robrubregma, I tried assigning row 24 for you but the third mp in your list 404'd00:30
robrubfiller, do you know what's going on in silo 12? I can't seem to publish it, it claims that the packages don't have the latest revisions from distro, but distro doesn't seem to have anything new in it...00:43
=== psivaa_ is now known as psivaa-off
boikorobru: so, no idea what is going on on silo 1201:29
robruboiko, ok, me either. I rebuilt everything because that's what the error message seemed to indicate it wanted me to do. no idea why though01:29
boikorobru: well, thanks for rebuilding it01:30
robruboiko, you're welcome! i hope it works now...01:31
robruboiko, oh well, it's published now01:38
boikorobru: nice, thanks!01:55
robruboiko, you're welcome!01:55
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 121 building (started: 20140709 02:05) ===02:04
bregmarobru, I fixed the errant MP from row 24 if you want to try again02:28
robrubregma, good to go in silo 202:29
robrubregma, oh, and http://people.canonical.com/~rbpark/citrain/#?q=bregma ;-)02:31
cyphermoxrobru: could you reconfigure 14 with the added MPs if you're still around?02:57
robrucyphermox, done02:59
cyphermoxah crap03:01
cyphermoxrobru: cool thanks03:01
robrucyphermox, you're welcome. what's wrong?03:01
cyphermoxsorry for the noise, it was coming back to me now how to do this03:01
robrucyphermox, yeah you gotta use the prepare job from the spreadsheet03:01
cyphermoxyeah, and these things are all already in another silo :X03:02
cyphermoxgrr, I knew it was better to just land urfkill first and then do the rest03:02
cyphermoxshiny, this is going to be fun to deal with03:05
cyphermoxWellark: please check with tvoss to approve https://code.launchpad.net/~kaijanmaki/dbus-cpp/read-only-properties-changed-fix/+merge/221839 and any other of the merges you provided me for flight mode03:13
* cyphermox is going to bed03:13
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 121 DONE (finished: 20140709 03:45) ===03:44
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/121.changes ===03:44
veebersinfinity: Can I ask you about this SRU? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pygobject/+bug/133351206:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1333512 in pygobject (Ubuntu Trusty) "Failing to import module breaks logging configurability and adds noise" [Undecided,In progress]06:38
veebersI was hoping to get an idea of when it might get accepted for Trusty?06:40
infinityveebers: 3 seconds ago.06:41
infinityveebers: Go forth and verify the build in proposed (once it happens).06:42
oSoMoNsil2100, hey, can we land silo 4 ?06:50
veebersinfinity: awesome, thanks :-)06:51
MirvoSoMoN: I'm looking at it, but we need a packaging ack06:55
oSoMoNMirv, is there a link to the packaging diff?06:55
oSoMoNMirv, and who do you reckon could ack them?06:56
MirvoSoMoN: any core dev can ack them. there's no automated link for manually uploaded sources.06:56
MirvoSoMoN: this's the debian/ http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7769054/ at least06:56
MirvI'm not entirely sure how to do this for such a big package, usually the automated diff for real Train packages contains also Makefile diffs etc. but that debian dir ack should probably be fine acked alone too.06:58
Mirvobviously the maintainer change is not needed, but it's simply because I fixed it in my Qt 5.3 rebuild upload and the fix wasn't integrated back06:58
Mirvoh, right, it also removes the changelog entry for the 5.3 rebuild06:58
oSoMoNlet’s not request a full rebuild just for a changelog entry, shall we?06:59
MirvI wouldn't, although I'd still hope that eventually there would be lp:oxide that can actually match the package (ie have packaging & all)07:00
oSoMoNI mean: is there a way to avoid rebuilding the entire package (takes 4+ hrs on armhf) while fixing the changelog?07:01
Mirvbzr isn't very scalable to oxide needs, though07:01
Mirvno, there's no way to fix that manually. I don't mind me being erased from history, myself ;)07:01
oSoMoNlool, hey, if you’re around, we’re trying to land version 1.1.0 of oxide (it’s in silo 4) and we need a packaging ack from a core-dev, changes are there: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7769054/07:03
Mirvthanks, let's see who we'll catch07:08
Mirvprobably all Germans have partied through the night or such07:12
oSoMoNlool, nevermind, I got an ack from dholbach already07:18
MirvoSoMoN: the silo needs a juggle, but probably I can fix it the same way I fixed the other silo. it seems to me some indexes have been erased from the system or such.07:18
MirvI need to prepare silo (reconfigure) and watch only build07:18
Mirvso I just wanted to say something before that scary error pops up :) resolving.07:19
oSoMoNMirv, not sure I understand exactly what’s going on, but if you say you can fix it, then go ahead :)07:19
MirvoSoMoN: it says version "0" now somewhere, for some reason07:19
Mirvand errors out because of that, but refreshing seemed to help07:19
Mirvsil2100: ^ you might be interested, since this is the second silo now where I get Version in ... (0) is not the last one prepared (real-version-number)07:21
Mirvworked again07:25
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Eisbrecher_xnoxi vaguely remember seeing an email about airline, something about verification of it. But i'm fuzzy on the details and can't find that email atm.08:11
Eisbrecher_xnoxwas there some email about it? and what is ci-engineering-airline?08:11
cjwatsonIt's still going through acceptance testing08:12
cjwatsonI was doing some of that with click; got stalled on a bug08:12
Eisbrecher_xnoxok. Oh, and found the email.08:15
cjwatsonEisbrecher_xnox: ci-engineering-airline is the analogue of ci-train-ppa-service.  Gotta have something to own the PPAs.08:18
brendandsil2100, so we're right back to where we started. that's really annoying08:18
sil2100brendand: yeah... doubt we'll have a green image till the end of the week ;/08:20
sil2100brendand: what's up with those UITK failures?08:20
ogra_unity8 seems to have crashed during the test08:20
ogra_(during the UITK test)08:21
brendandogra_, the dashboard is angry at what you did to brazil ;)08:21
brendandsil2100, i can only hope all the issues we see are clear and reproducible08:22
ogra_well i wonder if the unity8 crash will happen again if you re-run the UITK test08:23
Mirvbrendand: sil2100: it seems we lack the required app updates in the store at least to go with UITK08:23
ogra_if it reproducable there is surely some issue ...08:24
brendandMirv, probably that is true for most of the failures08:24
sil2100Mirv: I thought popey already updated those08:24
ogra_which ones were that, do we have a list ?08:24
Mirvsil2100: yes he did (on #sdk)08:24
sil2100popey: ^ right? You uploaded the required core apps for the new UITK, right?08:24
Mirvso already two days ago08:25
brendandMirv, i just don't want to see another issue like we had with webbrowser where it takes months to figure out what is happening08:25
popeyI updated the ones bzoltan asked me to08:25
Mirvthat just seemed like a logical explanation since there are eg. swipe/delete related failures08:25
ogra_popey, i dont see updates since 11808:25
popeyogra_: yes, that was two days ago, when the apps were updated08:25
ogra_i thought they were supposed to go in alongside not ahead08:26
popeyit doesn't matter08:26
popeyi tested all of them on both my devel and proposed phones08:26
popeyto make sure existing users were not affected08:26
sil2100ogra_: I'll be late 2-3 minutes08:31
Mirvno worries, we're listening to music here08:34
ogra_bzoltan, seems the sdk package test is failing again (checking for an obsolete transitional package)08:42
bzoltanogra_: arghh...08:43
Mirvbzoltan: we discussed it already, we need to poke someone since it's using an old name for a package that doesn't exist anymore08:44
bzoltanMirv: ogra_: I fix it in a sec08:44
MirvI think someone did some deserved archive cleaning just finally08:45
ogra_thanks :)08:45
