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balloonsbdmurray, can you give me a sanity check to ensure I've setup the hug day for tomorrow properly? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2014071019:45
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bdmurrayballoons: ubiquity is kind of challenging as to recreate the bug you need to test an install20:03
balloonsbdmurray, mmm.. perhaps I aimed too high.. I was planning on having folks doing some installer testing as well so I thought it would go well together20:04
bdmurrayballoons: oh, it would if people are prepared to do install testing20:04
balloonsbdmurray, yes, but, hmm.. probably should try and do something a bit easier for the next one20:05
balloonsI wasn't able to CONvince anyway else to come demo triaging tomorrow; do you think you might be interested in doing so bdmurray ?20:06
bdmurrayballoons: I'm super swamped with the error tracker and armhf crashes and other fun stuff, otherwise I would20:07
balloonsno worries.. they'll just have to get me and my newbishness ;-)20:07
bdmurrayballoons: I'm happy to answer any questions20:07
bdmurrayballoons: some the incomplete bugs like bug 1333769 don't require any more work as they were modified by my bot20:08
ubot5bug 1333769 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "1204.lt crashes out of usb inastallation with a bug " [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133376920:08
balloonsbdmurray, high, yet incomplete?20:09
balloonsI suppose you want confirmation it happens on 12.04.420:09
bdmurrayballoons: right, yeah maybe it shouldn't be high (that's done for all log files with a Traceback)20:10
bdmurrayballoons: otherwise the list seems sane20:13
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