elopioveebers: there's something weird with get_proxy_object_for_existing_process01:05
elopioit takes no positional arguments, yet get_autopilot_proxy_object_for_process is passing one.01:06
veeberselopio: good catch, it's probably due to get_autopilot_proxy_object_for_process being deprecated and not actually used anywhere. I might remove it this week perhaps01:18
elopioveebers: I haven't seen it in use anywhere.01:19
elopioso +1 to removing it.01:19
elopiowe were using a get_proxy_object_for_existing_process with the same arguments as that deprecated method though, so I suppose at some point you removed the pid argument.01:20
veeberselopio: hmm, I think it was changed for 1.5 but my memory might be wrong01:22
elopioveebers: no harm anyway because the branch where it fails has not landed. It just seemed weird and I went to read the code.01:23
thomiveebers: got a moment?01:44
veebersthomi: in 1 minute I will01:44
veebersthomi: what's the haps?01:49
thomiveebers: in _launcher.py, in ApplicationLauncher.__init__01:49
thomithe docstring says:01:49
thomi:keyword case_addDetail: addDetail method to use (self.addDetail if not01:49
thomi        specified)01:49
thomibut I don't see where 'self.addDetail' is used if the parameter is None01:50
thomiamI missing something, or is the docstring just wrong?01:50
veebersself.case_addDetail is used in UpstartApplicationLauncher (which inherits) I'm pretty sure the others did to but have been modified since01:51
veebersthomi: wait, I think i misunderstood01:52
thomiveebers: yeah, I see where it's used, but I'm asking why the docstring says that self.addDetail will be used if that parameter is None01:52
veebersthomi: I'm not sure, that's been recently changed by max (the docstring and the use of self.addDetail if none is passed in)01:53
thomihmm, ok01:53
thomiI'll remove the docstring comment01:54
veebersthomi: ok01:54
ePierrehey there!02:52
josharensonMe again with another question... Can anyone explain the position attributes listed here http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-14.04/autopilot/api/input.html#autopilot.input.Mouse.move_to_object18:01
josharensonCan't seem to find any examples or any qml docs mentioning those atts18:01
balloonsjosharenson, globalRect is from qml18:09
josharensonDo you have any documentation? Google turns up nothing except autopilot code.18:10
josharensonclick/touch and drag is the last thing I need to get working... I'll stop bothering you after I figure it out.18:11
balloonsI guess I confused by what you are asking18:19
balloonsif you select and object, this method will move to it.. it tries to use any properties it finds for the object in order to move18:20
josharensonballoons, how do you set those properties? When I try in my QML code, it doesn't run.18:30
josharensonand I can't find any QML API info about those attributes18:30
balloonsjosharenson, afaik, it's a runtime interpertation. You would set the unit size if you are writing a ubuntu sdk app.18:36
balloonsyou layout your UI in qml, and it's interperted and displayed. the actual coordinates will vary depending on the device you run on18:38

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