cjwatsonMirv: I deleted that package on 2014-03-14!08:47
rsalvetisil2100: can you reconfigure silo 14?08:48
bzoltanogra_: Mirv: I pushed the change... but the next natural step with that sdk tests would be to move to the real project and drop that obsolate for good08:48
sil2100cjwatson: want to reconfigure that one? ^ You have to do it from the spreadsheet, find the row with the landing and do the same thing as while assigning08:48
sil2100cjwatson: once a silo is assigned already, assigning it again opens up the reconfigure window08:49
Mirvsil2100: I added notes-app to bug #1330352 where these swipe things were handled08:49
ubot5bug 1330352 in notes-app "autopilot failure with SwipeToDeleteTestCase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133035208:49
rsalvetiand I'm getting a weird issue with silo 508:50
rsalveti2014-07-09 08:49:50,925 ERROR Version in ci-train-ppa-service/landing-005 (0) is not the last one prepared (0.3+14.10.20140708-0ubuntu1) (direct upload?).08:50
rsalveti2014-07-09 08:49:56,156 ERROR Some packages in the ppa are not at the latest version. Please rerun the prepare job, eventually only with that project.08:50
cjwatsonsil2100: looking08:51
ogra_Saviq, we seem to have a unity8 crash during the UITK tests (which makes a lot for the tests fail then) http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/121:20140709:20140709/8946/ubuntuuitoolkit/08:51
Mirvbrendand: see the 1330352 above too ^08:51
ogra_(not sure if it is even reproducable)08:51
cjwatsonsil2100: newbie question, why does it need reconfiguring?  Is it because it previously only contained urfkill?08:52
cjwatsonrsalveti: which job produced that output?08:52
rsalveticjwatson: silo 508:53
rsalvetijust triggered a rebuild08:53
rsalvetisaid it was already built, but can't publish because it's not the latest version08:53
cjwatsonrsalveti: I mean which URL to the jenkins console output08:53
rsalveticjwatson: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-005-2-publish/50/console08:53
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 122 building (started: 20140709 08:55) ===08:54
Saviqogra_, lemme have a look08:54
Mirvrsalveti: cjwatson: I found out earlier today with two silos there's something funky going on, train thinks a version is 0. I know how to fix it, though (no-op reconfigure + build with "watch_only")08:55
Mirvit feels like some table got resetted or such08:55
cjwatsonI'm wondering if it has anything to do with the recent change in LP PPA URL format08:55
sil2100cjwatson: reconfigurations are needed when new merges and/or sources are added, since the backend doesn't fetch those from the google spreadsheet on build time but only during assignment08:56
Mirvsil2100: this particular issue is the one I mentioned in the morning08:57
cjwatsonsil2100: OK - where can I see what the backend currently has?08:57
Mirvbut hmm I think you discuss another thread here, ignore moe08:57
sil2100cjwatson: most of the time the lander itself can reconfigure the silo, but whenever a new 'project' is added to the silo list, we actually have to reconfigure it for them08:57
sil2100cjwatson: it's in the backend, let me find the link08:57
cjwatsonsil2100: Does "09:53 -queuebot:#ubuntu-ci-eng- Silos: landing-014 (cyphermox) state is now 'Preparing packages' (connectivity-api, dbus-cpp, indicator-network, ubuntu-system-settings)" mean you already reconfigured?08:57
sil2100cjwatson: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain/08:57
sil2100cjwatson: I didn't reconfigure any silo right now, maybe Mirv did that?08:58
sil2100Mirv: what was the exact case in the morning that you had?08:58
Mirvno, I did not reconfigure anything but the ones I published08:58
Mirvsil2100: well the one I pointed out at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/07/09/%23ubuntu-ci-eng.html#t07:21 and that ricardo is seeing above too09:00
rsalvetiit seems mhr3 tried to build the silo09:00
rsalvetisilo 1409:01
cjwatsonrsalveti: ubuntu-system-settings conflicts with silo 6; dbus-cpp conflicts with silo 8 (ignorable?); connectivity-api and indicator-network conflict with silo 1109:01
mhr3rsalveti, yep, i started the rebuild, anything wrong with that?09:01
MirvI saw that for both oxide and qtdeclarative silos, the version in PPA is thought to be 009:01
rsalvetimhr3: just because I was asking for it to be reconfigured, and it seems we also got a few conflicts09:02
rsalvetilet me check the conflicts09:02
mhr3rsalveti, oh, can you pls sync with Wellark then?09:02
sil2100cjwatson: yeah, silo 11 also can be ignored for now from what the upstream developer mentioned09:03
sil2100(but yeah, it's also our job to make sure the conflicts are sane and all parties know what's going on)09:03
cjwatson>>> from cupstream2distro import packagemanager09:04
cjwatson>>> packagemanager.get_current_version_for_series("goget-ubuntu-touch", "utopic", "ci-train-ppa-service/landing-005")09:04
rsalvetisil2100: cjwatson: yeah, the conflicts are all fine09:04
cjwatsonrsalveti: ok, I'll reconfigure harder09:05
rsalvetisilo 6 is also in testing mode09:05
Mirvreconfigure + build with watch_only checked fix both silos for me to be in publishable state again09:07
Mirvsil2100: so just in case you see the similar error still with the other silos09:08
Saviqogra_, looks like a crash in Mir, uploading now09:11
ogra_ah, cool09:12
ogra_thanks for looking !09:12
cjwatsonMirv,sil2100: hang on a bit, would like to investigate this centrally ...09:12
cjwatsonI suspect this has to do with silos configured before the PPA URL format change09:12
cjwatsonThough I'm not having any luck reproducing it09:14
Saviqogra_, nothing in .changes suggests any relation :|09:14
ogra_no, it doesnt09:15
cjwatsonMaybe it's best just to reconfigure/build-watch-only everything affected, but I'd like to hear about it if anything configured from now on shows this09:15
Saviqogra_, bug #1339610, let's see what a retrace comes up with and will make public then09:15
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1339610 could not be found09:15
Saviqubot5, yeah yeah09:15
ogra_well, we had a new libhybris and accompanying android rebuild09:15
ogra_but looking at the changelogs that shouldnt cause such issues09:15
cjwatsonI'll see about fixing up the silos that look like they may be affected by this and that aren't building or publishing at the moment - that's 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 15, 1809:19
rsalvetiogra_: no, minor change09:19
cjwatsonUnless anyone thinks this is foolish?09:19
cjwatsonsil2100: ^-09:19
sil2100cjwatson: seems fair, please do o/09:22
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rsalveticjwatson: yeah, got the same issue on silo 509:25
cjwatsonrsalveti: will sort it09:26
cjwatsonwish I could see the cupstream2distro bug, but whatever, this is good enough; not like the URL format's going to change every day :)09:27
cjwatsonrsalveti: Try now?09:29
cjwatson(queuebot's a little behind)09:29
cjwatsonI ran the watch-only build too09:29
rsalveticjwatson: seems it finished fine now, thanks09:29
Saviqogra_, humpf, retracer barfed :|09:37
Saviqogra_, I'll try and see if I can repro locally09:37
Saviqwith all packages up to daye09:38
cjwatsonok, all should be fixed now apart from 0 (test), 1, 10, 19 (migrating)09:40
cjwatsonif it affects m&c for any of the last three then I guess we force09:40
cjwatsonsil2100: do merges need to be top-approved before we can assign silos?09:45
sil2100cjwatson: normally, yes, but CI Train actually checks for that itself - it will allow a silo to be assigned but the lander won't be able to build anything if the merges are not approved09:47
sil2100So you can assign a silo and CI Train will make sure they're approved before proceeding09:47
cjwatsonmhr3: This conflicts with silo 8 - assigning anyway since that's some way off ready, but please coordinate with tvoss09:49
mhr3cjwatson, what doesn't conflict with 008? :) but yea, thx09:51
