90_: Here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/+archive/ubuntu/tools-development11:25
bzoltannik90_: this is the the release candidate, I have not pushed it to the official release SDK PPA11:25
nik90_bzoltan: I already have that PPA on my trusty machine.. David planella made a call out on the mailing list asking for testers11:25
nik90_bzoltan: I have been using that PPA for the past 2 days11:25
mihirballoons: hi11:25
bzoltannik90_:  I know :) I asked his help to hire testers11:26
bzoltannik90_:  then a dist-upgrade will give you the latest11:26
mihirnik90_: are you on trusty or utopic?11:26
nik90_bzoltan: yes I was just conveying that I have been testing qtc 3.1.1 and it seems to be working fine11:26
nik90_mihir: My main laptop is running trusty. But I do my development on my Utopic VirtualBox VM11:27
mihirHmm okay , nik90_ i guess i have to do the same, because autopilots not running on trusty11:27
nik90_mihir: yeah I suppose11:28
t1mpnik90_: uhm, let me check the docs :)11:30
t1mpnik90_: you mean in the example where I use contents: Rectangle { ... }11:31
t1mpnik90_: that's a mistake... should be head.contents, or head { contents: ... }11:31
nik90_t1mp: yeah11:31
nik90_t1mp: ah11:31
t1mpnik90_: you can group them with head { actions: [...]; backAction: Action { ... }; contents: Item { ... } }11:33
nik90_t1mp: Ideally I would also place backAction inside actions rather than outside it since backAction is essential a special kind of action11:33
nik90_since that's what we did with the old tools as well11:33
t1mpnik90_: yeah, but actions is now a simple list11:34
nik90_t1mp: true11:34
t1mpnik90_: I understand your reasoning, but we thought making actions a list is cleaner, and ideally backAction does not need to be set often (if you use Tabs or PageStack you automatically get a tabs button or back button there)11:35
nik90_t1mp: may I fix the examples bug? I was thinking of including the backAction example in the PageHeadConfiguration page itself since otherwise one needs to navigate back and forth between different pages to see the examples11:35
t1mpnik90_: yes, that would be great :) if you have an MR send it to me11:36
nik90_t1mp: agree11:36
t1mpnik90_: I was thinking that even an actions example can go in the PageHeadConfiguration docs11:36
nik90_t1mp: yup I agree as well11:36
t1mp(now there is only a small example in the Page docs)11:36
nik90_t1mp: when I edit the docs, how do I output it to see if it is formatted correctly or not?11:43
nik90_t1mp: I branched the staging and opened the .qmlproject in qtcreator.11:44
t1mpnik90_: qmake && make docs11:46
t1mpnik90_: that will create a documentation/html/ with the html files inside11:46
nik90_t1mp: ah11:46
nik90_t1mp: in the head.actions definitions, why do you provide text: i18n.tr("Search") ? Do they show up as tooltips?11:55
t1mpnik90_: they show up in the actions overflow popover (if you have more than 3 actions)12:03
t1mpnik90_: the action buttons don't show any text right now, I need to check with the designers if there should be a tooltip or similar12:04
nik90_t1mp: oops, I need to fix that then in the clock app as well :)12:05
t1mpbrendand: did you reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/sudoku-app/+bug/1339616 on a pc or local device or only CI?12:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339616 in Sudoku App "test_profiles fails on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]12:06
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nik90_t1mp: where can I find page.qdoc?12:16
nik90_t1mp: the page documentation doesn't seem to be at Page10.qml or Page11.qml12:16
brendandt1mp, it was on the local device12:17
brendandt1mp, the problem is the keyboard gets in the way of the save button12:17
t1mpbrendand: oh, did some default behavior change there?12:18
brendandt1mp, i haven't tested the old behaviour yet12:19
mterrybzoltan, can you answer some questions about the interaction of Dialogs and the OSK?13:09
bzoltanmterry:  let me try13:09
bzoltant1mp: ^13:09
mterrybzoltan, so I'm looking at the ubuntu-system-settings page for setting a password13:09
mterrybzoltan, it pops up a Dialog SDK element to get the new password and authenticate with the ol13:10
mterrybzoltan, but the OSK takes up a lot of the space and overlaps some of the elements of the dialog.13:10
bzoltanmterry: ahh... that one. We have seen this before13:11
mterrybzoltan, I tried to use anchorToKeyboard but maybe I didn't use it right?  Or does Dialog not use that key?13:11
mterryI mean, I set it on the MainView13:11
t1mpmterry, bzoltan seems like the same issue that we have now with sudoku-app and calendar13:11
bzoltanmterry: I am busy with an other projet but let me pull in t1mp who will help you13:11
bzoltant1mp:  yes, that is exactly case there too13:12
t1mpmterry: I think the Dialog is not a child of the MainView, so it wouldn't help13:12
mterryt1mp, yeah I worried about that.  Is there no current solution for it?13:13
mterryt1mp, is there a bug for this yet?13:13
t1mpmterry: I think not, but two related bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/sudoku-app/+bug/1339616 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/133962713:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339616 in Sudoku App "test_profiles fails on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]13:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339627 in Ubuntu Calendar App "test_fill_form and test_add_new_event_with_default_values failed on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]13:14
mterryt1mp, OK.  I'll create a new bug specifically about the issue (and link to those bugs too)13:24
t1mpmterry: thanks13:25
mterryt1mp, bzoltan: bug 133970913:26
ubot5bug 1339709 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "Dialog does not appear to support anchorToKeyboard" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133970913:26
bzoltanmterry: thanks13:26
