dholbachgood morning07:02
bkerensadholbach: good morning08:01
dholbachhi bkerensa08:01
bkerensadholbach: Where in Germany are you based?08:01
dholbachBerlin, why?08:01
bkerensaOh I am coming to Berlin in August or September08:01
dholbachcool :)08:02
bkerensaHopefully September so I can take a rest after Debconf08:03
bkerensaBut yeah we have a work week there.... Going to be interesting trip :)08:03
czajkowskigood morning folks08:24
czajkowskidholbach: how is the noggin today?08:26
dholbachwhat's the noggin? :)08:27
popeypip pip08:27
czajkowskidholbach: the head ?08:27
czajkowskiyou know post world cup08:27
dholbachahhh ok08:27
dholbachdoing well, thanks :)08:27
dholbachhow are you?08:27
czajkowskinot bad, I've a loud snoring pug at my feet, so all is right with the day so far08:27
czajkowskino travel for an entire 3 weeks this month \o/08:28
czajkowskithen I hit Munich08:28
dholbachI'm quite close to Munich right now - probably just 15m by train :)08:36
czajkowskioh nice I'm over there to run a hackathon08:37
czajkowskihttp://www.mongodb.com/events/munich-hackathon-internet-things open to all if you know anyone interested08:37
dpmpopey, do you know any folks who'd want to add phone translations for British English http://projects.davidplanella.org/stats/utopic/en_GB - I'm sensing a lack of patriotism there! :)12:42
popeyi do!12:45
popeydo you have a link I can point people to, to get started?12:46
popeyoh the quickstart guide at the top?12:46
nigelbI fully expect the error message to say "Bollocks, something went wrong!"12:48
belkinsaThat would be cool!12:48
belkinsaAnd hey everyone.12:49
jcastromhall119, top of the hour right?13:09
jcastrothanks for the reminder email13:15
jcastrothat was <313:15
jcastroI always forget13:15
jcastroeven though it's on my calendar13:15
mhall119I always send one :-P13:15
dpmpopey, sorry, I got distracted with something else. Yes, the quickstart guide is the best place to start13:32
josemhall119: session at 9 right?13:34
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mhall119jose: in 10 minutes, which is 10am for me13:51
mhall119dholbach: FYI, the UOS dates we picked overlap OpenStack Summit, we should probably move it forward or back a week13:52
dholbachwhy didn't anyone speak up? :-(((((13:52
dholbachI announced this on a bunch of mailing lists already13:52
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mhall119dholbach: I know :(13:54
dholbachok... I'll follow up13:55
popeydpm: i looked at the translations and amusingly the guy who has done most translations was someone I met randomly on a train a month or so back ☻14:47
dpmpopey, wow14:48
dpmyou seem to have a thing for meeting random Ubuntu people in trains!14:49
mhall119it must be nice to have trains14:53
popeyChoo choo!14:54
popeyWhich reminds me, I'm going on the beer train soon with the LoCo14:55
czajkowskipopey: EGGS! :)15:02
dholbachall rightie - dinner time - see you all tomorrow! :-)16:08
popeydpm: why does US English not show in http://projects.davidplanella.org/stats/utopic - is that because US English is the default, and everything is a translation _from_ that?16:12
dpmpopey, exactly16:54
popeygot it16:54
dpmwe don't have it in Launchpad for that reason, either16:54
popeyput the call out on the uk loco list.. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2014-July/037751.html16:54
pleia2I did speak up, but I didn't know the dates until they were already decided ;)18:37
pleia2perhaps now that it's online with no venue worries, date selection for UOS could be a more open process? (not make it crazy, but at least so we could identify issues like the OpenStack conflict)18:38
jcastropleia2, I think it should be more predictable20:23
jcastrolike if it was "ODS + 1 week" or something20:23
jcastroor "XXX weeks into the cycle" or whatever20:23
jcastrohey are you going to oscon?20:24
jcastroI didn't see you at TLF after those few minutes. :(20:25
pleia2unfortunately not, parting ways with my gallbladder that week20:25
pleia2it's been causing problems since april, time for it to go :)20:26
pleia2(it's why I was too sick to go to the last openstack summit)20:27
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