cjwatsonsil2100: So I did a first run of assignment for line 26, and got a conflict; I'd now like to run it again overriding that, but Landing team tools -> Assign to silo brings up a Reconfigure script which fails.  Do I need to clear the request ID manually or something?09:52
sil2100cjwatson: ah, there is a trick to that09:53
sil2100cjwatson: so, just dismiss that pop-up, move to column number K of that landing and remove the UID generated there09:54
sil2100cjwatson: and now you can run the assignment again09:54
cjwatsonright, clear the request ID then09:54
ogra_sil2100, not sure you saw the conversation above but it seems the UITK failures are Mir issues09:54
sil2100cjwatson: the deal is: once you open the pop-up, until it's open you can assign the silo as long as you want, but if it gets closed and you want to 'assign' instead of 'reconfigure', you have to clear out the UID09:55
Wellarkrsalveti: hi, could you trigger a rebuild on silo 14.. there was an outdated version requirement to dbus-cpp on connectivity-api. fixed now.09:55
ogra_(or rather the unity8 crash is a Mir issue and the UITK failures are fallout)09:55
sil2100ogra_: Mir issues? We didn't have a new Mir upload since 0.4.0, now did we?09:55
cjwatsonsil2100: Got it, thanks09:55
sil2100cjwatson: yw!09:55
rsalvetiWellark: I just triggered a build a few minutes ago09:55
rsalvetiWellark: do you want another rebuild after this one finishes?09:56
ogra_sil2100, well, Mir causes unity8 to crash ... which in turn causes the failures09:56
ogra_sil2100, bug 133961009:56
ubot5bug 1339610 in Mir "unity8 crashed with SIGSEGV in mir::frontend::ClientBufferTracker::client_has()" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133961009:56
Wellarkrsalveti: gimme a sec. let's see how it goes.10:00
sil2100ogra_: I guess we need to escalate that to the upstream, but it makes me wonder why it suddenly started happening after the UITK landing10:03
sil2100And why not before10:04
sil2100But I see Daniel already commented on the bug10:04
ogra_sil2100, no idea ... but Saviq is on it10:05
sil2100Ok, I jump out for that quick meeting with my old thesis supervisor10:05
sil2100Be back soon10:06
Wellarkrsalveti: ok, please trigger a rebuild.10:07
rsalvetiWellark: ok10:07
rsalvetiWellark: done10:15
Saviqcan anyone reconfigure silo 6 for us? unity8-desktop-session was added10:16
Saviqrsalveti, sympathies...10:16
rsalvetiSaviq: yeah :-(10:17
cjwatsonSaviq: looking10:18
cjwatsonSaviq: conflicts with silo 2, please check with bregma10:19
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 122 DONE (finished: 20140709 10:20) ===10:19
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/122.changes ===10:19
Saviqcjwatson, I'll coordinate, bregma will land his before ours10:19
cjwatsonSaviq: ok, I'll add a note that yours needs to be rebuilt after his lands10:20
Saviqcjwatson, yup, thanks10:20
cjwatsonSaviq: ^-10:25
Saviqcjwatson, thanks10:25
Saviqogra_, 269 tests OK on my phone10:25
Saviqrunning again, but no high hopes10:25
davmor2sil2100: I just got that welcome screen lock up on my mako again \o/10:27
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davmor2sil2100: oh I wonder if the Qt5 crash has anything to do with it :(10:34
davmor2Mirv: ^10:34
greybackcjwatson: hey, I'm getting strange error on silo 6: ERROR Some projects are missing their 'twin package' uploads (e.g. their -gles counter-parts): qtubuntu-gles.10:46
greybackcjwatson: seen that before? qtubuntu-gles is not a package name, qtubuntu-android is the right name for the package with gles support10:46
cjwatsongreyback: qtubuntu-gles is the source package name - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-gles10:47
ogra_greyback, nope, that error is right ...10:47
ogra_there are many ptubuntu packages with -gels equivalent that the emulator uses (gles support is a compile time switch atm ... so for the i386 emulator we needed to rebuild the packages with that enabled)10:48
ogra_the -gles packages always need to be recompiled alongside thier nonn -gles equivalents10:49
Laneyis it really exactly the same thing with a different flag?10:50
rsalvetiyeah, the problem is that qtubuntu has qtubuntu-desktop and qtubuntu-gles10:50
popeybzoltan: bug 1339616 and bug 1339627 reported against core apps after UITK landing. How come these weren't found during testing before landing?10:50
ubot5bug 1339616 in Sudoku App "test_profiles fails on mako image #120" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133961610:50
ubot5bug 1339627 in Ubuntu Calendar App "test_fill_form and test_add_new_event_with_default_values failed on mako image #120" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133962710:50
greybackso how do I proceed?10:50
rsalvetibut what we need is qtubuntu-gles for x8610:50
rsalvetiand for that we need to build against a different qt (qt-gles)10:51
rsalvetithat's why we have qtubuntu-gles10:51
rsalvetigreyback: just need to sync the qtubuntu-gles package with your changes, and upload that to the silo10:51
ogra_Laney, it should be, yes10:52
bzoltanpopey: for some reason I got false OK for these ... no idea how10:52
Laneyogra_: couldn't they be a single source which does multiple builds then?10:53
ogra_Laney, it is a temporary solution that we can drop if the runtime detection of QT5 works right10:53
bzoltanpopey: We have sent MRs for like 6 apps to fix tests... we could have done 810:53
ogra_Laney, that would be a pretty complex package change (there are quite a few -gles packages) for a temporary hack that we plan to drop asap10:54
rsalvetiyup, that's why we decided to do another src package for it10:57
brendandbzoltan, who gave the ok?10:59
bzoltanbrendand:  me11:00
bzoltanbrendand:  so it is only me to blame11:00
cjwatsonricmm: please let tvoss and mandel know to rebase silos 8 and 11 on top of yours, if you land before them11:02
mandelcjwatson, got it, he can land first, I'll rebase, not a big deal11:02
brendandbzoltan, there's no need to assign blame to anyone - just try and figure out where the process can be improved11:02
ricmmcjwatson: ok, although we just decided to change the branch11:03
Saviqogra_, sil2100, second UITK run 269 OK11:03
ricmmnot sure if CI train scripts play well with utopic packaging branches11:03
cjwatsonI doubt it11:04
ogra_Saviq, yeah, i guess if you dont hit the crash you wont see failures in the tests11:04
Saviqogra_, yeah, no crash at all11:04
ogra_right :(11:04
Saviqlike /var/crash *empty*11:04
cjwatsonWell, since you're merging into lp:media-hub it should be OK actually, but better style to keep the namespaces separate11:04
Saviqthis doesn't happen too often11:04
Saviqogra_, sil2100, I say we monitor it11:04
ogra_122 just started its test run ...lets see how it comes out11:05
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
ricmmcan I get a reconf on silo 005 ?11:06
ricmmsorry, bad timing :)11:07
ricmmactually I can probably do that myself from jenkins11:07
ricmmcjwatson: colin, could you configure 005 with force enabled? for the conflict11:14
cjwatsonricmm: the force flag would need to be on the build, not a reconfigure11:16
cjwatsonricmm: you don't have that checkbox?11:16
cjwatsonricmm: actually, I don't see a conflict, it's just an unapproved merge; you could get the merge approved?11:17
ricmmcjwatson: yup its approved now, salveti said we'd need the force flag on configure11:17
ricmmbut if its on build, I can do it, thank you11:17
cjwatsonyeah, I think that's all it needs11:18
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bzoltanbrendand: To run the full test suite locally on the device for the UITK is a very heavy process. Even in the best case it requires 8-10 runs, several reflashes, dozens of reboots and 4-6 hours with 3-7MB output. False failures and false OK results are expected at each run.11:19
bzoltanbrendand:  so missing 3 tests is actually not that bad11:19
bzoltanbrendand:  the real improvement would be to review and rewrite many app tests11:21
brendandbzoltan, we've done a lot of work on improving the stability of the test runs11:33
brendandbzoltan, so if you're still getting false failures then let us know about them, because we've certainly done our best to rid the CI dashboard of them11:34