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davmor2DanChapman_afk: I hit the tick last night instead of the sync button.  Big thumbs is my excuse :) but it meant I was unable to tell what mail was read once I was on my main machine :(13:46
dpmrpadovani, mzanetti, are you free for the Reminders call today?13:46
mzanettia welcome change to debugging autopilot13:47
nik90_popey: where can I find the apparmor log to see any permission issues on the phone?13:47
popeynik90_: sudo dmesg -T | grep DEN13:48
nik90_popey: thnx13:49
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dpmmzanetti, awesome, thanks :)13:50
nik90_jdstrand: I am getting a apparmor denial when trying to read /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/ringtones folder on the phone. Here is the console log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7770323/. What policy should I add to the clock app to be able to read that folder?13:52
nik90_jdstrand: going through http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/security-policy-for-click-packages/, I don't see any policy that would satisfy this.13:54
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rpadovanidpm, I'm in :-)13:59
DanChapmandavmor2, Ahh yes that's generally what "Mark all as read" does :-D. Sorry about that :-( My intention is to have that further down the toolbar dropdown once some more actions are implemented. But I can see that may still happen quite often with a touch device. Do you think an additional confirmation step would make sense here?14:00
dpmyay! tty in a minute :)14:00
davmor2DanChapman: Yeah I think so :)14:00
davmor2DanChapman: other than that though I've not had many issues with it :)14:01
ogra_DanChapman, oh, not sure you catched my reply yesterday ... imap.capabilities.blacklist=QRESYNC helps a lot (there are still issues with the refresh button, but going back to the start page and then to inbox gets me a proper update)14:04
DanChapmandavmor2, That's good to hear! ok cool i'll include that in the next update then :-)14:08
DanChapmanogra_, just seen it now. :-) brilliant, so I'm going to sort some proper logging for the IMAP conversation and try and narrow down why QRESYNC is having trouble. The having to go back to home then back to inbox is a known bug atm14:15
ogra_ah, great14:15
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brendandpopey, a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~brendan-donegan/notes-app/bug1330352/+merge/22614617:04
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elopiobfiller, or somebody from the phablet team:18:37
elopiowe need a top approval here: https://code.launchpad.net/~brendan-donegan/notes-app/bug1330352/+merge/22614618:37
elopioI'm sorry I didn't catch it while running the toolkit tests.18:38
t1mp_elopio: as for the sudoku-app bug,18:43
t1mp_elopio: I left some comments on https://bugs.launchpad.net/sudoku-app/+bug/133961618:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1339616 in Sudoku App "test_profiles fails on mako image #120" [Undecided,New]18:43
t1mp_elopio: can you confirm that when you resize the window to be less high, and you go to the settings tab, it behaves really weird and you cannot scroll all the way down?18:43
elopiot1mp_: wait, why are we resizing sudoku?18:44
t1mp_elopio: the bug is there because a test fails, because the OSK occludes some button18:44
t1mp_elopio: when resizing the mainview (which happens when OSK becomes visible, or at least should happen), the contents should resize too, but this doesn't seem to happen properly18:45
elopiooh, so you are resizing to reproduce what the osk does.18:45
elopiogive me a second and I'll try.18:45
t1mp_also the header doesn't hide when scrolling down, I don't see why18:50
elopiot1mp_: so, resize the Add new profile dialog so the buttons are out of view, and scroll? yes,that doesn't work.18:59
t1mp_elopio: ok, thanks. Now I know that it is not something weird only on my system19:11
elopiot1mp_: have you been able to scroll on a dialog, ever?19:11
t1mp_elopio: even without that dialog something is weird19:12
elopiowow, that profiles tests in the sudoku app is way too big.19:12
t1mp_elopio: so go to the Settings tab without clicking anything19:13
t1mp_elopio: then resize.. there is a flickable but you cannot scroll it down to get to the bottom items19:13
t1mp_elopio: it seems the flickable is larger than the window19:13
elopiot1mp_: hum, you can drag but it gets back to the top, right.19:14
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ahayzent1mp_, is there anything i need to do to help with https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/panelHeight/+merge/225493 ?20:16
ahayzennik90_, did u get any further with the ringtones issue?20:45
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nik90_ahayzen: it seems to be an apparmor denial issue :/21:24
nik90_ahayzen: I couldn't talk to jdstrand today about it21:24
ahayzennik90_, ah i assume that is what is stopping system-settings accessing it as well?21:24
nik90_ahayzen: actually system-settings app is unconfined21:24
nik90_ahayzen: so it doesnt have that issue21:24
ahayzennik90_, hmmm and does it work for u?21:24
ahayzen(as in, in the system-settings app)21:25
nik90_ahayzen: nope I cannot hear the ringtone either21:25
ahayzennik90_, :/ hmm strange21:25
ahayzenballoons, ping21:27
balloonsahayzen, pong21:28
ahayzenballoons, i'm seeing some epic failures on jenkins was wondering if u could advise what is going on...21:28
ahayzenballoons, firstly this mp https://code.launchpad.net/~verzegnassi-stefano/music-app/transparent-bg-for-ubuntushapes-labels/+merge/225589 has caused ... it appears the header doesn't even exist in the app?21:28
ahayzenballoons, secondly this wip mp https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/add-sdk-search-support/+merge/226045 is causing failures which look like it is because the UITK has not been updated to support the new header?