bzoltanbrendand: I can confirm that there is significant improvement. For real. It is way much better than it was before!11:36
popeysil2100: who is looking after webapps while dbarth is on vacation? bug 133968612:00
ubot5bug 1339686 in unity-webapps-gmail (Ubuntu) "App fails to load, apparmor error on mako #119" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133968612:00
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sil2100popey: that is a valid question - dbarth didn't inform me of anyone filling in for him as a lander at least12:01
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sil2100popey: but I guess alex-abreu and mardy should be around if anything12:03
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cjwatsonsilo 2 packaging changes look fine to me; publishing12:04
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
brendandbzoltan, good to hear, but it will really help us if when you are doing landings, you alert us of any issues with false failures12:18
asacsil2100: did we miss our change to get this nice t-shirt done?12:20
asacor are we trying that for our next promotion  run/iteration?12:21
sil2100asac: there's still chance, but it might take longer!12:21
* asac will remember :)12:25
brendandsil2100, i think if we push hard and don't allow any more huge landings then we can do it by friday12:26
brendandsil2100, maybe with a bit of luck ;)12:26
sil2100brendand: yeah... there's currently nothing big planned for this week, so I guess that's doable12:27
brendandsil2100, we just need to try and get these few new app failures fixed asap12:28
Mirvbrendand: did the SDK team now reproduce the sudoku/calendar ones locally?12:28
brendandMirv, no - timp was just asking me if i did reproduce them locally12:29
ogra_well, at least UITK passed in 12212:30
Mirvthe timeout problems might be caused by UITK in some cases from what I've heard, but there's also still a change it's some combination of what went in to 120 that's giving the sudoku/calendar the trouble12:30
bzoltanbrendand: during the last round I have experienced that for example the gallery app tests go crazy if they are run in a long sequence of tests. Also the UITK theme did not get installed with the plugin and that broke half of the app tests. It took some time to figure out.12:32
bzoltanbrendand:  the other silly bug what confused us before figuring out the workaround is that the phablet-click-test-setup must be run before adding the Silo ... otherwise the click tests can not be set up12:35
bzoltanbrendand:  plus the phablet-click-test-setup installs the stock UITK autopilot tests to the /home/phablet/autopilot and that overides the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot. So the ~/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit must be removed before the tests are run otherwise the new AP tests from the landing silo are not used and so many tests fail12:37
bzoltanbrendand: also missing the `phablet-config autopilot --dbus-probe enable`  after AP test configuration (or maybe after reboot) caused failures12:38
brendandbzoltan, oh - that shouldn't happen12:38
brendandbzoltan, a lot of these things are issues you should have faced before though12:38
bzoltanbrendand:  so these issues can easily waste 4-5 hours test rounds... nothing killing, mostly avoidable. But it is easy to miss out something and that delays the testing12:39
brendandbzoltan, is the process very manual?12:39
bzoltanbrendand:  these issues I am facing continuously12:39
bzoltanbrendand:  I have a script what I keep tuning ...12:39
bzoltanbrendand:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7770080/12:41
bzoltanbrendand:  it is one line on one out, one changed, few commented out ... every round I add few more paranoid and most likely unnecessary line :) You might say to this script that it is silly... but after all it works :) ... or not12:43
brendandbzoltan, what happens if one test fails, do you have a way to rerun just that test suite?12:45
bzoltanbrendand:  when a test fails usually I reboot and re-run, sometimes I even reflash and run it again on a clean device. I consider sure failure if it fails-fails-reboot-fails-fails-reflash-fails-fails ...12:46
bzoltanbrendand:  I rerun single test cases if there are only few... but if 10-20 fails I look for pattern and re-run the whole set. Sometimes when I suspect the UITK I re-run the test without the silo.12:47
bzoltanbrendand:  and I always save the test outputs, i have 15 log files from the previous landings12:48
brendandbzoltan, i can't help but think this would be much better to have in jenkins12:49
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
brendandbzoltan, with all the traceability and you can run the tests in parallel on different devices12:50
brendandbzoltan, is it the case that elopio also helps you somewhat with this process?12:50
bzoltanbrendand:  Yes, i know.. i am lobbying for productizing the CI dash and assign one dash to each Silo with the defined test set according to the test plan12:51
bzoltanbrendand:  Ohh, absolutely .. I would be dead without elopio. He supports me in all way!12:51
brendandbzoltan, btw how aften are you releasing now?12:52
bzoltanbrendand:  :) it is a wrong time to ask that question. We had now 3 weeks without release. Normally it is weekly or at least every second week.12:53
bzoltanbrendand: shorter the release cycle easier it gets12:54
brendandbzoltan, well of course12:54
brendandbzoltan, you should definitely have a consistent cycle, whatever its length12:55
brendandbzoltan, since the testing is mostly automated (even if it does take some time), one week should be realistic no?12:55
bzoltanbrendand:  the aim is the weekly release ... but sometimes single MRs take days to land on our staging branch, and few messed up verification round can waste days too12:56
brendandbzoltan, well don't you have a cut off point? so if a MR doesn't make it by a certain day then it doesn't get in that release?12:58
bzoltanbrendand: it depends on the MR ... if it is a critical fix or an RTM related improvement then I wait for the MR or merge it to the landing branch13:00
bzoltanbrendand:  we have the trunk and we have a staging branch, I make the landing branch from  the staging and sometimes I merge into that MRs what I know safe and important. But that is more an exception than a real practice13:01
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cjwatsonsil2100: I need to step out for an errand - should only take me 30-40 minutes13:09
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sil2100cjwatson: no worries, I'm around if anything, battling some debhelper right now13:11
t1mpMirv, brendand, bzoltan I can reproduce the sudoku-app failure on my device https://pastebin.canonical.com/113193/13:13
bzoltant1mp: congrats ... me too13:14
brendandt1mp, good start. here's how it looked in 119: http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/sudoku.png13:14
* t1mp checking whether positioning of dialogs changed13:15
=== pete-woods-lunch is now known as pete-woods
t1mpbrendand: what's the full name of the failing calendar_app tests?13:18
t1mpso I can run those without running the full set of calendar_app tests13:18
brendandt1mp, it's in the bug13:18
Mirvbrendand: do you know if we have elopio around? he could be asked to check the notes-app swipe-left problem (bug #1330352) similar to the fixes he did on other apps13:18
ubot5bug 1330352 in notes-app "autopilot failure with SwipeToDeleteTestCase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133035213:19
brendandt1mp, autopilot list calendar_app and grep for the long name13:19
MirvI added notes there but I didn't assign it yet13:19
brendandMirv, i thought swipe left was deprecated so the tests that test that explicitly should be deleted?13:20
ogra_plars, the tests in 122 look suspiciously like a hanging mako ... didnt move since quite a while13:20
Mirvbrendand: yes, probably that's just the thing that should be done to notes13:21
t1mpbrendand: ok13:21
brendandt1mp, so for the sudoku one there seems to be a change in the layout of dialogs?13:22
brendandt1mp, the body of the dialog is appearing far down the screen13:22
brendandt1mp, http://people.canonical.com/~brendan-donegan/sudoku122.png as compared with the other screen13:23
t1mpbrendand: I don't know why this is happening, I don't see any recent changes to Dialog13:25
brendandt1mp, but you're going to figure it out, right ;)13:26
plarsogra_: I'll take a look13:27
t1mpbrendand: I hope so :) the text and focus handling is complex with lots of workarounds that I am not yet familiar with13:36
t1mpbrendand: so I'm searching..13:36
plarsogra_: it was an unlock problem that caused other issues. I need to sort out how to isolate that better, preferably retry, and keep it from killing things in that way. It's running again now13:38
t1mp_why does phablet-test-run calendar_app work fine for me, but13:49
t1mp_tim@tim-desktop:~/dev/landing-tests$ phablet-test-run calendar_app.tests.test_custom_proxy_objects.NewEventFormTestCase.test_fill_formsh: 1: /usr/bin/python: not found13:49
t1mp_some times it wants to use python, some times python3?13:49
t1mp_linking python->python3 works for me, but still odd13:51
ogra_plars, thanks13:57
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rsalvetiWellark: connectivity-api and indicator-network failed to build for powerpc14:06
Wellarkrsalveti: please, trigger a rebuild. powerpc is flaky sometimes with connectivity-cpp :(14:09
rsalvetiWellark: ok, retrying14:10
elopiobrendand, sil2100, bzoltan, Mirv_: I'll take care of the notes app. I'm sorry we missed it with our testing.14:52
brendandelopio, i pushed a branch. we just need to delete the test14:52
brendandelopio, we might also fix up the swipe_right test so that it doesn't use the deprecated argument14:52
brendandelopio, what do you think?14:52
elopiobrendand: yes, that's the way. Can you also update the swipe_right test now that you are there?14:53
brendandelopio, will do14:54
elopiobrendand: thanks. And so, what apps are left for me? Have you taken care of them all?14:55
brendandelopio, timp is looking at sudoku and calendar14:56
elopiobrendand: ok, I'll look at the dialer.14:56
brendandelopio, dialer is false positives14:58
elopioI see a crash there.14:58
brendandelopio, i reran them this morning14:58
elopioalso on the ui toolkit.14:58
brendandelopio, same. there was a unity8 crash, but it's not reproducible15:00
brendandelopio, we'll need to see if they crop up again15:00
brendandelopio, wait - actually i haven't looked at 122 yet15:01
elopiowooohooo, toolkit back to 100%15:02
elopiowe need to add keyboard tests to these runs.15:03
brendandelopio, apparently the keyboard tests are completely bogus15:07
brendandelopio, the ones that are there are for an old version15:07
brendandelopio, so first we need to write some keyboard tests :)15:07
ogra_sil2100, 122 doesnt look as bad as expected ... http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/touch/mako/122:20140709.1:20140709/8958/15:09
brendandogra_, just a new filemanager failure, oddly15:09
elopiobrendand: oh, well, we can do it when the dash is back to green.15:09
sil2100ogra_: yeah, but still... we seem to be having flaky tests in overall since we had so many random ones in the previous 2 images15:10
ogra_sil2100, yep, but at least its only 6 of them now15:16
davmor2popey: can you try something, Open the web browser, then swipe back to the apps lens, expand the My apps section, then scroll to the Ubuntu store, click on that, have a quick browse then hit the back button, where do you wind up on that apps lens?  For me it is like row 3-4 of the list of apps.15:17
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
cyphermox_Wellark: connectivity-api fails to build on powerpc... it's not critical, but if you could look at it, it seems like it should be pretty simple to fix these two wifi tests: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/179619203/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-powerpc.connectivity-api_0.0.1%2B14.10.20140709.2-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:21
Eisbrecher_xnox!ci-help plars: latest trusty daily image is 20140709, yet desktop testing has not run against trusty since april. http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/desktop/15:26
ubot5Eisbrecher_xnox: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:26
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: that's odd... let me look, I just looked and saw it had run today15:27
plarsoh, hah15:27
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: have there been new trusty daily images since then?15:27
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: since 0417, yes.15:28
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: last I checked there were not yet, so we didn't have a location to check yet15:28
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: there are daily trusty images build for a weeks now, with proposed enabled.15:28
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: so it's looking at the pending location for utopic, but downloading from the last place it knew to get trusty15:28
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: I'll need to update some locations15:29
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: yes. devel are /daily-live/$distro...., but stable images are /$distro/daily-live/$distro.....15:29
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: right, I see them15:30
cjwatsonmhr3: want me to publish silo 4?15:33
mhr3cjwatson, yes pls15:33
cjwatson"2014-07-09 15:33:51,571 INFO Don't upload the silo automatically.15:34
* cjwatson wonders what that means15:34
cjwatsonAh right15:34
cjwatsonmhr3: Why isn't this a soname change in libunity-scopes?15:41
cjwatsonmhr3: There are symbols here with changed ABIs15:41
mhr3cjwatson, no, they're just added15:43
cjwatsonThat's not what the symbols file diff says15:44
cjwatson- (c++)"unity::scopes::Category::Category(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, unity::scopes::CategoryRenderer const&)@Base" 0.4.0+14.04.20140312.115:44
cjwatson+ (c++)"unity::scopes::Category::Category(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::shared_ptr<unity::scopes::CannedQuery const> const&, unity::scopes::CategoryRenderer const&)@Base" 0.5.2+14.10.20140709.215:44
cjwatson- (c++)"unity::scopes::internal::ScopeConfig::parse_appearance_attribute(std::map<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, unity::scopes::Variant, std::less<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > >, std::allocator<std::pair<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const, unity::scopes::Variant> > >&, std::basic_string<char, ...15:44
cjwatson... std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)@Base" 0.5.1+14.10.2014062615:44
cjwatson+ (c++)"unity::scopes::internal::ScopeConfig::parse_appearance_attribute(std::map<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, unity::scopes::Variant, std::less<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > >, std::allocator<std::pair<std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const, unity::scopes::Variant> > >&, std::basic_string<char, ...15:44
cjwatson... std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)@Base" 0.5.2+14.10.20140709.215:44
cjwatsonand others15:44
mhr3cjwatson, because generation of the symbol file is weird and it duplicates stuff15:53
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: i did this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7770858/ is my utah old?15:53
cjwatsonmhr3: Then shouldn't I be seeing equivalent removals somewhere else?15:53
mhr3cjwatson, the "removed" one is two lines up15:53
cjwatsonmhr3: oh, hmm15:54
cjwatsonmhr3: I'll look harder when I'm off this call15:54
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: don't think I've seen that before, what version are you on?15:54
popeydavmor2: yes, and I see icons overlaying eachother15:55