ahayzenballoons, ah the first one is something todo with it not finding Style NewHeaderStyle.qml not found in theme Ubuntu.Components.Themes.Ambiance or Style NewHeaderStyle.qml not found in theme Ubuntu.Components.Themes.SuruDark?21:33
ahayzenballoons, but why are we not seeing this locally?21:34
balloonsahayzen, interesting21:38
balloonsahayzen, when you run locally are you using py2 or py3?21:39
ahayzenballoons, i mean just running the app locally at the moment21:39
balloonsyes.. and how?21:39
balloonswith autopilot or autopilot3?21:39
ahayzenballoons, the second example the app isn't even starting...the first there is no header..... oh i mean literally running the app no autopilot21:40
balloonsand on trusty or utopic?21:40
ahayzenballoons, on device utopic #12221:40
balloonsI'm confused21:41
ahayzenballoons, hang on i'll try running ap on the first one21:41
balloonslol.. what are we even asking now?21:41
ahayzenballoons, why are the apps looking totally different in jenkins to when you run them locally...and therefore causing ap to fail21:41
ahayzenballoons, the first mp has no header ... the second the app doesn't even start (it does require latest UITK)21:42
balloonsahayzen, let's go one at a time21:44
ahayzenballoons, ok so with the first mp...i just ran autopilot and got the same issue21:45
ahayzenballoons, but i can actually see that the header is there it just states it can't find it21:46
ahayzenballoons, jenkins output... ... my output... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7772226/21:47
ahayzenballoons, has something drastically changed in autopilot/uitk helpers or something?21:49
balloonsahayzen, ok, let me compare21:50
ahayzenballoons, note both fail with the same/similar issue...but you can see on the jenkins video the header doesn't even show... whereas on device i can at least see the header21:51
balloonsahayzen, mm.. so an old version of AP is still being used, as is py221:51
balloonsI'd like to see this as py3 with ap 1.521:51
ahayzenballoons, hmm i'm running phablet-test-run from trusty to a utopic device21:52
ahayzenballoons, oh god i think my verbose output in the pastebin has the app log for every app i've run that was rev #515 lol sorry21:55
ahayzenballoons, so what happens if we run trunk on device/jenkins...i suspect bad things21:56
ahayzenballoons, ok so this is trunk running the same test... it also fails http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7772289/21:59
balloonsfginther, ping22:05
fgintherballoons, poing22:05
balloonsfginther, I'm trying to make sense of what ahayzen is saying above.. I'm wondering why the tests show running with ap 1.422:06
fgintherballoons, the test is still trying to detect with python to use, in these case it uses python2 and the means autopilot 1.4 is used22:10
balloonsI saw that bit of logic; how is it determined?22:14
balloonsI can't seem to find the version of the toolkit being used22:15
fgintherballoons, the test checks for any dependencies with 'python3'22:15
ahayzenah so should we update our debian/control ?22:16
fgintherballoons, ahayzen, let me try something first22:16
ahayzenas it looks like this at the moment http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/view/head:/debian/control22:16
ahayzenall python2 depends22:16
fgintherballoons, now would be a good time to try that 'only python3 tests' again22:17
fgintherI tried this a few days ago and... disaster22:17
fgintherbut I'll do it as a separate job this time.22:17
fgintherLet's try this one:
fgintherI have to go afk for a bit, will try to come back to this and update the job if it works22:22
balloonsfginther, yea, the depends fro debian/control are a bit out of date22:25
ahayzenballoons, so do we need to update the depends in the control file then?22:26
balloonsahayzen, I'm hoping to phase it out, but sure I guess it doesn't hurt in the interim22:32
balloonsmeaning, I want to get rid of the -autopilot packages22:32
ahayzenballoons, what would i update it to for the interim?22:32
fgintherahayzen, are these tests intended to run on python3 now?22:48
ahayzenballoons, ^^ ?22:49
fgintherahayzen, balloons, I tried to force them to run with python3 and it couldn't find the tests:
fgintherI forget if these have to be updated to install the tests into a python3 path22:50
ahayzenfginther, do you know of other apps which are using py3 that i could compare with?22:50
fgintherahayzen, looks like lp:gallery-app22:54
fgintherI have to leave again, may be online again later22:55
ahayzenfginther, thanks for ur help so far :)22:55
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