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: you can also pass it an already-downloaded image, which is typically what we do15:55
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: with -i, and a preseed with -p15:55
davmor2popey: nice one ta15:55
mhr3cjwatson, and btw removals/changes in unity::internal don't matter15:55
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: hm. ok.15:56
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: something like: run_utah_tests.py -d -m physical+  --name power-test-1 -i /utopic-desktop-amd64.iso tests/master.run -p preseed.cfg15:57
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: i definately do not have anything physical to provision.15:58
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: let me try -i and -p15:58
* ogra_ wonders about the prefic Eisbrecher_xnox carries ... 15:58
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: VM installs are not going to work either, but for entirely different reasons15:59
popeyi wondered that too15:59
ogra_is that Eisbrecher like Rammstein ?15:59
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: i boot vm, i install, it reboots.16:00
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: now i'm trying to make sure utah in a vm also works.16:00
robruogra_, yeah I suppose you can break ice with a ramming stone...16:00
ogra_robru, lol16:00
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: apparently utah now has to do some kind of trick in utopic to determine that it rebooted the VM16:00
cjwatsonmhr3: shouldn't they have their symbol visibility set to hidden?16:00
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: that's an entirely different bug though16:00
mhr3cjwatson, it's complicated... but no16:01
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: let me try trusty, i haven't used my utah setup in a while, but it used to run things.16:01
mhr3cjwatson, what's important is that proper users of the lib never see them16:01
bfillerrobru: I need a silo for line 28 please16:03
cjwatsonmhr3: ok, looked again and acked16:07
mhr3cjwatson, cheers16:07
=== oSoMoN_ is now known as oSoMoN
oSoMoNhi, can I haz a silo for line 29 ?16:17
cjwatsonoSoMoN: yep, looking16:18
Eisbrecher_xnoxcjohnston: hey. My UTAH doesn't run a basic VM provision and a basic test/runlist.16:18
Eisbrecher_xnoxtimes out at the very beginning with a typeerror16:18
Eisbrecher_xnoxcjohnston: can you help? or e.g. do you have any place where you know utah setup is correct and would you be able to run some runlists for me with a few changes?16:19
cjohnstonEisbrecher_xnox: probably best to talk to doanac16:20
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: I think psivaa-off could probably run some without too much effort for you.16:21
ogra_if he wasnt off :)16:22
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
Eisbrecher_xnoxcjohnston: hm ok.16:24
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: well, for me utah from stable ppa trusty does not work at all against a VM.16:24
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: is it known to be working? which utah version is in production?16:24
cjwatsonoSoMoN: did you notice you have silo 12?  you can build now16:25
robrubfiller, http://people.canonical.com/~rbpark/citrain/#?q=bfiller ;-)16:26
rsalvetiWellark: still nothing even after a few rebuilds16:31
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oSoMoNcjwatson, thanks16:35
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: psivaa-off is using our stable ppa for our testing right now.16:38
doanacit probably requires a config tweak for the installer16:38
cjwatsonrobru: silo 19 is going to fail to build as far as citrain is concerned because arm64/powerpc/ppc64el won't work, but that's intentional - it was a mistake that those were built in the version in -proposed, and I've been working with the webapps team to get things back in order relative to utopic16:39
robrucjwatson, do you want me to publish it after it fails to build?16:40
cjwatsonrobru: once it's built on amd64/arm64/i386 and they've tested it (maybe alex-abreu can fast-track that?), it should be OK to forcibly publish it16:40
cjwatsonrobru: then I'll need to remove the stale binaries from -proposed, which I can do a bit later16:40
cjwatsonrobru: (might also need to abort the build job once amd64/armhf/i386 have finished, to avoid it taking forever?  not sure)16:41
robrucjwatson, ok, i'll keep an eye on it16:42
cjwatsonrobru: looks like it does indeed need to be aborted, probably17:05
robrucjwatson, hm, yeah, seems so17:06
robrucjwatson, I asked alex abreu to test it, then I'll publish it later17:08
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: e.g. i've purged and re-installed utah from 2013 december, yet i fail to run e.g. basic default tests against precise images.17:26
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: and that's on utopic host, provisioning VMs.17:26
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: i'll try trusty host again with current packaging.17:27
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: are the configs commited somewhere? and/or default configs in the packaging adjusted appropriately?17:27
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: let me find our jenkins job in production where this happens17:27
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: is this your issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvirt/+bug/132925417:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1329254 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "VMs do not become inactive during the reboot on saucy and later hosts" [Critical,Invalid]17:30
doanacit looks like we've been broke for a while: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/desktop/17:30
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: no, that is not my issue. no VMs ever start nor attempt provisioning.17:31
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: but noting that bug. I should be able to e.g. use precise host to run utah.17:32
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: or i'd be happy to port desktop tests away from utah. And onto MAAS/Openstack.17:32
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: that's the long term goal.17:33
Eisbrecher_xnoxdoanac: can MAAS & canonistack boot custom images from object store with externally provided boot options, etc.17:33
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: i think the custom images thing is the tough part. I think MAAS might be able to do it now, they used to have troubles with that17:33
doanacMAAS is more about booting a few images a lot of times, not boot lots images one time17:33
doanacEisbrecher_xnox: here's our jenkins job/configuration for how we run this: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/utopic-desktop-i386-smoke-default/17:35
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Trusty/view/Smoke%20Testing/job/trusty-desktop-amd64-smoke-default/163/console17:39
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: looks like I can produce this problem on VM with latest trusty now that we have them17:39
plarsdoanac: I've not seen a way to do custom images in maas, did you find something about that? that would be really useful if we could17:41
doanacplars: i haven't looked in forever, but i thought it was on their roadmap17:41
bzoltanrobru:  I have put a simple packaging fix for the UITK in the line31. It will unblock several app landings as Jenkins have an old -theme package.17:43
robrudid somebody say 'unblock'?17:43
* robru ears perk up17:43
Eisbrecher_xnoxplars: what about release trusty (14.04.0) ?17:44
plarsEisbrecher_xnox: we tested all the way through the end of trusty with this, and it only broke again when we started pulling images from the new location for daily builds, so that one should be fine17:45
sil2100'unblock' is the magic keyword here17:45
robrubzoltan, http://people.canonical.com/~rbpark/citrain/#?q=bzoltan ;-)17:45
bzoltanrobru: :D nice, thanks17:45
robrubzoltan, you're welcome!17:46
slangasekwgrant: do we get dbgsym packages for packages built in the CITrain silo ppas?18:14
slangasekinfinity: ^^ maybe you know the answer to this offhand18:15
=== renato_ is now known as Guest36942
infinityslangasek: We do if they're configured correctly.18:19
slangasekso... who can check the configuration?18:20
infinityslangasek: I can if I'm on the right teams.  Point me at a PPA.18:20
slangasekinfinity: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-0<n><n>18:21
slangaseke.g., https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-00118:21
infinityAhh, yeah, I'm not in a team that can upload to those.18:21
infinityasac: Want to add me to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+members ?18:21
slangasekinfinity: can you tell robru what to look for?18:21
* infinity asks, before realizing this is signing up for a bunch of FTBFS spam.18:22
infinityrobru: Unintuitively, what you want in the config is for "build debug symbols" and "publish debug symbols" to both be unchecked.18:22
infinityI assume this is the case already, or we'd surely have had a lot of complaints.18:22
robruinfinity, where would I find that under? I don't see a 'config' option on the silos.18:23
infinityslangasek: To be fair, this is a whole lot of shoestring and bubblegum and prone to failure until we have librarian space to do it the right way.18:23
slangasekinfinity: who would have complained?  We're still trying to find our way to reliable ARM crash reporting18:24
infinityrobru: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-016/+admin18:24
robruinfinity, i'm not allowed in there apparently18:24
infinityrobru: Quite possibly a page you don't have access to see, but I would if I were in that team.18:24
slangasekand it's entirely possible it's set for some but not all of the silos18:24
infinityslangasek: Well, this affects all arches, it's not just arm.  I'd think someone would have complained if silo uploads lacked ddebs.18:25
infinityslangasek: But yes, some of them might be misconfigured.18:25
robruinfinity, I'm in that team and don't have permissions to that page. i guess asac is the only person who can answer this question18:25
slangasekinfinity: yes; and AIUI we're not going to have space in the librarian in time to make a difference for RTM, and we rather need to be able to be able to debug crashes on the phone before then18:25
infinityAnyhow, we need either me in that team, or a WeBop to check for us.18:25
infinityrobru: No, I mean if *I* were in that team, *I* could see it, not that everyone in the team can.18:25
slangasekinfinity, robru: I have a list of affected packages, is there a way to backtrack from the current binary package in the archive to the silo it was built in?18:25
robruok, magic, got it18:25
infinityrobru: It's an intersection of "being in the team" and some other magic permissions I have.18:25
infinityslangasek: Yeah, we can see where it built.18:26
slangasekinfinity: where do I see that18:26
robruslangasek, yeah, that shows up somewhere18:26
infinityslangasek: The build log, if nothing else.18:26
infinityslangasek: Also, publishing history of the source shows the copy source.18:26
robruslangasek, if you go to the source package page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/connectivity-api and click the triangle to expand the latest release, it'll say 'copied from ubuntu utopic in Landing PPA xxx by Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync..."18:27
robruslangasek, or this page also: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+sourcepub/4175790/+listing-archive-extra18:27
slangasekok, so the only one I can confirm was in a silo so far is https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-005/+build/607214118:28
robruslangasek, oh, you're talking about qt5.3?? that was an enormous landing from silo 5, from a few weeks ago... like dozens of packages in there together18:29
slangasekrobru: I'm talking about any of the packages that bdmurray tells me missing dbgsyms are causing problems for18:30
slangasekthat one seems to also be missing dbgsyms18:30
robruslangasek, ok but like... if that first one you linked was missing debugsyms, it would follow then that all the packages built in that silo at that time should also be missing them, right? is bdmurray telling you about dozens and dozens of qt5.3 packages?18:31
infinityslangasek: That qtwebkit upload didn't produce ddebs at all.18:31
slangasekhmm, scratch that, the above mir build does have its dbgsyms18:32
slangasekinfinity: oh? buggy source then?18:32
infinityslangasek: Oh, no.  I mean the build didn't produce them as an artifact.  You would see "Publishing debug debs" in the sbuild log if it had been instructed to publish.18:32
infinityslangasek: So, quite likely a misconfigured PPA.18:32
infinityActually, no.  I see no mention of .ddebs being built in the build either.18:33
infinity... which might be the same misconfiguration.18:33
infinitySo, yeah.18:33
slangasekasac: ^^ please add infinity to ~ci-train-ppa-service so he has access to administer the ppa configs as needed18:33
infinityWe should check the PPA configs.18:33
infinityrobru: Are those PPAs automagically created by some scripting mojo?18:34
slangasekasac: (and please consider adding another admin to the team)18:34
infinityrobru: I can fix the current ones (given access), but if more will be (re)created, we need to stamp it out at the root.18:34
robruinfinity, I think they might have once been, but they're stable now, eg, so changes you make are permanent and won't be wiped out18:34
robruinfinity, I don't think we're in any danger of adding more silos... some months ago we had a huge crunch for silos and didn't add any then, we're chugging along smoothly now, no need to add any now...18:35
robruinfinity, i don't even know where that code would be ;-)18:35
infinityslangasek: Hrm.  Looking at how sbuild was called, I think the PPA is configured correctly, though.18:35
infinityslangasek: So, it could be a source bug, or a pkg-create-dbgsyms bug.18:36
robruinfinity, yeah, I've got the code that creates the jenkins jobs from templates, but I don't see anything about actually creating the silos. I think they're created by hand.18:38
slangasekso, thumbnailer is special.18:38
slangasekwe have dbgsyms for libthumbnailer0 (in main), but not for thumbnailer-service and qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-thumbnailer0.1 (in universe).18:39
infinityslangasek: Another random build from 005 shows it building and publishing ddebs: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/179474606/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-arm64.address-book-app_0.2%2B14.10.20140707-0ubuntu1_UPLOADING.txt.gz18:39
slangasekso probably not a silo config issue18:39
infinityslangasek: So, qtwebkit or pkg-create-dbgsyms are being jerks.18:39
slangasekhowever, the above points to ddebs.u.c not coping well with cross-component packages18:39
* slangasek nods and takes a closer look18:40
infinityslangasek: IME, ddebs.u.c just publishes the lot to main (ie: nscd.ddeb is in main, despite nscd.deb being in universe)18:40
slangasekinfinity: fine in theory, but in this case there are no ddebs for those binary packages in either main or universe18:41
slangasekso /something/ went wrong18:41
infinityslangasek: Hrm, though the thumbnailer thing is broken, I see.18:41
infinityslangasek: That would be a pitti question.18:41
* slangasek nods18:42
cyphermox_mandel: kgunn: greyback: mzanetti: I'd like to land silo 14; that means I'll need to rebuild my silo now, this will impact yours and require a rebuild before landing18:42
slangasekbuild log shows the ddebs were built. https://launchpadlibrarian.net/174196976/buildlog_ubuntu-utopic-armhf.thumbnailer_1.1%2B14.04.20140401.1-0ubuntu2_UPLOADING.txt.gz18:43
cyphermox_mandel: kgunn: greyback: mzanetti: I'd just like to make sure we're all on the same page, let me know if you're already ready to land so we can coordinate18:43
infinityslangasek: Right, I checked the same thing.  So, assuming they all got in the tarball (which they should have), the failure is on the ddeb-retriever/publisher side.18:43
infinityUnfortunately, we don't keep history that far back, so those ones are completely unrecoverable.18:44
asacslangasek: done x2/318:52
asacadmin u r18:52
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asacinfinity: ppas were initially created by me manually and devirtualized and other tweaks through RT19:03
asacthe other tweaks i dont know details... we asked IS to duplicate the features of the unity-daily ppa we had back then for the old syste19:03
asacslangasek: ^ ... have fun19:04
* asac out for couple hours19:04
infinityasac: They first few I've looked at look correct.  Looks like all of slangasek's complaints are outside the CI system, for once.19:05
slangasekinfinity: ok, thanks for checking19:06
infinityslangasek: Alright, checked 000 through 020, and all look fine.19:10
bzoltanrsalveti: robru: the UITK with a fixed packaging is ready and tested in the silo1619:15
robrubzoltan, coolio!19:17
bzoltanrsalveti: would you please ^19:19
bzoltanor anybody with jedi power :)19:20
bzoltanrobru:  awesome :) we just made Renato happy. After yesterdays soccer game he deserves it :)19:22
slangasekinfinity: hmm, how about bzip2? nothing about ddebs in the build log, nothing on ddebs.u.c19:23
slangasekrobru: um?  all packaging changes are supposed to be signed off by an Ubuntu dev, which AIUI you aren't yet?19:23
robruslangasek, it was a trivial version bump though, no new deps or even build system changes19:24
slangasekrobru: it's not a bump, it's a hard-coding of a versioned dependency; this is probably ok, but an Ubuntu dev should be making that determination19:24
robruslangasek, hm, ok, sorry19:25
slangasekrobru: please don't take advantage of the landing team's backdoor into the Ubuntu archive ;)19:25
slangasekalso please /do/ feel free to impose upon the members of the Foundations team to review these19:25
slangasekinfinity: because bzip2 doesn't use debhelper. SCORE19:26
Saviqrobru, huh, any idea what changed with ci-train ordering branches to merge?19:27
Saviqrobru, see https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-018-1-build/110/console (ignore the conflict)19:27
bzoltanslangasek:  it is my fault, I was pushy with this fix to land19:27
robruSaviq, no idea, sorry... sil2100 is the only person to toys with that code really19:27
Saviqrobru, mhm, worried I have no control over ordering any more :|19:28
sil2100Saviq: hi! So!19:28
Saviqsil2100, oh, you're around19:28
Saviqsil2100, check out line 2019:28
Saviqsil2100, and then the output from build job https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-018-1-build/110/console19:28
Saviqsil2100, ignore the conflict19:28
sil2100Saviq: sometime in the past I added a modification as per sergio's request to re-order merges whenever there are pre-requisites present, but only in this case19:28
Saviqsil2100, ah19:29
Saviqsil2100, fine in that case19:29
sil2100Saviq: are there any prereqs?19:29
Saviqsil2100, there are, yes19:29
sil2100Saviq: I might add a flag to disable that ;p19:29
Saviqsil2100, ok, we should be fine then, just need to make sure to keep prereqs up to date19:29
sil2100Saviq: sorry for the confusion anyways, since this is to make sure people didn't push out changelogs that didn't make sense19:29
sil2100Saviq: as sometimes because of this, changelogs were b0rken and if there was no packaging changes then those were pushed to the archive looking terrible19:30
robruSaviq, indeed https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/launcher-new-background/+merge/225317 has a pre-requisite19:30
sil2100As no one noticed that to inform people that the 'order was wrong'19:30
Saviqsil2100, robru, yeah, understood, was always caring about ordering prereqs myself, better for us that train does it itself :)19:31
sil2100Saviq: but it's trying to do it in a smart way, and not change the order of those that are not prerequisite-enabled ;)19:31
sil2100Saviq: indeed! :)19:31
sil2100Saviq: that's good practice in overall - but as I said, I'll add a flag to disable that just in case19:31
Saviqsil2100, thanks19:37
Saviqrobru, btw, I'm sometimes having issues with the MP bubbles going away too quickly (can't reach the MP links in time) in the train dashboard19:38
robruSaviq, which?19:38
robruoh, the MP links19:38
Saviqrobru, as I hover over components in the silo19:38
robruSaviq, yeah, the trick there is you're probably moving the mouse over the next lower entry on your way to the bubble. works better if you start with your mouse not at the left side of the package names19:39
Saviqrobru, yeah, moving down (for the last component) results in the same19:40
Saviqrobru, oh, on that note19:40
Saviqrobru, check out silo 18 for unity819:40
Saviqrobru, no MPs there19:40
robruSaviq, yeah, so the bubble only stays visible when your mouse is directly over the <a> tag, so if it goes off even for a second, the bubble disappears.19:40
robruSaviq, heh, you mean the way that bubble extends beyond the bottom of the screen?19:41
Saviqrobru, no, I just get a circle here ;)19:41
robruSaviq, screenshot?19:41
Saviqrobru, http://imgur.com/J8oX4sc19:42
robruSaviq, weird! try reloading the page? works for me...19:43
Saviqrobru, heh, same in chromium, must've cached somewhere19:43
robruSaviq, that's weird because I specifically use a trick to prevent caching of those status files...19:44
Saviqrobru, I know, I told you to timestamp the requests ;)19:44
Saviqrobru, the json looks fine19:44
Saviqrobru, sounds like a related error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7771733/ ?19:45
Saviqnah, get that multiple times19:46
elopiofginther: could you change runners configs to put the empty keyring files?19:52
elopionot putting extra pressure, just trying to figure out what to do next19:52
kgunncyphermox_: just tell me when you land...when those packages are in we'll need to rebuild20:00
kgunncyphermox_: ours is a test silo that i stated ahead of time, we would not land before monday to give it a little time20:00
robrukgunn, I'm about to publish right now, is that ok?20:01
kgunnrobru: absolultely20:01
cyphermox_kgunn: so it's connectivity-api, dbus-cpp, indicator-network and ubuntu-system-settings20:02
fgintherelopio, sorry about that, I meant to give that a try once the bug was updated. let me through something together and test this out20:27
elopiofginther: thanks.20:28
oSoMoNrobru, hey, can silo 12 be published?21:06
robruoSoMoN, I dunno, looks like we need a core dev ack here... pretty complicated diff you got there...21:09
robrukenvandine, mterry anybody around for a quick core dev ack? ^^21:10
oSoMoNrobru, is it? the changes to debian/control are very minimal, just bumping a runtime dep iirc21:10
kenvandinerobru, sure21:10
robruoSoMoN, yeah I was being sarcastic, sorry21:10
mterryrobru, ack21:10
oSoMoNrobru, haha, sorry it’s late for sarcasm here :)21:11
robruoSoMoN, ok it's publishing now ;-)21:11
robrumterry, kenvandine thanks21:11
oSoMoNrobru, mterry, kenvandine: thanks21:11
fgintherelopio, do you have an MP to exercise those keyring changes?21:25
robrumterry, another ack please? this one's a bit bigger ;-) https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-018-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_unity8_7.90+14.10.20140709.2-0ubuntu1.diff21:26
mterryrobru, sure looks ok21:27
robrumterry, thanks21:28
robruheh, kgunn started a build job and then signed off before seeing the error message. I guess I could fix that for him...21:37
robruoh, he got it21:38
robruok, i'm off for late lunch, bbl21:38
elopiofginther: one second, I'll make the branch.22:52
elopioit's one line.22:52
Saviqrobru, you're too fast!23:05
robruSaviq, hehe, I just happened to notice it even before the bot pinged. you're welcome!23:07
elopiofginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/unity-scope-click/enable_credentials/+merge/22622623:13

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